Notes: This mtg was called by RC & DA (on 4/24 I think). It seems this mtg was to be regarding changing a trash day & not hiring more city employees. The only audience people present at this meeting besides myself, were Don Carroll, Ed & Glenda Sidwell, Lt. Scott Melies & JM (Jim McMullen).  It was extremely difficult to hear the stage people at this mtg, as well as on the tape, because they spoke very softly.


Present: DA, RS, RC, BL & PP.

RC calls Special Bd Mtg on 4/25/02 to order, at 7:31 pm & asks are there any audience comments or speaker cards (none), & if there are any additions to the agenda (also none).


When RC requests Lt. Melies to lead the Pledge Allegiance, Don Carroll said: Mr. Causey, before you have your pledge, I would like to make a comment. You have 4 people, you need 5 to have mtg. You do not have a quorum. - RC ignores him & RC says he'd like to have Lt. Melies lead the Pledge of Allegiance & Melies does so.


RC has PP call role & RC says something about official or unofficial. PP: Ald RH. - RC: YH, I think he s/b excused. DA: Ald Helton did call, he was out of town when the mtg was called. PP: So noted, Ald. TB. - RC: I did not receive any notice as to why TB is not here. PP: So noted & calls DA & RS. - Each of them say they're here. When PP calls JW, RC says he did not receive any official notice as to why JW is not here. RC & BL both respond as being present.


DA: Mr. Chair, Mayor Michel did call last night & asked to be excused. He's on city business in StLCnty. RC: I ask that that be made a matter of the Journal that he is gone. (PP: so noted) At this time, as I guess the acting moderator, since the Pres of the Bd as well as the mayor is __________ that we have 4 present & we do not have a 5th one, therefore there really isn't a quorum to hold a mtg, but nonetheless, we have an official record ___________________________________ .



BL: The code book _____________ still states that the Bd, thru the Police Dept, can send a police officer to an alderman's house & compel him to attend the mtg. Does the Bd wish to do that at this time?  DA:  Ald BL, what I think I would prefer to do possibly under the circumstances involved, _______________JW _______________ I'm going to ask __________ that I called & asked for this special mtg at this time & call another Special Mtg for 7:30 on Monday, as long as I have the second alderman's ______________. - RC seconds.


BL asks about time conflict with regular bd mtg, but someone says that's not this coming Monday. BL: I was under the impression that a 7-person city board, we don't have an 8th ald, quorum would be 4.  RC:  Rather than getting involved in whether it's a simple or a super majority, I think it would probably be better to transact whatever business needs to be transacted _____________________, & I think we'll probably need to go ahead & adjourn & go ahead & would the motion maker read that the stats the clerk - cut off by


DA:  It's actually, it's not in the form of a motion yet since we're not having an official mtg, but I'm requesting that, as long as I've got an alderman to second it, that we have a special mtg Mon at the same time.


RC: & also, just so the comment is recorded, I fully recognize what Mr. Carroll said, but I do feel that there's nothing wrong with an official role call, so at this time, there's no point in adjourning the mtg, but I'll just say the mtg is over at 7:35.