MOPR Notes:  This email-copy was handed out by EM at the 10/17/05 Levee Cmsn Mtg & is noted on his 10/10/05 Levee Bill to the city as:  Receipt of substantial completion declaration by USACE = 0.4 hrs.  >  All "To" & "Cc" names below, excepting EM's, are followed by "MVS" which is the USACE Mississippi Valley Div.  (EM & JZ's e-addresses below contain a space to avoid linking.)



FW:  VP Item 4B contract substantially complete P1 of 1


Subj:   FW:  VP Item 4B contract substantially complete

Date:   10/11/2005  8:22:16 AM CST

From:   James.J.Zerega @mvs02.usace.army.mil

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From:  Zerega, James J MVS


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Subject:  VP Item 4B contract substantially complete


To VP Team including EM,  Today Mike Feldmann declared the Item 4B contract substantially complete.  This means flood protection for City VP is now substantially complete.  I think we should all take some time & reflect on this accomplishmt.  It took the whole team, including our partner City VP, & our const partners, especially ESI.


We still need to finish paying ESI, & are making every effort to do this.  Mike is scheduling a final inspection & will be contacting aprop team members about this.  We still have an env'l mit contract to accomplish.  But anyway, it is great to have VP protected from flooding.


Jim Zerega

Tuesday, 10/11/05 America Online:  EMartin772