Present:  RH, TB, DA, JKB, MW, DM, EM, JW, RC, BL, KT.





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DM: MW, could you take roll, please.  (see above)  Quorum present;  call this BOA mtg for 12/1/03 to order.  (Pledge allegiance)  DM:  RH, anything to add to the agenda?  RH:  Forest Ave under TW here tonight.  DM:  Anything else?  RH: _ _ _ _.  (TB, DA & JKB have nothing)  JW: I just have one _ _ item _ _ _.  RC:  Uh, one item, YH, I'd like to ask what the exact amount of Fund 17 is. _ _ cover that _ _.  (BL has nothing)  KT: I would like to talk about the _ _ _ _ _. 


DM:  _ _ under P&Z, Mr. Goward's asked to speak (someone coughs) McBride _ _ _ P&Z _ _ to speak.  Is there a motion to approve the agenda as amended?  DA:  So moved.  DM:  2nd?  JKB: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote, none heard opposed)  Bd mtg mins from 11/17, what's the bd's pleasure?  JW:  Move approval.  DM:  2nd?  KT:  2nd.  DM:  Motion & 2nd.  q/c? (voice vote, none heard opposed)  Licenses & permits, MW, are there _ _ _?  MW:  No.  DM:  Aldermanic Cmte Reports - P&Z, Mr. (Goward?), you care to step up to the microphone & state your name & issue? 



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MrG:  Tku, Mr. Mayor, ladies & gentlemen of the Bd;  my name is Steve (Goward?), McBride & Son Homes, #1 McBride & Son Ctr.  Um, I guess several wks ago, we had a request in for our escrow releases & it's worked out that your Cmty Dev Dir to release certain percentages of those line items.  We have worked thru it & thought there was reasonable amts that we were requesting.  They were agreed upon by both parties, but for some reason, this bd decided to cut those amts & basically, to release no more than 50% of any one line item.  Uhm, we weren't present at the mtg & not sure why that action was taken;  I'd love to hear why uh those steps were taken to release those amts. 


DM:  Anyone on the bd care to respond?  DA: YH, um I believe on that particular motion that it was my thought that we should let the _ Cmty Dev Dir do, uno make his recommendations based on what our codes & what the law says.  I don't know, but I suppose it reduced that amt & if I did, that's, certainly I still believe it's up to the person that we hired as a professional to make sure the job was done right by our own codes _ _ _ _ release that money _ _ _ _ _ _ -


DM:  JEM, what are the percentages that you recommend at this time?  TB: YH, I believe at that time, we were discussing we would really uh hold something back for expenses because _ _ _ _ _ enough money in _ _ for that _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 


JEM:  In order for me to make a recommendation for uh release of escrow, I'd have to go out & evaluate how much more work has been done since the original discussion.  But at the time, we were, I was recommending 90% on grading, 80% on erosion control, 80% on streets, 90% on storm sewer, 90% on the detention basin, 95% on the streets & 50% on the common ground.  The vote of the bd was to release 50% as I understand.  I sent Mr. Goward a letter on 10/23 explaining to him that he could reduce his irrevocable letter of credit by $80,644.89, which is 50% of those line items.  It was authorized by the vote as I understood.  So my recommendation for escrow release is probably going to be higher in some areas & may include add'l areas that weren't on the original escrow release request because that work has been done since the time, since Oct. 


DM:  Mr. G, were you charged percentages that JEM just listed there?  Would that be - were you looking for 90% across the bd or what _ _?  MrG:  Uh, I think it could be re-looked at briefly with JEM, uh 90% of the _ _ _ request on _ _ _ the detention pond.  Everything else, yes, we can go back & try to ask for 90% release across the bd _ _. 


Just real quick, _ _ McBride came into the city & brought you guys a wonderful subdivision.  There's 22 homes in there.  There's already 21 of those homes under, under _ _ _ & I believe there's 12 of 'em that are already occupied;  there's already sod in 10 of the yards.  Anybody that's driven thru there uh certainly know that there's been over 50% of the work completed in that subdivision.  Uh the remaining 10% that would remain in escrow should be more than adequate, enough of an amt to take over maintenance of the streets until 100% _ _ _ _ _.  & I understand it was brought up that there was a subdivision in the past that uh McBride was deficient on something?  I'd love to hear about that. 


RC:  I recommend you go down to the end of Crescent Ave just before you get to Summertree & talk to the last 2 people _ McBride _ _...(exchange tapes)...MrG: ...we purchase developed lots.  RC: YH, like I said, I think that's the right answer because ya, ya probably need to hear this from the people that watched that happen.  They _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - MrG:  I understand.  Once again, Mr. Causey, we did not develop _.  McBride's never developed a lot prior to Crescent Springs to my knowledge. 


DM:  Well, as DA indicated I guess, JEM would be the one that _ _ _ _ _ .  So (if?) you talk to JEM over the next few days & if there's something still, not in agreemt on, give me a call & I'll talk with JEM & see _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  MrG:  Will there need to be a further vote at the next mtg?  DM:  Sounds like JEM has the authority to go ahead, based on his professional opinion, _ _ _.  MrG:  Ok, great, tku.  DM:  Tku.  RC:  Could I get a legal opinion on that?  EM:  I, I haven't looked at the issue.  I don't think that - ?: _ _ - EM:  I don't think that he would have brought it here if it didn't need a vote.  DM: I understood, DA, if you could you repeat your cmts.  


DA: Again, I think what I hope this bd & the city - we've got a set of ords & codes that tells us how we handle every situation & that calls for our Cmty Dev Dir um, to exercise certain resonsibilities um, such as this. & uno, the issue is that what, what the law says we gotta do, we got, we got to do.  Now if he doesn't, if we don't like the performance of the person doin' it, that's an issue we deal with that way.  But again, as a bd, at least my opinion is as a bd, I'm not qualified to determine whether this gentleman has got his dev done properly or not.  I _, I'm not, normally not paid for that responsibility & wouldn't, wouldn't know what to do if I was in that _ _ again. 


So again, I think we have to rely on the, the hired help;  like him or not, or like his opinion or not.  & I think _ _ _ _ _ not at the expense of the devr which has come here.  I guess there's more a specific question;  I understand that you're asking for 90% release on your, was it excavating or grading?  MrG: Yes.  DA:  Ok, clearly, if 90% is - if we hold, say uno 50% of that, that 50% do not be spent on roads anyway.  Is that correct?  ?: _ _ - DA:  Then again, what grounds do we have for holding that money?  That's my point as I think.  RC: You answer that, YH.  DA:  Again, I'm just stating that we oughta follow our, our own laws & procedures or else change them.  ?: _ _ _ -


RC:  YH, I'll answer that.  DM:  2nd time around, RC.  RC:  What grounds do we have?  Uh, we have a road over at uh Summertree Subdivision right now that escrow money was returned to;  & the city never took the street & the devr never fixed the street;  & now the thing's crumbling.  Well that's where our billing is that we have a real living example of we don't know what to do!  & the idea was we just didn't want, at least I didn't want to repeat that.  Now if someone wants to go over & tell me how to solve Summertree uh Condos' road, go for it.  That's the problem!  Now that may not be written into the law, that may not be written in the book, but if you go & tell the condo owner over there that we didn't, we couldn't - if, if, if someone develops something & they bring a road in, & then they decide they don't want to fix something, then we're back in that, well, ok, just keep it kind of thing.  & the next thing uno, we've got a road that's deteriorated.  I, I'm just - that is some of the reasons what's goin' on here. 


DM:  Well, as DA said, we have uh laws in place so _ _ bd follow the procedure. If you think the laws improper, we need to change them.   RC:  Well, let me respond to that too because what was he doing up at the mircophone, asking us what to do if he didn't need to come up to the microphone & ask?  DM:  Well, DA pretty much explained it, saying the vote was there that JEM could work with him on this.  So that's - he has his answer, we'll move on.  Tku, Mr. G.  MrG:  Tku.  DM: Like I said, talk to JEM. 



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DM:  Levee Cmsn, DC, do you have anything for us this evening?  If you do, good news I trust.  DC:  On 12/15 at 9:00 here at the city hall, we're going to have a Partnering mtg with the COE & the uh contractor, ESI, & the City of VP.  Uh, anyone that wants to attend  this will - can be here.  This will probably be almost an all-day mtg.  But uh - DM:  Starts at what time?  DC:  Starting at about 9. This is to go over all the things that may come along during the contract & everything else.  ?:  Time?  ?:  12/15.  DC:  15th, yes, it'll be the 15th. 


Uh, then I have a little update here on the utility relocations.  Uh, Ameren uh is working at Marshall & Tina & also on Kena;  they're putting in poles, uh relocating lines that'll go over the levee or whatever.  They're also gonna be working at uh, on Pharoah.  Uh, Laclede Gas is working at Pharoah & they're tryin' to locate the lines there & also on Pyramid which they will do a relocation probably after, before the levee is done.  They'll replace the 2" line along Pharoah _ along Pyramid with a 6" line that'll go under the levee;  that's temporary until the levee is finished.  Then they'll cut that 6" line & grout it, then go over the levee with a 6" line.  Uh, this will probably be the same thing they do with the 12" gas line that goes down Pharoah.  They will relocate - they (someone coughs) will keep that open underneath the levee until it's done. then grout it full of uh whatever & then go over the levee with it there. 


Uh, MO Am Water Co, they're working at Marshall & probably mostly between 141 & Front St & uh, they're (redo?) finishing water lines.  They'll be goin' down to 3rd St, putting in new lines or however they're, whatever that's gonna take to relocate _;  & then they'll be working between Marshall & River Dr, that's between the RR tracks & Meramec Plaza _ _ _ _. 


Uh, SWB, they're waiting for work orders from Ameren to proceed with their work;  that is the thing that they'll do is Ameren will cut those old poles that they got down to the Bell Telephone telephone lines, & then SWB will go out & hook the lines up on the new poles.  & then after that, the cable company whoever is on the pole, will go out & cut the pole, cut the rest of the pole off;  take theirs down & then the telephone co will come out & _ _ _ telephone _ _ 2 (months or much?). 


Um, I'd like to impress on you that it may be important for like the mayor & maybe EM & CLM to be at the, if possible, to be at this Partnering mtg because uh, should be up-to-date on things that we'll probably run into & have to take care of.  We're going to have to relocate - ALL this relocation is gonna be _ _ _ _ City of VP. 


Again, I can emphasize, if we have any, any update on this buying of the property along River Dr, uh we need to get updated on this so we can get a hold & tell the utility companies that either we're gonna do it or we're not because if we do it & you have to take it out, it's just gonna cost us more money.  I mean it's gonna be a lot of money to spend if we're not gonna have to have, supply utilities to these people down on River Dr & uh whatever.  


If we can get this done before, uh we won't be working in Arnold's Landing until after sometime in Jan;  & that will be uh due to the fact that you can't take that lift station out.  & AmerenUE doesn't want to go in & take, pull the electric down;  they're gonna - when everything is tore down, then they'll go in & take everything out right at that time.  Everything will be removed in AL.  They'll - the gas, the water uh, sewer lines & everything else.


_ _ (reports?) & I have - do we - is the city responsible for taking the uh lift station out?  Or are we gonna have to go & have MSD take that out & pay them to take it out or does anyone know how this is gonna work?  Are they gonna be the ones that we - EM: I suspect that we'll, we'll have to coordinate it obviously with MSD & uno, it'll be on the city's nickel to uh remove that lift station.  DC:  Well, maybe will it possibly be that the contractor will be able to take the lift sta out & everything?  EM:  Maybe;  it's, it's a fairly new lift sta.  At least the, the, the, the structure may not be, but the works are & uh, remember last Fri _ _ _ _ _ - DC:  So they may want to take it out.  EM:  They want it salvaged. 


DC:  Ok, well, we'll, we'll work on that when we - but Jim & I'll be workin' on this spec & tryin' to get an estimate when we get every, all the properties & everything up there in Arnold's Landing so we can go in & do it at one, one piece deal.  We've already had uh to take one house down, uh at AL because when the people moved out, they literally destroyed the bldg & made it, uno you couldn't get into it so we had our men go up & they took _ removed electric & AmerenUE & the water.  & I don't think there could be, there might've been a gas line there _ _ _ gas line, they  removed the gas line & just collapsed the bldg.  They didn't haul it off or anything, they just collapsed it into on the foundation.  _ you got any ques?  ?: working -


EM:  I, I'd like to add a few updates.  Um, on uh 11/24 is this - you may recall, the uh House & Senate had agreed to a Conference Cmte Report uh, & it, it, it passed the, the House & Senate.  I'm sorry, on 11/24, your last bd mtg, they passed the Conference Report & it was transmitted to the Pres.  & it's my pleasure to announce today, that House Resolution 2754 turned into Public Law 108-137 because the Pres signed the legislation today.  So today, the city rcv'd its aprops for FY 2004 in the amt _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ be, & most importantly, the ceiling was raised from $35M for federal expenses, expenditures to $50M.  _ _ _ _ _.  So, uh, that was the very, very (someone coughs a few times) to uh give close to the city;  so _ probably give it to 'em. 


DM:  Also in addition to that, JZ called me today & said that they gave the notice to, the COE to give the Notice to Proceed with const, so _ _ _ _ _ _ _ hope to see a final stretch of Pharoah onto River Dr.  DC:  They're probably going to start the work in the g/p area of digging the sewer lines that brings uh, 6 gauage & that in the g/p in Dec whenever they get started & mobilize everything.  Uh, that's where they'll first start their work. 



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EM:  Just so you do know, we have possession of all the Arnold's properties at this date other than Mr. McGhee's property.  DC:  You do.  We can now start workin' on knockin' 'em down.  Ok.  Now the city - I don't know whether the uh city is going to uh - EM: The city's gonna _ _ _ _ _.  DC: Well, we'll, we're gonna get a spec worked up;  & Jim & I'll go down there & now that we've got the work, if we can go down & start _ _ _ where these bldgs are & everything like that & then put it on the uno, spec kind of & give some estimate whether they have to test it for asbestos or not.  The one that they knocked down did not have any asbestos in it;  others one may, I really _ _ _.  EM: I think they're working on a, a grant -  that washing contract.  DC: Alright.  DM:  Tku, DC. 


DM:  TW, did you wanna bring up the lift sta at this time?  TW:  I wondered if it was appropriate to talk about the bids that we rcv'd.  DM:  Ok, go ahead;  since it's part of the levee, go ahead;  this would be a good time to _ _.  TW:  I know , I know it might be a part of your report as well.  MW: (chuckle) go ahead.  TW:  Uh, again, I - is this part of - is this in their packets?  MW:  Yes, I think it's right behind the one that _ _ _ your letter & then your bid spec. 


TW: Right, we uh, as, as most of you are aware, uh we bid out the Kena pump sta relocation & uh we rcv'd uh 3 very good bids.  The low bidder is Bommarito & we would recommend them. They've done some work recently in the city & have done a good job.  Uh, they do sewer work all over St Louis area.  They just completed the lift sta similar to this up at the Middle's property;  um, so they're familiar with this work.  The reason why you see 2, 2 prices from them - a total base bid & a total of alternate. 


Recently the COE had asked us to bid this as a caps-in-place project which means that the concrete is poured so there's no seams.  Well, uh, we've convinced the COE to allow us to have the base bid of pre-cast news, making sure that we wrap the joints so there's, there's like a rubber gasket, & then on the outside, they're just requiring us to wrap the outside of the joint with a fabric with a mastic-type material to ensure there's no leakage.  Uh, & we're doing that & that is included in that 248 price;  but we weren't sure that they were going to allow that, so we bid it both ways;  that's why you see 2 versions of this contract.  So therefore, we got an answer from JZ & his team, Pat Conroy, who's the geotechnologist & civil expert, & there are, as long as we're doing the wrapping, excepting the crew caps (someone coughs) crew caps base bid.  So I would ask you to recommend the mayor authorize their entering into the agreemt contract with Bommarito so that we can proceed with this project as weather permits.


DA:  Make a motion to approve the low bid from Bommarito Const.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ? 2nd.  DM:  That's with the pre-cast, right?  TW:  Yes, sir, & these are uh below, actually slightly below the eng's est.  I believe our est was around 285.  ?: _ _ - MW: _ _ -  DM:  q/c?  MW: _ _ - DM:  _ _ 248.  TW: 248 is what we bid, the bid amt based on the COE's final recommendation.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 



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TW:  Shall I address anything else at this time?  I know RH had a ques on Forest Ave or something.  RH: Is Forest Ave uh - TW:  Proceeding?  RH:  Proceeding?  TW:  Uh, the survey records have started the uh topographic part of the survey;  actually a base control line is being established & has partially been established.  Uh the other thing that's been done, it takes quite a bit of time & it's time-consuming - we've started the env'l clearance process which is - there're things that don't necessarily pertain, but you still have to go thru the process of historic preservation, archeological clearances, etc.  That's all been filed.  It may take a long time to get an answer back, but at least we can be working on other things while we're chewing on that bit - make sure that we have started the field survey.  & it's gonna take a little while to just to get the field survey back from them;  & I'll keep you all updated.  It's gonna be a long process, but you're aware of it.  It'll probably be a year before we're gonna (have?) the design;  just, just so you know that.  But we are proceeding.


RH:  Will we still have any property?  TW: Yes, sir.  RH:  It's all surveryed?  TW: Well, I sure hope so 'cause my, our people are out working & (chuckling) I hope to get paid for it.  DM:  Tku, TW.  TW: You got any ques?


JW: I just have one.  Jim got the msg already, but I don't think he was (at the mtg?) this month.  _ _ say tks & I thought that was a professional job that your company & _ _ with his assistance did - help 'em get Boyd completed.  I think that's uh, a really nice street project.  TW:  I know there was a lot of sweat & blood in that project so I appreciate it. & I said at the last mtg, tks to the residents because it is a, it's a pain in the rear for them & they were out of their driveways for a long time, but we all kept tellin' 'em to be patient with us.  & that project actually took less time per foot than Quinwood did.  So we did make some strides in that & _ _ _ - DM:  Tks on behalf of the city for doin' that.  You & JM both, I know spent a lot of time up there.  Jim made several calls up there _ _ _. 


TB?:  I just like to ask _  is the grant still in place for Forest _ _ _ _?  TW: Yes, sir, yeah, that project's been authorized & uh, you were given a Notice to Proceed & I know the city has a copy of those uh letters of litigation area & park_ _ & we were given official notice from MODOT about 2 or 3 wks ago.  So, & I'm sure you guys had seen that letter.  So that means we have an official start of the project so we _ _ _ - ?: Where'd you see that letter?  TW:  Uh, I'm sure there's copies floating around the mayor's office, MW's office.  If for some reason you all can't find that, I've got a copy of that that authorized us to proceed with the design for it.  ?: _ _ _ _ - TW:  That'd probably be a good idea to ensure about that.  It's one thing to stand here & it's another thing to read something from MODOT _ _ _ _ _.


RC:  I don't mean to be takin' a cheap shot here, but uh, I, I think that uh 2, 2 items.  You did ok on Boyd, but there were, there were things that in hindsight would've been a lot easier if I guess everybody's on the same thing.  But that's, that's not where I'm goin'.  The 2nd point I wanna make is if you approve Forest, will we be seein' another Trash Transfer over there or something?  I just wanna make sure that we, uno, like kind of what happened - that 141 gets approved & then all these things come down upon us.  Does anybody in this room know anything about somebody wanting to do something over there uh, be it detrimental such as trash transfer?


TW:  Well, I personally don't, & the INTENT that the grant was written for was not to widen Forest, but to just improve as much as we possibly can, the sight-distance issues;  provide drainage issues where we can;  provide sidewalk & curbing & gutter.  So the intent is not to create a 141-type situation;  uh, nor do I think we have the room to do that.  Uh, but that's not my intent or my office's intent at all.  I think when we were asked to look at that project, we were just asked to look at how can we improve the road &, & use, & what roads in the city can we get money to improve.  & that happened to be one of the few roads that is classified by East West Gateway as a road that can rcv fed funds & there's, the, the collector _ roads _ _ _ _ _ _ I wish, just like every municipality in the St L area wishes, you could get enough money to improve residential streets like Boyd, but you simply can't.  So that, that was the main reason why Forest was looked at very strongly for being improved because we could utilize 80% of fed money to improve that road & the city would then only kick in 20%.  But beyond that, I don't think there was any other intent _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  Tku, TW.



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I overlooked a speaker card earlier; I apologize.  Elizabeth Thimling, step up to the podium, please.  ET: Good evening, mayor, city council members, uh residents.  My name is Elizabeth Thimling;  I'm Public Affairs Coordinator with the St. Louis Assn of Realtors.  & I attend city council mtgs thruout the 92 municipalities that make up the St L Metropolitan Region.  I, at least once, once or twice a wk, & it's my duty to keep track of any ordinance changes, uh marketing, um affecting the housing market, um residential or commercial developments so that I can keep the Assn of Realtors & all of our realtors who, for instance, work in VP up-to-date on what the new codes are, on what the regulations are & whatnot, um so that they can follow all the rules.  So, I just wanted to introduce myself to all of you.  & uh, I have quite a few business cards to hand out after the mtg & so therefore, if anyone afterwards or in the future has any ques re real estate issues or whatnot, feel free to call me at the assn.  DM:  Any ques at this time?  DA:  Welcome to our mtg.  ET: Tku very much, tku very much.  DM:  Tku.



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Next, under business mtg, ords & resolutions - Ord 1749, was it properly posted?  MW: Yes.  DM: Would you read it in caption form?  MW:  Bill #1749, proposed ord 1619 an ord setting the date of the annual election for the City of VP, MO for the election of 4 ald, one from each, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Wards;  & for the election of a mayor & municipal judge for 2-yr terms.  DM: What's the bd's pleasure?  JW?:  Move approval.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ?: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  MW, read it in caption form, please.  MW:  Bill #1749, proposed ord 1619 an ord setting the date of the annual election for the City of VP, MO for the election of 4 ald, one each from the 1st, 2nd & 3rd & 4th Wards;  & for the election of a mayor & municipal judge for 2-yr terms. DM: What's the bd's pleasure?  ?:  Move approval.  ?: 2nd.  DM:  Motion & a 2nd;  any q/c?  (roll call vote:  Yes:  RH, TB, JW, RC, BL, KT, DA, JKB.)  MW:  8 yes.  DM:  Motion carries.



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Bill #1750;  was this properly posted, MW?  MW: Yes.  DM:  Please read it in caption form.  MW:  Bill #1750 proposed ord 1620 a new ord prohibiting short-cutting traffic to avoid travel on the ROW.  DM:  What's the bd's pleasure?  ?:  _ _ _ _.  DM: We have a motion & 2nd?  MW:  No. - (mumbling) - DM: q/c?  RC: _ got one. I would like ta, maybe uh Lt. Mowery can explain to me how  he _ _ _ _ _ be enforced.  I just wanna make sure we're not passing something that can't be enforced.  DM:  Lt, you care to respond to the ques? 


LtMowery:  Basically, like a lot of these moving violations that the officer sees somebody cut across the _ pkg lot _ _ _ _ _ _ violation.  RC:  Just so I kind of understand it, if, if there's somebody that does this, say for instance they, they cut thru a store lot, ok;  & if you stop them, if they were to say well, I was gonna go in & get some milk, but I needed to get home first - Is that the type of thing that's gonna be up _ _ ?  LtM:  I mean if it's pretty apparent that all we're _ _ _ _ _ _ _ like you said, _ _ _ _ _ _ in most cases _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  RC:  But it, it, it would be difficult;  it could become a police _ _ vs a driver _ _.  LtM:  Certainly.  ?:  _ _ _ something like that would work?  _ _ _ _ _ _ _  Does that happen _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  Is this a _ _ issue or a police issue?  RC: Is, is this uh, is this a situation that happens in other municipalities?  Uh apparently this is goin' in just our municipality?  ?: _ _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ _ - LtM?: Some businesses have a chronic problem with it & will choose to put their own sign up _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 


BL: I have a request _ _ JW.  I guess maybe this will be directed to EM.  Now are we gonna be required, as far as VP is concerned, when we're on this private property & posting signs - I know that ignorance of the law is no excuse, but I mean right at the edge of where somebody was gonna cut thru or where we have a big problem, are we gonna try to do this or just wait till they're _ -  EM: No, I - there's no requirements under the law.  Signs (someone coughs) &, & I - the point was, the Lt. indicated, this, this is a St L County Ord & we just simply _ _ on this _ _.  ?: _ _ _ - RC:  One other cmt, YH.  DM:  Anyone else on 1st time around? 


DA:  Yes, YH, JKB sponsored this um ord, but it is deemed that there is a chronic problem at a business location in VP & without the law, the, the owner has no, no place to turn.  So this law that we're about, hopefully about to pass will offer a solution & then the county police can at that time, help the gentleman.  Uh, so hopefully it's a (short-route?) problem after the law's in place;  so that, that's an amendment.  & I'm not speaking for JKB, but _ _ _ _ _ _. 


DM:  Anyone else on 1st time around?  KT: _ _  there's a lot of _ _ who said she said _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  RC, 2nd time around.  RC:  Since we're not, we're not intending on posting this, is it possible that the motion-maker & 2nd would agree to amend this so that we have like a - or at least there's an understanding that for the next 2 mos or 3 mos, one gets a warning ticket vs an actual ticket?  I, I, I shouldn't be expected to go to every county bd mtg or anything else if something like this - if someone goes thru & does this & been doing it for a while - I just thought maybe the _ _ here. 


LtM:  I mean I hate to see it actually legislate something like that.  Whenever you choose to do it, that'd be okay, but I mean I'll, I'll tell my officers to uno, give 'em warnings for a certain period of time _ _.  RC:  That, that'd be appreciated.  I, I just don't wanna - there's obviously somebody doin' this a lot.  They need a, they need a warning.  DM  KT, 2nd time around. 


KT:  Um, it isn't this one person doing it;  as I understand it, 43 in one hr.   & they know they're doing wrong & I really don't think a warning is in place _ _ _ _ & you know _ _ _ _ _ _ in order to _ _ _ _ stop - DM:  I don't think 30 days would be fair if they're doing it this often.  So correct LtM for um say 30 days, the first of the year I guess, New Yr's Eve, would be the last time they get to do it without a citation;  then, first of the yr, it's _ _ - LtM: I mean I'll pretty much agree to that, but if somebody's got a _ _ _ _ - DM:  Well, if you wanna do it sooner, especially if somebody's - 'cause if somebody's already got 2 warnings, that's obviously their - I'm not _ _ - they're very _ _ 2nd time, they're obviously _ _ the law, so _ _ _ _ you were the officer at the scene, _ _ _ go ahead & write 'em a ticket. 


RC: YH, I'm just tryin' to be part of the problem of solving (someone coughs a lot) part of the problemDM:  I understand.  Anyone else on 2nd time around?  (voice vote started)  TB: YH, before we go on, is this on this amendment, or is this just - DM:  Well, it's not gonna be part of the amendmt.  I think the Lt said that the police could use some discretion for 30 days.  TB: Oh, that'd be up to the police officer's discretion - DM: Right, so it's not - TB: think it'd be part of legislation - ?: Right.  DM: The legislation will be - TB: I mean I see what - DM:  Right, it'll be - there will be no amendmt to it, just if somebody _ _ _ _ tomorrow, they'd get a warning;  if they did it again on Wed, then they're obviously just thumbin' their nose at the city _ _ _ _ rules I think. ?: _ _ _ _ - DM: as printed here on the sheet, _ _ _ _ _ _.


(voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  MW, Will you read it the 2nd time, please.  MW:  Bill ##1750 proposed ord 1620 a new ord prohibiting short-cutting traffic to avoid travel on the ROW.  DM:  What's the bd's pleasure?  ?: Move approval. ?: _ _ -  DM:  I have a motion & a 2nd;  any q/c?  (roll call vote:  Yes:  DA, JKB, RH, TB, JW, BL, KT.  No:  RC.)  MW:  7 yes, 1 no.  DM:  Motion carries.  ?: _ _ _ _ord # will be on that?  MW: 1620. 



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DM:  Under the Mayor's Report, we discussed before about mailboxes.  _ _ _ the back of your letter, _ _ _ requested that mailboxs be placed on one side of the street.  I don't know if that would be a city ord _ _ 'cause it could affect the whole town & _ _ _ _ EM, your recommendation to us, we would do it by subdiv or a different area that's been _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - EM: _ _ post office as well - ?: _ _ _ _ - KT:  The PO is already _ _ _ _ _ bd member _ _ _ & uh, I'd love to see a resolution covering the WHOLE city, but if we have to do it by subdiv by subdiv by subdiv, I  _ _ _ _ _ _ - EM:  Let me ask you this, are your mailboxes in your own property? 


KT:  Yeah, but other people's aren't.  EM:  So everybody's mailbox sits in their own property?  KT:  No.  EM:  No.  KT:  No. I have mailboxes sitting out in front of my house & the townhouse next to me does not.  If it comes to vote & passes, the person next door will be moved over to ours also.  EM: They're kind of common?  KT: No.  _ _ _ _ _ _ this has been a problem for 9, no longer than 9 yrs.  _ _ _ _  a real problem _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ mirrors _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I have to go get my mail DT _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- DM:  So can the city do something?  I guess that's the reason for the letter in the packet.  KT:  Right, right.  ?: _ _ _ _ - EM:  _ _ _ something _ really need to look into.  Uh uno, a lot of _ _ ownership of the mailboxes, ownership of the property _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ -


BL: I apologize, _ didn't get a copy of the letter in my packet _ _ - ?: _ _ _ - ?: _ copy - BL: When you say do we own the property that the um - does that mean like the strip around between the sidewalk & the sidewalk, I mean the sidewalk & the street where our (approaches?) is?  I mean I guess that's our property with this ROW or somethin'?  EM:  I don't know;  I mean I - BL: _ _ _ - EM:  It takes lookin' at the subdiv plat _ _ _ _ - KT:  _ _ _ _ _ _sidewalk & the mailbox is on _ _ _ _ sidewalk.  ?: _ _ look at  _ -



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DM:  Next, we have a request for AmerenUE to add _ _ the lights, or outlets on the light posts.  KT, you brought that up.  What's your uh - you got any info for us?  KT: Uh, AmerenUE uh unexpectedly very helpful & caring about this right now & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ in order to put Christmas, lighted Christmas wreaths up, _ uh have to change out the photostat with a new photostat for the plug-in.  & they have 10 on hand & that's ok, because they cost um $240 & so if we go 10 this yr & maybe 10 next yr, _ _ _ _ _, um, I would like to run 'em down Hwy 141 to past the uh, the _ _  & then down St Louis.  _ _ _ _ 10 poles _ _ _ _ _ & the uh _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  If we don't get going on this, uno we'll never _ _ & we want people to _ _ _ _ _ even tho Pam does a terrific job _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ city _  people who _ _ _ 141 _ _ _  they can't _ _ _.  Is there a _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Marshall, there's a lamp post between Carol House & Donahue's _ _ _ _ would be the first one;  the 2nd one would be on the corner of _ _ & there's another one between that one & _ _. 


JW:  Move approval of this $1000 for the AmerenUE modification _ _.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  TB:  2nd with discussion.  _ _ she said - I thought you said 125 the first _ _ - KT:  You're right, TB, you're right.  TB:  & then you said _ _ _ _  that's $2400, isn't it?  KT:  No, no, it was 12_.  TB:  But I mean, now you're saying up to 1000 after $240 _ _ you got 10 of 'em _ _ _ - KT:  This is along with the wreaths _ - TB: Oh, that's the whole _ _ - KT: Yeah, (including lights?).  It's taking so long, uno, to have it come thru this to the court system there.  Their supply & demand & may have to go 2 or 3 different places to find _ _ _ _ _ & then the hardware which is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _it is dumb.  & if you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _will require us to have insurance which I'm sure _ _ _ uh, they will begin _ _ _ _ _ _ -


TB:  So I have a _ _ _ _ - KT:  It may not reach that high.  I just wanted to let you know that - DM:  So it's $120 per outlet?  KT: For 10, _ _ _ I'm sorry _ _ -  ?:  That'd be $1200?  KT:  Uhuh, & the wreaths, they, they have some reallt nice ones for $48, but I'm gonna check around _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  I amend my motion to $2000.  ?: _ _ _ - MW: for light posts & wreaths.  DM:  2nd agree?  ?:  _ _ - KT:  I'm hopin' _ _ _ _ _ -


?:  Whose ROW is it?  JM:  I hope the bd has the money to buy a dumps truck.  We have no way of getting up that high _ _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  Can one be rented?  KT:  Can you invent one?  JM: I'm sure that _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  Ray's Tree Svc always says he donates to the city, maybe he'll donate his tree bucket _ _ to the city?  BL: YH, I know in  Webster Groves & Kirkwood, they do _ for banners & things _ _ _  - ?:  That'd be great.  RC: YH, which budget is this comin' out of?  JW:  Public Image.  RC:  Do we have it?  KT:  We have it;  we have, we're making sure that we're not going overboard.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Tku, KT. 



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MW, Clerk's Report.  MW:  The only - we already did the thing about the Kena pump station.  So I think it's that Jim needs to talk about the notice of filing candidates;  that should be in the Journal this Wed.  Uh, it's also placed in your packet;  it's also on the bulletin bd so that everyone will be aware of the time & the dates when people can come in & sign up. 


Uh, then there's a letter that I have;  Chesterfield Cmty Dev Corp, talks about a mtg I think they're having on 12/11;  um, if you'd like to go, I guess you can let me know & I can try to make reservationsIt's gonna be at the Doubletree on the - DM:  _ _ _ everyone let uno _ _ _ - MW: Um, what is today?  Today is _ so you'll have to pay me by Wed or Thurs. 


RC: YH, question on this notice.  I notice it says uh, the closing is gonna be from 5;  on all the other days, it's gonna be 4:30.  Uh, could I get an opinion from the city atty on why this - either all 4:30 or all 5?  EM:  The uh, statute just indicates that the opening shall be at 8:00 am & the (someone coughs) shall be 5pm.  It doesn't say anything about (between them?).  I think it's the traditional city just simply uh accepts uh filings after the opening or the closing during normal business hours & that's normal business hours of the city...(exchange tapes)...RC: ...uh, who is able to take the - we have to have - there has to be a, the city clerk - who, who will take _ _? MW: _ _ - EM:  I think it has to be the city clerk. 


MW: Yes, right, &, & what I do, what my policy has been in the past, is that if I go to lunch, I'm like 5 mins from here, from, my home.  If somebody would happen to come in during my lunch time, they just Nextel me & I, I put it down here so that nobody has to wait.  Because it takes them probably 10 to 15 mins to fill out the paperwork;  so if they need me, I get down here.  RC: The same thing goes if you're off to the bank or whatever you're doin';  they'll Nextel you to come back?  MW:  Exactly & they can get a hold of me immediately.  RC:  Ok, tku, YH.  MW: Ok, uh I think that's - yeah, we already did the thing on the Kena pump sta?  DM:  Yes.  MW:  I think that's uh, all I have. 



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DM:  Park Coordr's Report.  You have a report?  Pam: Yes, good evening.  I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.  Uh, this Sat at, from 1 to 5 we'll be having the Winter Festival here at city hall with the arrival of Santa _ _ _.  & uh anyone wishing to volunteer for that, will be welcome.  & also uh, children bringing a canned good, get their picture taken free with Santa.  KT: TB?  Pam: Well, anyone that brings a canned good I guess.


Uh, I do have a couple of questions, but I don't know, EM, _ _ it involves land acquisition & I don't know if I can discuss it here or later on tonight;  whichever you guys prefer.  & I'd like to know if DC could uh be in the mtg too because he uh has some info on it also.  EM:  Yeah, if, if, if you wanna go into Exec Session - Pam:  That will be fine. 


DM?: _ _ _ _ _ _ - EM:  It, it's always closed to _ _ uh - it, it's in your agenda;  it says POSSIBLE _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _  - EM:  No.  DM:  You say as long as it's posted in the beginning of the public _ _ _ - EM:  Sure.  ?: _ _ _ -  DM:  Do you have anything else at this time?  Pam:  Not at this time.  DM:  Alright, tku.  Pam:  So we're gonna wait until after the mtg or do you call it now?  DM: Yes, _ _ _.  Pam:  Tku. 



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DM: PW, JM.  JM:  Good evening.  First of all I 'd like to start off with #66 Guylyn;  um, for some reason I got a message thru JEM regarding one of the ald makin' a request about 66 Guylyn.  & uh before that request came thru JEM, I had already met with MODOT & they were gonna come over to the mayor & 2 ald in that ward - gave it to his sec'y to put in the packet;  & then the follow-up mtg & then a _ _ that took place after we discussed it - MODOT in the packet.  I guess my ques is, is that sufficient since uh I haven't actually had a formal - Russ said just follow-up on that, so I think that JEM passed it on. 


RC: YH, When do they expect to do this work?  JM:  They haven't gave me a date because of weather & uh things like that.  RC:  Uh, YH, did we get a, have this done before we accepted the road?  ?: I guess _ _ - JM: That would, that would be up to the bd before we would accept it;  the bd would vote on it.  DM:  I guess that'd be based on JEM's reputation for accepting.  RC:  Perhaps just as a, a lone voice crying in the wilderness _ _ _ maybe I could appeal to someone, uh benefit _ _ mankind, not accept a road _ _ _ _. 


JW: Which road are you talkin' about?  JM:  Actually, JW, it's the outer roads;  there's a (dip?) - er I'm sorry, MODOT owns a private thing that, that creek that runs down thru there all the way behind your house - everybodys (may or they?) own that - _ tried to donate that to the city.  That's one of the deals they wanted;  if we take the outer roads, they want us to take that & I don't wanna step on anybody, but I agree with RC 100%.  I wouldn't wanna inherit a lawsuit there.  Um - JW: That's a first.  (JW & JM chuckle)  JM:  But I, I wouldn't wanna inherit a lawsuit there that, that the resident kept flooding out & he could go for - we got a problem. 



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Uh, the other thing that I spoke with the mayor re insurance on the Nextels.  Uh I gave him a contract that they have to insure the thing & it's $2.50 per phone on Nextel.  & uh, we, we did the (bat?), but based on replacin' a Nextel a yr, the insurance is about half the cost of a Nextelar phone.  Uh, I, I can say from experience, my Nextel's been replaced at least once a yr or repaired.  & they charge you the same to repair as they do to replace it.  & every Nextel that the city owns is due for some serious tune-ups.  They just wind out;  they quit workin' _ _ function.  & we haven't took them in for repairs but we'll know that's 55 bucks which must be paid for at the door.  If we take this insurance out, it's covered under the insurance. 


The only thing it doesn't cover is water damage if it's dropped in a mudhole & things like that.  I can't speak for the rest of the use, but my Nextel is kind of uh not runnin' with water & it _ _ it seems to malfunction.  But uh, I don't know if the mayor wants approval or just want me to give you an update on it, but uh, that's the, the in, the insurance in a nutshell.  Or we can keep payin' anywhere from 55;  uh my Nextel at this time, I think we paid 59 for it new, but now that they couldn't fix mine, the cheapest one is a hundred & (seven?) bucks I believe.  The mayor's would probably be around _ _ the same price.  I believe JEM's is around 250;  uh, MW's is probably somewhere in between the mayor's.  Um, so uh other than I'm not real happy with the water damage loss that's in there, I think the insurance is uh well worth, well worth it because like I said, I, I know we have the, the city hall's up here bases has malfunctioned & Jim Gruder's is;  Deborah Moore's is;  I've had to have Jr's repaired & that was $55.  & just want to pass that info on to the bd.


DM: Was there a water add-on I guess you'd say, add'l cost for coverage of water?  JM:  They had another type of insurance, YH, that I believe was 495/mo.  They cover water damage & it was - I didn't quite exactly keep the paperwork or a contract on that 'cause it didn't explain all of that.  But it was almost like they had it insured thru someone else & if the phone was damaged or in water, they, they send it out & a new company paid for it;  it's like an insurance co _ _ -  DM:  _ insurance co?  JM:  Yeah, it was almost like the ins was sub'd out.  But they did have that & that was I, I believe he said 495/mo.  & the map on that was kind of ify, uno 250 x 12 I think came to um, 50, uh 60 bucks.  & _ _ _ paid 'em in $5/mo it's just kind of _ _ _ worked out _ _ _ _. 


JW: It sound like it's a good deal & you'll probably authorize it, but you don't think some of the employees would get uh a little less careless with their phones - if they'd say, oh well, it's insured, I don't care where I lay my phone.  If you get into a habit of - JM:  I don't believe that the $2.50 one would be - if you lost it, it wouldn't be covered, but I believe the 495, if it's lost, it would be even covered or if stolen, it's replaced.  Again, I don't think they are.  I, I mean I guard mine with my life, but I mean, I, I, at one time, I was out at the corner of the parking lot or field here last yr & it came up rain, & before I could make it up there to the garage, & I mean I had it on my body & it's in a case, & it shorted out.  So I, I don't think that uh - I, I've never had any problems with anybody abusin' it. 


BL: Question, YH, _ comment.  Yeah, I had the same thing happen on my phone recently.  Just a light drizzle & it fried this brand new Singular phone.  I had no insurance. I wish if you're gonna authorize it, you might consider, how much is _ _ & maybe some of the times you take 'em in for repair & they open it & knowin' you got the $2.50 insurance, & they say well look here - maybe there is just a hair of moisture, but they showed me on mine - maybe there is a little moisture, but maybe that's not really what caused it to stop workin' but they could claim it was & then the insurance is useless.  For just a little more covers everything _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 


JKB:  How many phones do we have _ _ at $5.00/mo.  ?:  Is it 10 or 12?  JM: Need a 2nd count, mayor.  Mayor, MW, JEM, myself, Lt - 5 phones with the Nextel system & 5 (Next?) of the 2-way radios.  So there's a total of 10.  What's 5, $50/mo?  ?: 250 turns out to be about $30/mo.  ?: _ _ - JM:  50 bucks a mo um, but that's less than one phone costs us to repair.  DM:  Do we have a record of how often these phones have broke?  I mean not right here - maybe I could give it to you tomorrow & see _ _ _ _  - JM:  All the Nextels we, we've managed to keep functioning, uno, we take 'em apart & clean the contacts, put 'em back together & we get 'em up to workin'.  My Nextel's been tooken in at least 3 times & I believe this is goin' on the 4th yr we've had 'em;  & just recently, it would go blank;  you'd have nothin' there & you had no idea unless you recognize a voice.  I couldn't call anybody 'cause I couldn't switch it from - you just didn't know where your phone was at. 


DA:  YH, I'd like to make a motion that we purchase the um ins that _ _ _ _ motion to _ _.  If I can get a 2nd _ _ - BL: 2nd.  DA:  Ok, again in a way, it appears that we're not, not in the near future, gonna be discontinuing use of Nextel.  It sounds like the tool that we use a lot & probably will use, right now, indefinitely.  So it's part of life & we shouldn't, uno, _ _ _ the best part of the job _ _ _ _ _ _.  BL: Yeah, I think he said at least the phone, each phone has to go in at least once a yr for repair or replacement & some of 'em are $55, & some of 'em could go as high as 200.  Those really nice ones are 100 for yours & MW's so _ _ _ $50 a mo.  I mean $600 a yr, it's not gonna take - even if you're, what you're sayin' is correct, we're right there & could break it even anyway.  But if it's one of the nicer phones, it goes out, or JEM's phone goes out, well, then we're several hundred $ in the hole.  DM: q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed) _ _ _ _ -



12/1/03 BOA - Section  15 of  23



JM:  Tku, YH.  Uh also the uh, the, the mayor &/or the bd authorized the city crew to work with DC & myself to uh take out the fencing &, & all the items that was in the way of the footprint of the levee down at the Sportsplex.  & the crew has completed that work short of the light poles. 


& uh a gentleman from the Elks Club is working with AmerenUE & they haven't, have a tentative date to come in on the 14th to remove those light bulbs once UE inspects 'em & says that they're safe.  There's gonna be no cost to us or (Dave Fowler?);  (they're?) gonna be gone.  & at that time, we've requested, Dave & I have met with them today & if they do this, we've requested that they won't take down 3 (for us?) & reinstall 'em;  that they will - we're hoping that they will put 3 on the ground as per the mayor's request, that if uh the Athletic Assn came up with the funds or something like that & install them poles, that uh they would have 'em there to uh to be moved out.   If they don't take them, we'll be back to ground one where the city will go in there & just install 'em (ofisagroutip?) & uh a rough count today but I _ _ _ _ _ _ _  about 8 people (candle it out on market?).  & uh everything else is completed that the mayor instructed us to do.  DM:  Very good. 


JM:  & last but not least, uh, on the 20th, uh I rcv'd a call from EM about um, I believe it was #18 Arnold Dr;  said that the city was supposed to take possession of it on the 20th & he (wanted & updated me in a beday?).  & I explained to him that I was gonna be on vacation & I was only here for a half a day & I instructed Kevin Ward to keep an eye on that & have Roxanne Ruppel contact EM to let him know when that house was vacant.  


& uh, as I was leaving, Kevin Ward called me & said the people were takin' the windows out of the house, etc, etc.  I contacted EM & he said unfortunately we can't do anything with it;  part of the agreemt was that she could take anything that she wanted.  He had no idea that she would go to the extremes of (chuckling) um gutting the house.  But to make it kind of short, the lady took & did so much damage to the house that it was unsafe.  & it would've cost the city more to try to board the house up than it would've for us to take it down. 


& being out of town, JEM took the authority & um authorized the city crew to remove it uh based on it bein' an emergency demolition;  it would go thru bein' unsafe & uh, the bldg was safely put on the ground.  Um, JEM called all the contacts.  The water was abandoned;  all the (someone coughs) be if we didn't have 'em turn that off;  & the electric was already abandoned.  We didn't have to touch the electric.  The gas was there & UE did come, er I'm sorry, Lac Gas did come & pull the meter.  & uh so the, the following wk on the 25th & 26th, we uh hauled off the debris from the house & uh on the 28th, capped the sewer.  & uh that pretty much brings us to a close of that property at this time.  


& unfortunately, I mean EM said when we have the property, everyone except for Mr. McGhee's.  & now, the problem is, is,  in the process, we rcv'd a somewhat of a nasty letter from Lac Gas.  They wanna charge us $500 a mo for abandonin' the services.  & we don't need to pay that;  we because, once we have every home, they're gonna abandon the main & there's no cost to that for us. 


But if we take them piece-meal at a time, so until - what I'm sayin' is until we get Mr McGhee's house, then we can abandon his gas svc.  We're,  we're kind of in, uh in between a rock & a hard problem - we can't take any of the houses down uh based on what Lac Gas is tellin' us.  & uh, the other utilities are in agreemt;   they uno, they, they plan on abandonin' the mains thru there also.  That is the status on those properties.


& I, I, I think that uh, Joe & uh Kevin Ward, Jim Gruber, Jeff & I believe _ pretty much uh took care of that.  I, I think they did a, a pretty uh, awesome job gettin' that taken care of in a real short time basically in the situation that we had.  & with that, I believe that'd be the end of my report.



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JW:  Question, YH.  Uh, Jim, while you was on vacation, I talked to Kevin on the Nextel, uh this is out of Homer Helton & uh TB, we were uh I was contacted uh somebody lives at 330 Jefferson Lane has got a water problem or water goes straight off the street & down the hill, thru their garage or house;  & they was just wantin' to know if they could have an asphalt curb maybe installed or somethin'.  I told 'em I'd just give the msg to you &, & tell them ald on the bd that I'd give it to (someone coughs) - give it to everybody at once.


JM:  I, I can definitely take a look at it, but I'd like to shed some light on something with that, but I have to find out where the board (meeting?) - maybe the city atty wants to do with that.  JW: I might be tellin' ya the wrong street.  What's the Jefferson, the little - JM:  It's Jefferson Lane.  JW:  Ok.  JM:  The gentleman that lives at the far end of that house on the right, his grandson worked _ _.  He is the (far fence?) _ _  no uncertain means, but they own that street;  it's a private street;  it's not the city's street.  Um, I know the city spent money up there because we passed all of ourself as a group, um, but he has pretty much destroyed the street.  &, & if, if what this gentleman's sayin' I believe he, he needs to hear it from the colonel, uno.  ?: _ _ -  JW: Well if he owns it, we'll sure let him _ overlay it.  JM:  Right & I, uno, I hope this brings the bd up-to-date;  & I will take a look at this piece of property;  then I'll come back. JW: Ok, tku.



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BL: Two, two - what is the delay on the McGhee property?  Could someone fill me in on that?  EM:  Yeah, uh, I, I went to court & requested _ _ _, (immediately or a mtg?), with, & uh, with McGhee's lawyer on the other thing & then argued that he needed an extra time because of his thing;  & she gave him until (June _, June?) _.  BL: That comes to our bill.


BL: Jim, Backpack up a minute.  Uno I know like the rest of the world I'm sure,the Lion's, the AmVets, the American Legion & maybe even the Masons, did you say something about the Elks Club as far as the - JM:  The Elks Club in High Ridge contacted me & I discussed it with the mayor.  No one else had - we, we didn't advertise this or do anything else at the, uno at the order of the mayor.  We were just gonna remove it;  we were gonna saw off _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ & the Elks Club contacted me;   they're bldg a ballfield for _ _ kids - BL: _ _ we've had announced _ _ _ _ - JM:  This, this is kind of interesting.  I don't allow the Elks Club to (fall?) on top of a heavy pole - I don't know, I, uno a local business here, or an ald here;  I don't know if Dan - I don't know how they found out about it.  Me & Dave discussed that today, but it was kind of a great deal;  & uh, it saves the city the money of _ -


DM:  Well I talked to someone I know about it;  it's Forest Field, he didn't even - he said he would talk to some other people _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  ?:  Tku. 



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JEM:  I've got a couple updates for the bd.  Um, last mtg, we had a discussion about the uh situation with a fill permit for Mr. Weber on Crescent Ave.  Uh, we had a mtg subsequent to that with uh Paul Spotansky with PH Weis attended, the mayor, uh RC & uh Mr. Weber. We discussed the fill operation & agreed that uh when the weather dried out a little bit, we'd walk the revene & come to a resolution for this matter.  Recently, I uh, I rcv'd a letter from Mr. Spotansky, formalizing what we talked about out there in the field.  & uh, I was scheduling a mtg, hopefully tomorrow, with Mr. Weber that we'll allow him to fill a little add'l fill into the area;  specifies the areas that can be filled;  when the downslope has to occur back to the natural grade;  the other criteria to finish the project.  Uh, it's a concept Mr. Weber was pleased with when we talked about it in the field & this is just simply a little bit of formalization in the way of a drawing & explanation on, in paper.  Um, another uh item -


RC: YH.  Does that mean that uh the problem the Welkers had, should go away once this is done?  JEM:  Once we have the mtg & he, we go out & walk it;  look at the site & the (board?) is gonna come out;   Pete will be allowed to resume his operation;  uh & complete it in accordance with the design that PH Weis made up.  RC: YH, a question:  That should solve the Welkers problem?  JEM:  I don't know who the Welkers are.  DM:  The Welkers are the family next door immediately- ?: South.  DM: to the east. - RC: To the left.  ?: _ _ _ - JEM:  I don't know;  I haven't had a conversation without regard to his fill.  His fill operation, my concern was with Crescent Ridge Subdiv where all the water comes down the revene to the 4-way inlet & the guy's backyard that, if you fill up the revene too much, it's gonna overshoot that inlet.  My concern was solving a stormwater problem before it became a problem like we've got on Guylyn.  DM:  Well, the Welkers' backyard's lower than Mr. Weber.  So there was concern that if dirt got too far around, it would form a hole in the back of the Welkers'.  _ _ - JEM:  That pre-dates my involvemt, but he's gonna match their grade at that end.  DM:  If he matches their grade, I'm sure  - JEM: So that that flow will come down into the new revene smoothly. 


RC: YH, I'm gonna give the Welkers a call & tell 'em that if this works out, their grade will be fine.  DM:  Alright.  RC: & can you - you can also assure on that you've heard the same thing.  JEM:  I'll be glad to have a mtg with 'em if you want to set that up too.  RC:  I'll, I'll - JEM:  We can go over the drawing - RC:  I'll give 'em his # if they want to talk to him 'cause they, they had a legitimate concern & uh I, I wasn't aware that you haven't been help.  JEM:  Not about this issue.  DM: _ _ _ _ thought that maybe before JEM came on bd.  So I, I should've passed that  _ _ _ - RC:  Alright, YH, I'll let 'em know.  DM:  Alright, tku. Continue, JEM.


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JEM:  Um, we also had an inquiry concerning uh - we had a discussion about the next phase of the plan for the downtown uh modification of the downtown area in the uh Comprehensive Plan.  & there was a discussion about what we got last yr & a request for Mr. Omvig to come to the bd mtg & discuss it with the bd.  I spoke with Mr. Omvig;  uh he's no longer with Zambrana Eng'g. 


Mr. Omvig is more than happy to come & talk to the bd about what the results of his uh Phase 1 of this analysis was last yr, but he wants the bd to understand before he comes to talk to you that he's not rep'g Z.  He will rep his work that he did & explain it all to the bd so that everyone understands it & answer any ques, at no chg to the bd, to the city.  But he doesn't want to come into a mtg with you thinking that he's still rep'g Z because he doesn't;  he doesn't have a business relationship with them any more. 


He did deliver to us, uh the base maps;  land use maps;  uh a zoning map;  an aerial photography;  & then a business inventory;  & a bldg-condition inventory;  that was the Phase 1 of what he did uh with his firm of last yr. 


As I indicated before, he did submit a proposal for a Phase 2 of the, of the revision & that proposal includes a scope of svcs of 25 to $45,000.  In discussions with Mr. Omvig, this is a highly negotiable # because it's really based upon what the BOA sees as the scope of that next phase of their svcs.  It could be substantially less than the bottom #;  it could substantially more than the top #;  but the best way to probably talk about the Phase 2 portion of it, would be to bring him to a mtg &, & discuss where the bd thinks is a, is a problem you want to go (with?) the downtown area uh, which is probably the first area we really need to look at with the levee being built. 


So I wanted to bring you up todate on that & then uh, find out from the BOA when you wanted me to arrange for him to attend the next mtg.  ?:  Motion to have _ _ _ - DM:  Is there a 2nd it?  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Mr. Omvig _ _ _  - JEM:  That's all I have. 



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JW:  Have you been uh contacted by a gentleman named Frank Ferguson who lives in Morton's Grove right behind the new house that's being constructed?  JEM:  Yes, sir, I've had a, had a couple conversations with him during the const of 149 Jefferson.  Uh, & I met with him again tonight in the hallway before the mtg.  Um, 149 Jefferson, the dev of that lot has uh obviously cleared the site & increased the velocity with which the water discharges off the site. 


I uh was out with Mr., with TW on another project, & uh drove by that property with him;  & we looked at it & talked about how the rear yard could be graded in order to slow down the discharge of the water to relieve Mr. Ferguson's problem.  & I had a mtg on Fri with the devr of that lot & explained to him what we need to gettin' done in the rear yard as far as grading which is basically to construct some berms in the rear yard to cause the water to have to meander thru the site instead of racing down the site.  I was also made aware of the fact that there's a problem with the silted-in drainage swale on his property & it backs up to Jefflyn.  & uh I'm going to arrange to go out there tomorrow, hopefully to be able to take a look at that;  uh & determine whether there's anything that can be done to resolve that matter.   


JW: Yeah, 'cause he called me & he was upset & I know he's had problems for yrs there.  Somebody told him it was P&Z's fault & I said, well, I don't know (chuckle) where he got that info at, but _ _ _ (met?) thru the P&Z then a new house went there. 


JEM:  Well I think that the removal of the brush & the clearing of the ground DID increase the velocity of the water 'cause there's nothing growing yet to slow it down. But uh we have talked;  I met with him on another occasion uh & we had discussed uno, the slight siltation problem he had earlier & he got the siltation under control.  But his major concern uh was the 5" rain & the 5" rain caused all kinds of problems that uno, on a const site with no grass growing, you just almost can't hold a silt fence up with that much water comin' down the  _.  But I'll take a look at it & get the devr to fix his lot - part, portion of the problem on his property.  JW: Tku.  DM:  Any other ques?  Tku, JEM.  Lt Mowery.



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LtMowery: I don't have a report today, YH, but I'll answer questions.  JW: Now that we got a uh nice super speedway, Boyd up there.  It's a - I think it's a nice street & it's too fast now & there's a gentleman that lives up there that's complaining;  uh that he, sayin' there's (no?) reporting of 50, 60 mile-an-hr up & down the road, eyeballed, how he's getting to that. 


But uh he just wanted to know if we could uh beef-up the patrol &/or he, he'd like to see a stop sign at Boyd & Inez & Boyd;  a 3-way stop sign there.  I said well we had one at the bottom of the hill & that didn't work & the residents didn't like that.  I said but I will offer that suggestion to the uh police dept if they thought that it might be a, a solution;  we could put it in the Police Cmte & let them guys beat it around or let you just maybe patrol a little bit;  see if they are really doin' excessive speeds.  LtM:  I'd rather give that a try.  JW:  That's what I told him.  LtM: If he _ _ _ _ _  -  JW:  That's fine;  tks.  ?: _ _ _ _ - DM:  KT, you asked for the floor.  RC: _ _ _ _ _, YH.  DM: Oh, ok, RC. 


RC: Is there a possibility of a temporary speed bump _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ this thing.  We've got this problem all over town.  EM:  Just from the liability end of it, I, I would think that you wouldn't want speed bumps. _ _ having all kinds of problems - DM: Fire dept's _ _ _ _ - RC: What, what does the fire dept have to do with us puttin' in speed bumps?  We got a $300,000 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW: _ _ _ _ - KT: _ _ _ - DM: _ the weight of the truck _ _ _ _ - KT: _ _ - RC: They're goin' the speed limit.  Do you, do you exceed the speed limit?  ?:  Of course not. (people laugh)  JW: _ _ _ -


BL: YH, same issue. Yes, the um radar trailer is it in operation with this now or - LtM: Yeah, I mean, yeah, we could try puttin' that up there on _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - BL:  I mean we used it down on 4 in the bottom & I mean it helps;  maybe until they get used to _ _ _ - LtM: People don't like drivin' around the radar truck.  JW: It was up there before I mean, but not since the street _ _ - ?: _ _ - DM:  Tku. JW, Do you have something to be placed in the Police Cmte or -  JW: No, I - DM: _ _ - JW: that's - I better go with the suggestion of the Lt.;  let him try this & then - DM: regular patrols - JW: then the stop sign issue before the cmte or something.  DM:  Alright.  KT. 



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KT:  Uh, Lt. Mowery, How, how was the white thing I think the white _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  How was that initiated?  That's, that's county road _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ initiated thru ward, police dept - How, how _ _ you involved in any of that?  I know there's something you're not telling _ _ _ - LtM:  I uh found out last wk that uh the county came to uh patrol this (group?) of _ _ corner.  I know you noticed _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ payin' for 'em after they got a grant for it or what, but we were puttin' 'em up all over in the county & uh Dr. Lea said, sure, I'll pick 'em up, but he didn't.  He & I didn't communicate outta that bank, but I'd like to think that he'd be here also to update their, their books.  Uh -


KT: Lt, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ after school _ _ _ _ _ _ _ flashing _ _ _ _ _ _ uno, right now it's ($1000?) to get the flashing whether the students fly by or not.  LtM:  & your signs are on the wrong side of the roads, your 20 MPH signs.  Uh, I've been checkin' on it & I talked to _ _ about it.  I have a, a rep from county hwys, he was gonna come out tomorrow & take a look at it.  But it, it's not just a county road, it's a county arterial _ _.  Uh, his understanding was uh, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - KT: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - LtM: _ _ _ _ _ _ we need to, to get some signs over there _ _ _ - KT: _ _ _ _ - LtM: Well, that ain't what I stopped her for _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - KT: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to uh stop knocking the police dept _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  Tku, LtM.  KT:  Tku.



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DM:  Seeing no bills, is there a motion to go into Exec Ses?  BL: I'm sorry, YH, there's one item to look thru _ _ _ - DM: What's that?  BL: RC.  DM: Fund 17.  RC:  Uh, yes, YH, got, got the letter in the mail.  Thanks for, for chewin' us out about uh suspending all projects at this time.  MW: I can _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM: Get the letter. Right, I was gonna try to - MW is gonna get the letter. 


I think it was 35,000 we submitted or deposited in Nov, plus EM (right in or writin'?) here, but it's 28,500 we get back for 9th St uh sewer grant.  I put 60,000 in there plus the, I think it's 11,000;  yeah, so it's just a little over 70,000.  We'll see what further develops.  RC:  YH, my, my question is uh, in the, in the letter that I got, it stated that if the capital improvemts uh fund would be building itself up at 40,000 every month - DM: It's not necessarily that every month - RC: That's just, well, that's what the letter said & I was just kind of trind out -


doesn't some of that go off & isn't it really 40,000?  & that's why I was gonna ask, uh perhaps we could ask the city atty - How much goes over to uh levee project based on that?  & how much is really being added each month? 


EM:  Nothing goes  (slow motion)   t o w a r d    the   l e v e e   p r o j e c t.   RC: Well, into the TIF.  EM: I don't think anything goes to the TIF.  _ _ to capsue the sales taxes?  RC: Did they fell on thru?  EM:  Uh, they're not captured;  it, it all goes to uh that fund back there, seven can.  (someone coughs) RC: That, that has been pulled off before it gets to it.  EM:  I don't - I, I think that's a, a subsequent tax. (someone coughs).  That was that 95 tax, but that wasn't TIF.   RC:  But is it $40, is it 40,000 more? 


EM:  Um, well, there's 2, there's 2 revenue sources in there.  I don't know what it is a month, but well, for capital improvemts & for historical areas,  it's close to 70, 80 to doin' our thing;  so whatever that comes out to, 60M or 70M - JW:  I don't think it's the same every month _ _ - DM:  You have some #'s on it?


JM:  Yeah, YH, the way we came up with & I mean Patti took that 40,000 plus - the way she did that is she went thru last yr's books & averaged what we took in last yr ea month & (MW:  [background] the answers for one whole yr)  that's how she come up.  That - it's - there's no guarantee how much, based on how many, how much money people spend in VP, YH & RC


& that's how she came up with that;  she went thru the books & she could go thru there & she could see, she could see that Dec of 02, we got X amt of $ in the Fund 17;  & then she looked at Nov & she came up with an average & that averaged out to about $40,000;  & that's how she came up with that #. 


DM:  So there's roughly here - it was 30, I believe 35,000 is what Patti told me.  ?: Mrs Lauper. Go ahead.  DM:  said we get about 35,000 Nov, plus as I said, a little over 28,000 come back, storm drains.  RC:  I'm, I'm just meaning the, the, the amt that comes in additionally monthly.   DM:  It's about 40,000.  ?:  On the average.  DM:  Spendin' now 6.  RC:  I'll,  I'll give uh the city clerk a call & _ _ _ numbers.  That's, that's junk for 13,000.  That's junk _ _ _ _ _ amt that it jumped that much.  


EM: There hasn't been any real increase other than - well, the census thing had increased because part of it's if we have a  & I think we figured that out at a maybe a $30,000 TOTAL.  NO!  No, I take that back, it was a hundred & some odd thousand $ increase.  RC:  I'll check it with her.  EM: It kicked in in 2000 & 4 or so. 


BL:  What was your point (executive sa?)?   DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ?: 2nd.  (roll call vote:  Yes:  DA, JKB, TB, BL, KT.   No:  RH, JW, RC.)  MW:  5 yes & 3 no.  (mtg disperses)