MOPR NOTES:  Partial tscript regrettably due to time constraints. Mtg time 7:30 - 8:23pm. 


Some mtg topics:  Mike White spoke as Glen Eagles Subdiv Trustee re their parking problems at & near intersections & mailboxes.  Norma Taylor, Pres of Summertree Village Assn, spoke on behalf of the 48 other condo owners there off of Vance Rd re the deplorable condition of Summertree Springs Ave, the only access to their complex;  & re a storage trailer & debris on property adjoining the condo complex. 


Donahue's liquor license.  Conditional Use Permit for 2001 & 2011 Vest Ave, Valcour Printing's address used to be 215 Vest, but it was divided into individual units.  Mins of DA's Annexation Cmte were approved.  AL Levee (Section 101).  Ord 1624 re LCA Amendmt #2, passed (Section 102)VP's Human Resources rep.  DM's appointmt of Vivian Blackman to the Library Bd is approved.  Prohibiting concealed weapons in VP buildings. 


Parks - bd quorum;  starting in 5/04 at city hall, VP Parks Dept, Library & the Meramec Station Historical Society will hold a series of 5 presentations about the 1904 World's Fair;  Scholarship Walk;  properties that EM wants picked up by the Parks Dept (Section 104);  4/17 Fishing Derby. 


Repairing a paper or actual street, west side of Cotton Co behind PO & by a lady's business, possibly a levee haul road (Section 105).  AL Levee - Asbestos removal, disposal & demolition of houses & garages;  a temp & also a new, perm sewage grinder pump station for the commercial properties (Section 106)Const permits at the former James property (Section 107).  Highland Vlg parking & mailbox problems (Section 108).


Present:  RH, TB, DA, JKB, MW, DM, EM, BL, KT.  (JW absent - excused)



3/1/04 BOA - Section  1 of 8


(MTG IN PROGRESS)...DM:...DC's uh on vacation.  Just briefly on the levee, I've been working with JEM to get AL cleaned up.  Actually he's been doing most the work;  I stay in contact with him.  Also JM has been helping him out to get the utilities all closed up down there so he can - where he can get the - I guess the temporary pump in there so we can keep going to meet the 3/15 deadline so that Env'l Services can get in there & continue working on the levee in AL area.


& the demolition turned up a slight amount of asbestos which caused a little delay, but I believe we have a plan.  I talked to JEM Fri, we have a plan to get that taken care of;  so again, we can meet the schedule & have the houses down by next Friday in preparation for Env'l Services coming in.  So thank JEM & JM for all the work they've done.  If JEM wants to follow-up under his report, he can _ _ _.


3/1/04 BOA - Section  2 of 8


Nothing under old business.  Under business _ _ ords & resolutions, Bill 1758 - was it properly posted, MW?  MW:  Yes it is.  DM:  Could you read it in caption form, please?  MW:  Bill # 1758, Proposed Ord 1624, an ord authorizing the City of VP, MO to enter into an agreemt amending the LCA between the US Gov't & the City of VP, MO, dated 8/12/92 to be known as Amendmt #2.  DM:  What's the bd's pleasure?  DA:  Move approval of Bill 1758, Proposed Ord 1624 on its 1st reading.  DM:  Is here a 2nd?  KT:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Amendmt carries. 


DM:  MW, Could you read it on its 2nd reading, please?  MW:  (see above)  DM: What's the bd's pleasure?  DA:  Move approval.  DM:  Is here a 2nd?  JKB:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  KT: I feel as tho this ord does not _ _ _ _ _ not _ _ & I believe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ back to the Leg uh Cmte & uh _ _ _ _ because uh - I mean I think it's a really good idea.  I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  I'm, I'm very embarrassed.  Are we reading the 2nd _ _ _ _?  DM:  We're doin' the 1st ord on the 2nd reading.  KT:  Then I take back my _ _.  DM: Any other q/c?  (roll call vote - all yes) MW:  _ _.  DM: Motion carries. 


3/1/04 BOA - Section  3 of 8


DM:  Bill #1759, was this properly posted?  MW:  Yes, it was.  DM:  Please read it in caption form.  MW:  Bill #1769, Proposed Ord 1625, the new ord designating the city clerk as the Human Resources Rep in VP, MO, & defining the duties _ _ _ _.  (MTG CONTINUES)


3/1/04 BOA - Section  4 of 8


...Pam:...I met with the school dist last wk on the Scholarship Walk which will be taking place on 5/1.  I spoke with EM about some properties & he wanted it picked up for the Parks Dept.  He uh gave me a fax today so we're still workin' on that.  & just workin' on the Meramec Greenway, getting ready for the Fishing Derby that is going to be held at Simpson Park.  Uh _ _ Fishing Derby, uh 4/17, anybody wishing to volunteer for that, please do so.  So in order to come down & uno, to help out _ _ _ _ to uno, kids or whatever uno, walking around the lake _ _ volunteer _ _ _ _ _.  Any q/c from the bd?  DM:  There any ques?  Tku, Mrs. Kettler.  Pam:  Hearing none, tku very much. 


3/1/04 BOA - Section  5 of 8


DM:  PW Coordr, JM.  JM: I have nothing, YH, unless the bd has any ques that they would like to ask.  DM:  Ques from the bd?  There was an item - I guess the paper street, 3rd St.  BL: Yeah, I don't know if JM can help us on this.  It probably just needs to be put in the PW. 


But so everybody will know, there's been a request - I guess that lady's been in business over there 12 yrs, maybe more, & I guess between the potholes in the gravel, that IS a street even tho she's got parking on the fence along the Cotton Co.  & then along her bldg, she's askin' that the middle of the street I guess, something to be done with it.  I don't know if it's something we could chip & seal like we do in some areas, or if it would need to be paved & then they pave their portion.


?: Which business is this?  BL:  Uno, right directly behind the PO.  I guess it's 3rd St that goes between the chemical co & the PO.  If you just drove straight up to the stop sign & went straight across the RR tracks, you're in between a uh warehouse bldg & the Cotton Co.  I think _ _ _ the bd this evening _ be discussed & uh (pause) -


JM:  I believe that that is part of a haul road for the levee, BL.  I'd have to research that, but I believe it is.  DM: I believe JEM _ _ _ _ _ last wk.  It was purchased out of - BL: It's on the west side of the Cotton Co?  ?: _ _ _ _ - ?: Yes. JEM:  It's on the west side of the Cotton Co.  BL: It could be _ _ _ _ _ _ for a while, but maybe if we stuck it in there with the address _ _ _ _ we could get some closure on it. 


JM:  It's a minor issue to put some gravel in there & grade it in the center part & (grope?).  But anything other than that, I - BL: _ _ _ _ do it right now.  JM: Yeah.  BL:  I guess if they're gonna be usin' it to haul, something's gotta be done on it.  They couldn't get thru there now;  it's really bad.


JM: Like I said, if the bd would wish, I could, I could just break up & grade it;  _ _ _ be very higher.  BL?: _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  _ _ give Env'l Svcs & see if they would need to _ _ _ haul road. _ _ _ _ _ JM _ handle _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JM: Tku, YH. 


3/1/04 BOA - Section  6 of 8


DM: Bldg Cmsnr's Report, JEM.  JEM:  I have a few things that I'd like to update you on.  Um, the mayor talked about the demolition process on Arnold's Dr.  There was asbestos found in our initial asbestos surveys on every house in Arnold's Dr, uh in the drywall joint compound.  The uh demolition contractor - there's multiple ways of dealing with asbestos that comply with EPA & OSHA regulations. 


The demolition contractor chose the most expensive way of course.  Um thru intense negotiations, we've convinced 'em that the least expensive method is what will be used. There's some add'l laboratory sampling that's been going on today.  The results should be in tomorrow & we should be able to mobilize on demolition very shortly after that.


The sewage uh grinder pump station that we have to build because of uh MSD station serving some of the businesses on Meramec Sta Rd, uh I've been working with JM on uh the electrical portion of that.  The city has to provide electrical svc for that temp uh grinder pump sta that we're gonna put in to bypass the main one while we're designing & bldg the new one. 


Um thru discussions with PH Weis, uh JM, Union Electric, we've been able to have an electrical contractor come out there today & install the svc that we need as a permanent svc for the new grinder pump sta.  UE will be hooking that up tomorrow.  So we'll be ready for the bypass any time that they want to put it in.  It's located in the rear of #6 Arnold Dr.  & Jim & I have talked about the possibility of fencing it once the whole thing's done, the new grinder pump sta;  putting up some vehicle protection on it & so forth. 


Um, I have uh included my Jan report in the packet for you.  I've pulled together all the info from various sources to put the annual report together & hope to have that done before the next bd mtg.  At the previous bd mtg, we talked about uh updating codes.  Um, I did not have a copy of the current Internat'l Property Maint Code Book.  I've ordered that from the Internat'l Code Council.  I should be - arriving this wk.  Then I'll be able to put a report together for the cmte to discuss.  Are there any other ques?


JKB: Since they found asbestos, is that gonna raise the price of the demolition?  JEM: There will be an increase in costs.  Um the most expensive method would've raised the cost of demolition approx $200,000.  The least expensive method which is what we're going to use is not going to raise it anywhere near that amt. 


Uh, we spent a couple of thousand $ on some add'l laboratory testing.  Uh, the waste will fall below the standards necessary to dispose of it as an asbestos-related material, asbestos-containing materials;  & instead of removing the drywall & joint compound which is the most expensive way, there are alternate methods that'll be used to satisfy OSHA & our demolition costs should, they will increase, but they won't double. 


JKB: I wonder what that is.  Don't they, they just - it just costs a little bit more to dump it?  JEM:  Well, if it, if it's uh above 1% asbestos-containing material, & you do all the testing that's possible & you can't get below 1%, then you have to dispose of it as asbestos-containing material which is more expensive.  & you would have to abate the asbestos which costs $6/sq ft for drywall to be removed.  & that's why the cost JUMPED so fast;  'cause in your average house, there's an awful lot of drywall;  uh, nobody takes out just the tape joints.  (ref BOA20001218-2)


So we've been able to do testing that gets it below the 1%, it's proven to be below the 1%, uh which satisfies the EPA requiremt but it does not have to be disposed of as asbestos-containing materials.  The OSHA requiremt that deals with workers' safety allows the bldg to be removed uh as a unit.  There's some sampling that has to be done;  they have to wear respirators while they do it.  There's air sampling that has to be done which will run the - will cost a little more money, but then all the demolition debris can be disposed of as regular const or demolition debris.


DM:  So just to public clarify I guess, the way I understand it, the only add'l cost will be while they're taking it down, wearing respirators & blowers to blow the - JEM: Well, actually there's small pumps to - with filters on 'em to sample the air to make - DM: But once _ _ - JEM: sure that the levels are down.  DM: saying that this belongs to a regular landfill - JEM: Go to the regular landfill as regular const debris.  DM: Any other ques?  


TB: Who did you say you might get to clear this up _ _ _ _ _?  JEM:  The Internat'l Property Maint Code Book that I ordered should be here this wk.  Um, I didn't have one in the office, so I had to order the current one.  TB: _ _ _ _ _ last wk that was put in the Leg Cmte.  They _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JEM:  Ok. 


3/1/04 BOA - Section  7 of 8


BL: JEM, I have a ques on the Vance Rd, the former James property out there.  I know the Baumgartners probably, they're probably all on order of the dirt they're movin'.  Now the people that are startin' to unload that dirt & pile all that dirt on the other piece of property, do they have their permits in order?  JEM:  They've been stopped.  Um Lawless has uh submitted for their (dual?) permit & uh grading permit.  They had to get me some revised plans or do their drawings & they haven't - didn't have the grading contours quite correct.  They had to get those changed.  They resubmitted those to me on Fri & I'm anticipating issuing the permit tomorrow. 


BL: _ _ _ 'cause I noticed the whole time they were goin' in & out of there, they never did like you had the one place where they, they gotta clean the street, flags & trucks _ (someone coughs) safe.  Are you gonna try to do something like that with the other piece?  JEM: We'll have a pre-const mtg before they start & inform them of the regulations that they have to follow. 


BL: As far as when they start const or just keep runnin' those trucks in & out of there?  JEM:  Before they start runnin' the trucks in & out.  DM: Any other ques?  Tku, JEM.  JEM:  Tku.  


3/1/04 BOA - Section  8 of 8


DM:  Police Cmsnr's Report - anything for us tonight, Lt?   Lt: No, sir.  DM:  If nothing else, motion to adjourn? 


KT:  Uh, can I request that you _ a mailbox issue go back into the Leg _?  DM:  Think I'll place that parking issue as well as mailboxes _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - TB:  I'll 2nd that _ _ .  Uh uno I don't mind you doin' it, but it seems like we always had _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ord for it _ _ _ comes from the, one of the subdivs are sayin' _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I think the last time you did it, they were gonna have a subdiv mtg or such & then they were gonna get a report on that & come back.  But, but they were gonnna send that as questionaires or something to the residents? 


DM:  I guess we could have the trustees - TB: I think our ord is all day long _ _ here in town.  DM:  Yeah, but if _ _ _ cmte mtg, come back to the bd _ _ _ _ _ - TB: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ least the majority of people that live in the subdiv as to what they want.  _ _ _ _ _ that interfere with the parking on the other side?  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -


KT:  The ord was _ for Highland Vlg, but _ _ _ _  go back to uh _ _ _ - AP:  Can't hear you.  KT:  The ord was made for the Highland Vlg Subdiv & I feel as tho we need to go back to the whole city as a whole in order to make, in order to make the city become like other cities & not quite so back in the woods.  So I would like to see it go back into Leg so you can reword it as the whole city. 


DM:  TB raised a good ques.  We put something thru the cmte, looks like it's gonna go;  comes back here & then a like amt of people that are in opposition to it.  When you get trustees speaking on subdivs so we have more than a 50/50 coin toss on it as far as gettin' more discussions.  If we go to the trustees' next cmte mtg _ _ _ should hold that over & get some kind of a -


TB:  I thought there was supposed to be something come up _ _ _ several people here from the uh subdivs & _ _ _ _ send out questionnaires or something they had mentioned.  I never had heard anything back from that.  _ _ _ _ _ KT here.  I haven't heard any other complaints from the rest of the city on that uno.  It just seems like they're short on parking up there & uno, not _ _ the rest of the city or citizens.  DM:  Mr. White did speak as a trustee from Glen Eagles tonight so that's why I think we need to get trustees from each of the subdivs that would like to have this changed. _ _ _ _ -


TB: _ some kind of hold there even if it's a signature uno sign yes or no.  DM:  Some kind of indication _ _ _ _ _.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  Well, I think we need to put it in _ cmte, but until the trustees give us some indication, _ _ _ see what we're gonna _ _ _ _ _ _.  So we'll put it in cmte, but it'll be on hold until the trustees give us some kind of indication as to why we _ _ Glen Eagles, KT, BL, _ _ _ once we get some kind of indication. 


KT: _ _ - Mr. White:  Can I say something, YH?  I believe with the Glen Eagles Subdiv tho, it's kind of a different issue than Highland Vlg inasmuch as the mailboxes or it's gonna be, be _ _ _ _ _ - TB:  Yours was mainly on parking problems.  MrWhite:  Yeah, it was sort of almost like 2 issues. ?: _ _ - MrWhite:  Excuse me?  ?: Just one _ _ _ - TB:  I know there was something - MrWhite:  Well, no, we just moved one down the side a little bit;  it's on the same side of the street. 


DM:  Is there a motion to adjourn?  JKB:  I'll make a motion to adjourn.  DM:  2nd?  ?: _ - DM:  (voice vote - none heard opposed) Mtg's adjourned.