Notes:  I first received a copy of this letter in mid June, 2002.  This doc has been retyped from that copy which is on City of VP pre-printed letterhead showing:  Gary Adams & Dan Adams, Ward 1;  Nick Smith & Fred Palmer, Jr., Ward 2;  Jeffery Whitteaker & David Wren, Ward 3;  Steven Mantia & James Boland, Ward 4;  Paul Landwehr, Dir of Cmty Dev;  Marguerite Wilburn, City Collector & City Clerk;  Della Moon, City Treasurer;  David Brown, Marshall/Chief of Police;  Jack Horas, City Atty;  Charles Ford, Municipal Judge;  & Joseph W. Harrington, Mayor..




Tuesday, June 6, 1995



Dear Resident


The Army Corps of Engineers has given approval to a re-alignment of the Valley Park Flood Levee in the Arnold's Grove area.  This means that only about 4 homes in the Eastern most part of the Grove will be under the footprint of the levee.  All remaining homes in Arnold's Grove will be OUTSIDE the levee.


What this means to you the residents, is that St. Louis County will be making the ONLY buy out offer on your property using the 1993 flood mitigation funds.


There will be no buy out offer made by the City of Valley Park, except for those few homes in the path of the levee.


I want to be very clear on this matter so there is no confusion or misunderstanding, THE ONLY BUY OUT OFFER WILL BE MADE BY ST. LOUIS COUNTY.


This offer will be for a VOLUNTARY BUY OUT, if you choose to reject the offer from St. Louis County there will be NO other offer and NO condemnation of your property.


Should you choose to reject the offer and continue to live in Arnold's Grove you are welcome to do so;  However, please be aware that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is beginning to take a tough position on flood plain management.   They (FEMA) may in the future require the removal of all structures in the flood plain which have experienced cumulative damages in excess of 50% by flooding.




(so signed)


Joseph W. Harrington