Notes: Mtg adjourned at 9:45 pm.  Mr. Colin Kearns of the Post-Dispatch attended this mtg.


Present:  RH, TB, DA, JKB, MW, DM, EM, JW, RC, BL, KT.




(Towards the end of the mtg)


...JM:  Vance Rd sidewalk, Phase 2, the plans are in St. L County right now for review;  & it's only Phase 2.    Phase 3 will be bid out for contract & they're reviewing the plans & the final permits are being sought (someone coughs) you have to have permits to be workin' on road or their ROW _ _ _ _.  KT:  That's Phase 2 _ _ _?  JM:  Phase 2 pretty much consists of somewhere around the nursing, I'm sorry, the nursery, towards _ _ _  where it's _ _.  Phase 3 will be somewhere around from the nursery _ _ _  property towards, across the bridge & up the levee.  DM:  Including the bridge.  KT:  Ok, so Phase 3 has not been -


JM:  _ _ & it's, it's not been started.  Tom has - I say that he has been reviewing the plans.  His cmts to me this evening was there's a lot of detailed work to be changed & redone on the previous eng's plans.  & uh, of course, we have to complete Phase 2 before Phase 3 can be bid out, in my opinion, _ _ we use it on.  KT:  I can understand that, but can you give us, has he given you a (someone coughs) date?  JM:  No, he didn't.  He just said the plans are in St L County's hands.  & once we get 'em, it's how fast the mayor wants me to stop doing the other items before I do Crescent _ _ _ _ _ . 


DM:  Once we get 'em, it's gonna be a high priority, but - JM:  9th St & Vest are storm water pipes - RC: Ques, YH, about the _ _ _ .  DM:  About what?  RC: About Vance before he goes.  RC:  Where's the bridge at?  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  Phase 2, Phase - MM:  Excuse me, RC, could you please use your microphone?  RC:  Where's, where's the bridge at?  JM:  It's in Phase 3, RC. 



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9th St & Vest, storm water project, the contractor has started on this project.  We have ran into 2 different utilities in 2 different places.  The water coming in, has to relocate 2 water mains & the gas co has to relocate 2 gas mains.  We're gettin' a bonus out of the water co unless they've changed their minds since last Fri when I spoke with 'em.  If they have to shut the town down, the lower end of town down to put in a shut-off valve, they're supposed to be gonna put 3 strategically placed valves in that's been needing to be done for a long time.  I haven't got a definite _ _ .  If they can shut the water down &, & relocate this thing without puttin' the valve in, then we're just gonna get that.  They're working on that & that's a process. 


TW, plus the eng, are both working on Laclede Gas & that;  that's with all the const & things like that.  That's what we're waiting;  it's real hard to have 'em committed to a date.  But as soon as the water lines are relocated, the contractor will be back on the job, finish the lane & (leave?) pipe on the east side of the road.  I believe that concludes my report.     



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RC:  YH, it's on the agenda part.  I've got a couple of residents who uh, (wants or once?) uh, filled some fill in a backyard & another one's getting a little concerned about the fact that might start dumpin' _ _ _ _ _ _ & this has been goin' on for at least 3, 4, 5 yrs, I don't know.  & what I'd like to do is uh, I kind of need for somebody here at city hall to look into this & see if there were permits for - DM:  Is this for 225 uh Crescent.  RC:  Yes, sir.  I need to make sure that uh something is kind of in the works here so we can get an idea if we fulfilled excavation permit uh, for there or if it's filling the - _ _ I, I, I, I don't know what to exactly do here.  I don't think it's for P&Z issue.  I know we usually, that's what everybody used to do when I was sittin' on it.  They'd throw it in there.  I think this is probably, this could be a PW thing, but - DM:  Is this Mr. Willard?  RC:  Yeah.  What do you know about that?


JM:  I could tell you what I know & I couldn't tell you where to find it on record 'cause it happened before I started in this position, RC.  Back when JW was here, I don't know who the atty was & who or what was after that, but he had indicated _ _ the city & you was probably an ald at the time.  He was given some type of a bill for that, um, at that time.  I couldn't, I couldn't direct you to where it is or anything of that nature, but I know it took place & that's how that got started, but it's obviously fillin' in.  RC:  Can we revisit that, YH?  & see if there needs to be some different contouring done or something like that?  


DM:  I was out there Friday, talking to the gentleman.  Does look like it's, right now it's now, but if he continues _ _ filling - RC:  It's really gonna flood out that one.  & I, I, I don't believe there was uh, any permits going to allow that, so.  But I, I would think since some of our fill's actually goin' in there, uh, I would think that uh, maybe JM would want to work with uh, both of 'em & try to figure out how to solve that problem.  JM:  Is that the one that I guess was supposed to be, I got 225 Crescent.  What's the other address.  RC:  It'd be uh - JW:  The neighbor.  RC:  The neighbor.  DM:  I believe it's 223;  _ _ _ .  RC:  It's uh Miss Brocks' area.  Just see if you can find _ _ _ - DM:  Look at the dirt & you can see the way he pushed it around a little bit.  RC:  See if you can find a peaceful solution there, will ya? 


JW:  You think, uh, when TW is out runnin' around, that him & Jim could look at that 'cause I'm sure no fill permit permits you for unlimited filling.  'cause I had the same phone call that I guess some other people got.  & I know the city has saved some money by dumpin' up there theirself, but there's gotta be an end to how far you can fill.  DM: That's right;  could cause flooding in somebody else's yard.  JW:  Yeah.  JM:  I can place a call to the gentleman & ask him.  JW:  _ _tension _ _ _ - JM:  Yeah, & to stop, uno, _ _ enough fill in there.  JW:  I would think the city should stop him immediately myself.  RC:  YH,  I just want it to be brought to a final peaceful solution there, if you can.  I think _ _ _ _ _.   JM:  Tku.  DM:  Tku, JM. 



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DM: A couple items that I apologize for missing here.  RC asked about seniority & vacation for the city clerk.  RC:  The answer is, is it less than a yr or more than a yr.  DM:  I believe that's up to the bd, so what's your motion, please?  _ _ _ _  - RC:  I'm just askin' a ques, YH.  DM:  So am I.  (audience giggles)  Is there a motion that, for the vacation?  Gave her a heart attack from before, or any time, or no time, or full time?  RH:  I'll make a motion to reinstate her...



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...KT: YH, there was one more thing;  it's just really a small question;  yes or no.  JKB?:  No. (many laugh)  KT: that I'd like to ask EM.  JW:  He won't retire.  (audience is cracking up)  KT: May I address him?  DM:  What's it pertaining to?  KT:  Whether the - DM:  Is this a 10 second - KT:  Whether the mtgs, the levee mtgs are uh, closed mtgs, or are they open mtgs for the public, the ones downtown? 


EM:  Um, uno, I'm just a participant in those.  &, &, &, & the mayor is an invited guest of the Army COE.  Um, they're certainly not bound by the City of VP ordinances.  & so you're really asking the wrong person.  I don't know what they're law is in regard to that.  I, uno, on behalf of, I guess, the COE - DM:  The short answer is check with the COE.  EM:  Yeah, you're,  you're cordially invited to attend & you have, but I, I don't know if they're -


DM:  I mean not to be, I mean since, _ kind of (often did?) anyway, I guess I could give you JZ's phone # & then he could give you his mtg 'cause there's a mtg that was, if he felt it could be getting into litigation areas, so they - & if so he closed the other mtgs, then open, it'd have been strictly eng'g. 


KT:  Ok, then I'll 2nd the motion to adjourn.  DM:  All in favor of the motion to adjourn, say aye.  (some, possibly all aye)  Opposed?  (none heard)  Mtg's adjourned.