7/11/00  EM  Letter  to  MM


Notes:  MM received this letter from EM on 7/13/00.  The letterhead was that of The City of VP.  I've substituted X's in place of my address.



July 11, 2000


Reply to:  1795 Clarkson  Road, Suite 210, Chesterfield, MO 63017  (636) 530-1515


Ms. Maureen M. Morris




Re:  Acquisition of 8 Arnold Drive - Valley Park Levee Project


Dear Ms. Morris:


It is necessary for the  City of Valley Park to acquire your ownership interests in the above-referenced land within the city for use in connection with the lower Meramec River Basin (Valley Park), Missouri Flood Protection Project.


In compliance with the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, P.L. 91-646, I am advising you that the amounts that have been established as just compensation for the properties is as follows: 


Just Compensation:  $30,123 ----- Address:  8 Arnold Dr. ----- Locator No.:  26Q610166


These amounts are based upon, and are not less than, our approved appraisal of the fair market value of the land.  Fair market value has been judicially defined as the price the property would bring in a sale between a willing seller and a willing buyer, neither being obligated to act.  Our appraisal was made by a qualified real estate appraiser using standard, nationally accepted valuation techniques recognized by authorities in the appraisal field and taking into consideration the value of the land, its location and its highest and best use, as well as any improvements on the land.   


The highest and best use for the property, currently zoned planned development commercial, is as single family residential.


(Page 2, July 11, 2000, Ms. Maureen M. Morris)


The basic approaches to value considered by an appraiser may be classified under three headings:  sales comparison, income and cost.  In the appraisal covering your properties, primary reliance was placed upon sales comparison data, including the prices at which similar neighboring lands have sold recently.  In making the appraisal, properties similar to yours were used for comparison.  Those sales were adjusted on the basis of such factors as location, terms of sale and lapse of time.  The income and cost approaches were used as a check on the value as indicated by market data.  After completion, the appraisal was reviewed by a qualified appraiser with many years of experience in evaluating real estate, who approved it as a well documented conclusion of the market value of your property and a sound basis for the amount believed to be just compensation for your property.


Please contact me the undersigned within ten (10) days in order to proceed with the acquisition procedures necessary to complete the transaction.


Sincerely yours,


(so signed)


Eric M. Martin

Ctiy Attorney