MOPR 11/6/05 Notes:  This is a retype of just 12 of the 93-Page (including the cover letter) RFP:  cover letter, Notice, cover Page, Table of Contents, & the 1st 8 pages of the actual RFP.  Thereafter, it starts with a Page #'d 255 (see notes below).  >   At VP city hall on 10/26/05, 4pm as EM sat right there at Ofc Clerk Roxanne Ruppel's computer, I told Roxanne that I'd like to see the RFP.  She said that I could take & look at it in the library, but not make any copies.  I said that I'd heard it costs $250 to get a copy of the whole thing & asked how much it would cost to get a copy excluding the maps & ords.  She said $250 was correct & that only the entire RFP could be copied to anyone.  When I asked if she had the list of devrs that it went to, she said no, PGAV has it.


Since I had to have the RFP pkt back to/for her to leave at 4:30, I just verified the 12-P copy that I'd already been given by a source & quickly noted about the rest of it:   P 255 = Chapter 405:  Zoning Regs, Article I.  Short Title, Purpose & Legal Clauses.  Sec 405.010:  Title...Sec 405.020:  Purpose - #1 thru 11.  P256 = #12 thru 16.  Sec 405:030:  Compliance w/Regs, #1 thru 5.  P257 = Sec 405.040:  Rules of Construction, #1 thru 5.  Sec 405.050:  Definitions, ending w/parag title:  Alteration.  P 258, As-Builts Plans thru Church.  P259,  City thru Devr.  P260, Devr (cont’d) thru Fast Food Restaurants #1 thru 2.  P261,  Filing Station thru Home Occupation.  P262,  Home Occ (cont’d) thru Lot (Parcel) of Record (4 lines).  P 263 thru 265 which ends w/ Street.   It goes on thru P331.  Those pages SEEM TO BE the ones that are on this webpage: - then click T-Z, then VP, then Title IV, Land Use, then Chapter 405.


In the RFP then, there are 4 - 11x17 pages all dated 8/05:  1)  Plate 1 Redev Area Bdry, Legend:  (dashed rectangle) = Proposed RFP Bdry, (3 bullets) = Existing TIF Bdry.  2)  Plate 2 Existing Land Use Map, Legend...(all in color).  3)  Plate 3 Existing Zoning Map.  4)  Plate 4 Aerial Photo.





To Prospective Devr:


First of all, tku for your int in City VP.  With this Request for Proposal (RFP) packet comes an exciting opportunity to redev an area that reps the central core of City VP that can be enhanced as a vital asset to our cmty. 


The portion of our City within the recently completed levee reps much of the original town of VP.  We are seeking your proposals to make this area a vibrant mixed-use dist within our cmty.  We not only look fwd to the possibility of expanding our ec base but also would like this project to be a showcase where the style & quality of the dev reflects the importance of this location & yet is sensitive to the remaining uses surrounding the project area.  In the end it is our hope that we can create a revenue source that is well planned & well executed aesthetically.


Secondly, on behalf of the BOA, as a cmty we look fwd to a public-private partnership where together we can build a project where we can both be proud of our accomplishmt not only now but many yrs into the future.  Therefore, I encourage your creativity & inspiration to make this the best project possible for the citizens of VP. 


Again, tku for your int.  Please do not hesitate to call on me or any of my staff to assist u in this process.


Best regards,


Dan Michel, Mayor


cc:  BOA






The City VP, MO is seeking proposals for the redev of the proposed Old Town Redev Area.  The proposed redev area is generally bounded by the Mer River on the South, MO Route 141 & the UP RR on the west, & the recently completed VP Levee on the north & east.  The Area contains approx 241 acres, including street & hwy ROW.


The City will accept proposals for redev of the Area that consist of a mix of land uses (res, comm, industrial, & public/semi-public uses where appropriate).  Proposals for dev of good quality which offer the greatest ec benefit to the City, offer a variety & unique land use mix, & which address certain access & road improvemts, will be given highest priority.  The City may consider providing redev assistance under public redev & financing tools available for use by the City under certain MO Statutes.


Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, all alternative bids & proposals will be considered by the City.


Proposals must be rcv'd in the ofcs of the City Clerk, VP City Hall, 320 Benton St, VP, MO 63088, not later than 3:00pm, CDT;  on 10/26/05 {sic}.  A copy of the Request for Redev Proposals, which includes a map of the proposed redev area, the City's objectives for the area & other info re the City & the proposed Area, may be viewed at the VP City Hall at the address indicated above.  Proposal Submission Data Packets containing the above info in both digital & hard copy formats will be available for review or may be purchased for $250.00 at the VP City Hall beginning 8/24/05.


Int'd parties may contact Mr EM, the City Atty at (636) 530-1515 or the City's planning consultant, Mr John Brancaglione of Peckham Guyton Albers & Viets, at (314) 231-7318 for further info re this request. 


11/06/04 - 80479-00


Request  for  Redevelopment  Proposals


Guidelines  &  Requirements  for  Submittal








Prepared For:


The City of Valley Park, Missouri




August 26, 2005
















SECTION  1..................................................Guidelines  &  Requirements  for Submittal


SECTION  2........................................................................................Supporting Maps


SECTION  3.........................................................................Request for Proposal Notice












The City VP is seeking proposals for the redev of certain props located within the lower sec of the cmty within the area protected by the recently completed levee.  The area is generally bound by MO Route 141 & the UP RR ROW on the west, the Mer River on the south, & the recently completed levee system on the east & north.  The area is being referred to as the Old Town Redev Area.  The guidelines & requiremts for submission of such proposals are the subject of this booklet. 


A map, entitled Redev Area Bdry, depicting the potential Redev Area is included in Sec 2 of this booklet.  Redevrs may propose alternative bdrys for the Redev Area. 


The total Area within the bdrys as described above & shown on the map in Sec 2 is approx 504 acres, including ROW of streets or hwys that are within the Area bdrys.  The developable land area within the levee is approx 241 acres including ROW.  The Area consists of numerous existing comm, res, industrial, public/semi-public uses.  In addition, there are also numerous vacant tracts located thruout the Area.  There are a total of approx 400 improved parcels & over 100 vacant parcels in the area.  The Area contains approx 56 acres of res uses, approx 23 acres of comm uses, approx 73 acres of industrial uses, approx 19 acres of vacant land, & approx 8 acres of public/semi-public uses & park land.  The remaining land area within the levee is generally comprised of street ROW (approx 60 acres). 


The southern portion of the Area is comprised of vacant land which is generally located on the wet {sic} side of the levee.  Part of this area includes the former Johnny Mac softball fields.  While dev in the southern portion of the area is limited due to flood plain restrictions, the area does provide a location for recreational uses which can compliment dev within the area protected by the levee.  The central portion of the Area, props which parallel StL & Marshall Avenues, is a mix of small, older uses north of Marshall Rd & larger, older industrial uses south of Marshall Rd.  The northern portion of the Area primarily consists of older res uses (many of which are rental units that exhibit deterioration) with a concentration of older industrial uses in the northeast portion of the Area.


Over the last decade, the City, in coop with the USACE, undertook the const of a new flood control levee.  The levee is


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 1 -


designed for 100 yr flood protection with 3 feet of freeboard.  With the completion of the levee the City is now seeking a creative approach to redev within the overall area protected by the new levee.  A portion of the proposed area is already covered by an existing TIF dist which is being utilized to support the City's matching share of the cost of the levee.  It is anticipated that the existing TIF program & repaymt of existing obligations will be completed in 2011 & the existing TIF dist will be retired.


The map entitled Existing Land Use Map, included in Sec 2 of this booklet, shows the existing land uses within the proposed Redev Area & the immediate environs.  The props within the Redev Area are presently zoned in a variety of designations.  It is intended that redev of the Area be of a planned dev nature.  The current zoning of the Area is shown on the map entitled Existing Zoning Map which is included in  Sec 2 of this doc.


For proposals that offer creativity & quality of bldg design, landscaping, & land use/tenant mix, the City will consider supporting a proposed project with certain public redev & financing tools available for use by the City under certain MO Statutes.  These statutory tools include:


>  Tax Increment Financing (TIF) - R.S. MO 99.800 - 99.865,


>  Urban Redev Corporations Law (Chapter 353) - R.S. MO 353.010 - 353.190,


>  Transportation Dev Dists (TDD) - R.S. MO 238.200 - 238.275,


>  Cmty Improvemt Dist Act (CID) - R.S. MO 67.1401 - 67.151, &


>  Neighborhood Improvemt Dist Act (NID) - R.S. MO 67.453 - 67.475.


Again, it should be noted that the use of these statutory tools will be limited to those project proposals that demo exceptional merit in design & land use concept & meet the City's redev objectives & considerations as outlined below.


In addition, it should be clearly noted that the use of eminent domain is not favored by the City.  Eminent domain will not be used within the proposed area for large res land assemblages, will only be made available if the selected dev entity is able to demo significant land assemblages without the use of eminent domain, & demo'd that the objecting owners are unreasonable in their demands for comp & that the selected dev entity has undertaken negotiations in a good faith manner.




The City will accept proposals for redev of the Area that are comprised of a mix of land uses including res, comm, industrial, & public/semi-public uses (if existing public/semi-public uses are to be relocated within the proposed area).  All dev components must be of high quality & establish a new standard for this important portion of the City.  In considering the future poten-


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 2 -


tial of the Area, the City & its urban planning consultants, PGAV, have determined that major redev involving removal of existing structures, removal & relocation of existing bizs, industrial uses, & residents should be undertaken in a well-conceived, integrated, planned dev. 


However, the City realizes that buyout & relocation costs & existing market factors (even with City financial assistance thru statutory financing tools) may dictate some compromises in terms of the scope of the project & proposed uses.


The City is interested in obtaining from dev entities a planned dev of a nature which best utilizes the entire area within the levee system.  This planned dev should be approached without limitations to existing uses.  In other words, dev entities should be creative in redesign of this portion of the City & strive to create a mix of uses that takes full advantage of the City's proximity within the overall StL metro area.


At this time the City is not specifically outlining areas where certain uses within the levee should be located.  However, the City envisions a mix of res, comm (potentially combining of both "big box" & smaller stores), industrial (ofc, ofc/warehouse, light industrial, i.e., non-manufacturing) type uses in a biz park type setting, & new & potentially relocated res uses into the overall project concept.  In addition, consideration should be given to relocation, if necessary, of existing public/semi-public uses (post ofc, city hall, the city park, etc) may be considered if they contribute to the overall planned nature of the proposed area.  Special consideration will be given to project proposals that incorporate a quality mix of uses that creates a unique market. 


Proposals that involve the relocation of retail uses from other locations in City VP or StL Cnty will have a negative reception, & it should be noted that such relocations will result in a reduction in available incremental revenues if TIF is to be used as a financing mechanism. 


Proposals should also consider the potential for improved circulation within the Area & improved access to the props within the levee.  This may include the vacation of platted street ROW within the bdrys of the proposed Area to improve circulation & consolidate prop for dev.  Suggested improvemts/realignmt of both Marshall Rd & StL Ave should be incorporated into the overall submittal.  The overall goal of this improvemt/realignmt should be to create a modern arterial class street (possibly with a boulevard treatmt) to connect the eastern levee closure structure on Marshall Rd to Hwy 141 on the west. 


In addition, the City is interested in devr suggested locations for a new access point from Hwy 141 directly into the Area.  The City Eng is completing preliminary conceptual work on a new northern access point which would connect to Hwy 141 north of the existing Vance Rd - Forrest Ave/Hwy 141 intersec & cross the existing UP & BN RR ROW approx at the existing tunnel & at-grade crossing located on Leonard St. 


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 3 -


Submitting entities should also consider the potential for use of portions of the existing detention facilities located within the area protected by the existing levee to increase the amt of land for dev.  Incorporation of add'l pumps & other facilities to lessen the land area required for the existing detention facilities should be considered if feasible. 


As noted above & in the Notice of Request for Redev Proposals that the City published in the StL Post-Dispatch on 8/26/05 (a copy of which is included in Sec 3 of this doc), the City will consider providing financial & land acquisition assistance under one or more of the MO statutory mechanisms outlined above for the selected devr.  To the extent permitted by the applicable statutory mechanism(s), the types of project-related costs that the City will participate in financing include:



Costs assoc'd with land acquisition over & above the fair market value of the prop involved (including lease buyouts & relocation of tenants);



Demolition, utility relocation, & site preparation;



Const of public roadways (& improvemts to existing roadways), principal access drives, & signalization;



Const of principal site utilities (water, storm & sanitary sewers);  however, not including those utilities for svc to individual bldgs or bizs.



Project legal & planning costs assoc'd with implementation of any of the statutory mechanisms ultimately approved by the City;



Costs assoc'd with upgrading exterior bldg materials, architectural details, streetscapes, & landscaping, to the extent that the devr can demo that the cost of such upgrades negatively impacts the project financial pro forma & creates the need for market rents that will exceed the "going rate" paid by typical tenants;  &



Costs assoc'd with submission of the redev proposal & recovery of any dev application fees levied by the City as part of the devr selection & approval process (but not including normal zoning application, bldg permit, or other such fees).


In smry, it is intended that project financing using these mechanisms will be limited to those costs that are assoc'd with the extraordinary costs involved in implementing a redev project where bldgs & other site improvemts that are physically &/or ec'ly obsolete & not suitable for reuse are located on the props.  In addition, it is intended that these public financing mechanisms be used to cover the costs assoc'd with land assembly & to provide an inducemt to potential devrs to undertake the greater complexity assoc'd with redev projects as opposed to "green field" dev.


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 4 -



A Proposal Submission Data Pkt containing certain background items & maps, in addition to this booklet, is available for review at City Hall.  A complete copy of this material can be purchased for a fee of $250.  In addition to this booklet, the Proposal Submission Data Pkt contains copies of the following items:


>  A base map, existing land use map, & existing zoning map for the Area;

>  A current aerial photograph of the Area;  &

>  A copy of the City's Zoning Ord.


The mapping & aerial photo info are provided in small scale hardcopy format attached to this booklet & in digital format on CD-Rom in Arc View format.


Each redev proposal shall contain the following info:


1.  Concept site plan indicating proposed project name, redevr's name & address, date, scale & north arrow depicting:


Dev bdry, adjacent streets, & props to be included in the proposed redev;



Uses of land & bldgs &/or types of dev;



Location, size, & height of new bldg const & identification of existing structures to remain (if any);



Location of all drives, curb cuts, sidewalks, & new traffic lanes, svc & delivery access & refuse collection facilities;



Location & # of pkg spaces, islands, & curbs;



Conceptual landscaping & screening plan;  &



Conceptual utility & draingage plan including any potential storm water detention areas.


2.  Typical elevations (or renderings or photographs if readily available) of proposed bldgs & uses.


3.  Project data in tabular form as follows:



Dev area in sq ft & acres;



Totals for bldg coverage, pkg & loading areas, & landscaped areas in sq ft & by %age of dev area;  &


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 5 -


> Required pkg space & loading area calculations.


4.  Narrative project report briefly explaining the character of the dev in relation to the objectives of this RFP & containing the following:



Generalized project cost ests including land acquisition, demolition, site work, bldg const, design, financing & admin;



Dev schedule;



Est'd on-site employmt generation by full & part-time employees;



Est'd tax revenue generation resulting from sales taxes, real prop taxes, utility & other taxes, & licenses & fees;



Simple project pro forma or other data demo'g the financial feasibility of the project;  &



Data demo'g the redevr's financial & admin capacity to undertake the project, experience with similar dev, & written evidence of the ability to bring anchor tenants to dev.


5.  If a proposal includes a request for TIF, the proposal must demo that "but for" the use of TIF, the project is not feasible & will not be completed. 





Redev proposals must be in accordance with the goals & considerations as set forth previously in this booklet & with these guidelines & must be rcv'd in the ofc of the City Clerk, VP City Hall, 320 Benton St, VP, MO 63088, not later than 3:00pm, CDT, on 10/24/05 {sic} .


Int'd parties may contact EM, the City Atty at (636) 530-1515 or the City's planning consultant, Mr John Brancaglione of PGAV at (314) 231-7318 for further info re this request.


Thirty (30) copies of all redev proposal docs must be submitted.  The City Clerk of a designee will record the name, address, & telephone # of each redevr & the time & date each redev proposal was rcv'd.  A receipt noting this info will be provided to each submitting party.


The BOA will review each redev proposal rcv'd with the assistance of the City Adminr, City Atty, P&Z Adminr, Dir of PBW, & City's Planning Consultant (PGAV).  The BOA, at its sole discretion, may elect to interview or request add'l info from submitting entities.



08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 6 -

Redevrs that submit proposals must meet or exceed the requiremts for info to be submitted as outlined above.  In addition, proposals that best address the objectives & considerations for redev of the area as set forth previously in this booklet will rcv special consideration in the proposal evaluation process.  In addition, proposals that demo an aprop form of ownership or control of a significant # of the props within the Area or can show (in writing) participation by current prop owners or bizs in the Area will rcv add'l consideration.


Upon preliminary designation of the devr, the selected devr(s) will be required to advance funds to the City in an amt sufficient to cover the City's est'd admin, legal & planning costs assoc'd with the approval of the redev plan & redev agreemt.  In addition to other amts customarily required to be paid by a devr pursuant to a redev agreemt, the devr will be required to pay to the City, upon execution of the redev agreemt, an amt est'd at $50K. 


In conjunction with the solicitation of proposals, review of proposals, & selection of a devr(s) for the prospective redev area, City VP hereby establishes the following terms & conditions.


A.  The City VP reserves the right to:



Amend, modify or withdraw this RFP & the proposed Redev Area Bdry;



Revise any requiremts under this RFP;



Require supplemental statemts of info from any responding party;



Extend the deadline for submission of responses hereto;



Negotiate or hold discussions with any bidder to correct insufficient responses which do not completely conform to the instructions contained herein;



Waive any nonconformity with this RFP;



Cancel, in whole or in part, this RFP if the City deems it is in its best interests to do so;  &



Reasonably request add'l info or clarification of info provided in the response without changing the terms of the RFP.


B.  The City may exercise the foregoing rights at any time without notice & without liability to any bidder, or any other party, for expenses incurred in the preparation of responses hereto or otherwise.  Responses hereto will be prepared at the sole cost & expenses of the bidder.
C.  Nothing stated at any time, by any rep of the City, will effect a change in, or constitute an addition to, this RFP unless confirmed in writing by the Mayor of City VP.


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 7 -



Devrs responding hereto must agree to keep confidential their responses & any info rcv'd from the City.



All info submitted in response to the RFP shall become the prop of the City, & as such, may be subject to public review as public records.



Respondents acknowledge & agree that the City will not be liable for any costs, expenses, losses, damages (including damages for loss of anticipated profit) or liabilities incurred by the respondent or any member thereof as a result of, or arising out of, submitting a proposal, negotiating changes to such proposal, or due to the City's acceptance or non-acceptance of the proposal.



The City shall provide the release of all public info concerning the project, including selection announcemts & contract awards.  Those desiring to release info to the public must rcv prior written approval from an auth'd rep of the City.



Neither the City nor any of its ofcrs, agents, consultants, or employees shall be responsible for the accuracy of any info provided as part of this RFP (including appendices).  All respondents are encouraged to independently verify the accuracy of any info provided.  The use of this info in the preparation of a response to the RFP is at the sole risk of the respondent.



The respondent shall not collude in any manner or engage in any practices with any other respondent(s) which may restrict or eliminate competition or otherwise restrain trade.  Violation of this instruction will cause the City to reject the respondent's submittal.  This prohibition is not intended to preclude joint ventures or subcontracts.



All responses submitted must be the original work product of the respondent.  The copying, paraphrasing or other use of substantial portions of the work product of another respondent is not permitted.  Failure to adhere to this instruction will cause the City to reject the response. 



Notwithstanding any provision herein to the contrary, all alternative bids & proposals will be considered by the City.


08/24/05 - 80547-00 - 8 -