9/22/97 Police Sports Facilities Layout - per PW Cmte 9/22/97 relevant minutes: Present: Mayor Harrington, Ald DA, JW, RH & BB; also VP residents Jason Redman, Michael Dipiano & Marcie Michel.

Ald DA draw a possible layout of the police firing & archery range, & in-line skate facilities for the cmte.  After some discussion, DA motioned to ask the Police Chief to coordinate clearing necessary areas with some volunteer help.  Also, Ald DM will work with a civil eng who costs $25/hr, on drawing up preliminary blueprints. Ald BB 2nd'd, motion passed 4 to 0. (see attachmt).

DA motion, 2nd'd by Ald JW & passed 4 to 0 that up to $4000 be allocated for the pkg lot & in-line skate areas, including an asphalt overlay of the pkg lot.  DA motion, 2nd'd by BB, passed to ask Judy Schrader, Parks Coordr, to contact local concrete material businesses for reduced priced or donated materials.  Judy said she'd consult with MRRA officials on some possible future additions to the police facilities.  DM was told that the general public would be able to use the archery range in daylight hrs.  Lt. Breece thought that the police firing range would be used about 2 days/mo & further stated that one night firing would take place annually.