MOPR Notes:  Mtg lasted 5:06 to about 6:25 pm.  No quorum. 


Present:  JLB, BW, DC, CLM, DM, EM, JZ, Paul Spotanski of PH Weis, KT, JKB, TB.  Also, Renee Kirkiewicz of St Sen Gibbons office, (until 6:10);  Jim Mitas of Cgsm Akin's ofc;  Vivian Blackman, VP resident/business owner;  JEM arrived 5:15. 


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DC:  I guess we'll call this mtg to order at about 5:06. (Roll call - see above +) JW asked to be excused;  he worked today.  That gives us 5;  we really don't have a quorum for a mtg here, but we can go on & discuss things.  We won't be able to - we only got 5;  we need 6 to have a quorum, but I don't think there's anything that we have to move on tonight.  (Pledge Allegiance) 


Uh, do we have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  JLB:  Yeah, I need to talk about Arnold's Grove.  DC:  Ok, uh, let's put that under uh, uh A1, Item 4B.  That's uh probably something to do with the const of it or whatever.  Ok.  Arnold's Landing.  CLM:  Eric & I would like to report on our trip uh - DC:  You wanna report on that?  CLM: 7C, yeah.  DC:  Ok, we'll put that 7 uh - that'll be under 7C, ok.  Ok, any other?  Ok, I need a - 


DM: Just note on there, Dave, the 16th is uh Pres's Day so the next mtg is the 17th.  DC:  Ok, 17th, ok;  good; tks, Dan.  Uno I looked at that the other day.  CLM: _ _ - ?:  Yeah.  BW?: Howard Stern _ - DC:  Everybody make a note of that, the 17th will be the next mtg instead of the 16th. 


Ok, uh, while we don't have a quorum here, the agenda approved, but uh we'll just - uh just make 'em - I'll - somebody make a motion to approve the agenda;  we'll do that;  we can do that.  BW:  I'll make a motion to approve the agenda.  DC:  2nd, ok.  Motion to 2nd.  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Uh, we've got the mins here for 12/17 & the 15th.  Can we go ahead & approve those mins without a quorum, or is that - EM:  Yeah, you shouldn't have any motions in a quorum.  I, I, I guess I got lost.  I thought we had - how many people was it?  DC:  We have 10.  EM:  Oh, 10, so - DC: We only have 5 here.  We need 6 to really -


DM:  Yeah, I wanna call Jim Proebst (someone coughs) I'm gonna ask Jim Proebst to either show up or step down.  DC:  Well, yeah, I think that we need to uh get somebody from the school here whether who wants to be here.  I don't know.  EM: Yeah, Mr. Chair, it's really not proper to even have motions if there's a -  DC:  Don't, not even have it, ok.  We'll just hold the mins over until the next mtg, ok.  Uh, discussion items for the mtg.  I uh, Item 4B Update;  uh Jim, do you have any update on 4B?


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JZ:  Yeah, first of all, I wanna talk about this Grand Glaize (GG) Creek erosion repair job; I think you mentioned in the mins on 12/15.  DC:  Right.  JZ:  The cost to the contractor $59,260.  Uh, we awarded that contract on 12/12 & by the end of the calendar yr, the work was essentially completed.  So that was really good.  This Lake Contracting got right on the job & did, did the work during a period of nice weather (chuckle) which was good.  & uh, they, they've placed these sandbags & the Prairie Cord Grass & planted trees along uh that uh eroded area & along the _ _ _ _ stone that's right next to the water.  & basically did, uno, they did the job.  They lowered the notches into the, into that area on GG Creek where there's a lake behind there to allow more water to get in that area uh more, more, more frequently.  So uh & they placed some stone in the, in the GG Creek channel;  one location for erosion protection.  


Uh, all they have to do is come back & said they, Vic James said in a couple of months, they're gonna come back & plant some grass seed where they have uh, had to get their equipmt in & they tore up a little area along the levee side;  & uh, just check out uh the job that's there.  I know I saw it after a major rain had come along & gotten over the tops of, of everything that was constructed & I'd say 99% or more than 99% of everything was still in place - DC?: Right.  JZ: good sign.  So I'm happy to report on that particular job.


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Item 4B, uh we have really good news to me is that the contractor has started working & um we've got some photographs of them working uh in that area;  of the waste concrete behind Valley Materials;  & working in the glass plant (g/p), uh clearing & grubbing in that area & taking down some of the stuff that's on the surface in the g/p.  Um, they've got their trailers set up;  uno they - think they (only?) rent some s-space near Valley Materials or in the Valley Materials area & they've got their trailers set up with some equipmt there, trailers set up in there. 


& um according to Mike Feldman, he thinks that uh the plan is that their crusher for this, uh, uno for the g/p materials & the other materials have to be crushed & made into like an aggregate.  Their crusher's gonna be delivered next wk,  I'm sorry, this wk.  DC:  Yeah.  JZ:  So this wk, yeah, & uh that's good, good news.  We're working in uh on this final uh phase of the const.  DM: The crusher's coming in this wk?  JZ: Yes, as I understand.  DC: _ _. 


JZ:  Uh, I don't have uh a final const(ruction) schedule;  uno a plan, const schedule from the contractor yet;  uh they're still working on that.  But um I guess back in the Partnering Mtg, we all try to, tried to set the objective of getting done early or we could maybe recall part of the contract. 


Now as far as I know, that's still the plan, but we just don't have their actual uh schedule yet that will help us um est better on earnings per month & earnings by the end of the FY & that kind of thing when they'll be completed.  Even when we do get the schedule, it's of course subject to change, based on weather & flooding & whatever might happen to them.  But I'll pass their schedule along or at least the, the details of the uh most important points of their schedule along to you when I have 'em.  Uh, again, I think it's very good we have the last piece of flood protection under const & we started.


CLM:  It's great to have a contractor that gets in & gets started without waitin' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ scheduling & everything;  hear he's got a (draft schedule?) _ _  - JZ:  Yeah, there's a lot of paperwork involved too - CLM: Yeah.  JZ: & all the submittals & all & that's been going on ever since they were given Notice to Proceed.  CLM: _ - JZ: _ have a man on-site & had um, their quality control person is, is (on the fence?) _ _ -


CLM:  What sort of crusher _ _?  JZ:  Um, I don't really - DC:  The name of it - it's a track unit;  it, it's able to move by - they can operate it & move it around.  It'll be located - they'll, they're gonna - one thing they're going to do with this, they're, they cleaned a place out at the far end of the g/p, down by the Sports Complex & got it all where they're gonna take & put some of this stuff & store it in, in these different areas.  They can move the crusher around, rather than have all in one spot;  they'll move it around & do all this.  Uh, it's - I'm very - I'm anxious to see when they get this started, how, how this goes. I mean uno, it's gonna be quite interesting & they're - it's gonna be quite a move when they _ _ _, but this is an area they've dug out & everything.


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JZ:  Let, let me mention uno another thing that's really not exactly an update on Item 4B, but um, the commanding general for our Mississippi Valley Div is General Riley;  & Gen Riley was planning to come to St Louis for a Regional Mississippi Valley uh mtg, uh on 1/29, is when this mtg is.  He's coming on the 28th & so we are...(exchange tapes)


...JZ:...tour of VP _ _ some of the officials, & a look at the project, uno;  look at the cmty that's subject to flooding;  what's been completed;  & talk to our contractor;  that kind of thing.  Uh - CLM: You wanna get a photograph of this place (sent or set?) up to your _ - JZ:  Well, we, we, we can work out the details.  What I really want him to do is to see VP, uno, & then see the const underway.  & while he's seeing it 1st hand, show him photographs of the past flooding & talk about a whole variety of things, uno -  DM:  Tour will be that afternoon, Wed, the 28th.  JZ:  Yeah, that's, that's the plan.  It's still tentative until he says fine, uno.


 But um, my feeling is uno, we've got a problem of, of not having enough federal funds which we've talked about every month for the last 6 months or more;  & my feeling is that the more of the decision-makers who we can actually have come to VP & see the problems;  see, see it 1st-hand, see the people, meet the people, the better off we are - the better off the project is as far as getting federal funds.


CLM:  So you're actually right;  particularly, the Div Eng because the way the, the aprops process works for the COE, & Jim knows this, the Div Eng goes to Washington, probably Feb of this yr, Feb or March.  He testifies for aprops for ALL of the COE project studies;  everything that is in his Eng'g  Div - St. Louis Dist is only one of 'em.  He actually goes down every single project, line item by line item, & says project for VP Flood Control Project (flood or federal?) (protection?).  We're asking the Pres budget request, asking for so much money _ _ _ purposes;  this amt of money will be pretty much spent.  


& he's REALLY critical as far as making the point thru official COE channels to the Congress that this project's important;  here's how much money we're asking for.  They won't ask for probably as much as we can USE, but anticipating that, & we'll do our thing as far as workin' this delegation to justify uno asking for more money than _ _ _ _ & he really have a personal 1st-hand knowledge of the problem area;  particularly if he gets asked a question about why do you need more money, _ assume that your _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ carries a great deal of weight_ _ _ _  & it makes it easier for our congressional delegation if they go to -


KT:  Is there the money that's (funneled?) thru uh _ _ _ show him around?  JZ: Well, the general plan is that the COE will pick him up at the airport & while we have him in the van, we'll give him a briefing, uno, with, with photos, with some photos & drawings, etc.  One of the things we, I wanna do is to show him why uno, why there's such an urgency uno in finishing this job ASAP;  & describe the flood threat;  & describe - uno, I've got a list of floods from 1915 till 1994.  There's like 14 floods that have occurred in VP.  & the 1982 flood, uno, I've got the, the elevation of the stage which was at uh Hwy 141 back in 1982;  uno how it was 41 feet on that stage & what this zero the stage is.  So I mean the water was between, I, I understand, between 8 & like 14 feet deep at the deepest place in the lowest part of VP. 


DC: It was up over the floor of the strip in city hall.  JZ:  Uno, we want him to see this.  We wanna - I wanna walk down, drive down the street with him, uno, Benton & say, the water was 10' deep here;  the water was 14' deep here.  CLM:  Show him the school.  Those schools were shut down - JZ: _ so he understands - CLM: 12/8 to March - JZ:  what the threat is; the fact that there was a flood in Dec which means the flooding can happen at any time.  All those things we talk - everybody knows here, but these people don't know it until they actually -


EM:  Be sure & stop in the bank;  there's a bronze marker in the bank DC:  Shows you how high - ?: marker - DC:  & that's a pretty high spot in the City of VP, at the bank.  BW:  In the vault is - isn't the one in the vault the one you're talkin' about?  EM:  Uh, it's right at the door - BW:  Oh, the door.  There's one in the vault at the safety-deposit boxes.  DM:  high mark - BW:  That's a cool one (chuckle) JZ:  Anyway, you understand what we're tryin' to do. 


DC:  Would you like to have a, like a special Levee Cmsn mtg here at the city hall after - JZ:  I, I think, I don't think we're gonna have enough time for that.  DC:  That's what I was gonna say, if he's gonna be here at 3 - JZ:  I think I'd really like to have Eric & the mayor & maybe a few other people  - DC:  I'll make myself available for you.  JZ: just get in the van & go, go with him.  DC:  Right, be glad to.  JZ:  Uno, it's gonna have to be efficient because we wanna get done before - I mean I'd like to get to the const job before they're stopped work &, & uno we're gonna be rushing him, but, but this is gonna be very valuable


DC:  Well, just keep & let us know & then we can get, we can get this set up.  JZ:  Yeah.  DC:  Maybe you'd like to attend this, Col?  CLM:  Oh, yeah, Jim already asked me.  DC:  Mayor, you can possibly - CLM:  What you might, kind of push the - bring him here & just stop here & get these people together & get in the van & go out to the job site.  JZ: Right, we'd have - CLM:  Then come back here & do any talkin';  Eric has photographs _.  JZ:  Possible, after we go to the const site, if there's more time left over.  CLM:  I think it's very important to get him out to see;  uno, go out to - that's what those guys wanna be able to see, const.  MM:  Let me know if you'd like to use my van.*  JZ:  Ok.  CLM:  New paint job?  (we chuckle/laugh)


EM:  I've got some huge aerial photographs that I just reproduced.  JZ:  So you'd like to have a mtg here maybe after we've done this automobile or get the van thing;  & come back here & spend a little time?  ?: _  - JEM: Jim. JZ: Yes?


JEM:  How many _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ flood gates _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ if you go in these bldgs, there's gonna be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ because of the previous flooding.  JZ:  Yeah, but uno, _ we'll get more about that before I - CLM: A lot more school there than there was in 82.  JEM:  Right, & that's the addition right after 82, before the _ _ _ _ _ _ - JZ:  So the bldg that was flooded in 82, is that still there?  JEM:  Yes.  DC:  Oh, yeah.  CLM:  The old school is still there.


JEM:  If you drive by the school, you'll see an addition from Vance Rd, there's a brand new addition that just got completed with a glass breezeway, that attaches to another addition that was completed since 82.  So the bldg - JZ: I'd like to get more details of this school situation.  EM:  Yeah, the photo is showing the news in front of the school.  CLM:  The closure gate _ _ _ _ _ _ 6, 6' or so _ _ _ _.  The kids had to be bussed to other schools outside of the dist.  JZ:  Right.


CLM:  & the one thing that you would not suspect is they have their own school dist here.  These people _ _ _ _ _ _ - JZ:  Right.  CLM: _ dist here & closure gate, VP _ _ _ - JZ:  Right.  CLM: _ _ _ _ even worse.  JZ:  Yeah, in fact one, one of the guys at work, one of the younger guys, was saying that uh he, he was at Parkway & he remembers all these people showing up from VP School Dist in their school;  uno, because their school, VP was flooded out.  CLM:  They were farmed-out to several other schools.  ?: _ _ _ _ - ?: _ -


JZ:  Um, so there's plenty to tell Gen Riley & we'll do our best to tell the story to him completely & let him understand the situation completely.


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?: _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - JZ:  Well, I guess the only thing else on Item 4B - ?: _ _ - JZ:  I'd like to mention is um or ask a question - are we gonna get an update from the city about um the contract for demolition for these bldgs in AL?  DC:  Right. I'll give you a little info on it.  JZ:  Ok.  DC: Is that it, Jim?  JZ:  That's it.


DC:  Um, I'll start out here in a little bit.  Uh, we, as uno, I put in here, we were going to try to get rid of these uh telephone poles in the uh Sports Complex.  We were in contact with a person, a private person, to take the poles down & it's - I don't know - he was going to use Union Electric equipmt & everything & Ameren UE, but it isn't, it doesn't.  So JM was gonna contact him today & if he can't have 'em down by this weekend, uh next wk uh, I'm gonna ask the bd to give me permission tonight to instruct JM & his uh PW crew to go down & remove these uh telephone poles. 


That'll be, cut 'em off about 3 to 4' above the ground so the contractor can push 'em up outta the ground when he gets ready to go in there.  & uh, we'll take all the steel of 'em off & pile 'em up.  & uh, the uh contractor has already agreed too that they will take the telephone poles that the city doesn't want 'em or have any use for 'em, uh, they will put 'em in their grinder when they do their uh their add'l land clearing that they have to do for the uh, uh sewer lines;  the uh gravity drains at 3rd & 5th St because they do have to do some work there &, & put it in, in the grinder box. 


DM:  Jim feel the crews - DC:  Jim feels that the crew is capable of doin' it.  Then he, he, Jim & I have talked about this & he feels that uh he can uh, he can do it without any problem whatsoever.  Just take a chain saw & uh rope 'em off & pull 'em right on out. 


Mitas: Are those _ _ those the old creosote that can't be uh _ _ -  DC:  They're, they're old poles.  Union Electric has inspected 'em & the people that were gonna take 'em, uh there was some of 'em they, they didn't know whether they could even use at that time because some of 'em have been in the ground so long down there that they may not be uh they wouldn't even climb up & take the steel off of 'em.  They had to get one of the pickers & hold 'em & then cut 'em off at the ground & then pull 'em & use the poles.  But we have - if they're going to take the poles, they have to pull 'em because they, they want the whole pole.  So they'll have to pull 'em & how they get 'em - 


Mitas: No, the issue was creosote;  that the creosote  _ _ _ _ _ ground.  Uh - DC:  Right.  Mitas: Um, that's the whole _ for not doin' that.  JZ: Got a new ques.  DC:  What's that?  JZ:  Well, whether or not there's a problem with this, with the poles being uh something you can use again if there's creosote in there or not.  Mitas?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -  KT: So you can't grind them up;  they have to be taken somewhere & burned.  DM:  Well, you can't burn 'em either;  probably just dump it in a hazardous waste landfill. 


?: I don't know what (the f_?) to say on that issue.  JZ:  Um I'll, I'll talk to uh our const people & see what they _ (chuckle) - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ benefit  -  KT:  I'm sure if it's that old, the creosote - DC: What's that? KT:  _ _ earth, it's that old, the creosote.  DC:  Well, that could very well be.  I don't know how much creosote is left on 'em after the water's been in there so many yrs;  I don't know whether uno it's, they've been flooded up to a certain point for - every time the water gets up, it gets into the Sports Complex & gets 4 or 5 -


Mitas: _ _ _ been (goin'?) (up or out?) the back end _ _ - DC:  But that's something we'll, we'll check _ _ _.  JZ:  You, you check & I'll check also, Dave, & I'll check with Vic James & let them know.  Maybe we oughta find out about this & whether we need to have some more HTRW people give an opinion on this. 


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DC:  Uh, then the AL, uh we had a mtg last wk & uh we are going out for uh uh specs;  uh they were sent out last wk.  Uh when are we gonna, when are we gonna get the bids back on 'em? JEM:  15th _ _ - DC:  15th of Feb?  JEM: of Feb.  DC:  & uh that will be the uh - that is to tear, tear all the houses down, demo, demo the houses in AL by the 15th. 


JEM: Every structure - JZ: The bid opening is 2/15?  Is that right?  ?:  I believe that's when it is.  DC: Yeah, 2/15.  JZ:  So what about the - what's the duration of the job?  JEM:  30 days after award maximum, for completion. 


DC:  & this will not, uh this will not hold the contractor uh in as far as this job because they're planning to work in the g/p;  & the AL, at this point, is not the, isn't a priority at this point because they're gonna work from the g/p east & west.  Uh another uh thing with 3, uh on the 4 -


JZ:  So you've been talking to - I mean you or the bd has been talkin' to the contractor about that - how this might (mis-credit?) to 'em?  DC: Right. 


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The uh the other thing, at 3rd St, they were possibly going to use it as a haul road, but that may not work out as far as the contract goes.  They may use the uh service road along the RR tracks that we have now emerg road that is closed.  But for hauling dirt & putting equipmt in, & that may be the easiest place to put it in because of the uh grades & everything at 3rd St, getting back into the project.  So they will probably use uh this uh the emerg exit by the uh uh RR track, by the BN RR tracks as a haul road & as a entrance & that to their const site. 


JZ: Rather than 3rd St you say?  DC:  Rather than 3rd St right now.  It'll - we discussed that & uh so it looks like an easier route to get into the const site.  They don't have to go over the RR tracks & uh go up that grade & everything to get their trucks in there.  They may have a problem gettin' them tandem trucks into 3rd St off of Marshall Rd, there's - JZ: _ _ - DC: a ditch in it.  & they may use uh they may uh use uh Pharoah too at 9th St at that time.  So they'll probably use that & open it up for their const to get the - um, like I said, the uh, they're working, gonna work in the uh g/p area. Uh, they'll do some uh more clearing.  They have a subcontractor to do the uh, uh gravity drains at the 3rd St & 5th St. 


& he'll be locating his trailer down at the 10th & Marshall Ave by the Lions Club where the old uh other uh const trailers were set up.  & uh the problem that we're having at Valley Material is getting electric to the uh, uh to the trailers.  I talked to the lady from Ameren UE & she has talked to the superintendent & has gotten sort of the same runaround from the superint that most everybody is gettin' that we're on the list.  & as he remarked one day that uh to her that it was too cold for his men to work out there & that was the cold day so they couldn't work.  CLM:  Poor babies. 


DC:  So I don't know;  I had a call in for him today & never did return the call.  So I'll intend to call him, the contractor, ESI, the man that up there has been calling him every day & he doesn't seem to - Yes?  JEM: Who's the eng _?  DC:  Who's the eng? His name is Randy - KT: _ - DC:  Hankerson.  JEM:  Is he out of the McKenzie _ _?  DC:  I have no idea where he's at or anything;  he's the superint for this area out here& uh the contractor's got everything set up & they're runnin' their electric off of a uh generator & they can't get their computers up & everything with this generator because it's just - & as soon as they get the electric, a lot of this paperwork'll start bein' generated because they'll have all the hook-ups & be able to hook up with your poeple & everything like that& it's still - but possibly this wk, we'll have another uh mtg uh Progress Mtg with (Dave?) that Thurs morning.  & maybe we'll have the electric.  I hope possibly to get a hold of this guy tomorrow.  If not, I'll just keep callin' him;  the same way with the contractor. 


CLM: You know somebody _ _ _ - JEM:  I'll make a phone call tomorrow.  CLM: _ _ _ _ - KT:  Randy always has returned my phone calls.  DC:  Well, he didn't return my call I mean, but he probably knows, he probably knows that I'm tryin' to call him because Sherry (chuckling) uh Shelly Morris was,was going to call him, & Friday when I talked to her, & she was gonna call him & try to get something on it& maybe, today, we may have got some response over there today;  uh, the contractor didn't call me back & he said if he didn't hear anything, he'd maybe call me back or something, but I didn't - he didn't call, so


Uh other than that, they, they have a night, we have a nice site over at Valley Material.  The fellas've got a nice 2-trailer set-up over there & it's really, really a nice place where they've got it set up for it.  They will probably mobilize most of their equipmt on the, on the job uh in, out in the uh job site & that, rather than put it in Valley Material that they'll be able to be down there.  Uh, they have the const fences up. 


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Uh, once the uh bldgs are tore down at the uh AL, the uh contractor will put fencing around the uh holes & make sure that uh that is done& then it'll be up to the contractor to remove the foundations & the concrete floors in the basemts uh that are there or whatever & once that's done, we'll uh - then it'll be the contractor.  Once the demolition is done, then it'll be the contractor that'll take the foundations & the concrete floors out of the basemts.  Uh, does anybody have any questions on 4B maybe that I didn't uh hit here?


JLB:  Yeah, where I was on the agenda, that'll cover that.  Uh, my ques is, why are we gettin' bids on takin' the houses down when in the past, our Street Dept took 'em down with no problem & a lot less cost I believe? 


DC:  Well, we, we talked about that, but we don't really have the equipmt right now at the present time to take 'em down.  We took one down up there uh that was under uh this, but we have to, we were, we talked about this to do it, but it, we just don't have the equipmt to do it at the present time & that's why we're not doin' it.  Uh -


JLB:  What other equipmt do the companies use besides a backhoe & a bobcat?  DC:  Well, I, I really don't know.  They'll probably come in there uh with a uh one of those big track things & uh take 'em down & get all the equipmt - I, I really don't know. 


If there's asbestos, we'll have to go in & have it in - we'll have to have inspections done if there's any asbestos in the bldgs.  & uh, we thought it was uno uh I guess in order to REALLY make this a thing under where we're getting paid for this, where it's a credit to our acct that we're doin' this, that we do go out for bids rather than to have our - JZ:  Well, either way, as long as you keep track of costs, then we can give you credit.  DC: Right.  & uh, but - JZ:  It's up to the city to decide how we're, how you're gonna do _ _  -


DC:  We discussed, we, we discussed this kind of thru here to whether we wanted to do it or not, but it seemed like that maybe we just didn't have enough equipmt to do it & - JLB:  How many houses have they tore down so far?  I know it's been more than one.  DC: One.  They've only destroyed the one that was -  JLB: There was 2 down on River Dr already.  It may not be for the levee project, but they tore 2-story houses down on River Dr without a problem with a backhoe & a bobcat. 


EM: _ these are(n't or in?) yrs past.  JLB: Yeah, & those 2 abandoned homes that were down there;  they tore them down with no problem.  EM:  & did one at uh 1101 Marshall.  JLB:  Yeah, I mean they've tore several homes down & they seemed to not have a problem & I think they had 'em tore down & gone in less than 3 days per home. 


EM:  I, I don't know;  I, I thought it was the feeling of uh the, the administration that, that there was the potential for asbestos & - DC: Right, I mean we, we talked about 'em doin' it & Jim just uh - I don't know.  Have you got any cmt on this, Mayor?  DM:  What's best is would be - JLB: Either way we go, we're gonna pay for that inspection for asbestos, right?  Whether we pay for it thru the contractor or we - DM: Well is there a special way to take it out?  Is there a special way to remove it, if there is asbestos?   JLB:  Uh, the inspector'll give you all kinds of ideas. 


JEM:  It's in the bid spec for the, for the (someone coughs) _ demolition contractors that they are responsible for - JLB:  So either way it goes, we're still gonna pay for it, whether they get an inspector in or not.  JEM:  & then if there's an abatemt issue, I'm sure that there will be a separate item after - if it's reported. 


It was my understanding that time was a concern & the (someone keeps coughing) issue of equipmt is another concern.  I would think that if, if this one contractor is successful with these other houses on Arnold Dr & it's a go, then go down there with a track hoe, _ _(on?) & just tear 'em & pick 'em up;  throw 'em in a dump_ _ _(hole or hoe?) & haul 'em out.  & a bobcat probably to pick 'em up & that's about it.  Um, I don't know what we're gonna do, the city's makin' arrangemts for inspections, bldg inspections.


JLB:  I'd like to know what the cost is if it's gonna be - if the city's doin' it.  DC:  Well, I mean we'll uh, we'll have some estimates when we get, once we get 'em in here & we'll, we'll know.  KT: _ _ _ _ _ city workers uh, uno uh - JEM?:  _ think one of the concerns was to get - KT: injured or, or - ?: do nothin. They've got a potential - ?: it don't stop everything they do - KT: the asbestos - ?: _ _ - DC: Right.  JEM?: 3rd St.  ?: that's why you need your inspection done 1st.  KT:  Oh, right. 


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DC:  The only thing that uh, the only thing that we won't tear down is theuh the lift sta over there & that'll be part of the contractor, once the - Paul: down there on Arnold.  DC:  down on Arnold - Paul:  I talked to MSD about it.  They're gonna pull it.  DC:  They're gonna pull it?  Paul:  Yeah;  I talked - DC:  After all the houses are down?  Paul: Yeah, once all the laterals have been cut & there's no more flow.  I talked with them today about it & they'll come out & pull everything, the panel, the pump.  DC: Ok, good. 


Paul: Uh, they are gonna check to make sure that what WE think is flowing to it, is what's actually happening 'cause that can determine what they're gonna do with it.  But they said they would take care of that over the weekend.  DC:  Ok. 


EM:  You wanna (chuckle) cross your fingers on that too so that some people that remaining aren't still on that flow.  Paul:  Yeah!  EM: But we're pretty sure that it, it just served those houses - Paul: Umhuh.  EM:  that we're tearing down.  Paul:  & I stressed that with them - that we've done our homework &, but don't take my word on it!  Get out there & check it out to make sure there's nothing else along Arnold Dr that's flowin' to it.  & then um they're just gonna leave the plate, the lid on it & keep it locked.  I asked 'em if they were gonna fill it with anything.  They said NO! 


CLM:  I bet there, they're gonna go knock on doors of the other houses & ask 'em to flush the toilets.  (he & Paul chuckle)  Paul:  (ouch?) I don't know.  DC: That was another- DM: a good way to - (they chuckle)  DC:  That was another concern with us goin', rather than have the city fellas do it, is if we go out to bids, we can do this all in one thing & then all these utilities & everything can be removed.  Because if we were gonna do 'em piecemeal, they wouldn't - we had to go thru such rigamarow to get 'em turned off one at a time, & they cost, it costs SO much money to do 'em one at a time.  If we do the whole job at one time with a contractor or somethin', they'll come out & cut 'em off &  then they can tear 'em all down.  If we do 'em piecemeal, it'll be -


JKB:  Now, they shut it off at the meter at that last house, didn't they?  JEM: Yeah, we got a nasty letter from Laclede because we did that.  _ _ _ _ hundred bucks for _ _ service.  JKB: Because they're gonna shut it all down when everybody's moved out.  Is everybody moved out?  DC:  Uh, yeah, everybody is moved out.  JKB: Well, they could be called in & shut it down now. 


JEM:  We're attempting to get StL Co Water &, er excuse me, MO Am Water & Lac Gas to abandon their mains now uh, they're changing their story now.  Now, Co Water doesn't wanna tear, abandon their main till the houses are gone!  Because they're fire hazards.  They have to drive truck water to fire-fight.  So Lac Gas, we're hopin', is just gonna go ahead & turn their main off & make life easier for everybody, but we haven't got it in stone yet, but it is a different story than what they told us last time.  So, we're working to resolve that. 


JLB:  But so far, there's not a problem with UE comin' down & tearing this stuff all out, right?  JEM:  Um, I haven't been informed _ - JLB:  I, I know they don't need electric to fight fires.  JEM:  Right. They'll probably just abandon the services & then take out their appliances.  DC: They'll probably do just about like they did down at the Sports Complex is pull the breakers on all of 'em & then there won't be any power, power goin' into there;  & then we'll do whatever we have to do.  That'll be it, just like we'll do at the Sports Complex.   


EM?: There will be some UE's there still just because of MSD.  ?: Right.  Paul:  & uh, I'll know Fri, hopefully what their timeline is on getting out there & seeing what's actually flowin' to it  'cause they were gonna actually pull everything one wk from Fri.  & I said whoa, time out;  lemme make sure (chuckle)


DC:  Then like I said, the AL is not really a uh hold-up to the job at this present time.  They've agreed that any, after Feb, & Feb is uno, it, they're actually ready to go at that time.  They're going to be working uh east of uh BN RR tracks at the present time & thru the Sports Complex;  & getting it all - & the clearing for the gravity drains & that & I guess, for the relief wells


& that's gonna be their big concern probably & to whenever they get to the point, whenever the good weather & everything is really here, then they may get started up along the (agraw?) MO Pac & things like that. 


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Paul:  I did ask MSD if there was any way the contractor had excess material he overlooks, says we're not gonna fill, we can open up the lid & dump right in there.  They were like, SURE!  So since they're not gonna fill it, if we want to, we can open up the lid & - DM:  Is this inside the levee?  Or - Paul:  The lift station.


DM:  Is it inside - JZ:  Yeah, I think the levee kind of goes right up against it.  Paul:  Yeah.  It's like right up - JZ:  Right up, right into it (chuckle) as it ties into the RR embankmt.  Paul:  Umhuh.  JZ:  So yeah, I have a feeling that uh - (knowing JEM wouldn't be heard, I noted that he asked:  Does it go over the top of the levee?)  Paul:  Mmm, I don't think it goes over the top of it.  JEM: _ _  - DM?: Is that why you brought it - Paul:  Yeah, I'll go, I'll double-check on that.  I don't think so;  I think it's, I don't think anything's, from the lift station's gonna be on the levee.  I think she's right at, like a comfort zone.    DM?:  Good idea to double-check, just to make sure, so we can see, say which one's plugged up - (Paul laughs)


JEM:  I guess you could get _ _ _ _ _ grinds up (someone coughs) - EM: Yeah!  JEM: _ _ _ _ _ - JZ:  We will have our, uno, our geotech guys decide what has to be done specifically.  &, & I've got a general request, uno to uh our const people with all the utility, everything about the utilities that we coordinate between the city & the COE & get the plans & just make sure we know exactly what's gonna happen to every, every pipe & every piece of the uh equipmt out there.  & then who's gonna handle it;  if it's the city's, the utilities, the COE;  just get the whole plan completely set up - Paul: Right now, MSD just plans on pullin' the pump _ - JZ: Yeah, I know - Paul: _ - JZ:  I KNOW what the plan is, & but then that leaves something - Paul: with the lines - JZ: for the COE to uh, to decide about, yeah


KT:  I would hate to see it left without filling it in because 50 yrs from now, it might rust & be a hazard for someone to get in, to fall in.  DC:  I'm sure it'll be filled up.  JZ:  It'll be filled by somebody - it's just a question of - EM:  I, I think it's gonna have 10' of fill on it too _  - JZ: Uno, I think it'll be at least filled with something, either - JEM:  Mixture of gravel.  JZ:  Clay or cement or something (chuckle).  DC:  It'll probably be grouted, whatever, if there's anything in, pipes or anything in there'll be grouted


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& as you all know, we've closed a lot of, of streets, uh some of 'em'll be temporary;  like River Dr'll be closed, um, at the 3rd St, when they put that uh, uh gravity drain & also at 5th St.  Uh, the emerg road'll closed;  uh, I know this is gonna be a problem for the fire dept, but that's uno, that, that's just, that's the way it's gonna be.  I mean there'll be no emergency road for them to get around if there is a train on the track or anything because once the emerg road is closed & they start buildin' it, that's, that's gonna be the end of it. 


& once they close AL & they start up there, then there'll be no emergency road around the uh, uh RR tracks for a certain period of time, until the levee is probably completed on uh at AL & also on the east of the uh BN tracks & the new emerg roads are established up there.  The contractor is supposed to for a certain amt of time, he's supposed to put up some gates uh & give us keys.  & they will be given to the fire dept if they need to get thru there at a certain time. 


But like I said, there's gonna be a period of time that those roads will be unaccessible to the fire dept & we'll just hope for the best that we don't have really some major emerg that we need to - CLM:  It won't be the only place in the U. S. where you've got _ _ _ temporarily blocked -


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DC:  Right, uh before we were talking about the homes that are still on Arnold's, uh about the 3 houses still on Ar, Ar, on uh River Dr, uh I talked to Pam Hedrick who is the Parks Dept & she is supposed to probably uh, was supposed to find out maybe last wk on Fri or this wk - there's been some snafoo on this in their people at this Green Space or whatever it is about buyin' the property on River Dr, the 3 homes on River Dr.  & I don't know where that is. 


If that's happened, if we don't get those uh homes removed, then we will be responsible for, the City of VP will be responsible for providing uh services to these, to those homes down there.  That is with sewer, water;  & uh uh the electric is really no problem uh right at the present time.  Uh, we may have to do some relocation on the one property just east of the uh RR on River Dr because it's fed uh down off of that & there is some problem with the uh water line & the telephone line & the electric line. 


BUT we may have to uh put some kind of temporary line up River Dr from down around 5th St, 5th St that the other home down on there, & put some kind of temporary electric line up there.


Uh tho Am Water is relocating the water line, uh to the Meramec Plaza at this time & trying to cut off that loop between Meramec Plaza & the west side of the BN tracks in order to take care of that water there.  I really don't know how advanced that is.  Maybe the mayor could tell me or maybe Eric, if we've got any late - we are responsible I guess for putting the line - they're gonna put it UNDER  the road I believe uh Am Water Co.  But then we are responsible for making the line go to the plaza & hookin' that up.


EM:  Well, there's several issues.  I guess start this - as far as I know, River Dr requires no utility relocations.  IF it requires utility relocations, then I haven't heard it from, from any of the utilities.  IF it DOES, I think it's important because uh I think we need to go to our BOA & say hey, it's gonna cost X # of $ to do it, we can get credit for it, OR we can get a like-kind credit if we demolish these properties;  & all that gives us the right to use TIF money, which we DON'T have the right currently under our indentures, just to tear down bldgs with tacompany (!).  So that's issue 1.


1/20/04 LEV - Section  13 of  21


Issue 2, there is a abandonmt of the water line to Meramec Plaza that goes to the rear I believe.  It currently goes underneath - that right?  EM:  It goes underneath Marshall Rd, east, er west of the BN tracks & runs up there to about the corner of his property, it's _ inside of the inside corner bldg _ _.  EM:  They are abandoning that & bldg a new - 6-inch?  JEM:  6-inch they're abandoning & they're puttin' in a 12-inch - EM: 12-inch.  JEM: on Marshall. 


EM:  &, & we're, we, the city, are responsible because the abandonmt of the 6-inch was levee related with connecting laterals.  & this is a lateral that when, when we researched it, it was gonna be a heck of a lot cheaper to bore underneath Marshall Rd & run down the State ROW, so we DON'T have to mickey-mouse around with acquiring more ROW;  & then just connect-up to the rear of the plaza, THAN running the line & then BUYING from an arguable 3rd party. 


Um, it appears that the shopping ctr has divested themself of some of the property, unfortunately, that we have to build a ROW in.  So you're dealing with both the shopping ctr, then with the third party & the County Hwy Dept & it's gonna be a mess.  So this was the cheaper way to do it.  I don't know who's gonna be responsible for maintenance on the lateral.  I THINK they're actually gonna treat that as a main.  Uh, so we, we are responsible, unfortunately, to the Co Water Co by virtue of a contract, &, & the rest, we're responsible because of the Federal Relocation Act. 


1/20/04 LEV - Section  14 of  21


BUT, I don't know anything about the River Dr properties & I'm WAITING to hear from 'em.  DC:  Uh maybe on uh, Thurs whenever we have this Progress Mtg, the contractor was supposed to meet either last wk or some time this wk with those uh utilities, the electric co & the water co on the utilities there at the bridge on the east side of the RR tracks where there is some water - I didn't go down there & look, but there's some kind of a water line & the electric line would have to be moved from on the north side of the uh River Dr to the south side of River Dr for the pole.


EM: Will it just be one pole?  DC:  Uh, I think it would just be one pole because then it would go back across, the way I understand it, it'd go back down to the other pole across River Dr that's on the north side of River Dr & hook up that, that last house down there - that first house.  EM:   These are real technical issues & I'll - DC: But I'll know, we'll probably know a little bit more Thurs of how this is proceeding. 


EM:  I, I'd like to stay tuned on that because I really, I think it's so important to - there's an aesthetic end to it too &, & gettting rid of those houses on River Dr if we can.  DC:  Because Jim & the contractor, they were trying to set up some kind of mtg with the utilities & it may be this wk that they're gonna, uno Tues & Wed of this wk.  Do you know anything, Jim?


JEM:  JM is attempting to set up a mtg tomorrow afternoon with MO Am Water to talk about water issues.  Um it his belief & my belief that the main could be abandoned.  Uh, I guess the last occupied house is the Fowler house - DC: Right.  JEM: & the main could be abandoned at that point & from that house toward the BN could be removed (& pushed?) - ?: the other house - ?: closer - DC: Where?  JEM: _ _ - JKB:  Fowler's old, old thing.  But he don't own that tho, does he?  DC:  No, no he does own it. 


JEM: Currently our understanding is that line is fed from the east end & could be cut off at any point west of the last house, abandoned & gotten out of the way.  If that's the case, fine;  if not - DC:  Well, like I say, we'll know something probably Thurs, tomorrow evening or Thurs at our Progress Mtg;  we'll know more about this, how this relocation & everything else. 


EM:  Well & I can chime-in this, that I did give a call from Co Water Co, & 1012 Pyramid is a property that the BOA did not buy, the city did not buy because it was on, allegedly, a septic system & we didn't need to do utility relocations for it.  However, they're telling us that they need, Co Water Co, needs to do a temp service line to the water source at Pyramid.  Uh, because the current line will not withstand the force of the levee;  & it's a main & it's 1200 feet.  So they want 1200 feet for a temp & then they'll go up & over on a permanent & so you get you double whap there & it's a minimum of $3500, is their est uh for the temp & the perm utility or move-in. 


At the last, the, the asking price for that piece of property was $25,000.  So 6 to one, half dozen of the other on, on this one.  That's the last house outside of the levee & to the east of him.  ?: That's at Kena & Pyramid?  ?: _ -  ?: Is it a problem (out in the wood down there?) - JKB: That cedar house there?  EM:  Yeah.  I'm, I'm just gonna advise the Bd of this story on this. 


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JKB:  What are they gonna do about the water on the other places, like the Lions Club & the Legion?  EM:  I haven't heard a word yet.  I'm assuming those have mains - maybe on Marshall?  JKB:  They might have;  I don't know.  EM:  She hasn't said anything about that. 


JLB:  Would it be any cheaper to tap into Marshall right here & feed it to public meters from there, than try to move all that stuff over later?  EM:  Uno, I don't know!  Uh, on, on distance, is the issue.  Um - JLB:  Well, the distance compared to what?  What are they gonna feed over there?  How big, 3/4 - EM:  It, it can't be that big;  you're right.  I mean 3/4 sounds right.  JLB:  Marshall, that's right - DM: It might be cheaper to go once - JLB: there at their back door - DM:  the one way than try to do it twice the other way.   JLB:  So it'd just be like - I, I think it'd be REAL cheap to do it that way;  maybe a few hundred $. 


JEM: _ _ _ _ _ _ I bet there will be (stud?) fees _ - JLB:  Even if there was - JEM: IF the Co Water requires - JLB: one already existing there? - JEM: in fronos, your property would abut the property where the main is.  So if the main's on Marshall & this is from Pyramid, they've (gotta access or got excess?) mains.  There's a 4-inch main to that point, thru esmts, thru lines, 12, let's say & that's - JLB:  But that, that property backs up to Marshall & Pyramid. 


EM:  Yeah, I think that's right.  JKB:  Well, if that runs down to Marshall, then they would(n't?) need an esmt - JLB:  Her properties backs to Marshall, they shouldn't need an esmt & not have - JEM: House is (grown up with stuff?).  JKB:  Does that go all the way down to Pyramid?  Pyramid where it comes in there at Marshall?  EM:  Uno, I, I called Don Smith on it 'cause he's about the only guy I know that knows where the heck the mains are;  & he was tellin' me they currently get their mains, er their water from mains over on Pyramid.  &, & MY thought was, why don't we just run it down the river & he indicated that wasn't feasible.  Uh, 'cause I thought, I thought we had a main running down Kena to River;  eh, evidently we do not.  So, where the other mains are, I don't know & I don't know how the Lions' works;  that's a good ques.  &, & the uh -


JKB:  I think it comes off of Marshall there & I, I'm sure that line goes straight down Marshall to St.Louis Ave 'cause there's a fire hydrant down there at the end there - aren't they?  DC:  At the wedge;  right there where the wedge that comes - JKB&BW: Yeah.  JEM?: _ _ - EM: At the, at the wedge on which side?  ?: Right there.  BW?:  south side of - JLB:  Where that walking is there at Marshall - EM: On the south side?  BW?: Right.  JLB: Yeah, there's a hydrant right there.  EM: Yeah, see that (may or main?) come up.


DC:  Where does the water go to uh out to the MSD plant?  Off of Marshall or off of St. Louis?  JKB: As MSD, we're on septic tanks.  DC:  No, I'm talkin' about a water line.  JKB: Oh, the water line?  JLB:  MSD, uh the river?  DC:  No, MSD plant over there off of Grand Glaize lot.  DM: Where's it come in?   JLB: Oh, I think it's comin' in off of Treecourt over there.  ?: Yeah.  DC:  Oh, it comes in the backside?  ?:  Yeah.  JLB: Yeah, I believe so. 


They got a lot of water over there, (maybe somebody's usin'?) (none?) of that.  JKB: They got some water pressure there.  JLB: like this bridge down here - JKB:  Back (water?), yeah.  They got a lot of it at the other end. 


DC:  Ok, well, this is, uno, this is things that's gonna be uh workin' back & forth here as we, as we go thru these different phases of this uh completion & stuff _ _, okIf you have any other ques, I'm finished;  if anybody has anything else, any ques.  Uh, we'll probably know a little bit more by Thurs after this Progress Mtg at the contractor's.  They're, they've been following-up on a lot of things & get goin', so I'll keep you informed of what's goin' on. 


1/20/04 LEV - Section  16 of  21


Uh, Item B, 7B, city cost share project, is that, do we need to bring that up?  Or is that - EM:  CLM & I, I went to DC for 48 hours & uh, uh it was a quick 48 hours.  We, we met with our congressional interests & some COE personnel & the key people that we could FIND & talk to. Uh, we were met with uh open arms;  they understand our plight;  um we did some lobbying & uh are optimistic, uh -


CLM:  We, we provided info.  EM:  Yeah &, & - CLM:  & we had a very good uh, very good trip as a matter of fact.  We saw reps from Congress & from Kenny (Hushoff's?) office, most of us;  of course, Jim's boss, Cgsm Akin's office;  met with his Legislative Director & also uh thru Kacky Garner & Sen Talent's office, (next to bleep?);  Cgswm Emerson's Legislative Director because we wanted to kind of establish contact with her because Mrs Emerson is on the Energy & Water Aprops Subcmte, House side. 


I think we were able to make them aware of the fact that we do have this funding situation, a carry-over from 04, that caused the shortfall (& involves equipmt?), the Pres asked for & the Congress aprop'd.  As we go fwd now & what we discussed with all of those parties as well as a very good friend of ours who's in a good position at Chief of Eng's office, was the fact, we're lookin' for add'l funds this yr from ANY maker who's especially thru the office of the supplemt'l aprops. 


We learned that there almost sure will be the Energy & Water Supplemt'l Aprops Bill some time uh between now & next Spring certainly for emerg items.  & there also is the possibility that something like the request to (add?) the money to VP's aprops is not totally (even?) feasible, but there may, there is a chance that that mght be a possibility.  The other thing we wanted to clairfy was a belief among people in the COE that language in the House Aprops Bill prevented the COE from transferring funds within the COE which they do every yr.  First of all, the dist...(exchange tapes)...


CLM: ...COE was gonna be _.  & we, I've been counting on getting money put back in for VP this FY thru that means & we were able to clarify that particular misunderstanding.  There was some language, but it was not directed to the entire COE.  But Congress was not uh ticked-off at the COE, but because the past means of handling the transfer of authority really were concerned about one state's congressional dist where they felt that the problem had been created by the fact that the contractor was going way ahead of his normal progress & scheduled progress & it created the requiremt for more funds than Congress had been asked for or reaprop'd. 


We wanted - there was SOME misunderstanding that we might have that same problem in VP which would be a problem for going back to the Aprops Cmte & getting more money this yr.  & we were able to clarify that & that is that fortuitous in the dist had asked for a requested capability for - what, about $7M, Jim?  - for this current FY.  The Pres only asked for 2M & the Congress aprop'd 2.8 M;  & you get about 2.3 or 2.4 by the time they take the slippage & savings out which you haven't even factually been given yet.  JZ:  Haven't actually rcv'd it yet either. 


CLM:  You wanna make sure that if & when our delegation goes back to get the add'l aprops, that the aproprs who jealously guard their God-given right by the law to aprop monies don't think that this is a case like in N Carolina where the contractor was just goin' so fast that uh the COE said, hey, we need more money.   At least their reaction was, well, we don't respond to what the contractor does;  we respond to what the COE asks for & we deem as appropriate to be appropriated.  So that was really helpful, very helpful.


& we also had a very good mtg with our friend at uh, that is currently in the Chief of Engs' office down there in a very, very good position;  a person who's very familiar with & very supportive of VP.  We found as Eric said, a very, very good reception & very strong support in all the congressional offices.  In the cases under Talent's office, we didn't go by there because their office was shut down completely because they're all back here for annual retreat mtg in St. Louis, St Louis.   We talked with uh his office before we went out & made him aware what our problems are;  indicated he would support us _ _ _ _. 


1/20/04 LEV - Section  17 of  21


Mitas:  Col, _ _ um this is the right space to ask the question;  um, how is it gonna work in future yrs, the contractor's done & investing the aprops & there's no capability because the work's (done?)?  CLM:  Uh, the COE requests the money & they indicate in their request, when the budget request was fwd'd, what the purposes of the request was for;  whether or not the contractor, if he elected to continue working & did so, under the current contractor negotiations - Mitas: Ok, gotcha.  CLM: & they take all this money to pay the contractor. 


Very similar uh is a project like the Monarch Chesterfield where limitage because they're doin' about $14M more work to finish the work on Monarch Levee & they, they're going to Congress to seek legislative authority for the COE to request more money for the project, to finish the entire project.  They got 12 or $13M.  Then the COE would get the money aprop'd from Congress, they've explained that's what it's for, simply by (explainage?).  It's a very similar situation, but it's all about (form?) & not, not doing it frequently, but something certain, certain something appropriat_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  Good ques. 


But all in all, it was a very good uh series of mtgs & _ _ _ capability.  We did learn _ _ _ 2 Million 2.  One of us covered one area & _ _ _ _ _ _.  Anybody have any ques about, about the trip? 


JZ:  I'll just point out that we do need money!  We have uh, we expect to have about $1.3M total to pay the contractor.  & we've already paid the 1st paymt of 800, um around 450,000.  So we have only about, only have another $850,000 left, uno to pay the contractor & we'll be outta money.


CLM:  1 point 3 Million total or 2 point?  JZ:  No, we, um, we expect to only actually get about 2,125,000 federal $ in FY 0_ from the aprop.  CLM:  So you're taking really a big cut - JZ: When - CLM: on that savings - JZ: When the savings & slippages is finalized, ok.  & uh & another - CLM: In my (days?) - JZ: couple hundred thousand from the city, with their cash contribution.  & I'm not gonna ask for your - uno, you gave us 170 - I gonna ask for the remainder when I finally find out what I absolutely gonna get;  when I have the money, federal $. 


CLM:  You're needing about 2 point, 2.3M _.  JZ:  Yeah, so what we're doing is uh (someone coughs) about 1.3 of that grand total into the contract, & the rest, as I mentioned last time, we're using for, for this little contract on GG Creek.  But for uh, mainly for const mgmt & eng'g during const, while the contractor continues to work without being paid - CLM: I remember that.  JZ:  & goes thru - CLM: Yeah.  JZ:  & goes thru Sept, we have to pay our people - CLM: Yeah.  JZ: to work with them - CLM: Which - JZ:  & solve all the problems & - CLM:  I forgot;  you explained that last time.  That's a very, very good _ -


JZ:  So, again, the 1.3M into the contract is our plan & we've already spent 450,000, so - CLM:  You're anticipating - JZ:  we're gonna be down to 850,000;  & we anticipate we'll run out of that money in Feb or March.  So uno, we - CLM: We - JZ:  we definitely uh would like to have money to pay the contractor.  However, uno & the sooner, the better & however we can get it (chuckle). 


?: (someone whispers) _ _ _ - CLM:  We did apprise the delegation of the fact that we had, had secured this contractor - he was gonna _ _ by _ uno, said that they, they argued that.  & as I said uh they, they are gonna come back & say, well, that's not our problem;  like they would have if we hadn't explained how this all came about.  They would've assumed, which is not the case, that we'd have it a little bit harder without their money;  the contractor (says we wanna fight for the COE's discipline?).  The COE's not asked for that much money from the beginning. 


JZ: Even that request of - even that figure of capability of 7, $7M that we've expressed for FY 04, when we developed that #, that was months & months & months ago, before we even had a contract;  before we even had a, had a  price on the contract - CLM: Which we were anticipating the price.  JZ: Yeah, &, & so forth.  Uno, we just said, well, maybe, maybe the contract will be this much & maybe we'll spend half of it, uno.  So uno, we'll, we'll have a better handle of what we really need;  uno, we have a better handle right now with what we really need.  Uh, but we'll have a better handle once we have the contractor's schedule which is coming pretty soon.


CLM:  We all need to sit & think if we're soundin' good, then we'll get permission from (Eric?).  If we become desperate for aprops, we will talk thru it with - uh we would certainly consider having ques & answers too - be asking the tough ques - aprops & confirmation activity _ _ _ _ _ . 


1/20/04 LEV - Section  18 of  21


One other thing I might mention is that, I was at a uh get-together last night, a fund-raiser actually, for Sen Kit Bond & I had a chance to chat with him & a few other people.  We always used to talk about flood control projects & navigation projects being, being some hardest.  The rivers, & we agreed it was hard, was the grandfather, total _ _ _. 


In the course of that conversation, he gave me a chance not just to talk in general about this project, but mostly to tell him personally, how much we appreciate that he & his staff in conjunction with Cgsm Akin & his staff & the houses on the "div", uno.  It was a very unusual accomplishmt, getting this VP federal cap raised from 35M to 50M in a Joint Conference of Aprops that normally is going thru the authorization bill, not the aprops bill.  & it's also knowin' what you're doin' by getting into the House version thru other senators. 


Too bad I didn't get a chance to tell him, the very 1st is you have to have (offices or officers?) in VP.  He's always been very much aware of the need for flood protection for VP.  It's easy to see he's gonna be awfully disgusted if VP is not mentioned there & the uh fact that you have a pending resolution that was provided to the delegation to ask the uh Aprop'g Authorization Cmte, which is (the COE's or of course?) Authorization Subcmte on the House side, to adopt the resolution that uh uses certain language that (Senator Lang was?) based on the citizens & have the COE to determine strictly to surviving, providing flood protection for the MO _ _ _ city.   


KT:  Would it help to have uh _ _ groups or city residents uh talk to Kit Bond & help it along?  CLM:  Actually, this will be done on the House side.  Cgsm Akin has obviously indicated that as soon as they uh - KT: Oh, what will - CLM: have the resolution in-hand - KT: what about it?  They (chuckle) -


CLM: & Kit, what we'll need Kit Bond for helping enormously, when it gets down to it, when you get the resolution, what happens is the cmte - Todd Akin's guy, we talked with him in Wash & he & Joe were in of course together on this, & they have the language by which, if it's in the right mood & _ _ _, it goes to the PW Cmte & when that happens, they immediately have established calls to their counterparts in the Chief of Engs' office & they read this resolution & were really not thinkin' about it;  & we've waid the groundwork, that cmt from back at the COE, back & said, well, there may be a federal (inspection?), don't know yet;  take that kind of a $ & 2 yrs & they've rewritten the cost of the report _ _ 1st studied-up to be the resulting pending resolution.  The cost of that is 100% federal. 


Then, the next step is you get in line, in the que, to get the funding because when a resoluiton's passed each yr for funding that kind of studies around the country, & when the Chief of Engs get so much money to fund those, what we want to do is get permission from, at the appropriate time, to kind of move our study up ahead of maybe some of the others if we can, for us to leave _ _ permission _ _funding _ _ at that point in time, maybe, maybe it's in the wrong stack at Sen Talent's office, on the Senate's side _ _ _ aprops _ _ _ _. 


I expect that uh, I think, Jim, Bond said he would be talking with Cgsm Akin next wk I believe about the resolution & the cmte _ _ - Mitas?: (a full wk or 4 wks?) - CLM: (a full wk or 4 wks?).  So I think he said it would take him about (in between $2500?) _ _ -


What this does really, is - there's a faro situation over there in Chesterfield Valley (in shadow publican?) _ levee project provided that resolution that was passed in end of 93, 10/93, authorized the COE to use federal terms & equipmt to provide flood protection for _ _ _ _& that's sort of thing that uno, what the COE does is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ to come out & talk in the halls _ _  support _ _ _ _ _ resolutions cost _ _ _ _.  (silence)


1/20/04 LEV - Section  19 of  21


JZ:  Eric, I wanted to mention to you uh the ques came up last mtg about, say that, that no more funds to pay the contractor beyond this point, _ _ _ & we talked about what the contractor lacks to keep, keep working & earns uno another trillion, 2 billion whatever it is, as, as you move along, can the city provide their share of the cash contribution that would go along with that contractor?  Just - it'd be a small, a small piece of money that we could use to pay the contractor.  That was just a ques that was raised tonight.


We just wanna let uno that I passed that ques along to our Office of Counsel & they're, they've got, they've got an opinion & they're checking it out with, with the Div office. So that, that, that issue, ques is being - we'll be the answer.


CLM:  This would be to provide the amt of, the amt of money that will be required, foreseeing the odds, IF the contractor is earning more money than you have _ - JZ: Well, say he IS earning (chuckle).  CLM: Yeah, & even if you had - JZ:  as he, as he DOES earn money, uno, can we get some, if the, if the city elects to.  CLM:  This'll be to pay the city's share if the federal - JZ:  Yeah.  CLM: money is there - not particularly more than the normal share.  JZ:  No, not the normal, any more than the normal share, but just pay their normal share.  CLM:  Of what - have you - just out of curiosity, while we're saying what if _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - have they considered the possibility of asking the city to _ _ our minimum & if they do so, by an ADVANCE of their own share? 


DM:  I always had suggested that.  I mean _ _ that helped _ _ _ _ - JZ:  I haven't asked them - DM: recommend to the bd to go for an advance.  JZ:  I haven't asked that ques.  DM: Gettin' the other in order & get it back _ _ _ - CLM:  & you're - DM: _ _ - CLM:  gonna save, gonna save money because if the contractor goes ahead without _ _ _ _, he loses interest.  DM:  Get interest, plus the contractor's (what we know headed out?), I think we could show some good faith by _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - ?: Exactly. 


Mitas: So the city WANTS to pay for interest on the part of the BEER due on their cost-share or as the COE will still incur interest on the portion of their due?  JZ:  Well, this gets to be - CLM: This is - (BW laughs) EM:  _ _ & figure it that way, but _ _, it'd be a (need?) if they did.  ?: That's why I - ?: counsel - CLM: & the contractor's also gettin' involved too.  JZ: I mean I - CLM:  It's a very unusual situation.  DM:  I guess we'd keep payin' at our rate to avoid the interest, plus _ - JZ:  Well, your - DM: _ _ _ - JZ:  cutting down on the interest charged is the whole - 


EM:  We, we, we'd get blacked with the whole project cost & they don't care, the COE doesn't care.  I mean it's a cost, is a cost, basically;  whether or not the city advances money, it would REDUCE the cost is _ _ - CLM: Well, here's - DM:  It would reduce the interest, but it's passed - EM:  I mean it's a neat idea _ - CLM:  Well, there's a very - EM: way of life.


CLM: very, there's a very substantial, intangible, but very real-world substantial benefit for doin' that because if our delegation can go thru aprops & say, look, this is a year-old serious-need situation & the local sponsor, the City of VP, population so much, they're, they're in such DIRE need of protection, they don't have a lot of money, but boy, they're willing to put up money ahead of time!  & that is a real good argumt to the delegation to have -


JZ:  I, I have a feeling the answer would be you, uno (chuckle) it would not be legal for, for us to accept an advance of that because of this Anti-Deficiency Act out there that uh says that uno the gov't can't go into arrears to someone else or & uh create a deficiency. 


CLM:  But there's another way to look at it!  You're not (BW laughs) one way it is, the other way is simply an advance towards what the, what the city would be paying NEXT yr.  DM:  We at least pay at the same rate as if the COE had all their funding? 


JZ:  No, I'll ask, I'll ask that ques also.  I've already asked - DM: we're not for givin' money, but if it gets the levee done, it's - JZ:  I've asked the ques about just keeping up with the, with the normal share - ?: What now?  DM:  About _ _ - JZ:  I, I don't even wanna get into that yet either _ - ?: Yeah, right.  EM?:  It's kind of (sub-pumping?) contractor earnings - ?: Yeah.  DM: _ say they, the 1/2 of 1% they get interest or whatever it is, pretty tiny.  KT: _ - Paul?:  We're game!  DM: We get it done earlier, I think the savings on that will far outweigh the _ -


BW: I got one quick ques _ - DC: Ok.  Bob, you got a ques. 


1/20/04 LEV - Section  20 of  21


BW: Since uh, we're on our last leg of this levee, um & I just like to throw out some things & maybe make next month we can uh get on the agenda & talk in more detail uh, what about a, a tour of the levee progress, a progress uh tour?  Is there any uh funding in there for a public viewing areas that uh would not be say open all the time & not impede any of the uh progress of the uh const?  Uh, those are all, uno, I'm thinking about trying to get some promotion going here.  Uh, right now, the next couple of months;  uno, we ain't gonna get many people to stand out there in 10-degree weather & go look at a levee (chuckle)So I would envision it to be as soon uno, when the weather starts to turn or something'.  My ques is uno, can we do that legally?  Can we - Is there any funds in the project -


JZ:  No, there's - BW: for that? JZ: money in the project for um uno paying somebody to - BW:  Uno, like settin' up a public grandstand, viewing area or - CLM: You would have to get it authorized in the project aprop.  JZ:  Yeah, I, I - CLM: That's a project - BW: Yeah, I'm just, I, I have no idea.  JZ:  I think - ?:  Your people watch 'em haul dirt?  BW: Yeah! Uno, hey - (they laugh) - Mitas:  You could sell tickets to - BW:  Yeah!  You could sell tickets.  ?: More money - CLM: From a - ?: _ _ - CLM: intendent's side.   KT: Well, if we can invade - ?: _ - KT: billionaires in town_ -


(As other mtg attendees start getting up & stand around talking, BW, DC & JZ remain at the table by the recorder.)


JZ:  I think once, once work gets going, it'd be nice to have the cmsn uh have an opportunity to see what's goin' on.  BW: Is it possible to set up a particular time that uh the levee - JZ: It would have to be set up - BW: rent a bus that would run up & down the levee for a Saturday or whatever & haul people around in the const area?  Or are we gettin' on -


DC: We're going to have a, according to the contractor & that, we're gonna have a news media time that people from the news media are gonna come out & _ this thing.  BW:  Ok, that's what - DC:  It involves a lot of safety things - BW:  Right - DC: & so I would have to check with the contractor & I'll let uno at the next mtg whether we can set up some kind of a public-type - BW: _ -DC: Levee Cmsn or uh some of the business people would want to come & look at it.  & uh I'm gonna come to the businessman's business mtgs in Feb.  & I may have an answer for you then where we could set up & let you look at what - how they're progressing - where they're at -


BW:  Uno I'm envisioning more, uno the local, everybody that has - all the residents & all the officials & people outside VP, for the promotional selected.  DC:  Well, I'm sure there's gonna be news media.  BW: Right, um, & uno _ _ so people can start - DC:  I'll let uno what the safety - BW: But there's no money in the project to - JZ:  No, there's no money in the project. It's be something like on their own time that - DC:  Just like we took tours thru the g/p -


BW: Right, & my concern is uh the legal liability.  What are they a month or 2 - Paul:  I have no idea!  BW:  I had talked to Chad at the Police Dept & he was not aware of any restrictions on who's supposed to be in what area at what time for uno - where a dividing line was.  Is this project, the grounds of this project under federal laws now?  Are they still under State law?  The VP laws?  DC:  No.  BW:  Uno, for vandalism of property or trespassing or - JZ: I don't think it's by the laws.  I mean there's no - it's basically open. 


DC: The property right now, belongs to the contractor because he's the - BW: I thought it belonged to the court.  JZ:  No, the contractor has a right to work in the area, but the police protection's from VP.  BW: From what he told me, they weren't really notified of where is the dividing line.  Where can't people be, unoDC:  Well, they know now.  BW:  Oh, do they?  DC:  Because they got const fence up.  BW:  Oh, ok. 


DC:  & we have caught people that - several teenagers at the Sports Complex pkg lot with the contractor's equipmt & they - BW: _ very, very expensive if somebody broke - DC:  They will be in court next month.  JZ:  That's interesting;  I'm glad - DC: They caught 'em.  One of the city employees goes down there & works his dog in the Sports Complex & he caught 'em he got their license #'s & they did some damage to some of the equipmt.  JZ:  Did they really?  DC:  Yes, they did & he saw 'em & he reported 'em & the police got 'em & they were all arrested & they will be in court.  What after the court session goes on, how much they be defined, but -


BW:  Maybe in these mtgs of the Progress mtgs, the uh our VP police contingent oughta be invited to these _ _-nation mtgs.  DC: Oh, they are.  BW:  Are they?  DC: I don't send 'em an agenda, but I do it - I invited Lt Mowery & he says uh he'll, if he can, he'll attend 'em.  & I'll talk to him tonight & ask him if he wants to be in the mtgs now because we're in Progress to keep him up on what's goin' on.  BW: I think it'd be a very good thing - DC: Because we didn't really have anything down there right now until - & they do run their patrols down there, but they're very limited because they can't get into the thing because all the streets are closed.  & uh they do have their quota.  BW: Yeah, _ _ _ - DC:  It is.  BW: & that's perfect - DC:  They don't like to dooze it at night down there because the fact is there's no _ _ _ _ in the g/p - BW: You don't know what kind of hole you'll run into.  DC: Right. Ok, 17th. 


1/20/04 LEV - Section 21 of 21


BW:  There's been no surprises in the g/p yet?  DC:  Not that I know of;  I won't know until probaby.  I don't think they're uh, they're doing really heavy excavation right now.  What they're tryin' to do is uh they gonna work at a concrete, finish the (curing?) plant.  Valley Material (works Steve at that time?) some places, there's 3 feet of concrete - ?: That's very good.  DC:  Some of it is very good;  all they have to do is take their trackhoe & bust it up & it's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ they don't know what is, _ _ _ trees, there's trees that's all covered up, there's all kinds of debris that they _ _ _ uno, all kinds of appliances, tires & whatever.  ?: They don't - ?:  You can't -  ?: Dave, I'm lookin' fwd to it.  DC:  Yeah, I am - I talked to Tony the other day & he's gonna call me & remind me, but _ _ _ _ - (mtg attendees disburse - end of mtg/taping) 



* MOPR Note: "Valley Park $49Million Levee Landgrab," is shoe-polished all over my van.