VP  11/7/05  BOA  MEETING




Notes:  This newscast with video excerpts lasted for about 1 min, 15 seconds. 


Per a picture of him on www.fox2ktvi.com, I believe it was Anchor Reporter Kevin Steincross saying:   The town of VP in southwest StLCnty has a new mayor after the former mayor quit in a cloud of political controversy.  DM had been mayor for 3 yrs.  He resigned after allegations that he violated the civil rights of a (city?) employee.  DM reached a settlemt with former sec'y Terry Helton.  She filed a lawsuit claiming that she was wrongfully terminated.  Helton's husband is an ald & political opponent of DM.   Bd Pres JW was named the new mayor until the April election.


JW:  It's an honor to be the mayor short term for the City of VP.  It's a shame to have to earn it this way, but uh I'm gonna do my best to uh fill the position to the best of my duties.  KSteincross:  In the settlemt, Terry Helton will be paid more than $100K.  Former Mayor DM admits no wrong-doing, but tells us he's stepping down because the lawsuit would've been too costly for the city.


& no honeymoon for the new mayor;  he's already dealing with protestors.  The charity org called the Circle of Concern marched on VP City Hall last night.  The circle of people are concerned that a new dev plan will force them out of their location on StL Ave, but JW says their worries are premature;  the city is just reviewing their proposal for comm & res const.  He says Eminent Domain will not be used.