Notes:  Newspaper/Magazine Reporter Diane Plattner arrived at 8:20 pm (after I had addressed the BOA).  Mary Shapiro of the Press Journal arrived at 8:35 pm & I noticed that Diane had left.  The BOA went into Ex Ses at about 9 pm. Mary is to listen to the city's tape of the mtg tomorrow.


Present:  RH, DA, JKB, MW, DM, EM, JW, MP, MMW (Ald Mike M. White), KT.  (TB excused)



5/17/04 BOA - Section  1 of  36


DM:  MW,  Would you take roll please?  (see above) MW:  7 present.  DM:  Let the record show that TB is excused due to work this evening.  (Pledge Allegiance) Mtg is called to order on 5/17/04.  RH, Anything to add to tonight's agenda?  RH:  Trees on Forest Ave or logs on Forest Ave;  & Ex Ses for personnel.  DM:  DA, Anything to add?  DA:  Uh, yes, YH, under um PBW, a request for some street maint on Leonard.  That would be all, YH, tku.  DM:  JKB?  JKB:  Yeah, dust on Marshall.  DM:  Anything else?  JKB:  No, that's it.  DM:  JW?  JW:  Not at this time....(exchange tapes)...


MP:..over there at Sacred Heart Cemetery, directly across from The Elevator;  Crescent Springs Subdiv;  (Pernicious?) Ave Club;  & the air quality from the stench of the mulch is permeating this way.  AP (audience person) Marcie Michel:  Are the mics on?  Can't hear very good.  MM:  Tku. 


MP:  & then also Summertree Condo;  & this woman from Sacred Heart, could you put that in Ex Ses or LEG Cmte?  DM:  Say you wanna put it in LEG Cmte?  MP:  Yes.  DM:  Ok, I'll place it in there by Ex Action.  MP:  Tku.  DM:  Do uno if everyone got a copy of that pamphlet?  MP: It was in my packet; _ _ - KT:  It was in mine.  DM:  Ok, I just wanna make sure everyone got it. 


MMW, anything to add?  MMW: Uh, not at this time, tku.  KT: Yes, the trash that's on Hwy 141 & Vance Rd Bridge yet, _ from an accident a couple months ago.  DM:  Anything else?  Is there a motion to approve the agenda as amended?  DA:  So moved.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


Mins from the Bd mtg of 5/3/04, what's the Bd's pleasure?  DA:  Move approval of 5/3/04 BOA mtg mins.  ?: 2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  2 of  36


Under Licenses & Permits, got Sacred Heart's picnic request for 5/21;  what's the Bd's pleasure?  JW: Move approval.  DA:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed) 


Next, we have application from Donahue's;  somebody in the audience to speak on their behalf?  MsR:  Good evening, my name is Jill Redbush;  I'm an atty for Lucky's MLC, the applicant in this current license application.  Um it's my understanding that all the info that's been requested by the city has been submitted um & we're stand - ready & willing & able to answer any questions anybody might have. 


DM: _ _ _ _ motion?  DA:  Yes, I'd like to make a motion to approve the request for Donahue's um Liquor License.  JKB?:  2nd it.  DM:  Are there any ques for Miss Rambush or in general on Donahue's Application?  MP:  Yes, YH, did the St L County Police check it out which they do as far as _ _ - EM:  They, they did - ?: _ _ yes _ _ - EM:  They did & uh they uh have requested uh some, some more info & I've talked to Mrs. Rembush.  Uh she's supplying all the info that's needed & uh, uh there are no outstanding issues uh, uh regarding the uh application as far as uh, uh I think the police are concerned (for obvious reasons?).  MP: Tku.  DM:  Any other q/c?  All in favor of the motion, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed). Approved.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  3 of  36


Next under Business Mtg, Aldermanic Cmte Reports, we've got LEG Cmte.  KT, I understand you have something said in mins you wanna replace.  KT:  Yes - DM:  er go ahead & explain, please.  KT: If you'll please pull out the uh mins from your package & insert the ones that I laid on your desk.  DM:  Are there many changes to the reports that are better - KT:  No, it was mistaken;  _ _.  DM:  So it's the same?  KT:  Otherwise it's the same.  _ _ - DM:  Would you care to uh make a motion on the mins?  KT:  Well, I'd like to make a motion.  DM: Do you wanna cover it item-by-item or just in general?  KT:  Has everybody had a chance to read the mins? 


JW:  YH, I, I'll 2nd so I can have some discussion on her mins.  Not that I'm against her or for the - I don't even know if there's any action items in this but I prefer that this be held over to the next mtg before we approve it since we've been handed the whole - I mean it might just be minor - DM:  You said just one type - I'm sorry _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  'cause I see odd & even is down here on - KT:  That, that's what it was.  JW:  I mean that's pretty - that's not a typo, odd & even.  KT:  No, it, it was a date of even & odd, yes;  that what it was. 


EM:  That, that portion, frankly, began from a piece of paper- it was just a, a description of the city & _ _ _ _  items with them _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ public _ _ insured & subsequent.  DM:  So if we make this for info since the LEG Cmte is still gonna review the Handbook, I think that'd be appropriate at this time;  accept it whether or not - if we're not approving anything tonight, just accepting this for info.  KT:  Right, it's just for - JW:  So there's no action?  DM:  Right, no action.  KT:  No, no action. 


DM:  It's just for info that the cmte has begun reviewing the Handbook.  A few of the pages were noted, but _ _ probably accumulated.  JW:  Well, that's fine;  uno just - it seems like we're creeping back into the method of having a lot of high-ups hand-deliver to our desk before the mtg & it just doesn't give the ald any time to review issues.  I just would rather us go back to, uno, if you can't get it in the packet, hold it till the next _ - DM:  Good point;  however, your point is taken, JW.  JW:  Tku.  KT:  & I _ _ _ - JW:  This isn't all aimed at you.  KT: I do put the -  wrong (movie?). 


MP:  YH, I have a question on it.  Where there was a motion to table the building codes & there's just a motion to table it;  there was nothin' said about me sayin' anything about table JEM was at a conference.  DM:  That is correct because he was at a conference, it was held over.  MP:  No, I just said to table it.  I don't - had nothin' to do with - DM:  Oh, why - oh, I'm sorry.  I thought you were clarifying why it was tabled.  MP:  Right.  No, I want that struck out of there.  DM:  You want it to merely say table?  MP:  Yep.  KT:  Ok.  DM:  Does the chairperson agree?  KT:  Uh, yes, sir.  ?: _ _ - KT:  I don't know;  it doesn't say _ _ _ _. 


MW: So he wants to (rebut?)?  - DM:  Just read, just table the building codes.  MP:  Yep, & strike out until next mtg.  DM:  Till the next mtg or just or just building codes period & then the rest of it be deleted?  MP:  Yep.  DM: Any other changes?  ?: _ _ - DM:  All in favor of the motion, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  4 of  36


AP MM:  Point of Order - Is that what I should call?  I should be allowed to speak.  DM: I'm sorry. I had 2 Speaker Requests here.  I apologize for uh quantifying.  MM, you have 2 mins to speak, please. 


MM:  Uh please make my cmts part of the City's Journal & please do so accurately.  My name is Maureen Morris & my only rental property was #8 Arnold Dr until you & the COE, in my opinion, took my property & are improving it in the name of the federal levee project, but in reality for municipal redev, profits & accreditation. 


My immediate concern here tonight tho, is that on 4/19/04, I specifically stated that since the City Atty EM had prepared a specific legal doc, he WAS apparently acting on behalf of my tenants after condemning me.  & I specifically asked the Bd's opinion as to whether they thought it was proper & ethical.  Yet the city's official & approved mins state that I questioned IF the city atty was representing my tenants.   So I would like to know how & when you will correct these erroneous, perhaps falsified gov't records. 


DM:  MW.  MW:  Um I would like to request from Ms Morris that any time she wants something to be a part of the record, that you give me exactly what you wanna say so that I'll attach it to my mins.  Because usually I don't - or it's not required of me to write word-for-word what someone says.  I just do motions & 2nds for the BOA.  I only write down, if a Speaker comes up, I write down what they discussed, uh but that's it.  So if you would like & I guess if the Bd, we need approval for that, but that's generally the way it goes!


DM:  So I guess in the future, if you have, if you wanna speak there, you're obviously welcome to & also have a copy to go into the packet then you know it'll be here as you presented it.  MW:  'cause I'll attach it to the mins then.  I'll say Mrs Morris addressed the Bd about wanting to - MM:  Ok, but this - MW: attached, you will find her cmts.  MM:  But this was a one-sentence explanation which was fine, except that the main point was I asked was it proper & ethical;  not IF he was.  I mean I should think that's a simple thing that you could amend uno & approve the amended mins.  I would like the city records to be accurate. 


DM:  EM, Did you represent any of the tenants of Ms Morris?  EM:  Of course not!  Mrs Morris' atty made a Motion to Withdraw all her money out of court & she didn't name her tenants who are necessary parties, as are the Dept of Revenue becasue there's taxes involved, as would be any mortgage company.  & I simply objected to the form of the motion because she didn't add all necessary parties.  If you'd talk to your lawyer, who ended up withdrawing the motion because of my objections & I don't know why else - MM:  No, it wasn't because of your objections.


EM:  You, you would certainly understand that you are in a lawsuit against the City of VP requesting an inordinate sum of money for a piece of property - MM:  It is NOT an inordinate sum of money.  (2 loud gavel bangs)  DM: You asked if EM represented tenants & he's explained that he has not.  So _ _ - MM: Well, he's going on about an inordinate sum of money;  that had nothing to do with what the issue is here at hand. 


DM:  Well, the issue is EM did not represent the tenants so - MM:  He prepared a legal doc on their behalf.  EM:  & what did the legal doc say?  It said that - MM:  I gave you a copy of it.  EM:  I objected to a Motion for Distibution without them being a party.  MM:  The tenants of #8 Arnold Dr & I - EM:  & they're a necessary party.  MM: do not think that you should be acting on behalf of my tenants after condemning me. 


EM:  It's the city's money that was paid into court & we have to assure that the city's money gets all title interests in it.  MM:  So in other words, you're saying that it is - EM:  & all they are.  MM:  proper & ethical for you have prepared that doc on behalf of my tenants.  Is that what you're saying?  EM:  (chuckling)  It's not on behalf of your tenants;  it's on behalf of the city _ - DA: YH.  (3 gavel bangs)  DM:  We're not a court here so I'm sorry if I don't understand the intricacies of what's going on.  Please finish your cmts _ _ -


MM:  Well, the main point is that I would like your records to be accurate & reflect that I asked if it was proper & ethical;  not IF he was representing my tenants.  Will you amend those mins?  DA:  YH, I'd like to make the motion that the city clerk continue to prepare the mins in the fashion that she has & that the guidelines that she has laid out are followed, that attachmts or records to the mins um must be prepared in writing.  KT: That's 7. 


DM:  Ok, all in favor of the motion, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed).  MM:  Ok, so does that mean that from now on, when anyone speaks up here, they have to give you a written doc that _ - DM:  If they want it in the record word-for-word, then yes, they should present that.  If they're there to present a general idea of something, the County Municipal League is, er not just to cite them, but (courts in general?) said that as MW alluded to earlier, er just did not alluded to, stated, that if somebody speaks, Mr. Jones comes up & speaks on paving a street, don't have to say word-for-word he thinks the street's the worst thing he ever saw or whatever, unless he wants to type it up & present that & get the entire uh


MM:  Ok, you said if I want it word-for-word;  I don't want it word-for-word.  DM:  Well, then we, we'll put in the synopsis system _ - MM:  An accurate synopsis.  DM:  System _ _ synopsis saying, 'Mrs Morris spoke on the levee &' (pause) -  MM:  Ok, so if I want it to be word-for-word, then I need to give you a written doc, but if I just want a synopsis, then I do NOT need to give you a written doc? 


DM:  Well, we'd say all's we're required by law is to say Mr. X or Mrs. Y spoke on - MM:  & mentioned yada, yada - DM:  Right, spoke on - MM:  but it should be accurate, right?  DM:  It should be accurate.  MM: Ok!  Tku.


MM:  Um the other concern is that while I was commenting to the Bd on 5/3, about issues related to that same topic, I was told that I could not SPEAK on this particular issue because of the Condemnation Lawsuit that YOU have inflicted upon ME.  & I'm confused about my - well, I know my Property Rights have been violated - but now I'm confused about my Freedom of Speech.  DM:  Well, you're allowed to speech, speak, but we don't have to give an answer if there is potential for infringing on the lawsuit areas. 


MM: Ok, so - DM:  If you -  MM: it was wrong - DM: gave up (&?) answers _ _ - MM: that I was not allowed to speak.  DM:  'cause you asked the - I - the way I recall, you asked EM a question about involving the lawsuit;  that's why I felt we were getting into - MM:  & EM advised you to advise me that I could not speak because of the lawsuit.  Now is, was that an erroneous statemt?  In other words, am I allowed to speak & YOU'RE just not allowed to answer, or am I not allowed to speak because - DM:  I just explained - MM: this is Valley Park?  (2 loud gavel bangs) 


DM:  I JUST EXPLAINED that you are allowed to speak.  If it gets into an area where we are - EM?:  It's conser-active - DM:  stepping onto an area of lawsuit, then we, as the Bd 'cause we represent the city & the business owners here in town, then do not wanna dance or something & it could damage our position in (an illegal or a legal?) manner.  MM:  Ok, so I'm right that I - DM:  You're allowed up your 2 mins to speak & then if we don't choose to answer, then that's the end of it & we move on. 


MM:  Ok, so I should think I deserve an apology for being told that I'm not allowed to speak.  DM:  That's your opinion;  tku.  MM:  So then there's no apology, right?  DM:  I'm sorry your question was mis, misinterpreted last time when you said IF EM was working for whoever's buyin';  'cause that's, again, since this is not a court, I don't know exactly what - I think as EM explained, we need to get the papers all settled so we can get the tenants moved out of there & get the levee moving;  & now that the houses are down, the levee is moving.  The city can enjoy protection from the river about a yr from now & we'll be celebrating with a - EM?: _ _ _ - DM: I guess the amount of fireworks & a band;  that's just my, my one opinion. 


MM:  & everybody'll forget the fact that this started out (2 gavel bangs) at like $12Million.  DM: Ok, your 2 mins are up, please.  MM:  & it's been how many years?!  Tku.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  5 of  36


DM:  Mrs. Taylor, you uh asked for your - speak up here.  Sorry I didn't mean (pause) - MrsT:  Tku for the opportunity to speak.  I'm here on - my name is Norma Taylor.  I'm a resident of Summertree Village & I'm here on behalf of the owners of the condominium.  On 4/28, a notice was placed on the undeveloped land at the corner of Vance & Hanna regarding the uh weeds & that they were to be _ _ _ they would be mowed down or it was, the property was to be made uh what, presentable;  that's a good word.  But, this is 5/17 & the weeds are still there & my question is WHY has nothing been done to get Mr. Kuenneke who is the owner of Kuenneke Properties, whatever name the property is listed in, why nothing has been done to get Mr. Kuenneke to GET RID of those weeds.  This is what May, 4/28, 5/17;  3 wks, 3.5 wks, whatever.  Anyway, why?  I would like that ques answered.


DM:  JEM, Do you know if the letter's been sent to Mr. Kuenneke or what the status is with his weeds?  JEM:  The Police Dept posted that property on the 28th.  Um the paperwork normally goes straight to the office with the letter he sent.  I don't know whether that letter's been sent or not.  I can check & do it tomorrow.  I believe it has.


MrsT:  3.5 wks & _ letter's been sent!  JM:  YH, Mrs. Taylor called me last wk & I informed her that that letter never got to me & it never got upstairs at anywhere we could find it.  It was posted with signs that we've have, but it never got to the girl that sends it out.  I asked her at that time to type up a letter & send it out & she did;  & uhm I believe that Mon or Tues of last wk when I told her that you (rescinded or resended?) the letter & (that it's sent?), I rcv'd notification _ that time _ _ _ _ _ _. 


DM:  So if Mr. Kuenneke continues to ignore the uh weed ord, then I guess - JM: _ - DM:  next step - JM: _ - DM:  we'll bring him to court?  JM: _ the city's _ _ (yet or yes?).  DM:  Ok.  Next, he's gonna come to court if he doesn't get out there - MrsT:  JM also informed me that uh what he said was true;  but he also said that he would get approximately 7 days because of the timeframe.  Now this is the 7th day & it's still weed-infested & that's one of the things that we're concerned about that notices are posted but nothing seems to - there's no follow-up.  NOTHING seems to be done. 


DM:  If I can get your phone # right after the mtg, & then I'll confer with JEM & JM tonight.  Soon as I get answer tomorrow, I'll call you.  JM: YH, If it's not rainin' in the morning, I'll take a brushog out there.  MrsT:  Why should the city do it?  It's Mr. Kuenneke's responsibility.  (people laugh)  DM:  See when the letter went out & how much time he's got before the court hauls him in.  JM: I believe tomorrow is the date, YH.  MrsT: Today was the 8th. 


DM:  Since I don't have the letter right here, I apologize for not having - we'll check - say I'll check in the morning & I'll give you a call or whoever _ _ _ _ _ _ somebody else will call if you - whoever handle (its leader?), subdiv cmte & then I'll get an answer & hope that he'll either work for the city or if he chooses not to cut it.  I hope that some day he wants to come in & develop that commercial.  I hope he would try to WORK with us, but he _ - MrsT:  & this is coming too.  DM: Well, yes, so is the - JW:  YH.  DM:  JW. 


JW:  This is related to Norma's incident;  it's either 3/5 or 4/5, I got the letter out in my truck, but JEM sent out a certified-mailed letter to Mr. Kuenneke & this is in regards to the street repair;  & it said he had 30 days to bump-up a lot & I'd just like to know where THAT is.  What, what step in the legal system is it or did it slip thru the cracks?  ?: _ -


JEM: We had a discussion at the last BOA mtg uh indicating what our intentions were.  Uh City Atty Martin & I & conducted conversations with the mayor, going down a certain path with that & the decision at the Bd was made that we weren't going to proceed with that path, allowing me to send him his 2nd notice & then he'll end up in court for allowing a nuisance _ _;  & it would come before here as a violation of the city code.


JW:  Could we send it to St L County Court & not here?  JEM:  I have to defer to Eric;  I don't believe a violation of a local ord can go to County Court.  EM:  No, it, it, it can't.  Uh the only thing we've learned to pursue is the possibility of a Civil Suit in Circuit Court;  it carries a lot of weight in the court set_ _ _ - JW:  Could that be - EM: _ _ _ _ _ - JW:  Oh!  EM: _ _ _ _ city council mtg.  DM:  Could the Bd change to that version now?  EM:  The Bd can DO what it wants to do!  _ _ -


JW:  I move - DM:  Do we have the legal authority to - EM: _ _  - JW:  I move we proceed in that direction.  ?:  I'll 2nd it.  DM: q/c?  DA:  Yes, YH, 1st, I support the motion um that I'm rcv'd um by a resident, ES, some info on some, some laws he actually passed onto um JKB that may be able to be used & I've asked the city atty, let's see if there's an avenue in that as well.  I think it may very be what we're sayin' to do here. 


DM:  Well, JW's motion was to go to Circuit Court for this.  DA:  That could be just info the city atty could use.  DM:  This can be - ok, alright.  EM:  Yeah, what it, it uno I talked to the alderman's -  a (formal or former?) ord code (violation?);  it's, it's a tool _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -  ?: (If I can get it?) - DM:  Any other q/c on directing this motion er direct the legal action _ _ _ Circuit Court rather than the City Court?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


MrsT:  I have another ques & this is directed to you, Mr. Mayor.  We have a disabled member uh it's a tabled owner & unfortunately she can't be here & she asked me to speak on her behalf.  Her name is Ann Landry & she has called you twice with some concerns that she has & so far, she has not rcv'd a response from you, & her ques is WHY haven't you returned her calls.  Each time she bypasses it & so far she hasn't rcv'd any response from you.  She'd like to know why. 


DM:  Guess I'm - apologize for being busy;  I'll - _ _ _ call her tomorrow or Wed _ _ _ 'cause I really don't have a good answer for not calling her back.  MrsT:  Her name is Ann Landry & you (shouldn't find?) her messages uh in the inbox.  DM:  Yeah, but did she call on Fri?  Or do uno which day she - or when was the last message?  MrsT:  She called last Wed.  She also called the wk before & she would like to talk to you because she has some concerns about _ _ _.  DM:  Alright. 


MrsT:  Ok & uh can we issue that something will be done about that weed-infested lot BY Mr. Kuenneke to have those weeds _?  DM:  We're only - I guess we made a motion here to send it to County Court;  hopefully that'll make him realize we're not just gonna send him letters & throw 'em, & let him throw 'em in the trash & _ _ _ EM.   EM:  But we can't - the city can't put the gun to his head & say - MrsT:  Oh, I hope not! 


EM:  Yeah, what you come & do -  JW?:  (cracking up) I mean you're gonna -  EM:  The process works like this:  uh, the, the matter goes to Municipal Court;  it's posted & cut by the city & then a special tax bill is placed on the property.  That's, that's the way it works uh (8, 8?) - MrsT:  Does he pay taxes on both the street & the undeveloped property?   ?: (Yes, he?) -  EM:  Kuenneke uh - MrsT:  Is he current?  EM:  Is he current in his taxes?  I, I don't - I really don't _ _I, I just have no idea _ _ - MrsT:  In borrowed monies like the bond share?  ?: _ -  EM:  Uh I mean that, that, that's public info;  a simple call to the Dept of Revenue.  MrsT:  Oh, good!  Tku very much.  Tku for your time.  DM&?:  Tku.


BOA 5/17/04 - Section  6 of 36


DM:  Next on the Bd of Adjustmt & Appeals, getting the Bd updated, a couple of these terms have expired so _ _ appoint Tony Tallow to another 5-yr term;  his term came up on 4/18;  so another add'l 5 yrs from there.  Next is John Beard whose term came up this past Dec;  it's for 5 yrs;  & Mr Jeff Lloyd whose term is coming er come up last, last wk & also an alternate, appoint him to a - as a regular member if I can get a motion & a 2nd.  JW:  So moved.  ?: 2nd.  DM: q/c?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


BOA 5/17/04 - Section  7 of  36


Under Levee Cmsn, DC.  DC:  Someone asked do we have any questions on my Levee Report here for Progress Report _ _.  DM:  Any ques for DC on the levee?  DC:  I just wanna comment & uh give some recognition to as the city atty & PBW director & uh city eng on the behind-the-scene work that these fellas are doin' uh on the relocation of our utilities uh in one separate area at the Meramec Plaza which seems to be taking up most of their time tryin' to appease the owners of this complex to get what they want or whatever it is.  So they, they've been workin' a lot of time on this, on this project tryin' to get that squared away.  We make some progress & then we go backwards again on this thing, so just to know that uno we're workin' on it. 


The other request I have is a request for the city eng, Weis Eng'g, to survey the property uh on the area behind the material plant, uh Simpson's Quik-Crete Plant, uh Kirchner Block & the uh Rideout Storage uh automobile storage down there.  Uh we do, we, we've got have some uh ground that we have for const limits & esmts on it, but uh since I think that we bought the property from uh of the Sportsplex that being there was nothing goin' on down there for all these, this period of time that uh they've encroached on our uh our property lines that were established when we bought the Sportsplex & maybe on our const esmts.  & rather than us have to pay to have this material removed by the contractor or the city, uh & in the case of Rideout's storage yard, if we take any of their property other than what is ours, we have to store their automobiles in a secure lot with lights until the contractor's done. 


& right now, they're looking at we may not need as much of this const esmt as we needed before because of different uh elevations that have changed on the slopes that they've added this stuff to.  If not even knowin' you've been down there if you look at the backside of this place, it's horrendous;  the stuff that these people have dumped other than what it is their materials.  So it's I guess we're go down there with one fella & he said oh my God, there's my uh Ski-Do that I wrecked back in 1990 somethin' & uh there it is & dumped over the side of the hill in the lot.  So I mean uno this has been goin' on for some time now.  & this is a request just to have uh Weis go down & locate the property lines.


JW:  Move approval now.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  JKB:  2nd it.  DM:  q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  8 of  36


DC:  I'll jump right into Emergency Mgmt.  Again, you all uh, uh a thing here that uh, uh JM bought & got for me about a bird expeller for our uh closure structure down on St L Ave to control the pigeons.  & I'd like for us maybe to uh buy one of these units & set it up down there & need your permission to go ahead & spend the money.  It'll probably cost us in the neighborhood of about $400 with all the equipmt & I'm sure that the people that we buy it from will come out & show us the best way to set this up.  But we're gonna be cleanin' this uh structure out probably within the next wk or so, 2 wks, & uh we'd like to get this in there & just get it set up before the pigeons take up residence again in it & we can maybe control 'em.  I mean if anybody goes down there that lives around down there, they know what a mess it is.


DM:  Will this be set up so it won't be in the way of the gate?  _ _ - DC:  Uh yeah, we'll set it up on - we'll, we'll probably get the people out here & let 'em - we'll set it up some way or another.  It has some kind of a 100-ft cord that we can extend the speaker or whatever, locate it.  It'll be a solar panel thing;  we'll run it off of a 12-volt _ _ _.  DM:  Is it loud enough that the neighbors up on like Highland Vlg - DC:  Uh, you can - it won't be at Highland Vlg, it'll be down St L Ave.  DM: Oh, I thought you said you also wanted - DC: It'll be down on St L Ave, but - DM:  Does Vance Rd get birds?  DC:  Well, if we try it down there - we got a big concentration down there.  We got a few at uh up here at Vance Rd, but uh we'll - if that works, we'll put one up there too, but we wanna try it down there _ _ _ - DM:  Missouri _ - ?: _ _ -


DA:  YH, I'd like to make the motion that we authorize the purchase of 2;  however, we can buy one now;  that way - DM:  So a total of money for 2 but buy one now & then if it works, buy the 2nd one?  DA:  Yeah.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  KT: _ _ - DM:  Ok, now a motion & 2nd;  any other q/c? 


MP:  That would either be a solar panel _ _ - DC:  That will have the solar panel one so we don't have to run any electric to this thing or anything.  It'll be operated by itself & in there, it's - you can choose from all kinds of (8?) sounds, including predators & you can adjust the volume & you can have silent time & it'll come on & whatever.  So we'll get it regulated & see how it works.  We may have to adjust things on it & everything but see how it works & then we can locate one of 'em at Vance Rd.  ?: _ _ _  -


5/17/04 BOA - Section  9 of  36


DM:  Anything else, DC?  DC:  The other thing that I have, I wrote down Forest Ave the other day & I come back there just this evening & it seems that we are stockpiling logs at the uh Gardner property I guess you would call it.  I think that's probably in the floodway where the logs are stored.  I don't think that property is out of the floodplain.  I think it's uh very hazardous if we do have high water;  these are not small logs;  these are huge logs in there.  I guess the piles are maybe 10 or 12' high these logs are stacked up.  If we do have high water & this is in the floodplain or in the floodway which up there along that creek, we could have all these strung out down there & maybe even knockin' out buildings comin' down thru that bank when it gets high.  I'd like to know who give them permission to put them logs in there.


DM:  JEM, Do uno any background on this?  JEM:  Yes, nobody gave 'em permission to put the logs there.  The logs were formerly residing in the old racetrack grounds on the other side of the bridge where you couldn't see 'em.  Uh - DM: _ _ - JEM:  that property is being leased by - ?: _ _ _ - JEM:  Lennie Jallop.  Tku you, I couldn't remember his name.  He has recently started selling them.  Uh there's a couple of tractor-trailers that park on Mr. Gardner's property & 'cause they can't go across the bridge 'cause of the weight limits,  he loads 'em out there.  Last wk, he was bringin' the logs, the wk before last, he was bringing the logs out while the tractor-trailer sat on the lot;  then he got ahead of the tractor-trailers & that's why the logs are piled up there.  He's evidently sellin' 'em to some saw mill & haulin' 'em off. 


DC:  Well, I think that's uno - RH:  YH, I put this on the agenda - DM: Yeah, I remember you brought that up as well.  RH: so can we just might as well talk start now?  DM: Yes.  RH: Well, who give him permission to cut the logs is my ques.  DC:  Where did they come from?  ?:  _ - JEM:  I don't have any idea where they came from.  RH:  Is there some way we can go back to Lakehill back there & look where they stayin?  If he's loggin' that hillside off, I want it stopped! 


JEM:  I can go out there tomorrow.  I also know that he's bought what they call money logs;  I guess that's the good part of the tree uh from some properties up on Meramec Sta Rd over the yrs & I think he's haulin' 'em all down there & stockpilin' 'em.  There's an awful lot of wood that's been stockpiled there.  RH:  My feeling is he's loggin' that back there by the old speedway.  I'm not SAYIN' IT but I just have a feeling.  JEM:  Ok.  RH:  & if he is, take the police up there & I want him stopped. 


DM: _ - JEM: _ - DM:  bringin' it - he's bringin' 'em from back there 'cause he can't one at a time - JEM:  He had 'em stacked right inside _ - DM:  I KNOW where they're at now - JEM:  _ immediately there.  DM:  but I thought you said they were on the other side of the bridge & they're being brought out.  JEM:  Inside of the racetrack property.  DM:  So it sounds like, as RH's saying, it sounds like they all logging back in there so - JEM:  They were - DM:  need to check. JEM:  when I was over there the last time, they were inside, immediately when you went across the bridge over the creek, before you went under the RR tracks, they were stacked there.  So I don't know whether he just hauled 'em in from his normal logging over the yrs or what, but I will check it tormorrow.  DM:  Alright, tku. 


JW: YH - DC:  Well these are - whether they're on one side of the creek or the other - DM: Well, right - DC:  they're still on the one side - DM: still a hazard on - DC: floodway & they - DM: the inside - DC: cannot be moved outta there - KT: Right.  DC: because if we do have happen a high water, somebody's gonna see it, sue the City of VP if they go down there & hit uh Bill's Garage or them houses down thru there, them, their businesses there or get hung underneath the RR bridge & go down thru there & hit the levee or whatever.  I mean it, it's a hazard & they shouldn't be storin' the stuff in the flood_.  DM:  JW.


JW: Yes, YH, I guess it's a ques for Eric - Can an individual, if let's say this individual says, hey, the property owner or I bought these logs or he told me I could cut every tree off their property, we can't stop the homeowner - if I wanted to cut every tree off my house & sell 'em off, can we or _ _ - EM:  Take a look at the grading.  I - we have a grading permit & a clearance permit if I'm not mistaken - RH:  Causey did it.  (I asked him?).  EM:  Yeah, &, & I think we, we have some, but - (prefrigerated lations?)  I mean you all (know that?).  ?:  Alright. 


JW:  Ok, well I just wanna make sure before somebody gets shot up there (he laughs).  RH: That's why I said take the police _ - JW:  That's why he said take the police 'cause I know what's gonna go on up here.  DC:  Well, I mean uno that shouldn't, that, uh we shouldn't, uno, we have to enforce the ords or whatever it is - KT:  Right.  DC: & to get it outta the floodplain.  I mean that, in a floodway, I mean uno we don't let other people store their - I don't care whether Lennie Jallop or who it is;  I mean uno if they have to go up there with their guns drawn, go up there & gun drawn. 


DA:  YH, Also, some of that property on the inside of the track, part um where the raceway used to be at, that's probably floodPLAIN which again, you can't, cannot park stuff - DC: Some of it's floodWAY;  a certain ways back, it's floodway.  DA:  & uno you cannot do certain things within the floodplain;  such as take um hardwood out of a floodland, so.  DC:  That's all I have.


MP:  YH,  Who's watchin' the streets with them 18-wheelers _ _ (someone coughs) pushin' down _ _ _ (someone coughs) - AP MM:  I'm sorry;  can you please turn your microphone on?  MP:  Who's watchin' the streets when them 18-wheelers loaded with logs runnin' across the shoulder of the streets?  DM:  I don't know who's watchin' the streets.  MP: Story of our life, isn't it.  DM:  Well, if you wanna go down there & watch, I'll give you a camera.  MP:  You've got a Building Cmsnr who's supposed to do that, (isn't he?)? 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  10 of  36


DM:  TW, I apologize;  I missed you earlier.  You wanted to talk about the uh Crescent Valley bids or you wanna bring up with the PBW or - TW:  (speaking from back of room) Well, only if the Bd wished to speak about it. DM:  Ok.  JW:  I'd like to hear about it.  TW: Did you see it, hear it the last Thrusday, & uh it was a synopsis - DC:  I'm done.  TW:  Air uh well, in the summary of the bids, the low bid is approximately $250,000;  uh just approximately what I had been tellin' everybody all along & it's about in-line with the eng's est;  um so it's whatever the Bd's pleasure at this point. 


DM:  What's the Bd's pleasure?  JW:  I move to place this in the FW&M Cmte.  RH: 2nd.  DM: q/c?  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Tku, TW. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  11 of  36


Under Business Mtgs, are there any ords?  MW: I don't believe so, no. 


DM:  Alright.  Under the Mayor's Report, the only thing I had was the uh update of the Bd of Adjustmt...(exchange tapes)...MW:...crisis.  That's the only thing I have. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  12 of  36


DM:  Parks Coordr's Report, Mrs. Kettler.  Pam:  Good evening.  I'll report on the uh events.  We had a uh Fishing Derby, the annual uh Fishing Derby in April.  It went over very well.  We had a great volunteer uh support system that came out & helped & the kids had a great time & uh hope we can do that again next yr. 


This coming Thurs the Meramec Historical Society along with the Library & the Parks Dept are going to be sponsoring a 1904 World Series Proj er Lecture Series.  We're gonna have some uh slides & some uh memorabilia & stuff.  & Pat Doherty is one of the members of the World Fair Society, so.  Uh it's a free evening.  It'll be held here in the chambers.  Uh there'll be a series of 5 thruout the summer thru Sept.  So uh uno if you can come by, it'll be a great opp to learn some things about the 1904 World's Fair. 


The Parks mins were given to you uh right at tonight.  I apologize that, but we uh elected uh some new uh people on our Parks Bd & somehow the uh there was a lack of communication within the email system & they didn't get to your, in your packet in time.  & we'll kind of work on that bush & make sure that doesn't happen again.


So uh there is a couple corrections, uh the 1st paragraph, it should read uh Donna McCabe, not Donna Wall;  & thruout the whole mins uh whenever referred to Donna Wall, it should be Donna McCabe.  & um I had a ques on the uh last page where it says Mrs. Pepper recommended that at least 2 people, other Parks & Recreation Bd members, obtain birth uh food service certification to meet the city events requiremt for food service.  I don't recall saying that;  uh Mr. Soto said it was on the tape.  I'd like to review the tape.  I have that certification & so does Donna McCabe & that's a quite expensive, uh like a $200 certification for each person & I don't feel it's necessary right now.  & uh so I _ _ - DM:  Are you asking that these mins be held over until they can be rechecked & then turned in at the next Bd mtg?  Pam:  Right.  DM: Alright, ok, tku.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  13 of  36


Pam:  & also, you should've rcv'd in your packet, a proposal from uh Sacred Heart Athletic Assn.  As most of the Bd members know, Sacred Heart Athletic Assn has used the old Johnny Mac's Sports Complex down there & they had used some fields down there.  & uh they had called me a while back asking uno if we were willing to do that after the levee & I told 'em that uno they would have to fry up some type of proposal to the Parks Bd & I would pass it on to the BOA.


In the past, they had basically a, uh a gentlemen's agreemt on the usage of that Sports Complex down there.  They did maintain it quite well um & they did uh make a lot of improvemts on it.  So have - uno you might wanna look that over, jot down any ques you had & maybe you can come to the uno, if you can't to the next Parks Bd mtg, if you wanna pass those ques over to me, I will be more than happy to see if I can't get an answer for ya. 


Uh there again, uh it was a gentlemen's agreemt, nothing in writing.  We also have the same type of agreemt with the Athletic Assn here in town.  I had expressed to different athletic assns along with the Parks Bd as well as the mayor in a mtg that uh it might be to the best interest of those orgs as well as the uh Park Bd & the BOA, if we could have some type of lease agreemt with those people considering that um uno every yr, 4 people are new on the BOA & Parks Bd people change.


DM:  JKB.  JKB:  I'd like to put this in LEG.  DM:  I did place it at the beginning of the mtg.  It might be brought up again.  I was gonna point that out.  Pam:  Ok.  DM:  MP brought this up earlier to place in LEG Cmte to review that.  It's one of the things I stated at the Parks Cmte because we don't know exactly how many fields will be left once we have to retrieve mitigation & wetlands & that sort of thing.  So once we know how many fields are left, then we can determine what's the best use of the overall for the city.  So appreciate you getting the packet together for us so the LEG Cmte can review it.  Pam: That's fine.    


5/17/04 BOA - Section  14 of  36


JW:  YH, I just have one ques.  Pam, Is the new playground at the Brignole Ctr, is that still under const?  Pam:  We're gonna get some type of surfacing on that whole place soon.  Uh I was looking into a grant & uh - JW: The only reason why - Pam:  We would have to come up with a couple - uh we would have to come up about $6000 for the new uh surfacing.  It's kind of like a recycled tire material & uh I think we're just gonna go ahead & put pea gravel in there for now to get it opened.  JW:  The only reason why I asked, there's weeds 2' tall in that whole area;  just doesn't look too good _ -  Pam:  Well, I don't know if you've noticed it lately, but it rained quite a bit too.  JW:  Not 2' tall tho.  Pam:  I'll make sure that uno we get those cut down, but, yeah, it's still under const.


JKB:  YH, I thought that was all in the bid with the playground stuff.  Pam:  No, the, the, the material was not in the bid.  JKB:  I thought they was, they was plannin' on puttin' pea gravel or something in it.  Pam:  No, that was never in the bid.  JKB:  When they mentioned the pea gravel bein' put in it tho?  Pam:  Did they?  No, they - JKB:  Unless Parks did or something.  Pam:  We might have mentioned that that was a possibility or wood chips & our other playgrounds have pea gravel in 'em.  I requested uh somebody to donate the pea gravel, so. 


KT:  YH, uh was there a gate put in the uh front of the playground also as well as the gate goin' to the ballfield?  DM:  I talked to RW in the Fire Dept & somebody else too in conjunction.  He felt like there was enough opening on the inside there, yet there's a fear of children in there, running out of the gate, out onto the streets & since both those, particularly Benton, not as much 3rd St being real busy.  So no, we did not add a gate but I did confirm some other people before we approved the fencing.  KT:  Ok, tku.  DM: Anything else for Mrs Kettler?


RH: I just have - Are you gonna get somebody to try to donate the pea gravel?  Simpson's maybe, Simpson?  Pam:  Well, I have 2 people I was trying to contact.  Do you know anybody else that would like to donate it?  RH:  No.  I would ask Simpson myself.  I mean its - I think they would if maybe you could talk to 'em;  maybe they would _ _ _ _ _.  Pam:  Ok.  I look fwd to seein' everybody at the World's Fair uh Lecture uh Series this Thurs & the one in June in Valley Days also.  If anybody would like to volunteer at Valley Days for the Kids Corner, just let me know.  We'll _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  15 of  36


Pam:...Uh, the Meramec Greenway, uh you might be aware that uh Great Rivers Greenway has purchased a couple houses down on uh River Dr & they closed on those.  So that's their buy-out area is lookin' pretty good down there.  DM:  Ok, tku.  Pam:  Tku,  Any other ques?  Tku & have a good evening. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  16 of  36


DM:  PBW Coordr's Report.  JM:  YH, The 1st thing I'd like to bring up is uh RH requested to go in Ex Ses re Personnel & if that ain't re PBW, I'd also like to go into Ex Ses also uh for a personnel issue.  DM:  Ok. 


JM:  Uh I'm gonna just kind of go over some of the items that we brought up at the last mtg that we're working on.  The culvert at Main St, we ordered some 90-degree bend & a uh flared-end section.  I reviewed that with the city eng & that's on order & that was in the memo that I sent the mayor.  Soon as that comes in & I get - the Valley Days or the Levee doesn't interfer with us 'cause we're gonna start, start that work immediately.  JW:  City crews gonna do that, right?  JM:  Yeah. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  17 of  36


The dirt at the VP Elevator, MP, I tried every avenue possible to-date to try to get them to restore that.  I went by & seen the contractor that was doing the concrete & the asphalt work & he called me back & said well, we're doin' the concrete & asphalt work, but the water co is doin' the dirt work;  I'll call him & get back with ya.  So the contractor was curteous enough, but it was the night after, the day after the Bd mtg & he called me back & said the water co said they were gonna take care of that.  & thru a process of this & that, everybody says you need to talk to Bob Clark.  I called Bob Clark, he's the const agent, er he's Const Maint Supervisor for the water co.  He would not commit to a date;  he told me it was there, he was working on it. 


I also called MODOT because I know they had to issue 'em a permit & I asked him if any assistance that you can give us in that;  & he said if the permit's expired, he'll give us all assistance in the world.  He said if the permit wasn't expired, then he would uh definitely leaned on 'em if, if he felt the work was complete.  I told him my, (my whole argumt?) believe the work's been completed for 5 to 6 months.  At this point, other than me just burnin' their ears with the phone, I don't have any other avenues um to, to restore that property & I have been in touch with the property owners but it's been kind of tellin' 'em where we stand on this side. 


JW:  YH, What avenue do we have then?  I mean we're runnin' around tryin' to get the city cleaned up & go right thru town & it looks terrible, terrible!  & all uno it's JM has gone - JM:  YH, I can call Bradley Brown.  I just thought of it;  sorry, I did not mention it the other day.  Bradley Brown's the gov't affairs guy for MO Am Water & sometimes when we call him, we get a better response outta the water co than anybody else.  I can place a call to Bradley Brown tomorrow.  DM:  Yeah, then do that, please. 


MP:  I mean there was a nasty letter to a water co from EM about the relocation (end?).  Would anything like that help?  JM:  I haven't had a whole lot of response.  JM?  I haven't had a whole lot of response.  _ _ the water co has been very uncooperative;  uh they just - we don't seem to be on the same page with that, but it's like pulling their teeth.  I'm not following, pointin' fingers at 'em, but calling Bradley Brown may be the answer.


MP: That packet & the letter, why would the letter be in there?  In the packet, there was a letter to the water co about the water goin' down the river drain & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  Well, I guess we'll try & just have a, talk to Mr. Bradley Brown & if that doesn't work, then we'll tell my sec'y to generate a letter sayin' it's (someone coughs) the water co.  MP: Are we talking 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 10 days, 2, 3 wks?  I mean it's been goin' on since Oct now;  it's outta here.  JM:  I call Bradley Brown tomorrow & uh I can also have Rosemary send a letter too also.  DM:  Let me know what he says & then we'll be, maybe - JM:  Unless you prefer (her egg??) send it;  I, I could have the mayor's sec'y put a letter to it. 


MP:  What I was sayin', there is a letter in the packet;  Eric sent the letter to the uh water co about the water going down River, River Rd.  Right, Eric?  EM:  Yes, sir.  MP:  & that was a pretty harsh letter. JW:  I'd rather see Eric send it.  MP:  That'd be fine.  Have JM try the man he knows 1st.  DM:  Well even if Mr. Brown says, we'll take care of, would you like to see a letter go?  MP:  No, if he's gonna take Eric a few days, not knowin' one or 2 months, 3 months;  we need it now.  DM:  Hopefully it's not a check's-in-the-mail kind of an answer when he says, yes, I'm gonna do it & a wk later, it's still a couple months.   MP: Looks like a couple of months. Tku. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  18 of  36


JM:  I also spoke with um Lonnie & Dottie Williams re the culvert & the rip-rapped area behind their house.  We're kind of shootin' in the dark;  I'm gonna make a request to the state that they put some type of a guard rail or fence around that.  Uh I don't know that we're gonna have much success with that, but I'm gonna put an email or send a letter to a gentleman that handles that & see what kind of response we get back from him.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  19 of  36


Potters' Field - the city mainstains that & uh we just - that's (while we been?) clean-up if we do have intentions (sincere or this yr or ??).  We're tryin' to catch up on weeds right now & it's on my list of things to get done. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  20 of  36


Trash on Hwy 141 & Vance Rd - We went out there ourselves & picked up some of the debris by hand & the Police Dept also went out there & also picked some debris up by hand.  We both contacted MODOT & MODOT's assured us they're gonna run a sweeper thru there & it's just the same old answer.  It should've been done in my opinion, yeah, but they have not. 


KT:  If you furnish me a truck & if the Police Dept will furnish me a car, I'll go out & clean it up myself.  It's been there too long.  JW:  You won't see (me planted?) on the road _ _ (people laugh heartily) - KT:  Bring me a yellow vest &, & it goes along with Public Image;  it's not, it's not giving the city a good image & it's been sitting there for 2.5 months!  ?: YH.  KT:  I'm sorry.  DM:  Let's work with the MODOT (furniture?), _ _ sweeper & _ _ _ _ _ _.


MP:  I was just gonna ask, _ _ _ have liability _ _ (people laugh heartily) - JW:  _ _ _ _ _ in the middle of the street.  KT:  I'll sign a waiver.  DM:  She's on her own.  MP:  Doin' city business?  DM:  She's pickin' up trash;  I don't - KT:  I'll sign a waiver (she laughs). 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  21 of  36


JM:  DA had uh street maint on Leonard I believe it was.  DM:  PBW _ _.  DA:  Yeah, yes, um I've had a request & I, I realize that right now the plate's pretty full & there's a lot of projects.  But um at some point in time there was some um the shoulder had been paved in certain areas & um the request from the resident, that's all gravel & the mud collects on the north side of um Leonard on the 600 block;  & I, I, I would just ask that um an est to um get the um paving of that area be prepared & I'm sure some of you will sit in your favor to get, get an est. 


DM: You said the north side of the levee from one _ _ - DA: Um north lot side of Leonard um from 628 um - DM:  6th St, 7th St?  DA:  Just 6th St.  JM:  The only thing that I'll have is whatever resident that is, I'm gonna assure them that there's gonna be a water problem.  I'm gonna put the water problem on (Dale?) & not - DA:  This was 628 Leonard to be exact.  DM:  But just that one house is all?  DA:  Yeah, but it, it would make sense if you looked at it & you would probably want to do the entire side - DM: _ _ - DA:  'cause there's an open culvert um at 6th & Leonard & it would probably need to be (tightage?) because again, at some time in the near future.  Tku.


JM:  That's all I have, YH, unless someone else would have something.  DM:  I don't see anything else on my list here unless any ald said something I missed.  Alright, tku, JM.  JM:  Tku.  KT:  YH, Sometime if you give me a chance, _ _ _ _ _ _ _?  DM: Ok. KT:  Tku. 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  22 of  36


JEM:  I was having a little trouble hearing as fast as the items were coming back in the back of the room with the air conditioner running, but um we talked about the trees on Forest;  were there any add'l issues on that?  I've made an extensive list of uh actions tomorrow.  I will have the Police Dept go with me.  Um - JW:  Here _ _ _ - JEM:  Well, I've been back there without the Police Dept.  (JW cracks up & others laugh) You could lay a long time before anybody would find you back there (JW still laughing).  So I appreciate the warning. 


Uh I believe Jim touched on the grass that (steals?) the cemetery;  I didn't catch what cemetery.  MP?:  Potters' Field.  JEM:  Ok.  MP?:  Behind Sacred Heart.  JEM: Um Summertree Condos - that's done, don't need to address that.


5/17/04 BOA - Section  23 of  36


The Elevator - I was on Francis today, um you brought up #12 Francis - I imagine that you're talkin about the weeds that are about 4' tall on the house that's vacant.  MP:  That & then right up towards the lady you were sayin', yeah.  The lady was sayin' something about the property behind her;  she don't think it's hers & it's all been trashed & weeds from the builder.  JEM: Ok, I'll check on that.  DM:  I've got her phone # here;  if you could please her a call in the morning?  JEM:  Yes.  DM:  (XXX-XXXX).  JEM:  Did you by chance have an address on that? 


DM: 12 Francis is the lady that called & you wanna add the uh, as MP was sayin' there's some land behind her house;  I guess a street over, who owns it & whether it's the city or a devr who built the houses there.  It's not being maintained.  They're tryin' to do some of the work on it to keep it clean as much as they can, but there's a house down below there that the grass is about a ft, a ft & a half tall;  that was a wk ago;  with all the rain & everything it's all _ _ _ _ on it, wouldn't be surprised if it's 4 to 5' tall now.  & there's a couple other houses _ _ _ _ probably be more than willing to fill you in.  JEM: _ _, I'll get the owners name & everything from you _ _ _ - DM:  Last name Giacia, the guy _ _ _ _ _.  JEM:  Ok.  JKB: _ _ - DM:  Anything else, MP?  MP:  _ _ _ _ Francis & _ _ _ -


5/17/04 BOA - Section  24 of  36


DM:  JKB.  JKB:  Dust there on Marshall - Simpson's.  JEM:  Um I had a telephone conversation with St L County Div of Air Pollution Control, uh Mon of last wk.  I talked to the supervisor of that dept;  I've talked to him numerous times whenever Simpson's is pumpin' dust out.  Uh he's rather dismissive;  he said he'd send an inspector down, but he wanted us, me to understand that if it wasn't dusty when she got there, there was nothin' we could do.  & I went on into a conversation, uno look at the road, look at all the material on the road & on the front yards across the street, uh & he indicated to me that that's between the city & Simpson to get that cleaned up.  So I, I don't consider the using of a water truck just to keep it wet, an adequate address on that.  Uh the only thing I can do is notify Simpson to clean it up. 


DM:  Would they accept pictures of the pipes with steam, not steam but dust coming out?  JEM:  Um - DM:  Or a video tape?  JEM:  They don't seem to care as long as their inspector doesn't see it.  Um & Simpson is building his back (chain dry?) product;  that's why we have so much dust trouble with Simpson as opposed to some of the other material companies because they use water to keep the dust under control.  When you're packaging dry-mix concrete, obviously you can't put water on the components.  Um -


DM: Or who told some companies that caps, or right at the end of the conveyor belt, so that it goes into the cap rather than into the air _ _ _ - JEM:  That's one of the things that they're supposed to be doing is an enhancemt.  I've been carrying on conversations with the county almost since I started here about the dust problems at Simpson's property.  & if you notice the big stack that used to have the condensate go out of it about 80' in the air, is gone.  I don't really know why it's gone but that one of their enhancemts. Um they're supposed to be putting in a vacuum system;  it's in the process of being installed to get some of the dust under control. 


I don't know whether we've got a situation here of smoke & mirrors between the County & us, but I think the only way to resolve this is, at this point, is to have a mtg with the County reps, uh myself hopefully perhaps the mayor or members of the Bd;  & see if we can't find out exactly where they are with this solution that they're supposed to be coming up with & uh find out when they're gonna implemt it.  Uh it seems like the County does send someone down when I call them;  I'm assuming 'cause I never hear back uh even when I request that they call me back, they don't call back.  & uno when I call him & ask, double-check on whether his inspector came out, it's well, I asked him to.  So it's always a very casual thing. 


Uh I did understand it, & I don't know whether I'm off base with this, uh Jim, you had a gentleman that was gonna be doing some cmty service work related to street maint;  I don't know where we're at with that.  JM:  That's what I had come up there for, Joe.  Um I was gonna get with the mayor & Eric after the mtg.  Simpson's has an employee that needs to have a lot of cmty service work to do & um they've agreed that if the city has no qualms over it, that he could do 2 hrs in the evening, sweeping Marshall Rd, every evening uh using their street-sweeper & if the mayor & the city doesn't feel that there's a legal issue with that, it's just a matter of getting that process started unless they've changed their minds.  But he called me uh late last wk & said that they have everything in place.  & he would not be on Simpson's payroll;  he'll be on his own time, but they have the sweeper.  He would do 2 hrs cmty service in the evening, trying to uno - & one of my recommendations is that they would have to sweep all of Marshall;  not just in front of Simpson's. 


?:  YH, Can - DM:  _ street just like _ _ _ _ _ _ if _ _ have an accident  _ _ _ _.  EM:  Well, we could get some releases together.  If they have a street sweeper, just out of curiosity, do they uh sweep the streets?  ?:  Uh once in a while - JM: They don't have an industrial street sweeper.  I'm surprised that Simpson's goin' to this lengths to help their employee do that cmty service.  They, they have more of a pkg lot street sweeper _ _ _ a street.


DA:  YH, If I may, a comment - 1st, I think they're taking us for some really DUMB people.  Sweeping that street in that one spot is not gonna help the air-borne particles that are catchin' a 30-mph um gust of wind & spreading for 5 city blocks.  Um we have a build-up of dust on Leonard.  I can imagine the closer you get, the harder it, uno the more you accumulate.  It destroys a/c's, paint on vehicles & no tellin' what it's doin' to the um uno lungs & other body parts of uno the inhabitants here.  So again, I think that it's fine that they're gonna have an individual that's gonna pay his due one way or another to do cmty svc.  I would say clean somewhere else where he can really do some good.  Um & Mr. Simpson or the Simpson  Corp, they've got a problem that they need to deal with & they've needed to deal with it for quite some time.


& I understand he is a partner with the city, a financial partner on the levee;  we buy dirt from him.  However, there's a liability there & what, what you've got goin' on there is, is wrong & it's hurting people.  So I think we need to um be very serious about it.  & again, you mentioned some video that we have.  I think that's a pretty important um (someone coughs) there is a problem there.  Again, I think street sweepin' a street by an employee is pretty small & if we fall for that as a carrot, we're, we're pretty, pretty stupid ourselves.  Tku.


DM:  Mrs. Kettler talked earlier about a need for volunteers for Valley Days.  I think can he work a few hrs down there?  _ _ _ _ _.  Pam:  I'd have to check with the Lt.  DM: Ok.  Pam:  _ _ be in the Kids Corner & everything.  DM:  _ _ yeah, Pam, make sure he's not _ (many people laugh & cmt indec) - DM: _ I guess about a month to do it, but _ _ -


DA: I believe right now what I'd like is for JEM's recommendation that we have - I don't know if you wanna call it a Public Hearing or what you wanna call it, but I think that not only would you want ald, uno elected officials, _ _  the residents.  We'll let them come down & tell their story on this & um we'll understand the um importance of this issue & that.  So I'm, I'm happy that if that gets the um ball rolling,.  But again, this is THEIR problem to solve & if we have to be the enforcers to make it _, then that's what needs to be done.  DM:  Alright, tku, DA. 


JW: Just for uh clarification, you go to a lot of these const sites in other municipalities, that's basically that 18-hr a day const site, I think they work 2 shifts, 3 shifts, I don't know, but uh most sites, you've got a guy continuously waterin' down any truck tires, dust areas, any place.  I mean nobody puts up with the kind of stuff that's goin' on down there.  So I would hope the city really gets serious 'cause this ain't the 1st time this has came up & it seems like we just spin our wheels & never go anyway.  So (someone coughs) whatever it takes for something to happen.


JEM:  The Simpson people do have a water truck that they use & they keep their lots nice & wet & they water Marshall Rd quite a bit, but it still gets tracked out & the biggest problem is the stuff that's blowin' off the conveyors up in the air that they're not, in my opinion, taking adequate measures.  I'm hoping at this mtg that I'm proposing, might uh kind of be an informal, kick-off mtg to where we emphasize to St L County's dept how uh intent we are in having them enforce the laws that they're supposed to be enforcing.  It's a state law that is enforced under contract basically, by St L County.  So uh if they don't step-up their enforcemt efforts, I'm intending that we then go to DNR uh & see if we can get the State DNR to enforce the issue.


JW: Yeah, 'cause I think this company thinks that the city just isn't serious about this matter 'cause it's been talked about many, many times & they're thinking, oh, here's Joe again, just, we'll give him a coke & he'll go down the road & leave us alone for 6 mos.  DM: EM, Can the city pass, EM, can the city pass an ord?  It sounds like every time we go to the County, they just throw their hands up & say, _ _ we - it's somethin' we can actually enforce if the city does come (under fund?)? 


EM:  Well, we have a nuisance ord.  Um - DM:  Can we use that at first?  EM:  Yeah, but, but - I, I mean I've gotta agree that the way to do it is to give the people that have the enforcemt tools - we don't have the tools to go out &, & measure the uh (enormously?) particles in the air &, & these people do.  & I, & I gotta agree with, the, the County (as a le, legal fact?) perhaps the state will. 


JEM:  It obviously, it's the enforcemt at a higher court.  JKB:  It's not only breathin' it.  I mean people's havin' to replace air conditioners;  they're just caked full of dust & stuff - DM:  (Cars rollin' in you say)?  JKB:  Yeah.  DM:  Everything;  it's, it's simple, several dangers _ _.   ?: _ _ _ _ - DM: _ _ _ _ then we can set up some kind of a mtg then & get some citizens in & at least the ald for that ward, all the ald, but in particular ald from Ward 1.  Weis wouldn't wanna be there;  Karen & several.  MP.


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MP:  Should we throw that uh mulch smell (that came from Chrysler?) in with this?  DM:  Throw it in the dust or not - KT:  YH.  DM: in the mulch?   MP:  Altho I was  being - DM:  Well - MP:  talk with  the County too 'cause people are complaining about the smell across the river from the mulch piles.  DM:  I guess a while back, MMW was talkin' to some people with the County & let me know, er told me that we had several calls I guess goin' to the County DOH that'll, that seemed to be the most effective way - they, rather than the city calling, if they got, if they had 30 or 40 residents from the area here call, they could - I don't know why they wouldn't take it from the city, but it seemed like the residents had said _.  That the way you understood, MMW?


MMW: Yeah, um the guy that I spoke with is Russell Sharpnet;  I've got his uh, uh - I can get ya all his info;  but there's a # that people can call.  There's a # that um I sent out with one of my fliers to all the residents of Highland Vlg & in my subdiv & such.  But those are problems up there;  if it's comin' over _ _ _, we'll get the # & we'll just have everybody call the County.  He said that would be the most effective way to deal with this was to um contact the, the uh Police Dept & the Solid Waste Managemt Cmsn _ _ _ _ _ _ just get it out to the people & & try that as wel). 


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DM:  Crescent Springs, MP.  MP:  A couple of ques on that.  Is there a - do we have a performance bond on that  _ _ _ _ _ _?  JEM:  They still have escrow with the city & a letter of credit.   MP:  _ _ _ a couple of things.  The lady that lives at #206 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ said that wires layin' on the ground _ _ _ _ _ care of yet?  JEM:  They've been trying to get the cable co to take those cable wires down ever since they started the subdiv;  it kind of as the houses have been gettin' built & the dev comes up, the wires _ _ _ _ _ the street.  I'll uh, I'll see if they're having any better luck getting a hold of Charter.  I've got some contacts with Charter that perhaps (we can use?).  MP:  It looked like a phone wire that she showed me.  JEM:  Ok, I'll double-check on that. 


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MP:  & then _ _ _ _ stop sign there.  JEM:  Um I don't recall that being in the, in the final dev plan or in P&Z approval for that subdiv.  I will research it.  I wasn't here at the time, but I didn't, I haven't seen anything in the file yet that said that there's a stop sign required.  Are we talking about on Crescent Rd or at the top of their street?  MP:  At the top of their street.  JEM:  _ _ _ _ _ _.  MP: Eric, Do we need uh a ord for that? 


DM:  There is(n't?) a scheduled stop sign.  EM,  Do we need to add that to the schedule _ _ _?  ?: _ - ?:  2nd.  JW?: Is that a motion?  DA?:  That's a motion.  ?: 2nd the motion.  DM:  Ok.  Any ques on adding a stop sign to - _ _ _ people _ _ _ _ _ _ on Crescent.  ?: _ _ - DM:  All in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed). (one gavel bang)  MP:  Tku, YH.  DM:  Let the devr know  we're gonna add that to our schedule.  JEM?: _ _ -  DM:  Anything else, MP?  _ _ _ _ _.  MP: That's it, YH.  DM: _ _ - MP:  No, I forgot;  that's it. 


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KT:  YH, May I ask uh JEM a ques?  DM:  Yes.  KT:  Uh JEM, have you found out any more info on tearing the house down at Leonard or Main & Vance?  JEM:  Yes, I have.  Uh we requested a letter report um concerning ownership of that property at the house, with the house at the corner of Main & Vance.  According to the title co that did the letter report, the City of VP owns that house.  (people laugh heartily) 


Well, as I indicated earlier, there is some discussion as to whether their work is accurate or not.  & the next phase is that we would like to place title insurance on the property so that if their info is NOT correct when the city removes the house & someone comes outta the woodwork saying, that's my half Million $ house you just tore down, the city's protected.  So that is the next step that we are taking to make sure that the city's rights & interests are protected prior to demolishing the property. 


KT:  Have you had an idea of how much that would cost?  JEM:  I had a preliminary discussion with them.  They have not given me back the price yet.  There's a ques as to whether or not we have to have an appraisal done on the property in order to place insurance on it.  EM:  We had an appraisal done back in 1994 I believe.  Hopefully, we'll get _ _ _ _ _ _.  KT:  _ _ _ -  JEM:  We're hoping to be able to just buy an escalator to do it & not have to pay for a new appraisal. 


DM:  DC,  Did you have more info on that house?  DC: Kenny Adams owns that property.  Kenneth Adams.  EM:  Wouldn't be Curt?  DC:  No, Kenny.  DM:  Former ald?  MW?:  Yeah.  ?: No.   DC:  Yes.  ?:  You wanna bet?  EM:  Curtis Adams was the title owner & I, I don't know -


DC:  Kenny Adams bought it because his daughter was here at some time when I was on the P&Z. They were going to fix it up & have an office building or something there & they had the title & had some plans, but never did come back with what they were going to do.  DM: Can you get his phone # for us & - DC:  Uh, well, he lives at, with down with his son-in-law down in probably Carolina or some place because his son-in-law is a racetrack driver & - Mike Wallace. 


DM:  We'll follow-up tomorrow then.  That letter of credit, I hope we didn't pay much for it;  that letter, whatever it was.  ?: _ - DM:  We'll have EM - EM:  We'll have a talk.  DM:  Yeah, we'll - (a few people chuckle) JEM:  We'll have a discussion about it.  DM:  We'll have our people talk to his people.  KT:  Tku.  JEM:  Tku very much.   DM:  Tku, JEM. - (indec mumblings)


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Lt Mowery:  Get the uh, the uh April Crime Report - _ _ obvious, but uh the police are all - go ahead & read it?  Our calls for service were down 37 compared to the same month of 2003, with a total of 328;  YTD, we are 99 calls down compared to the same yr for a total of about (180 or 108?).  Reported overall crime is down 10% this month, april _ _ compared to the same month last yr;  uh clearance rate for the month was 65%.  YTD, uh reported crimes is goin' down; 164 total incidents compared to 185 in 2003;  YTD, our clearance is up 7%.  The officers made 4 DWI arrests this month & we didn't have any injury accidents.  Nothing significant came out of the school dist this month.  That's all I have.


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DM: _ _, KT.  KT:  Um Lt Mowery, Do you - I don't notice any speeding tickets issued.  Do you keep record of those?  LtM:  & I never do & specific info is that - how many tickets are issued.  On the uh the April Monthly Radar Traffic Enforcemt results shows how many (strongatish?) were made by the officers.  We had some specific sites & how many citations were issued.  KT:  It would - ok, you have a history of so long ago _, from what I have indicated & whoever _ _ _ _ indicated overall that the town could support itself with, if uh we pick up more of the speeders. 


EM:  We have our court records;  if you'd like to see those, it would have the speeding tickets.  They uno, they're not - they're all on the big docket & those are available to (look at or locate?).  KT:  I _ _ - I understand & I uno sat in on the court a little while last night _ _.  & I'll - DM:  Any - KT: & I'll be quiet. DM: other ques?  KT: I'll, I'll finish that _ _ _.  I, I just, I just think that there could be more citations so that, so did the mayor & um people in my ward. 


JW:  YH,  If uh 141 was like a Times Beach used to be, we wouldn't get the revenue anyway since I believe that that's state hwy.  If you write a speedin' ticket on Hwy 141, which I'm sure that's where the majority of the speeding is happening in VP, would we get the revenue?  LtM:  We put those in our court.  EM?: Yes.  KT:  Well, that, that's not, that isn't the area where we have been noticing it;  it's been on Vance Rd & St Louis Ave.  JW:  As long as you don't write me;  _ _ _.  (KT chuckles) 


LtM: I think I'd mentioned it before too;  we had uh Officer Woods had talked to the rep of the County Hwys & they were reevaluating the speed limit on Vance, especially up in the school cross-over _ _ _;  those nice uh signs & everything.  We haven't heard back from 'em in a long time which is not unusual, but uh I, I'd like of like to see a uniform speed out there instead of 30, 35 that they got goin' now.  It would be a lot simpler for everybody involved.  I hope they consider making it 30;  that's what I'd like to see, especially to do the new uh devs we have going in on Vance down thru there.  We'll be in touch with 'em tho & if I can get an answer out of 'em, _ -


DM:  The City & County Police kind of jointly send a letter?  Do you think that would - uno (instead of re-requesting?) 30 mph when (there isn't?)?   LtM:  Uh - DM: _ _ _ _ - LtM: couldn't hurt, but if, if you'd let me contact 'em 1st _ - DM: Ok, I'll let you - alright.  LtM: _ right now _ - DM:  Whoever you think would be the best, let us know.  LtM:  If they're leaning towards 3, I wanna, want it noted, probably we don't think that would be good; _ _ we wanted it.   DM:  Tku.  Any other ques for LtM?


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JW:  I have a couple, YH.  Do uno, have you heard the update on uh we all voted, er some of the cmty voted to raise it to 50 on 141?  I think Manchester might've been the only one that's opposed.  Have you heard an update?  LtM:  As far as - all we know, we know we're waitin' for them to put there's signs up.  JW: Oh, so it is gonna be 50?  LtM:  That's my understanding.  Now as you get north of town where it goes up to 55 or one of 'em there in Town & Counrty, I, I don't know what they're gonna do up there, but I think everything down our way is gonna be 50 all the way down to Jefferson County. 


JW:  & uh I appreciate the info you got on Officer Bowers. I got that outta my box.  LtM:  Oh, good, _.  JW:  & uh are they still gonna give me copies of the uh past contracts I asked for?  LtM:  I wasn't, I wasn't here that night so I'll get Lt (Berra?) to provide it next time.  JW:  Tku.  DM:  Anyone else 1st time around?  KT, 2nd time. 


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KT:  I'm sorry, I forgot to ask him another ques.  Uh I think it was approximately 3 months ago that we had talked about having the uh officers pictures out in the hallway in color.  Is this uh possible that this can be done?  LtM:  Yeah, I have our crime lab working on that.  They uh - KT:  Are they gonna all (people laugh heartily) - LtM: They are incredibly busy.  KT:  I understand;  I understand & I hope we're gonna try to have our uh badges also?   LtM:  I haven't forgotten.  KT:  Tku.  DM:  Tku, Lt. 


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MP:  YH.  DM:  Alderwoman, Alderman Pennise.  MP:  Ow!  (people laugh)  JW: You talkin' to us?  DM: What can I say?  MP: Oooo!  It's (flatwork?).  I forgot to ask one thing of (my sister?).  APMM:  Can't hear you.  MP:  Did uh Yellow Freight pay for that uh damage they did _ _ Eastwood, Westwood Sub_?  APMarcie Michel:  Not yet.  MP:  Not yet?  ?: Not yet.  APMMichel:  It's been submitted.  All that paperwork's been submitted.


MP: I just got a ques;  why does the city take care of somebody else's breakdown?  Don't they have their own insurance?  DM:  City street.  APMMichel:  The city - the curb is the ony thing that the city had to take care of & that's city property.  JM:  We didn't replace any of the bushes.  All I did was - MMichel:  Right.  JM:  replace the (car direct?) _ - DM:  Like I say, part of city property.  MMichel:  & I gave JM all of the info that if he wanted to file a claim against Yellow Freight, he could do that.  MP:  But they haven't paid us yet is what I'm asking.  MMichel:  They haven't paid us as far as the truck damage, but I don't know what they do, what Jim has done.  JM:  I put a letter in the packet;  basically the invoice that I sent to the guy at Yellow Freight & I haven't seen nor heard nothing back from 'em.  MMichel: _ _ - MP:  Tku. 


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DM:  Next, we have the bills;  what's the Bd's pleasure?  JW:  Move to pay the bills.  ?: 2nd it.  DM:  q/c?  MP:  Yes, YH.  We're always complainin' about the price of bills bein' so high.  _ _ _ _ a few yrs back that uh only certain people were to call the city atty?  When you start goin' thru the middle of the - everybody calls him for everything & then everybody complains, aw, the bills are too high.  DM:  So are you into (pause) -


MP:  Well, I mean we have a mtg twice a month & I don't have it with me, but don't they have a city mtg once a month?   DM:  We had for it for a while & then I let that lapse (twice?).  I would like to start that up again so help me _.  


MP:  But if you just keep goin' thru the bills & this _ _ (past or asked?) Eric, everything just seems like somethin' goes wrong, call Eric.  I mean we have a mayor.  Can't we go thru the mayor 1st?  We have 2 mtgs a month. 


JW:  I don't think he's gonna answer that (chuckle).  DM:  So your requesting that the uh - no one talks to the atty unless they go thru the mayor 1st?  MP:  Well, it - DM: (Is that what you're sayin'?)? 


MP: goes back - _ _ _ back in ords, um we've passed sometimes before about that.  (long pause) I won't request it now, but we'll see how it goes.  DM:  Ok.  Any other q/c on the bills?  All in favor of paying the bills, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed)  Bills are paid.  Is there a motion to go in Ex Ses? 


5/17/04 BOA - Section  35 of  36


KT:  YH, Could I please 1st explain _ _.  DM:  Ok, Public Image.  KT: Yeah. We did have, we did have a Public Image uh mtg & the, your sec'y has a death in the family so couldn't be here, uh but we did go ahead & uh prepare something that was talked about & agreed to in the 1st mtg. 


You have, each one of you, have a sheet like this with a flower on it.  Uh we thought Joan, Joan Shoop, thought that it would be a good idea for kids to have a contest - a Flower Planting Contest where they uh take the picture of the ground where they wanna plant the flowers & then plant the flowers & then take another picture.  & uh Brian uh from the Whistle Stop is uh donating a, is donating to the winner, something, & um if I have your approval, we will give this to the school children uh updates &, & we'll take it to the uh parochial schools & in the library.  & uh the winner'll be announced Sat, 6/19. They do not have to be represented because they won't put their name & address & telephone # on the picture. 


Do I need approval for this or can I go ahead with this?  RH?:  I'll move on it.  JKB:  I'll 2nd it.  RH?:_ _ _...(exchange tapes)...DM:...all in favor, say - (voice vote - none heard opposed).  (one gavel bang)


5/17/04 BOA - Section  36 of  36


DM:  Is there a motion for Ex Ses?  ?:  I'll move on it.  JKB:  2nd it.  (roll call vote)  MW:  7 yes, one absent.  DM:  Brief recess.  (people disburse)