Notes:  VCOE stands for vitability, constructability, operability & env'l review.  The COE had sent out their P&S, asked for & received cmts from a lot of people within the COE, other agencies & the city, via a new internet system called Dr. Checks.  The purpose of this mtg, was to review those P&S & cmts. 


Ed Harrawood & I went to this mtg at the COE's St. Louis Headquarters, 7th fl, 1222 Spruce St, Downtown, St. Louis;  I intended to tape, transcribe & post it on MOPR.ORG.   Present, at around 8:30 am, mtg start time, were:  DC, DM, JZ;  I believe Greg Bertoglio, COE Geotech;  2 women & about 4 or 5 other men.  Sitting beyond the table, waiting for others to arrive & the mtg to start, Ed & I were talking privately when JZ & DM approached us. 


JZ stated they had just talked to the COE's Office of Counsel & since this mtg was not open to the public, he'd have to ask us to leave.  Ed said it was taxpayers' money, but agreed to leave.  My promise to not interrupt made no difference & JZ would not allow me to leave my recorder on there. 


Just before Ed & I left, I asked JZ, "What are operating units?"  Replying to his puzzled expression, I said that operating units had been mentioned in some of the levee mtgs;  & as I understood, the units were in connection with the contaminated ground water & relief wells around the g/p area.  JZ said he didn't know what operating units were.  (Ref:  LEV20020415-7 & LEV 20020819-19)