MOPR'S  4/19/04  VP  BOA  MTG  MINS


Notes:  The mtg of the current BOA adjourned at 7:40 pm.  The mtg of the new BOA started at about 7:55 pm & went into Ex Ses at 8:37 pm.  Reporter Diane Plattner was present at least for the 2nd mtg. 


Note added 5/14/04:  On 5/3/04, the BOA approved the city's official mins for this 4/19/04 BOA mtg which state that "Maureen Morris addressed the Board pertaining to #8 Arnold Drive and was questioning if the City Attorney was representing her former rental clients." !!


Present:  RH,  TB,  DA,  JKB,  MW,  DM,  EM,  JW,  RC,  BL,  KT.



4/19/04 BOA - Section  1  of  28


DM:  MW, Would you take roll, please?  (see above) Quorum being present, call this BOA mtg for 4/19/04 to order. (Pledge Allegiance)  1st item under the business mtg is certification of the 4/6/04 elections.  What's the bd's pleasure?  JW?:  Move to 2nd.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  JKB:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  RC:  Discussion, YH.  Before we vote on this, uh, uh I'd like to have some kind of an agenda items _ _ _ speak of & I don't want this Bd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - MM:  I'm sorry;  could you turn your microphone on, please?  (He moves it a tad, but does not speak into it.)


RC:  So would we be able to add things to the agenda _ _ the old Bd?  DM:  Oh, not on the old Bd, no;  we'll be voting on the certifications _ _ _ _.  RC:  Uh, uh I'd like to make a point of order on that, that, that uh & I make a motion that we be able, allowed to have an agenda & uh speaker cmts so we can talk about this Crescent Valley Subdiv.  MM:  We still can't hear you;  I'm sorry. (RC taps his mic;  it's on, but he does not speak into it.)  RC:  If I had a 2nd, I _ - DA:  2nd.  DM: q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  DM:  RC, What's the item you wanna bring up then? 


RC: The item _ _ _ _, YH, if it's alright, I'd like to make a motion that uh this Bd override the, the intent to veto um, uh Ord uh 1627;  if I can get a 2nd.  DA:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  DA:  Again, um when this item was discussed at the last Bd mtg, uh every ald had an opportunity to speak;  um & I believe that this ord passed um with a um complete vote of the Bd.  & there was a ques asked at that mtg if the mayor um had an intent to veto this & the answer was NO.  Um & now, to come back to this Bd, um install a new Bd, I believe that would be an improper action.  Um & I believe this Bd needs to take action on this & clear this up before the new Bd this evening.  Tku.


DM:  I had several people come up to me in the few days shortly after this was passed;  said that they thought this was too much money to commit at one time.  Some people ques'd whether we're spending public money on private property which I remember EM explaining that this is a part of the sewer system so I can understand that;  but (took?) 250,000 for this, it was - when compared to what we have in Fund 17, that's getting - I got the #'s today.  Uh payable, Accounts Payable & Receivable, I'm showing what we have spent over the past yr is about 70,000 more than we aprop'd for 4 yrs. 


Fortunately, we do have more coming in than we est'd coming in, so be able to offset some of that.  But without - I did say at the time I would not veto, but after seeing public #'s, felt that it was prudent in the city's interest.  & as I said in here, the BOA, the (public?) part of my uh veto here, the BOA & PBW (Public Works) Dept shall evaluate alternate ways of performing the Crescent Valley Subdiv to lower the est'd cost of $250,000. 


So perhaps the subdiv could pay part of it such as the pilotability 'cause as KT said, they had to pay the entire cost of  their fence around their subdiv;  so paid most if not all of their costs & I know that that worked out by the city's _ _ _ _ _ _.  So the combination of either evaluating other ways or getting some money from the subdiv I thought would be a good way to try to lower the impact on the (general?) of public funds.  If this Bd wishes _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  Any other q/c? 


RC:  YH, I would like to point out that also uh this Ord is corrugating $100,000 to assist the uh 4th Ward with their sidewalk _ _ 1st _ _ _ as well as this would've (cost or caused?) _ _ _ secure a certain amounts of _ _ coordinating a 2nd Ward uh project as well.  So I'll be voting for all 3 of 'em to go down in flames here.  So I'm hopin' if we can get some support _ _ _ - DM: I'd still like to see the money, even if this part didn't pass, see the money go into Forest, especially with the 80% matching grant.  The sidewalk on Vance Rd, as you said, is (not?) technically in Ward 3, but in Ward 4, probably benefit the most.  So - RC: Think mine - DM:  just have the - understand this project too to look at.  _ wasn't, not against this project, but I just thought it went quickly. 


So people complained also about it getting more votes _ one item.  Maybe the Bd oughta look at it in the future of having 2 votes in 2 successive mtgs rather than vote in one night.  _ _ citizens in the audience about where ord coming up, that allows us a chance to go up for the whole thing;  _ _ viewpoints _ _ _ _ _. 


RC: That'd be alright.  I think the idea is that uh we, we made a commitmt _ _ _ _ commit like that.   I appreciate this Bd's _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ project.  DM: q/c?  JW:  Since the uh citizens elected some new officials & kept some officials & they kept the mayor, could, if those people veto this, can he veto this again?  EM:  NO, I don't think so;  (needs?) conversation.  (people giggle) _ could veto, _ _ _ _ 5 people;  however the new Bd just can't.  JW: Well, that - EM: 'cause the BOA - JW: That's what I - EM:  _ told me he was mayor. - JW:  I just don't wanna waste a lot of time if I thought this was gonna switch in 10 mins _ _ _. 


DA:  YH, 2nd times.  Prior to the election, we made some commitmts & we, we discussed this thoroughly at the last Bd mtg & after an election, immediately after an election at, at least in my opinion, it's not time to go back on that word uh just because a new Bd has been assessed.  We have the, the responsibility & the authority to make a decision uno one day before the election.  & again, I think the honorable thing to do especially for the residents involved, would be to honor what we said we're going to do.  Tku. 


KT:  YH, Since the election, like you said - uh excuse me, not since the election, but since the last mtg, I have had numerous people of my subdiv call & in other people's wards calling me, wanting to know why the city is going to be spending $250,000 on somebody else's subdiv when it's on private prop & our owners in our subdiv paid as much as 11 & $12,000 out of their own pocket to have their situation taken care of.  & I feel as tho you need to veto this (now?).


DM:  Any other q/c?  All in favor of the motion to override - EM:  Mr Mayor,  There's uh some language (to study?).  The issue is shall no-pass _jections _ the mayor thereto notwithstanding.  ?:  So roll call vote  -  DM:  Say a roll call vote on the motion to override the veto of Bill # 1763, Ord 1627.  MW:  BL.  BL:  Why do you start with me? (BL & MW chuckle)  MW:  RC just passed to you;  now go ahead (chuckle).  BL:  Yeah.  (Roll call vote continues:  Yes:  DA, RH, JW, RC.   No:  KT, JKB, TB.)  MW:  5 yes, 3 no.  DM:  The motion failed to override the veto.


4/19/04 BOA - Section 2 of  28


Next, is there a motion to certify the uh election of 4/6/04.  DA?&?:  So be it.  ?: _ _.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor of the motion - (voice vote - none heard opposed) 


We have the Bd mtg mins from 4/5/04;  what's the Bd's pleasure?  JW:  Move approval.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  KT:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Is there a motion to adjourn?  ?:  So moved.  BL: 2nd.  (voice vote - none heard opposed) Mtg adjourned. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  3 of  28


(Minutes later) MW:  Ready?  Everybody step fwd:  DM, DA, RH, MP, Mike White & Charles Ford. (people mumbling)  Usually, I give you all your scripts.  (people mumbling)  Ok. Let me know when you guys are ready. Ready?  (a few "ready") Ok, if you wanna raise your right hand & repeat after me:


 I (_ _ _) do solemnly swear that I will support the Constitution of the United States & the Constitution of the State of MO & I will faithfully demean myself in the office of (_ _) for which I was elected on the 6th day of April, 2004.  That's all I needed for you to sign your (oath held?).  Congratulations.  


4/19/04 BOA - Section  4 of  28


(New BOA Present:  RH, TB, DA, JKB, MW, DM, EM, JW, MP, Mike White, KT.)


DM: MW,  Would you take roll, please. (see above)  DM:  All present for the new BOA mtg for the year 2004 to 2005.  Call this BOA mtg for 4/19/04 to order.  (RH & TB have no additions to the agenda.)  DA:  Under Item 1, I'd like to have a Section C.  I'd like to (move?) the City Clerk.  Um the next item to add to the agenda, & it can be under the Mayor's Report if you wish, the naming of the lakes at Cape Albeon.  DM:  Ok.  DA:  & the last item would be um discussion of the Employee Handbook that (some?) clerk, city atty _ _ _ _.  That will be all, YH, thanks. 


DM:  JKB,  Do you have anything to add?  JKB: I have 2;  2 trees.  DM: JW.  JW:  Uh yes, YH.  I'd like to _ _ _ Crescent Valley Storm Water Project either into PBW (Public Works) or Financing.   Mayor _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ get this project goin'.   DM: (Sounds good?).  MP.  MP: No, YH.  DM: Ald White?  Ald White:  Nothing, YH.  DM:  KT.  KT:  Uh yes, there's a couple things in the uh handbook that I would like to _ _ _ _ _ _... 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  5 of  28


 ...(exchange tapes)...DM:...apologize for being here _ _ _ _ _ _ _ at this time.  Speaker:  First of all, tku for listening to me.  All I'm asking is to please help us!  We've been asking for YEARS to help us!  I don't understand WHY it's taking this long.  We're losing ground!  We're losing trees!  We're losing property!  We were promised that the mayor wouldn't vote for it;  wouldn't veto.  I was coming here to rejoice;  but all I'm asking is PLEASE help us!  That's all!  Tku.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  6 of  28


DM:  (Speaker) MM.  MM:  My name is Maureen Morris & I had rental property at #8 Arnold Dr until you condemned it supposedly for the levee.  Um last Sept, I'm sorry, last 7/14, my Condemnation Cmsnrs met here & uh, they made an award of $75,000.  I'm supposed to buy another property that rents for $1000 a mo plus utilities! 


Anyway, uh I have a copy of a doc here & uh apparently EM was acting on behalf of my tenants at #8 Arnold Dr;  & it's my conden, contention that he turned my tenants against me;  cost me a lot of money;  several trips to court.  & so I would like to read this short doc & get your opinion as to whether you think it's proper & ethical for the city atty to be representing the tenants of someone that he has condemned.  


It says, 'comes now the City of VP, MO for its objections to the Motion states, that John Sloan is a party defendant in this action by virtue of a tenancy on the premises.  As such, he & any co-tenants are entitled to notice of movant's hearing.  Defendant Morris failed to provide a notice of hearing with a date & place of same.'


The deal was that I left the money in court because I still wanted to challenge your right to take my property for the reasons that you said.  So I'd like to know if you think it's proper & ethical, your opinions, as to whether the city atty should be acting on behalf of the tenants of the landlord that he condemned. 


DM:  EM, Do you care to _ _ _ _?  EM:  You're represented by an atty in litigation against the city asking for a substantial sum of money;  & I think it's inappropriate for me (to anowfees?) (counsel or council?) to respond to your allegations.  MM:  Well, that's what I was asking;  should I be making allegations.  Is it right & proper for you to act on behalf of the tenants?  I don't think so!  Tku. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section 7 of  28


DM:  Seeing no more Speaker Requests, next we'll move on to election of the Pres of the Bd.  Are there any nominations?  KT:  I would like to nominate JW.  DM:  Are there any other nominations?  Hearing none, is there a motion to approve JW by acclimation?  ?:  So moved.  TB: _ _ _.  DM:  Motion & a 2nd - ?: _ _ - DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Congratulations, JW. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section 8 of  28


Next we have the Cmte assignmts;  tryin' to draw upon the experience of different people _ _ some people also wanted to serve on various cmtes.  So under FW&M - 1st person named will be the chairman.  Finance is TB, DA, JW & Ald White.  LEG is KT, JKB, TB, MP.  Police Cmte chair is JW, JKB, RH, KT.  PBW (Public Works) - DA, RH, MP & Ald White.  Under the Levee Cmte, I'm appointing JKB, TB, JW & KT to serve on the Levee Cmte this yr for the Bd. 


_ _ (cell phone rings) purpose in it was Ald White, serving with the Parks & others - there's a little bit of a consternation there, but the Parks Coordr, I've talked to a lot of people & I wanna reappoint uhKT, er I'm sorry, alderwoman - Mrs. Kettler as the Parks Coordr for the Parks Bd, but the motion of the (minute?) _ _ for Mrs. Kettler.  ?: _ _ -  DA?:  2nd.  DM: q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed) 


For Court Clerk, I'm uh appointing Cassie Kollmeyer to _ _ _ _ there's a letter from Judge Ford is uh one report there.  So I'd like to appoint uh Mrs uh Kollmeyer as a Court Clerk;  2-yr appointmt.  DA?:  So moved.  TB&?:  2nd.  JW: YH, I'll be abstaining _ _ _.  DM:  q/c?  (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


A _ _ _ _ Beautification Cmte, I'm appointing uh KT to serve in charge of that.  She did a good job last yr especially getting the wreaths up & helping with the flowers around town & various things.  So I'll be appointing a cmte of citizens.  I'd like to get one from each ward, possibly _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  If any of the ald know of anybody that would like to be on this cmte, please fwd their name.  That's it for the cmte assignmts.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  9 of  28


Licenses & Permits -  Anything _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - MW:  Uh, no.  _ _ _ _ _. 


DA:  YH, Pardon me;  we skipped an item that we added under the 1C.  DM:  Oh, I'm sorry.  DA:  Um I'd like to uh read Court Report - DM:  City - I see, clerk - I'm sorry.  DA: I'd like to nominate MW um as City Clerk.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  JKB&KT:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  DA:  One quick cmt;  I think that it's very important that as many of the employees we can fwd without concern of whether they're gonna be reappointed or whether they're not gonna be _ _ _ _ the city _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - JW: Yes, I will be abstaining.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor, say aye - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  10 of  28


DA, I guess we can do it under the Mayor's Report - _ _ _ _.  DA:  Alright.  DM:  Care to bring up that Employee Handbook at this time?  DA:  Yes, YH, we rcv'd the packet & the Bd had um recommended that um the City Handbook be revised to include um a right to review & final approval before the BOA for um disciplinary action & termination.  Um that has been done so I'm, we're requesting that an ord be drafted or a Resolution, which would be, in turn would be proper & um to be prepared by the next mtg. 


DM:  Do you think it'd be best to vote on it or we review it thru cmte before it's brought up before the full Bd?  DA:  Actually, I'm asking that an ord be drafted & at that time that we each & individually have the opportunity to review the um, um Employees Handbook & feel comfortable enough to vote on this at the next Bd mtg, um we can do that.  But I, I believe it's important that we move this process fwd because the employees have a right to come to work & know that um they have uno rights in their performance of um, on how they do their job & a right to appeal.  & I think this Bd that we move that fwd & I think it's our responsibility to provide that work place for these employees.  Tku.


JW?: 2nd that motion.  DM:  q/c?  KT:  Uh I disagree uh that we must approve all actions taken by the mayor.  As long as there's recourse thru the BOA to settle discrepancies, the decision of the Bd IS conflict.  The mayor should be left to the city.  Perhaps the Bd must be NOTIFIED of all actions taken by the mayor, unless this is a requiremt for insurability, then it can be, then it should be made in a statemt.  But I feel as tho uh YOU should have control of the (disciplinary?) & each dept then should have control of their (campaign?). 


The next one is uh the applicant's performance.  Now each dept head should require Bd approval (that keeps there from being a latitude?) to perform their job.  I think the mayor, & (ifin'?) it's quite normal, the mayor elected to public office, you serve that person that runs the office or runs the town.  Uh there's always a turnover of secretaries & treasurers & whatnot in every public office & when a new mayor or judge or whatever takes place.  So I feel as tho the mayor has every right to hire & fire his own sec'y unless the Insurance Bd says that we have to. 


JW:  YH, I can't speak for DA, but I think KT has hit the nail on the head.  I think insurance IS the key reason why, or at least why I'M wanting to proceed with the proper uh Employee Manual;  not because I wanna take the mayor's power away from him.  I've never downgraded any mayor on doin' anything, but uh it IS for insurable reasons (but?) that we are in desperate need to have the proper procedures ready because we could, possibility, be losing our insurance coverage IF we don't pretty rapidly have something in a new bill here.  


KT: Randy said that, Jeff, & I am, I am just wondering if we can ask the insurance co if this absolutely has to be written as such.  JW:  I, I think we got 2 wks to decide the whole review thing.  I mean we're not gonna askin' for approval tonight;  we're just saying have an ord ready that the Bd would hopefully use, & said they don't want it - KT:  There is - JW: vote it down.  KT:  There is - DM:  Wait a min, wait a min;  gotta keep it - KT:  you said, there is several things - DM:  worried about it.  


KT: There are several other thing _ _ _ _ _  & I know that other than what I had just said to you about the mayor - people  _ _ _ _  - DM:  Tku.  KT:  Uh - DA?:  YH.  KT:  there - I think it should go before, not just the atty;  I understand that Mr. Wurm & uh & uh Mr. Martin, the insurance co I presume helping to write this manual, but uh if you're giving us all this power, I think we should also have the power to uh ques harder than that.  DM:  Anyone else on 1st time around? 


MWhite:  Was this modeled after any other, Earth City, or was this something - EM:  It was.  It was taken uh _ _ _ _ _ very liberally.  MWhite: (bit of a chuckle) Very quiet - 'very liberally'.  EM:  Modified, but taken from - KT:  You mean word for word?  EM:  City of VP_ _.  MWhite:  But wouldn't there have been similar - I mean how similar _ _ _ _ _ was that imperative?  EM:  Uh there, there, there's some deleted chapters & deleted language.  It, it's fairly close.  Really, there, there's 3 sentences _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _-


MWhite:  & if we, if we get this ord ready to go, is this gonna be something that could be like a dynamic doc;  kind of adjust it a little bit, but passed it as we go?  EM:  It has to be non-(onlatory?) - MWhite:  So if we approve it, it's not gonna be, have to be written in stone?  Or (pause) -


EM:  No, if you approve it, it becomes the law of the city.  Let's say that in the end then, say you have Employee Manuals you _ _ _ _ _ _ _  be reparatory thruout the staff.  DM: Let me ask you this ques:  It'd be approved by the Bd, but be adjusted;  say it said 12 days of vacation - EM:  Yeah.  DM:  let's go for 14;  then the Bd would have to approve that I suppose? 


?: Approve an ord - MWhite:  Yes, yeah, that's, that's what I'm saying that we can, we can modify that - DM:  Thru another ord. (they cmt indec & sim a few seconds)  EM:  The, the uh the ord itself would take 12 or _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ take care of _ _ _ _ _ - DM: DA, you have the 2nd time around. 


DA:  Yes, tku.  Um MWhite actually asked the & clarified exactly what I was gonna ask on that.  I appreciate that, tku.  The um only other cmt - um & I'm not here to debate;  I'm not gonna debate this;  but KT certainly uh did misunderstand what I'm sayin' here.  You keep mentioning the mayor's secretary & the right to fire that.  I'm not gonna cmt & this is not solely for that particular issue.  There's a pending lawsuit on that & I'm not gonna get into that.  But however, this is within, overall, we've been um snap-decisioned that MWhite I think mentioned that you might _ _ _ _ (available?) on what CAN happen if this is passed.  Tku. 


KT: There are some things that uh _ _ _ _ is that there's things that should be added to it, & not only (with it coming?) - DM:  Any other - KT:  just in LYING on their job applications;  that should be unusual.  So uno there's, there's several things & I feel as tho this needs to be, be looked at by the Bd - can't be easily denied. 


DM:  q/c?  All in favor of the motion for an ord to be drawn up, approve the handbook - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  11 of  28



Levee Cmsn - DC, uh _ want _ opportunity to uh, answer any ques that the Bd had _ _ _ _ _ - DC: You got the Progress Report there;  if you have any ques on it, _ _.  DM:  Bd have any ques for DC on the levee? 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  12 of  28


DC: I'll go to Emergency Mgmt.  DM: Ok, Emergency Mgmt.  DC:  I'm going to, in the next oh 3 wks, we're going to try to set up Phase 2;  uh clean the uh St L Ave closure structure & the Vance uh Rd closure structure using the uh Emergency Mgmt Team. 


Uh we will, once the dates are set up, uh we're shutin' the St L Ave off at uh Marshall & St L & 9th St; divert the traffic around until we get it cleaned.  Uh we'll do this during the wk, but the uh Vance Rd will be closed on Sunday;  we'll do it on a Sunday morning.  That way, we don't have a rush of school traffic or uh any business traffic on wk days.   I'll contact St L County & they'll put up a lighted placard up there on Vance Rd to let 'em know that that gate will be closed on _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  I just wanted to make that _ _.  Ok?  Any other ques?  DM:  Tku, DC. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  13 of  28


_ _ under Old Business, Ords & Resolutions, we have Bill # 1763;  MW, have you properly posted it?  MW:  Yes, _ _.   DM: Please read it in caption form, please. 


MW:  Bill # 1763, Proposed Ord 1627, an ord for a huge franchise extension to Charter Communications Entertainmt um _ _ LLC.  DM:  Bd's pleasure?  ?: Move approval.  KT:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Does the Bd wish to do a 2nd reading tonight on this ord, Bill, Proposed Ord - DA:  Move to do a 2nd reading.  JKB?: 2nd.  DM:  Read it in caption form, please, MW. 


MW:  Bill # 1763, Proposed Ord 1627, an ord granting franchise extension to Charter Communications Entertainmt (Line?), LLC.  DM:  Is there a motion for approval?  ?:  So moved.  ?: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  (Roll call)  MW:  8.  DM:  Motion carries.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  14 of  28



Under the Mayor's Report, the first thing I'd like to do is bring up some things I'd like to see done over the next yr.  The biggest of course is the levee needs to be _ _ _.  Everything else I think we'll kind of hold in place once we get that completed. 


In conjunction with that we need to have a Master Plan approved that will help bring uh - flash businesses to come into town & set up a zoning that will hurry people to submit the requests for proposals that are in town & get everything organized & coordinated _ _. 


Under annexatin, I'd like to push uh continue getting the annexations, portions to the south there on the former Peerless Park.  If we have control over that area - right now, we'd, unfortunately the Trash Trasfer came in when the city had no say-so over that, so hope we get uh control that primarily, that can be the truck traffic that's - we need to have control over & be able to, otherwise it'll be an impact on the City of VP. 


Thru uh Mrs. Kettler's assistance there, we've been working uh for the city here for the hiking & biking trail along the river, Red River.  _ _ Greenway has been working on that to help buy-out some of the houses & make 'em part of the levee or road along the levee;  be out, just outside the levee there for a hiking & biking trail to be comparable to the Katy Trail out in St. Chas.  So that'll be a big plus for the town & help along the new businesses coming into town also right thru it is gonna be a big plus.


We need to continue to clean up the town.  We got a start on it, but we need to urge people.  We're gonna have the big trash coming up in May so people use the services there;  get rid of the items they no longer need;  & uh let people get out there with some coat of paint;  get out there & freshen up the house;  do a little trimming of the brush;  & other people till a little further action is needed, we'll our Road Enforcemt Officer out there & talking to 'em;  see if we can get the town to continue working together & improve the image for the whole area. 


So, & all in all, the city's improving & with the completion of these items that I've mentioned here, the levee, the master plan, I think this will be a, really a big growth over the next few yrs & hope we can all work together. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  15 of  28


Secondly on here, I talked to Michael Menley last wk.  He said he'd be willing to serve on a cmte.  We have an opening on the Parks Cmte;  so I'd like to nominate Michael Menley if I can get a motion by _ _ _ _ _ _.  q/c?  All in favor say - (voice vote - none heard opposed).  Pull it out from our report, MW.  


4/19/04 BOA - Section  16 of  28


DA: YH,  Did you forget the lakes?  DM: Oh, I'm sorry. _ _ go ahead, DA.  DA: Yes, the um residents at Cape Albeon, um they had a contest & named the 2 lakes there at, in their region.  Um they've never officially been named & it's confusing which lake is which lake.  Um they um came to the Bd with their request that we um officially adopt those names.  & the 2, the names would be Sunrise & Sunset Lake which clearly identifies each lake.  So I'm askin that um uno the Bd prepare a resolution & have it prepared at the next Bd mtg um for passage & um that presentation for the residents, involving them. 


DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ?: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  MWhite?:  Yes, YH, What about people in the residences there up around lower lakes?  Did they have a say in that?  DM:  DA, Do you know if the residents - DA:  I'm not sure that they have been um notified yet, but if the resolution, or prior to a resolution is um made, if this Bd approves this motion, I'm certain that I, um JKB & some of the residents from the Cape Albeon, we could contact those residents there to make sure there's no objections;  & if there is, of course _ _ _ um there'd be some consideration for that.  It's a request from the um residents there.  I'd like to move fwd to it & if we run into a snag, we could always um adjust it at that time.  That's a good ques, tku.


TB: _ _ ask the motion-maker to put that in _  - DA:  That's fine.  DM: _ _ residents on the upper lower lakes (someone coughs) _ - DA: Yes, sir.  DM:  Just wanna make TB's _ _ - DA: Promise to do that.  DM:  I do wanna make sure we got the correct (month?) in here.  Any other q/c on the resolution?  ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ -  DM:  All in favor of the resolution, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion  Carries.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  17 of  28


KT, Did you have further cmts on the hand, Employee Handbook?  Or - KT:  Uh, no, I have a, a cmt on your uh to the (recount?) of VP.  I did(n't?) notice that there is spilled crap sitting in the medium on Hwy 141 where there was an accident a couple wks ago.  Uh somebody either, either the city needs to clean it up or someone needs to get a hold of MODOT.  Uh I don't think that's a very good uh view of our city;  they have it sitting there for as long as it has.  DM: Ok, tku. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  18  of  28


JKB, You had trees.  Did you wanna bring that up under - JKB:  That's fine.  ?: _ _ _ - ?: That's fine.  DM:  & also for the Crescent Valley Ridge, JW - Or do you just wanna place it in cmte?  Or - I would like to see this go fwd, but as I said earlier, I just wanna make sure that the #'s - JW:  Right, as long as you can get it in _ -  DM:  Ok, I'll go ahead & by Ex Action, I'm placing this in Finance Cmte to get the money in place;  make sure we - 'cause I was lookin' at the #'s today & we've got 161, er it's like $217,000 currently in the uh Fund 17 where we got a grant for $35,000 from MSD in there I believe;  so it kind of offsets it.  I just wanna make sure that the money that's coming in -


JW:  That's fine 'cause at least the project is already eng'd & metered;  only the money will get (funded?).   DA:  YH,  could I ask you also (someone coughing) (money?) for Forest Ave Project & the Storm Water Project in the 1st Ward?  DM:  Wouldn't that be our (vacuum?)?  DA:  Tku.  DM:  Continuation of _ - ?: _ _ - DA:  & the uh 9th St Storm Water Project.  DM:  & also you'll place the sidewalk along Vance Rd _ _ _ _ _ 9th St Storm Water (someone coughs) -


4/19/04 BOA - Section  19 of  28


JW: I forgot _ _ I was supposed to tell you at the beginning of the mtg that the eng would like to speak - & maybe not, you're - some of these ideals, sometimes we forget - maybe he could - DM: _ _ for touching on some of these areas, do you care to address at this time or anything to add, TW? 


TW: (speaking from the back of the room)  Well, I need some direction from the Bd uh officially.  The other thing, & I'm sure you have arrived at, uh the other thing I wanted to point out was the Phase 2, 9th St - you can figure you're turning the corner at Leonard is that you, you have - I want you all to remember that you do have, & I did check with 'em all at MSD, you have $42,000 coming from MSD & then Weinfeld Communicating Developmt, so that project's being considered half.  It's approximately half-funded by a grant absorptions.  The Bd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  I'll be happy to answer any other ques. 


DM:  I'd like to ask, since Crescent Valley does carry storm water, is there any changes on MSD?  Got anything on that portion of it?  TW:  Well, we were going to pursue that;  however, uhm because of some of the other cities that we do work for, I've been in contact with MSD for up-coming Storm Water State uh Revolving Fund is, has been completed & they're not authorized to fund any new projects the coming yr because of the state deficit problems.  That's funding - the money we're getting from MSD is actually allocated from DNR.  MSD happens to be the clearinghouse for the St L Metro area for that money. 


& I contacted Bart Yeager, he's the Dept Mgr, & he goes thru some other cities with that that he indicated at that point, he basically told me don't bother sending in any new grant applications this yr because that fund has not been funded _ _ - DM:  Does that - TW:  only projects that are retroactive pretty well back & that's the way this program _ - DM:  So is that separate from the grants that DA pointed out down on 9th St?  Still funds available for any of those projects?


TW:  My understanding, those funds are still available that have already been committed.  New funds such as applying for your -  the uh grass or any other project, the culvert under Main St, uh except the, at least at this time - now if things may change with the tax situation in MO in the following yr, it turns around, uh that, that could all change next yr;  but currently, we're not going to receive any new (objectives?). 


DM: Since the eng'g has been done for Crescent Valley, would it cost the city anything other than your time to put the application & request together & while we plan out how much money we're gonna need?  Gonna get start on that?   Or - TW:  Well, we have bid docs completed on that job.  Uh you're talkin' about subsequent use if you apply for another grant -


DM:  Well, not necessarily for a grant;  just go out & apply for - have companies submit bids on how much it's gonna cost.  TW: Well, no, there, there's - the next phase of the project is to go out & bid & then after that, would be uh authorization by the Bd, award the contact;  'cause we always helped you guys thru that process.  The next phase after that is the const (construction) of the streets & those are the standard things that you do that (offset?) the const that's administration part of the jobs that is est'd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _const costs, but that's standard thing (for companies?);  just like Boyd & Quinwood & 9th St Phase 1 & those.  We're ABOUT those prices;  put the bid in on it.  DM:  Any Bd members have ques for TW?  Ok, tku.  I guess you have the right to -


4/19/04 BOA - Section  20 of  28


TW: Does that mean I'm supposed to go out & bid on Crescent Valley or is this just some discussion?  What, what - DM:  Well, you say it wouldn't cost anything for us like to go out - how long would the bids be good for if we - I'm not sure how much money we got enough to be aprop'g the money.  Would it be good long enough to be - TW: Typically - DM:  Or would we be futile in trying to get the bids at this time if we close a couple months before we get started? 


TW:  Well, you have probably 30 days before you rcv bids from today.  So you would, you would, we would schedule the bids to be rcv'd uh probably at the 2nd, before the 2nd May, the Bd could give them at least 2 wks, 3 wks to bid the job.  Uh we would need to advertise & make sure we had our minimum requiremts for advertising, which is at least 2 wks, probably allow 3 wks for this job;  uh but potentially by the 2nd Bd mtg in May, with this new bid.


Now, then to award the bids & get the contractor going, insurance submitted, probably, uh you're probably talkin' another couple wks after that.  I would not anticipate probably being able to start until some time mid June.  & the bids would be good for, most bids are good for 30 days.  However, depending on the contractor, uh how hungry certain people are, those requiremts can be bridged by the city atty as we agreed. 


There have been cases where a contractor told the, the city, the city only had problems - they were holdin' the bids for another 30 days after that.  Typically, the contractor that wants the work, which most of 'em do, they agree.  So that's something for the city atty. 


DM:  Do you think we could get a 60-day hold on a price rather than just 30?  That allows some time to go thru & see how much Fund 17 money is, public money.  TW:  That's something that uh counsel will have to matter approve; it's the only thing that would (reduce or deduce?) that. 


JW:  YH, I move in that direction.  JKB: 2nd.  DM:  Motion to go out for bids with a 60-day pricing on it so it'll give us enough time to evaluate how much money is available for this project along with the others.  q/c?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  TW, _ _ submit it back to us & see what we -


TW: Ok.  Um some - the Phase 2 of Leonard, is there, is there, is there any decisions that've been made on that?  The only reason I ask & I'm not trying to push;  I'm just - because we have to have that job under contract by 12/30/04 or we risk losing the MSD grant money that's in (Forest too/2 or for us too?). 


DA:  I'd like to make the motion that we instruct um our eng'g group to proceed on the eng'g up at 9th St mains too - storm water funds.  DM:  Is this the grant or is this just the proj or the CDBG money?   Is that -


TW: Well, this is to - DM:  Or is this a separate thing?  TW:  to get us to the fir - next step is just to get the survey, do the design & put the job out to bid.  It doesn't mean that you have to spend the const $ till next Spring, ok.  But you have to have the bids & contractors under contract by the end of this yr;  'cause you can defer the const -


DM:  As long as we sign a contract by the end of the yr with the intent of starting by, say a yr from now - TW:  So all this is authorizing me to do is to make sure that you don't lose that money;  it's approximately $62,000 which is about half of that project.  But the const cost does not have to be spent until this time next yr.  I'm only going to do the eng'g to get it to the bid & not spend any money until I see what the bid of the const $ that are involved.  Tku. 


DM:  Any q/c on the motion for the grant _ _ the project on Leonard?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  After hearing that, total projects - law enforcemt.  TW: Ok, tku.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  21 of  28


DM:  MW, _ _ _ _ _.  MW:  Um, ok, I guess I would like to ask for an Ex Ses relating to personnel & to court. ?: _ -  DA:  YH, I'd like to - um, um - DM: Vote on it now to go in _ _ _ _ - MW: _ _ _ _ _ - DA:  2nd it, but I ask that we also uh discuss a pending litigation matter at that time.  DM:  Personnel issues & pending litigations _ _ _ _ _ - DA:  Yes.  JW:  2nd, YH.  MW:  I got KT 2nd _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  We need a roll call vote for the Ex Ses.  (Yes:  DA, JKB, RH, TB, JW, MP, MWhite, KT.)  DM:  Motion carries.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  22 of  28

(extra hours were spent deciphering whispers in this section)


MW:  Ok & one other thing;  um today I needed to get the insurance signed & there were some items for some of the checks that I, the Treasurer, felt that we didn't have enough money in the budget to cover those expenses so she uh didn't wanna sign those checks. 


So I guess we're bringing this to the full, the full bd tonight;  or is it, do you want to (accusing or recusing?) (the another?)  Or do you want to move money from one account to another account?  But if you're gonna do that, you need to tell us tonight (someone coughs) (that you can only?) take money from whatever the account # is & move it over to whatever _ _ -


DM:  Do you know the account #'s (someone coughs) _?  MW: I think it was uh, it used to be you could dance thru that.   DM: That we're, we're needing to pay?  Or - MW:  Right, I think there's $100 in there & I think there was a check that fwd'd. _ _ I think the whole thing was $1000.  DM:  Do uno where we can put funds that are, were underspent (then or that?) we can transfer money towards?


MW:  Uuummm, you're not gonna spend private money for it?  Or we can end up seeing that our, that God tells you?  DM:  (I'll do?) whatever it takes.  (long pause - flipping papers)  MW: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - MW:  I mean this office, sorry, but it's, it's been (up simpossibly?) & there's $1069 there. _ _ _ -  DM:  Now there's $16,000 (in it?)?  MW: That's what they told me (that it was?).  DM?: _ transfer funds _ _ _ -  (very long pause)


Ok, under Cmty Dev, we have $1000 we budgeted & nothing spent to-date under, for legal fees.  Would you care that the Bd's pleasure, we transfer $1000 - JW:  Move in that direction.  DM: to cover the (prosper?)?  Do it in the mtgs.  Is there a 2nd?  ?: 2nd.  DM:  q/c? 


DA:  Yes, I, I guess I would ask for an explanation of um why we're over in that & if we need to adjust that in the next session, um add more money to that budget.  I'm lookin' for an explanation.  ?: (2nd on that?) - MW: (Judge Ford?) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ separate counsel - DM:  (For us or of course?)  Was Judge Ford the atty in this case?  MW:  It's not, it's not officially _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -


DM:  This is for the uh Court Clerk 'cause I understand the (someone clears their throat while DM speaks) (death?) squad.  I guess we need to, next yr evaluate to see if there's more training sessions coming up that - due to some mtgs I believe we need to appropriate add'l monies.  That's a good point to bring up, JW.  Anything else to add?  Or - MW:  That's, that's all _ next mtg.  DM:  _ _ DA was _ - MW:  I'm sorry.


DA:  (No or know?), YH, again that I think more info or timely info as to the Bd would be appropriate so we can um appropriate it fer, from NOT getting a mtg (let or like?) (thru or you?).  RC?:  Enough said for that.  DM:  We (didn't ID or we need an idea?) on (court?).  We could hold it over necessarily (ordinary?).  Let's vote on the motion to appropriate the monies.  q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor of the motion to transfer the money from legal fees, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed).  Motion carries. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  23  of  28


Park Coordr's Report - Anything to add tonight, Mrs. Kettler?  Pam: (from the back of the room) Uh, yes, we had the Annual Fishing Derby last Saturday.  I'd like to thank everybody for being out  _ _ _ _ _ _ volunteered.  We had a real nice booth called Take Your Kids Fishing.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  It was a beautiful day.  The kids had a great time.  _ _ _ events comin' up.  We've got the 1904 World's Fair Series _ _ startin' in May;  first wk _ _ _ _ _ _ 7 pm for _ _ _ _ _.  Please contact the Valley Park Library _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ very much _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  Tku.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  24  of  28



PBW Coordr's Report - JM: I'd like to say welcome to the new Bd members. Uh the only update I have, YH, is on the Maurer Plaza, uh Levee Project, we have been working diligently trying to get cooperation from him to get the water service lines into his property & off of our property.  We completed Phase 1 of that last wk & I believe he has the esmts.  All the proper paperwork in Phase 2 is - we're waitin' on Contact Lewis.  Once that's done & Kokesh completes the work, there should be no reason for MO Am Water Co not to cooperate with us from that point _ _ _ _ _ _ _  didn't ask him. 


& the other item is JKB had 2 trees.  JKB: Yeah, one at 8 uh 822 Leonard & 700 Leonard.  JM:  (One's or once?) (to or thru?) the ROW, you're gonna see that the dead's being removed.  JKB:  Uh the one's really not dead, but it's, the bugs has ate the whole center out of it;  it's gettin' ready to split, but the other one _ _ _ & I _ _ _ city ROW.  JM:  Ok. 


4/19/04 BOA - Section  25 of  28


JW:  Can I ask JM a ques?  I'm sure you're gonna _ _ _ _ _ _. I know you're continually doing slab replacemt & I just wondered if you would schedule or when you think you might be comin' into Crescent Woods Subdiv?  I know you move around, try to keep everybody happy & I appreciate that;  but are you comin' back in Crescent Woods Subdiv you think in the near future?  Or -


DM:  I think JM & I discussed today, when like get all the money - JW:  Oh, you're not gonna _ _ venture.  Huh?  (he laughs).  DM:  Once we discussed aldermen gettin' interested, it would've been more money.  _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  (JW chuckles)  Worse thing - kind of - when I've driven over the uh some of the streets over the weekend & see if our streets are fallin' off pretty uh (sight or side?) of the quality asphalt there.  So we wanted to get some directions from the Bd here because of the monies, we're either gonna, gonna get a balance here just like a family fund as where we spend money on certain projects & putting money aside for the boards & (landscaping?) & Crescent & also the street.  So we'll have lots of money at this time & giving directions on certain streets, like to see done first _ _ _ _. 


JW:  YH, I don't know what amounts & - DM: You'll have to get a list to do that _ _ - JW:  a lot, but I would just like to - I thought we was doin' it as continued maint is what I was lookin' at.  I know we budgeted it in the budget so much for street repairs & we used up all the money on street repairs?  If we haven't, I would hope we could continue, startin' tomorrow - DM:  You have to use, liven it up, & then Fund 17's really getting cropped out faster than I realized too because some of that's being used (for machinery?) _ -


JM:  I would have to take a look & I'll tell ya how I bid those from last summer months, JW.  I've been kind of splitin' it. I've been taking the labor out of the Street Dept & material out of Fund 17 to offset both of those to operate.  We only had $20,000 in the street repair for the entire yr thruout the cmty & uh that, that goes pretty fast.  I don't know how much is left in there without this package this evening.  But that's how I've been doing it & I'm about 2 streets away from getting into Crescent Woods. 


But as the mayor said, the Bd would need to alot, allotacate me some money to getting worked out of Fund 17. Um our, our, whoever that is, he said he's been busy. Um - DM:  So do encore's (twice?) again on - JW:  Yeah, (loser did?) - DM:  maybe Walker's given me.  We'll go over that & I'll get some trees & get started on that.  JW:  Let us know the next mtg here (of every?)  graveled item you can - DM:  We'll have him start on some of the streets & see if any of those streets that you think should be in sight - why wouldn't you go?  JW: I've always left that up to Jim. He did a good job on _ - ?: _ _ - JW:  TW & you have kept 'em pretty straight_ _ _.  ?: Tku.  ?:  Years to gutter.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  26 of  28


DA:  Real quick if you would allow.  Um this request comes from a local business owner that we find a way of um replacing or you, can you,  the um city entry signs;  the ones that say, 'Welcome to VP'?  & again, they've asked that we um do that & I think that's something the mayor could do under his discretion.  It should not be that expensive so I'd ask that that be done. 


DM: Sophia Weinert's brought that up at the last VP Businessmen's Assn.  They reminded me that 3rd St, south of the RR tracks, down there by the, south of Marshall RR tracks area, is a city street.  I'd forgotten about that, but she said there's a lot of businesses that go out from there when one of them(s live on Vias??), business cronies. That's one thing we're gonna have to put in the Finance Cmte & possibly go in the PBW so we can get that street...(exchange tapes)


4/19/04 BOA - Section  27 of  28


...DM: ...some of the things going onWednesday;  hope you can understand.  But welcome to our mtg tonight & it's always a pleasure to have you here.  Police Officer:  Tku _ _ _ _ _ _.  Just uh on behalf of Chief Battelle & Major Fisch & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ congratulate you & the new Bd members on the (issue?) election.  We uh look fwd to working with you uh in the future & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  Tku.   DM:  It's also a pleasure of ours first...(tape malfunction, seems only seconds)... 


...Police Officer:...  Uh call for services down in this yr from last yr & knock on wood & crime is down this yr versus last yr.  Anybody have any ques about anything else this in the packet?  JW:  I have one, YH.  It's not fair asking you 'cause he's not here, but when the Bd is asking to maybe pick up the pace on littering tickets at the intersections, has the County Police written any littering tickets in the city limits of VP since we've asked?  Police Ofcr:  Since I don't believe so, _ _ _ _, but I'll ask 'em.  He'll be back Mon or Tues;  & I'll get back with you.  JW: Alright, tks.


DM:  Strictly intersections or anywhere?  JW:  Just littering period.  DM:  Alright.  KT: All along Vance Rd.  JKB: On 8th St - Police Ofcr: Yes, sir.  JKB:  The cars going down - I guess they're goin' to the batting cage - Police Ofcr:  Toward the batting cages.  JKB:  9 out of every 10 cars, busted every one of them stop signs.  Police Ofcr:  We have sat there & written tickets.  Uh it is one of the spots that we sit.  It's not in this month, it'll be on next month's radar surveys.  Um I know Ofcr Templeton sat there a couple times;  I've sat there;  have written a couple tickets.  ?: _ _ _ - DM:  Sorry to almost - Police Ofcr:  Oh, no problem. DM: It's a freak habit.  (people giggle) ?: Tks.


4/19/04 BOA - Section  28 of  28


DM:  Now we can proceed with the bills.  JW:  Move to pay the bills.  JKB&KT: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  Hearing none, then all in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion Carries.  I


s there a motion to go in Ex Ses?  (some mumblings)  DM:  2nd?  ?: 2nd.  (roll call vote:  Yes:  DA, JKB, RH, TB, JW, MP, MWhite, KT.)  MW:  8 yes.  JW:  Can we take a 2-min break from here?  DM:  2 mins.  JW:  2 mins?  ?:  Yes!  (people disburse, end of taping)