3/2/06  Mayor  JW  Letter  To  VP  Citizens


MOPR Notes:  Word is that this letter was NOT sent to landlords.  The enclosed color-coded map included with the letter, is not included here, but should be availale at city hall.  It is labeled PGAV, 1/06, Draft, Plate 8 Future Land Use Plan, City VP, MO & the legend reads, Existing & Proposed:  VP City Limits, New Town Planning Area Bdry, Low Density Residential (SF-2F), Multi-Family (3 Family >), Mixed-Use, Commercial (Inc. office), Industrial, Public/Semi-Public, Levee, Park/Open Space, Public/Semi-Public Alternate).


3/2/06  Dear VP Citizen,


As u may or may not know, City VP is investigating the possibility of redev'g the lower portion of the City protected by the recently completed levee sysem.  With completion of the levee comes the opp for investmt & dev in the original portion of the City never before possible in the City's history.


As part of the City's desire to see new investmt in the lower portion of the City, the City id'd the Area protected by the recently completed levee as the proposed "New Town" Redev Area.  The City also issued a Request For Proposals to solicit interest from the dev cmty & to id a dev entity to lead the redev effort.  The Sansone Group was the sole respondent to the City's Request For Proposals at the 11/05 BOA mtg.


The Sansone Group is actively pursuing options on all of the residential, commercial, industrial, & vacant property in the "New Town" area (see enclosed map).  The City's intention is for redev of New Town to be driven by the desires of "New Town" property owners to make available their property interest for inclusion in a future redev project.  


The Sansone Group has been given until 10/06 to attempt to assemble land in New Town.  If widespread participation is not realized or the land assemblage process drags on, the likelihood of any redev projects occurring is diminished.  The City encourages all stake-holders ("New Town" property owners, residents, & bizs) to id to Sansone or the City their interest in selling their property interest in "New Town".  All property owners in the "New Town" area will benefit from knowing as quickly as possible the outcome & scope of this phase of the project.


Sincerely, ((signed)) Jeffery J. Whitteaker, Mayor