MOPR'S  10/7/02   VP   BOA   MTG   MINS

Notes:  This is only a transcript of my comments (& EM's response) at this mtg because Mary Shapiro of the Press Journal wanted a copy.  This transcript will be replaced with that of the entire mtg ASAP which will regrettably will be a while. 

Present:  RH, TB, DA, RS, JW, BL, RC.  Also DM & EM.     Absent:  PP.

... DM:  Under the levee, Maureen Morris asked to address the bd.


MM:  Please make my comments here part of the City's Journal.  My name is Maureen Morris.  I own commercial property at #8 Arnold Drive.  It provides me with rental income & the city with guaranteed tax revenue even when I suffer losses on it.


At the 9/3/02 bd mtg, I informed everyone that EM's developer associate had offered me $100,000 for my property in 4/98, tho his deal did not close.  Furthermore, that only due to threats of condemnation, I told Martin in 10/2000, I would settle for 125,000.  I also informed everyone on 9/3 that I am receiving rental income of $995/mo +ut, & that on 8/30, Martin had offered me $53,000.  Apparently Martin, his appraiser, Demba, & others think that 53,000 will afford me a replacement property at this point in time, that will generate my same income! 


Currently, Ald Stuart is willingly offering to sell his residential property for $169,000 which is evidently fair market value or close to it.  His property is in the floodplain as is mine.  Later, in that 9/3 bd mtg, Ald Stuart & all of the other ald, except Whitteaker, voted to condemn my property! 


I DO NOT WANT to sell my property.  I DO NOT believe it is needed for the levee or infrastructure, or even to eliminate blight, which is only financial profiling.  My property is only needed for the city & other individuals to profit from it, since it's value is beginning to soar & despite the facts that I have owned & maintained it thru 15 years of floods.


Only part of my front yard was required supposedly for the levee, until I talked to Elliott Davis at the 8/19/02 levee mtg & corrected Ald Adams' 3.5 mile levee figure to 3.l, as he talked to Mr. Davis.


I would still like to know where the 5, 6 or maybe 7 now, proposed levee footprints & official levee meeting minutes are.  The public & I should be able to see what's changed causing you to need all of my property suddenly.  I would also like to know why the so-called levee at Arnold's Landing supposedly needs to be twice as wide as the real levee is in other places.  I believe it is fill to improve my property.  Jim Zerega of the COE said underseepage.  I do not believe that! 


If my greatly improved property is needed to eliminate blight, why is the dilapidated property at #6 Arnold to be left as is, except for the city taking only a small portion of the front yard?   Please visit my website to review your own 5/20/02 Arnold's Landing Resolution & Ald Adams' comments that Arnold's Landing properties would not be taken by the city, etc. 


Sunday morning a week ago, I received a Condemnation Summons to a hearing for the 24th of this month.  For your information, whenever this fiasco is finished, I intend to sue the city & each responsible alderman for any & all losses that I suffer.  I wonder if Martin will be around to deal with the ramifications that will befall this city due to such underhanded actions.  I would like to hear comments from each of you now.  Thank you, gentlemen! 


DM: Mr.Martin, would you like to respond _________ ?  EM: Um, the bd obviously is welcome to make any comments they want, but I would caution the bd that, that it's obviously in litigation.  We have not been able to agree on ah, a fair market value for the property & thus, we've gone to condemnation.  There is a hearing scheduled.  She's correct; it's Oct. 24th. The judge will make a determination at that point, uh whether or not the city has the ability to condemn the property & will appoint 3 disinterested cmsnrs who will go out & view the property & after a hearing, establish ah, a fair market value _______ .  So that's where we're at right now.  MM:  I thought you were supposed to have offered me fair market value;  53,000 is fair market value? (silence) EM:  I, I have nothing more to say ________ .  MM: (sarcastically) Thank you!  EM: It's in litigation.  MM: (sarcastically) Thank you, each & every one of you except Ald Whitteaker. 


DM:  DC, do you have anything under Emergency Mgmt?  DC: No.  DM:  Parks & Recreation.  ________ do you want to speak?   (ETC )