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June 22, 2001                   CERTIFIED MAIL #7099 3220 0007 9441 1385


Gerald W. Barnes, P.E.

Deputy District Engineer for Planning

Programs and Project Management

Department of the Army

St. Louis District, Corps of Engineers

1222 Spruce Street

St. Louis, MO  63103-2833


Re:  Meramec River, Valley Park, Missouri Flood Protection Project

Dear Mr. Barnes: 


The Saint Louis County Department of Health (DOH), Waste Management Branch received notification from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MDNR), on April 27, 2001, of the request for a beneficial use of solid waste in construction of a United States Army Corps of Engineers (Corps) flood protection levee for the city of Valley Park, Missouri.  The request was to beneficially use brick and concrete from structural ruins of the former Saint Louis Plate Glass Company site, as well as contaminated soil from the glass plant site and the Megus Beauty Products site, both located within the floodplain of the Meramec River in Valley Park.


The Corps has provided DOH with all available information subsequent to department staff's meeeting with Corps representatives on May 9, 2001.  DOH also received a copy of MDNR's conditional approval, dated June 6,2001 and concurs with the conditions stipulated.  (A copy of MDNR's June 6th letter is attached for reference.)  DOH approves of the Corps request provided the following additional conditions are satisfied. 



1.  All documents and correspondence provided to MDNR shall be concurrently provided to DOH.


2.  Material not utilized in the construction of the levee may be classified as special waste upon review.  DOH shall review waste streams being disposed for appropriate classification prior to disposal.  As indicated in MDNR's letter, some material may be appropriate for alternate daily cover, but would require approval by both the receiving landfill and the Saint Louis County Department of Health.


- Gerald W. Barnes, P.E., June 22, 2001,Page Two -


3.   A remediation plan for treatment of any TCE contaminated water that the relief wells would bring to the surface in the event of flooding shall be submitted to the Saint Louis County Department of Health prior to construction of the levee.  The plan must ensure elimination of TCE from the groundwater collected in the proposed surface detention area prior to its release back into the environment.  Please forward to DOH copies of any correspondence you have relating to the TCE issue in Valley Park so DOH may adequately review and assess the Corps remediation plan submittal. 


The City of Valley Park, through its cooperative funding involvement, has stated that local zoning issues have been addressed.


This approval is not to be construed as compliance with any existing federal or state environmental laws other than the Saint Louis County Department of Health Waste Management Code;  nor should this be construed as a waiver for any other regulatory requirements.  This approval is not to be construed as compliance with any existing local permitting or zoning ordinances;  nor does it supersede any local permitting and/or zoning requirements.


The department reserves the right to revoke, suspend, or modify this approval after due notice, if the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers fails to conduct the operation in compliance with the Saint Louis County Department of Health Waste Management Code, the terms and conditions of the approval, and the approved plans and specifications.


If you have questions concerning this letter, please contact Mrs. Sue Taylor of my staff at 314-615-4116.


[so signed]

Rick Wolf, MSPH

Acting Director



cc:  Eric M. Martin, City of Valley Park

      Jim Bell, Chief of Permits, Missouri Department of Natural Resources

      Mohammed Alhalabi, Director, Division of Natural Resources - SLRO

      Janet Williams, Director, Division of Environmental Protection

      Chris Byrne, Manager, Air Pollution Control Program

      Mike Zlatic, P.E., Acting Manager, Waste Management Branch

      Susan Taylor, Supervisor, Waste Management Branch

      Brad Bomanz, Waste Specialist Lead, Waste Management Branch