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Question:   How many different such plans, updates, revisions, amendmts & such has the city had & what's the whole scoop on each?



   C-Plan Update City VP, MO


Purpose of P&Z


In very general terms, planning can be defined as a scheme for making, doing or arranging something.  A C-Plan, in essence, sets the framework for guiding future dev (e.g., what type & where various land uses should occur).  The plan is a "policy" doc that recommends the future physical make-up of a cmty.  It is normally "comprehensive" in scope, whereby land use, major streets, parks & open space, etc are integrated into a unified scheme. 


Zoning is the "legal" tool a muni uses to regulate land use.  The city is afforded this regulatory authy per Chap 89 of the RSMo.  Specifically, a zoning ord regulates items relating to the use of land, height & size of bldgs, size of lots, size of yards (bldg setbacks), pkg, etc.  It establishes definitions, standards, & procedures for a muni to review & approve specific land devs.


Zoning regs should be based on a cplan for the cmty & it is a statutory requiremt in MO.  Similarly, case law reveals that land dev control regs cannot be arbitrary & capricious.  For these reasons, it is imperative that a cmty carefully considers its dev policies & adopts a cph plan that reflects these policies.  If done properly, the plan will provide a strong foundation for the city's zoning authy.


Reasonable but relatively stringent control is important to encouraging private dev.  Zoning enables an individual or biz investing money in a res or comm prop, the opportunity to proceed with confidence that the city's land use patterns &, more particularly, their immed surroundings are stable.  Figure 1 on the following page provides a smry of the key features of a cplan & a zoning ord.




Figure 1  -  SMRY OF P&Z



C - P L A N





Serves as a guide for decisions concerning the cmty's physical dev.



Is the legal tool for achieving cmty dev goals & objectives established thru the planning process.


Takes a cph approach to a wide range of cmty dev issues (e.g., land use, major



Regulates specific items relative to land dev:     


streets, parks & open space, etc)




Use of land


Designed to reflect cmty dev goals &




 ht & size of bldgs






size of lots


Recommends location & intensity of land




yards & other open space


uses, major street improvemts, parks & open space, etc.




buffers between incompatible land



Provides a rational basis for administering




  the zoning ord & other dev regs.   3. Establishes definitions, standards & procedures for reviewing & approving land dev.

The plan is a "POLICY" doc


The zoning ord is a "LEGAL" doc




Planning Area & Planning Period & Need for Update


The area encompassed by this CPlan Update includes not only City VP proper, but portions of adjacent uninc'd territory as well.  The annexation area shown in the Amended Official Application Submittal For Annexation, dated 10/04, defines the uninc'd areas included herein.  The inc'd & annexed area, combined, constitute the planning area (see Plate 1).


Given that this process is expected to result in an update to the existing CPlan adopted in 1988, it will in part be based on decisions & recommendations made in 1988.  For instance, in addition to a review of existing conditions, it will include a review of the land use patterns, infrastructure improvemts, & other recommendations that have been implemented since 1988.  Given the significant changes to the city since 1988 & future changes on the horizon - the proposed annexation, several voluntary annexations, the anticipated completion of the levee project, 141 reconst, new res const, etc - a review of the existing Plan is warranted. 


The current Plan has been in effect for approx 17 yrs.  In terms of a policy doc, it still has portions that are applicable to the current conditions within the city.  However, because of the significant changes noted above, other factors are now affecting dev or may soon have a drastic impact on dev.  At some point it is likely that the update developed in 2005 will likely need to be revised inthe future.  This should occur when the recommendations & policies put in place by this doc are no longer serving the City & its residents.