(2/21/06 ) MOU,  Olmstead letter  & Kettler  memo


MOPR Notes:  Add'l abbrevs used here:  GRGD = Great Rivers Greenway Dist;  MOU = Memo Of Understanding;  MRRA = Meramec River Recreation Assn;  VPMG = Valley Park Meramec Greenway. 


The 11/1/05 Olmstead letter to Kettler is on GRGD letterhead showing:  "For a clean, green, connected St Louis region, www. greatrivers.info, 1000 StL Union Sta, Ste 102, StL, MO  63103, 314-636-7009, fax 8004"; & was copied from the 11/7/05 BOA pkt which did NOT contain the new Land Acquisition Status Report


The 11/03/05 Kettler memo to VP Mayor is on plain paper & was copied from the 11/7/05 BOA pkt.  The undated & unsigned MOU was copied from the 2/21/06 BOA pkt which did NOT contain the MOU's Exhibit A or B


11/1/05  ((To:))  Mrs Pam Kettler, Dir of Parks, City VP, 320 Benton St, VP, MO  63088


Dear Pam:  Enclosed please find a draft of a new Land Acquisition Status Report for current actions within City VP.  It relects the current status of props under negotiation by the GRGD.  Recent policy adjustmts by GRG {sic} have permitted us more flexibility in dealing with these small lots & u will note that we are again actively pursuing their acquisition.


Because of various reasons City VP has agreed to pursue the acquisition of a # of props, including 147, 749, 755, 756, 765 & 769 River Dr.  We wish to request that u provide us with the ofc'l current status of these props.  We will add that info to this status report so it contains complete info when we issue it.  Because of the new "Twelve Mile Initiative" program, completion of the acq of props along River Dr is now most important, for it will permit us to move into trail dev within the VPMG.


GRGD remains strongly committed to the Meramec Greenway.  We value the partnership with City VP & your recognition of the significance of this resource to your residents & the overall Metro Area.

Sincerely, ((signed)) Jennifer Olmstead, Project Mgr, cc:  Doug Marshall, Ben Know.


MEMO:  The VP Meramec Greenway


TO:         The Mayor - City VP

FROM:   Pamela Kettler - Park Coordr for City VP


As u are aware I have been working on the VPMG with the MRRA & the GRGD, this part of the trail is know as the "Twelve Mile Initiative" which is part of the bigger picture know as the Ozark Trail.  The "Twelve Mile Initiative" on completion will be a continuous 12-mile trail section from Kirkwood to Wildwood. 


The BOA some time ago had approved the VPMG Master Plan, so we as a city are all ready on board with this.  MRRA & GRGD & the City VP are now moving to the most critical part of this trail system.  Now it is time to put together some of City VP's resources to insure that this project is completed in the best way possible. 


I would like to continue to be the lead person on this project & put together a team of the best resources the city has.  I would use these resources as there {sic} needed.  At this time I would like the "Project Team" to be as follows: 


Pamela Kettler Park Coordr & Lead Person
TW City Eng
EM City Atty
((blank)) BOA Rep


The mtgs for this wil be held Mon-Fri during working hrs usually in the a.m. & at least once a month until the trail is completed.  Of course not every team member will need to come to every mtg:  example - if we are having a mtg on eng'g there would be no need for the city atty to come to that mtg.


I am trying to set up a site walk thru mtg on 11/15/05, Tues, at VP City Hall at 10:30.  This has not been confirmed as of this date.  I hope to get this "Project Team" together asap so we can begin to make this trail come together for City VP & MRGD.  I am looking fwd to hrg from u on this.  Things are coming together on this project & I want to make sure we stay on top of things.  Working together we are making a difference in our cmty.

[Thank you, Pamela Kettler Park Coordr]







WHEREAS, The City of VP (City) & The Great Rivers Greenway Dist (Dist) are mutually desirous of const'g the

VP section of the Meramec Greenway Trail (Project) for public use;  &,

WHEREAS, The Meramec Greenway is an integral part of The River Ring being developed by The Great Rivers

Greenway Dist


WHEREAS, The City has developed a concept plan for the VP section of the Meramec Greenway Trail;  &,


WHEREAS, The Project is to consist of approx 1.5 miles of trail;  &


WHEREAS, Once the Project is const'd, it is understood that the City will be responsible for ongoing maint & op of the

Meramec Greenway Trail;  &


WHEREAS, the City & the Dist wish to enter into an Understanding reflecting their respective financial contributions &

their respective maint agreemts as it relates to The Project.


NOW, THEREFORE, the parties hereto agree as follows:



PURPOSE - It is the intent of this MOU to provide for the responsibilities & obligations of both the City & the Dist with respect to the VP Section of the Meramec Greenway.

2. THE PROJECT - The general location of The Project is shown on an attached exhibit, marked "Exhibit A" & made part of this MOU.  The project consists of land acquisition, eng'g & design, & const of a trail system & ancillary features such as trailheads, signage, & landscaping.  The Project consists of aprox 1.5 miles of the trail, from the Simpson Park Trailhead to Fishpot Creek, parallel to the Meramec River.  The detailed specs for this trail will be per standards used on previously const'd segmts of the Meramec Greenway Trail, & subject to the approval of the Dist.
3. LAND ACQUISITION - There are aprox 21 properties that need to be acq'd in order to build the Project as id'd in Exhibit B.  As of 1/15/06, the Dist has completed the acq of 7 of the subj props at a cost of over $100K, & presently is negotiating for 3 add'l props that should close by the end of 1/31/06.  The dist has been unable to reach agreemt with the remaining

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The Great Rivers Greenway District  /  1000 St Louis Union Station  /  Suite 102  /  St Louis, MO  63103  /  Phone 314-436-7009  /  Fax 314-436-8004

owners & has stop {sic} negotiating with the owners.
3.1. The City shall use its best efforts to acquire the remaining 10 props as id'd in Exhibit B.  Should the City wish to sell any of the remaining 10 props to the Dist in order to recoup costs, the Dist will buy the props from the City & pay up to the appraised value for such props.  The Dist will fund such assoc'd costs as title insurance, & closing costs.  The value of the id'd props is est'd to be $192,500 based on appraisals & actual land sales in the area.  Each agency is individually responsible for its own staff & agency costs, without any expectation of reimbursemt or recovery.  No staff expenses are to be funded by the project budget.
3.2. Props acq'd by the Dist shall be owned by the Dist.  The Dist will, in turn enter into long term leases with the aprop Meramec Greenway partner gov'ts for the mgmt of these lands in accordance with the VP Meramec Greenway Master Plan.
3.3. Props acq'd by the City shall be owned by the City, which will manage these lands, or transfer them to other Meramec Greenway partner gov'ts for mgmt in accordance with the VP Meramec Greenway Master Plan.
4. DESIGN & ENG'G - The City shall solicit proposals as necessary from consultants for the preparation of conceptual plans, then final P&S for the Project.
4.1. The City shall enter into a contractual agreemt with a consultant or consultants.  The consultant(s) shall be paid by the City.  The Dist will reimburse the City 100% of approved contract costs, with reimbursemt being made on a quarterly basis.  The City shall not enter into any consulting contract unless the contract is first reviewed & approved by the Dist.  The City & the Dist are individually responsible to provide a project coordr & commit staff necessary for the Project to proceed without delay.  Each agency is individually responsible for its own staff & agency costs, without any expectation of reimbursemt or recovery.  No staff expenses are to be funded by the project budget.
4.2. In a timely manner specified in the consultant contract, a conceptual plan for the trail is to be completed & approved by the City & the Dist.  This plan shall incorporate final policy decisions such as the exact route of the trail, existence & configuration of trailheads, & policies re related (tho not a part of this project) policies matters such as Kena Dr, River Dr, the Emerg Access, the athletic complex & others).  The conceptual plan shall include a project cost est.  The Dist will only reimburse the City for approved costs assoc'd with const of the Project. 

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4.3. Upon completion & approval of the conceptual plan, the consultant shall be auth'd to complete final P&S for the Meramec Greenway Trail const.  This is to be completed in a timely manner as agreed upon by the City & the Dist.  The consultant shall not be auth'd to complete final plans until all land acq issues have been resolved & the exact trail alignmt has been approved by the City & the Dist.
5. TRAIL CONST - In accordance with the VP Meramec Greenway Master Plan, the Meramec Greenway Trail will be const'd by contract.  This dev contract will include all components of the project (trail, trailheads, etc) as defined by the conceptual plan.  Demolition of existing structures will be part of the const contract.  It will not include road renovations, restrooms, etc., not included in the conceptual plan.
5.1. The Dist will fund 50% of the const contract, & the partner(s) will provide the remaining 50%.
5.2. The City, the Meramec River Recreation Assn & the Dist will jointly seek grant assistance to reduce or eliminate that cost to the partner(s).
5.3. The City will solicit bids for const of this trail project.  Bids must be reviewed & approved by the City, the Dist & any other granting agency(s).  The contract wil be awarded by City & paymts made to the contractor will also be made by City.  The Dist reimbursemt of its share will be quarterly.  Reimbursemt by other granting entities will be in accordance with their procedures.
5.4. Const admin will be incorporated into the consultant's contract, the degree of which will be determined by the City & the Dist.
6. PAYMT PROVISIONS - The City shall request reimbursemt of actual sums paid, at not more than quarterly intervals, for those project costs incurred by the City but funded by the Dist.  The Dist shall make paymt to the City within 60 days of receipt of request for reimbursemt made in proper form.  The Dist shall advise the City coordr as to what specific info & in what form requests for reimbursemt are to be submitted.
7. MAINT - The City agrees to maintain all of the improvemts const'd as part of The Project & will enter into a maint agreemt with the Dist.
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8.  FINAL CONTRACT - The parties agree that the terms of this doc will be finalized in a binding contract between them.  The terms & conditions of this MOU describe the intent of the parties re negotiations leading to such binding contract. 
THIS MOU is entered into by the City of VP ("City") & the Great Rivers Greenway Dist ("Dist") & has been executed by the duly auth'd rep of each party, pursuant to auth'n granted by the Bd of Directors &/or City Council as aprop.




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