Notes:  (All dates here are the yr 2003.)  On 2/3, about 7:25 pm, on city hall's parking lot, RC informed me that:  there is no mtg tonight;  DM was attending a St. Louis County Public Hearing tonight regarding a dump transfer (& RC mentioned the former Peerless Park);  he had informed DM that you can't move a mtg, you have to cancel it & call a special bd mtg.  RC continued, telling me that a mtg would be held at city hall on 2/4.  

Upon my 2/4 arrival at city hall, at 7:25 pm, there was obviously no mtg.  When I got home, I called DM.  His wife, Marcy, answered the phone & informed me that RC, RS & BL had said they would not be attend the 2/4 mtg.  She continued that regardless of whether the total # of ald is 7 or 8,  5 ald must be present in order to make a quorum, conduct an official mtg with mins, votes, decisions, etc, otherwise it is considered an unofficial mtg or a mtg cancelled by default;  so the 2/4 bd of ald mtg was cancelled by default, since there would've been no quorum.  She added that no one person is responsible for cancelling a mtg;  it is considered cancelled by default.

On 2/6, I double checked about all of this & Marcy said regarding the 2/3 St. Louis County Public Hearing, in addition to DM attending, RS, BL, JW, & possibly TB, had attended it.  Furthermore, she heard that 2 ald had called city hall on 2/5 to have a special bd of ald mtg on 2/6.  On 2/6 about 4:45 pm, I called & PP said this 2/6 Special Bd of Ald mtg is posted.  When I asked what was on the agenda, he responded, "firing me & old business". 

I will not be attending the mtg tonight because I'll be transcribing levee tapes.