Notes:  None for now. 


Present:   DC,  RH,  JW,  BL,  JK,  DS,  RW,  EM,  CLM.   Also RC. 


At about 5:30, Ed Harrawood arrived.  Ed owns #2 & 22 Arnold Dr. (aka #1 & 2), & #4, all on the south side of Arnold Dr, & #7 on the north side, between my  #8, &  #6, which belongs to Mr. McGhee. 


Absent:  JZ, JH, RS, Pete Coates, TH.

2/18/02 Levee - Section 1 of  7          


DC:  It's about 10 after (5).  CLM: What bothers me in Germany is _ _ _ _  - DC: Call roll here (see above) (Pledge Allegiance).  Anybody have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  (none heard)  I have a speaker card here, Maureen Morris would like to speak about the levee.  We'll make that uh, let's see, we'll make that D.  (They approve this mtg's agenda.)  Approve the mins of the 1/22/2000 mtg (should be 2002).  EM:  I didn't bring 'em;  I'm sorry.  DC:  He didn't bring 'em.  Well, we'll do 'em later.  JK:  We don't have any.  DC:  We'll have 'em (he chuckles)  next time.  Ok, discussion items for this mtg -


2/18/02 Levee - Section  2 of  7


Item (Phase) 4B update - I don't see, I don't see Mr. Zerega here tonight, so - JK: Nothing.  DC:  I don't have any, anything.  Has anybody else got any uh - EM:  Uh, I, I've uh asked our real estate appraiser to go out & do viewings of properties that were impacted due to the realignmt of the, the levee project, & I think he completed that this past Tuesday.  Uh, met for instance with I think Mrs. Morris & uh, uh, any, anyone else that, that was impacted by the levee or thru their lawyer.  Uh we should get those back shortly & go ahead & make renewed offers uh, to the property owners. 


Uh, we are continuing to work on the MSD site, uh for a lift sta & I've discussed 2 sites with, with uh, MSD.  One is a site that bo, obviously both inside the levee, where uh, uh there, there was a house that the city tore down at 10,000 uh Marshall Rd.  Uh, it's, it's a wedged area;  uh, actually I think the Lions Club had expressed some interest in it at, at one point.  Uh, &, & then the other piece of property, uh is on uh Pharoah & it, & it's one that the city has not acquired, uh yet.  So we're gonna try to make up, uh what whatever the best eng'g uh, & shortest amt of infrastructure to get the piping to that &, & I'll come back with a recommendation both to this bd & the, the bd of ald. 


DC:  Uh, did uh Weis ever get over to do anything over at Valley Material yet, with that survey over there, the garage work?  EM:  You know, I talked to uh Greg Bertoglio, uh this morning.  I, actually I was pretty luck to catch him at his office & we talked about that.  & he thought there was some more work to be done on his office, uh to try to figure out what the alignmt, I guess of the emergency road is, & uh, & the ramp & what impact that's gonna have as well.  Uh, I'm mtg with Mr. Bertoglio tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 & uh, together with Tom Weis, & we're, we're familiarizing Weis with the alignmt & that's one of the issues we're gonna be going over.  DC:  Ok. 


DM:  Eric, you said this gentleman,_ _ _, excuse me, Bertoglio, is it?   EM: Yeah, I can't spell it;  I'm sorry.  DM:  Is he with Valley Material?  EM:  No, no, no, he's uh, the, the head of design with the COE.  DM:  Oh with the COE;  I thought he said Valley Material.  EM:  He's a PE, civil eng'g.  DC:  Uh, anybody else have anything on 4B? 


2/18/02 Levee - Section  3 of  7


Uh, city cost share for the project & TPC.  Is there anything for that?  Well, I think CLM probably has uh, on, on the federal share of it.  CLM: Yeah, I was gonna bring that up on the next item, federal & sponsor funding FY 2002, change that into 2003.  I should've said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .   EM:  I, I don't have anything on it.  ?: _ _ _ .  DC:  Does that cover the federal, sponsor funding.  Do you want to talk about that now or _ _ _ _? 


CLM:  Actually for FY 2002, we uh, Eric & I've been discussing that & following it, as has the COE, & Tom Horgan has also as far as getting the sec'y of the army to sign the letter _ _ _ _ _ _ _ congressional actions, all the advice  _ _ _ _ _  reasons for the city _ _ _ _ _ _ _& do _ _ env'l eng'g _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ increase the federal _ _ _ COE _ _ _  they said 69 has to sign 100% of the project meets the requiremts.  For some reason, the letter never got sent over _ _ _ hangin' _ _  in the chief's office for the last 3 or 4 months.  That's why we're inclined to clear __ federal funds _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.   Tom Horgan has been clearly _ _ _ _ _ _ _& had he received comments 2 wks ago, it would have gone out this wk. 


He talked with the guy that told him that in the Washington office _ _ _ Tues & told him _ get it out Wed of this wk.  Tom _ _ _ _ last wk.  Tom had not worked on it Fri.  _ _ call him tomorrow _ _  he come back in & he said basically, the letter has to go to the COE, to the secretary's desk, secretary to sign it.   Once he signs it, that's it.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ways _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a problem or somebody objected _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .  JK:  Didn't get done.  CLM:  Exactly, & it is going to be done uh soon.  That takes care of our situation that we have & we've been successful in getting every dollar that's been appropriated _ _ this _ _ _  here that _ _ _  capacity to use.


I'd like to go down to FY 2003.  As you know, the president submitted his budget 2/4.  As I had indicated earlier, I expected the president's  budget would radically cut back the COE's projects _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  It really cut back severly on money that uh we had hoped to get _ _ _ _ Oct 1st.  The COE is struggling _ _ _ St. Louis district do not have approval of what they call their capability _ _ _ the president's budget _ _ _.  So instead, they've given me the # that will be comfortably approved of add'l oversight .  They call it their estimated requiremts for FY 2003. 


To make a long story short, the COE says they think they can use 5, maybe $2 Million Dollars in federal funds in FY 2003 to keep the project going on the schedule that they're able to keep up with, which would lean towards the completion date of 11/04.  The president's budget request only included $600,000 for '04.  DM:  5.2 Million, 600,000? 


CLM:  5.2 Million to 600,000, which is not uh, not too much out of the ordinary if, if other cutbacks, in fact those that were not cutback were in the minority, as opposed to the majority.  & I think I may or may not've indicated, but basically, other presidents have done the same thing.  They submitted budgets, cutting back things that they felt that uh there're worthwhile to Congress  _ _ _ _ _.  They have their budget for their total dollars _ _, & they can say this is my budget request & I balanced the budget or the deficit by only so much. 


Then Congress has its own _ _ which anticipates cutting it too soon.  Then administration comes back from Congress where _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  So it's not unusual to spend _ _ _ _ _ anticipation when you've been confronted with it on a project that was passed several yrs ago.  We were able to overcome _ _ _ _  difference between our budget.  & I'll ok what you do, but I want to discuss that which uh _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  I reckon I'll discuss this _ _ _ _ with Tom Horgan _ _. 


2/18/02 Levee - Section  4 of  7


I think it was uh now time for, for us to go to Washington again to testify before the appropriations subcmte _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _always been.  So that was a common thing _ _local interests are invited to come_ _ _ _ .  & then over the last few yrs, the congressional corporation subcmtes _ _again to say, 'well, we don't need that, we'll get by' & kind of takin' it all from people who lose certain things behind it.  _ _ _ _  been doing that the last few yrs because we have had such strong congressional support, _ _ _  the COE _ _ _ needs very little push, _ _ _ do nothing in Washington except put 'em around a little bit & we did that, but _ _ _ _ _ used.  That was in front of the city cmsn again _ _ _ _. 


So I'll ask Tom to have his Washington office check with the city _ _ the approps subcmtes & the House to do the same _ _ _if they would uh, be willing to entertain testimony from us for the funds.   If they will, then I think we should _ _ _  going to Washington & testify before cmtes similar to what we did before, graphics presentations & _ _ _ _.  Uh if, If not, then I would propose that they discuss it with Tom Horgan also to ask him to schedule appointmts with us to go to Washington & _ _ _ _ individual, see the #'s on the approps subcmte & I'll figure out the _ _ & also the key staff _ _ _ _ _ _ _ message across _ _ _ _ _ _ _ approps & try to get part of that $5.2 Million _ _ _. 


(Levee Letter-Writing Campaign)

Uh, we'll do the same on the Senate side _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  Thirdly, uh, if we can't, if we can't do either one of those things, I'm sure we'll be able to do the 2nd, if not even the1st, then,  we'll submit all the info, letters for the record _ _ _ _ _ & ask Congressman Akin _ _ _ _ _ _ record of that mtg of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & when it appears on the report _ _ looks like it.  So we're doin' all those things & workin' _ _  those things _ _  to Washington.  In addition _ _ _ support _ _ Senator Bond's efforts & _ _ _ Akin's efforts _ _ _ _ _info _ _  I'm sure that they would be willing to supply _ _ _ _ approps subcmte.  


In addition, I think now is the time to, to repeat history & organize a _ _ _ _ _ _ COE.  & that was done very effectively _ _ _ _ _ specific actions that need to be done.  1st thing _ should do, politically _ _ _ _ _ bd of ald.  Pick out the cmte members & _ _ _  chairman to organize this.  & draft a, uh letter, which I'll be glad to prepare uh, a list of addressees _ _ _  the letter should go to _ _ _ _ .   I think we should ask the school bd's assistance _ _ _ _ _ _ _  before _ _ _ _some of the teachers if they'd uh, _ _ the letter writer _ _ _ _ _ specifics _ _ _ _ anything that tied it in with _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  in order to assist in that & the other people that might could write letters _ _ _ _ _ _ just 8, 9, or 10 key points, some of which _ _ _ _ _ letter writer writes.  & maybe you want to do it the same way _ _ _ did before _ _ _ _office prepare a letter that would like copy if _ _ _ _ _want the letters to be written by each individual _ _ _  key points to include _ _ _ _ _ _ _ most important thing is for completing the levee & indicating _ _ _ _ to identify some letter drops _ _ _ _ _ _ police station _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _the letter box.  & ask the people to, to write the letters themselves _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & we'll have to add those.  We'll take care of the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ them address the envelopes with each letter _ _ _ _ _ _  identify _ _ _ _ _ volunteers _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.    


DM:  First of all, I guess you had mentioned Jean Carnahan.  I assume since she's coming up for re-election, she'd be the, or is she not influential _ _ _  - JW:  She's a democrat.  People don't like democrats.  They don't like democrats.  ?:  No, no - DM: I mean I'm just, _ _ _  political pleasure.  (JW laughs)  CLM:  I used to work for Senator John McLelland of Arkansas, who's a democrat, Chairman of the Sentate Approps Cmte - DM:  I mean every vote we get is - CLM: I, I worked thru republicans & democrats - DM:  Ok, that's - CLM:  Those who are not crooks - (JW laughs heartily.)   DM: I kind of _ _ work with were.  (JW continues laughing.)  I kind of -


CLM:  But uh, it, it's not that, I did mention Jean Carnahan.  It's just that 1st of all, she's very junior.  DM:  That's why I was wondering - CLM:  Because that doesn't have a lot of influence.  She's not on the approps cmte.  We can't really expect Congressman Akin to be NEARLY as influential as Senator Bond because he's a junior & is not on the approps cmte.  But he is OUR congressman & we will certainly uh bring Jean Carnahan into it.  But again, we do it thru Bond's office because Bond will be calling the shots &  you don't step in his country.  But basically, Jean Caranahan is just not going to contribute anything to it, not because she's not been involved or she doesn't like us -


DM:  It'll probably get decided before it gets to the full vote, full floor I guess or full Sen - CLM:  Oh, we, we'll make sure, we will address our, these letters will go to our entire delegation so it verifies it before it comes time for the vote & talkin' to the members.  They're doin' that & I would hope Senator Carnahan - DM:  Once the full Senate's gonna vote on it, I would think 2 letters to Jean would be ___ - CLM:  Oh yeah!  Well, she's gonna be our member.  I'm just talkin' about the key - DM:  The 2 key -


CLM: Our mailing district's actually the chairman & the milder members of the House & Senate Approps Subcmte, Energy & Water, gonna be the chief of engineeers, gonna be the assistant secretary of the army, _ _ _ _ _ Dr. Barker, Congressman from Mississippi.  We're gonna give 'em the letters, out to everybody to know about our, our situation, making certain _ _ _ _  local support.  I think we generated something like 774 letters last time (someone coughs) VERY impressive & _ _ _ _.  & I heard a lot about it from the staff mtgs & couple of members of the House & Senate.  Very effective.  It made them, them _ _ _ _ Bond _ _ _now to go to the approps subcmte chairman,  who now knows that there's strong local support for the levee to be had _ _ _ askin' for more money. 


2/18/02 Levee - Section  5 of  7


DM:  & is this, since the FY starts Oct 1st - CLM:  Oct 1st.  DM:  Is that when like June, July timeframe or what do you think we need to get up there & go to Washington?  When will these mtgs be held?  CLM:  That's another thing we've asked Tom Horgan to find out is, when are the approps subcmte hearings scheduled.  Not just when they're scheduled, but when are the hearings scheduled _ _ _  entertain, if they will entertain, local interests there to testify.  & if not, when will they, what's the cutoff date to get any letters _ _ _ _ _. 


& also you want to know when the hearing's scheduled because you want to get up there _ you can't testify before the subcmte.  You want to run your position & info to 'em ahead of time.  & 2, you want to make the rounds with the individual members & staff before they have what they call mark up.  Following all the hearings, then the approps subcmte members meet & mark up the budget.  In this case, energy & water _ _ _ _ for fiscal 2003, be doin' the same thing in the Senate.  DM:  Sounds good. 


EM:  For my part, I, I've asked the COE to prepare a graphic showing the progress of the levee, where it's at & where it's in, in final form.  & Terry has that in her office & it'll be on either 3 x 5 or 3 x 4.  I haven't seen it yet, but it we'll dry mount that.   & I've got an appointmt with Gary Hedrick, who's a local photographer.  Uh & he's got quite a few slides of uh some area businesses uh from past flooding.  Um, & also, if anybody here has some good photographs, what I intend to do is blow 'em up & dry mount 'em, uh as well for, for pass out & info. 


CLM: For those of you that did go to Washington, to testify the last time, those photographs were very effective.  One member in particular was the republican Senate side, Miss Lafayette, Indiana. _ _ _ every yr, 2 or 3 times a yr _ _ _  Wabash.  JW: _ _ _probably been there.  Probably Eric.  I doubt if anybody else here - I don't know if Dave went there or not.  I don't think anybody else went besides Eric, so it'll be an adventure for everybody.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ .  ?: I remember talkin' about it, going to Washington.  DM:  I remember talkin' about it too.


JK:  Doesn't our tax dollars go towards - CLM:  Well, you know, I used to be at the other end, at, at the Washington end, COE _ _ & I worked for Senator (Carls?) & a lot of people came up, thought you were a candidate for _ _ _ delegation came up 'cause they wanted to come to Washington.  & they could just, they could just sit back home & they make a telephone call & just - that's not the case.  _ _ _really believe in what we're doin', you've really got a serious problem & it can be fixed & _ _ _ _ can fix it.  So that's why our, our trip to Washington _ _ _ _.  I'd be the first, if I didn't think it'd _ _ _, I'd be the first _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


What about the letter writing campaign?  Any ideas or suggestions _ _ _ _ share?  If I'm not mistaken, I think the last time we did this, Russ I think you were pretty heavily involved in that, weren't you?  RC:  No.  I wasn't involved.  EM:  Everybody's name that was on it is in back of you on that plaque.  DS?:  Yeah, Danny Adams was.  Dixie Nichols was.   DC:  Liz Hendricks, Vince Menley, Jim McMullen, __ Nicolas, Kevin Shengle, Dick Smith, Bud Strong, Doc Strong & Rich Wilken.  JW:  I guess Rick's in charge.  He _ _ _ _ .  I move that Rick Wilken be in charge of that letter writing campaign.  ?: Sounds good to me. 


CLM:  Welll, one thing I should mention is the chairman is gonna be a better job than some because the chairman doesn't have to _ _ _ .  DC:  Well, the chairman.  I'm not the chairman.  CLM:  He's in charge of gettin' everybody else up there.  DC:  The mayor's the chairman of this cmte;  I'm just the chairperson.  Uh, Colonel, I think maybe if you could you make, could you make this presentation at the uh ald's mtg so all the ald can hear it?  &, & let them make some decision because they're the ones that's gonna really, we can make a recommendation to the uh bd of ald. 


RH:  How soon does this have to - RW:  Probably real soon, 60 days.  CLM:  Yeah, we need to, we need to have it organized _ _in 30 days.    DC:  So the mayor can start workin' on this because we don't really know, there could be a change in the next uh 2 months.  CLM:  Well, could you bring it up tonight & ask Eric to put it on the next mtg, bd of ald?  DC:  Yeah, will you bring it up tonight at the mtg, one of the ald - DM:  Jennifer _ _ _ _ cmte or I'll bring it up.  I'm just sayin' - the levee cmte will _ _ _ _ -  CLM:  & you know, let me know when they set the date & time & I'll be happy to be there.  DM:  For the letter writing thing?  CLM:  Yeah.  _ _ _ about goin' to testify & everything, uh ...(exchange tapes) 


2/18/02 Levee - Section  6 of  7


...CLM: ...a challenge.  This whole project has been a challenge.  ?:  It's been a challenge from the very beginning - CLM:  This is the only flood protection project in, in history that grew out of the uh flood protection program upper river basin project being killed.   DC:  Ok.  We'll go to the speaker, Ms Morris, wants to talk about the levee. 


MM:  Well, I really wanted to direct my questions to Jim Zerega, but he's not not here, & Eric Martin & Dave Cusack.  Um, first of all Eric, can I get a copy of the appraisal for my property, that Demba's doing?  EM:  Don't have it.   MM:  She just was over.  EM:  They just did the viewing Tuesday.  MM:  Yeah, when will she be finished?  EM:  Donno.  I, I really don't know & before, generally speaking, we wouldn't review, we wouldn't release the appraisal to ya, but we would release the results of the appraisal to ya.  It has to be reviewed by the COE as well.  So hon, honestly, I'm not sure.  I'm, I'm trying to speed it thru.  Um, I talked to 'em about it today & I asked them to give me some idea.  Uh &, & hopefully within the next wk we'll get it at the city level & then I'll, I'll just work on the COE & try to get it approved as, as quickly as can, or disapproved, whatever - MM: So I have to wait until the COE approves it & looks at it, before I'll know the results?  EM:  Right.  MM: Ok.  EM: Right, & then I write you a letter like I did before & I'll call ya. 


MM: Ok.  Ok, um, & also is there a final footprint?  EM:  Umhuh.  MM:  Do you have, can I get a copy of it?  EM:  There is a final footprint for your area.  MM:  Right, for AL.  EM:  Yeah, um can you get a copy of it?   MMMaybe. Uumm, I'll see it I can't locate that, that map that, that, I think it has property lines divided on it.  Dan, the last time I had it, it was on your desk.  Do you know what happened to it?  DM:  Might have it at home;  I _ _ _ _lookin' at it.  EM:  __ you bring that home?  DM:  Let me check.  MM:  So you'll get me a copy of it?  EM:  Yeah.  MM:  Ok.  Um, & how many proposed footprints were there for AL?  EM:  1, 2, 3, this is probably 4 or 5  -  MM:  This is the 4th or 5th.  Can you get me copies of the other ones?  EM:  IIII'll do the best I can.  MM:  Yeah, ok.  The best you can, that's pretty good, isn't it?  EM:  Um, hope so. 


MM:  Ok.  Um, I'm sure this is gonna sound silly, but why can't the levee & the access road be on the south side of Arnold Dr?  (6 secs of silence)  EM:  Uuumm - RW: That for the green space, waterway?  EM:  Nno, uuh, Arnold's Drive is, is a, it curves, as you know, up toward the north.  Umm, there, there were thickness requiremts because of the way that they're doing the levee.  They're, they're using fill as opposed to all compact earth now.  MM:  You mean the eng'd fill?  EM:  Yeah.  MM:  From the g/f?  EM:  Right.   MM:  & that's contaminated, right?  EM:  No, it's not contaminated.  MM:  or special?  EM:  No, it, it's, its special waste because, not because of contaminations within it, but because, or contaminates within it, but because of the character of it.  It's, it's a, a mixture of concrete, brick, that, that's what they call special waste,  Uh, it just means that a regular landfill usually won't take it.  You have to go to a demolition with, with that.  But that's the best reason I can give you - that, that the, it's extra thick because there's extra fill going in it. 


MM:  So the levee itself is gonna - how, how wide is it gonna be at the base?  Like 160 ft?  EM:  Going 300 ft at the base, 75 ft top at the crown.  MM:  How many at the base?   EM:  I think 300 at the base, 75 ft at the crown - MM:  300.  & then 75 ft across on the top, the crown?  Ed:  75 ft.!   MM:  & how high is it gonna be?  EM:  Uuuuuuuuuuuhhhh - MM:  from the existing ground?  EM:  Dan  -  (speaking simultaneously)  ?: 40-yr floodplain - deeper.   EM:  Do you recall?  DM:  I think, I think it is gonna be 75 at that part _ _ _ -  EM:  but, but the height.  MM:  High.  DM:  Oh, height.  Ed:  They don't need it over 75 ft high.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ -  EM:  It, it, it came up higher than the hiway.


 JK:  _ _ _be as high as 141, would it?  Ed: No.  CLM:  Average height for the levee, COE project is __ ft.  JK: _ _be any higher _ _  - MM:  Is how many?  CLM:  20 ft.  MM:  20 ft. high is what you - Ed: 20 ft & the base is 160 ft  - CLM:  It varies - Ed: 120, 160 ft.  EM:  Here, here this is a special area.  Ed:  Yeah, but why would they, I mean you're gonna have to buy my property anyway, why would you move that levee &, & waste that property?  EM:  Yeah, I, I mean, & you're right, you, you hit the nail on the head;  we are buying your property. 


Ed:  I know.  You're gonna buy it anyway, so why would you move the levee this way?  Why wouldn't you move it the other way?  EM:  Uh, you know, that's, that's a COE issue & you're really talking to the, the wrong folks for that.  But this was the, the last - Ed:  The first footprint - EM: & final footprint.  Ed:  The first footprint was the right - EM:  Absolute - Ed: that was the right way to do it.  EM:  Th, things were changed &, & uh the COE changed it.   Ed: 'cause they had a, they had a pond on this side of it.  So it, even if it'd go thicker, it still  - EM:  Yeah, there's a big det basin - Ed:  Yeah, just take that out of there, which you're going to anyway, 'cause you put it in the, in the middle of the road.  The ones we got right now is gonna be a det pond, or unless you're gonna move it down the road.  & you're gonna have this place -


(speaking simultaneously) DC: _ _no det pond  - Ed:  You're gonna have this ground over there for 1000 yrs & - EM:  There's gonna be a boring - DC:  There'll be no det pond in AL.  Ed:  Right, but  - EM:  There, there's gonna be a boring - Ed:  If you move that levee, all you're doin' is just takin' away your revenue for the next 1000 yrs by, by doin' away with that ground - DM?: Where's the rain gonna go in that area?  Ed: 'cause that's high priced commercial property. 


DC:  They're gonna bore underneath the RR.  JK:  They'll run it back in behind - DM: the valve that lets water, but won't let it back in, just one-way valve?  DC: Right, just like we have, we'll have a flap gate on the, on the other side of it just like we have - RH:  You're gonna bore under the tracks?  EM:  No, there's not gonna be, there's not gonna be a flap gate.  It's all gonna be internal within the levee.  The detention basin's gonna be within the levee.  It's gonna be a straight bore down under that.  DC:  Under the ro, under the uh - EM:  RR, yeah.  There, there won't be a bore there because - ?: _ _  - ?: Right.  EM:  Oh, a flap gate for, for back water. - ?: Right.  EM:  I'm sorry.


DC: You gotta put a flap gate in there because of the back water.  Once it gets in there, you can't, you won't have a, you won't have a - EM:  It, it's not a valve.  DC: You won't have a sluice gate;  all you'll have is a big flap gate.  EM:  'cause this is all, this is all, it's all internal drainage & there'll be catch basins.  DC: There'll be catch basins, but there'll be, the detention will be in Fishpot. There'll be no det basin. 


Ed: _ _ _ _ you're wastin' a lot of property for no good reason.  I don't know who made this decision to change it - EM:  COE did.   ?:  COE.  DC:  Because we have to use that fill.  Ed:  Well, to do, you need to, you can go a lot of places with that fill.  DC:  Where?  Ed:  A lot of places -  MM: Costs a lot of money.  Ed:  in town you can go with that fill.  DC:  No you can't.  MM:  Costs a lot of money.  Ed:  You can't?  DC:  Because it costs money.  Ed: I don't know - ?: _ _ _ - Ed:  I've been in const all my life & I know that you can use it to fill in ground in a lot of VP.  DC:  Fill ground within VP?  Ed:  Well, you got, you got the whole ballpark.  You own that;  you can fill that back up 'cause we dug it out.  You can fill that back up.  DC:  It never was dug out.  Ed:  I built it;  I dug it out;  I know it was dug out.  DC:  It was always a sluice there.  It held - Ed:  I owned the damn thing.  I dug it out.  I know how much we dug out of there;  you can put it back in there.  DC:  You might've (he chuckles) dug some out to make that mound.  Ed:  No. We dropped that 7 ft. 


EM:  At this point, I don't know that it's productive to debate the designs - Ed:  Right, we - DC:  I'm not gonna debate - Ed:  No, but you, you own the property up there & you've got plenty of ground, you got plenty of place & it won't cost you much to move it;  I can tell you that.  EM:  We've been waiting a yr & a half for this design, it's come & you know, I, I think we oughta go with it because we've gotta build the levee before it floods.


 MM:  So the levee's gonna be 3, did you say 360 ft at the base, er 3 - EM:  I, I don't know.  It, it depends on what the plans say exactly.  Uh, &, & we'll try to get you a copy of this.  MM:  You'll TRY to get me a copy.  EM:  Yeah, the grade - MM:  Now I thought you said you would for sure get me a copy of this last footprint.  EM:  I'll, I'll try to get it to ya, but I don't have it.  Uh, the grade of the levee & profile is on that plan.  Ah, Ald Michel indicated he had it at his house, he was gonna try to retrieve it & bring it back. 


MM:  & when he - (others start speaking at once again)  ?: _ _  - MM: & when he gets it to you, you'll copy that to me.  ?:  Where - MM: But you're not sure if you can get me the other 3 or 4?  EM: I don't know because that's computer generated -  ?: You know were it starts?  EM:  & it may have been deleted. ?: Fishpot Creek - EM: I don't know.  ?: _ _ _ - EM:  I'll see if I could get hard copies.  ?:  Where does it come across -  EM: If we got one, we do.  ?: It starts -  Ed: Right on the RR, right at Fishpot Creek there?  DC: Well, I, I really don't know.  I, I really don't know where the, where the footprint is because I haven't seen it.  I really don't know, but it'll start probably on the other side on there, maybe adjacent, uh over on the other side of the tracks where it hooks on at Fishpot.  I really don't know.  MM: Ok, so it's gonna be extra wide at the base at Arnold Dr because of the fill, right?  (EM nodded yes.)  Ok. 


2/18/02 Levee - Section  7  of  7


Um, I was wondering, can, like LaVonne Brown, her house is like on the river almost & she's, so that property's gonna be outside the levee, can she stay there if she wants to?  EM:  I have no idea.  I mean that's a lot of other issues regarding whether or not that house is possibly even occupiable or - MM:  Well, let's say her house was fine, can people live on the outside of the levee?  EM:  If, I mean they do now.  Uh, uh there's no difference between now &, & when the levee's gonna be constructed other than you're either gonna be riverside or landside.  MM:  I mean how would she like get over the levee?  You can't drive over the levee, right?  EM:  Well, she'd have to have uh, an access.  Right now, she's got access thru a private road called Arnold's Road. 


MM:  Yeah, but the levee's gonna cut off, it's gonna take out Arnold's Drive.  The levee will be there & then there'll be a road access all along the levee, back to the creek?  EM:  Well, there'll be a, a probably a private way thru uh River Dr that'll cut back thru uh some property now owned by uh Mr. Brantley, the city, & Mr. Harrawood, that would connect into uh Brown property.  MM:  Hmm. 


Um, I heard that in court you had told LaVonne Brown that you didn't want her house, you just wanted her property.  EM:  I've never been in court with Mrs. Brown.  MM:  You haven't!  I guess somebody lied to me.  EM:  There's no pending lawsuits right now for condemnation. 


 MM:  Well, I was just wonderin', 'cause they said you said you didn't want her house, you wanted her property & I was just curious why you would want her property when it's gonna be on the outside of the levee.  EM: Yeah, I really don't feel comfortable talking about specific property acquisitions at this point, & I'm not gonna say any more.  But we, we can talk about your property once the appraisal comes.  & again, I'll send you a note, a letter like we did last time _ _ _ _ .  MM:  Ok, I guess that's it.  Tku. 


DC:  That it?  MM:  Yeah, tku.  DC:  I guess we'll go to the next levee cmsn mtg which will be 3/18, at 5 pm.  RW?  Make a motion to adjourn.  ?:  I'll 2nd that.  DC:  I have a motion & a 2nd to adjourn.  All in favor? (Some or all do & they prepare to leave.)