6/11/02 - FAX TO MAYOR DAN MICHEL @ 225-0643 VP CITY HAL


Dear Mayor Michel:


At the 5/20/02 Levee Commission Meeting, Mr.  Dave Cusack said that the Levee Commission is missing 2 members & potential member names should be submitted to the mayor, who would then submit the names to the Levee Commission for approval. 


Therefore, I am highly recommending & submitting the name of Mr. Ed Harrawood.  He has owned several properties in Valley Park over about the last 35 years, still does, & some are in the floodplain.  He lived in Valley Park for about 5 years & now lives next door in Manchester.  Mr. Harrawood actually built & owned Harrawood Ballpark from 1976 to 1981, home of the St. Louis Hummers Professional Women's Softball Assn.  Harrawood Ballpark is now known as the Valley Park Sportsplex.  Mr. Harrawood has not only owned construction companies over the last 35 years, but managed every aspect & has even done a lot of the actual work himself.  His experience includes building highways & lakes.  Since he is already extremely familiar with the Valley Park Levee Project, there will be minimal, if any, break-in time.


He is a long-time friend & associate of many Valley Park citizens, property & business owners.  Undoubtedly, his expertise, efficiency, & dependability will be extremely beneficial to the Valley Park Levee Project.  Surely the Levee Commission will welcome Mr. Harrawood's generous & valuable assistance.


Thank you,   
 ((so signed))  ((so signed))
Maureen Morris S.G. Tory Catanzaro
VP Property Owner VP Property Owner


((8/6/05 MOPR Note:  Gary Adams was chosen instead & never attended a mtg.))