12/26/02 EM letter to Schwartz/Halibut


MOPR Notes:  On EM letterhead in 2/18/03 BOA pkt which will be searched a 2nd time for the enclosed offer.





((To:))   Karen Schwartz, Halibut Props, LLC, 7412 Buckingham Dr, StL, MO  63105.


Re  Lot 3, Universal Subdiv on the Meramec.


Dear Ms Schwartz:  This will confirm your conversations with our appraiser, Ernie Demba, as to this prop's fair market value.  I enclose an offer in the amt of $7,500 together with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your convenience.  Please sign & return to me & we will close this asap. 


Sincerely yours, [signed] Eric M. Martin, EMM:ss, Enclosures.