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Present:  JW, JLB, DS, JKB, BW, DC, JZ, EM, CLM, RW, TB, KT. 


Also present:  Andy McCord of DG Purdy & JEM.



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(5:05 pm) DC:...order here;  time to go.  Uh, let's get the roll call.  (see above)  DM, he told me he wouldn't be here. (Pledge Allegiance)  DC: Does anyone have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  ?: _ _ _ - DC:  Uh, hearing none, I need a motion to approve the mins.  RW?:  Make a motion.  DC:  Or to approve the agenda;  I'm sorry.  ?: 2nd.  DC:  I have a motion to approve & a 2nd, the agenda;  all in favor?  (ayes are heard)  Uh, do we have any mins for the - EM:  I, I apologize;  I didn't bring 'em tonight.  DC:  Ok, we'll get 'em next time. 


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Discussion items for this mtg - Item 4B Update, Jim.  JZ: Well, since the last mtg, uh we had several major events;  one was um, the Pres signed the law to raise the fed cap foruh for the VP Project to $50M;  that was on 12/1 & the same day, the COE issued the Notice To Proceed for our umbig levee project,uno to finish the Item 4B Project that finishes the um flood protection for VP.  So uh -


BW:  When did all that, that happen?  JZ:  12/1.  CLM:  The COE was primed & ready to move out soon as we got the word.  JZ:  So we um, uno the contractor is um got a site here in the VP & moved a lot of equipmt here.  & we had our Partnering Mtg today & they've had a lot of other more business-type mtgs. 


Uh, Partnering Mtg is really intended to um have all the parties, the COE people & the contractor & the city - & we had someone here from the MDNR - really get to know each other;  talk about the major issues &, & uh try to resolve issues, make commitmts to work together to uh finish this contract;  set some objectives. 


Um I don't have all the objectives written down, but we know like one of our objectives is to FINISH THE PROJCT EARLY & um finish it uno WITHIN BUDGET;  & just things like that;  uh, uno work together & have trust between the uh, all the people involved.  Those kinds of things are part of the objectives that came out of the Partnering Mtg.  Um, so we're off, off to a start on, on this last contract & uh we're really, really happy about that.


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Um, another, another thing that's happened is that, I'm not sure how many everybody, how many were aware, but we have an erosion problem on GG (Grand Glaize) Creek in the area where we already did some work.  & we've been uh trying to develop a plan we uh to salvage the erosion problem.  It's um - those of you familiar with it, uh uno we have a little lake that we created on one side & then there's the, if you're looking downstream, the left side of the channel has some berms along there. There's openings, 3 different openings between the uh treek creek channel & this little lake & uh anyway, between the 1st & the 2nd as you move downstream & the 2nd &, & all the way downstream uh, there's erosion that's occurring. 


So we have a PROJECT we developed with the input from MDNR.  & um we have sent out those P&S & awarded a contract to do that work uh Fri & it, the price is uh $59,260.  & it's with a firm called Lake Contracting out of Addyville, Illinois.  This is a contractor that has done many things.  The contractor's name is David Lake, but it just so happens that he has done a lot of work for the COE at our lakes;  uno small erosion repair jobs & things like that.  CLM:  He does good work too, doesn't he?  JZ:  Our Const & Contracting people were very pleased to uh, to get a bid from this contractor & he was the low bidder & he got the job. 


It's actually what we call a Purchase Order, uno, a small little contract that uh is handled um little, little bit less paperwork than, than our regular contract.  So I have $59,260.  What they're gonna do is um - it's kind of an unusual project.  They're gonna lower these openings that go from the creek over to the, to the little lake, lower those by a couple of feet so that more frequently, water (someone coughs) (will or won't?) go into that area &, & slow down, less, less volume goes down the creek so they, this would slow down the volume. 


& where there's erosion along these creek banks, um they're placing uh, just kind of a pile of rock that runs along the total of this erosion, out a little bit toward the, toward the uh channel.  & then behind that total of rock, there's, there's a, fill that in with some of the uh earthen material that they dig out from these openings & then they're actually gonna put sandbags on top;  place sandbags along there to stop erosion & then they're gonna plant Prairie Cord Grass & trees in that area.  & the plan is that this Prairie Cord Grass, it'll spread thru, put the roots thru the sandbags & spread it & get it - find a, form a very erosion-resistant barrier &, & a natural barrier along with these trees to um stop the erosion problem. 


BW: Where exactly, physically is the erosion problem at?  JZ: Um, GG it comes around the back of the town - what's the name of the park that's back there?  BW&DC: Leonard Park.  Leonard.  JZ:  Leonard Field & uh, it eventually goes underneath the UP (Union Pacific) RR tracks over there.  Uh well, it's, it's downstream from that point further.  DC: Down BN (Burlington Northern), around the bend;  if you go up on the levee, it'll be just, almost from Leonard Park, you look down, you can see all this under - BW:  the tracks on - DC:  Sittin' all on the levee side;  on this side of the levee, behind Leonard, if you go up on the levee.  If you'd go down 8th St & get up on the levee & walk up, you can see this erosion problem.  BW:  Ok, but it's running basically downstream from the - DC: RR tracks.  BW: RR tracks.  DC:  Right. 


JZ: Yeah, the first section of embankmt is covered completely with stone & that did not erode;  but the next 2 sections have some erosion on them.  ?: Right.  JZ:  & if you keep going down GG Creek, you get to the Simpson Lake.  So that's the area we're talkin' about.  BW: Oh, ok, just between those two points.  JZ:  Yeah, right, yeah.  So that's & we're um happy to have that work underway as well, or at least under contract right now.


DC:  Now, when he, if he, what if he's gonna start this?  Do uno?  Is he gonna wait till the Spring?  JZ: No, he's gonna work on it right away.  DC: Ok, now does he need any - is he gonna locate any of his equipmt or anything down there right away?  Will he be contacting - JZ:  I'm not actually sure;  probably you need to talk with uno Vic James & those guys about it - DC:  Ok.  JZ: _ _ _ _ _ - DC: Why don't you give him a call & have him give me a buzz - JZ:  Ok.  DC:  & let me know what's goin' on so we can - because he'll have to get in the uh, up on that levee either down, probably there at 6th St & get up on the levee.  BW: _ 9th St.  DC: 6th, he'll get up on, well, he can get out, he can go down on 9th St, but he can get up, he can get up on the levee at 6th St.


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EM:  I, I'm sure as Jim's pointed out too, this was not something that was initiated by the COE;  it was the result of several mtgs with DNR - DC: Right.  EM:  that were, were pretty um acidic &, & it was an effort by the COE to accommodate the, the cmts & this is what's grown out of it.  I think the COE & the city were all criticized pretty roundly for - JZ: For the erosion problem.  EM:  delay, yeah, delay, uno the - JZ: & we, it's something we need to repair quickly. 


CLM:  Well, the DNR VENTED their spleen over goin' back 40 & 50 yrs - JZ:  There is - CLM: had nothin' to do with this project or the COE.  But uh I think the problem was that they had a hammer modifying the 401 inappropriately.  So I think we got off pretty lightly by being able to do this;  & this did need to be done.  JZ:  Yeah, it needs to be done.  CLM:  It's nobody's fault, but DNR agreed - JZ:  Definitely, really  needs to be done.  DC:  It definitely needed to be done. 


JZ:  So & we're not really, & we're not really complaining about the attention that we got from MDNR because it, it does need to be repaired.  CLM: Yeah, yeah, Rick & I were referring to the overall - JZ: Yeah.  CLM: total of the mtg where some of the cmts made were particularly out of line.  JZ:  Right.  DC:  Ok, have him give me a call - JZ:  Yeah.  DC: get the gate open down there so they can get their equipmt up & they'll probably work right off the levee & everything like that from down (pause) -


CLM:  Dave, if I could add a cmt too about the Partnering Mtg this morning;  some of you may think that, as a lot of people do, that these things are kind of make-work type thing.  & in fact in the past, I've been known to think that some of these were make-work, but this was really a very productive mtg I think.  If you can just bring people together, get to know each other & at the same time _ _.  Several very key points were brought up & things like, what if this happens, who in the COE is gonna do what & who are they gonna contact.  & it involved, involving the city, when the city has, SHOULD be in the position to have to say about what's gonna be done & all these things were ironed out & they see everybody involved, the contractor, the COE, the city, everybody knew if this happens, who contacts who from the COE to the contra, COE to contractor to COE & who in the COE's gonna contract who in the city & how's it gonna be resolved & very worthwhile. 


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The other thing that came up that uh I think is in, of interest to all, including the Levee Cmsn right here in muddy VP, especially the BOA, is the fact that during the last yr of aprops for the project, uh the COE, in initiating a request uh with the city to FEMA to certify the levee even tho the levee project is not physically complete, & FEMA, under their authority, can certify that we _ _ _ _ 100-yr levee. 


&, & in conjunction with that, the city then as the floodplain mgr, would uh have a Hexdo, Hek 2 Study wherever we're taking data from the COE, & submit that was a Request for Remapping the area that's protected by the levee, & once FEMA approves the Remapping, then that directly impacts the flood ins rates that everybody in VP, the businesses that owns property.


BW:  Is there any indication of what kind of impact it would have?  CLM: I have no idea, but based on my past experience, it uh should significantly reduce - BW:  But not _ _ - CLM:  Pardon me?  BW:  Not eliminate?  JZ:  You would be eliminated from the 100-yr, 100-yr floodplain. CLM: Yeah.  BW:  But not eliminate the flood requiremt at all?  EM:  It's at your option.  Yeah, it would - JEM: It would be you're option. 


EM:  Yeah, you're, you're, no longer would your mortgage co, BY LAW, have the right to require you to have that I think.  CLM:  You don't have to take out - basically, if I were a property owner, & if I ever _ _ _ _ _ _ _evee, I would NOT take out any flood insurance unless I wanted to take out ins from the flood GREATER than the 100-yr flood.  & as far as being protected for a 100-yr flood -


JKB:  If that levee goes over, you better have some flood ins.  EM:  Probably should, but - ?: Yeah.  EM:  it's pretty, it's pretty cheap stuff I think.  Rates - JEM: Once the rate goes - BW: Once you get up to the 500 - JEM: standard amt when you're unprotected.  BW: you're protected - CLM: Oh, absolutely.  BW: you don't pay ins for 500-yr levee?  Water _ - CLM:  It's up to you to do it, but again, uh uno, it depends on what you have;  your home, your business, what the coverage is;  & whether you want to get aq-additional coverage or not. 


BW:  When will this uh be determined as uno how much it's gonna affect the uh ins rates?  CLM: Well, when, once you submit the request for remapping, at that time, uh the city could request for the ins brokerage organization re-evaluation of the flood ins rates.  EM:  When you're asking, when is first timing, when 75% is complete & all the funding;  & the 'all the funding in-hand' may be the, the tough one - JZ:  Uhuh.  EM: to satisfy because uno how they've been dribbling & drabs us as far as aprops go -


CLM:  It depends on how successful we are in getting the money - BW:  & really, they can map this, but they really can't do anything about it till there's projection certified that there is - EM:  Well, that's what this is all about;  this is - CLM:  FEMA can certify the levee is a 100-yr levee even before its - BW:  It's completed?  CLM:  const is actually completed.  EM?:  Yeah.  BW: Oh, ok. 


CLM:  Once it's 75% complete AND you have the final $ aprop'd to complete the contract, then - BW:  So we're, we're lookin' at not real, real soon here?  CLM:  Well, this contract - JZ: More like next _ _.  BW:  Yeah.   CLM:  is scheduled to be, to end up in, May what, 05?   DC?:  Right.  JZ:  Right, we, uno, if you get the money in 05 to finish the project, then you - BW: Then would, it would be for - JZ:  that, try to get that certification. 


CLM:  Well basically, the, the, the action can be initiated IF we get the funds aprop'd we need 2000, FY 2005 aprops, which will be some time after 10/1 of 04, IF the funds aprop'd were enough to complete the project.  & again, not only are we, we now trying to get every $ we can to comlete the project to get the flood protection, we were ALSO tryin' to do that so we can get people's ins, flood ins rates reduced.  BW:  & that's at least a yr away.  CLM: Yeah,


but this was a very good mtg I thought.  It brought out some areas that uh COULD, could lead to problems & delays on the project while people weren't sure who was gonna do what.  These things are all resolved down to the point of who was gonna call who under what conditions.  I thought it was a very, a very uh in-depth mtg.


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DC: Anything else _ _ _? - JZ:  No, I, I would say a little bit about the agenda item.  DC: Uh, Eric, anything on 4B?  EM: Umm, the city continues to work with utilities for relocations & uh, uh reimbursemts.  Ummm, I, I guess the, the latest rub that we really weren't looking at um, is that St L County Water is re-routing their mains &, & they're also doing a bettermt uh down Marshall Rd.  They're actually going I think from a 6 to a 10" main that they're going to put down Marshall Rd at, at least to the RR tracks at this point.


But something that you, you, I certainly didn't think about, was that when you have a new main, you're, you're gonna incur expense in, in taps & the svc line connections to the existing um customers out there.  & of course they're pointin' the finger at US & as a matter of law, we're the people who have to absorb that cost.  So, but what we've been doing is um, uh simply telling St L County, go ahead & do a 3rd-party it out if, if that's what you wanna do &, & we'll pay your tap-on uh fees that, that you incur on these new svc lines. 


Um, there, there was a mess with the shopping ctr where they wanted us to get some easmts;  & we have requested that they go down, rather, rather than go by the RR tracks where we get easmts from different property owners, uh we've requested that they go down the hwy ROW where it's all free;  & they'd make that a public svc line until it gets to Maurer's property, the shopping ctr property.


DC?:  Kokesch was out there today. Took a -  EM:  Good, good. DC?: photostatic (write it out?);  it was on a bid.  EM:  Super, super.  Uh, so that, that, that end, it, it's gonna be a little more costly for pipe, but where we don't have to buy some more easmts &, & do maintenance on a svc line on a 3rd party's property;  I, I think we're a lot, we're a lot better off with the, the route that they're taking. 


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Um, uh other work that, that's going on is uh uno I still got 5 cases in stage, various stages of litigation for Condemnation.  Uh, we're working to get the last remaining property on our ell (L)Uh, the latest was is that his atty says that she can't find him & she wants um our company, uh to, to uh take the burden of finding him.  So I have a court appearance on 12/22 now too where she's trying to delay his ouster which is 1/6 currently.  Um I don't think the court's gonna buy this stuff that the lawyer wants to rep him, but she can't & so it's the city's problem. 


CLM:  Devil made her do it.  EM:  Yeah, yeah;  I'm sure she'll wanna take the fees when they come down;  that's for sure.  DS:  Is that McGhee?  EM:  Yeah, it is McGhee.  & he's down there. I was down there - DS:  Well, I could put him under collar.  I see him at Hardee's every Sunday morning.  EM:  Do ya?  I was there Friday & I posted a notice on his front door.  DS: Call, call his atty & tell her to meet him at Hardee's.  EM:  Yeah!  Ha!  (they laugh)  CLM:  You could -


DS:  I can put a leash on him - CLM: You can go pick, you can go pick her up & take her there.  DS: Yeah.  EM: I told, I, I, I, I, I told her uh why didn't, why didn't she bother to go down to his house - "Ohhh, I'm too busy to do that" is what she said.  CLM: My God, he'll take -  DC:  Go down River Dr - BW:  Is that the only property remaining left?  EM:  Yeah!  DC: at about 8:00 every morning & you can see him sittin' -  BW: All the easmts & all the - DS:  He's in town -  DC: in his old van at the boat ramp or - CLM: go to his house -  DC: underneath the river bridge lookin' for somethin'. JKB:  Diggin'.  DC: Huh?  JKB: Digs down there.  CLM: She might find him.  DS: He's always hangin' around. EM: I, I also - DS: He's retired. JKB: Diggin' around in that creek stuff.  CLM:  I wonder if he knows that she - ?: _ _ - EM: He does now;  but I, I posted a look. 


I, I closed on 2 properties today & those are really outside the levee, but we did it for uh uh sewer issues;  & that's 1101 & 1100 Pyramid.  The reason we did that is so we don't have to provide uh svc lines together with grinder pumps uh over the levee because they're on the wet side of the levee & won't be served by the existing or by the new pump station that we're buildin'. 


MM: Is that Ed Sidwell's?  EM:  Yeah.  It was cheaper ta, to purchase the properties rather than provide utility connections.  RW: Do we have to pay for renters to move out?  EM: Yes, we sure do. Absolutely.  We have to pay uh relocation costs.  CLM:  Federal  Relocation Assistance Act.  EM:  Yeah.  DC: Ok.  MM: I heard mine got $19,000. 


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DC:  Uh, I've got a couple things on the uh, on my report you see that we've set up a mtg with a party, an interested party to remove the light standards at the Sports Complex.  Well, they were going to do it.  They were gonna do it last Sun, but the ground is too wet to get their equipmt in there. & actually, they had people from Union Electric go down & look at the poles;  & they don't think the poles are good enough;  they won't, they don't wanna climb up 'em or they're gonna use a cherry-picker thing to go up there & take the light standards off of 'em. 


& then they're gonna probably cut the poles about 4' from the ground & uh drop 'em on the ground.  & then we'll either have, we'll either take what we want out of the, & stack 'em up down there, or else have the contractor grind 'em up when he grinds up other material to, just to get rid of 'em.  BW:  The poles.  DC:  The poles.  We'll have to take all the metal off of 'em - the, maybe some conduit & the screw-hank climbers on the poles & everything.  So then they'll be 4' from the ground & then when the contractor gets in there, he can just put the uh, dozer up against 'em & push 'em right outta the ground;  they'll be out, be removed. 


Uh, we uh & also there, we uh, we we uh video taped the streets;  the contractor video-taped the streets that we'll be usin' for the haul road;  we did that last uh Friday, or on 12/5.  We did all the roads so we've got all those video-taped;  the county was there & uh JM & I, & the contractor;  & they video-taped 'em also.  We have an idea & they'll give us a copy of the video tape & uh, uh anything that's torn up or whatever, we'll negotiate with 'em to fix it up or whatever. 


The roads that will be used, & it's 3rd St to Vest, Vest at Beckett Memorial;  uh Marshall, uh St. Louis Ave or Beckett Memorial, whichever that is;  to Marshall Rd;  down Marshall Rd to 3rd St;  & then an entrance to 3rd St;  over to the project.  & the other one will be from 9th St uh over & down Pharoah;  uh to get to the const site & they'll be haulin' the dirt there then. 


Other in the mtg, we had a really nice mtg with the contractor, like JZ said & the CLM said & I think we got a very, very good contractor on this project.  & they will have their uh const uh yard & uh trailers located at Valley Material on a piece of property over there that they're workin' with Valley Material & they'll be setting up their uh, their equipmt.  They have some equipmt stored at the uh, uh mobilized at the Sports Complex on the upper part of the uh Sports Complex at this time, but probably when they get their everything goin' up there at the Valley Material, they'll move it to that area up there & it'll be more secure.  Anybody have any ques on 4B right now?


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DC:  Ok, let's go to Item 7B - Cost Share.  You wanna talk about that, Jim?  JZ: Yeah, I wanna talk about the FY 04 Funds.  Um - DC:  Ok.  JZ:  Fed gov't rcv'd uh 2,750,000 uh that was the uh Congressional ala Allocation;  & then they subtracted off 20% which they subtracted from all the projects nationwide for uh const funds.  So we were down to, uno we're down to $2,200,000 is the fed funds that we rcv'd for this project this FY. 


& uh the city funds, uno, I've asked uh the city for 178,000 which I have.  & then I've recomputed to Eric, 'cause we, we have a little bit more money from the fed side than, than we uh originally thought we went thru the Pres' budget.  So there's gonna be a total we need of, of 200,000;  uno we've already got 178 so we'll be askin' you for the remaining uh 22,000 by letter. 


But anyway, that, that comes up a total of $2,400,000 available for this project & uh the contractor is indicating, still indicating every time that we see him, that he's, he thinks that his company is going to um keep working even tho the fed gov't doesn't have enough money to pay him, pay the contractor.  & we expect him to run out of money in Feb, which is only 3 months of work.  (someone chuckles)  Ok, so we expect him - he says he's gonna keep working & uh so we are taking out of this uh 2,400,000, we are fully funding our own const managegmt efforts thru the remainder of the FY so that we can work with the contractor the way we need to;  & the same thing for our eng'g during const.  & so we only have about um 1,300,000 that we're putting it toward the const contract.


CLM:  I'm glad you're, you're takin' money out to keep the COE going - JZ:  Well we, uno, we simply have to do that.  &, & we also have this other $60,000 that we are uh spending on this erosion repair & there's a contractor, only for a different contract;  & we have const managemt & eng'g uno during const on that job!  So uh that's, that's the plan;  I mean uh hoping that some time after February or whenever (indecipherable background mumlings) more money will be transferred into the project or uno somehow (fall?) into the project to pay this contractor.  & uh so it's, it's an important uh step.


12/15/03 LEV - Section  10 of  11


TB:  Eric, what'd we bond for _ _ (that cmty?) The city.  EM:  The city?  Uh, yeah. TB: How much of that do we have left?  EM:  Uuhhm, we're sittin' on like  o n e,  t h r e e,  about a A MILLION & a HALF to a MILLION SEVEN SOMETHING, something.  It's in your packet today. 


TB:  If you got (apple express?!) & ifin that goes, will it get reimbursed back to the fed gov't? 'cause that what - pretty much our total (effort or everybody or ?) was gonna be _ _ - EM:  Yeah, we're okay.  I mean the city's ok, but it, it's just that the contractor is basically uh betting that he will get paid;  & he will get paid - TB?: Right.  EM: by the gov't.  Um, he also gets interest;  so don't feel too sorry for the guy.  (BW chuckles)  TB:  Well, I realize he didn't want to pull out;  in other words, you have to pull out & pull back in.  EM:  Yeah, no.  TB:  For him just to keep workin' uno.


CLM: Uno, he's, he is uno was originally a sort of a small operation started (someone chuckles) _ _ - started low down in a big corporation _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  EM:  The, the quicker he gets done, the less days he has on the job, the more money he gets, the more profit he makes.  ?:  Probably gets a bonus or somethin'?  EM:  Uh no.  JZ:  No, there's no bonus built in.


CLM: But he can move the equipmt & people to another job (this year?), but he's too new & this guy's got a track record;  if he's not cooperating, _ _ _ _ _  -  EM:  & I guess the concensus was that, I mean even the contractor seemed ta have a goal that, that he, he would finish 10% ahead of - CLM: Yeah.  EM:  in, in the days, (50 or 15?) - 580 days or whatever it is.  He said he'd finish 10% ahead as, as his goals.  CLM:  & knowin', knowin' that fella, if he said he's gonna attempt some - have any money, makes him do it in about 20% ahead.  EM:  Yeah! 


JZ:  So, but uno from the city's standpoint, from this cmty's standpoint, it's much better obviously that he finish early as well.  There's a period of time when you're open for risk of flooding;  from the COE's standpoint, I mean I, again, feel like we will save a lot of money by having this contractor finish early because if that, if this thing drug out over yrs, boy, you'd have administrative costs EVERY yr uno.  So there, there's gonna be a, a major savings.


EM:  & I guess we could talk down the road with the COE if they want us to advance money as a credit toward future cash contributions.  I, I don't even know that that would be necessary at this point.  JZ:  I don't know if it's, I don't know if we could do that & I'm not gonna really worry about it.  You, we need more money than that anyway.  EM:  Sure.  JZ: The contractor's gonna run out of - he needs - CLM:  In fact we - JZ:  uno $6M more this FY;  something like that we'd (miss it by?).   CLM:  I would, I would hope the St L Dist would not even broach the subject with the Div ofc that, with the possibility of the city _ - JZ:  No, we're not gonna, I don't think we're not gonna get into all that.  & if, if we get more fed funds, we'll be asking the city to match uno - CLM: Sure.  JZ: the fed funds that come in - CLM: Exactly.  JZ: until you continue to match that. CLM:  I, I think - JZ:  That's our plan. 


CLM:  I think we have a gooder case to, to justify if there is a Supplemental Aprops Bill in March or April - getting money included in each project from that.  & if not, in getting congressional uh interest in lifting that freeze on transfer of funds within the COE, & encouraging the chief's office to make sure that a lot of money is put in along with this project in the St L Dist because, 1) we DID state a capability much larger than we actually got.  So we're not putting in, saying, well,  uno, we decided we need more money than what we thought;  we're already, go on record for months now, saying we need, what 9M to keep the _ _ _?  JZ:  It was 7. 


CLM:  But at any rate, uh a lot more money.  Secondly, if the contractor DOES continue to work, demonstrate that uh this must be available, this amt of funds, to get good contractors who, once again, that kind of encourages both the Congress & Subcmte Aprops & the COE at the Washington level, _ _ _ _ _ _ _, to want to aprop towards this project.  So I think we have a lot of things goin' for us.  Uh, so we're not a done deal & it leaves us more money for supplemental work, even tho a lot of money transferred in.  But I think that the facts are that we're in very, very good shape to have one or both mtgs on the south.  In my mind, it's just a ques of which one, which one you do.


BW:  If this contractor goes ahead & does what he does to go ahead & finish the project without havin' all the money, does the COE have enough money to continue their on-going eng'g & so forth thru the completion of the project?  JZ:  We only, we go by, on a FY basis.  BW: Well - JZ:  We have enough money set up to take us thru next, thru next Sept.  BW: Even tho if the contractor - JZ:  Well then we will, we will - then next FY, we would have enough money, we would make sure we have enough money to support the contractor. 


BW:  So the COE's not gonna run out of money - CLM: No, we, whatever is aprop'd - BW: money needed to support the contract?  JZ: Right.  CLM: fiscal 05, will certainly be enough to take care of the COE's administrative overhead costs.  BW: Yeah, that's what my ques was.  JZ:  Yeah.  CLM: & I'm sure it'd be MORE than that;  you'd have money to pay, help pay off the contractor too;  but maybe not enough to pay off in FULL, 


but I think it's very, very good & prudent that the COE has looked ahead & stated we need to take part of this money out & not give it to the contractor to make sure WE have enough money to supervise for the whole yr, so.  BW:  Right, that, that was my concern 'cause if the COE runs outta money, they have no place to go, then it, then it would stop the whole project then.  CLM:  Had, if somebody before hadn't thought it was gonna come about.   


12/15/03 Levee - Section  11 of  11


DC: Ok, I think we've covered B & C. Any ques?  If we have none, we'll have the next Levee Cmsn mtg will be 1/19/04, 5:00. 


CLM:  Any chance we could get the contractor to uh cater our Levee Cmsn mtgs like they did the - DC: I don't think so. (they laugh)  DS:  I don't know why not;  do you?  DC: They have a safety mtg every quarter, but then they take their employees out - CLM:  I'll tell ya, I was impressed by Bat Hendricks.  DC: I don't know whether we'll be employed or whatever.  ?: _ _ - CLM: _ yeah.  BW:  When is the contractor gonna start turning dirt?  Uno, if they're working on -


(several talk at once;  some indecipherably) EM: If you like seafood, I'm tellin' ya if you don't, _ - DC: Yeah, he's, he, they're, they're ones to get the pressure in there - DS: from the midwest;  if it doesn't have hoofs, we don't eat it.  BW: it's a matter of - CLM:  I knew it would not go to waste - BW: matter of finding out how much work they're - JZ: _ _ they're definitely gonna start workin' on - CLM: & all that seafood - DC:  They wanna get in & do some excavation - JZ: excavating it, grinding it up, test the test material.  CLM: 10 miles away _ the coast - BW: Yeah - DC: exploration -


CLM: some son of a gun signed out to the Kansas City Dist, home of the good - DC: see what is actually there, how - ?: Yeah.  CLM:  He didn't like people, loved seafood.  EM: Well, they just opened a seafood restaurant by his house - DC: They've already moved - EM: Saltwater deals.  DS:  Oh, did they?  EM:  Damn good!  DC:  These are not - EM: won't darken it's door I'll tell ya. 


BW: So probably after the 1st of the yr?  CLM:  Be a waste of good food.  DC: Uh, yeah, it'll be about the 1st of yr before they really get started & we'll have some kind of a progress mtg & see what they're doin' - DS: I'd like to go up to Schnucks & get some Jack Salmon or Whiting or whatever they call it.  I like that kinda fish. 


DC: Christmas holidays, they're, they're not gonna get people - well they don't, see they're gonna use all their people from Kansas City, more or less their administrative people 'cause they're gonna hire some of the union workers for operators & laborers & everything here.  Uno, right now Christmas time, it's kind of - you don't hire people & say, hey, we're not gonna do this work till uh after Christmas or somethin' like that, but I think they're going to fetch some of these people in from Kansas City that can operate this machinery - CLM: I ask for extra lemon & look for the tobasco sauce - DC:  Danny;  I think (Sue Cadis?) is an operator;  he's been the guy that's doin' all the equipmt & haulin' down there & he put some dirt.  I think he's gonna be sort of the fella - DS: church guys, uno just, they have nice old pork loins - DC:  but then, but they said in January, they'll probably start -


DS: they make some kind of an orange sauce to put over it, which if that's your _, but it's not mine.  I'd rather have coin gravy.  I know there was some people pullin' thru the -  I was in the kitchen foolin' around & the guy told me - ?: _ _ - it's some kind of orange - JEM: sellin' her house - DS: watchin' people goin' thru the line & they all thought it was gravy including my wife!  DC: They've got a lot of -  JZ: take another dimension on it or sometime - DS: & I didn't tip her off, so it was really (not?) even dog - (CLM? laughs) They were scoupin' that stuff & puttin' it on there.  CLM:  Thought it was gravy, right?  JEM?:  Did you reinforce - DC: they start into that - JEM: streets _ _ - BW: Oh, the flashbacks are just bad!  JEM: can't fix it - DS:  What is that?  He said it's orange - DS:  I forget what he called it.  Why didn't you tell me?!...DC: That's about 1976 what I can determine. 


(5:40 pm, mtg is apparently over as small talk continues)






The mtg was called to order at 5 pm at the VP City Hall.  The Mayor indicated he would not be present.  Present were:  DS, JKB, JLB, RW, JZ, EM, CLM, TB, RW, JW, DC & KT. 


JZ announced that the President had signed legislation on 12/1/03 to raise the fed share to an amount not to exceed $50M & on the same day the COE issued a notice to proceed to the contractor.  He also summarized a partnering mtg held at City Hall.  He discussed an erosion problem at Grand Glaize Creek which was being mitigated at the COE's direction by a contractor - Lake Contracting for $59,260.  He described the type & scope of that project.  The Certification of the Protection & its impact on the flood insurance program was addressed by JZ, a requiremt is that the project is 75% complete with all fed funding on hand.  


EM reported on pending condemnation actions which are all awaiting jury trial on values;  also on closing of 1100 & 1101 Pyramid.  DC reported on removal of sports Complex lights & video-taping of streets together with ESI staging at Valley Materials.  JZ reported the 04 cash contribution of $200,000 of which $178,000 is in hand.  The mtg adjourned at 5:50 pm.


Eric M. Martin, Acting Secretary