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               Example:  LEV20020819-4p3 = Levee, 8/19/02, Section 4, paragraph 3. 


Meeting 03/17/03


CQA# LEV 20030317-02A) A very rough estimate of apparently the plans, is about a 1/2 to 3/4" stack of legal size papers, & apparently the specs, is about a 1 to 1-1/2" stack of letter size, plus other folded drawings.  B)  Mainly, it's an in-house COE review by their project team & "an independent" what/who?       


CQA# LEV 20030317-03A)  Are there any other aspects of the 4B contract that should be separated out to avoid a possible contractor protest?  B)  Why just the relief wells?  C)  Shouldn't the VCOE mtg be open to the public?  D)  What about people who suspect that gov'tl officials are enriching their friends & associates with taxpayers' money;  would the VCOE mtg be for them?  E)  Should JZ inform prospective bidders that info on their levee involvement will be posted on  F)  What's the URL/web address for We The People to view the draft plans, specs & even the comments?  G)  Should there have been previous VCOE mtgs on the other levee sections before they were constructed?


CQA# LEV 20030317-04A)  Who or what is a Christine Goonwald?  B)  'On behalf of the COE' sounds like a powerful statement.  T or F?  C)  "Because it's really your project just as much as it is ours";  what's the real answer?   D)  May I please have a copy of that annotated letter?  E)  Did EM hand-deliver the plans to Kansas City & is that where he's going tomorrow;  & if so, what's that TPC?  F)  What kind of former person is MODOT's Chief of Real Estate?


CQA# LEV 20030317-05A)  What percent of MODOT's repairs are due to  floods?  B)  What has to happen for VP to  be a Levee District? 


CQA# LEV20030317-06A)  WHO the city thinks going thru Mr. Hedrick's Plaza is better than by Mr. Young's property?  B)  Is it a sixedee four (64) or fiftedee four (54)-inch pipe that is actually going in?  C)  Is that vault something special?  D)  Is it or is it not 562 x 10?  E)  When JZ gets it from real estate, & the letter to send the est in general words, where's it going?   F)  What will be sufficient that's his propo?  G)  How about a better picture in lieu of EM's propo? 


CQA# LEV20030317-07A)  Why worry about Mr. Young's cost, if he's paid from the yazoo?  B)  What's the deal with that forced main & federal property agreements mentioned in LEV20020715-12?  C)   Does Quik Trip want to locate at Beckett's Plaza or Arnold's Landing?   


CQA# LEV20030317-08A)  What are all the details on all the offers, agreements, conditions & settlements for ROW's & esmts?   B)  In the 2/10/01 Lev Mtg, EM said the city reached an agremt to purchase #8 Meramec Sta Rd in the AL area;  when did it close?   C)  Didn't US Cotton change their name, & if so, what is it now?  D)  Was the 401 Marshall, US Cotton, money ordered in the next packet or not?   E)  The only other US Cotton on TW's 3/17/03 list is 501 Marshall Rd;  exactly what contract issues are EM & the COE trying to work out with US Cotton?  F)  Mike Illig's #9 Arnold was acquired in 10/00;  why is it on TW's 3/17/03 list?  G) Is the picture that EM showed to, was it Larry Hedrick, the same one that, evidently Ernest Demba, couldn't make heads or tails of?  H)  What's the 1 to 2 arrangement & our thing?


CQA# LEV20030317-09A)  Mr. Harrawood's atty told him the jury trial should be final in about 6 to 8 months;  check MOPR's Offers & Settlements for updates.   B)  I'm here to tell everyone that simply proclaiming accurate & complete info on EVERYONE'S acquisitions would promote justice for all.  C)  How much money has EM made on levee property acquisitions so far?  D)  How much has TW made?   E)  How much more money will EM be paid by the time the lawsuits are all settled?  F)   How much money have the condemnation attys made?  G)  How much timonity have the landowners spent?  H)  Have any landowners been overly reimbursed for their timonity?  I)  How much money are you paying for annual flood insurance, & how long have you been paying it?  


CQA# LEV20030317-10&11A)  Let's have a public debate, or at least hear the landowner's side;  then we could all vote.  B)  I hope those contractors get better pictures than that other one. 


CQA# LEV20030317-12A)  Are the police for investigating the levee project & those in charge of it?    


CQA# LEV 20030317-13A)  Thanks for asking & speaking up, TW!  


CQA# LEV 20030317-14A)  The police probably could've found the contractor.  T or F? 


CQA# LEV 20030317-15A) Nice job on coordinating, DC! 


CQA# LEV 20030317-16A)  When did they decide to do selective cutting?


CQA# LEV 20030317-17A)  Should BW work with DM on forming better questions & getting better answers?


CQA# LEV 20030317-18A)   Why is there no real controversy with the RR's, but there is with other landowners?  B)  May I please have a copy of all the RR/COE/City agreements?


CQA# LEV 20030317-19A)  What's the bottom line on MODOT paying Levee Dist taxes?  C)  Is it or is it not a 9010 Federally Funded Project;  & if so, what's the deal & how long might this ride last?   D)  Do most people just shy away from technical things?  


CQA# LEV 20030317-20A)  May I please have a copy of the letter that sent the plans to the RR?  B)  If RH works for BN, can he be the flagman? 


CQA# LEV 20030317-21A)  Does the COE remind you of a spoiled brat? 


Meeting 07/15/02


CQA# LEV20020715-01A)  WHY did the city purchase Johnny Mac's/Sportsplex?  Some say specifically for use as a disposal area for the levee project.  B)  WHY did the city purchase the g/p?  C)   How much did the city pay for Johnny Mac's?  D)  for the g/p?   E)  What was the city's 2002 appraised value of  the Sportsplex?  F) of the g/p?  I)  Why were Johnny Mac's/Sportsplex & the g/p appraisals submitted as one property in the first place? J)  Why don't they just change the standards?  


CQA# LEV20020715-02A)  What property(ies) are they talking about?  B)  Was property bought that was not needed for the levee project?  C)  If so, shouldn't that property go back to the previous owners?  D)  In the project's first phase, all the appraisals & negotiations were done by the COE.  Who had the authority & reassigned those responsibilities to the city?   E)  WHY?   F)  What are the names of the 4 previous COE/VP Project Mgrs & what  are they to be commended or accountable for? 


CQA# LEV20020715-03A)  Wanted:  An official list of Demba Evaluation Svcs' invoices paid by the city since 1990 thru now, including appraisal dates, property addresses & locator #'s, owners' names & fair market value conclusions.   B)  One appraiser's fair market value conclusion on a single property will differ by many thousands of dollars, depending on whether the buyer or seller is paying the appraiser.  C)  Project estimates need to be based on unbiased, accurate fair market value figures for properties to be acquired;  & ONLY those properties that are truly required specifically for the federal levee & its infrastructure;  not for other redevelopment purposes.


CQA# LEV20020715-04A) Jerry Kroll was one of the best members of the levee cmsn.  


CQA# LEV20020715-05A)  How much money did the city offer for the Halamicek property?


CQA# LEV20020715-06A)  Will there be a vehicles bridge over Fishpot Creek? 


CQA# LEV20020715-07A)  Why should the landowners pay more money for the levee project than everybody else?  B)  Would one of the levee cmsn members please punctuate & clarify that last paragraph?       


CQA# LEV20020715-08A)  How much money has the city paid to Simpson for levee materials since 1990?  B)  Exactly how  were those materials going to be used for the levee project?  C)  Where are those materials now?  D)  What will be done with those materials if they are not used for the levee project?


CQA# LEV20020715-09A)  Way to go, DC, nice job!!!


CQA# LEV20020715-10A)  What are the details on P&Z giving Mr. Young that permit?  B)  I haven't seen Larry Hedrick since 4/1/98 when he was with Sebastian Rucci & I signed that $100,000. sale contract with Sebastian Rucci/Meramec Dev Co for #8 Arnold Dr. 


CQA# LEV20020715-11A)  What's the TPC on the Beckett Plaza Project?


CQA# LEV20020715-12A)  EM's water coming down Mer Sta Rd is the same as DC's from River Dr, south of Vance Rd, isn't it?  B)  Paragraph 4 concerns the det pond that was designed on Ed Harrawood's property on the southeast corner of AL until the late '90's.  


CQA# LEV20020715-19A)  Shouldn't the contaminators pay related costs?  B) Who is ARDL & what's their background? C)  Who gets the interest on the $7000 the city already paid to the COE for POTENTIAL disposal costs?  D)  Good question, Andy;  ask some more! 


CQA# LEV20020715-21A)  May I please have a copy?


CQA# LEV20020715-22A)  May I please have a copy of your 3 or 4-page env'l mit version?  B)  & of the colored drawings?  C) of Purdy's concept env'l mit plan?  D)  What's the entire scoop on mitigtion banks & who certifies them?  E)  Who owns & has interests in the Fox Creek Mitigation Bank?  F)  I think it's west of 6 Flags, but exactly where?  G)  DA is thinking about what property that who just bought for what?   H)  How many agencies & organizations can fit in one cookie jar?  I)  May I please have a copy of the COE's informally coordinated mitigation plan?  


CQA# LEV20020715-23A)  Where exactly are those 60 deed-restricted acres of bottomland hardwoods?   B)  What's the whole scoop on those deed restrictions?  C)  What appraisal methods were used  & by which appraiser, Demba?  D)  Was the city's fmv conclusion, $900,000, $950,000 or what?  E)  When were those 60 acres bought by the city?   F)  Who was the previous owner?  G)  How much did the city pay?   H)  When were they deed restricted?   I)  Can just anybody remove deed restrictions & whenever they want?   J)  How long did it take, evidently Dan Riteland & JZ, to drive around & search all those places & how did they know where to look?   K)  Shouldn't those responsible already have agreed on the standard way of mitigating bottomland hardwoods & within reason?   L)  What's the whole scoop on conservation esmts?   M)  Loses the right to ever sell that certified mitigation land to who for how long & for what???   N)  What did RW remember that the city did a couple yrs ago?   O)  Third to last paragraph re: the 60 acres - WOW!


CQA#LEV20020715-27A)  Which RR told EM that they did not want to negotiate with the COE's Real Estate Dept?  B) & why didn't they want to negotiate with them?  C)  Fourth paragraph, what's up with that? 


CQA# LEV20020715-29A)  How much does it cost to have Weis Eng'g design & eng a new lift sta?  B)  What are the details on the county water relocations contract or obligation? 


CQA# LEV20020715-31A)  I wish Andy could've finished his sentence;  I'd like to know about the dots.  B)  It's surprising what some people will talk about during an obviously taped public meeting.  C)  Why isn't there a more appropriate category than industrial for this storm water permit? 


CQA# LEV20020715-33A)  Now it's really surprising that Gary Adams didn't call or show up at this mtg.


CQA# LEV20020715-34A)  EM has been threatening me since 9/5/00 with a condemnation lawsuit, & has not consistently told me anything but that!


General CQA

#18a Reference 12/18/00, Bd Ald mtg, Section 2, where FP & JM talk about asbestos removal at #10 & 11 Arnold Dr., & that it will cost about $2,000 - $3,000:  Where is the paperwork, the report & the bids???
#18b But wasn't that a nice commendation letter that FP just read about JM!

#17a A. G. Edwards is handling the levee bonds.  T or F?
#17b Who audits A. G. Edwards?
#16a Reference 4/15/02 Bd Ald Mtg - When did Pee Wee Wilson die?  
#16b Who really has those maps?

#15 Who got all that great topsoil that the city hauled away from #9 Arnold Drive after they tore Mr. Illig's house down?  

#14 Reference Bill #1585, Ord #1473, passed, approved & signed by then-Mayor DA, on 10/18/99 (altho typed "JULY" was crossed out), regarding grading, excavation & fill, & sponsored by RC - Why was that ord necessary?

#13 Reference 12/18/00 Bd Ald mtg, Section 1: I can't believe the insurance scare/sales pitch & last minute, tho typical, pressure tactics that are evidently costing the taxpayers an additional $4000. per year!  The aldermen are sheep!

#12 (deleted)

#11  Why do the ancient glass factory ruins near the ancient riverbank need to be disturbed & dug up?

#10  Throughtout his whole life, Farmer Brown was an angel of a man.  Then one day the flood waters came to his door.   Three neighbor kids came by & told Farmer Brown to hurry & leave with them.  He said, "No, I have faith in God;  you go ahead, I'll be okay."  The next day, a lady came by in a boat & tho she pleaded with him to get in, he refused.  "God will take care of me", he said.   Several hours later, 2 men in a helicopter insisted that he go with them.  Farmer Brown refused again, saying that God would save him.  Farmer Brown drowned in the flood that night.  The next day in heaven, Farmer Brown told God all about how good he'd always been & asked, "Why did you let me drown?"  God said, " What do you mean, 'why did I let you drown';  I sent you 3 kids, a boat & a helicopter!"  

#9  When do you think the levee will be complete?

#8 Who audits the Corps of Engineers?

#7a What would be a reasonable cost for the levee?
#7b How long should it have taken to complete?

#6 The Corps of Engineers is the only organization that can build levees. (T or F)

#5a Why is the levee costing $43 Million?
#5b Why is the levee still only 60% complete in 9/02?

#4 Flood waters only stay up a maximum of 5 days in Valley Park, so concern is minimal about saturating a levee with an approximate base of 150’. (T or F)

#3 Various mayors, aldermen, levee commission members & others have come & gone since the ‘80’s, but VP’s City/Prosecuting Attorney & Levee Counsel, Eric Martin, maintains his role as the prominent leader throughout levee history. (T or F)

#2 How much do you pay per year for flood insurance? (please specify house, business, etc.)

#1 It takes a rocket scientist to build a levee. (T or F)