Revised 2/24/06


Lists website updates & other Notices & Notes to MOPR Visitors.  This is
the only Page thus far that deals with areas other than the city of Valley Park.
Explains why this website was created & provides MOPR's snail address.
Explains initials, abbreviations & meeting codes used thruout this site.   
Explains & links PCO's.  Provides a link to the city's website.
Info about MOPR Minutes & public meetings.  Provides the Meetings List 
where once a posted date shows, you can click & read MOPR
Minutes;  & a link to the city's minutes & reports obtained & posted thus far.
Explains about & lists Posted Documents, such as ordinances, resolutions,
Amended Redevelopment Plan, letters, Disbursement Requests, city atty
bills to the city, Speaker Card forms, etc.  
Photos & scans of levee maps & drawings, Arnold's Landing, fliers, etc.
Comments, Questions & Answers.  
Public Meetings Schedule, City Directories & Levee Cmsn Members lists.  
Share Your CQA's.  
A Public Diary of Condemnation being pieced together when time ever
permits, but also as necessary to supplement certain info in other pages.


Thank you for visiting, for your input & spreading the word about  M - O - P - R . org.

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