Hamell/COE  5/2/01  Letter  to  EM



St Louis District, Corps of Engineers

(8946 Latty?) Avenue

Berkeley, Missouri  63134


May 2, 2001

Reply to

Attention of:

Real Estate Division

Acquisition Branch


Mr. Eric Martin, Attorney

1795 Clarkson Road, Ste.  210

Chesterfield, Missouri 63017


Dear Mr. Martin:  As you are aware the COE is seeking applicable clearances from MDNR to place Glass Plant material in the Arnold's Landing area of the levee project.


MDNR has requested a written statemt from City VP, MO that acknowledges that the City understands that contaminated material will be used in the eng'd fill facilities at AL.  The statemt must also say either (1) the City owns or plans to own in fee simple all property where the eng'd fill facilities will be located, or (2) the City owns or plans to own in fee simple portions of properties where eng'd fill facilities will be located & where the City has or plans to obtain permanent esmts.  In lieu of fee simple ownership, landowner(s) will be provided notice that contaminated material will be located on their property.


On a separate note, I await info to capture applicable costs incurred by the City to acquire Project lands, esmts, rights of way, relocations, & disposal sites (LERRDS).  The data is necessary to assess the City's creditable contributions to the overall levee project.


Your most expeditious assistance to obtain the written statemt & LERRD {sic} costs is appreciated & pertinent to the Project's forward progress.  If add'l info is need  {sic} , contact me at 314-(2?)60-3908.


Sincerely, ((signed)) Harry S Hamell, Realty Specialist