MOPR NOTES ALL future BOA mtg tapes could be transcribed & posted within a few days if the alderpersons, mayor, city atty & clerk would simply wear clip-on mics;  it would cut transcribing time in half, not having to constantly rewind & strain to decipher.  Mtg time 7:30 - 9:12 pm.


Mtg sections/topics:   (1)  The PBH re 314 Marshall, V&H Draperies, closed at 7:35 pm.  < Speaker Dale Hicks, a real estate broker, has rcv'd contracts from a landscaping co, a cleaning svc co & many other parties in the listing's first 4 days, for 707 Meramec Sta Rd, owned by Larry Hisscock who is leaving the state;  707 is zoned commercial & Mr. Hicks needs quick clarification on permitted uses.  <  Lt. Mowery introduces School Resource Police Officer, Toni Mullens. 


(2)  Raising Hanna Rd out of the floodplain, replacing its bridge & grant money.   (3)  2 AL lift stations & 1 at Kena.  (4)  Main & Francis culvert.   (5) 1st Ward, Leonard Storm Water Project.  (6)  Parking problems & dangerous intersections.  (7)  Levee Report. 


(8)  A new ord designating city clerk as Human Resources Rep & defining duties;  custody of city's official personnel & condemnation records;  hiring & firing of personnel.  (9)  Employees Handbook amendmt re appeal process;  mayor hiring his own sec'y.  (10)  3/30/04 Family Violence Conference at Cape Albeon;  Solid Waste Mgmt Public Hearings. 


(11)  Audit.  (12) 4/17 Kid's Fishing Derby;  5/1 VP Scholarship Memorial Walk;  5/20 World's Fair Society Programs start.  (13)  Parks Bd mins & $88 School Yearbook ad;  $25 off park rental fees.  (14)  Playground small fence & surface, Parks budget & Gen Rev fund, bidding & process.  (15) 15,000 Gen Rev $ to Parks vs PBW (Public Works);  St L Ave street light out;  direction sign to Sacred Heart Cemetery;  a sidewalk issue. 


(16) Bldg Inspector's annual report;  removal of Vance & Main house;  Summertree Vlg Condos entrance drive & $70,000;  Glen Eagles Subdiv's dangerous intersections.  (17)  Meramec Sta Rd/Old 141 junkyard bird ornamt, salvage op.  (18)  Littering & fines;  trash transfer sta;  EPA, DNR, MSD & surcharges.  (19)  February Police Report.  (20)  Questions re DG Purdy bills;  pay city's bills. 


PRESENTRH, TB, DA, JKB, MW, DM, EM, JW, BL, KT.  (RC absent)


3/15/04 PBH - Section  1 of  20


DM:  Preceeding the bd mtg, we have a public hearing before the BOA.  Petition RZ2004-01, rezoning from C1 to PDI zoning & to approve of preliminary dev for the addition of 3400 sq ft of manufacturing space at 314 Marshall Ave. Are you the petitioners?  MsH:  Yes, I'm Jennifer Heimburger of Heimburger Const & I'm rep'g Scott Metzger.  His family has owned (Vandhover?) Draperies for 38 yrs & he'd like to put a new addition on his bldg at 314 Marshall Ave.  Currently, what they do is drapery _ _ _  the light industrial applications & _ _  get the zoning changed from commercial to industrial or PDI. _ _ _ _.  DM: _ _ to get _ _ microphone & make sure the audience can hear you...(PBH CONTINUES, closes at 7:35 pm & the BOA Mtg begins - Speaker Mr. Hicks.  Lt Mowery, Officer Mullens.)...


3/15/04 BOA - Section  2  of  20


(BOA Mtg in Progress)...DM:  TW, you requested to be able to speak early, said you had another mtg.  Care to address the bd at this time, please.  TW:  Yes, good evening, mayor, bd.  Uh I wanted to talk with you; I was authorized to prepare a grant for the Hanna Rd Project which is the bridge replacemt & the raising of the road out of the floodplain.  & a couple of reasons came to light uh why that project would need to be done, uh especially since the const of the levee is underway.  & one of the issues when the gates are closed down at Vance Rd, is that the fire dept would then have to go down Crescent the other way & then come down Hanna to get access to that area.  So it could become, & I'm pointing out in the grant that that is & could become a critical issue.  Uh so that, that's probably going to be our big ticket to getting that grant. 


Now these grants are for the next round beyond the Forest Ave Grant which is obviously underway in the design phase.  The round of funding that we're looking at here is from 2005 to 2009.  So that period - & I am asking for, on your behalf, the end of that cycle, which would be in the 2008, 2009 range.  That would then put us out of the Forest Ave paymt timeframe which would then allow for the matching funds to be potentially available at that because the const would not start, potentially, probably until about 2010 which then would be out of the Forst Ave cycle;  & would maybe give you time to catch some air, get your head above water on some of those.


The other thing is that Hanna Rd Project & the raising of the road is approx about a 7' raise in that area to get it out of the floodplain.  It was also identified in the MSD Master Storm Water Plan for Fishpot Creek as their #1 priority.  Now what that means is, in coop with MSD, I feel you have a very good chance, even tho they don't have a lot of money right now for capital improvemts, even if their sales tax er their issue with their tax goes thru, it certainly will put you in a position to come to them & say, we have this grant, are you going to help do the match base - so that potentially, a $2M project could cost the city approx only $200,000. 


So that is the tact I'm taking.  The grants uh will be finished tomorrow.  They will be final on-line, submitted by 3/17.  The following-up paperwork is due the following wk by the 24th.  I would ask that you would pass a resolution, sponsoring the project;  that you are in fact applying for this grant, are in favor of the project & simply a resolution;  not an ord stating commitmt to the project.  Um of course, we don't even know if we will be selected as we were able to get Forest Ave & that was a good thing.  But again, we are competing against other cities for that pool of money.  So therefore, a resolution is necessary.


Also, you would authorize the mayor the following wk, to send in a financial certification for matching funds when & if you get the grant.  & again, we're probably talking about not needing any matching money until after 2009.  But if we don't fill the grant out now as - I was already authorized to prepare the agreemt - then obviously you've missed out on that 4-yr block of the bigger money.  Hanna Rd is one of your few remaining roads that IS eligible for STP_T21 which is the federal money that Congress is probably going to authorize here in the next new month.


Um & again, I would anticipate that we get some very good help from MSD;  I have no guarantee of that.  I would say that over the next several months, that we could work towards a letter of understanding with MSD that says that if we get this grant, that they would consider paying for 50% of our match as I would ask for as a minimum.  That's _ a (grease?) point.  If I could entertain any ques (while I'm here?). 


DM: q/c?  EM, if you would read this.  EM:  A resolution of the BOA of the City of VP, MO, pertaining to the bridge over Fishpot Creek & (northern or no other or known?) improvemts on Hanna Rd, be it resolved by the BOA, the City of VP, MO as follows:  the city supports uh the Hanna Rd Bridge Project & is authorized in part by _ _ _ _ _ _.  The condition of project length (issued?) by the MO Dept of Transportation for the replacemt of the bridge & renewal of 1000' of _ _ (off?) Hanna Rd in a floodplain (thru?) the City of VP, MO for funds commencing FY 2005 thru 2009.  MSD replied _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ vote of  _ _ _ _ - 


?:  Yes, sir.  DM:  Any other q/c?  TB: _ _ _ - DM:  All in favor of the resolution - (voice vote- none heard opposed). 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  3  of  20


TW:  & then, Mr Mayor, if I could just finish briefing my report, it would be related to an update for those folks that have not or do not attend the levee mtg.  The AL lift sta uh is in place as per the COE direction & to meet the deadline of 3/15.  It was in operation uh last wk.  Uh so that perm lift sta is on order.  In about 4 wks we would rcv delivery of that.  That would be installed & would be a city-maintained grinder pump sta. 


We did it that way in order to save money instead of going thru the MSD as we had to at Kena;  which that lift sta cost the city about $260,000.  This one is about $50,000.  _ _ convinced MSD to go with the reduced scale.  So that's in place & running with Joe & Jim's help along those lines. 


Um, the other Kena, the full-size lift sta, is under const & some of you may have seen Bommarito out there today.  They actually set the base of the lift sta in today;  so that's good progress there.  I guess I would also entertain ques on _ _ _ _.  DM:  Anybody have any ques? 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  4  of  20


JW:  I believe that uh _ _solve that by talkin' about the culvert pipes being installed at Main & Francis;  & somehow, I think there's been a temp mix-up, pour some concrete, little bit a side & now the other side, same scenario.   I was just wonderin' if he could give us a recommendation or did you at one time say we SHOULD put a culvert in?  I know that was - I thought - TW:  Jim & I actually crawled around in there & looked at it.  & Jim pulled some - I actually looked, pulled on that pipe.  JM:  Oh, I would think car parts, car tires & vines, trees.  JW: 5-carat can.   TW:  Yeah - JW: I (thank or think?) Joe _ - 


TW:  So we looked at kind of a temp fix & I believe we even talked to a contractor about that & I believe we've come up with some type of # that might've been close to $40,000 uh to replace that culvert.  Now, we also identified that project uno on west side of the Storm Water Report.  At some point in time, you all may revisit that report & start looking at your future priorities of what you all think needs to be done. 


Now, if this is an emergency situation - JW: I would think this is gettin' to be an emerg situation because of the natural road sides caving in;  about 10' beside of the road it's got a big dip where it's sinking too.  TW:  In lieu of a major project that would be replacing that culvert with proper sides, we should probably look at, in the very least, some kind of bank stabilization.  I know we even have that line too deep in _ _ _ _ -


JM:  Either that, or we dig it up & I can crawl thru it I believe. TW:  Yeah, right. So it MUST've been pretty big!  (Many people laugh along with JM.)  I can only say that 'cause Jim knows I was teasin' him.  JW:  Could you do the same thing to this side that you did the other side;  just a temp fix or something till you review your plans?  TW:  Yeah, we can look at it tomorrow or actually if you would allow me to look at it maybe Thurs.  I really need to finalize this Hanna Rd thing & I'm under the gun on that.  So certainly will look at it this wk. 


JW:  That's fine, but I think Jim needs to, or the mayor can set 'em up down there for all the - some time in the near future.  TW:  Ok. & then we can propose to do some type of fix that would get us to a point where we can stabilize it & not be lookin' at a cave-in.  JW:  Yeah, 'cause it's like a 20' drop off there & no warning sign -


TW:  Does that apply - if, if you could compare that same creek as, I believe the Boyd Channel, with this, & the size of that channel compared to the opening we have down on Main St, & that's upstream, so downstream, you'll probably be lookin' at almost double the size of what we put in on Boyd.  JW:  That's a big battle in cmte.  TW:  Yeah, & so therefore, a perm fix is gonna be pretty extensive, which we may not - I don't think that funds are available to do the perm fix;  certainly tho, some of it will be bid in grout or rip-rap, or combination, some stabil_ _.


JW:  Right, something I guess on the temp fix.  So if the mayor could place this in PBW (Public Works) or something.  We need a reveiw of the overall, whole plan that Tom submitted AND this one.  DM:  Place this in PW Cmte?  JW:  Yes, sir.  DM: _ _ _, DA. 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  5  of  20


DA:  Um Tom, Um what is the latest update on the Storm Water Project for the 1st Ward?  TW:  The Phase 2 - DA:  Yes.  TW:  Leonard Ave, uh we are, we are waiting for the direction of our bd.  DA:  Can we have grant monies secured for this too?  TW:  We have an available amt;  I believe it's a 50/50 matching, but it's always up to a max of about 55.  I think $56,000 is what we perceived on Phase 1.  So I would say we're not going to get any more than that. 


DA:  But would you, you've applied on behalf?  TW: Yes, yes, we have.  DA:  & that's rcv'd?  TW: Yeah, & it had been accepted too to do that & I don't uh have those #'s of the TPC off the top of my head.  But I think off the top of my head, it was somewhere around $150,000. 


DA:  But when would you expect to either get approval or rely on the next grant?  TW: I believe & please let me check this, but I believe that we HAVE rcv'd approval for that phase.  & I will report back to Jim, whoever you want me to, the mayor, on the sense that, on a directive to YOU - DA: Yeah, I'm, I'm experienced myself uno, but tku.  TW:  Uhuh.  Well, I'm, I'm almost sure that we have rcv'd preliminary approval.  DM:  Any other q/c?  Tku, TW.  TW:  Tku.


3/15/04 BOA - Section  6  of  20  


DM: The person named Jennifer - I forgot;  what was your last name, please?  MsH: (spells) Heimburger.  Say too, you're welcome to stay for the rest of the mtg if you like, but the ord, as I understand, will come up at the next mtg.  So if you wanna get home & beat the rain _ _ _ _ _...(MTG CONTINUES)


(Under aldermanic cmte reports, they approve LEG Cmte mins.  Per MM's request, they try to adjust TB's mic or have him use RH's to no avail as usual.  Parking problems & dangerous intersections are discussed.  Next is DC's Levee Report.) 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  7  of  20   


...DM:...Moving on to Levee Cmsn.  DC:  In my report, a lot has happened on the levee since 2/16.  Uh due to a lot of footwork & a lot of telephone calls, I'd like to congratulate to uh TW, JEM, JM & his work crew that's been workin' for the past 3 wks on AL.  You probably all know that AL is completely demolished & uh we have just about, except for a few things, one or two things that uh - it'll be turned over to the contractor as of today & he'll be doing some work there himself & _ _ _ _ now.  Due to a lot of hard work & a lot of time spent, uh those 3 people & Eric himself uh worked to get this thing done by 3/15 which we were - had to turn it over to the contractor so they could get in there & work. 


Also, again, & uh Eric & TW worked out the uh, uh plans for Beckett's uh Plaza up there to locate the uh storm drain thru Beckett Plaza with uh locating the sewers.  Uh we had a lot of problems in locating sewers there, but everything has worked out.  That contractor will probably be starting in the next couple, 3 wks to put a 54" uh storm drain thru Beckett Plaza even to Fishpot Creek & the det area. 


If anybody went down River Rd or looked around, the contractor is moving uh - it's just amazing how I tell you uh that probably within the next wk or so, probably be working in AL & putting a det uh, uh inspection trench & tearin' out all the underground uh sewer lines & water lines & everything that are still in there.  Everything has been abandoned so this contractor is moving along very rapidly & many of you _ _ _ _. 


& I just wanted to congratulate those guys on the hard work.  I mean they, they really worked in the past 3 wks to get this under control & turned over to the contractor so they can do their work.  We don't have to pay any down-time for the contractor not bein' able to get in there. 


& like I say, the levee is movin' along _ _ probably within the next couple of wks, be movin' dirt out of the uh the Simpson det area, gettin' that ready so we can turn that over to our uh wetlands thing before we start down thru Pharoah on the uh east end of Pharoah so that we - in the wetlands project.  We'll have that turned over to the workman there.  Do you have any ques on it, anything that's goin' on down there?


EM:  I, I, I wanna really echo the simptiments &, & just thank personally, TW, JEM & uh, uh JM for - I mean really, yomans working in getting what looked to be an impossibility done!  DC:  Right!  EM:  So, very amazing coordination!  DC:  We did.  We _ _ -  EM:  Great job!  DC:  Yeah, he was really good - 'cause we were on a time limit to get this done.  & it didn't - I left, I was gone for about 10 days & it didn't look like when I left here, that possibly we'd get that, that project done, get it on-line, but they worked & they really did & - EM:  There was a substantial lot of money & risk with the contractor - DC: Right! There was, right!  They worked;  they really did!


DM:  I too would like to thank everyone.  I was talkin' to JEM almost daily.  I know JM was helping him to get the grinder in place for that & electricity to it.  DC: Right.  DM:  Everything so we could get it to deadline because today was the critical day to get everything done.  DC:  I mean we uno we ran into a lot of problems that we didn't think we were going to uh - that was gonna surface & that;  & the further we went along, it just, it just, it just kind of multiplied until - & then we all got it home good. 


It was only thru their hard work.  I mean that they really worked at it!  I'd like to thank 'em because - tku!  Anybody got any ques?  DM:  Tku, DC.  DC: Ok, tku!


3/15/04 BOA - Section  8  of  20   


DM:  Under ords & resolutions, we have Bill # 1760.  Was it properly posted, MW?  Please read it in caption form.  MW:  Bill # 1760, proposed ord # 1625, a new ord designating the city clerk as the Human Resources Rep for the City of VP, MO & defining the duties of such positionDM:  What's the bd's pleasure?  RH:  I move approval on Bill 1760, Ord 1625.  ?:  2nd it. 


DM: Before we go on, I'd like to ask EM, since the city clerk is the sole custodian of records, that'd be the mayor, since he is the executive on your shi_  (you're sure?) as the executive director of the city, would have access to those in consultation with the city clerk?  


EM:  I, I think the key word is with consultation _ _ _ use.  As we discussed, there's, there's issues relating to the Privacy Act & you need someone there to monitor & to uh supervise various levels.  State laws appertain to Human Resources, Personnel records & Condemnation records.   DM: _ _ _ wanna strike that balance between city clerk (someone coughs) _ the custodian & the mayor for the city _ _ _ insurance (someone coughs) _.  ?: _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - DM:  Any ald have any q/c?  


DA: Yes, YH, I got one ques.  Um does this satisfy the request of the uh insurance co um that's been awarded?  


EM: Uh, it, it, if you'd strike the last sentence (chuckle), um it, it may be go long uh a longer way to doing it &, &, & basically, defer the impletation pending a review approval of what (you have in mind?).  I think the important thing is setting up the, the entity _ _ _ _.


DA:  May I ask another ques, YH?  DM: Yes, you may.  DA:  If an employee has an item to be placed into their, in their file, then this would um by this ord, the city clerk would be responsible for that add'l record?  EM:  It's SOLELY responsible for that record.  DA:  That would be the ONLY record the city would, would hold, um ONLY OFFICIAL record would be what has been given to the city clerk? 


EM:  That would be the official record I suppose each city writes their own records, but that would not be like the official record.  Really, it shouldn't be coordinated, kept in that office solely, again, from access problems & privacy problems, all kinds of problems.  That's why you need that position to coordinate everyone in certain positions. 


JM: (from back of room) American Cooperative keep no records on employees.  They're all turned into the mayor's office & issued - uno, the employees get their copy, the mayor _ _ a copy.  We don't keep records of the employees we have _ _ 99 times _ _ PBW (Pub Works) Dept.  DA:  Yeah, but then _ understanding that this ord will allow more official city record of (someone coughs) any um & will keep um track of that too that I think..(exchange tapes)...DM:...maker of the motion & 2nd agree?  TB:  Eric, What does that come up to that _ _ _ _ _ _sentence? 


EM:  It leaves unsaid what is already the policy in the city.  The insurance co wants a statemt, &, & they want a statemt to go on.  They wanna make the city different than what it is &, & I guess my point is, I wanna satisfy them &, & keep the city's liability insurance;  basically, keep, keep a system of hiring & firing that, that is in place, but changes.  & that change is that it's reflected in this ord. 


TB:  Ok, but does that make the city clerk responsible for firing or hiring?  EM:  No, it doesn't.  TB: It just makes sure that she take her _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _?  EM:  That's right, &, &, & she's got a step in the process;  it's a coordination sort of.  TB:  Yeah, I know _.  The idea was _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  EM:  It would occommodate - we would want to accommodate things that people (pay for really?).  That's the key item, uno.  The, this, this ord is basically already been criticized by the insurance co. I, I think that's why - TB:  Did you give it to 'em?  EM:  Yeah, we, we have talked to 'em & that's why I suggest striking the last sentence _ _ _ _ _ _.  ?: _ _ - (silence)


DA: YH, Could I _ _ _ _ - DM:  DA.  DA:  Yes, by, by striking the last sentence, does this ord um basically insure the employees that they're gonna have a fair opportunity for employmt uh (someone coughs) have been terminated badly?  I, that, I'm, I'm concerned about the employees.  I hope that's what this ord will also _ _ _. 


EM:  I'm not sure this is the tool that you're looking for at this juncture &, & if we've reached that crossroads.  Basically, what this is doing is setting up the centralized office to handle employmt-related matters.  But the, the - I think the real mechanism for working it out on the appeals, so on & so forth, oughta come in an approach that'll manage the pers, Personnel Manual & the adopted ord for them.  & our goal here is to make a change that has been requested by our insurance co.


DA: Yet, I guess a lot of concern that this - I mean this ord, for the insurance agent, is necessary, but um I would hope that if this passes, we could then make a motion to have an ord drafted to amend the Employee Handbook to ADD the right of appeal um to the BOA.  If this passes, I would hope that it would allow me the opp to motion _ _ _ _ _ _. 


BL:  I just don't think - 'cause at first he said, 'with consultation';  I'm assumin' that's not in here 'cause I've read this several times.  That was just a statemt?  When you first started out, you said, 'am I missin' someone here'.  EM:  No, I think what we're doing is trying to read too much into the ord that, that is simply setting up a Human Resources Rep. 


BL:  That's fine, but earlier you said, 'with consultation', so I asked you specif - EM:  Well, the ques was asked, 'who does the hiring & firing?'.  I don't think this will - BL:  This hasn't addressed that.  EM: change that. 


BL: If we delete this last sentence, 'the position shall coordinate all employmts' - 'cause that was what was makin' me nervous.  'cause now it seems like she will coordinate all employmts & separations with the city atty, the mayor, the dept heads, Jim's dept & herself.  So now it's a 4-headed deal.  Um, if we take that sentence out, basically, all we're saying is that she's gonna be the record keeper, uh absenteeism, time cards, uh illnesses, vacations, any kind of discipline or if we do separate somebody.  She'll just keep all these records, right?   


EM:  She'll keep the records & make sure what's done is done with documentation, so forth & justification.  BL: We don't have 4 people - if this comes out of there, we'll have the 4 people - every time we wanna get rid of somebody, we don't have to have 4 people doing it?   EM:  I mean here's what I envision.  The Personnel Manual is going to set up a system - BL:  A system of process.  EM:  Anyone that comes for a job, for instance, has to fill out a form of application, so I'm set up with a system where uh interviews are done, uh recommendations for hiring are made.  It's the same thing for discharge.  Everything has to have a paper trail that will show, promulgates, uh whatever forms, procedures & so forth & initialed.   I'm assuming evaluations & the whole ball of wax.


BL:  Well, there's 6 or 8 or 10 things listed in here that we're gonna be keepin' up with in a centralized location.  Where's all this stuff kept now?  Is it all in different areas?  She keeps the time cards, vacation requests - EM:  It, it, it, it is in 2 separate areas. BL:  Oh, just in 2 separate areas?  So it's not all - EM?:  I don't know if we had  - EM: & the other problem is, is, is that it's not in the, a controlled access situation. The stuff that we have in the safe _ _  or _ _vised.


BL: We've had discussions where you explained the difficulties, requiremts & rules & regulations of the city's confidentiality _ _ _ applications & _ _ _ - EM:  Our city clerk has gone to seminars & I've have discussions - I think she's attending the seminar on public _ _ _ & all that & uh - BL: I mean this is a little bit different than water bills & garbage bills. I mean this - EM?: I have so heard a serious uh - ?: _ _ - BL: That's all I have. Tku, YH. 


KT: As I take it, this ord JUST gives her the authority to HAND the uh evaluation to the dept head to give the evaluation;  & she is in turn is just KEEPING that record.  She doesn't get the evaluation herself?  EM:  I, I don't think we - KT: or a clerk, no matter who it is.  EM:  We, we really haven't reached that point yet, but I mean we, we don't even have evaluations as far as I know in this city.  We give blanket pay raises.


KT:  Ok, but she cannot hire & fire?  EM:  She cannot at, at this point, on her own, hire & fire.  I mean there's going to be proceedings set up for this.  That's the next scene.  KT: Ok, & this codenance, doesn't that - doesn't _ - EM:  Yes, because this, this is a prelude. KT:  Ok. 


EM:  It's done with the intent of satisfying the request made by the insurance co because our insurance is in_ _.  KT: Would we - we just need a safe place to keep all the records?  (no response is heard)


DM: Any other q/c?  BL: Does the maker of the motion & the 2nd agree to delete that last sentence or _ - DM:  I was gonna ask the same thing.  RH:  I'll move to delete the last line in Section 1.  ?: 2nd.  DM: Ok.  ?: _ _  the last line or - RH:  Sentence. ?: Tku, YH.  DM:  Any other q/c?  All in favor of the ord as amended, (voice vote - none heard opposed).  Motion carries.    


DM:  Please read it on the 2nd reading, please.  MW:  Bill #1760, Proposed Ord 1625, a new ord designating the city clerk as the Human Resource Rep of the City of VP, MO & defining the duties of such position.  RH: Move approval of Bill 1760, Ord 1625.  JKB?: 2nd.  DM: Any q/c?  This is as amended for the record.  (roll call vote:  Yes:  DA, JKB, RH, TB, BL, KT.  Abstained: JW.)  MW:  6 yes, 1 abstain, 1 absent.  DM:  Motion carries.


3/15/04 BOA - Section  9  of  20   


DA:  YH, Would you allow me to make a motion?  DM:  DA, You have the floor.  DA: Yes, I'd like to move that the Employees Handbook be amended to allow for an appeal process before the full BOA on accommodations.  JKB:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c? 


JW:  Can't they do that now?  EM: There's no uh provision an employee can afford now. 


There is one for maybe just suspension _ _ _ suspensions _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  JW: (Oughta?) be able to come before the bd at one time I guess maybe it was just as a uh courtesy or maybe the handbook doesn't say that, but  _ _ _ _ _. 


BL: Yeah, I, I also - I've only been an ald 4 yrs & counting - that was one of the first things I thought we had.  Because every time something like that came up, there was always a discussion that the employee had a recourse that they could ask for a hearing before the full bd;  I guess an Ex Ses.  Because with personnel, we would look at all the facts & we could either let it stand or overturn it.  I just all this time thought we had it until just recently.  So uno I thought we had it.  Sounds like other people do too & I'd like to see us have it.  I support this _ _ _.  DM:  Any other q/c? 


TB: Yes, YH, Can I hold out & wait for the _ _ _ _ _?  DA:  Yes, but I'd like to have the Employees  Handbook read that all terminations um may be appealed before the full BOA. (silence) YH, if I may?  DM: Let TB - he's asking - TB: Well, I was just wantin' to, the mayor & I'd also like to ask Eric, the full bd, does that include the mayor?  (no response heard) 


DM:  Anyone else the 1st time around?  DA: Yes, on my 1st time around - there, there's 2 reasons for this.  1st, um any person should have the opportunity how if they feel they've been uno wrongly discharged;  um that haven't had an opportunity to explain their case.  Um & if they feel they were terminated & they have the documts that are now in the uh (emergency?) file, I'll support that, then probably what needs done;  however, uno there needs to be an avenue for that. 


Secondly, uno I asked ald, when an employee is discharged & a suit is filed, that suit is filed against the entire city, including the BOA.  So I think that I should also have some uh degree of (heatness?) in these type situations.  Tku.


KT: Um does that also include _ the mayor hiring?  Does he have to direct that authority toward the, toward a different group?  DM: The way I hear DA's motion, it just gives the terminations _ 'cause it don't mention hiring.  I think that covers _ _ _ - EM:  It may have mentioned that.  I, I, I think - we're in the process of redoin' _ _ _ _ _ &, & we'll bring that before you, hopefully, in the next, what 2 wk - DM: _ _ - EM:  2, 2, 2 mtgs. 


MW: I, I want you to know that - ?: What?  MW: Jim's gonna, & hopefully as well as the mayor & - EM:  It will be by an amended ord from now on.  So you'll have a - we'll have time to issue a new one & see what's _ _ _. 


KT: _ _ _  so the mayor will still (specials drawn?)?  Shouldn't have he - he should never have hired his own secretary? 


RH:  If he had a reason.  KT:  If he has a reason;  I agree.  (2 gavel taps) DM:  Any other q/c on  DA's motion?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  10  of  20  


Under the Mayor's Report - Erma Kennenbeck has called a couple of times;  the rep from Women's Place.  It's a safe place for women if there's problems at home or in different situations.  I also want to mention that there's a Family Violence Conference coming up at Cape Albeon, 8:30 till noon on 3/30/04.  People interested can contact Erma Kennenbeck about the conference going on there. 


Secondly, the St L County's been holding Waste Mgmt Public Hearings thruout the area for treating solid waste.  One of the things is recycling, the trash transfer sites & various things there.  So I was able to attend one of the mtgs last wk & bring up some ideas & things, hopefully that will be helpful for the county such as improving recycling for the area;  also talking about possibly taking the trash, hauling it out instead of all to a landfill, to go out to Union Electric & work out a plan there so they could convert it into coal - the facilities there with possibly lower cost of coal er electricity, by burning what's called - also getting rid of the trash.  Hopefully we should be able to continue working with the county, bringing up a plan for the whole area 'cause the same thing the County Health Dept Bd reports, planning out these trash transfers.  One thing I've been working on.  


3/15/04 BOA - Section  11  of  20  


MW, Do you have anything?  MW:  The only thing I would want to let everyone know is that there should be a green book, it was on your desk, that's taking audit;  it was prepared by or all thru, thru 6/30/03. 

3/15/04 BOA - Section  12  of  20   


DM:  Next we have the Parks Coordr Report - Mrs. Kettler, Do you have anything?  Pam: Yes, good evening mayor, BOA & president.  (someone chuckles & Pam adjusts the mic, tho she's the only one that doesn't need it).  ...The Kid's Fishing Derby is 4/17...the Valley Park Scholarship memorial Walk's gonna be held 5/1, starting at VP High School & ending at Leonard Park...


...I updated you about the Worlds' Fair Society Programs that we uh have put together in conjunction with the VP Library & Meramec Sta Historical Society which along with the Parks Dept, we're gonna bring a series of 5 different programs, starting on Th, 5/20, 7pm at city hall & those will be out publicizing _ _ _ _ nice crowd. 


& hopefully Valley Days, if we get enough volunteers, we'll go ahead & do the Kid's Korner;  if not, we'll do what we had to do last yr & just uh give things out, _ _ _ _ I don't know exactly whose organization is;  Good Fellows I believe.


3/15/04 BOA - Section  13  of  20   


We had a Parks Bd mtg on Wed, 3/3;  we did have a quorum.  The mins are in the packet there, uno where everyone has the time to - had time to look over the mins.  I did omit something by accident;  uh it was left out.  The Parks Bd did vote on buying an ad for the Valley Views which is the VP High School Yearbook.  Um apparently, we have done that in the past & given to 'em the last few yrs because of something that they've done.  The Parks Bd did approve that.  I believe it was like $88 for that;  80 or 88 & I apologize for omitting that in the mins.  They got left out.  What's the bd's pleasure - if you would like to take it item by item or the mins in the entirety including what I have omitted?


DA: YH, I'd like to make a motion to approve the mins & the items & the items there & including the $88 for the Valley View & - TB:  2nd with discussion.  Does that include what I see about a fence back here or something?  Pam:  Oh, you've backed on those bids separately.  I was gonna bring them up separately.  TB:  I was gonna say, I _ _ _ _ _ _ -  DA:  I change my motion that we need to approve the  entire landscape with the exception _ _ _ _ _ _ _. 


DM:  Mrs. Kettler submitted a request for the yearbook & I hadn't said I wanted to bring it up here at the bd mtg 'cause one of the - I don't want RC jumping down my throat for going over EM's head here & sought somebody else - is one of the things they asked was how many cities allow parking lots of the schools.  A few people raised their hands & he said, 'don't do that;  you're not supposed to intermingle tax dollars between different governmts here in the city because of the plowing of the streets, & taxpayers & parking lots of the schools are filed on a separate contract. 


So with that, are we in violation of -  the city tax dollars, I mean is that considered intermingling dollars?  Or is that right & proper, for the city to take X dollars & buy an ad at the school?  EM:  Oh!  I, I, I don't see any problem with that.  I, I thought you were gonna ask me if we could plow the school - (chuckle, then others too)  DM: No, I know we don't plow 'em, but I'm wondering if that falls under the same thing, spending dollars at the school, a different gov't.  EM: _ _ _ - DM: Just thought I'd get clarification of that before we move ahead.  Any ald have q/c on the motion?  


BL: _ _ _ _ um back in the back, Eric, where it says, 'park _ _ _ voted against unanimously to allow any director or employee or city employees rcv'd, employees to rcv a one-time of $25 off park rental for the calendar- yr'.  I mean that's ok?  I mean we're getting - is that not basically, we're givin' ourselves a - EM: Pay discrimination? 


BL:  It's not so much that as it is givin' ourselves a bonus during the term of our office.  It's not much, but I mean it gives us something.  EM:  $45 isn't a heck of a lot of money involved.  Pam:  Can I speak?  The Parks uh, the Parks Bd uh suggested that we do this.  We don't have a lot of people within the city or elected officials wanting to rent facilities.  Uh, but we, they felt that uno they give their time & everything & that they wanted it for one time during a calendar yr that's, uno 1/1 to 12/31.  They suggested that we take $25 off.  So that means uh the rental would be, like Brignole, instead of being like $75, it'd be $50 for that person thenWhatever you guys decide;  uno, Eric, if that's a legal thing to do or if you wanna -


EM:  I think you can legally do it.  _ _ _ _ _ explaining policy decision _ _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ _ - DM:  Any othere q/c?  DA:  Again, I certainly appreciate the fact that our Parks uh Dept made that offer;  however, my fear is that it will be interpreted that the city officials are being treated with special perks.  Again, I think that's a good benefit that the jesture was good & I'm gonna amend the motion  to also exclude that item.  DM:  2nd agree?  TB:  Yes, YH.  DM: Any other q/c? 


RH:  _ _ these employees & - DA:  & elected officials.  DM:  So you're only removing elected officials?  DA:  No, I'm sorry;  just elected officials.  Pam:  Keeping appointed & employees?  (no answer heard)   DM:  q/c?  All in favor of the motion as amended;  that is removing the word elected, say aye - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  14  of  20   


DA, Did you wanna address the fence?  I guess that's TB's situation - either one of you.  DA:  TB brought that up.  TB:  Well I guess #1_ _ _ _ _ item _ _ _said something about you had the money in your budget to replace the smaller fence around the children's _ _ - Pam:  Yeah, but we have money within the Parks budget to replace the fence around the existing playground. 


That is with taking a few items & moving them arrround;  like park equipmt, Brignole Park repairs.  We have a few $ left from the hayride;  & also a few from the Winter Festival.  Uh we didn't use any Johnny On The Spots;  that was $500.  We rcv'd a $500 extra check for uh uh not having any supervision for the company that put in the playgrounds.  We also have about uh $2500 in uh General Revenue from the uh park rental fees that came into Parks.  So we have the money to put the smaller fence around the playground. 


Uh DA was at the Parks Bd mtg when we discussed the uh ballfield needing their fence replaced too.  & I'll let Dan talk about that a little bit more in detail.  DA:  Yes, the um Parks Coordr _ _ _ um & there may be some money available.  I think it's in there to be reviewed;  it's in the FW&M.  But I think there is money available um in other areas of the budget um to replace that fence.  Again, I'd asked that it be reviewed in the FW&M because the fence is in bad shape & it's really a disgrace down there what remains in the parks in that condition.  Again, I've asked that it be looked at it in the FW&M Cmte for the, the, the main, the main ballfield down there


DM:  That's what everybody in the bd mentioned that if we rcv'd money from renting out parks, the money goes in Gen Revenue;  & if the bd aprops it into Parks, then we feel that in a given yr, say we aprop'd $1000 & if you had $500 coming in & $500 is in Gen Rev, then we would aprop it in at a later time _ _ $500 the city rcv'd, comin' in.  So I'm all in favor of doing this;  I just wanna make sure FW&M _ _ excesses so when we want money that we need, then aprop into that.


Pam:  Well, for the fence around the playground, the Parks Dept & the bd would like to have the money from Gen Rev, which was the $500 for uh the rebatemt we got from the  playground equipmt people, & then whatever rental fees that have come in this yr, we'd like that to be towards the fence. 


DA:  YH, I'd like to make a motion to approve the fence bid from MO Steel & it should be financed um from the various accts that have been indicated by the Parks Dir & the Parks Cmte.  TB: 2nd with discussion. 


DM:  If it's the larger fence or the smaller fence on the map _ _ _ (someone coughs).  DA:  This is for the um the fence just around the uh playground.  I think it was $5,712.32.  TB: I was just wantin' to ask Pam if these were identical bids that was sent out _ _ _ _?  Were they identical bids _ _ _ _ _.   Pam:  Specs were sent out & like I reported in my memo to the BOA & the mayor, MO Steel were the only people that I didn't have to ask to rebid 'cause they came in with everything that was asked of 'em & everything else.  Believe it or not, some companies wrote on a single piece of paper, fence & a price.  They didn't put uno SS20, or for 40;  so I had to ask those people to rebid.  But yeah, everybody had the same info, the same opp to review the site & everything else.  DM: q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor for MO Steel around the playground area, - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


Pam:  I'd also like to have the record state that uh anyone working with the Parks Dept nor the Parks Bd uh has any prior knowledge of any of these companies or any interest in any of them.  & also, they've all been checked out with the BBB & also they have shown proof of insurance.  & uh I did wanna let you guys know, I think you read it thoroughly, you'll know that uh the price of steel is probably goin' up quicker than the price of gas & uno everything is goin' up uno really high & so the longer we wait, we'll have to rebid, uno the playground, the rest of the ballfield & the price will be up.  So if you could get that uno approved as soon as we could & get everything into the Parks Bd as well as uh Parks Dept & fishing _ _. 


DM:  Did you wish to do the fence around the log area tonight or just the playground for tonight?   Pam:  Well, just the playground, but I, I would like to know - I mean we should know if the funds are in there in GR & if we can do it.  It'd be nice if you'd have whole companies do the same fence around the whole system today.


I mean his bid was uh - there was a couple people that - well, Easter Fence, I let him bid a couple times 'cause I kept callin' him & tellin' him, 'did you really look over the stuff because you're really high'.  I mean his 1st bid was just out there in no _ _;  I mean it was really high.  But & the other ones were pretty comparable.  I'd like to know if you guys could act on it tonight because like I said, the longer we wait, we're gonna have to rebid & it's just gonna keep goin' up. 


DM:  I think you're gonna ask what I'm gonna ask;  go ahead.  JW:  I think I just heard a cmt that scared me about going with quite a few bids & if she contacted Easter Fence & said you're too high compared to everybody else, you need to rebid, that's not uh good business practice for - Pam:  Well, I didn't basically say, tell him that it was too high;  I said would you like to resubmit, uno, the bid;  you didn't put on what type of steel you were usin' in the post or whatever.  But he was high;  I didn't TELL him he was high.  I shouldn't have said that, but yeah. 


& he wasn't the only one that resubmitted.  The other people, like I said, Chesterfield Fence wrote, broke down, fence, & he drew a little square & uno, put down how much he wanted.  JW: Did we have an official bid opening where they all were opened at the same time?  Or were they - Pam:  No, I just got the bid & had 'em come out & they all came out on the same day that we bid & they submitted 'em.  I didn't, wasn't aware that I needed a closed bid.  JW:  Tks. 


JW:  I just have a _ _ _.  I would like to see the bd hold off on this.  It calls for $25,000, the total ballpark fence.  Myself, due to the fact that _ _ _ where GR is available, there's a lot of other items that's gonna come outta GR.  & the price of steel is gonna go down some day;  it won't stay up;  just like gas is gonna come down.  So I wouldn't want that to be anybody's motive to buy a fence because the steel is goin' down.   Pam:  Well, it's because we NEED it.  We need the fence. 


RH:  YH, I'd like to make a motion to put it in FW&M Cmte.  TB:  2nd, with discussion.  MW:  Is that all thru General?  RH: No, just the larger glass.  Pam:  Just the glass ones?  DM:  TB has the floor. 


TB: Well, we just discussed about a street disposal, park basin _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ checked out _ _ _ - DM:  I think you're right, it'd be wise to check all the hrs before we _ _ _ _ anything further, other than the small area.  Any other q/c? 


JKB: When is this gonna be done down there?   Pam:  As soon as you guys approve it;  they can come & do it.  JKB:  No, no, I'm talkin' about somebody gettin' in mud.  Pam:  As soon as we get the fence & everything - JKB:  Oh, the fence has gotta be up first?  Pam:  Yes, so we can uno get the stuff inside of it.  DM:  Is the playground equipmt itself - Pam:  It's installed;  we need the fence & we need the, the surface (rejoined?).  DM:  All in favor of the motion to place this in FW&M, (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


Pam:  I would like to say something.  I think I've seen this bd take funds from General - I could be wrong, but I think just recently we did some tree planting of like $10,000 & I think we took that out of Gen Rev;  & I believe that the one bid here is under $15,000.  So uno, I'd just like to see a fence put up on the whole complex so that like, whichever ald said uno, it does look pretty bad & we need it repaired.  The fence has been there for some time.  So when you guys review it, I really wish you would consider uno passing the funds into the Parks Dept so that we can have a park that's maintained.  DM:  Tku.  Pam:  Tku.   


TB: We just approved the (someone coughs) the (son of a b_?) around the whole - DM: The fence around the playground;  these larger ones, we're gonna review (someone coughs) - TB:  That's going to be opened in a fields - DM:  Right - TB: & they'll put out there.  DM:  The fence itself & a playground surface installed.  It sounds like we'll have a playground for the children. 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  15  of  20  


PBW (Public Works) Report Coordr - JM, please.  JM:  YH, I just have one thing uh that just came up unless the bd would have any ques, is if the bd's gonna review the GR & take money & put it in the Parks Dept, it's gonna come out at 1100.  Uh I would like to be present at that because we currently suffer from a lot of things & I'd hate to be takin' $15,000 out of my dept for these people who are doing (saltin' or consultin'?) or somethin' without me havin' any discussion in it.  'cause if I'm watchin' my budget thruout the yr & not spendin' it to keep the city from goin' into debt, & they're gonna take it & put it in another dept, maybe I need to review my (life?). DM:  Ok, I'll place salt then in there as well. 


Before you leave, do you have anything else?  We had a couple ques from the bd.  JM:  I believe Mrs. Throson may've had something I didn't hear exactly.  She was _ _ - DM:  About lights.  KT: There is a light out in _ _ _ _ St Louis Ave.  That light is out _ _ _ _.  Can you contact _ _ _ _ _ _ _?  JM:  I can contact Ameren UE & request, once I go locate the pole by the _ _ _ _ repair it.  KT:  _ _ It was on my way to the mtg & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ less often than _ _ _ _ - JM: _ _ _ -


DM:  DA, You asked about a sign at the Sacred Heart Cemetery?  DA:  Yes, uh & I apologize, I don't remember the gentleman's name, but there was a resident trying to find the way to the uh Sacred Heart Cemetery which they did;  but he requested that if there's any way possible that we place a sign near Vance, um basically um, showin' the direction to the cemeteryEvidently, they used come in off of Old 141 um along Plainview, but uno you've been along thru that.  So it's just a request that - JM:  I'm gonna probably recommend that that'd have to go to Cmty Dev 'cause he's the one that enforces the rights & permits for signage.  & another thing to keep mind that Vance Rd, anything ROW is there is St L County Biways, but uh anything that would be on our free ROW's has to go - DA:  _ _ available to Manchester.  Tku. ?: _ _ _ - DA: Yeah, that's just uh, KT to make that request.  _ _ _. 


DM:  JW, do you have something on sidewalks that - JW:  No, I think that Jim & - JM: Tom.  JW: Tory's gonna check into it.  JM:  I'll be up there 1st thing tomorrow. 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  16  of  20   


DM:  Bldg Inspector, JEM.  JEM:  In the bd packet uh do you have the annual report?  Finally, I was able to dig up the info from uh the period of time when I wasn't with the city.  I believe the #'s to be as accurate as I can get them from data that was available.  We didn't have (meterized burgers?) being used all the time during the 1st part of the yr.  So I had to recreate a lot of paperwork. 


Uh I continue to work with the house at Vance & Main on getting it removed. 


Eric & I met uh as a result of an inquiry from the bd, a previous bd mtg, concerning Summertree Vlg Condos entrance drive.  The entrance drive, as far as we can both tell from records, it was currently constructed as a private drive;  not as a public st.  Uh it doesn't appear that there ever were any escrows encumbered upon that improvemt by the city. 


The course of action that we've chosen to take is to write a certified letter to Mr. Kenneke, which has been sent.  It's actually to the registered agent of his corp, um indicating that there is a, a nuisance that he is allowing to be maintained on his property.  That is the street issue & yard.  Uh we've given him a period of time, I believe it was 30 days, to remedy this situation.  Upon failure to comply, uh he will rcv a 2nd letter notifying him that failure to comply with the 2nd letter will result in legal action; & then I'd leave it to EM's determination as to how we proceed from that point.  I believe we're talkin' about uh a suit against Mr. Kenneke's corp for allowing a nuisance to be maintained on his property.  EM:  In Circuit Court.  JEM:  In Circuit Ct.  So that's the course of action that we've initiated in an attempt to mitigate the situation that exists. 


Uh the street is continuing to deteriorate.  We went down & looked at it & it appears to me that the street is not const'd according to the city requiremts.  Um & the manner in which it's failing, indicates to me that the subgrade underneath the street has failed.  So it would have to be excavated, recompacted, before you could pour a new (slud?).  EM:  A company that's been (authordun?) I think you, you've estimated that - & it was a real bum-deal investmt - I think it was cited at least 14 times I think.  Minimum needed replacemt at the top of the (woroview?) & you had a, a pretty good (in?) cost of _ _ _.  JEM:  I don't remember what the per unit cost was at the time me & Mr. Coors looking at the $70,000 range, I thought, gonna repair the street.  That's why we chose to initiate this cap for trying to remediate the problem.


I have also been thru Glen Eagles Subdiv uh since our last Leg mtg.  I've looked & there are a # of T-interesections there that do not have stop signs.  Uh I'll get with JM & we'll review that section of the ord that uh Eric just referred to.  At the next mtg we'll have some recommendation to the bd as far as signage is concerned to be included it in a long list of no-parking areas uh to try to eliminate that problem.  & that's all I have.

3/15/04 BOA - Section  17  of  20   


JW:  Joe, I know you're gettin' tired of hearin' about this place, but could you give me an update?  I drove by on Meramec Sta Rd where the junkyard's at.  Uh you guys told me that he couldn't do anything because (heap?) was on a vehicle & he wouldn't move it or it'd be gone the next day.  When I drive by today & there's a front clip which is uno the 2 fenders & a hood, just settin' out in this guy's front yard like a bird ornamt or somethin' that he's proud of, but his neighbors ain't.  So, & I'm startin' to lose interest in our faith in what the city's justice system is & how it works.  & I mean what can be done with this guy?  This is (chuckle) totally out of control! 


JEM: I drove by his property 3 times today.  That front clip was on the back of his white flatbed.  So, I'll be glad to look at it tomorrow morning & see it he's there.  JW:  You mean he can take it off his flatbed, put it on his truck & that makes it legal?  JEM:  If it's on a licensed vehicle, it's on a licensed vehicle!  JW:  But if it's settin' in his front yard, it's not?  JEM:  Correct.  JW:  So if you go up there tonight & it's in his front yard - JEM:  Then I can write him a letter tomorrow & we can initiate & by the time - yeah. 


DM: So you're sayin' he can store anything he wants as long as it's on the trailer?  JEM:  If it's on a licensed vehicle.  If not - DM: He could have a Johnny-on-the-Spot sittin' - JEM:  I mean the police dept - I've been working with Chad on this too.  The problem is, if it's on a licensed vehicle & it's - let's say you've got a trailer full of automobile parts, if the trailer's licensed, you don't have an ord that says you can't park a trailer full of auto parts of your property.


JW:  Are you responsible to notify the EPA for used motor oil leaking into the earth?  Like rear-end grease & uh or who is responsible for that?  JEM:  I don't know that it's my responsibility, but I can certainly inquire if it's an EPA concern.  EM?: You can see really home occupancy _ _ - JEM:  He doesn't have a home-occupancy license.  If he - the one - DM:  What is he running -  JW:  He's runnin' a junkyard!  That's what he's runnin'. 


JEM:  It appears to me that he's running a business.  Now, quantification of what that business is, I agree;  it's a salvage operation.  Um & certainly, we can pursue him for that.  Chad & I had originally talked about waiting until he had a vehicle there that he was stripping, & writing him for that & operating a business & scattering the evidence at that point.  Uh the only thing he's got...(exchange tapes)...


...JEM:...been there over 72 hours. But he's not stripping that vehicle, it's just there with the transmission out of it.  JW:  I guess you can't answer this, but I guess maybe the Lt can - do you guys ever check serial #'s on that junk that comes thru?  Where's all these cars - how can he come with all these cars?  LtM:  I mean I've never had a complete review on that property.  ?: Yet. (a few chuckle) LtM: I think I'd - like Mr. Ward said that too, & he keeps movin' this truck.  Either he doesn't work or he (writes for the water?) _ - JW:  & like Pam said, steel prices is up, so he might come down & get our fence too I guess.  ?: _ _ - MW: _ _ _ - JEM: I'll check the front clip. 


DC:  I'll make a cmt.  See he's movin' wrecked cars up on the corner of Crescent Ave & 141, down to VP.  He's movin' 'em from Twin Oaks.  He's takin' some kind of a truck apart up there today.  JEM:  In Twin Oaks?  DC: In Twin Oaks.  On the corner of Old 141 & Crescent Ave where all the logs & all the trucks & everything sit on the corner.  Uno where I'm talkin' about, Jeff.  JW: Yeah.  DC: Huh?  JW:  Yeah, I know exactly where you're talkin' about. 


DM:  Mr _ is - if he's running a business up there, that the bldg inspector or city clerk, combination of the police or anything can check.  Maybe that's _ _ - JEM: I'll write him a letter.  DM:  Tku.  JEM:  & tell him it appears he's operating a business.  DM:  Tell him the (cities like their trees?).  _ _ - (a few chuckle)  JEM:  Anything else? 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  18  of  20   


DM:  I don't know if this street time - uno BL asked about an ord on trash flowing from trucks.  BL:  YH, I just thought that you would consider uno maybe it's just better that you put it in place now before the facility over there opens.  I mean we hope that all the trucks come out 44 & 141, but we know that they'll come down the back way from Kirkwood & Chesterfield, every way they can get here.  We have a big problem now with debris blowin' out of the back of these garbage trucks. 


If you so choose to put it in Leg, I mean if we could draft something to where - these trucks come into our cmty & this trash flows out, if the police saw 'em, they pulled 'em over & cited 'em - if we want it to work correctly with the minimum - EM:  We have a littering ord that's got a $500 minimum fine.  BL:  We could use in this?  EM:  Absolutely!  BL:  It seems to me that this is gonna be - I mean the money would obviously go to pay Jim's workers overtime or whatever we have to have, hire extra workers, to pick this garbage & debris up, but uno just we need to make sure;  maybe we're gonna be posted or look into what we need to do - signage or that. 


JKB: So that when they bring 'em to court here, it's better off to litter than it is pay to have it dumped.  BL:  Now when you say minimum, considering there's not an option for - suspend or maybe ask to give - EM:  _ _ he's got a statutory option _ _ _ _ _ our ord says - BL: Minimum - & does it include - like I mean littering or dumping - I mean is there a phrase in there?  I mean this is being targeted to include monos, truck stuff blowing outta these trucks.   EM:  I mean that's typical littering - right there. 


JM: YH, I have gone over it with Judge Ford because Joe & I have discussed this.  We uh we do uh once bid, then we go work with Joe & I don't go in on the weekend even tho _ _ _ _ it'll have to be either a Phase 2 Storm Water - JEM: Phase 2 Storm.  JM: They're, they're requesting surcharges be done.  & I know this accountant's been - this weekend when I was over there, they got a sign guaranteeing that if you're littering, you're being fined.  & I've mentioned that to Ford that MSD was coming down hard on us 'cause we really should review that probably in every mtg with him.  & I felt that we would ask him to work with us & possibly change the ord.  & if we do get some money in for littering, to uh enforce the uh issue to the wall for that because it would go a long way with us, the EPA, DNR & MSD, all this to uh storm water, (streefer?) & that's uno comin' at us. 


DM:  That's a good point;  I'm glad to hear it.  JM:  That's what we're working _ _ _.  DM:  Hopefully, Judge Ford will take that to heart.  JW:  This is I guess a related ques;  I appreciate you lettin' me slide it in.  I wanted to ask the Lt how many littering tickets he's written since he's been here.  LtM:  I haven't written any.  JW: I meant the dept.  LtM:  I, I don't know.  I couldn't cite 'em.  JW:  'cause that's not included in the report;  then you wouldn't have littering if you didn't write a ticket for littering in here?  LtM:  _ _ _ I can put it, but like, yeah, I don't know.  I mean I can, I can check.  JW:  Might be a new section on the report on littering.  DM:  Litterbugs. 


KT: It appears that we (comply or come by?) & have been noticing that Midwest Leaf's been out there _ _ _ _.  That's where most the littering _ _ _ if I get (a bug list?) & - ?: _ _ - DM:  Hopefully get us some directions as Judge Ford did & the Lt, if you would direct your officers to be uno mindful of the trash trucks in particular, trash (spill or bill or fill?).  LtM:  I know, YH, (the pump the rules?) right & left, you'd have to, you'd have (dump quick?) & - DM: Right.  LtM: maybe I - that's a mess - ?:  _ _ _ _ - LtM: That's a mess out there too. 


3/15/04 BOA - Section  19  of  20   


Ok, in the Feb monthly reports, uh we're down to 59 calls within the same month of last yr.  We had a total # of uh 62;  our yr-to-date was 17 calls down, compared to last yr.  Uh the crime is essentially, even tho I think we had one more incident than we did the same month last yr.  Clearance rate was 74%.  Some of our figures are still inflated by that Cheryl Lane uh drug investigation;  however, that was worked out.  We're stuck with it, so we get the statistics there.  Uh officers made 2 DWI arrests & we did not have one (reportedly re-accident?);  that (dumped?) together. 


Over in the school uh we had 3 middle school students taken into custody for the family court for marijuana possession.  & we had another incident where a 16-yr old male from Hancock High School in south county, that's over in Lemay, uh had become ill at school from taking drugs which he claims he got from a VP student uh where they go to school part-time in the south county tech school.  Uh he survived it without serious illness tho he had to go to the hospital & both kids were referred to St L County Family Court.  You all met Officer Mullens tonight & she's interested in doin' a real good job for us all down here & she's uh another officer that requested to come down here which I think reflects well on the detail & the city & I apprectiate it;  it makes selecting officers a pleasure. 


Uh St L County is gonna challenge the uh, based on the Hancock Amendmt, the uh concealed weapons carry (are conditionless?).  So it doesn't  mean we wouldn't honor any that were here from another county;  however, we're not gonna issue _ _  yet to be determined during that time. 


Last month I had mentioned a guy who claimed he got uh, uh stabbed & robbed over here on Benton one night.  Uh that all turned out to be unfounded.  The detective investigating it requested that he take a polygraph & uh he decided he didn't show up for that.  So we're not interested in it any more.  & I believe that's all I have.  DM:  Ques from the bd?  Tku, Lt;  appreciate it.


3/15/04 BOA - Section  20  of  20   


Next we have the bills.  What's the bd's pleasure?  ?: _ _  -DM:  Is there a 2nd?  DA: 2nd. 


JW:  I have a ques on just one, a couple of bills from Purdy & Assoc.  I was just lookin' at all his different hourly rates from $139 down to $180.  If you go down thru his bills, we make EM jump thru hoops & tell us who he's on the phone with & uh how long;  & this guy can write down supervision, supervision, supervision over & over & over & get a $139/hr.  & he charges us administration & general expense, $437.  Is that for his pencils, or, or what is that for


If you'll look thru them bills, he used to have a lot of small amt of bills that I didn't watch a whole lot.  Now they're uno $4000, $2000, $1200.  It just seems like to me there's not a whole lot of info on - he charges to come to the levee mtgs.  That's fine, but I don't know, remember anybody requesting him to be there, but he charges for all that.  I don't know if he's the $139/hr guy;  I think that's more than Eric gets.  EM:  You don't - no, he is not;  Andy McCord is AJM;  he charges more _ _ _;  EGP _ _ _ _ Purdy _ _ _ _.  JW:  Maybe you can to go thru that bill & it means there;  it makes sense to you. 


EM:  I - they're involvemt principally, recently, has been the asbestos issues & the uh permitting, uh the issues that we've had with DNR _ _ we could understand the situation or for mitigation;  the ones _ _ _submitted. 


JW:  Does he normally - I think this looks like 3 months worth of billing - I guess!  Is that - does he wait 3 months to bill _ _ like that?  EM:  Uno, I, I think he's on a cycle where he'll, he'll have a project.  & it seems to me like he's got 2 separate projects here (4 in one?).  So yeah, I, I mean, I, I, I don't think it's unusual.  Usually, his bills do come in where they're 15, $2000.  They're, they're a very well respected firm &, & I think they''ve had just a pretty significant impact here recently for asbestos problems.  From what I've seen, they do work _ _ Sports Complex I think uh. 


JW:  That's fine as long as you're willing to uno say that that actually is goin' on.  I just didn't understand his billing there.  It's not real clear on descriptions.  EM:  I, I would agree & I'll talk to him about it.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  (just as soon not mention that?).  Yeah, it's pretty bad.  JW: (chuckle) Yeah.  KT:  Uh on _ _  2/23/04, it doesn't say anything _ _ _ _ page 1 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ page 2, it does, does apply uh uh to asbestos _ _, but it just looks like he put in AWFUL lot of hrs _ _ _ _.  Who, who regulates how often - ?: _ _ -  KT:  Who, who regulates how many hrs he's been _ _ -


EM:  I, I think probably our city eng would coordinate with him as much as anybody else.  KT: _ it looks like he has put in an awful lot of hrs.  I'm sure we're not going to - EM: &, & I guess uh JEM, he's been working with the Arnold's uh Landing, &, & uh Jim who may have some cognizance of what he's doing as well.


JEM:  I, I consulted uh Mr. McCord quite extensively on AL asbestos issues when the contractor wanted a $250,000 extra for abatemt of asbestos.  & uh he was very helpful in, in uh reviewing some documts, uh tested, test reports with me & uh helping to guide me in the correctness, direction to get the testing done, which really needed done;  confirmed some of my suspicions,    assisted in that matter, saved a lot of money.  KT:  Does this come out of the levee or - EM:  Yes.  KT: does it come out of our (pause) -


DM:  Any other q/c?  All in favor of the motion to pay the bills - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Bills are paid.  Is there a motion to adjourn?  ?: _ _ _ - DM: 2nd?  All in favor - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Mtg is adjourned.