EM  5/3/01  Letter  to  Waltrip/MDNR


Notes:  Hardcopy is on City VP Letterhead & I believe it was RC that had circled the text "contaminated material", drew an arrrow to the blank space above it & wrote in quotes "special waste" with a ? above it.

May 3, 2001


Mr Scott Waltrip

Missouri Department of Natural Resources

Solid Waste Management Program

P.O. Box 176

Jefferson City, MO  65102-0176


Re:  Valley Park Levee Project


Dear Sir:  The City of Valley Park acknowledges & understands that current design of the VP, MO levee requires that contaminated material may be used in engineered fill which will be at the core of the levee at AL as well as in the area paralleling the Meramec River.


The City has acquired or will acquire, in fee simple absolute, all lands wherein that engineered fill will be (a) utilized as part of the levee or (b) temporarily stored.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if further information is needed.


Sincerely yours, ((signed))  Eric M Martin - EMM/dm