MOPR Notes:  Below, in a simple text format, is the info from the 2-page Timeline that EM handed out & narrated in LEV20020415-05.  Included in parentheses below are corrective statements made by EM in that mtg. 


8/9/05 Note:  While reviewing info & doing website maint, I realized that my interpretations of EM's corrective statements MIGHT be erroneous.  I started adding levee mtg excerpts below for people to interpret themselves, but since time ran out, my apology for possibly being mistaken & this simple note to ref that mtg section must suffice. 




P.L. 97-128 enacted by Congress Dec. 29, 1981, deauthorized Meramec Dam in Sullivan and authorized Corps to determine flood control structures along Meramec and authorized federal funds.  Total cost estimated at $14,880,000 by Corps.


1987, Corps completes General Design Memorandum recommending approval of Valley Park Levee.  $259,000 was cost of GDM.  


Sept., 1991, F. Y. '91 construction start funding approved by Congress, 1st appropriation design stage.


1992 Receipt of federal funds by Corps, lands necessary designated and acquisition commences.


November 9, 1992, total project cost estimated at $15,400,000 by Corps.


1993 1st Bond issue $2.86 million total.


Sept., 1993, Phase I - St. Louis Avenue closure structure.


Fall, 1994  Phase II - Vance Road closure structure - completed.  (that should be started;  & he believes it was completed in late '95)


1995 2nd Bond $1.65 million.


August 25, 1995 Corps estimate of total cost is $21,889,000.


Oct., 1997 Corps estimates total cost of $23,393,000.


1995-1998 Land acquisition, FEMA buyout.


1998 3rd Bond $2.81 million.


Nov. 19, 1998 Corps estimate is $33,966,000.


Phase IVa - 8th Street to St. Louis Ave.  Completed Fall, 1999


August 17, 1999, P.L. 106-53 increases ceiling from $20 million to $35 million on approval of Secretary of Army. 


Fall, 2000 Phase IVb - R.R. to 8th - completed.  (that should be Phase 3a & b)


October, 2001 Corps estimate is $42.92 million.


2001 R.R. closure structure, completed fall. 


Dec., 2001 Corps reaches $20 million spending limit.