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Some docs copied from BOA Packets are naturally unsigned.  Shown on some hardcopies but omitted in retypes unless deemed necessary is a date, time & EM's fax # 636-530-1556 with the name J Ronald Lacey, Atty.  Page # positioning here is bottom-center.  Blank, spaced underscoring denotes any illegible text within hardcopies;  parenthetical text with a ? symbol denotes best-deciphered/sounds like.  Brackets enclose hardcopy info obviously typed or written-in.  As determined, X's replace home phones & addresses.  Double parentheses enclose any MOPR notes within retypes.   


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(see Sec 2, 6/5/02 for Speaker Cards)


City's Minutes & Reports  -  VP's official versions of their Board, Public Hearing, Levee Commission & Committee Mtgs.  Also linked on Mtgs/Mins Page.


ODocs  - others not listed on this main Docs Page.


PCO's - People, Companies & Organizations.  Also linked on I & A Page.


VP Atty EM Bills  - Eric M. Martin's bills as long-time Levee Counsel, City & Prosecuting Atty.


VP Atty Butler & Associates Bills  - Katherine Butler bills to VP for services.


City Engineer TW Bills  to VP - Tom Weis of PH Weis & Assoc/Weis Design Group - handles several municipalities.


Disbursement Requests Project Account  -  levee finances.


City's Comprehensive Plan  - CPlan - 2/05 Update, but of several pages, only 3 obtained thus far.


VP Properties  - replaced Offers & Settlements Doc - elusive info still being sought. 


VP Request Public Records Form  - current as of 12/2/05 - (Suggestion:  Keep a copy for yourself & send the original Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested [7/03 cost $4.42]; OR take it to city hall, have them sign & date it as rcv'd, then get a copy for your records.)


Standard VP BOA Agenda  -  example based upon 1/3/06 BOA mtg..


MM Court Docs & Such  - more will be posted asap.


See 2 sets of 6/5/02 items below for VP Speaker Card Forms.

Section 2 of 2  -  Chronological

8/30/06 Wishne/Landmark R.E. Group Letter to Ed Harrawood - Letter of Interest - 904 Marshall Rd, VP. 

3/2/06  Mayor JW Letter To VP Citizens - Word is that this letter was NOT sent to landlords.

2/21/06 MW Memo to Mayor & BOA re Policy for Public Remarks  & referencing a news article copy which states in part that Speakers must show respect for the council & staff.  Memo is actually undated but copied from the 2/21/06 BOA pkt.


(2/21/06) MRRA - MOU - MeramecRiverRecAssn & GreatRiversGreenwayDist, Memo Of Understanding, Olmstead letter & Kettler memo.  Keywords:  Aprox 21 props to be acq'd, Dist completed acq of 7at over $100K, presently negotiating for 3 add'l, City shall acquire remaining 10, should city wish to sell, Dist will pay/fund, value est'd $192,500.  >   Ref BOA20060306-15.


12/6/05 KMOX Radio re VP Redevelopment - transcript of the Charlie Brennan Show on AM 1120


12/5/05 VP/Sansone Resolution/Preliminary Funding Agreemt - also 11/30/05  Mayor JW letter to Kornfeld/Sansone  


11/21/05 Levee Punch List Items to be resolved before VP gets finalization on the levee


11/18/05 Sansone letter to Ed Harrawood - 3rd & final re selling (presumably 904 Marshall Rd)


11/7/05 VP BOA Meeting -  transcript of Fox 2's 11/8/05, 11am relevant newscast


10/7/05  4B Levee Contract Declaration - substantially complete


8/30/05 RFP Letter, List of Devrs, Clayco Response 


8/26/05 Partial RFP - VP's Request For Proposals for VP redevelopment


(8/05) Sansone Option-To-Purchase R.E. Contract -  example.


8/24/05 Sansone letter to Ed Harrawood - 2nd letter re selling 904 Marshall Rd


6/27/05 Sansone letter to Ed Harrawood  - 1st letter re selling 904 Marshall Rd


6/22/05 Lechner Realty Letter to MM  - expressing interest in #8 Arnold Dr !


6/18/05 Levee Dedication Ceremony  - transcript of Fox 2 KTVI, 6/18/05, 5pm Newscast.


5/4/05  Laclede Gas Utility Agreemt  -  for Pharoah, Pyramid, Marshall, Kena area.


4/15/05 EM letter to Croghan - re Pending &/or Threatened Litigation as of  FY ending 6/30/04 & continuing to-date.


(2/22/05) Dept Army Preface & COE Project Chart  -  EM hand-out at LEV20050222 (see next item).


2/22/05 (Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI)  - Ref 3 Shortage docs & Progress Paymt History below, also LEV20050222.


2004 & 5 MM's VP Public Records Requests  -  requested from City VP.


12/20/04 (COE/ESI) Progress Payment History  - Ref 3 Shortage docs below, those above, &  LEV20041220.


10/18/04 Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI  - Ref LEV20041018, Shortage docs below, above & Progress Paymt History

10/14/04 DM memo to BOA, City Clerk & Treasurer  - removing city checks before properly signed.

9/21/04 Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI  - Ref Shortage docs below & above & Progress Paymt History  LEV20040921.

9/20/04 St L County Annex Fact Sheet  - opposes VP annexing part of the disincorporated City of Peerless Pk where EM had been city atty.  Link includes Unicom Arc's 9/9/04 Invoice to EM's attn for $20K, 2/23/05 MM letter, & info re Unicom.  Ref MOPR's Boundary Cmsn Mins PBH20040920.

8/31/04 Projected Shortages of Fed Funds to Pay ESI - Ref 9/21/04 Shortage above. 

8/20/04 EM Remarks to MRC - Mississippi River Cmsn  -  hand-out at LEV20040921.

City VP - Summary Receipts & Disbursements - 1/1/04 thru 6/30/04

2/25/04 U.S. House of Reps Resolution & Letter  - preparing to partner again with the COE to increase flood protection perhaps to the 500-yr level.  Ref LEV20040315 sec 14.


1/5/04  Ord 1622  amends Condemning Ord 1505 again.  1622 refers to Sunset provisions within Section 99.810(3), deletes reference to blight/redev & states that the properties are for use by the city OR its DESIGNEES...Ref  BOA 20040105.


MM's VP Public Records Requests '02 & 03  - includes TG's 3/30/03 Discovery Letter to EM & his 4/1/03 Response, pertaining to MM's 2nd Condemnation Hearing.


11/5/03 LCA Amendmt # 2 Draft - which incidentally, names the ASA/CW as the Dept of the Army/Gov't.


8/25/03 - No link, just info from a simple hand-out at  LEV 20030915  entitled:  BID RESULTS - Levee & Structures - Item IVB, VP, MO # DACW43-03-B-0213 - Total Projected Program Amt (blank) - Gov't Estimate = $10,835,428.00.  #1 Bidder:  (ESI) Environmental Specialists, Inc, Kansas City, MO, Bid Amt = $19,639,668.43, 81.254% over.  #2 Bidder:  Kozeny Wagner, Inc, Arnold, MO, Bid Amt = $16,831,984.08, 55.342% over.


2 thru 5/03 TW's ROW & Esmts Lists  - 2/18, 3/17, (4/21)  Levee Cmsn Mtg hand-outs, also 5/19/03 where "EM is purchasing Halibut Properties parcel."  >  Ref 1/6/03 Ord 1588 & BOA mins below.


1/15/03 DM letter to Richter/UMB Bank - re $1M785K Tax Incremt Refunding Revenue Bonds - complying & not with continuing disclosure.

1/6/03 Ord 1588 (Bill 1716)  - Taking not for blight or redev, but for levee construction & features incidental;  states that the properties are for use by the city OR its DESIGNEES;  first listed 16 people/properties, then changed to 14.  Ref  BOA20030106 - Sec 8.

City of VP - Smry of Receipts & Disbursements - 7/1/02 thru 12/31/02

12/26/02 EM letter to Schwartz/Halibut

10/10/02 Anonymous "so-called" VP Citizen Quiz

10/6/02 - Condemning Alderman's Property For Sale  - Asking $169,000 for his Residential floodplain property about 12 blocks from Marshall/141/44.

9/3/02 Ord 1572  - an ord amending Ord 1505 by adding additional properties subject to (Taking) appropriation & Condemnation: Meramec Venture Associates, LLC; Robert E. Halamicek; Edward & Lisa Harrawood; Lillian Dewitt. Ref  BOA 20020903.

8/30/02 EM letter to MM  - after MM spoke on-camera with Elliott Davis of Fox 2 News at the 8/19/02 Levee Cmsn mtg, it's back to Taking all of her PDC-zoned property for $53,000 in connection with the levee project & to eliminate blight.  Ref LEV20020819 & LEV 20020916 - sec 24

6/11/02 - fax to Mayor DM  @ 636-225-0643 VP City Hall

VP BOA Speaker Card Form After 6/5/02  - old form's last mtg was BOA 20020603 where 3 people addressed the BOA (hardcopy is 8-1/2 x 11" cut in half).

VP BOA Speaker Card Form Before 6/5/02  - and since at least 7/18/00.  Posted below that is a form from the 12/13/05 P&Z mtg & lastly, a form for which the mtg type & date is unknown.  

5/20/02  Arnold's Landing/Grove Resolution of Intent  - a resolution of intent regarding private redevelopment proposals in Arnold's Grove (AL) Subdivision.  Ref BOA20020520.

5/6/02 Ord 1556  - approves ARP for VP's levee & infrastructure project;  approving changes thereto;  & affirming related findings.  Ref BOA20020506.

4/15/02 EM's Levee Event Timeline -  LEV20020415 - Sec 5, mtg hand-out.

4/11/02 TIF Cmsn Resolution   - ...because the total levee project costs... have increased from nearly $24M in 1998 to nearly $43M in 2002 recommends that the city ... which authorizes the city to:  (a) expend an additional $3.5M for the city's share of the levee redev costs, plus costs of issuance, debt service reserves, interest & annual fees;  & (b) issue bonds which may include:  (i) an add'l $100K....Ref  PBH20020411 re TIF/ARP.

Amended Redevopment Plan  -  (ARP) (4/02) & attachments Plate 1, Plate 5, Plate 6, & Exhibit 1B.  Ref MOPR 4/11/02 TIF/ARP PBH  Mins! 

2/7/02 EM letter to MM  - now Taking "only" MM's vacant front yard for the levee project.

6/22/01 Wolf/StL Cnty DOH letter to Barnes/COE  - StL Plate Glass Co & Megus Beauty Products contaminated soil - Add'l Conditions for beneficial use... >  Ref PCO List, ACCO.

6/6/01 Bell/MDNR letter to Barnes/COE - StL Plate Glass Co & Megus Beauty Products contaminated soil - Phase II Hazardous Toxic Radioactive Waste Assessment Report - Conditions for beneficial use... >  Ref PCO List, ACCO.

5/3/01 EM letter to Waltrip/MDNR - contaminated material & city acquisition of all lands. >  Ref LEV20030421. 

5/2/01 Hamell/COE letter to EM - re MDNR, contaminated material in eng'd fill facilities, land ownership & city's creditable contributions. 

3/8/01 RC Affidavit  - ! ! !   Ref MOPR's 8/27/01 VP/QT Mins of clandestine meeting of VP City, School & Fire officials with Quik Trip reps re redev of AL.  

City of VP - Smry of Receipts & Disbursements - 7/1/00 thru 12/31/00

10/13/00 MM letter to EM  - MM offer to settle for $125,000.

9/18/00 Ord 1512  - amends Ord 1505 by authorizing the Taking by Condemnation of Tory Catanzaro's Env'l Landscaping property at AL, 14 Meramec Sta Rd, abutting #6 Arnold Dr.

8/07/00 Ord 1505  -  authorizes the (Taking) acquisition of the following people's property by Condemnation for levee construction or because the city declared them blighted, in a redev area:  Ed & Lisa Harrawood, Richard McGhee, Maureen Morris, Michael & Carol Illig, Floyd & Venita Brown, & Floyd & Bernadette Brantley...

7/11/00 EM letter to Ed  - $88,000 "Just Compensation" for Taking all of Ed Harrawood's AL rental properties in connection with the levee project...

7/11/00 EM letter to MM  - $30,123 "Just Compensation" for Taking all of MM's only rental property in connection with the levee project...

(5/11/00) Petition to Quiet Title  - 1001 Marshall - including MOPR Notes re: Pharoah Valley Subdiv Properties.

(3/6/00) Bill 1606 & Exh A  - re: CDBG Funds Supplemental Agreemt 2000-1 to the Municipal Housing & Cmty Dev Coop Agreemt with StL Cnty - $25,900 - design & const of new storm water inlet on Front St & Marshall.  Project will also include installation of new reinforced concrete pipe northwardly on Front St.

12/21/99 Rucci Letter & Plan to Mayor Dan Adams  -  if the city had approved in '98,  they could have guaranteed 500-yr flood protection since probably 1/00;  collected higher AL taxes, decreasing others' burden & flood ins premiums;  decreased city-attorney, engineer, appraiser, consultants' costs;  landowners & developer would have benefited;  & negated the need for the USACE's 100-yr Arnold's Landing Levee guesstimated at $5 MILLION !   MOPR 5/3/04 BOA Mins, Sec 2.    Additionally, Rucci initiated the development of Meramec Valley Plaza.  

9/29/99 EM letter to Ed  - all of Ed Harrawood's AL rental properties are required in conjunction with the levee project...

9/29/99 EM letter to MM  - all of MM's only rental property is required in conjunction with the levee project...

2/24/99 EM letter to Hamell/COE R.E.  with 2/25/99 executed Entry Permit for Item IV soil borings.

2/2/99 Mayor DA memo to Landers, VP Cmty Dev Dir, to inspect & report.   Includes (3/99) Landers Memo to Mayor DA re Cmty Enchantmt Program - windshield survey, whereby the interior condition of structures will not be initially included.    

1/12/99 Gilliam/FEMA letter to Mayor DA  - Hazard Mitigation Grant Program - open space deed restrictions.

12/17/98 Katt/SEMA letter to Gilliam/FEMA  - FEMA 404 funded properties purchased in VP - deed restrictions.  Ref  BOA 20010205  Sec 29.

11/23/98 EM Affidavit  - '93 & '94 CDBG/HUD Funds, FEMA restricted deed form, 3rd party administrator, list of parcels under levee.  

4/2/98 MM's Rucci Contract - $100,000 fair market value purchase - Ref 12/21/99 Rucci Letter above

2/8/98 Ed's Rucci Contract - $500,000 fair market value purchase - Ref 12/21/99 Rucci Letter above.

9/22/97 Police Sports Facility Layout  - along River Rd/Dr.

9/15/97 Chief Leake/COE Letter to Mayor Harrington  - levee project costs - suggesting a formal validation of VP costs applicable to the project - a cost-shared interim audit...

9/5/97 Leake/COE letter & LCA Amendmt #1   to Mayor Harrington - Chief Leake's version of LCA Amendmt #1 which incidentally, names the ASA/CW as the Dept of the Army/Gov't.

12/9/96 Post Dispatch Article re Levee Counsel  -  EM gets to keep this job tho not properly hired...(ref PCO's, Pat Gunn)

8/16/96 Hemenway/CDBG Memo to EM  - usage of flood funds...

6/6/95 Mayor Harrington letter  to Residents of AL (Arnold's Landing/Grove).

8/12/92  LCA - Local Coop Agreement  - between COE & City VP for 100-yr levee project, including 9/23/97 Amendmt #1 - both incidentally, naming the USACE's St Louis District Engineer as the Dept of the Army/Gov't.

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