2/2/99  Mayor DA Memo to Landers


(3/99)  Landers Memo to Mayor DA


7/28/05 MOPR Notes:   The undated & unsigned Landers Memo to Mayor DA was copied from the BOA 3/1/99 packet as was the 2/2/99 DA Memo to Landers.  Both memos were previously posted on the City Mins Page under Docs Info.  I don't believe that the attachmts were in that packet;  if they were, I missed them.


Mayor DA Memo to Landers, VP Cmty Dev Dir


2/2/99  -  Dear Mr. Landers,

I was impressed by the mins of the Cmty Image mtg held on Mon, 2/1/99.  I was excited to see that we are moving fwd in the right direction with our Cmty Image.  In addition, I would like to request a couple of things to be implemented pertaining to the Code Enforcemt & Cmty Image project: 


1.  Conduct a thorough inspection & report on all res rental property in the City VP. 

2.  Conduct a thorough inspection & report on all comm bldgs.  If u have any ques's please feel free to call me.  Tks for all your efforts on this issue. 


Sincerely, ((signed)) Daniel A Adams ((VP Mayor)) -  cc:  BOA.


(3/99)   Landers Memo to Mayor DA


To:      Mayor Daniel A Adams

From:  Al Landers - Cmty Dev Dir


Subj:  Cmty Enchantment Program.  Obviously over the past, the City's inspection, code enforcemt, & compliance ords has been conducted on a reactive rather those on active planned citizen informed priority oriented programs. ((?!))  What is being presented here is to clarify for everyone involved what needs to be done, in what order, by when, with what support, & by whom. 


The initial objective is to state exactly what must be done & when it must be completed.  Our plan accomplishmts for this yr can be stated as follows: 


1.  Establish specific personnel in each of the code areas to be trained & versed in procedures for inspection & enforcemt action. 


2.  Train office personnel to be more familiar with specific applications of codes for requiring permits, establishing adequacy of plans being submitted, record keeping, etc. 


3.  Increase # of houses/structures brought into compliance. 

4.  Increase # of vacant, dilapidated houses/structures demolished. 

5.  Assest {sic} in coordination of all codes directly or indirectly associated with bldg violations. 

6.  Establish activities to implemt re-inspections, etc. 


7.  Implemt a structural condition survey of all existing bldgs in order to determine which structures need rehabilitation, which are adequate at present, & which should be notified or legal action for necessary correction. 


8.  Probably more important is establishmt & implementation of a specific public relations endeavor to:  a.  Inform the public of City dept & cmty value of functions & svcs to serve them.  b.  Clarify & inform citizens, contractors, etc, of applicable codes & admin ((MOPR abbrev))  requiremts such as inspections, certificates, occupancy, license, etc. 


Over the next few wks, the Cmty Dev Dir will be working very closely with the Police Dept on the start-up program for Cmty Enchantmt.  With the leadership of the Mayor, BOA, Police Dept & City Atty, we become partners, working daily toward code enforcemt.  All Police Dept personnel will be taught what code enforcemt is necessary, what city ord we enforce, what is a nuisance, a front yard set back, an abandoned bldg, etc.  Trained officers will carry complaint forms & fill them out when they see an ord violation.  They will write up junk cars, debris, high/grass weeds, etc.  They turn these complaint forms over to the Cmty Dev Dir who will prioritize them, conduct re-inspections in depth, develop course of action, &/or handle legally.  Implementation of this partnership will result in the cmty experiencing many positive changes & a sense of achievemt.  Problem properties, empty lots, abandoned bldg, license, permits, etc will be addressed in a more timely fashion & on a more systematic priority basis.  This coop will be refined & expanded with the positive results of the partnership encouraged to other depts, Fire Marshall, orgs, etc. 


In conjunction with the above, we will be undertaking a structural condition survey of all existing bldgs in VP.  Several items should be noted as points of explanation.  1st, this survey will be an initial "windshield survey" ((as in the 4/02 ARP on Docs Page)).  The interior condition of structures will not be initially included.  However, the exterior conditions of structures generally provide ample insight as to its existing structural condition & other violations.  Structural conditions will be categorized as follows:  Maint only needed, minor repair needed, major repair needed, & dilapidated.  We will expand from the "windshield survey" to detail inspections particularly oriented to dilapidated & major repair categories.  Judicious application of the city's ords & codes including demolition will do much to upgrade conditions. 


It is essential that the residents of VP understand the problems & opportunities assoc'd with the overall Cmty Enchantmt Program.  No matter how effective the admin & legal procedures for carrying out the program, the admin of VP cannot be completely successful unless the program is understood by, & has the support of the public.  Toward citizen involvemt & understanding it is recommended that we start one or all of the following: 


1.  Citizen Advisory Cmte  2)  Speaker Bureau  3)  Neighborhood Improvemt Assn's  4)  Plan Publicity Program.  It is possible that the city maybe able to utilize fed, state, & county financing to assist & expand this Cmty Enchantmt Program.  However, a plan of action is needed now to qualify for certain aids.