Notes:   Tonight's buzz word is 'generate'.  Abbrevs:  GG = Grand Glaize,  cgsm = congressman,  aprops = appropriations.


Present:  DC, JW, RW, DS, DM, TH, CLM, EM, JZ & BL.  Also RC, DA, Andy McCord of PG Purdy, & Vivian Blackman, VP Citizen/Business Owner.



5/20/02 Levee - Section  1 of   22


DC: I'm gonna call this mtg to order. (misc mumblings)  I'm gonna call the mtg to order.  (Pledge Allegiance)   _ _  _ _ _Randy Helton, he called me;  he's working late tonight.  (roll call - see above)   Jerry Kroll, he's, he's still sick.  We're missin' uh, 2 members, but I guess we can go ahead & have a mtg as long as we've got 4, 4 out of the 10.  Do you think we can have a mtg, Eric?  EM:  Sure, we can have a mtg!  We've got voting & non-voting;  we've got enough to have a quorum.


 DC: Uh, like I was sayin', if anybody would know of anybody in the floodplain that would like to be a rep on this cmsn, uh maybe you could talk to 'em or something like that & uh, submit their names to the mayor.  & then we will submit it to the levee cmsn at the next mtg, uh to represent the floodplain.  We've been without a member for quite a while.  & also, the mayor's gonna contact uh, Dr. Lea at school & try to get a new school bd rep on the bd.  Mr. Coates has not been here for almost a yr or so. 


Uh, do we have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  I have one uh, speaker card here _ _ _ under Item 7B;  that'll be Maureen Morris on the levee.  Any other additions?  RW:  Move to approve agenda.  ?: 2nd.  DC:  I have a motion to & a 2nd to approve the 4/15/02 mtg.  All in favor? (some, possibly all aye) Aye's have it.  Uhh, discussion items.


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Item (Phase) 4B update - I have nothing.  JZ:  I have some things I have to mention on Item 4B, but before I do, first of all, I say I'm real  happy that we didn't have damaging, serious damaging flood in VP.  Obviously, we're still be threatened by this open _ _ right now.  CLM:  Supposed to crest tomorrow night _ _ _.   DC:  It's, it, they've already, it crested already.  We just got an update here at 3:00 that it was 22-9, _ _ 22-9.  & it'll be that way for about maybe till tomorrow afternoon & then start falling, something like that.  CLM:  _ _ start fallin' _ _ _. 


 DC:  That's a lot better than the 26-5 that they predicted.  DM: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  CLM:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JZ:  Well - DC:  I think - JZ: Whatever! (chuckle);  it's still - DC:  I think everybody quite understands it's the weather bureau that, the weather svc that's been makin' these predictions & uno, uh they (bit of a laugh) _ _ _ we would like for 'em_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  (various mumblings) 


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JZ:  Eric called me uh, shortly after the last mtg on this topic _ _ _ _ short briefing at the COE office _ _ _ &, & talked about it being on, on a Monday, uh, why this mtg is uh, perhaps uh, taking place at the next levee cmsn mtg, _ _ _ you had a request from one of the bd of ald _ _ _.  So I've tentatively put in a, uno, a reservation for _ _ _ conference rm on the 17th of June, at 2 pm in the afternoon.  I'll have to find out whether that seems good to you all.  I think the idea, partly, was uh, to have a _ _ _ briefing, of course on the project, but also to have your uh bd members meet our team members so it would have to be, have _ _ work day. 


DM:  What's the address?  JZ:  Uh, it's 1222 Spruce St, _ _ bldg;  it's the old _ _ _ _ - DC:  We're gonna meet at your office downtown?  JZ:  Right, that was the idea I think - 4th fl conf rm.  I'll - CLM?: _ _ _?  JZ:  Well, no we're gonna need an executive conf rm _ _kind of a corner _ _ _ where the uh - CLM:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  - JZ:  _where the uh, _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  If that's a good time & a good date for people, I'll _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  CLM:  _ _ _ _ _ -  (indecipherable mumblings) JZ: It's, it's, it's on Spruce, near Spruce & Tucker, that's the corner of Spruce & Tucker, Rob't Young Fed Bldg, used to be the Mart yrs ago, that big old _ _ _ _ _ .  Uh, parking is a bit of a problem.  I guess the best place to park is at city hall pkg lot which costs _ _ _, but you're only - CLM:  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  right across the street _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .  JZ:  Well, um, you can let me know.  I'll leave that as tentative, unless I -  I'll firm it up _ _ _.  CLM: _ _ _ _ _ _  - DC:  2:00 was it, Jim?  2:00?  (JZ & others are mumbling.)


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JZ:  We have, some of our staff is out on flood fight, different, southern MO & Illinois & up, up on the uh, Illinois River, including some people on the VP team.  Uh, I think the flood is another, another good reason for, for all of us to focus on getting this last contract underway, if that's at all possible. 


You're all aware of the fact that uh, at this point in time, we're not allow, allowed to award a contract next FY.  & we have funding money shortfall so to speak.  But at the main point, I'm trying to, I want to make, is that need to move fwd with all of our design efforts & uh, land acquisition efforts & so forth, in my mind, as if all these problems are going to be solved & uh, at the uh, at the ready to uh, let the contract. 


Um, but I think the COE & the sponsor continue to work together as a team.  I think members of the team, like Eric, has uh, been working with the new city engr & so have other members of, of, of the VP team.  & we have, we have some new members, including a cit, a city eng, & our people will be working  _ _ _  with them like  _ _ _ _uh, once it's passed, in order for us to make this progress. 


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Um, we have, we had a mtg today on this project.  Um, in, in the Item 4B contract, which is the last section of levee, we also have a relief well;  uh, (home of the med?) contract.  & um we are even, even to get the uh, the borings needed to, we have to do some soil borings before we can actually lay out the plans & specs for the relief wells.  & in order to get those soil borings, we have to have a, a plan that uh, a safety plan that takes into consideration the fact that there's ground water that's contaminated where we're doing some of the soil borings.  & the testing of this uh, this soil has to, to take into acct the fact that some of the uh, materials coming from there were, whether there's contamination, or there is continuing contamination.  So, I, I'm just pointing out some of the difficulties here. 


Uh, we uh, we have our uh, our own (agent or agency?) TRW person working on a safety plan, um for our soil borings effort.  & uh, & then once we have that safety plan in our own set of plans, uh, our own scope of work, then we'll be able to go ahead with those soil borings.  


Uh, I think at the same time, there is a, a, a relief well remediation plan that the city is developing thru Purdy & Assoc.  & uh, they're, from what I understand, uh that's, uh getting close to being ready to submit to MDNR;  they've been responding to that.  _ _ _ _.  I think that their schedule uh, is, is consistent with um, getting, getting approval from the state for the uh, for doing this, these soil borings;  uh, & actually & implementing the uh, uh, relief well part of the contract, so that there's no delay in our uh, moving fwd with that part of the project, ok. 


Um, with uh, our part of our project, this last levee, of course, includes the material from the uh, g/p area.  & we have to uh, excavate that, uh part of it to AL, place part of it in our fill, fill along where the g/p's located.  All of that needs to have a plan that is including uh, some safety, safety concerns re: the, the g/p material.  That has to be approved by MDNR & St. L Cty Health Dept;  so we're working on that.  Uh, the uh, those are, those are the 2 main things re: the actual const of Item 4B of the levee that, that we have to be focusing on.  Uh, the city at the same time, is working on, I mentioned, the relief well remediation plan. 


They're working on land acquisition plates for the uh, remaining parcels, uh RR agreemt with UP & uh MODOT property, that kind of thing.  So uno, the, the effort to get the land acquisition taken care of has to be kind of parallel with the design effort in order for, in order for us to get the uh, ability to advertise this contract. 


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Uh, there's, at the same time, we have uh, some env'l issues that we're working on.  Uh, EM & uh, CLM, Andy were in our office uh, the latter part of, of April to discuss the env'l mitigation plan & uh, certain, certain features have been pretty much agreed to.  We have to, we have to provide & describe those things in detail, uh like for example, some add'l work up at the Gra, uh Grand Glaize Creek mitigation area, some add'l tree planting & other work over at uh, Fishpot Creek Channel area.  & uh, we're looking into doing some, creating an env'l area in the Simpson Lake det area, uh, in part of that location. 


&, & when we do all these things, we will, we will sssatisfy our own env'l office & our own, uh regulatory branch, in part, that, that we have done what we can to minimize the env'l impacts of this levee project.  But there'll also be, we won't be able to solve the entire problem with these kinds of works, & there'll be, there'll be another part that involves purchasing uh, credits for the mitigation plan & we talked about that at our mtg.  We talked about the, I think the 2 uh, gentlemen of our env'l, env'l office, uh Ken Dalrymple & Mike Daily, uh discussed with you the fact that if you do purchase uh, credits at a mitigation bank, & uh, uno, you won't have to worry that that miti, mitigation bank is going to be broke, go broke or - CLM:  The city is not responsible - JZ:  or not follow thru. The sponsor & the COE, once we've agreed to do this, ok, these credits _ _ satisfy our requiremt, ok.


CLM:  I might add _ _ Jim's _ _ _ _  result in some good ideas _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ satisfy _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JZ:  We had a follow-up mtg after that, a smaller mtg & are trying to get our env'l tickets to show on our, on our little detailed drawing exactly what they want as far as trees _ _ _ get it all laid out. 


Uh, I guess we have to have a mitigation plan that gets approved by our uh, by our env'l regulatory branch.  & then the follow-up is to have what I'm considering, uno, another contract which will be an env'l mitigation-type contract, that would be separate from the (type of work?) contract that would, plant, involving planting trees & maybe some other earth work, some other uh, stream bank protection.  Uh, but it would be a separate contract.  It would not hold up getting flood protection for VP, parallel to that.  Um (pause) -


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RW:  What's the cost of this gonna be?  JZ:  Uh, at this point, I don't have, I don't have costs for this. 


DM:  Jim, could we do our own mit?  JZ:  Pardon me.  DM:  Is this wetlands mitigation that we're talking about, this mit?  JZ:  It, it's uh, there's a couple of kinds.  One is a stream mitigation because we've taken uh, Grand Glaize Creek & straightened it out somewhat.  & we've taken Fishpot Creek & taken an elb, uh, oxbow out of it when we put the levee thru.  So we, we got a shorter creek out there than we started out with.  So it had a rack-appearing habitat, just the, the trees next to the creek, the way it was originally.  So people uh, I think it's, that it's 50' on top of bank on each side of the creek.  That area is measured & determined the # of acres that were there prior to our project & then what is there after our project, that we've gotta riprap the channel in both places.  Uno, what, so answer is, there's extreme mitigation that is required.  There's only one place where there's a, there's a wooded wetland, ok, in a - well, in the project area, there's a wooded wetland that has to be mitigated, ok.  So that's another kind of mitigation.


DM:  But can we build our own wetland somewhere in this area that I don't know if it'd be cheaper than paying wherever we gotta pay for something _ _ _?  JZ:  Um, well, we're talking about uh, trying to do some of that in the SSSimpson Lake det area.  Uh, it won't, it won't be enough to completely satisfy the requiremt & it will make it smaller in some_ _.  Uh -


EM:  Some, some of the other things we were talking about, bank stabilization & with trees & uh, uh, dirt on that riprap is now on the (Grand Glaize Creekbed?) _ _ - JZ: that was _ grass _- EM: _ _  it's got _ _ grass.  DM:  'cause we need to do something up here where Fishpot goes underneath Hanna.  So if we do something, does that help _ _ _?  JZ: There are all those possibilities.  Uh, it's possible, but um, I think we're gonna work with Eric & the city's consultant on that.  But in general, one, one solution is buying these credits at a mitigation bank & that's a fairly inexpensive solution.  So that's one, it's good to have that solution available (chuckle). 


DM:  Once we buy, even if they go bankrupt or something, we still get credit then, right?   ?: _ _ _.CLM: That's not really a _ _ concern of ours.  It might not be a permanent fix;  they could be able to come back & get the city, but the COE assures _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the COE _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JZ:  We've looked at several different packages all over the place _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ parcels that you had in mind, city already owns & so forth.  A lot of it, uno, is just falling thru as being is not, not gonna work for one reason or another. So um, we really would like to get this set, settled & set as far as what the plan is. 


EM:  We, we took 'em up thru Vance Trails uh, Park, on city areas, on the other side of um, of the MSD sewer treatmt, uh the city owns, just on the other side of GG Creek.  Uh so, so we looked at Fishpot, GG &, & the mouth of the GG too, for uh, the wetlands area.  The, the COE's indicated that's really our _ _ _ _to buy wetlands, simply because of the, the level of the streams are such that we've got large, graded banks caused by a motion of _ _ _ _ & the creeks aren't up high enough, the Meramec _ up high enough in order to make it a, a wetland that fits their definition of it. 


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DM:  Talk, talk about contaminated water, is that, that water still contaminated down there?  Does that stop us from bldg the levee?  Can we get to the water somewhere else?  Does it have to be clean before we _ _ _ _? 


JZ:  We, we think that there, uno, there's a remediation plan that's uh, that is approvable (couple chuckles), uno, by MDNR uh, for these, for this ground water area.  Uh - EM:  It's really not an issue, I mean - DM: That's what, I was just hoping it WASN'T an issue.  JZ:  It's not a huge issue because once this ground water, & Andy is much more an expert than I am, but once this ground water is pumped up & pumped into the air, this, this, this uh,  contamination is volatile & it just disperses - CLM:  Diffuses.  JZ:  into the atmosphere. 


EM:  &, & it's a reuse issue.  I mean we're actually reusing property that was contaminated by somebody else together with a bunch of peoples;  they were all doing it.  & it's just, this stuff is gonna to flow into our det basin at some point & just the, the weather actually, in a large part will dissipate it too.  JZ:  But we do have to have a plan that's described & it is approved by the discriminatory & that's where we're, where we're heading. 


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Uh, I think I mentioned last time that we um, also want a separate contract to knock the trees down in the last part of the rest of the project area.  Uh, either, uh, uno, with the schedule I mentioned last time, of uh slipping, delaying the award for Nov to Feb, &, & again, that was, I said a 3-month delay at, at the least, is what I said, based on uh, coming to that mtg last, last month. 


We've had a flood since then, so uh, it's really, I'm not, I'm not promising that date to you, but even if it's Feb, there's enough concern that a contract, uno, there could be some delay in getting a contract underway just because of uh, something wrong with the bids or whatever.  &, & we could be in a position where the contractor doesn't have enough time to cut any trees down before 4/1. So - CLM: Indiana Bats.  JZ:  & I'm talking about, yeah, because we have Indiana Bat, uh requiremts not to cut trees down after 4/1, till 4/1, I mean Sept.  & uh, so we're thinking that we would, we would really need to have a separate contract, uh that we would award as soon as we can in the Fall, uh, to get those trees on the ground.


 DC:  On the ground & then you would include the, like you did on 3B, clean up in the contract & everything for the ground clearing.  JZ:  & clean up, right, but there'll be no major delay in const because - DC:  That worked well on 3B.  DM: So 10/31, we'll get started knocking 'em down?  JZ:  I believe that's right. 


5/20/02 Levee - Section  10 of  22


DA:  YH, If I, may I say a word?  Again, we faced the Indiana Bat issue in the past & at that time, if you will  recall, we were able to get uh, a group to come out & identify the um, potential bat tres & certify those trees as bat free.  & then we were able to proceed at an earlier date.  & I do believe we, we started an April clearing which uh -


JZ:  Well, let me, let me mention that in this, in this instance, we had our biologist go out with our civil eng.  & this area which is heavily wooded, uh from the g/p & uh, other areas along uh, &, & they found that uh, to our, to this biologist, there were a lot more potential bat habitat trees percentage-wise than, they've had, uno, this before, seen in other areas.  So he felt, uh they felt that it, it would be a huge job to try to even mark or indicate which all are bat-inhabited.  It would be smarter to just cut 'em all down, ok.  Because they're gonna have to be cut down anyway for, for the continuing const effort.  So that's, that's the _ _ _ _. 


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DM:  How soon can we let that contract?  Is that all once we get the land?  JZ:  As far as contract award, this is still, we still are in a situation where as of now, when the rules are, we can't award any contracts. 


TH:  Jim, Can I address that?  JZ:  Sure.  TH:  I um, I talked to uh, especially where you're saying, even if we get the add'l $4.6 Million that we need for this project, we're not in a position where we can award Phase 4B in the next FY.  Is that the interpretation?  JZ:  That's my understanding. 


TH:  Ok, I've talked to people & in Rep Joann Emerson's aprops staff who works for her on the aprops cmte, as well as a member of the aprops cmte staff.  Now they are not reading that into it.  Uh, uh, basically, there's at, the Bush administration had a policy with this budget of what they call No New Starts. It's my understanding in talking with cmte, that that is a similar policy that the Congress has had over the last 3 yrs.  Uh, which basically means no new project initiation studies, like a reconnaissance study or feasibility study or no new const starts.  IT DOES NOT include contract awards for projects under const. 


Uh, I talked with the member of the Emerson staff & they said, well that means every cgsm's project that, every cgsm who has a project under const, would be stopped in the middle of it.  Now uh, from what I'm gathering is, we get the money, if we do, which is gonna be a daunting task & I want to talk about that later, they should, they will be allowed to award the contract.  Now, Jim, are you hearing this from hdqtrs or are you hearing this from division?  JZ:  I'm, I'm really hearing it just from our own district staff. 


TH:  Right.  &, & so the bottom line is, that's gonna cause a MAJOR, MAJOR storm in Congress.  & the people in the aprops cmte deal with the Pres' budget, & I'm gonna try to talk with someone uh, in the COE, in their hdqtrs, or, or the ASA's office & try to get the definitive on that.  I had planned to do that this wk, but I've been on flood patrol.  & uh, but it's my understanding that if we get the money, you can proceed with 4B of the contract.  Lee, did you have anything to add on that? 


CLM:  Yeah, I had the earlier understanding that Jim was _ _ _ _ _ _ award the contract.  Last wk I was told _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ so what I suggested _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ St. L Dist has talked with 'em based on what they think they were told.  TH:  Right.  CLM:  What I would suggest _ _ _ is contact Jane Collins.  Do you know Jane? (no answer heard)  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .  JZ:  Ok.  CLM:  Ask her to check.  Jane Collins is the person in the dist office _ _ program_.  She's the one _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JZ:  I'll pass that - CLM: _ _ _ _ _ approps _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 


DM:  Would she know what the definition is, whether or not we - CLM:  Yeah, she - JZ:  She's well aware of, of what, what the difference is between no new project starts & no new contract awards.  CLM:  Go & check with her end & if she says that's _ _ _ _ _ _ too, that'll be good for her to check _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JZ:  I'll, I'll mention that you all have requested an update on the status of that &, &, & send it to - CLM:  Well, tell 'em that Tom has talked to members of the staff of the approps subcmte. 


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JW:  Tom, when will we, what's the deadline & will we know when & if the money is allocated?  TH:  The deadline for submission of requests was 3/29, but it's in.  Um, & Cgsm Akin submitted it, $4.6 Million & over & above the Pres' request for a total of $5.2 Million total. 


Um that, those bills will be marked up some time over the Summer.  Um that could range from anywhere from June to Aug depending how quick, how many marked up, they'll be set for cmte & passed thru cmte.  What's included in cmte, will end the bill in cmte & then they'll vote on it & send a rec (his abbrev, I suppose for recommendation) for the whole bill.  Then it will go to the House some time uh, later than that to be approved.  The Senate will have to approve their's & then when they get the final versions approved, they'll have to come work it out in conference.  & after that, that Pres has to sign it.  Uh, so it's a long process. 


In the last few yrs, they have NOT passed them.  The FY ends 9/30.  Uh, ideally, they're suposed to have all their aprops bills passed, but I don't think it's been that way for the past 10 yrs.  & what they usually do, come 9/1 or 10/1, they pass what they call CR's, Continuing Resolutions;  they fund the gov't at last yr's levels to keep it going till they sign the thing.  I think last yr it was signed;  it was passed in mid Nov if memory serves me correctly. 


So it's go long, it's a hurry up & wait process.  What our next step is, it is without ques, Cgsm Akin's #1 water & const priority.  & um, um, what our, what we need to do right now, & I'm in the process with my DC counterpart, is follow up, & try to schedule a follow up staffing mtg with the aprops cmte.  If not a member, not the Chariman, Mr. Callahan, certainly a member of his staff.  So that's where we are right there.  It is a pretty significant cut. But uh -


CLM:  Jeff, you never know what you're gonna get 'cause the House acts, basically the House of Reps, as uno, never get out of the House & see what the Senate comes back with & whether you can spend it.  Uno you're gonna get at least _ _ _ _ _ _ or not _ _ _ _ _, but ideally, we're trying to get the maximum amt - JW:  Right.  CLM:  from either side of the House.  As Tom said, it'll probably be late Oct _ _ _ _ _ _ bills all get signed.  JW:  Right.  CLM:  We'll know _ _ _ _ _ _ _ probably by Aug.


TH:  I can tell you this;  um, if other cong, there's about 435 other cgsm in this position & when they get money for an on-going levee const project, & then for their dist & their project & they're told they can't spend it, um you may have a revolution.  I am, from the people I've talked with at the Leg end, now I haven't talked to anybody in the Exec Branch, but the idea of no new starts is no different from the policy that Congress, but no new starts from the Pres, is no different from what the Pres, the Congress has had the last 3 yrs.  & basically, what they want to do on that is they want to freeze commitmts, uh, future financial commitmts, just uno, in, in cost-cutting measures. 


We've had a couple people ask for new studies & (someone coughts) studies, we've had to tell 'em no; nobody in Congress is gonna get one.  But uh, uno, it's, the idea of getting $4.6 Million which would be, if, if, if you could get that, would be, I'd be very grateful, uh, uh to God if I can say that at a public, quasi-public _ _ _.  Uh, & not being able to use it, is just silly.  & uh, & nobody - CLM:  The principle is that _ _ _ _ _ _ _amt of money  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _most of the time _ _ _ _ _ _ _  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 


JW:  Lee, if the worst scenario happened & they said we're not givin' ya, nobody across the country is gettin' a _ _ _ _ _ _, could the levee ever get back goin' again, started, if you had a break _ _ __ _ _ _ for some reason, uno, we're out of money, we can't worked for a yr or 2, can you come back?  That's all I'm asking. 


CLM:  The rationale behind - this is not the first time  _ _ _ _ _ _no new starts  _ _ _ appropriated.  Once the congress appropriates monies for the COE to start a schedule & award the first const contract to start const, _ _ _ _  _ _ _give 'em.  If you don't ever give 'em that first $, you don't have to argue with 'em about subsequent money.  That's the rationale behind that.  JW: Right. 


TH:  Who'd you hear that from last wk?  Do you know who you talked to last wk _ _ _ _ _ _?  CLM:  _ _ _ _.  TH:  Alright, um, ok, well, I, uno, when we go & we see what we know & I have more, I don't want to jump skip, but uh, the W County Chamber did write a letter to Cgsm Akin in support of the levee.  I guess I want to talk about when we get there _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


DM:  If we get only half the money, say $2.6, 3, can we do some of the phase or do we have to have all the money before we can let this next contract?  Can you break it down?  JZ:  A typical contract is funded on a, on a FY basis.  It has words in the language that says we've got this much money this FY & not promising Mr. Contractor any more than that.  But it's got this continuing clause saying that we'll get money for next FY & the contract can continue.  So the answer is I think that - DM:  _ _ _ _ mimimum amt we need to go ahead & work next yr, if we get below say, Jeff said _ _ _ $600,000, are we just dead in the the water?  JZ:  There is a mimimum amt & there is -


CLM:  Even if they got the minimum amt, there are other ways to add to that.  The dist, for example, may have another project that they can't use all their money for the program in their dist, the dist can move a division office (on a security move basis?) - JZ:  Money has been tighter this yr than it's ever been for the last 10 yrs, far as trying to get new money.  CLM:  Every yr, there's money that_ _ _ _ _a high priority project _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ start messin' with 'em.  There are a lot of ways to skin a cat.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _every penny  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ basically, like Jim said, yrs ago, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .  JZ:  That was a different time. We have to award _ _ _. 


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DC: I have to ask you a ques.  Are we takin' a back seat to Crystal City?  JZ:  I don't think you can compare one project - CLM:  You're talking about Flat Creek _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DC: They're bldg a levee.  CLM:  Yeah, this project has run _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _   DM: _ _ _ couple yrs _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DC: They're gonna be done with their levee the same time we're done, supposed to be done with ours.  That's what they're sayin', uno, & everybody is, uno. 


CLM:  That's a lot simpler project.  DC:  Well, I know that's a simpler project, but I mean it's not uh, uno.  JZ:  I guess they must be able to award their contracts from what you're saying.  DC:  They are gonna award their contract?  JZ:  I was just saying (chuckle), in order to meet that kind of a schedule - TH:  Because in theory, in that, they would be under this, if, if we, if, if Jim's interpretation of the - DC:  That's what I'm sayin' - TH:  is correct, they shouldn't be able to award a contract at all;  not for that project or for the one in Ste. Genevieve.


DC:  Right, I mean they've been talkin' these 2 projects on the, people come on the television & say, uno, well, we're on on way, we're gonna start later this yr - JZ:  If they're scheduled to award this FY, then that rule wouldn't apply.  TH:  They set a ground-breaking later in the yr.  Now I don't know if that means FY 02 or FY 03.  JZ:  If they would be awarding this FY, then they would not have that problem. 


MM:  What's the total length of their levee gonna be?  DC: The levee, 4300 ft.  MM:  4300 feet is total length for Crystal City.  What's the total length of ours?  JZ:  About 3.2 miles.  CLM:  Well, you can't even compare - MM:  I thought we only - DC:  No, we're, we're - MM: had to finish 3 point - JZ:  Well, no that was the total length - CLM: talkin' about - JZ: about 1.6 Million for the, I mean 1.6 miles for the remaining segment of the levee.  MM: Here?  JZ: Yeah.  DC: 700. There's almost 700 acres that we've got to build this, the 2nd part of the 4B


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JZ:  Let me point out just one more thing here that, uno, I was talking about the need to get this contract uh, underway to, to fell the trees.  & that would be in the g/p area & all along where there are trees in this Item 4B area.  Um, one of the things we're gonna have to accomplish is to satisfy the SHPO, uh that sent us a letter asking for a historic study & uh, some other uh, documentation of the g/p, ok, some photographs & drawings perhaps


Anyway, when, when Eric &, & Col & uh, & uh, the gentleman from Purdy (chuckle), Andy, was in the office, uh we had a little presentation from our historic, from our historian.  & Andy, I uh, I've got a draft report, Eric, from our historian - EM:  Right.  JZ:  Uh, it's just a draft;  it's pretty interesting.  I was looking it over before I came here & I thought I'd give you a copy & maybe you could pass it on to the _ _ _ city _ _ _ _ _use their cmts, but uh, it's only a draft.   But at least we have gotten this far.


EM:  We did talk to Alex Bork who's the historian on loan & that's compliments of the COE.  She indicated she would be happy to come down here to the city, the city hall, & uh, maybe have a mtg of the Historical Society, which she'll be happy to present her findings to the city.  & I, I don't know if she said, powerpoint fashion, or whatever, whatever fashion she can, uh because it's, it's very interesting. 


DC:  She found historical stuff in the g/p?!   DM:   Did she say what it might take before we can go ahead & start diggin' it up?  Just take some pictures or put up a flag, or -  EM:  All, all she's doing is uh, categorizing, well, she's com, compending I guess, um the archives that she's been able to find.  She, she went to the uh City of St. L Public Library, got a wealth of info, our own library here uh, she, she has several sources & I'm sure they're sending forth her uh, report.  But that should satisfy in large part, what the uh, Historical Preservation Officer is uh - JZ:  They want, they want to have documentation of what was there.  EM:  Before it's gone!


DM:  So once it's documented, then we can go ahead & they're satisfied, we _ _ _ _ _.  JZ:  We have to have their approval, uno, docs & then, then we can go ahead.  Without, without their permission, we really can't start working on the g/p.  TH:  Is this Historic Preservation inquiry coming from the state, not from fed?  JZ:  it's from the state level.  TH:  It's not, you don't anticipate it resulting in any delays or _ _ _ _ _?  JZ:  Umm, our historian (chuckle), Terry Norris, thinks that he can handle these things without any delays.  TH: Well, if there, if there are any delays, _ _ _ _ _ _ be certain to let me know_ _ -


DA:  How would the state, uno, how would that request be initiated in the state?  JZ:  They sent a letter, um, um as part of our 404 Permit process, the, the regulatory process.  Uh, they, they coordinated it with all the agencies & said here's where we stand & this, & they, & they described some things & the state, the SHPO wrote back saying we think this g/p may have historic importance & we'd like to have you do, well, they didn't say we'd like you to, you MUST DO, have an historical study done, &, &, uh, do some other things, & like photographs of certain things;  & if necessary, it says if necessary, you must do archeological studies.  Uh, & then your find, all of this has to be packaged up & be approved by the uh, nat'l uh, one of the Nat'l Historic Preservation - ?: Advisory Council.  JZ:  advisory council & historic preservation.


 DA:  There's very little chance of making a museum out of the g/f _ _ _ _ _. TH:  I've seen 'em make museums out of worse, so - JZ:  They just want to document, I think they just want to document what was there before it's gone.  EM:  Yeah, &, & they, they came to the conclusion that it was eligible for listing in the Nat'l uh Register.  But again, we're just, all we're doing is, is doing what they said to do & that's more or less of a cataloguing of what's existing out there, before it's destroyed.  JZ:  That's all I have...(exchange tapes)


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...EM:..from our new eng, uh, Weis Eng'g.  I received this on Fri.  Um, & actually it's, it's not by any means, a final plat.  Uh, what it is, is an overlay of their surveyor's drawings on the core plats.  Um, from there, this Wed or Thurs... (Start a new tape;  I had mistakenly turned the other tape over.) our appraiser, who's already appraised the area, but he has to do 2 appraisals.  He has to do an appraisal of the fair market value BEFORE the taking, & now that he knows what they're taking, there's a fair market value of the appraisal AFTER the taking;  so he'll do that.  We'll generate out a legal description as well as surveyor's coordinates on the plat like this, & uh, from there, we will go ahead &, & have the appraisal fwd'd to the COE for their approval


& then approach, & this is the Halamicek & the Pharoah property, then we approach the Halamicek's with their fair market value relative to the uh, real access road;  he has the ramp access.  & uh, Jim & I, &, & Chief uh, Wilkens discussed that.  That's not really a wamp access road, but rather it's going to be, it is the emergency road that exists there now, but it, it will not be a ramp.  It will be an access road.  JZ:  But it's actually uh, the more I think about it, I think it was, it's a, it's a ramp to get Jim on top the levee, - ?: Ok. - JZ:  but it's not for fire trucks, ok. 


EM:  It's, it's for maintenance purposes.  JZ:  It's for maintenance purposes.  DM:  Like the ramps that exist down here, those types of ramps?  JZ:  Yeah, it just, it, it gets you to the ramp.  DM: Like to get to a gate or - JZ:  & the ramp, the ramp, I think would probably begin down here where this, where it gets wider, ok.  & I guess that's not a bad description as a ramp.  It's a ramp access.  EM:  &, & it actually legitimizes what has been happening now, & that is, I think our emergency road actually encroaches on their property, so we get something that's some sort of esmt uh, on their ROW.  DC:  Well, it'll give us access to that gate up there too.  EM:  Precisely.  So this, this taking takes about 20%.  It's almost exactly 1 acre of a 5-acre tract. 


So that'll get us going & mtg with the surveyors too.  They'll give me a time table when they can go out & stake & survey the rest of the property because everything that Zambrana generated, was generated in Nov;  but they appear to be generated along the old plans & not new plans.  So e everything pretty much is being either done over, or their product is being reviewed by the new eng'g co, particularly in AL to see if it needs the current plates & also there's no utility (big pause) R'sOW put on the plans _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .  Uuumm, that's about it.  I've, I've talked to uh, at least 2 property owners;  on some uh, it'll be less than, than a uh, a full taking.  Uh, it's really uh, temp const esmts for areas on the north side of the ball diamonds, uh where we want to be able to fill uh, the, the spoilage that we can't use in the levee itself.  & they're coming generally to a con_ _ _ _ concessions.  Again, I, I, I don't have any eng drawings to give you at this point, or, or even close to being a legal document to, to, to generate. 


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JZ:  One, one thing that uh, our office needs a uh, back in 5 or 6 months ago, when we were talking with Zambrana, there was a city drainage problem, uh a storm sewer plan that the city worked out.  Does that, does that continue to be worked on?  -  ?: That was the one down on 3rd or one of the streets.  JZ:  They're gonna do - some talk that uh, about bring, bringing some grade - EM: I think this is something different.  They're talking about a, a drainage - generally speaking, you want a drain to, to Pharoah & have the Pharoah then drain everything toward the det basin. 


JZ:  That's, that's our current, our current design - EM:  Right.  JZ:  All the water, all the storm rainfall runoff, uh coming to the south on Pharoah St, the, the drain pipe that when, when it gets to the levee, it has to make a right turn & go into one of our pipes that goes to the g/p det area.  But uh, my recollection is that uh, there was some talk about the city putting in a different pipe coming from Marshall Rd, down into the g/p.  Uh, it would, it would stop some of that drainage & bring it directly into the - EM:  Right.  JZ:  Now I just don't know what the status of that is.  


EM:  Uno I, uno, they, they generated out a plan, uh to the city & uh, I don't know, uh, I know what the plan is;  I don't know what's ever happened;  they, they come & go & (then they pass?) it & (things?) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -


JZ:  Uh, I guess we'd like to get an update;  just get an update on that because they put it - if there is a plan, uno, see if any of those plans had put in a pipe directly into the - maybe it was a smaller pipe _ _ _ _ _ the toe of the levee & the other would be _ savings _ _ _ _ _ _. 


RW:  How come they want all that property acquisitioned _ _ _ rest of it?  I'm sure this is not the only piece.  EM:  Well - RW  Got options.  EM:  Again, this is the first documt I've had, that, it, it's been generated.  They will generate one of these documts for every parcel that we have to acquire.  I haven't seen _ _. 


RW:  Oh, so we optimally need 5 or 6?  EM:  Uh, I think we have a total of 11, &, &, & not all in fee, in, in, of various interests.  Some are just temp const esmts.  DM:  Why you say how long it'd take to get the others, or?  EM:  No, uh, they indicated that they finally got everybody together, meaning that I think - I'm, I'm very much uh a computer illiterate on this, but the COE has multiple drawings, utility drawings & this drawing & that drawing.  The COE sets everything electronically, _ _ _ _ _ & they convert it to formats that _ _ _ whatever, but evidently just this wk or last wk, they got the electronic format for land acquisition utilities that they didn't have, or -


JZ:  I get it tomorrow, we get it.  EM:  Whatever;  I mean there were problems with coordinates & they couldn't do anything.  & so they, & now they have their surveyor &, & it's - JZ:  Do you, do you know if they have manpower _ _ _?   EM:  Uno, especially when the flood waters were gettin' up, I, I made a call & I said kids gotta do this;  &, & they've approoched it  & they indicated it's their #1 priority project.  They, they need more manpower assigned.  RW:  Do they keep the bd apprised of what's goin' on, how many more we need?  EM:  Yeah.  RW: That representative of the bd?  ?: (yeah?)  


DM:  Does the COE sometimes do the line acquisition, or maybe if those guys don't have to worry about the converting, the COE do this, or _ _ _?  JZ:  Um, the - DM: Try to speed this up. 


JZ:  The technical process is the COE develops a detailed land acquisition requiremts drawing.   It, that lays out what we, what we need by specific coordinates on it.  & then the sponsor, uno, hires surveyors & engs & appraisers & negotiations, etc, etc, to get the esmts that we say we need.  Sometimes it's properties & sometimes a temp const esmt.  & the COE's involved because we have to approve your appraiser & approve the appraisals &, & we get your surveys & we, we send our, your surveys off to one of our surveyors to check & make sure they're accurate.  We do a lot of checking.  Typically, it's the sponsor -


JW: Eric, do you have the money to buy this now, even if it's done?  EM:  Well, we will have by 7/17.  That's when we're buying.  That's, that's the apprising date for the bond issue.  JW:  That's what I'm saying.  You couldn't buy it today if you wanted to?  EM:  Oh, this piece of property?  JW:  Yeah.  EM: Oh, yeah.  This can be bought. 


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DC:  Does this include any of the property that uh, Mr. Halamicek, he said he donated to the city?  EM:  Um, he, _ _ uh - DC:  Well, that's what he told me.  EM:  Yeah, I guess he did.   Um, that's the property to the uh, east.  DC: To the east there on that - EM:  Yeah, see it says Valley Material?  DC:  Right.  EM:  Yeah, it's, it's 2 separate pieces of property.  Valley Material is uh, held corporately & then the property to the, the west here is uh held by him in a revocable trust.  It's 2 separate parcels; &, & it does, I mean everything to the right, is, is set forth & we already have that in hand. 


RW:  How much concrete you gotta move outta there?  Do you know yet?  EM:  Don't know!  & that's the contractor's problem.  No trees to clear tho!  RW:  Might as well be! (chuckle) It's gonna cost the same amt of money, if not more.  JW:  Cheaper to move a tree.  RW:  Yeah. 


DC:  No, he just told me that he, he donated that property.  I, he was on a tour with me on the g/p & that's when he said they had donated that parcel of ground & they wanted it, uno, they were concerned about how much more area that they wanted back up there.  I don't know whether he donated it or not (chuckle). 


EM:  Well, he, he did.  It was part of an exaction for a, a (handful?), he did.  JW: Trade off.  EM: He, he's been given a, a copy of this was fax'd to them on the same day that I (fax'd it toward the press?), so they know _. 


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DC:  I guess we go to Item B, city cost share for the project & TPC.  Have we already discussed, did we discuss that?  JZ:  Cost est hasn't changed since the last time Eric _ _ _ _.  I don't think there's anything to discuss tonight.  DC: Ok. Item C, fed & sponsor funding for FY 02 & 03.  RW:  I think Tom done talked about that one. 


TH:  Well, I mean, yeah, it's uh - DC: Ok.  TH: we need 5.2 Million.  & we've got 600,000 right now & we've submitted the request for 4.6 Million.  Um, as I said, it's #1 priority.  We're getting in the process right now of trying to follow up.  I'll probably will be traveling to Wash DC & meet with the cmte & express the importance. 


I guess there's a couple things that I'd like to lay the goundwork for.  The city of, or the W Cty Ch of Commerce came in & wrote a letter to Cgsm Akin, uh in strong support of the levee.  Uh, what I'd like to kind of take to this aprops mtg is uh, a letter maybe.  Could there be a letter from the city, signed by the mayor & bd of ald?  &, uh, if there are any, the business assn & any other businesses in the area, I'd like to generate some correspondence. 


Eric, I talked to our gal up there, uh, demanded, she said she has not gotten the flood pictures yet.  I don't what happened.  Uh, uh is there any way that I can get a copy?  I'd like to definitely show them the front of the, it doesn't matter what flood, the worst flood, but - EM:  I've got a copy out in my car.  I, I, I, it was all sent by Fed Ex. TH: Right, & uh, our mail is, when you send Fed Ex to our office, since 9/11, because of the anthrax scares at Mr. Daschle's office & a couple other offices, uh, it has to go get what they call irradiated, I guess.  It's a process where they try to sterilize the mail & it goes somewhere in Ohio & it has the uh, the uh, affect of delaying your mail even further (chuckle). 


EM:  I sent it directly to your, her home address to bypass that.  TH: Right, & I asked her if she had it.  She said no & I said, 'well, could you check, uno, because she's been gettin' a lot of stuff at, at her home address because we've been trying to avoid the - EM:  I, I can give it to you.  TH:  Uh, I'd like to be able to stick it in front of them & say this is, uno, the record flood.  This could very easily happen again.  We face this  -  EM:  I'll drive it to your office tomorrow.


TH:  Do you have it in your car?  You don't have to drive to the office.  Can you give it to me tonight?  EM:  Yeah, let me make sure I have the copies.  TH:  Yeah, if you don't, yeah, I, I want to take copies;  I don't want to take your own, but I think that would be very helpful.  All I can say is it's the #1 priority.  I don't think that uh, any other dist project really needs any, any major type of funding except this one. 


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& uh, uh, I just want to have all this stuff ready right now.  I guess you can address these letters to Cgsm Akin. Uh, I don't know what point, _ _ just bring 'em.  Uh, I may get back in _ _ _ _ _ _ need 'em addressed to the aprops chair.  Uh, but uh, I don't know how, how good or important that's going to be.  I'd like to coordinate 'em whether they're addressed to Cgsm Akin or, or Chairman Callahan thru our office.  A lot of people before, have tried sending stuff uh, to the aprops cmte chair & they're so beseiged with p/w & things like that, that if it's not coming thru a Cgsm, I, I would tend to think it finds the trash since they're at a premium for space up there,  processing all these requests. 


But I do think we need to generate some significant local correspondence whether it be from the VPBA or the City of VP.  I think the W Cty Chamber helps out a great deal.  I would love to get one from MODOT, uh because I understand Rte 141 does cover.  Uh, I can talk to them about that, uh see what that is. 


But uh, we're looking, I think at a, maybe a June timeframe where we're gonna go up there & try & meet _ _ _ _  with the staff, along, uh with the new Chairman.  & uh, uh, we'll also be working with Cgsm Emerson's office, who sits on the aprops cmte, MO's own member on the aprops cmte.  & uh, uno, & Sen Bond will be very crucial in this fight as well because he sits on the aprops cmte.  & uh, his job, uh I guess, would be to, to, to see if it goes thru the Senate _ _ _ _ _ _ _


It's a lot of money to request for one project, uh, all I can say is we'll do, we're freshmen cgsm & we'll do the best  we can to move fwd.  But uh, it's a tight yr & uh, uno, the, the COE's budget across the bd for these flood control projects, uh env'l projects, or, or uh, operation maintenance, const maint has been cut first.  I don't expect the existing cuts to stand because Congress will do something about it.  & I do think the Pres has to come thru either way.  Uh, how much of it is restored, is _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  It's my rule to try to get the _ _ _ _. 


DM: Is this letter basically requesting the money, or what, or just say we appreciate the support, or what all _ _ _ - TH:  No, no, this would be a letter that basically says I've gotten several letters that came thru the City of VP from residents, uh, that were expressing support of the project.  & uh I guess you would want to include in there, make the funding or support for the funding request, the add'l 4.6 Million (for uh 205.2?) Million.  Why it's important, uno, what it protects;  when the project was authorized;  uh, it's experienced uh for a variety of reasons, uno, uh, maybe some unfortunate uh, delays.  I don't know;  maybe I wouldn't, but uh, just make, _ _ _ _ help your case;  what it protects, & uno, who _ _ your population, how many businesses, uno, & the State Hiway 141. 


Uh, that's what was included in our, if need be, I can give you a sample copy of a letter that Cgsm Akin sent to Chariman Callahan.  But uh, it's, we've gotta generate interest on this.  Uh, I, I think to error on the side of uh, uh, just send, address the letter to Cgsm Akin & it's my hope that we'll be able to bring those into the cmte mtg, with uno, the Chairman.  Hopefully with the Chairman & his staff.   & uh, & uh, uno,  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  a good portion of _ _ _ _ _. ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DC:  Do we - (a few laugh quite heartily) TH: Well, there's no requiremt! 


DC: Do we need to make a recommendation that the bd of ald & the mayor vote this letter & get it, or is this just gonna be just  a recommendation from the Cmsn _ _ _ _?  TH:  Well, I just, I'm just sayin', I think it would be helpful.  JW:  I'll move in that direction.  DC:  I've got a motion;  do I hear a 2nd?  2nd to uh, recommend to the uh, mayor that uh, they send the letter to the uh, to uh, take the, I don't, what  -


TH:  support for the funding request, support for the funding request & for, uno, the levee itself.  Uno, you can put that it's 60% complete, uh, putting in 600,00 now would be, delay the project uhhh, significantly more.  & I, I don't know, it think it would have an effect of driving the cost of it up so much that uh, I don't know, I think it'd be a very, a tough  _ _ um, because it's so uh, um, a yr delay at this time, I don't know if, uno, a yr delay would be I think catastrophic at this time.  & it could be more than that.  So um, I think that, uno, this is a project that is under const.  This is not something that's new or started. 


This is a project that was authorized in what 1986?  Uh, it was authorized after the Meramec Dam Project.  Uh, & then modified for it's authorization after the PL 8499.  &, Jim, if I don't have this right, please correct me.  But I think it's, it's final, final authorization came in '86.  So, uno uh, uno, it's just been a long time & for a variety of different reasons _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ran out of support for this. 


& uh, um, I'd like to be armed with a lot of documentation _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DC:  How about including one of those from the uh, fire dept?  & also, the uh Bus Assn of the City of VP?  TH:  I think those would be very good moves, uno, um - DC: or anybody else, Mayor, that you could, uno, that you could think of would be - TH:  One from the fire dept or EMA would be very helpful; VP Bus Assn &, & definitely the school dist.


DC:  I'm sure you won't have any problem with getting one from the school dist.  TH:  & I've already got one from the W Cty Chamber which is very helpful.  I can send a copy of the W Cty Chamber _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to the chairman.   DC:  & you do have some kind of a letter that we can compose or something?  TH:  It's basically, mainly selling your case to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DC:  All in favor of that motion? (some, possibly all aye) Ayes have it. 


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RC:  Mr. Chairman.   DC: Yes.  RC:  Would it be a good idea to get one from FEMA?  TH:  Could we get one, Russ?  RC: A letter from FEMA, why not?  They're gonna get a BUUUNCHA money.  TH:  They're gonna get what?  RC:  They s/b getting a bunch of money comin' up this yr.  TH:  Um, oh, for, for disaster assistance?  RC:  Yes.  TH:  Yeah, but they're not gonna use that money for this, for levees.  RC?:  You have to in a disaster.


TH:  Well, problem I have with FEMA is, Eric, didn't a while back, we had some restricted covenants with them?  FEMA is very difficult to deal with.  EM:  They're kind of anti-levee.  They like, they like a natural, rather than levees.  _ _ _ _ _ _.  TH:  They like uh, they want everything to be like Venice & uh, I just, I don't know, Russ.  RC:  Well, I, I didn't, I wasn't aware of that.  TH:  No, I mean I don't know how much coop we'd get out of em.  We may alert 'em & they may not, uno, knowing them, I just don't know if it's worth it.  But, but thanks.


DC:  Is that all we have on uh, fed sponsor funding & that? 


5/20/02 Levee - Section  21 of  22


Okay, Item D is Maureen Morris on the levee.  MM:  Yes, can anybody here tell me what flood designation #8 Arnold Dr is?  DC:  What flood - MM: What flood designation it is for people that want to get flood insurance - there's evidently a, a number on the FEMA map or something.  EM:  AO.  MM:  It's AO, as in apple, orange?  Okay. 


Um, & then somebody else wanted me to ask, like, Eric, when you got the bonds for the city for the levee, if you benefited financially in any way, uno, other than your regular payck?  EM:  Like if a check came back with those?  MM:  I don't know (Others are commenting indecipherably at the same time & JW laughs heartily.) MM:  I don't know, it's called a kickback or consulting fee, or finders' fee or something.  Is there anything like that?  EM:  No, I, I didn't get any money.  MM: Okay, thanks. 


DC: About the only thing you get out of that, Eric, is a lot of headache, right?  JW: Did you ever see that - EM: You should tell your friends, tho - JW: where he didn't get anything out?  EM:  if they want, uh, they would refer to somebody else, & maybe they'll get those big kickbacks.  MM:  Tku. Tku.  DC: (chuckling) Ok. Alright.


TH: Could I ask a ques?  I had a ques for the constituents.  I should know this, but uh, once the land is bought for the levee, where the levee goes, who owns that land?  Is that COE or is that the city?  & maintenance eventually, when, when it's done, will go back to the city, right?  DC:  We have a contract with the COE now to maintain the levee as far as the grass cutting & also, uno, we have to close the gates & all that.  We do have that.  Ok.  Does that answer your questions, Maureen?  MM:  Yeah, tku.


5/20/02 Levee - Section  22 of  22


DC:  Okay, the next levee cmsn mtg is 6/17 & it's set up to be at the COE, at the Dist Office, at the Rob't Young Bldg.  Uh, I guess you'll get us some, will you get us some, send us maybe a fax or something on this, Jim, & everything maybe to - JZ:  Here, I'll send you info where it is & how to get there (in or &) time.  DC:  Ok, I, I mean we'll all be familiar, but it'll be, uno, all I can tell you is if you go down, be sure you don't bring your uh, pocket knives & things like that, or you won't be able to get in. 


JZ:  Um, is there interest on the part of the um, the bd of ald to - I mean the way Eric mentioned it before, was that the bd of ald may want to attend this mtg as well.  ?:  Yeah.  EM:  We'll, we'll, we'll report it all to the bd of ald.  ?:  Is Martin playing golf?  DC: I think uh, if we get the info by the 1st mtg & uh, get a bd of ald, in uh, June, uh, we'll tell them then that they're invited to this mtg & where it's gonna be, because we have our ald mtg the 2nd Mon of the month, so we _ _ _ _ _  make plans to - JZ:  Do you have one ald mtg a month?  DC:  2, we have one the 1st Mon & then the 3rd Mon.


MM:  Dave, & there'll be a regular levee mtg after that in July?  DC:  No, there won't be, we won't, that'll be our regular, that'll be our June mtg.  JW:  Is that thing open to the public, this mtg, or just to city officials or can a resident, can a resident show up & come in here or what the, is there a - JZ: I think what we have in mind is to have city officials & the COE team.  JW:  That's not what I have in mind;  it's what you guys have in mind.  You're the one who introduced it..  JZ: Oh, come on, you're the one who re - the ald are, are requesting a mtg.


EM: Yeah, these mtgs are open to the public.  Uh, they so want to come, I mean it'll be posted out here.  DC:  Right, it'll be posted.  So I mean it'll be just like a levee cmsn mtg.  I think anybody that wants to attend it, will be welcome to attend. 


MM:  But then in July, there'll be a regular levee mtg.  DC:  In July, there'll be, we'll go back to July, a reg levee mtg.  MM:  Yeah.  DC:  Ok, uh, I guess that covers it to 8A & 9;  I need a motion to adjourn.  RW:  You got it.  DC:  I hear a 2nd?  JW:  2nd.  DC:  I have a motion & a 2nd.  Uh, all in favor? (some, possibly all aye)  Thank you gentlemen.





5/20/02  To:  Mayor, VP Levee Cmsn, City Atty & BOA

Subject:  Progress/Coordination Report on Levee & Structures.


On 4/18/02, an on site inspection was made by Gary Camp, John Boeckmann of USACOE Hydraulic Branch Regulatory Section & myself.  This inspection was done to familiarize Mr. Boeckmann who will be replacing Mr. Camp who is retiring in 10/02.  Briefed Mr. Boeckmann on our emerg op plan using certain sections of levee during a flood.


On 4/23/02, I met with Jonathan Baer, an env'l scientist for DG Purdy & Assoc, Inc.  We did a very thorough tour of the completed sections of the levee & of the ROW sections of Item 4B.  Mr. Baer is working on a plan & design for the env'l mitigation on the project.