Notes:   Mtg ended 8:35pm, followed by an  Ex Ses.  When proper spellings of names are unknown, they are spelled as pronounced. 


Present:  RH,  TB,  JKB,  MW,  DM,  EM,  JW,  MP,  MMW (Ald Mike White),  KT.  (DA Excused)



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DM:  MW, Will you take roll, please?  (see above)  Quorum being present, call this mtg to order.  Also, let the record show that DA is excused.  Please rise - 1st like a moment of silence for (Lucille Duff?) who's passed away.  (so done) (Pledge)  We have a Continuing Resolution for the Budget tonight will be added to the agenda & also EM, the City Atty, has asked for a brief ex ses on litigation. 


JW:  Move approval of this mtg's agenda.  JKB:  2nd it.  DM:  Do we have any ald have anything to add in addition - KT:  Yes.  DM:  to _ _ - (RH & TB have nothing to add)  JKB:  I've got 2 uh (want some windows up?) on a house & garage.  DM:  Ords, ords on houses then?  JKB:  Yeah, right.  DM:  Garages & houses.  Any others?  JKB:  No, that's all.  JW:  Not at this time, YH.  MP:  Just one, YH. _ _ _ we'll be uh puttin' a weight limit on Boyd.  DM:  Any other items?  MP:  That's it, YH.  MMW:  Nothing. 


KT:  Yes, YH, I have 3.  I'd like uh to recognize the young lady that won the (BLM?), Public Image Photo Contest, of planting, picture planting contest.  I would like to talk about the dumpster on Forest Ave & I would like to bring before the bd um a possible Public Relations person to let the newspapers, radio stations know that you're stationed to help _ the levee's happening in VP. 


DM:  Alright, tku.  That - is there a motion to approve the agenda?  TB:  _ _ _ _ - ?: (sane?).  DM:  q/c?  All in favor, say aye (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


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Speaker Requests - we have several here.  1st, Mr Jim Wydman, care to step up to the podium, please. 


MrW:  I'll try to make this fast.  Um I was the victim of police brutality at Valley Days.  I'd like to um bring it to the BOA's attention.  Before my injuries heal, I'd like to show everyone.  I have pictures that need to be passed along if anybody wants to see 'em. 


It was about a mistaken uh conflict there that involved my other, my son & his ex-wife who - they said that he was harrassing her.  They asked him to leave the park.  They went back to her & she said to the police officer that no, he was not harrassing her;  that he saw her there at the park;  she was sitting with my daughter, Angela, had my niece, Elizabeth, on her lap.  My son walked over & spoke to all of 'em there & a family member of (the Cole's or Nicole's?) told the police officer there that I, I think he knows or something, that he doesn't like my son;  told my son that he didn't want him there.  So the police officer told my son to leave the park.  When he told my son to leave the park, he came & called me.  I was at home. 


I came up to pick him up & at the time I got there, we walked over to the command center to ask the police dept what the problem was.  I was not rude to them at all.  They arrested my son immediately & put him in hand-cuffs.  They threw me to the ground & beat me.  I've got a black eye, my lips' swolled up.  I will show you my arms in a minute.  They kneed me in the side;  my back hurts. 


& to me, this is a clear cut case of police brutality.  This is your St L County Police Dept that you hired to protect me.  What I would like to ask the bd is, who are you gonna hire to protect me FROM THEM?  That's what I have to say. 


(audience members applaud as MrW walks up to show each ald his injuries)  This is my wrist where they handcuffed me;  threw me to the ground & beat me.  & I'm not a criminal person from VP.  I've lived here all my life.  (to a bd member) & you saw it last night.  This is our St L County Police Dept at work.  That's, that's inhumane & it hurts.  That's all I have to say.  I'll (get?) my pictures _ _ _. 


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DM:  Next is Scott Young.  MrY:  _ _ Bd.  Um my name is Scott Young;  I live at 403 Valparaiso & I'm  _ _ speak about the uh pending parking legislation.  I've lived on Valparaiso for a little over 7 yrs & I've been a trustee there for 5 or so yrs.  Uh there's a proposal as I understand it, to restrict parking to one side of the street only.  I'm not sure exactly at this time which side of the street that is, but uh I feel, I, I - as a trustee, I wanted to say that I, I would like to ask our ald to uh to table the vote for at least this uh this mtg to give us time. 


I feel as a trustee, responsible to see that any ords passed in our subdiv would be uh like the majority rule.  Uno I, I would like everybody to have a say & as the way it's set up now, it's kind of uh - I felt bad because I, I didn't believe that very many residents knew of the pending legislation.  & I also, to any residents of Valparaiso that are here, I am uh trying to get a uh a petition together just to get an opinion from everybody.  Uh I, as an individual, I'm not necessarily for it or against it.  I just like I say, I wanna see that, that whatever everybody wants, that that's what we get.  So I do have a petition & I would invite anybody who's here to sign uh one way or the other, before tonight's over.  That's it.  Tku.


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DM:  Next is Jim Wersler.  MrO:  Hello, I'm Jim Owersler, live at 402 Valparaiso & I'd like to come out with being against the proposed restriction on parking.  Uh & what should I say, there, anyway, I have a large # of children who have grown up, have cars & that may cause an issue, but I'd like uh the neighbors to let me know about it & we can handle it at a neighborhood _ _ instead of in front of the city council _ _ _ _ _.  Tku.


DM:  If I can make it also for Mr Young, if we had a follow-up mtg in LEG Cmte, would you be willing to come in & help us to uh get this to the best solution possible?  MrO:  Certainly.  DM:  Alright.  Tku.


DM:  Christopher Hubbs.  MrH: I would just like to add to that, I'm also a resident on Valparaiso & I'm against it as well.  I don't have any children yet or very many cars parked on the street;  however, in the future, I would like that option _ (someone coughs).  That's all.  ?:  What's your address? - MrH?:  325. 


DM:  Next is Robert Miller.  MrM:  My name is Robert Miller.  I live at 418 Valparaiso Ct.  Uh I've lived there for 10 yrs & I'm the original homeowner in the subdiv.  I'm opposed to restricting parking on Valparaiso Ct to one side of the street.  Uh I agree the congestion has increased somewhat in the past 10 yrs, but NOT to the point that we require an ord to control the problem.  It's amazing how much the congestion has decreased since the notice that passing an ord was being considered. 


I believe that with a little effort from the residents & trustees, we can keep the street parking under control.  We will need the cooperation of the police dept to remind constant offenders that we must keep the street open for emergency vehicles.  I believe that restricting parking to one side will create add'l problems, particularly for residents on the side where parking will be allowed.  Some of the houses have very small parking areas in front of their houses 'cause if the neighbor across the street is required to compete for this limited space, many people will be greatly inconvenienced. 


I do not appreciate being forced to compete with my neighbors for what will become a very small # of parking spaces.  I do agree that street parking should be restricted uh & I believe it is currently.  Uh owners with cars parked for extended time should be required to find parking space in their own garages or driveways.  I would suggest the council table this issue until further study can be made of ways to solve the problem without passing just another ord.  DM:  Tku, _ _.


I apologize, I forget this next man's _ - ?:  Oh, that'd be me.  (people laugh)  ?:  Appreciate that - EM?:  His chide.  ?:  Tku.  Speaker Mr?:  Um I live at 329 Valparaiso Ct & um I oppose the legislation or a restriction in parking & um I think Mr Miller put it more eloquently than I would've.  So again, I oppose the legislation.  Tku.


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DM: Judd Nelson.  MrN:  Yeah, I'm a resident of uh 452 Seton Hall & uh our problem we've been havin' is with the sump pumps.  Uh the sump pumps run to the street.  I know we (park?) separate - one other mtg - & we're just lookin' for some uh possible alternatives on where it should run, the water runoff.  Uh we have kids slipping & falling due to the moss build-up, uh mosquito problems.  & but basically, I'm just concerned - I have a 3-yr old & uh I think she's fallen there several times.  Our mail lady has fallen a couple times bringing mail to our front door & she wanted - she posed a ques to me, what was I, what was I gonna do about it? 


I said well, I don't have an answer for you.  & uh 2, 2 other members are here as well uh & it's just a problem on the south side of our street.  & I just uh wanted to bring that up & see if there's any other alternative ways uh we could run the uh water runoff uh & the sewage problem that we have there.  That's all.  DM:  Tku, Mr Nelson.


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Next is MM.  MM:  Yes, my name is Maureen Morris & my only rental property was #8 Arnold Dr until it was taken from me wrongfully I believe.  Col Lee McKinney (CLM)  of McKinney Assoc is a retired StL Dist Eng for the US Army Corps of Eng & is now VP's Levee Consultant at $1500/mo.  EM is VP's City Atty, Prosecuting Atty & Levee Counsel.  Mayor Michel,  Will you please announce at the next BOA mtg, how many thousands of $ EM earned per month during 2003 for all 3 of his positions?  DM:  Ok.  MM:  Um at today's levee - DM:  Would that be for the last 12 mos or just one month or what would you - MM:  Uh avg for the yr 2003 for all 3 of his positions. 


At today's Levee Cmsn mtg, CLM & EM continued their aggressive sales pitch to increase VP's flood protection to the 500-yr level.  Way back in 11/92, the COE estimated the current 100-yr level VP Levee Project at a TPC of $15.4M & completion by the mid to late '90's.  It is now at $49M with completion estimated in the middle of 2005.  Since the current project is extraordinarily over budget & beyond schedule, I certainly hope that they will not be allowed to continue soaking taxpayers.  Tku.


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DM:  Next we have the mins from the bd mtg from 6/7/04;  what's the bd's pleasure?  JW:  Move approval.  2?:  2nd it.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor, say aye - (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


Next we've got I guess a resolution I'd like to get in early & also for Dr Lea & then we'll,  we're gonna have to have you close 'em up (extra?).  Dr Lea, if you'll stand up in the front on the stage.  DrL:  Up here?  DM:  Yes.  (he & others cmt indec & laugh)


Resolution # 62104, Whereas Dr Dennis R Lea has served with distinction as the Superintendent of the VP School Dist from 1990 thru 2004, Whereas Dr Dennis R Lea was recognized as Superintendent of the Year by the MO Assn of School Administrators, now therefore be it resolved as the Mayor & Bd of Ald for the City of VP appreciate the yrs of svc that Dr Lea has provided to the VP School Dist.  Be it further resolved that 6/30/04 is Dr Dennis R Lea Day. 


So give him a round of applause _ - (so done).  We've got this sheet now for you that's got - might as well get you another one - _ _ _ _ _ Albeon.  ?: _ _ - ?:  Congratulations _ _ _. 


DrL:  Well, let me say this is indeed an unexpected honor & I wanna thank the Mayor & the BOA & the Citizens of VP & this uh is something that's very - it's not very normal for a Superintendent to rcv such an honor as this.  & I must say that I'm very humbled & uh over the yrs it's taken me, the efforts of many, many people uh in the cmty, I think to make the positive changes that we've seen.  & I want to uh thank them also because without that, uh without a great Bd of Education & a close working relationship with the City of VP which we've enjoyed, many of the things that uh we see today, that we believe are positive as a group, uh could not have happened.  Again, tku very much;  I'm very honored.  (applause)


DM:  As an official city atty reminded me, we need to vote on it, so - DrL:  Oh, ok.  DM:  I might get a motion & a 2nd - JW:  Move approval we adopt the resolution.  2or3?  2nd it.  DM:  All in favor - (ayes - none heard opposed)  DM:  Tku for saving me, JW.  Again, congratulations, Dr Lea.  DrL:  Tku very much.  DM:  Wish you well on your uh election votage.  


Next up, Capt Corliss, you have a - I believe you have an announcemt for us.  CaptC:  Scott.  CaptC:  Mr Mayor, Members of the Bd, Ladies & Gentlemen, it's my pleasure tonight to introduce the uh new Cmndr of the VP Police Detail uh Lt Scott Melies.  He's a 20-yr veteran of the police dept, served on our Swat Team, the Affton & uh Lemay Precincts as Watch Cmdr. 


& he, I'm sure he's familiar to a lot of you, the Bd.  He's worked here before;  been gone for a couple yrs & now he's back & uh we look fwd to working with the mayor & the bd for the bettermt of the city & the Citizens of VP;  & it's my pleasure, sir.  Tell 'em (your wish?).  (applause)  MM:  Booo.


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DM:  MW,  Do we have any licenses & permits tonight?  MW:  Uno we don't, but we do in his (dispatch?) this - DM:  Ok.  MW:  (gov't?) time.  DM:  Go ahead & - MW:  (Ques?).  DM:  Go ahead & discuss it at this time, please, before you start on licenses & permits.  MW:  Ok. 


Um today, JM & myself had spoke with Mr. Geo Mudd from StL County, Dept of PBW & I, I guess at this point in time, we'd like to let our citizens know uh the cost for an inspection, an occupancy inspection for a home is gonna be $95.35;  uh & an inspection fee for an apartmt will be $74.97.  Um they'll still come to the City of VP to apply for these permits.  Uh we will call StL County as soon as you pay for them here & they will get back in touch with you to schedule it within 24 to 48 hours.  Uh I'm tryin' to think if there's anything else I'm forgetting. 


JM:  Yes, that, that fee includes 2 inspections if your  property would fail inspection;  they would come back for a 2nd time.  After a 2nd inspection if it fails, the 3rd visit would require a $33 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ the exact fee after that & it will be that fee every time we come back at it & after the 2nd _ _ & it's the same way with the Property Maint.


MW: So that's, that's all I got like I said.  DM:  Alright, tku.  MW:  Revenue's comin' up.  DM:  Ok, tku.


6/21/04 BOA - Section  9 of  22


Next under Aldermanic Cmte Reports - I passed out copies of Preliminary Budget to each of the ald here.  TB & I will contact (by phone?);  we gotta get some of the _ _ call & we'll give, uh let him, TB, know what's going on with that so (we or he?) can get some mtgs started er mtgs set up to discuss the budget for this group. 


Under Levee Cmsn - I'm not sure (whoever?) gets this note to here for, for me to do a general info on the levee. 


Public Image - KT, do you care to - you said you wish list.  KT:  Yes, _ _ , YH.  DM:  _ _ _ - KT:  Uh, could I please have the 2 members that are here from my Public Image Cmte to come fwd - Haley, Dr. Lea & also Carlie, Carlie _ _...


6/21/04 BOA -  TOPICS/INFO ONLY -  Section  10 of  22


Carlie is awarded as Dr Lea's chosen winner of Public Image Photo Contest.  >  Under Ords & Resolutions -  Bill # 1773, POrd 1635, An ord adding a new no-parking zone location;  & Bill # 1774, POrd 1635, An ord pertaining to parking prohibited within 8' of a public or private mailbox at specified locations.  Both are tabled.  >   


6/21/04 BOA  Section  11 of  22


...DM: ...Next, we have the Continuing Budget Resolution, (groping?) a budget for FY 2003, 2004 for the City of VP, MO for the interim to fill the budget for 2004 & 2005 _ (a loud snap noise) _ _ - EM?:  Please read the paragraphs.  ?:  Yes. 


DM:  Wheras Article 6, Section 24 of the MO Constitution requires all cities shall have an annual budget & whereas after due consideration, the BOA desire to adopt a budget in the interim FY 2003, 2004 for the City of VP, MO to fill a budget for 2004, 2005 to be passed (in MO?), now therefore, be it resolved by the BOA for the City of VP, MO as follows:  Section 1, a budget for the FY commencing 7/1/03 together with a message from the mayor, annexed thereto, is hereby adopted by the offical FY 2004, 2005 budget for the City of VP, MO as attached hereto as Exhibit A for the interim period after 6/30/04 & until such time as a new budget may be passed & approved.  Section 2, This resolution shall become effective from & after its passage by the BOA & approved by the mayor. 


JW:  Move approval.  2?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor, say aye (ayes - none heard opposed) Motion carries...


6/21/04 BOA -  TOPICS/INFO ONLY -  Section  12 of  22


Mayor's Report - Pretty good news previously written by DM re Valley Days is marred by a few minor incidents unfortunately which will be looked into, but thanks to those who participated & helped. 


6/21/04 BOA - Section  13 of  22


...Clerk's Report - MW:  Uh I just probably wanted to echo your sentiments that the carnival, we felt we did probably 2 to 3 times more income.  We rcv'd $8200 off the carnival.  Um we don't have all of our bills paid yet;  naturally they'll probably be a month, a month & a half before we get everything, go thru these that was bid _ _ success.  & um I'd like to thank all the people that worked with me, everybody in the office;  the police for helping me with security & getting money to & from city hall.  That's all I have. 


DM:  Reminds me also, KT _ _ _ getting contributions.  I understand we took in nearly $5000 from businesses in towns.  KT: Tku.  DM:  Did an excellent job, Councilwoman, I appreciate your helpfulness.  KT:  YH, Could I ask that - MM:  We can't hear you.  KT:  Could I ask that the VP workers uh be honored at our next mtg?  Could they be invited to our next mtg so that we can honor ALL the hard work that they did?   DM: We could ask them, yes.  KT:  Tku...(noted during tape exchange:  DM said that the Parks Cmte report will be at the next BOA mtg.)    


6/21/04 BOA - Section  14 of  22


...JM:  I'd just like to say that I think that the - on behalf of the entire city, the PBW, the Administration, the ald, St L County Police, uno everybody puts a LOTTA work into Valley Days & short of the rain, it was very successful I think & I & everybody I just think deserves a pat on the back. 


Um there was just 2 things that I heard brought up tonight that I, I touched on it.  One of 'em may not be a need, but uh the weight limit on Boyd Ave, MP, I looked in the Ord Book while the mtg was goin' on.  There is not a weight limit on there.  I can research it & make uh suggestions or if you wanna go into cmte & uno what type of weight limit you wanna put on it.  But I thought maybe there was a con current weight limit, we just needed to vote.  But there, there is no ord for that particular street. 


AP?:  (not very loud)  How is it that everybody's votin' this sh_t? _ - MP?&JW?: YH.  DM:  I think we - MP recommended Eddie or what's his name for - somebody check it to see what would be the - I don't know if eng studied to see what the maximum weight should be on that.  MP?:  I'll put it in (LEG?).  DM:  TW, Is there a way you look at it if you have the next study?  Is there a way to test the street to know what the maximum weight, what the weight limit should be? 


TW:  (from back of room)  Well the street's designed uh to, to be able to carry what would be considered a uh collector-type residential street.  A bridge that was put in recently (across bubba?) is, is _ - certainly capable of carrying a truckload.  However, uno if you wanted to restrict that, even tho uh _ _ obviously the street is not designed as a heavily hwy traffic street;  it's, it's a residential-type poured street, uno that's what it was designed for & that's what was built so um certainly obviously - I mean restrictions for the street should be very stable & should hold up under what would be considered residential traffic.  It's certainly not a sub street that's gonna be - it should seek _ _ _ commercial use.


JW:  YH, uh how would this motion, maker of the motion would include the, the overlook the entire city of it.  I think EVERY street's residential should have a weight limit;  not just Boyd sort of speak.  I know we've got some signs on some streets but I would hope that the cmte would overview & get suggestions from the County Police.  Since they patrol it, they probably would have a little more input on what the street should be rated at.  & I'd like to see the whole city be revised. 


MP:  _ _  want me to put that in PBW then, YH?  DM:  Alright, PBW.  TW:  Mr Mayor, Mayor, Ifin the weight limit way may not necessarily be the right way to go, but -  JM:  Local Traffic Only may - or No Thru Truck Traffic may be the way to go. 


TW:  Right, because uno um that may be the better way to make that whole run because I, I'm not sure, but certainly there's ctertain {sic} streets uh that the weight limit may not be the right way to (petition?) that uno.  I'm not tellin' (chuckling) you how to try to construct your ord.  JM:  I don't know if we will hurt ourselves with our own trucks.  However would the city be exempt from them -  with them laws with our sanitation truck & our, our trucks?  (someone chuckles)


TW:  Right, that's kind - JW?:  Yep (chuckle).  TW:  of what I was getting at;  no covay, no commercial truck or something.  JKB: YH, That would probably be the best way to go because down there on the marsh, on Marshall, they, they, there was a sign there about.


 RH:  If I may _ _ _ - ?: personnel - DM:  RH.  RH:  I had the same problem on Fernridge off Mer Sta Rd, Fernridge.  City businesses, instead of goin' down 141 to Marshall Rd or StL Ave & getting off at 6th St, they come down the Old Mer Sta Rd, down our neighborhoods & you can sit out there from 3:30 in an afternoon till 6:00 at night, it's JAMMED.  It's lawn services & it's nothing against the businessman - I mean they have to make a livin' - but I don't understand why they can't take 141 down to Marshall Rd & come thru the middle of town instead of thru neighborhoods, running stop signs, avoidin' speed limits. 


There are problems everywhere & we have signs that say uh, what 20,000, Local Traffic Only.  They're not enforced;  I don't think they can be enforced.  We need to put up signs that says commercial traffic or Not Thru to Commercial Traffic;  somethin' like that.  I mean I've looked at this for ever since that new hwy's gone up & it's basically all the local businesses that wanna cut thru.  I mean it's 5 mins;  I don't see the big deal;  I really don't.  But they should be kept out of our neighborhoods unless they're loading, unloading, they're working in the area, that's fine but  make some restrictions.  We live here it's our town;  it's not theirs, otherwise they can tax us.  Like I said, we, we're up where I live it's just every day, every evening all the time.  Tku.


KT:  YH, I was checking out Fernridge for RH.  There IS a sign in place that says Local Traffic Only & that doesn't seem to be stopping them.  ?:  Sounds like No Commercial Traffic might be good.  KT:  Right, No Commercial Traffic I think - ?:  _ run down thru there commercial traffic.  KT:  _ _ - DM:  So I'll go ahead & place this into PBW Cmte by ex order.


6/21/04 BOA - Section  15 of  22


JM:  The 2nd item, YH, was someone brought up a dumpster on Forest Ave.  DM:  That's KT.   KT: _ (executor?) (someone coughs) Midway Waste had that, that stuff that's overflowing with the boats & like that _ _ _ _ you have a boat on the right-hand side of the road &, & way down deep, & later on _ that _ _ - DM:  Please speak in the microphone.  KT:  where, where it's going right over the uh that little bridge.  JM:  I know, I know where you're talkin' about with that.  KT:  I don't know what we've done about it but it, it, it really makes a bad impression. 


JM:  I do, I can make a report on that, YH, because there is some history that the gentleman that owns that property uh set a lot of items out expectin' to participate in the Big Item Pick-up.  But being that he has a commercial dumpster, doesn't pass sanitation rules;  disqualifies him for that & so he has been slowly adding that to his dumpster & that pile's getting smaller & smaller.  Um he was upset when he came in & I informed him that he didn't qualify for the Big Item Pick-up & he has been taking measures to remedy that.  Uh he even suggested about coming in & getting signed up to be on our residential trash route but he has not done that. 


Uh the history there is is that he thought that we would come back to private street & pick-up his trash at his house & I told him it had to be brought to the curb at Forest Ave & in return instead of doing our trash svc, he got a commercial dumpster because he does have a business that he runs there also.  & so that's the history behind there & he has been makin' an effort to clean that up.  I, I believe the only thing left there is the bottom of the boat.  He's doin' - goin' out there on a regular basis loadin' that dumpster up tryin' to, to limit that pile.  DM:  Ok, tku.


6/21/04 BOA - Section  16 of  22


JM:  The, the last item I have then would be um Paul Spotansky & TW uh submitted a request to the uh low bidder of Crescent Valley Ct asking for a 60-day extension.  Our 60 days were about up & that contractor granted that.  & then um if anyone had any questions on that project, TW is here to, to answer that & any other questions that the bd might have on any other items


JW:  TW, Would any of the contractors be willing to split that con, uh into phases or is that not an option?  TW: (from the back of the room) Well, we're, we're obligated no matter what we do, to, to deal with the low bidder because they were the successful low bidder. 


Uh then they uh evolved like - ?:  (Vincent?) - TW:  They've done some work on some others municipal clients that we have & they've done a good job;  notably I mean uh City of Ferguson & a, a lake restoration.  (barely audible) ?:  Am I being obnoxious?  ?:  Yeah.  ?:  Right.  TW:  Uh, the answer to that is, is we haven't pursued talking with them about that to see if there is a logic splt.  We'd be happy to talk with them about that. 


Uh the other, obviously, the project was approved thru the COE the DNR & MSD to be done as uh one package from Crescent to the south.  Uh we do have some issues with MSD.  We're trying to get them to eliminate the need to replace some of those pipes that cross UNDER Crescent Valley with ductal iron which did cost uh the project some money with the current situation with steel prices.  Uh we haven't gone back to MSD to uh push that issue because we are not sure that it's the bd's wish to pursue the project;  so I've been kind of on holding pattern on this project that I got for you rationed. 


But I certainly can approach the contractor & see - ?:  Just to meet him - TW:  if there's a logic split & uh the only person that'll probably be able to answer that is the guy that's gonna do the project & the methodology he had planned on using & the next approach would be, would be to go to MSD & say now what would you allow if we only did this ports, part? 


I'm not sure there is a logical brave spot on this project like you would on a street project where you would go block to block.  Probably this particular project uno is, is getting down in there, putting barred holders in & you're doing some alignmt in the creek.  Once you align the creek upstream, it's gonna be difficult NOT to do the work downstream & make the tie-in.  But I certainly will talk to them if, if that's the bd's wish.


JW:  Do you think you would know within a couple of wks because I know the Finance Cmte is gonna be mtg?   TW:  I can find out, I would hope uh by the end of the wk, beginning of next wk to get, to report back to whomever you wish.  JW:  I think that's gonna be a big determining factor whether that project, project gets completed or not.  TW:  That's what I think.  That's - & if that's the bd's wish, I certainly will look into it. 


JW:  Mayor, would it be, that'd need to be in the form of a motion if that's allowed - have our Cmty Director - I think gives up?  TW:  So think about it & uno it's not gonna cost the city (chuckling) any money;  it's just a fairly straight fwd ques I can ask around.  DM:  Ok, you just go ahead & check with them & let me know or the bd.  TW:  Sure.  DM:  Any other ques for TW _ _ _? 


6/21/04 BOA - Section  17 of  22


TW:  That's fine.  I, I, if I may, I, I'll give you a brief update on Forest Ave.  (comes up to podium)  Uh we are full-swing into the design phase.  We completed the soil & the uh survey.  We're in full-swing on the design of & re-design of Forest Ave.  Uh a couple of uh several major issues we've got to deal with as you all aware. 


Uh we will have to recom locate some power poles which is obviously a, a cost to the project.  We're trying to minimize that relocation.  Uh what we're looking & doing is it's going to be cheaper to move the poles on the west side which are typically svc line poles which feed the houses.  The poles on the east side of the project are transfer line poles.  Obviously you don't just move one of those without affecting potentially 2 or 3 other poles.  So we're trying to minimize relocating & moving poles on the east side.  & if we have to make any adjustmts we're looking at those poles that would have to be relocated would be on the west side because those obviously are smaller;  Uh those are just svc feeds for the residents on that side so that's, that's an issue that we're working thru.  


Uh we're also looking at obviously there's spots uh near the, the hill, the ridge that & the curb.  We're, we're trying to make that a smoother transition uh for sight distance issues - what that however does do to the project as, as we've known all along, is we're going to have to construct some walls on the west side of the project in order to fit the sidewalk in there which we plan on uh having sidewalk;  wanted the project to have it.  Now the sidewalk will probably shift;  on the southern half of the project, will be on the west side which would be over on the residential side down thru there as you approach the church.  As you get about midway north of the project, the sidewalk will then will have a designed crosswalk area to shift the sidewalk over on the east side where it kind of naturally fits, find out where it is there & where it will tie into the apartmts in front of it uh to the north side of the project as you approach the city limits. 


RH:  That'd be Highland?  Or - TW:  Um I, I think in that general vicinity - I'll shut up - um &, & those are some of the issues that we're looking at;  stormwater issues, uh probably going to have to extend that one box culvert that's crooked & we're gonna probably wind up having to extend that box culvert a little bit farther to the west in order to bid the sidewalk & the road alignmt.  One of the things we've got goin' on here, the road is not centered in the right.  That's another issue that we're battlin' thru. 


Again, these aren't - these are typical issues when you're tryin' to partake & make a new road on the existing roadway.  Um every project you can suck more downhill as are issues.  We have _  - the good news is that we have less driveways to deal with. (someone chuckles)  So every, every project is unique.  So we're looking at trying to, to uh minimize utility relocation;  sidewalk situation with the, with the wall;  tryin' to minimize the walls;  walls cost money.  Uh in looking at the curb & the sight-distance transitions, make them smoother um for obvious reasons.  & but it's uh, we got 2 engs plus myself working on it.  Uh 2 engrs working full time & we're dicking & deal with these issues. 


& I uh would expect that we'll be uh, in about one month, be ready to plan a PBH on the project so that we - it won't be in your project, this final design in any way, shape or form, BUT it will give the public an idea what's goin' on.  & that way they can voice any concerns or bring any issues to our uh to light to us uh that we may not be aware of;  that's what a, that's what PBH really does &, & that's what we hope to do.


& Jim informed me of an issue tonight.  He, he noticed a few - ?:  end - TW: uh low spots uh down by the uh car repair.  The car repair place is in a little bit of a unique issue.  We're probably going to have to go with a rolled curb in front of that area because they're such limited in their parking area.  The rest of the project we're hopin' to tie-in uh (vertically?) especially to protect that sidewalk (someone coughs) ('cause?) we're gonna have the sidewalk so close to the bird, to the curb, we're gonna probably want to try to get a vertical curb on that west side. 


So I just wanted to give you an update, but get ready & uh - aren't offices comfortable - certainly contact the uh mayor's office as uh schedule a PBH.  DM:  Tku.  Any other ques for TW?  Ok, tku.


6/21/04 BOA - Section  18  of  22


There's 2 items I omitted earlier;  I apologize.  JKB, you asked about ords for houses & garages.  JKB:  Yes, that house on 607 Leonard has been empty for I don't know how many yrs.  When they blast it they're gettin' bilge out of it.  & I think the owner should be contacted, get those windows glassed back in there instead of boardin' it where the neighbors don't have to look at boards on them old houses.  He's _ _ set there for yrs & nothin's been done to 'em.  DM:  Is it county inspector _ _ - EM:  Yes, we can. 


JKB:  & 623 Benton, _ _ _ _.  608 Leonard, garage that needs to be - it's the same thing, the - DM:  608 Leonard?  JKB:  Yeah, it's got holes all in the garage.  It's a cat haven (fever?) in there.  There's all kinds of cats in there.  RH:  It's a cathouse now?  JKB:  Cathouse.  (people laugh)  DM:  It was the garage or the house _ _ _ _ _.  ?:  608.  DM:  603 you said?  JKB:  No.  ?: _ _ - JKB:  60uh 607 is uh the house.  DM:  1st one is 607 & what do you need to put - JKB: 608's the - DM:  glass in it - JKB?:  It's (Wards?) - DM: in place of boards?   JKB:  _ _ 608 - DM:  608.  JKB:  It's a garage there. 


6/21/04 BOA - Section  19  of  22


JW:  This item's (un?)related to JKB's problems, bringin' in the inspectors from StL County.  If residents or city officials notice that there's uh too many people livin' in a permitted house, say 20 in a 3-bedrm house or somethin', uh don't you think the city would have the responsibility in correctin' that?  I been contacted -


DM:  I don't know if the public minks code covers that;  that was one thing we were lookin' into have - we didn't have that before - JW:  When we adopted county's codes - DM:  Well, that's what - if the county code covers that then we'll be able to enforce that, yes. 


MW:  He'd mentioned that _ _ _ _ _ _ - JM:  I believe he did say that, but I thought he told us that _ _ _ no, it won't be 100% due to _ _.  I believe it was, if we call it, that would be part of the uh Property Maint issue & considered a load limit.  He  would make the report back to the city & it would be the city's responsibility to give these guys & give them so many days to rectify that;  if they didn't they'd give 'em a 2nd violation & that, that'd be more than required for the courts too.  But as I've said, that won't work but that's the, that's the procedure as I understood it (& I ques'd it?).   MW:  That's what I needed to say, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -


JW:  YH, I - (someone coughs)  DM:  pretty hard _ (someone coughing/sneezing) - MW: _ _ - JW:  I would hope the mayor would direct the new inspectors to maybe uh take a check around town.  I don't think it's gonna be hard for him to - DM:  See how many people are in a house?  JW:  to find the violations this Spring. 


6/21/04 BOA - Section  20 of  22


DM:  KT, you have public relations uh person for the city.  KT:  Uh I, I would like the bd to think about it & _ (someone coughing) _ I would like the bd members to consider that & uh appoint somebody to uh be a Public Relations person so that uh uh there are some good news here;  there is good news in the uh newspapers about VP & we've got a lot to be proud of now.  We've come a long way in the last few yrs uh to be responsible for getting the news out, to bring news out


(people laugh thruout this & next parag with MMW as he blushes) JW:  YH,  I move that Dr Mike White serve as that position.   JKB:  I 2nd it.  DM:  q/c?  JW:  Don't pay to have a Ph to do that.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  I know what that's like. ?: piled - I - MW?:  I accept that - all during this, I did a whole (C&G?) _ _  - ?:  Ohhh _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ - JW:  You was just too good a worker to be up here, so I know he's getting _ _ _ -


DM:  Any q/c?  All in favor, say aye - (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  (Show 'em, Squeaks?).  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ -  MMW?:  He better.  MM:  Good luck.  KT:  Least I knew he would be _ -


6/21/04 BOA - Section  21 of  22


DM:  Next, we have the police cmndr's report.  I'd like to at this time, go down thru or just uh recognize that Major Fitch is here for the police dept (work & I'm assuming here?), Lt. Eckerd uh, Lt. Berra, _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, Lt Melies. 


LtM:  Hi, it's a pleasure to be back.  Uh the monthly report for May of 2004, you had 51 calls for, calls for service were up 51 compared to the same month in 2003, for a total of 348.  & crime incidents were up 41% compared to last yr, but our clearances are up 28% compared to the same time last yr.  YTD crime report is still down & total incidents compared to 2003 are still, are still uh, still down. 


There were 3 injury accidents, all on 141 & one of those produced a DWI arrest.  & we conducted, the officers conducted 90 radar & traffic surveys at sites of past accidents or complaints of speeding in the neighborhoods.  & uh that's uh the report that was prepared by Lt Mowery.  The rest of those facts & (cert of tents is in a pitch?) report are in your packets as well as a breakdown of those neighborhoods & incidents for our radar & some press releases. 


With regard to the earlier uh statemt of the complaint of the alleged misconduct by the officers, I just wanted to - everyone & the bd to know that the police dept has rcv'd a complaint about that incident thru the Bureau of Professional Responsibility.  & the uh Cmndr of Bureau Spe of Professional Responsibility & the sergeants that work for him in there will be conducting a thorough, complete investigation of that incident.  At the conclusion of that incident, uh they'll prepare a report that'll go directly to Chief Lee who will respond to the complaint & in writing as to the findings of that investigation. 


& that's a stand, pretty much a standard uh way that the county police treats any issue like this.  Uh all allegations are considered serious by us & investigated to the full extent.  & uh, uh we explained to the gentleman about the, that they'll interview everybody;  that we'll um talk to any witnesses that he has or that he thinks he's had & things like that.  But as we all know uno um all incidents have more than one perspective & uh there could be more than one side to a story.  So we'd have to wait for the thorough, but we investigation before we draw any conclusion of that or make any cmts.   


JW:  Scott might not know of answers;  he wasn't there when all this happened I understand.  But would these - I call 'em our officers - they're all StL County Police Officers - but our local officers, were they involved or were these the Cmty Action  guys or fill-ins from the different areas?   Or do uno of that?  LtM:  Uno, I haven't even really had a chance to review the report or any of the incident. 


Um when it goes to Professional Responsibility, they pretty much take it over & they'll conduct it;  that way, you get, you get someone from the outside investigating.  You don't have the inside lookin' at itself;  it's uh better for everybody involved as well as the city.  So & I, I can't answer;  I don't, I just don't know who it was or I'm not that familiar with the incident. 


DM:  Any other ques for the Lt?  Tku, Lt, welcome back.  LtM:  Oh, a side note, uh Chief Lee wanted to be here tonight.  He's necessarily absent;  he had to go to another engagemt.  But he will be attending a bd mtg to be there, providing uno he's gotta get around & talk to everybody.  He's looking fwd to uh attending the bd mtgs in VP & meeting you all one-on-one.  He wanted me to pass that along.


JW:  YH,  Slip me one more ques?  DM:  Slide it in.  JW:  Hey, Scott, would you uh if we have or resume the Tour The Valley Park (someone chuckles), would you uh help us again?  LtM:  Sure, absolutely.  JW:  Tku.  LtM:  Who woulda bet!


6/21/04 BOA - Section  22 of  22


DM:  Next, we have the bills;  what's the bd's pleasure?  ?:  Move to pay the bills.  KT?:  Pay the bills.  JW?:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?   ?:  (barely audible) (Something?) about the bills.  DM:  All in favor, say aye - (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


Is there a motion for ex ses?  JW:  So moved.  DM:  Roll call vote, please.  MW:  (so done)  7 yes.  DM:  About a 2-min recess _ the aud removed & we'll...(stop taping)