Notes:  The only part not transcribed is the Parks Coordinator's Report re alcohol in/on public facilities.  New Abbrevs:  CPlan = Comprehensive Plan (city officials' plan for the use of everyone's land);  subdiv(s) = subdivision(s).  The chamber room is set up for a formal presentation by John Omvig who was with Zambrana Eng'g as the City Planner a couple/few yrs ago. Tonight, there are only about 6 audience members present, plus Mary Shapiro for the Press Journal & Diane Plattner, Post-Dispatch.


Present:  RH, TB, JKB, MW, DM, EM, JW, RC, BL, KT.  (DA excused)





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...MW:..(doing roll call - see above).  DM: Let the record reflect DA is excused.  Quorum being present, call this mtg to order for 12/15/03.  (Pledge Allegiance)  (RH, TB & JKB & BL have nothing to add to the agenda & KT not at this time.)  JW:  Yes, YH, just a request that is an Exec Session for uh land, possible land & litigation.  RC:  Uh, uh I might want an update on what's goin' on with uno _ _ Crescent Springs.  I, I, I just uh I need, I need to make sure I find out what happened.  I'd also probably like to ask what the progress is on Crescent Valley.  That should do it. 


DM:  Is there a motion to approve the agenda as amended with the Exec Session? (no motion heard)  2nd it?  ?: 2nd it. DM: q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Mins for the bd mtg, 12/1/03;  what's the bd's pleasure?  ?: Move approval. DM: Is there a 2nd? ?: 2nd.  DM: I have a motion & a 2nd;  q/c?  MW: _ _ _?  DM: JW.  (voice vote - none heard opposed


Are there any licenses or permits, MW?  MW:  No.  DM:  We go on to Cmte Reports.  Under P&Z, got uh Mr. Omvig;  care to step up;  we'll take your info.   



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JO: I've got my tool in my thing & _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  If you wouldn't mind just one min that the _ _ _  you're just gonna get us - you're gonna - I hope you were - just a brief background on what this is - UIS map.


 JO: Yes, uh Zambrana Eng'g was (calyard?)  to begin work on a Comprehensive Plan.  Phase 1 was uh or consisted of doing a field invesigation of land use;  bldg condition;  uh businesses;  business locations by use;  & utilitizing some of the county data, (train whistles by) putting it into a electronic data base that's linked to uh electronic mapping so that at this point, the city will have the ability to identify areas that you, you will want to, or you may want to proceed in terms of area planning. 


Uh, obviously, some the these in the city are, are uh new, built-up & there's not going to be much change proposed there.  Uh, as I said, the whole purpose of this is to identify where those areas are to give you the authority ta, ta conduct public mtgs;  workshops among yourself;  & uh determine where you want to go in terms of the next phases of the CPlan. 


Um, what we have here, it's called a uh Arkview;  is the uh software that we're usin'.  It's a geographic info system where uh basically, it's an intelligent map where you have a data base that is linked to the mapping of the, the  CD with all this info & del'd to the city.  Uh, you guys have had it for a while & then there is software that can be downloaded;  & I think Joe (his assistant) has downloaded it;  um that allows you, the view all of this data, &, & you can do that on your own machines.  Uh, it, it probably runs somewhat slow on Joe's machine;  uh, it, it is a memory log uh so you need some processing speed for it.  Joe: Well, their photos.  JO:  With, with your photos. 


Uh, if, if we start with it, this is a, a general overview of, of the city, simply showing what the, the current land use is.  & like if you wanna zoom on an area, uh, you can zoom.  Uh any of these can be printed as an 11 by 17 colored ink & by 11 or, or 24 by 36 & then it - can you click on one of the parcels?  Do, do one of the blues, churches.  It's, it's public & I'm sure everyone always wants to go & date a (bldg?).  It'll give you the owner, the address - Joe: Well, right now, this is uh land use. 


JO: This is land use;  it'll give you the land use, but it, it's linked to a, a assessed value;  owner's address;  billing address;  property address;  school dist;  school code.  Uh if, if you look under the school subcode, uh right there;  it's a 132.  There are certain codes that are identifiable as being in the TIF Dist so we can do a querry on uh let's say a school subcode 132-IA, 132-IB & a 108E;  (note: preceeding that A & B is a capital "i")  & that would identify all properties in the city that are in the TIF Dist.  &, & it'll just pop up as, as a whatever you call them.  Uh & again, this is primarily so that you can get an idea of what's publicly owned, what's city owned, what the land use is. 


Uh, can you do a querry for city owned?  Joe: Yeah;  turn this off;  querry;  first name equals;  city.  JO: &, & that'll give you again in quick order what the city actually owns & then you can do a querry that says what, what's the assessed value of the individual properties;  those properties as a total - it, it impacts (someone coughs) since  92;  sell any business, dispose of it in any way.



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Uh, can you zoom by uh where the new 141 is & turn that air code along?  Uh the, the aerial photography is from St Louis County & they're updating it.  I believe that's what you see.  Uh that data can be imput into this & it, it's, it's inexpensive when you buy the, the photography from the county & it's easy;  & inexpensive is less than 50 bucks.  Uh, & it'll pop into this system easily because it's the same coordinate, etc. 


Joe:  Do you wanna - this take is showin' us new 141.  JO:  Yeah, I don't know if you can see it, but the, the red lines are, are limits that we digitized in based on the const plans from MODOT.  & the, the photography that, that we have is, is shot prior to the road being const'd.  You can tell the, they had acquired & it's vacant.  They bought it with the structures.


But, but really what I've wanted to show you here is you can see the ROW.  The, the limits that they called out as ROW.  &, & you can also see that when MODOT bought the property, they never actually went thru the resubdivision &, & put all the property into one ownership or split off into a separate block that portion of the land that's not within the ROW. 


Uh, so as they start to sell property or, or they may - I don't know how much they did or is saved.  Down the road as they start to sell, sellin' to a - what they would call a non-economical remnant, uh they acquired it to more than they needed, uh, but they had to buy the entire parcel when they were acquiring ROW...(some noted comments during tape exchange:  JO said you need to determine what to do with [properties left?].  EM said unless we put MODOT on notice.)


(JO continues)...forgo all those subdivision (problems or properties?) & it combines it to the lots.  Some people buy them or they're buying half of a lot & is there any (newspits?) permitted on a half of the lot, rezone it, uh again, it's - those aren't ques that I can necessarily ask for you.  Sometimes the bldg cmsnr & the city atty are gonna have to get together on that. 


EM:  A lot of it depends on the plan officer;  what he accepts & (it signals cutting the mormans office?!!).  If he won't accept it because the city hasn't given a subdiv #, then yeah, it has to come back here, but other, other than that we may not even have known once we put _ _ _.  JO:  But it, but it, it'll come into play if any of that property is, is sold by MODOT & then someone wants to develop it. 



That's a decision, as I said, you guys are gonna have to, have to make in terms of how you're gonna deal with it.  Uh, I don't, I don't know what else to go, go thru with you that you have questions.  Like I said, we, we have the photography;  we have the mapping;  we have street guides;  land use.  Uh I didn't bring it tonight, but we have a complete inventory of bldg conditions;  uh it's a, it's a, a  3-condition scale. 


EM:  Do you have any, any infrastructure on that?  JO:  We don't have infrastructure on this.  Uh, some of that, some of that can be obtained from MSD.  Uh, but it, it, it's questionable that the value of what they give you.  Uh, clearly, the info is from the newer subdivs that you get from MSD;  it's pretty good.  As you get into the older areas, uh it's jewish;  (chuckling) that's the best term for it.  It, it doesn't make any sense.  We used a lot of that when we did the uh storm water mapping for this area.  &, & we tried to use MSD info;  it wasn't help.  It was just too old.  It was done by sewer companies before they took over the city water ctr.  It's just not good reference. 


Uh but the info that we DO, that WE collected - Will you get the map out so we got the elevations & flow lines & all that?  That's in a digital format & again, that will overlay any of the uh - it's a list that we have here.  It gives you topography of the area. 


Again, like I said, one, one of the reasons we, we wanted to show you this is, when you see a colored map, it doesn't look like much;  it's just simply a map with, with the land-use colors on it.  The, the, the key to this entire system is that it's linked;  that then you have an electronic database that you can querry uh with relative ease, uh in finding info & it get, it's to a scale or a size that are appropriate as you have public mtgs & further discussions on uh CPlans.



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RC: YH, Could you ask him to uh put the, the city uh where city hall is, put that, that portion of that point-24 scale plate?  It's got a _ _ - Joe:  This is, this is zoning right here tho.  RC: Yeah. No, no, the, the, the entire, the entire uh city area.  ?:  Alright.  That's the zoning.  RC:  & can you put that at 1-24 scale for me, one 24,000?  Joe:  Bring it here.  RC: Yeah, right, right.  Joe: It's not what you get (civil?);  that's in graphic part of it;  it's not really 24 n 24.  It depends on - JO:  Be, because, because we're doin the projection;  so it would plot at a 1 (2 or to?) point 4.  Joe:  Right. This is, this is a uh - JO:  Did you follow with that?  RC: I was following with ya.  Joe: The use, uh layouts & look at the land use here.  JO: _ each, each of those - Joe:  & this is, this is a 24 zoom;  3rd, 3rd by 42 sheet.  It's a - RC:  Ok, so you've got a scale on it? ok.  Joe:  At this distance, it's scale.  RC: It's alright.  JO: & then, & then what he's got is a uh, you can call up a window.  Like I said, you get pretty good graphics when you call it up.  & this would be the limits of the sheet that would be uh printed or plotted _ _.  & this is a uh 30 by 42 sheet size.  & so we delivered. 


RC:  Now is that, is that - can you change that?  Do we have the ability to go in & the inside of a parcel changes?  We now have a uh a digital database & we could update it?  JO: _ _ _ that's electronic data that you can get from St Louis County.  I wouldn't do it any more than once a yr.  Uh, but as I said, it, it's inexpensive data & you have systems set up that you should be able to interchange those columns & database now.


JEM:  The software I've got, I don't think it'll allow me to edit that.  JO: You, you may not be able to (follow-up?) - JEM: Right.  JO: Uh, either Zambrana could - even tho you guys know I'm not with Z any more, someone there could do it.  Or uh why you don't is at St Louis County &, & if you took him the CD that you have, uh or you could visit the Dept of Planning - he's pretty good at GIS - & he could - I, I think he could hire him on an hourly basis to pop that in.  Uh, but I don't think it's _ _ _ _ _ _ & I don't think it'd be a cost_ _ _ update him. 



RC:  What about the, the road conditions;  (wooded?), paved & ruined or bad?  JO: Yes.  RC:  Will we have the ability to do that?  JO: We, we haven't done that.  RC: You haven't done it?  JO:  That's, that's something &, & again, all this is based with -



the system is based - I'll let Russ correct me if I'm wrong here, even tho it's his book.  But what you have is uh an XY coordinate at, at each corner of a parcel;  ok & they tie each of those lines tie together exactly;  they close.  So you have a closed polygon &, & those XY coordinates from each of those lines is processed to create what's called a polygon attribute tape;  & that'll be the first item in the table & then every column thereafter is dated that.  That is unique to that parcel & you can really add any kind of data that you want.  Here, it's all based on the county's uh property ID system.  It is actually the 2nd column on that table &, & it's a unique ID for each parcel & all of the data is, is tied into that ID. 


Hopefully, it all makes sense.  I, like I said, it's, I think it's an incredible tool!  & it, it, it gives you the ability almost instantaneously to do querries of zoning, bldg condition, ownership!  & you cap the photography;  you get it to, to an exhibit size if you want to beam it to - you place an 8-1/2 by 11 black & white color & kick the colors to a cross-hatch if you want.  Uh, it's incredibly versatile. 


DM:  Is this GIS filed, John?  Or is this a special program or _ - JO:  This is a GIS file.  DM:  Like _ said, this is more hassle (since more machurance?).  JO:  & didn't uh Weis use it to print the street guide?  JEM:  Uh, I, I gave a copy of the data disc to PH Weis & they were able to print uh a new zoning map - more need to review to see if it's accurate so that we can start, have a starting point for updating the zoning map that's hanging on the wall in my office.  So he, he was interested with it also. 


The program that I have is a pre-download,  Markview, which lets me look at it.  It doesn't let me do a whole lot more than that & they're real proud of their software.  JO:  _ but like what, what's a uh (Parkview?) run?  Joe:  Round uh, run you about 1200 for a license.  JO: A license costs you 1200 for the full-blown license that allows you to do all the querries & everything else.  Joe: & they deal with sometimes, kind of grants to, to (cubics who earn increase values?) that they can then  _ donate it (nature required or something?). 


DM:  Say with GIS we can look at it, but we'd need the Arkview so we could move in different - ?: _ - DM:  Access it by, either by land use or by owner or by - JO:  I think you can do limited querries with - Joe: Yes.  JO: the software you have, but you're gonna have difficulty changing the data over.  JEM: You rezone a property, the property gets rezoned from one zoning classification to another, I, the software I have, can't go in & change that data.  If you had the full-blown software & the training, you could -


JO:  It, it, it's one of those things;  I, I think you think about down the line, purchasing software of this type.  Uh but again right now, you guys don't update your zoning maps in-house ANYWAY.  It, it's something that, that you have - I think Weis does it right now - & (could have?) something like this, once a yr, you have uh an marked-up drawing with the rezonings.  Once a yr, you would change the map & then whenever you go official, adopt that land-use map reflecting those changes.


DM: Any other ques for Mr. Omvig?  Tku, appreciate your taking time to _ _ _ _.  (Joe unplugs his computer.)  If you need to let it cool down, we can take a minute for a break if you wanted to - JO:  You guys keep goin';  it'll, it'll _ _ _ _ _.



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DM:  Next on P&Z mins from uh 11/18;  what's the bd's pleasure?  ?: Move approval.  KT: 2nd.  DM: KT, did you 2nd it?  Tku.  Q/C?  (voice vote - none opposed)  Motion carries.  RC: YH, This is the 11/18 mtg of the P&Z;  is that correct?  DM:  Right.  RC: Where's the uh _ _?  Didn't have it or?  DM:  I guess we didn't get it in tonight's packet. 


RC: What happened at that mtg?  DM:  Mr. Gardner came back for his change, he asked for rezoning (someone sneezes) along Forest Ave & it was, the zoning was denied 3 to 2 by, er motion was made to keep the zoning the same;  it was 3 yes & 2 no zoning;  keep it residential.  RC: Tku. 



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DM: Levee Cmsn, DC.  DC: Just to bring you up todate where we're at.  The contractor was given the Notice To Proceed on the contract uh on 12/1/03.  & he has started to mobilize his equipmt at the Sports Complex;  probably all of you know this.  & uh they probably will start to layout their const on their control points when the weater permits 'em to do it.  They're also setting up their uh work trailer in their yard over at the Valley Material.  They've acquired some property over there & they're going to uh set up their trailer in that place & uh then they'll have all their equipmt right close to the const site. 


& uh we had a Partnering mtg today;  it started at about 9:00 this morning.  Uh EM, the mayor, CLM, JM & myself attended this mtg & it was to uh answer ques that the contractor or to see how we can communicate & uh complete this project without any problems.  & uh, I think it was a VERY good mtg.  We, the contractor had about 4 to 5 people here & there was, there were 24 of us at this mtg & uh I'm sorry that more of the ald couldn't attend it.  But I was happy that the mayor attended it.  I think he learned a lot about what goes on uh in planning & gettting these things done as we progress thru this levee. 


Uh this contractor is wanting to start this right away.  He probably will get started after the first of the yr due to the holidays & everything comin' up, but I would imagine there'll be some, some initial work on their part to start uh digging in the g/p to kind of explore what goes on over there & to try to evaluate where they have to go with this material & turn it up & everything like that. 


Um, we've also um have an interested party to remove the light standards if you see my report here at the complex.  JM had worked on this & we conferred with a fella who's interested.  & uh from what we've got from the man, the telephone poles were looked at by UE & they decided that the poles were not uh really not good.  They'd been in there all these yrs & they are going to use the cherry-picker to take the light standards off of 'em.  The poles would not be - they wouldn't wanna use the poles, use it to climb up or put 'em up or anything like that. 


So what we're going to have them do if they agree to take the light standards, we're going to have 'em uh take the poles & cut 'em off about 4' off the ground;  lay 'em on the ground;  & uh we'll remove any metal that's on the polesother than the light standards.  The light standards & everything will be gone.  We'll remove any metal which will be the climbing uh bracket things & any conduit that's on there.  & then the contractor has agreed that if we put 'em down, he'll throw 'em thru the grinder & grind all this material up & put it in with his uh when he hauls it off. Uh, that's where we stand on the light standards.  That's somethin' that's gonna have to be taken down & we've already marked the poles.  & soon as the weather breaks, & it gets warmer or cold enough that the ground freezes & is not too muddy, I would imagine that this party will go in & remove these poles.


Uh we did take a, the contractor on 12/5, along with Len Martin, uh Pat Palmer, uh Div Mgr for St L County Hwy, JM & the contractor taped, video taped the conditions of all the streets that will used again the City VP for all roads or any kind of const equipmt.  & uh that's about where we stand today.  It looks like progress is going to be uh moving right ahead on the final phase of this contract.  Anybody have any ques? 


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I might as well stay here for Emergency Mgmt.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  Uh Mr. Michels, DM gave me a uh a letter from the Emerg Mgmt Agency & it's from the Office of Domestic Preparedness & it says he has recently allocated FRAT funds to the St of MO for the citizens for program within the state.  80% of the funds allocated must be provided to local units of gov't.  The allocation break-out is therefore as follows:  retained at the state, there'll be $134,000, & to local gov'ts, fall thru the St of MO (chuckle), there'll only be $536,000.  Now this is for, for local gov'ts to establish some kind a citizen council to handle homeland security. 


Uh, I'm going to uh talk to JEM more about this & see what he thinks about this.  Uh we have to notify them that they're interested in this by 12/31;  & we'll do this & try to get some kind of a grant application & see what it curtails.  But I, I don't know whether we're going to be a large enough cmty to really receive only part of this half a MILLION $.  I mean I don't think that's an awful lot of money that we could do anything with for emerg mgmt.  


We have an Emerg Mgmt Team for the levee & uh we have most of the equipmt to handle that.  Any other emerg will probably be handled either by the fire dept;  or if uh the uh Spencer Kellogg over here has their own type of emerg mgmt & they've already told us before, if we need any help in any of emerg mgmt that they could handle, we're, they're willing to uh supply us whatever they need, uh we need to handle this.  & most of uno tornados or something like that, I mean I don't know how much money we can spend on that. 


But I'l find out some info & try to get back to you the 1st mtg in probably uh Jan or after the 2nd mtg & let uno how this grant works out or whatever;  & see how much money we can get out of it;  see if it's really worth our while.  Ok.  DM: Appreciate you following-up on that.



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DM:  Under Section 6, ords & resolutions - We have - Mrs. Kellogg pointed out there's change _ _ there so hold that over to the next mtg _ _.  Under Section 7, the, or under the Mayor's Report, webpage. 


The old web really didn't have that much to it;  listed the ald & mayor.  So I talked to _ _ _ VP (someone coughs) got a lot of background in writing webpages;  gave her some info I thought would be beneficial for the citizens in VP.  So she's got one up & running for us now.  If we kept our pencil ready or we can follow-up after the mtg with this webpage;  it's  She has free info _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ registration for _ _ _ _ running for the different offices (loud noise) on that was info for anything from the town & parks (in this life?), history.  & Mrs Dell said if I get some pictures in to her which we're gonna get again, so news which about that up there.  So _ _ _ with things or events at the mtgs, we can put that up on the page;  hope to communicate with the citizens. 


Next, under the (Corps? or CORE) which is uh, bd voted a while back installed & got Glen White has now moved in downstairs & helps with the senior citizens in town.  That's a good program if somebody needs a ride to the doctor (someone coughs) _ _ _ working in conjunction with Meals on Wheels _ _ good program we have too. They've been working with the citizens before, but being right here in VP, _ _ be uh _ _ _ _ be easier coordinated for rides & other things around town & working with the citizens.  She grew up here on _ so she's got a lot of good background around town & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ big plus for the town to have, have 'em right here.


That'll complete the report.  MW, _ _ _ - MW:  Just _ _ _ _ _ tomorrow at 8am.  DM: _ _ _ _ on the steps _ _ _ _.  Are there any (resolutions?)?   _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -



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Parks Coordr's Report, uh Mrs. Kettler.  Pam:  Yes, we got the mins of the uh 12/3 mtg in your packet.  If you would like to approve it in its entirety or you can go line by line whichever you prefer.  ?: _ _ _ - DM: Motion to - RC:  I'll make a motion to accept it rather than approve it.  JKB?: 2nd.  DM:  Motion to accept with a 2nd;  any q/c?  All in favor to accept  - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Mrs. Kettler, _ _ _ _ _ under the mins?  Pam:  Uh, no, um the ord was already talked about.  Uh, I do wanna thank everyone that volunteered for the Winter Festival on 12/6: Um,  KT, the Mayor & his wife shared a public category to turn out.  Had a gorgeous day for it too!...(ETC, including a lenghty discussion re alcohol in/on public facilities which ended with)


...DM:...all in favor of the motion to delete mention of alcohol in Parks Cmte uh rentals, say aye.  (ayes are heard)  All opposed?  (none heard)  Motion carries.  Any other items from the Parks?  Pam:  Uh, no, that'll do it.  Uh, only that the Parks meets uh the 1st Wed of the mo, 7:00 & uh everyone's always op, welcome;  it's an open mtg!  DM:  Ok, tku.  Pam:  Tku.



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DM:  PW Coordinator, JM, please.  JM: I actually just have one thing to report, YH, uh I've been in contact with MO Amer Water on the relocation of the water mains & for the levee project.  & uh, was able to iron out the businesses on the north side of Marshall Rd & um git their svc lines reconnected, but there was a larger issue with the plaza & uh eventually, um EM & TW met with MO Amer Water Dept.


I believe they gave 'em some alternative ideals & that we solved the issue or they're looking into it.  May be some more issues come up with that particular properly (not a typo), but um with some of the time this wk, maybe I think Eric & Tom acted pretty promptly in the mtg with them & um signed a bid. 


EM:  I think it's actually an upgrade from our water system.  Is it not?  I mean to bring in, instead of a 6, a 10" main which will be more pressure down - I, I don't know if it's - JM: Yeah, you're askin' me to split hairs there, EM.   EM: That's not it.  JM: & I mean, would they be upgradin' it if they wouldn't have to relocate if for the levee? 


Um, their response is they have to put a larger main in because they're cuttin' a loop out;  so if they left that existing main the size it was, the west end or east end of VP wouldn't have adequate water supply.  I, I think that'd be somethin' more for you than to, to resolve out of 'em.  I was, my biggest concern was that we had businesses that was gonna not have their svc connected;  & uh, the water co was actin' like they had no responsibility. 


EM: But it was kind of a good thing.  We've got a bigger trunk line down there now & they even gave us a clue into the future.  They said next yr uh, in their plans is, is to bring a main & connect all the way (across Marshall?).  


JM:  I think their intent is to tie into Kirkwood.  & then also after the levee's going somehow, I think over the levee & underneath the river is a BET!  But I, uh just wanted to give the bd an update on that;  & uno if TW & Eric didn't meet with them PROMPTLY & it was gettin' to be kind of a push & shove situation as uh Tom I think, we aired some things for gettin' some better ideals, (& those type of things?).  EM:  We were down there planning with this thing & got thru MODOT without esmts or 



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JM: &, & The other item is RC asked for an update on Crescent Valley.  & other than the, the mayor's used um TW because he's in Washington, DC for some other purposes, I know that it's still on track;  it's bein' repaired to go out for bid;  TSCL is bein' prepared I think um, RC.  Other than that, Tom has a day mtg, we'll have our update on it. 



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DM:  Tku.  JW:  YH, before Jim runs off, just uh curiosity, did uh - when I say we, the city - did we uh slope-pile the salt Crescent Springs Subdiv this last little snow _?  RC?: Yes, you did.  JM:  I believe we may have have a truck in there;  I'm not positive, but I guess so. 


JW:  I just, I just wondered, SHOULD we tho?  JM:  NO, in my opinion we should not.  JW:  I guess I'm lookin' for some advice or for the city _ the city atty didn't, why should we go in there or should not?  I know that uh it affects the current residents that's in there.  If I would've been there, I know I wouldn't want it done.  But I, like RC said, we've been burned on streets before & if we dumped the salt on it, is the contractor gonna say, _ _ _ _ what you're agreed, you shouldn'ta did it;  you're the one that's desurfacing the street. 


JM: In the past on previous subdivs, I would, the contractor gave us - it wasn't really a hold-harmless agremt, but it was an agremt that we wouldn't hold him responsible if we did it.  & I, & I feel that we need something of that at this time or we don't go back.  That was just somethin' that they've avoised all this private property as part of the city, &, & did it & it won't happen again till it's, it's addressed. 


EM:  I, I mean I'll (recruit the set up?) _ _ _ If the bd wishes, I'll go ahead & contact - it's McBride, isn't it?  JM:  Yeah, I, I would think that it would be either EM or JEM possibly um to contact him.  JW:  That Jew may want more money back from workin' on his streets.  JM:  I agree whole-heartedly, JW. 



12/15/03 BOA - Section  13 of  17



JW: (chuckling) & uh one last thing (someone coughs) I have;  I'd like to thank Jim for helpin' uh Tory Catanzaro get the proper permitting for the new trees VP installed all along 141.  JM:  MODOT was great workin' with us & I think I gotta get a little more info to 'em, but uh I think they're pretty pleased actually, with what we're doin'.  Tku.


KT: YH, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JM: Mayor, I would also, since you mentioned that, I'd like for Mr. the mayor to draft a letter to Ray's Tree Svc saying that if we're gonna have to svc this & we will also take a look at them with what equipmt we have available, weather permitting, tomorrow to see if we can find something.  But I, I hate to call up Ray's Tree Svc & ask 'em to schedule a public truck again because of it. 


But uh, we will uh do what we uno can.  KT: _ _ _ _ _ _ _  - JM:  I would, I would call AmerenUE & ask 'em if they can come out & tell 'em what they think.  Uno, they'll check it & see;  if it's our problem, we'll have to bring a truck & get out of the bldg just (pause)


BL:  I have a ques, YH.  Yes, Jim & I, I (don't?) understand that you still never took dedication I guess of the street down by uh off of Vance Rd, goin' back to the condos from Kinky.  Are we still doin' anything with that street, saltin' it & plowin' it?  JM:  No, uh we was directed to start to not to touch that several yrs ago.  BL: You should all go on that street.  JM: It's still ...(exchange tapes)...EM:...theoretically, they should pay on _ for maintenance. JM:  Tku.  DM:  Tku. JEM.



12/15/03 BOA - Section  14 of  17



JEM:  I only have uh 2 things.  Uh monthly report _ _ _ _ apartment is in the uh packet.  & uh RC asked for an update on the escrows with uh McBride, with Crescent Springs.  Uh, since the mtg, the last BOA mtg, I met with John McGuire & several of the reps of McBride & we walked the subdiv.  Um I'm going to draft a letter to them indicating what I feel appropriate uh reimbursemts are, including the sod that's down on the lots that are graded & sodded & completed.  Um some of the lots on the left-hand side of the street as you drive in, they are not sodded all the way to the top of the hill because they're using a section to be able to pull the highlift in & out without tearin' up the sod & get down to the lower lots still on that side.  So they won't be getting 90% on those 'cause they're not completed.  Uh the percentages, I haven't worked up yet but I anticipate that I'll have my proposal ready to go to them by Thursday.


RC: Try to figure percentage.  DM: Do you have percentages _ _ _? JEM:  The percentages are not worked up yet.  I will have the letter prepared by Thurs.  RC: Does that mean 20%, 50%, _ %?  ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ - RC: I mean surely he has some idea of what percentage that is.  It can't be that hard to figure. 


JEM:  It's on a lot-by-lot basis.  It's determined by whether the sidewalks are completed yet;  whether the sod is 100% done in which case they would get 95% of their escrow back;  whether the um finish grading is done;  whether the rough grading is done on a lot-by-lot basis.  So I can't give you an overall percentage # until I work up each lot & then compare that to the total amt of money that they escrowed with us on that specific line item.  The streets I would assume are going to come back on the street itself, somewhere in the 90% range.  The sidewalks are probably not gonna come back in 90% rang 'cause there's a lot of sidewalk sections on various lots that aren't poured yet.  The sod on the right-hand side of the street will be reimbursed at 95% on the lots that are completed & nothing on the lots that aren't completed.  The sod on the left side of the street um I believe the, there's less than 20' in the backyard that they left unsodded for the highlift to be able to move thru.


So I would probably recommend that uh a reimbursemt of around 80% on that.  There's some swales that were disturbed in the sodded areas by the high-rain storm we had that pushed the sod down.  So those, even tho all the sod's down, they've gotta come back & rework those yards.  So I have to use discretion to determine what that # is based upon the condition of each lot. I can't give you an off-the-cuff #;  it would not be accurate. 


RC: But 90% of the street - I didn't hear that.  90% of the street done?  DM: I believe he said if or 90% of the street _ _ _ somethin' about the sidewalks are less _ - RC: _ _ 90% of the streets.  JEM:  I can go downstairs & get my escrow figures;  I didn't bring them up.  DM:  Make sure we cc the bd _ _ _ _ _.


RC:  Is there a uh trustee at all to that subdiv at this point?  JEM:  Umhuh.  The trustees, generally, on a subdiv, the trustees initially are made up of the devr.  & as people move in, the first yr generally, & correct me if I'm wrong, Eric, the first yr uh the trustees are the devr, whoever that is;  the 2nd yr, slowly over 3 or 4 yrs, more members of the, of the subdiv get involved in the trustee make-up & less members of the contractor.  So that eventually, the subdiv has control;  but initially, the contractor/devr has control of the trustees.  & that's standard procedure in most subdivs. 


RC: For the 4th final, YH, what's the deal with the uh storm water?  Is the storm water gonna be a high river seas?  JEM:  No, the uh, the 6" rain did a lot of damage to that subdiv.  Um not near as much as I anticipated, but the uh the retention basin worked exactly the way it was supposed to work.  The only problem is with all the const & all the unsodded & seeded ground, a lot of mud silted into the retention basin. 


They'd have to clean up the retention basin now;  spend a lot of effort once it dries out to the point where they can get in there with a piece of equipmt.  There's probably, the retention basin has a concrete crease (spwale?) in the bottom of it for the water to run thru, from the inflow pipe to the outflow structure;  & they've got silt fence on both sides of that concrete swale with probably 2' of mud piled up on each side of it.  This should've been hand-dug out of the concrete swale.  So there's a significant amt of work that needs to be done in the retention basin because of the 6" rain.  So they won't get anywhere near 90% (for their hook-up?). 


RH:  I just have one quick - we're talkin' late Spring, aren't we?  JEM:  We're pro - depending upon how bad the weather is - RH: _ - JEM:  Yeah we might talking - RH: late Spring.  JEM:  Mar, Apr, May for 100% of the subdiv.  A lot of things will be done, but uno you'll get a point where you can't get sod any more & you'll get at a point where you can't pour concrete any more;  so the sidewalks aren't done in front of the last house, they might not be done until Spring.  ?:  Sure, ok. 


RC: The only thing I'll say, YH, is that I'd like to go on record sayin it's a mistake to give 'em back 90% on the streets, if I could do that arrangemt because I've been burned before. Tku.  DM: Anything else for the bd?  JEM;  That's all I have.  DM:  Tku, JEM. 


Lt stepped out for a second.  JM:  I believe a private citizen is _ _ - DM:  Is Lt out in the hall there, Jimmy?  Pam:  Yes.  JM: Yeah, there's a private citizen _ - Pam: He's talking to a citizen.  JM: _ _ _ discussing _ _.  DM: Guess it's gonna be more than a min or?  ?: _ _ - DM:  When we go to do the bills & then _ _ _ _ _ _.  We'll go ahead & do the bills now & Mr. uh mother Lt Mowery's completed with his _ _ _ _ _. 



12/15/03 BOA - Section  15 of  17



What's the bd's pleasure on the bills?  JW:  Move to pay the bills.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ?: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  MM:  How much are they?  DM: Not from the audience, please. (2 gavel raps)  Hearing none (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.



12/15/03 BOA - Section  16 of  17



LtMowery:  Let's see, month of Nov, we had uh 79 more calls than we did the same month last yr for a total of 346. Our YTD total is still down 188 compared to last yr. 


Uh County Drug Unit, for the last 3 months, has been workin' on an undercover drug investigation up in uh Cheryl Lane Apts.  They recently made their arrests.  They made 10 arrests & uh they've made actually over 30 undercover drug buys prior to makin' the arrests.  I remember talkin' to the sergeant _ _ _ _ one day & they actualy had 2 people get into a fist-fight over who was gonna sell the cop the dope. (a few laugh) So it's been pretty bad up there again.  They also picked up uh a guy that was a parole absconder that was wanted for murder. So I guess it's kind of like here we go again up in Cheryl Lane. 


Um we had a couple incidents over Lakeside Child Care Ctr with the cold weather on Dougherty Ferry.  People were droppin' their, the kids off & leavin' their cars runnin' that are unlocked.  We had a purse taken out of one & then we had a vehicle stolen as well.  Uh I got a call from Kirkwood.  They were workin' on a theft investigation which led us to this, some of the stolen property from the purse (someone coughs) to this uh female & she (helped with kids?) (to nail or a male?) subject that uh said that they did both of 'em.  The car was recovered in East St Louis;  it was all over uh by the crackheads.  So we uno talked to 'em over there;  they were gonna send out the newsletter to the parents.  Even here, it's a nice quiet neighborhood, but don't go leavin' your car open. 


(Any of the dear?) graduation, the 24th.  & uh over at the school, we haven't had anything else over there last month.


The County Drug Unit arrested uh, acually this was 12/8, the resident of 720 Marshall.  Approx 6 mos ago, Officer Ringhoffer, that works here for our unit, uh was given some info that, that he was sellin' drugs out of there & uh they recovered 6 oz of crack, 4 oz of cocaine & a lb. of marijuana & over $37,000 in cash, as well as a 30-caliber revolver.  & uh this guy's strictly been (felon a ray?) so this'll be a federal case which he'll be goin' bye-bye for a long time.   


Um we talked about the traffic problems on Boyd last time.  We're workin' on that.  The weather's not helpin', but it looks like a resident who said we could sit in his driveway, but that's really about his daughter who isn't allowed to smoke.  We're still workin' on that. That's all I have.  DM:  Ques from the bd? 


12/15/03 BOA - Section  17 of  17



BL: Have him call me.  DM:  BL.  BL:  Yeah, Lt, I see in the packet where you list the uh sobriety checkpoints that you set up in Marlborough & Fenton & VP.  I know that bd mtgs in the past, ald have mentioned these & discussed 'em even prior to uno I'd just like to get it passed up the line & thank whoever was applauded for getting ours.  Um even tho I feel it was unfortunate that a city official was arrested in this (for or or?) what I've been led to believe, uno I hope maybe in the future we can still count on comin' back & settin' up (more?).


LtM:  Yeah, I know at a one Police Cmte mtg that uh it was requested by this ald (not only?) Adams, uh that we try to get the a sobriety checkpoints out down here.  Uh it come up on pretty short notice & this guy's been real busy, but uh uno I, I think it'll be wanting to come back.  _ _ _ _ be a problem.  BL:  Tku very much. 


DM:  Tku, Lt, appreciate it.  Motion to go in Executive Session?  JW:  So moved.  DM: 2nd?  ?: 2nd.  DM:  Roll call vote, please.  MW:  KT?  KT:  Yes.  MW: JKB?  KT: Excuse me, is this - JKB: Yes.  KT:  go into Exec Ses _ _?  DM:  No, we're going into it right now.  MW: JKB?  JKB: Yes.  MW: RH?  RH: Yes.  MW: TB?  TB: Yes.  MW: JW?  JW: Yes.  MW: RC?  RC: Yes.  MW: BL?  BL: Yes.  MW: 7 Yes, 1 absent.  ?: _ _ _ - DM:  Yes. ?: _ _ _  - ?: _ _ _ - (About 8:40 pm - apparently end of BOA mtg)