(revised 12/22/06)


Notes:  PUBLICIZING EVERYONE'S INFO PROMOTES JUSTICE FOR ALL!   This Page pertains to all VP props & eventually, hopefully, will include details regarding every property acquired in the name of the Levee Project.  Details should include at least addresses;  the amt of land acquired;  names of previous owners;  exact acquisition purpose, type & date;  appraisal data;  price paid including all terms & conditions of any & all settlements. 


Inspiration for this page are in EM's comments during old Levee Cmsn mtgs - (1/16/01) "the city's control over project cost is in getting the biggest bang for the buck on land acquisition";  & (10/15/01) "we've been looking at the COE & quantifying the uh values of prop that the city had in its inventory that was used on uh Items 3A, B & that will be used on Items 4B.  Uh & I'm, I'm happy to report as follows:  uh the city believes that uh it has right at $8.6M worth of prop in its inventory;  $8.6M uh together with uh another uh $1.6M I believe of administrative services, eng'g, legal, &, &, & other fees assoc'd with it.  So we're right at uh a level about, I, I believe it's $10.5M...We will uh need another about a half $M uh in demand credits before the uh project gets thru & we'll certainly be there I'm sure uh with admin, eng'g, legal costs & land.  So we're right on target...figures that we know are, are hard & fast are the uh $1.2M in cash contributions that we're gonna need.  Uh we're also gonna need at least $500K in uh add'l uh land acquisitions...";  & (4/21/03) re the COE's Real Estate ofc certifying that all necessary land is available for the levee project, "...we're talking about maybe somewhere around, I'm thinkin' 110 properties all together;  it, it's a lot;  uh &, & uno, they, they've been acquired over the yrs.". 


Requests for Public Records duly submitted to City VP & the COE for a list &/or details re all properties acquired for the Levee Project, as well as my 3/9/04 cert'd, return-receipt-requested, Freedom of Info Appeal to StLCOE Dist Counsel William P Levins, have only revealed their commitment to secrecy.  Following-up is in the never-ending works as is posting all those letters. 


Meanwhile, info is being condensed & posted here once it's gathered from various sources including the StLCnty & Sec'y of State websites, & the City's customized Journal, aka BOA pkts, copies of which are easily accessible at the VP Library.  While people can only wonder about the secretive info & if it's being altered before being made public, results of a 1/05 search for Owner "Valley Park" on StLCnty's site revealed 157 CITY-owned props.  A table of that info & details on other VP props is being created for posting asap.  QUESTION:  Of all the land in VP, what percentage is owned by City VP?


In the list below, numbered streets are shown at the end.  Reference also via the Docs Page:  PCO's;  VP Atty EM's Bills;  12/17/98 Katt/SEMA letter to Gilliam/FEMA with List of VP of props acq'd with FEMA funds;  &  2 thru 5/03 TW's ROW's.  Info & excerpts from other MOPR webpages is being condensed & added below;  ie, info from EM's bills is listed with his initials, bill-type (city or levee) & the date;  info from mtgs is either so-coded or clearly marked as mtg info.


Everyday Real Estate Transactions - VP Area. 


Ref  AL Plat on Docs Page


# 1, 4 & 7  ARNOLD DR

Owner for numerous yrs was Ed Harrawood.  # 1 Arnold Dr (aka #1 & 2 or 2 & 22) & #4 Arnold Dr, both on the south side of Arnold Dr, & #7 Arnold Dr on the north.  TAKING is allegedly for Levee ROW, tho the Condemnation Petition included blight elimination (redev).  Despite knowing that #7 is not truly required for the actual levee or its infrastructure, Ed did not challenge the Taking for the same reasons that too many people don't;  Justice is too often too expensive.  He only challenged the Value, especially after being convinced that a good price was a good possibility. 


Mr Sebastian Rucci, Pres of Meramec Dev Co, signed a sale contract on 2/3/98 to buy all of #1, 4 & 7 for $500K but VP city officials & staff prevented Mr. Rucci's closing (Ref Docs:  2/98 Ed's Rucci Contract & 12/99 Rucci Letter).  VP/EM Offers, COE approved:   $17K for #1,   $32K for #4,  $39K for #7  = Total $88K per 7/11/00 EM letter, taking in connection with the levee project & stating highest & best use as Residential (tho all zoned PDC).> Ref Docs:  9/99 & 7/00 EM Letters. Ref LEV20030218-4.


VP Appraiser, COE approved:  Ernest A. Demba of Demba Valuation Services, LLC. Per Demba's "Restricted Use Report of a Complete Assignment on a Residential Property Located at #1, 4, 7 Arnold Dr, VP, MO  63088 (Notes to be used for an Oral Appraisal Report)": 

Effective Date of Value/Date of Report:  2/23/03.  Total taking:  69,075 sq ft.  Ernie Demba was given copies of surveys from the Condemning Authority with different measurement info than that of St L Cnty Dept of Revenue;  he used the latter.  Present zoning PDC.  Highest & best use Residential.  Total value $106,200 or $1.54 psf (per sq ft). 


Landowner's Atty:  Robert Denlow (BD), aka Mr Condemnation, of Denlow & Henry.  Total taking 114,035 sq ft.  Present zoning PDC.  Highest & best use Commercial assemblage *.  Total value $598,684 or $5.25 psf. 


[*  Page 16 of BD's "Cmsnr's Report, Property of Edward Harrawood" states in part, "Comparable Land Sale #6 - $6.79 PSF, 970 Meramec Station Rd, Peerless Park, 63088...Buyer, Drury Development, LLC;  Sale Date, 4/26/99;  land area 3.55 acres or 154,638 s.f.;  Zoning, C-2 (commercial);...Sale Price, $1,050K;  Comments:  Purchased by Drury as part of its assemblage in Peerless Park on 141.  The property was entirely in the flood plain.  The project included the need for approximately 10 feet of fill & relocation of Meramec Sta Rd.  The project was held up because Drury had difficulty obtaining sewer hook up, the nearest of which was located in Valley Park near 141 & Vance Rd (close to the subject property).  This temporarily stalled the project which is not moving forward."  (On 3/24/03 I called & asked Martha at BD's office if the above third-to-last word "not" should actually be "now",  She asked her boss & then said that since I was represented by an atty, she's not supposed to talk to me!)]


2/24/03 Condemnation Cmsnrs Hearing resulted in a $149K C/A.  (Ref LEV20030317)  In 3/04, the city offered Ed another $50K, but the COE rejected it, astonishing BD.  But as soon as BD sent subpeonas to depose RC, JZ, Judge Charles Ford, TW & Ernest Demba (I believe that a depo-issue was RC's 3/8/01 Affidavit, on Docs).  Ref EM's 4/04 levee bill, the add'l 50K was granted, totaling $200K;  112K more than the city's alleged "just compensation".  Minus BD's 33.3% fee which was over 37K, Ed was left with 163K.  Compared to his 2/98 Fair Market Value Contract with Mr. Rucci, it's a $337K loss for Ed & also another loss for PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS shared by all Americans.  How many tax $ went instead to the city atty, appraiser, etc? 


A 9/16/04 Post-Dispatch article, "Settlement will pay 100 times first offer", by Shane Graber of the P-D advertises that after 18 months of litigation, BD reached a $1.2M settlemt for the wealthy Lindell Mansion Trustees, claiming that their prop was adversely affected. > How many articles have been published re cases such as Ed's?  To what extent do published articles influence public opinion & jury awards?

6 Arnold Dr

6 Arnold Dr, Owner Richard Michael McGhee - Also had a Sales Contract from Mr Rucci for $50K back in 1998.  Ref DOCS, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03.  Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  Richard McGhee will be included along with a suit against the MerV shopping ctr if necessary.  >  Per ct doc 7/14/03 C/A $42,500. >  12/22/03 Judge Wallace/TG/EM ct doc:  Def's Motion to Amend Order of Possession called & heard.  Due to Plf's relocation offer which was provided to this ct & to Def McGhee's counsel during the hrg, Def's Motion to Amend denied.  Plf's relocation agency to further provide written offer which confirms check in the amt of $16,400 that has been provided to Def's counsel in trust until such time as the offer is accepted.  Add'l required offers as to moving expenses are also to be forthcoming.

#8 Arnold Dr

Owner since 1987 was Maureen Morris - info that was here is being updated & will be posted on Maureen's Nightmare Page.

9 Arnold Dr

Owners Mike & Carol Illig - Settlemt believed to be $33K + possible relocation paymt;  enduring divorce at the time, they did not protest.  Per LEV 20001016, EM said it closed 2 wks ago. > Per LEV 20030218-4 - EM:  9 Arnold Dr was purchased in the yr 2001. 

10 & 10A   Arnold Dr

#10 Arnold Dr, Owner Gary Brown - Settlemt believed to be $48 or 49K.  Per LEV 20000821, closed 8/21/00.

>  EM lev 1/14/03:  Review 10 Arnold bill;  speak to collector on same;  file review.

>  EM lev 6/16/03:  2 Deeds - 10 Arnold & Halamicek.

>  12/22/06 per cnty website:  same locator #26Q610122 for #10 & 10A Arnold Dr; Tax History:  99 tax $601 pd 3/6/00, Gary D Brown;  00 tax $1265 not pd, City VP, Bill To 1795 Clarkson Rd.  >  EM's old ofc, altho all other Arnold Dr props "acquired" by City VP are billed to Benton St.

11 Arnold Dr

Owners Bob & Pat Brown - Offer believed to be $42K, settlemt $48 or 49K + $2600 relocation paymt.  Per LEV 20000821, closed 8/21/00.  

16 Arnold Dr

Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  1, 4 & 16 Arnold Dr are the subject of the hrg Monday. 

17, 18, 18R, 19 & 20 Arnold Dr

Owners Floyd Brown and Venita Brown - Ref Docs, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03.

21 Arnold Dr

LEV 20020715-6 Excerpt - EM - This really has nothing to do with the levee project altho I think it's pretty neat.  I got an ORAL acceptance of the city's offer today, coming on the way from John Dennis for the uh city to buy 6.01 acres I believe it is, just on the other side of the creek.  Uh, & that completes - DM:  west of the - EM:  Yeah, that completes our, our land so that we, we don't have that block of land in between uh, where the creek is &, & the uh city limits.  So, so that would complete our green space.  It's $5K is what they uh want & that's really what I said.  I thought that the city would uh, be willing to pay, uh about a thousand an acre, so uh, that's good land.  Um, it, it'd be neat & I think we all discussed this at one time or another, to have a bridge to connect over there;  like a foot bridge.  DM: Right.  EM: Get our trail system. 


EM 8/15/06 lev: Crsp on 21 Arnold, take to owner. 

12/22/06 per cnty website:  Owner City of VP;  MerPacificRRSubdiv;  6.51 ac;  taxable;  05/06 app'd agricultural $3900, ass'd $470;  Taxes Paid:  99 & 00 at $22/yr, Bernice E Dennis Trustee Etal;  01 $33, 02 $29, John P Dennis Sr Trustee Etal; 03 $48, 04 & 05 at $41/yr, City VP (06 $40 not pd, City VP).  Ref "Locator Deed Search Info" link on cnty's webpage for this prop.


Beckett Memorial Dr

100 - Geldbach Petroleum Co, Inc. - Per LEV 8/21/00:  add pipe to drain by Geldbach prop. Back of 3rd St., rock road for access to project to haul dirt & rock. Need esmt till levee is done in 2003.  9/18/00 - got Geldbach esmt for haul st for rip rap.

Beckett Plaza (BPlz)

across the RR tracks from AL

Per TW ROW & Esmt hand-out at LEV20030519:  Beckett Valley Plaza - Valley Plaza Assoc, Inc.

0.11 ac perm esmt - Legal desc & drawing sent to EM 4/03.

0.07 ac temp esmt -------


LEV20030519-13 Excerpt - EM:...& then Beckett Valley Plaza closed.   Uh, well, the, the little plaza for the storm water pipes, yeah.  JKB:  What was the cost on that?  EM:  Uhmm, it came out to like 10 a foot.  Uhmm, John, it was, it was in the packet, the, the last packet;  I'm thinking 53K, something like that.  DC:  53, 50 something like that I think.  I think that's what you told me.  EM:  Yeah, it was 10 a square foot, not a linear foot.

5 Boyd

Richard James of James Trucking, Inc.  EM city 8/24/04:   Review 5 Boyd with Roxanne;  call to Inspector.  Conf with Roxanne & Cassie on 5 Boyd. >  9/04 company address is 8 Jefferson.


911 - Ref PCO, Forest.


EM lev 6/16/03:  2 Deeds - 10 Arnold & Halamicek.

Halibut Props, LLC

Ref PCO List

Hanna Rd

1498 - Ref 590 Vance.

Marshall Rd

EM city 7/15/03: Ord on Marshall east of 9th. 

>  8 - EM lev 4/18/01: obtain letter report on 8 Marshall;  disburse check;  re-do deed with corrected legal & send.

>  101 - Ref LEV 20010220-3.  Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  was closed in the 2002;  the city's acquired that prop. 

>  401- 501 - Owner US Cotton, LLC - Ref Docs: Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03;  PCO List,  Acco & Zimbalist.  Per LEV20030218-4, EM:  a lot of land purchased on that was done back in 1999, of this new ROW necessary.  We rcv'd those in Dec & K Carson & I met with their attys at Solthouse Kaplan on 2/11 & we got a strong indication that they're gonna go ahead & close on that.

>  638 & 701 - Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  I got the title work back on that last wk & it appears that we needed 6 Deeds of Release from Bank of Am & I have to talk to that bank.  The prop owners already agreed & city has already agreed with the price & we're actually giving out a Subordination Agreemt as opposed to a Deed of Release;  it just has to be acquiesced to by Bank of Am. 

>  800 - Ref PCO, Ideal Alternatives.

>  801 - Rondal Investmts - same as so Ref PCO, Kirchner.

>  1001 - Per LEV 20000821:  was acquired, demolished & filed suit for quiet title since sold for tax deal;  prop is for an access road.  EM continued that Joe Moore (I think he said a US Atty) won't return his calls & something about protecting an SBA lien.  


Ref PCO, finances.

Meramec Pacific Subdiv

EM lev 6/16/03:  Prepare plat of Mer Pac. Subdiv.  EM lev 6/16/03:  2 Deeds - 10 Arnold & Halamicek.

Meramec Station Road

>  8 (at AL) - Per LEV20010220-3, EM:  city reached agreemt to purchase & I'm asking Bd approval on that, that's just another piece of prop in the AL area & we're really rolling back on our acq's simply because of lack of money is the #1 reason.  #8 Mer Sta is $5K.  It's a sliver of ground that is probably 30, 38' W & 190' long, that would run between Arnold's Dr down to around the river, but not down that far.  I don't know how it happened.  It looked like it was at one time, some sort of access rd that someone bought, taxes.  Per LEV20030218-4, EM:  8 Meramec Rd was purchased in 2002. 


> 14 (at AL) - Ref Docs, Ord 1512 enacted 9/18/00,  amends Ord 1505 for the purpose of auth'g Taking Tory Catanzaro's real estate property, Env'l Landscaping, by Condemnation.

>  20 (at AL) - Per LEV 9/18/00:  EM says the city is backing away from Katy Computer (prop includes Economy Radiator & Sportsworld) since raising 3 foot is not worth the cost;  less than 1 acre, cheaper to take to dump.

> 202 - 206 (across RR tracks from AL)  (parts of Lots 9 and 10, Meramec Pacific RR Subd) Owners/trustees Roland & Marilyn Young - Ref DOCS, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03.

>  505 - Willingham -  EM city 11/15/04:  Review zoning in response to zoning request for 505 MerSta.

>  675 - 25Q640012 - Trustee Kathern O McGhee.  EM city 8/17/04:  Conf with Roxanne on 675 Mer Sta Rd. 

Meramec Valley Plaza, Inc

6 - Owner Diamond Group, L.L.C.- Thomas Maurer - Ref DOCS, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03. >  Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  6 MerV Plaza, I met with Kirk Carson & Gary Feder, atty for MerV Plaza, which is now called Diamond Group, on 2/11/03.  I gave him a 2-wk period from that time to either sign the closing docs or we'll be moving on toward condemnation.    > Then on 10/17/03 per a ct doc, Judge Wallace/EM/Sandifer - Payout Order - Motion for Distribution of C/A with respect to Parcels 1A & 1B called & heard.  Attys for Diamond Group, LLC & City VP appeared.  Def's Diamond Group LLC's Motion is granted.  Clerk of Circuit Ct is hereby ordered to pay 100% of the C/A for Parcels 1A & 1B to Diamond Group, LLC in respective amts of $8K & $55K for a total of $63K.

Nile Dr

654 Nile (Lots 869 and 870, Pharoah Valley Subd)  Owners Gladys & M. Pantaz. >  EM lev 12/27/02:  New file on 654 Nile.  Obtain prop assess data.  Obtain owner info. 12/30/02: Call JZ on 654 Nile prop.  Conf with Demba on 654 Nile valuation.  >  Ref DOCS, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03   >  EM lev 1/14/03:  Mtg with Demba, go over need for complete Wallace appraisal, Karen Schwartz, 405 River, 654 Nile.  Offer of just comp. to Pantaz.  3/28/03:  Call from Pantaz.  4/2/03:  Pantaz Deed.  4/14/03:  Call from Pantaz.  4/15/03:  Call from Pantaz & separate call from brother-in-law.  Call Kirk Carson on appraisal.  >  EM lev 4/19/05 Costs Advanced:  Recorder of Deeds 654 Nile = ((blank)). 


Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  907 to 1004 Oasis are all temp const esmts. I don't anticipate any problems other than on 915 Pyramid.

>  EM city 1/15/03:  Calls to Fowler, negotiate sale of remainder of 932 Oasis, call appraiser.  Call Homesite mtg for Deed of Release info.  Conf with Greg Bertoglia {sic} & JZ.  Review sq ftage calculations by Carson on Pyramid.  Call assessor on 930 Oasis.  File 2nd Amended Pet.  Fax to Homeline

Parkside Commons

EM city 8/20/04:  Return Dave Sprague call on Parkside Commons.


180 Pharoah  - per cnty website 3/29/06:  26P541692 9 16 87;  includes Rear Apartmt, Owners Wallace Investments, a MO Gen Ptnsp, bill to Phillip B & Debra M Rideout, 229 Crescent, 63088;  1.44 acres, Loc 310 Feet S Of Marshall Rd;  land use code 662, 05 comm appraised $289,600, assessed $92,680, pd $9609 r.e. 05 taxes >  EM lev 1/14/03:  Mtg with Demba, go over need for complete Wallace appraisal.  Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  we need a Deed of Release from or a Subordination Agreemt from Colonial Bank.  We do have an agreemt with the Wallace family on that prop.  


>  EM lev 4/18/01:  Mtg with Conroy ((COE eng)) on land issues, new realignmt & sufficiency of current land acq's on Pyramid;  prepare letter to BD.   1/15/03:  Review sq footage calculations by Carson on Pyramid. 


Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  907 to 1004 Oasis are all temp const esmts. I don't anticipate any problems other than on 915 Pyramid & that's awkward because the house is being sold at auction on Thursday.  Prop owner is a bank that foreclosed on it back in Nov so we'll find out who the owner's gonna be;  it's kind of in a strange state right now.


>  917 Pyramid, Owners Orville & Edith Pace -  EM lev 3/27/03:  Conf with Orvill Pace, arrange mtg.  Speak with Edith Pace. >  Ref PCO, Fowler.


> 1001 Pyramid, Owners Mildred & Walter Richardson - Per City's BOA 2/22/00 Mins, motion to approve bill list & add 2 bills (COE $44,500 & Mildred Richardson $2,500) & approve...Motion Carried.  EM lev 3/13/03:  Go to 1001 Pyramid, Richardson deceased, go to police, city hall, to locate brother.  EM lev 3/27/03:  Call Suarez for Richardson estate, letter to same.  EM lev 6/18/03:  Attend mtg in Jefferson City.  Amend Richardson deeds.   EM lev  6/20/03:  Mtg with Suardi on Richardson.  Call Demba.    EM lev 6/30/03:  Receipt & review of crsp & deed on Richardson Estate deed.  Ref LEV 20030421-13;  LEV 20030721-12;   PCO List, Fowler & Lappe & Suarez.


> 1007 Pyramid, Owner Lillian DeWitt - Ref DOCS, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03;  TW 5/19/03 ROW & Esmt. > 10/17/03 Judge Wallace/EM/L. DeWitt - Payout Order - Application of Lillian DeWitt for paymt of award of C/A for Parcels 4A in the amt of $500 & Parcel 4B in the amt of $500 auth'd by the ct, by consent of City VP.  The clerk is directed to pay 100% of the above proceeds to Lillian DeWitt.  Lillian DeWitt consents to the Writ of Possession on the prop.

River Dr/Rd

>  (in general)   EM city 5/5/05:  Call from CDBG (Doug Marshall) on River Rd props. >  Per LEV 20030218-4, EM:  River Rd props, let's see, lot 3 of Universal Subdiv on the Mer, I have that deed in my file.  Before I'm gonna recommend the city pay out any money on it - it is in a title exam with Capital Title on the plate - uh there's is 2 other props & StL Cnty has uh by Letters & it's got uh Parks Dept has committed to deed those props over to the city. 


>  405 River Dr (Lot 3, Universal Subdiv on the Mer)  Owner Halibut Props L.L.C. - Ref Docs, Bill 1716, Ord 1588, enacted 1/6/03; 654 Nile notes;  Docs, TW ROW's 5/19/03, EM is purchasing.


>  654 River - EM lev 6/8/05:  Go to Cnty, file 654 River - $55. balance due for filing fees.

>  654 River is not on either list described below. 


>  926 - EM city 9/26&27/01:  Conf with JM on 926 River, Review FEMA for 926 River. >  9/04, 1/05 & 4/05 searches of StLCnty's site for Address "River" showed only one River RD address which was (#)1 River Rd, zip code 63125, tax dist 120C;  62 total addresses showed strictly as River DR (59 of them start with Locator #26P, 2 with 26Q, & one with 26O) & the highest address # was 869.  926 River Dr also does not show on the list printed 4/7/05 from that website of 157 VP City-owned props, but 31 of the 62 addresses do (the other 31 River Dr props belong to others so far).

Valley School Dr

>  370 - 25Q320150 is owned by Wrjb, Inc, a MO Corp Walter James Sinnwell, mail Omaha, NE, sales dates listed with no sales price are 10/1/90 & 6/1/91, 150 x 176 lot, land use code 553, comm appraised 05 $137,500, assessed $44k, taxes pd structure type full svc sta,improvemt name C&D Svc. 

>  400 - Valcour Printing - Ref PCO. 

Vance Rd

>  1 & Apt A & Apt Rear - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q641021, owner Valley Plaza Assoc, Inc.

>  4 - In 5/05 & 7/06, address not found on StLCnty websiste.  EM city 8/17/04:  Call Roxanne, 4 Vance.

>  5 & 7 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q641065, owner Hearring & Bentrup Props, LLC, mail to Beaufort, MO, Agent Edward Hearring;  organizer Kevin Tochtrop of Washington, MO;  MerPacificRR Subdiv, 0.69 ac, WD deed, land use code 641;  05 & 06 app'd comm land 69,100 + improv 214,600 = $283,700;  ass'd 22,110 + 68,670 = $90,780;  built 1979, structure type:  car wash, manual;  area under roof 4710. 

>  11 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630753, owner Cash Flo Props, mail to Ballwin, MO, MerPacificRR Outlot Pt 8, 0.23 ac, WD deed, land use code 569, 05 & 06 app'd comm land 17,400 + improv 91,700 = $109,100;  ass'd 5,570 + 29,340 = $34,910;  built 1880, structure type mixed res/comm, area under roof 1551, Improvmt Name BJ Photographics, class C;  6/5/01 $59K land & bldg sale listed 3 times with validity codes 8 & 3;  two 6/1/97 land & bldg sale prices listed $5K & $15K;  00 taxes $175 pd by D Miller Props, 01 taxes $410...05 $4,061 pd by Cash Flo.

>  13 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630872, owner CityVP;  MerPacificRR Lot Pts 8 & 9;  0.6 ac;  deed not shown, land use code 910, no app'd or ass'd amts shown;  no prop or tax info available, prop may be vacant;  "no tax history found". 

>  15 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630928, owner Julia Lynn Keller, mail to VP POBox;  MerPacific Lot Pt 8 Loc 488.41 Ft W Of MerStaRd Along S Line Vance Rd, 0.4 ac, AFFDT Deed, land use code 110;  05 & 06 app'd res land 10,700 + improv 49K = $59,700, ass'd 2,030 + 9,310 = $11,340;  built 1900, TLA 1764, no sales data available;  99 taxes $99 pd by Keller, Thelma Etal J/T, 02 taxes $510...04 $523, 05 $994 pd by JKeller.

>  17 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630937, owner CityVP;  MerPacificRR Lot Pt8 Co Cause # 668104;  IRR/0100 0175/0160;  0.39 ac, deed not shown, land use code 910, 05 & 06 app'd res only land $1100, ass'd $210;  no prop or tax info available, prop may be vacant;  "no tax history found". 

>  19 & Apt A & B, 21 & Apt A & B, & 25 - EM city 12/1/04:  Go to Ct on 25 Vance:  cert. copies at assessor's abstracting, need to record;  take add'l copies to Courtney Irwin at Bdry Cmsn per request. >  7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630818, owners Steven & Susan Mchugh, mail to Ballwin, MO;  MerPacificRR Lot Pts 7 & 8 Resub, Lot Pt 2 & MerPacificRR Lot Pts 7 & 8;  0160/IRR IRR/0122, 0.55 ac, deed not shown, land use code 506;  05 & 06 app'd comm land 27,600 + improv 197,400 = $225K, ass'd 8830 + 63,170 = $72K;  built 1985, structure type Retail Multi Occup, area under roof 5616, asphalt pkg area 4500;  no sales data available;  Mchugh's pd 99 & 00 taxes of about $3800 ea yr, for 01 $12,956, & 02 thru 05 avg $6600 ea yr.  (Ref 103A Vance below)

>  27 - 7/06 StLCnty's info: 26Q631000, owner CityVP;  Highland Vlg Single Family Phase, Three-b Common Ground Pt & MerPacificRR Lot Pt 14, aka Outlot Pt B, & Sur 2999, Twn 44 R 5;  0104/0167 0641/IRR, 3.57 ac, WD deed, land use code 910;  no app'd, ass'd, prop or sales info shown, prop may be vacant;  tax history shows "error getting r.e. history". 

>  27A - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630973, owner CityVP;  MerPacificRR Outlot Pt 8 & Outlot Pts 7 & 8 Resub Lot 3 & Lot Pt 2 & Sur 2999, Twn 44 R 5;  IRR/0294 0307/0223, 1.4 ac, ORDER deed, land use code 91, only 06 app'd res only land $1100, ass'd $210;  no prop or sales info shown, prop may be vacant;  tax history shows "error getting r.e. history". 

>  90 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630854, owner CityVP;  MerPacificRR Lot Pt 7 Loc At Ne Cor Of Vance & Main, 0040/0037 0042/0041, 0.03 ac, deed not shown, land use 910;  05 & 06 app'd comm only land $100, ass'd $30;  no prop or sales data available, land may be vacant;  "no tax history found".  

>  101 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630863, owner CityVP;  MerPacificRR Lot Pts 6, 7 & 16;  0211/0213 PNT/PNT, 0.03 ac, deed not shown, land use 910;  05 & 06 app'd comm only land $200, ass'd $60;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  "no tax history found". 

>  103 & 105 -  7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630991, owner City VP;  MerPacificSubdiv RR outlot pts 7, 8 & 16 & Sur 2999, Twn 44 R 5;  0582/IRR 0144/0307, 3.22 acres, WD deed, land use 110;  only '06 app'd res land 3K + improv 7300 = $10,300;  ass'd 570 + 1390 = $1960;  built 1900, Bldg 0002, structure type res 2 family, grade D-, area under roof 1431, 2 units, Improvmt Name Residence, Class R;  sold 3/22/94, no price shown for land & bldg, validity code T;  tax history shows "error getting r.e. history".  

>  103A - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630982, owner CR Adams Trucking, Inc, mail to Fenton;  MerPacific RR outlot Pts 7 & 8 Resub Lot Pt 1, 0085/0094 IRR/0105, 0.22 ac, WD deed, land use code 910;  only 06 app'd res only land $700; ass'd $130;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  tax history = "error getting r.e. history".  CRAdamsTrucking Agent Curtis Adams, 25 Vance, 4/16/69 entity created, 12/10/91 With/Term/Dissolved.  (Ref 19, 21 & 25 Vance above)

>  108 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q630845, owner CityVP;  MerPacificRR Lot Pts 6,  7 & 16;  no lot sz shown, 3.35 ac, deed not shown, land use 910;   05 & 06 app'd comm only land $4700, ass'd $1500;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  "no tax history found". 

>  232 - 7/06 StLCnty's info: 26Q220610, owner Vance Center, LLC,  mail to Ballwin, MO;  MerPacRR Lot Pts 15, 16, 11, 6, 90;  0227/IRR 0972/0988, 4.98 ac, WD deed, land use 599;  05 & 06 app'd comm only land $325,400;  ass'd $104,130;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  99 taxes $4414...01 $4920 pd by Teston Revocable Living Trust;  02 taxes $5944 pd by B&B Props, Inc;  03 & 04 about $4500 ea yr & 05 $10,775 pd by VanceCtr, LLC.  Agent William J Baumgartner, Organizer Robert A Kersten, Jr.

>   248 - 7/06 StLCnty's info: 26Q220629, owner Waxelman, Robert J Etal, mail to 63131;  MerPacRR Lot Pts 15, 16, 11, 6, 90;  0866/0531 IRR/0972, 14.48 ac, land use 910;  05 & 06 app'd comm only land $52,600, ass'd $16,830;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  Waxelman pd 99 taxes $793...& 05 $1742. 

>   260 - 8/06 StLCnty's info: 26Q540184, owner Maxvill Enterprises, mail to StChas 63304, Agent Tim Maxvill;  Parkside Commons Lot Pt 1, 0220/0258 0168/0217, 1.06 ac, WD deed, land use 553;  05 app'd res only land $59,200, ass'd $11,250;  06 app'd comm land 277K + improv 769K = $1,046K, ass'd 88,640 + 246,080 = $334,720;  built 2005, Convenience Food Mkt, Mobil on the Run, class C;  3/30/05 sale $525K, type unknown, validity code V;  3/30/05 sale date listed twice again, no $ amt, type is land & bldg, both with validity code T;  04 $118 & 05 $1167 taxes not pd by Lawless Homes, Inc. 

>  262 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q542494, owner Riverbend Condominums, LLC.

>  262A - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q542506, owner Lawless Homes, Inc. 

>  264 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q220692, owner Riverbend Condominums, LLC.

>  266 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q220683, owner Lawless Homes, Inc. 

>  280 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q530910, owner Degenhart Larry Trustee.

>  298 & Apt 200 & 400 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q530855, owner Lamarr Props, LLC. 

>  310 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q530901, owner CityVP;  Summertree Springs Parcel 1a & Parcel Pt 1b;  no lot sz shown, 21.71 ac, deed not shown, land use 910;   05 & 06 app'd res only land $46,900, ass'd $8910;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  "no tax history found". 

>  505 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q510862, owner CityVP;  Petty Estate Lot Pts 1 thru 4, aka Survey 2004-44-5;  2314/IRR 0394/0146, 16.29 ac, deed not shown, land use 910;   05 & 06 app'd res only land $5500, ass'd $1050;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  "no tax history found". 

>  530 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q440875, owner Kass Props, LLC, Agent is Steven R Stout at 530 Vance;  mail to 530 Vance;  Summertree Springs Parcel Pt C;  0175/0104 0213/0201, 0.64 ac, WD deed, land use 601;  05 & 06 app'd comm land 58,500 + improv 504,900 = $563,400, ass'd 18,720 + 161,570 = $180,290;  built 1995, structure type ofc bldg L/R 1-4S, Grade C+, area under roof 6624, improvmt name Ofc Bldg;  class C;  land & bldg sales:  7/23/01 $607,500 validity code V, 4/27/04 $500K & 10/21/04 $700K validity X;  Taxes pd by:  99 & 00 about $12,700 ea yr Loumar Dev, Inc, Agent is Marilyn Miller Gorman, zip 63128;  01 $14,945 &...03 $19,860 Delmar Props li, LLC;  04 $20,274 Coleman & Cole Dev, Inc;  05 $18,656 Kass.

>  550 & Apts A thru E - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q441021, owner R&T LLC, Agent is Robert Biggs at 550 Vance;  mail to 1462 Summertree Springs, 63088;  Summertree Springs Parcel Pt B;  0200/0181 0172/0175, 0.77 ac, WD deed, land use 504;  05 & 06 app'd comm land 70,400 + improv 610,600 = $681K, ass'd 22,530 + 195,390 = $217,920;  built 1996, structure type strip shpg ctr, area under roof 7940;  land & bldg sales:  3/15/99 $715K validity V, 6/29/01 $715K validity X;  taxes for 99 & 00 about $11,870 ea yr pd by Summertree LLC, taxes for  01 thru 05 avg $18,095/yr pd by R&T LLC. 

>  590 - 7/06 StLCnty's info:  26Q441012, owner Kuenneke Props, Inc Etal; same locator # & info applies to 1498 Hanna Rd & 1485 Summertree Springs Ave;  mail to Ballwin, 63011;  Summertree Springs Parcel Pt A;  0208/IRR 0257/0387, 1.98 ac, WD deed, land use 910;  05 & 06 app'd res only land $6K, ass'd $1140;  no prop or sales data available, prop may be vacant;  Kuenneke Props pd 99 thru 04 taxes, but 05's are unpaid.

>  600 - owner Glenn Brooke Trustees. 





Notes:  This section will be expanded as soon as time ever permits.  Altho some may have extenuating circumstances, overall, these normal transactions between truly willing buyers & sellers determine ACTUAL Fair Market Value. 



FOR SALE 10/6/02, ALDERMAN ROB STUART'S HOME  -  VP Floodplain, ASKING $169,000, zoned RESIDENTIAL, approx 0.45 acres about 12 blocks from Marshall/141/44. 


In the yr 2000, RS purchased 701 Leonard for $45K.  He SOLD it 1/24/03 for $141K to Raymond Thompson, etal - of Ray's Tree Service.  According to a ReMax agent, altho 701 was zoned residential, the owner/alderman had stated that he would provide a list of businesses that could use it.  The agent also said that the property sold after the listing agreemt had expired & the listing agent needed her lock box & sign back, but RS would not return her calls. 


Compare:  In 1987 with the previous owner in bankruptcy, MM purchased #8 for $23K.   On 8/30/02, VP/EM offered $53K for MM's #8 Arnold Dr in VP's Floodplain, zoned Planned Developmt Commercial, approx  0.39 acres @ Marshall/141/44.  On 9/3/02, Alderman Rob Stuart voted for Condemnation of #8 Arnold Dr (see #8 on Photos Page).