MM's VP  Public Records Requests '04 & 05

(posted 5/13/05)


Notes:  On 2/11/04 at VP City Hall, I asked MW & Roxanne Ruppel for a copy of the relocation-benefits check for #8 Arnold Dr Tenants John Tom Sloan & Rebecca Abts.  Roxanne said that she had written the check & MW said that she'd need to ask EM if I was allowed to have a copy of it.  Returning a few mins later from the other room, MW said that she couldn't get hold of EM. 

She filled out the following info on a Pub Records Request Form & gave me a copy after I had signed it:  2/11/04, 3:20pm, like copy of check issued to #8 Arnold Drive for relocation monies.  Days later, I rcv'd the following letter.

EM 2/12/04 Letter to MM


2/12/04  To:  Ms Maureen Morris, XXX, Ballwin, MO  63011


Dear Ms. Morris:  I am in receipt of your request of 2/11/04 requesting a check issued to #8 Arnold Dr for relocation monies.  The City does not have a check issued to #8 Arnold Drive, further the City is unable to provide any information at this time regarding the lease, purchase or sale of #8 Arnold Dr as that matter is in litigation now pending in the Circuit Court of St. Louis County Missouri and public knowledge regarding the transaction may adversely affect the legal consideration therefore pursuant to Section 127.010 of the Valley Park Code of Ordinances. Therefore I must deny your request until the litigation is terminated.  Sincerely, Eric M. Martin, City Attorney

MM 2/23/05 Letter to P. LAUFER


Notes:  As of 5/13/05 I have had no response but noticed on EM's 2/28/05 city bill:  Call from Patti on request from Morris & Valley Days. 


2/23/05 To:  Ms Patricia Laufer, City of Valley Park, 320 Benton, Valley Park, MO  63088


Dear Ms Laufer:  Enclosed is a copy of Unicom Arc's Invoice to Eric Martin's attention, dated 9/9/04 for

$20,000.00.  I believe that the invoice is solely for preparing the City of Valley Park's presentation at the St Louis County Boundary Commission's 9/20/04 Public Hearing re the City of Valley Park's Plan of Intent to annex a portion of the former City of Peerless Park.


If that is correct, I would appreciate it if you would simply but precisely note the above bold text on the invoice, clarify the illegible invoice & job numbers, clarify whether it was paid in full or what amount was paid, sign it & return a copy to me ASAP.

Thank you, ((so signed)), Ms Maureen Morris, Property Rights Activist, ((address & phone)), Enclosure