Notes:  Mtg time 5 - 5:55 pm. 


Present:  BW, JLB,  DS,  DC,  TW,  EM,  CLM,  JZ,  KT,  DM,  RW,  JKB,  MP.


Also Present:  Andy McCord of DG Purdy; Vivian Blackman, VP Resident & Business Owner; Jim Mitas of Cgsm Akin's office.



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DC: ...(roll call - see above) (Pledge)  Do any of the members have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  I have 2 here'll be under 7D, MM & 7E, Vivian Blackman. _ _ need a motion to approve the agenda.  RW:  Make a motion.  DC:  2nd?  ?: 2nd.  DC:  I have a motion & a 2nd to approve the agenda;  all in favor.  (some ayes are heard) 


Uh 6 approve the mins of the 6/21 mtg - have ya's all had a chance to look it over?  I was not here.  RW:  Question.  DC:  Right.  RW:  This is directed to you, the atty.  Eric, There was uh quite a bit of discussion on that last month, on the uh maybe I guess the projected _ _ to raise it at least for the 500-yr levee project here in (the 4th?).  There's nothing noted in the mins.  EM:  Yeah, I, I can go back &, & throw that in;  I'm sorry.  Uh -


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RW:  & also uh is that gonna be discussed again this evening do uno?  EM:  I don't think so.  I, the COE's pretty well put a, a, a door on doing any design work or other work;  so kinda lettin' it drop for the time being to see if the feds are gonna come up with some bucks or not & (pause) - RW:  Currently, that's the city's take on that right now, currently, not movin' fwd, nothin' like that?  ?: _ _ _


DM: That's totally up to the COE the way I understand it 'cause we made the requests & if they go ahead, then we'd look at it & see if we wanted to pay whatever our share would be.  Otherwise if the COE doesn't go, we'd - maybe that'd be (or wouldn't be our tic I guess?).  RW:  Yeah, because uno the only reason I bring that ques up (someone coughs) _ _ _ _, is funds comin' down to pay the people that can look into this project.  But it's a dead issue right now as -


EM:  Yeah, basically it is.  JZ:  Yeah, I mean our, our feeling is that um we're auth'd to build this current project & uno we can provide a little bit of data which we've done, but we can't go into any big effort about uh another - RW:  I'd like to see one project - JZ:  a higher project - RW: done before we start investin' in another one.  JZ:  where, uno we're only auth'd at this point in time to build one project.  (some chuckle) 


BW: I was under the impression that it was being pursued to be uh basically a Feasibility Study - CLM:  _ _ - BW:  that wouldn't cost anything.  CLM:  That's susceptible to Congress & the House to pass the resolution that auth's the COE to undertake a Recon Report to determine if it's ec'ly, env'ly & eng'gly feasible & in the fed interest to provide add'l flood protection for the City of VP over & above the 100-yr levee. 


BW:  So is that is being pursued now?  CLM:  That, that we're waitin' for funding.  BW:  Oh, for the funding to make the study?  JZ: Right.  CLM:  That's right.  You have to get auth'd 1st & then once it's auth'd, then you, then the COE gets a pot of money every yr to apply toward these.  They were already working on a project that was forced out last yr before this resolution was passed just 2 months ago. So we're waiting now to get the funds made available to the StL Dist to initiate this Recon Report. 


MM:  Recon Report or Recon Study?  CLM:  Well they do a Recon Study & complete a Recon Report after completion of the study.  MM:  Recon Report & then you - I mean the Study, then you do the Feasibility Study?  CLM:  No, 1st, 1st step is a Recon Study which usually would take uh 12 to 18 months & it's funded 100% fed;  no local sponsor is required.  If that turns out, then as a result of that Recon Study, they prepare a Recon Report & send that in thru Div, the Chief's Ofc & back to the Congress, to the House Cmte that auth'd the resolution with a recommendation that if it's not in the fed interest, or it IS in the fed interest, to provide add'l flood protection for VP.  & then the Congress then approves the COE going on if they can (files or follows?) the recommendation in doing a Feasibility Study. 


Feasibility Study would take 2 to 3 yrs roughly & that would have to be cost-shared by the local sponsor, 50/50.  Then if the Feasibility Study which is really a more detailed version of the Recon Study, if IT'S positive & the COE recommends that the Congress auth the project to provide flood protection to the 150-yr level or 200 level or whatever they determine it is, is in the fed interest & the nat'l ec interest, then the Congress would auth if they chose to do so, to be a Fed Water Resource Project, Flood Protection Project;  just as the Congress did indirectly, the 100-yr level project by deauth'g the Meramec Parkway Project that was in the Meramec Basin Plan, & saying the COE had the auth'y to determine if there was a need or fed interest in providing flood protection for cmtys on the Lower Meramec, but no dams. 


TW:  So you would be 4 to 5 yrs out uh, Lee, if it was auth'd to even begin design?  Let's say best-case scenario that it WAS determined to be a good project in the best interest of the region.  Then Jim's group wouldn't be auth'd to start that PROBABLY for 4 to 5 yrs.  CLM:  No, ac, what actually - TW:  The design.  CLM:  actually has to happen is they, you have to have a separate authn of the project based upon the final recommendation of the feasibility of the report & THAT then says they're auth'd to build a project up to & for a certain level of flood protection.  & THEN you have to go thru an aprop bill in order - TW:  Right.  CLM:  for the COE to START the design. 


TW:  I see.  So you're probably 5 yrs out from starting the design?  CLM:  Yes.  TW:  IF it was approved.  CLM:  That's right.  TW:  To start appraising (barely audible).


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Along those lines, there's been some talk about the, from the business leaders & the & the political leaders.  Is there any way, Jim, that we can get some form of a letter from Dennis, a residence leader - JZ:  Umhum.  TW:  that says what the protection level would be which would include the freeboard?  Just as a informational resource so that IF a business entity or a dev would occur in the region, that the City of VP could say, the levee has been designed to 100-yr protection, however, if you would include the freeboard level;  the actual level of storm that it COULD protect to is approximately this level? 


JZ:  Yeah, of course the, the fact is that um when we say a level of protection, it would include freeboard.  I mean there's, there's, there's questions about - I mean there's uncertainties that have to be incorporated into the, a statemt about protection & that isn't - CLM:  Yeah, that - JZ:  in the freeboard uno CLM:  You can get - JZ:  If we could give you a profile - I think what you're asking for - what's the profile of the top of uh, roughly at the top of the um levee -  CLM: 3 - JZ:  assuming no freeboard, what - CLM:  There's a - JZ:  what would be - CLM:  3' freeboard - JZ:  the frequency of that profile, is what you're lookin' for.  TW:  Right. 


CLM: There's a 3' freeboard which in some cases, is under 40.  Originally, it was part of a requiremt for travels up the (rapidmental?) river for navi, navigation & the total was makin' it weigh more & it'd weight-wash against the levee.  & we only needed 3' to take care of that weight-wash when the water's gone up that high, so it, the weight washes up, comes over the top of the levee.  But since THEN, this was back in the olden days.  Since then, the COE's got a much more sophisticated analogist & that 3' of freeboard is a, uh significant factor on the statistical analysis of non-failure that the COE computes for each project. 


To give you a rough idea, the uh, it varies from different rivers, different sections, but in the MO River for example, that stretch along CV, that 1300, 13,000' of the MO River, down in (someone coughs) (a deep?) flood, that almost topped the levee & it might have with the eng'd fill.  It was a 250-yr flood event.  So if a 100-yr levee had been put there with a 3' freeboard, actually, the top of the levee would have a 250-yr flood frequency level.  & as Jim said, that doesn't mean you're protected. 


TW: I understand.  I understand & that, & that's what I'm looking for.  CLM:  Yeah, it's important that uno - JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:  You won't know or find it - JZ:  Yeah, I'll, I'll talk- CLM: much less understand it.  JZ: I'll, I'll talk to Dennis & we'll get on the phone with ya & talk about it.  I'm not sure what kind of a letter he would write.  TW:  Well, I don't even know if a letter but just maybe a statemt, a statemt of fact, here's uno - JZ:  (chuckle) Yeah.  TW:  altho it's been designed to this, here's the level or the stage of - similar to what you said, uno. JZ&CLM:  Yeah.  TW: In fact uh - JZ:  A Frequency Letter.  TW:  that 100-yr levee could've, with the freeboard, could've protected to up to a 250-yr storm if it didn't fail;  it would be nice to know that.  JZ: Yes. 


CLM: You see it affects - the extra, the extra height of water creates more pressure on the entire levee - TW:  I understand.  CLM:  & then when abount of time the storm - becomes saturated.  That's why the levee failed in CV.  TW?: Right.  CLM:  The soil became super - ?:  Right.  CLM:  saturated.  ?:  Right.  CLM:  It really did.  TW:  &, & uno certainly no ascertainties or guranatees, but at least the City of VP COULD issue some kind of statemt to the business cmty. 


CLM:  Well, it would be more meaningful for the Meramec River in VP than it would be for CV _ -  TW:  Because of the duration of the storm - CLM:  the flashfloods - TW:  Exactly.  CLM:  You don't expect it to be up high _ - TW:  The storm's not gonna be here THAT LONG.  CLM: That's right.  TW: & so it COULD be a significant, if, IF a devr or dev would COME to the area that we - ?: _ - TW:  could at least let them draw their own final conclusions, but we could share with them the factual info.  


CLM:  (You just have to?) _ _  you wanna be very careful.  I would - TW:  Exactly.  CLM:  I would recommend  Eric draft -  TW:  Right.  (TW&JZ chuckle)  CLM:  you up one of these so that if you're sued, (others chuckle) that you're protected.  TW:  I, I understand, but it is still something that - CLM: Oh, no, it's a good thing to have.  TW:  you, you could make this or leave them the info that says, here's the level of storm you COULD protect to.


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BW:  So do you know off-hand that uh this, correct me if I'm wrong, is a 100-yr levee that is being built now?  JZ:  Right, it's 100-yr levee that's being built right now.  BW:  Do you have a water level that is protected to, uno, uh 39'?  DC:  436.   BW:  40'?  DC:  43, 4 - BW:  40?  I mean on what level - DC:  436.  It'll come, uh it'll uh - DM:  How does that correlate to the height of the river?  45'?  46?  DC:  It'll come about uh 43'. 


JZ:  What's, what's the elevation?  You said 436;  I, I don't know if that's the top - DC:  392.9 is the zero-point of the levee & the highest it got, the record levee's uh water was 41, 3, 41'.  You add that to 392.9, you come up with 43, 9, {sic} which say 40, 4434 & we're bldg it to 436;  so you actually got uh 2' of freeboard. 


TW:  Just to give you an idea of the elevation of the RR track that is near Marshall, that's APPROXIMATELY 430.  BW:  (looking at a drawing/map)  Which RR track is foremost right now?  DC:  No, that ain't the BN.   JZ:  I mean I just don't have these elevations - DS?:  This catches the flood gate here - JZ:  in front of me here so I don't know. ?: _ _ _ - JZ:  If you take the top of the gate - RW: That's an old one, isn't it?  I don't know who the devr is.  JZ:  at the RR - RW:  that's an old one.   JZ: closure structure, that way -  BW:  The water went over the track?  DS: Yes, sir.  RW:  In 82.  KT: _ - JKB:  Was it 82?  DS:  _ _ took a boat over to the water to it.  JZ:  Septic pond.  ?:  Yeah.  ?:  Septic - TW:  This is what - DS: _ _ - TW:   6' above that tho.  RW:  Well, we don't talk about it, from 82 was an OLD one.  TW:  Right, but the trash was - DC:  It went over - TW: at 30  DC:  It went over the RR tracks when they - TW:  so it protected 6' above THAT.  RW:  Right. 


DC:  But the top of the levee, the crown of the levee, is 436 & 41' is approx what the levee, what the water level was in 82;  that's the highest & if that's the 100, what they consider the 100-yr levee or the 150 or whatever it is.   JZ:  The only reason I'm hes, hesitating is because at the top of the levee, if you're talkin' about const grade, uno there's a - or are you talkin' about the nut-bugging grade work uno after;  that's settlemt - DC:  The elevation they finished it to is 436, supposedly. 


JZ:  Yeah, see, I think if you go to the top of a, of the gate, at the middle, at the closure structure, on BNSF, that'll give you the uh the net levee grade of the uh - DC:  Well, the grade, the actually, the closure structure, the gate is not what I consider, not completely all the way up to the - it's a little bit less than what the top of the levee is if you look at where the gate closure structures are.  JZ: 'cause the levee will, will settle - CLM:  It'll settle - JZ:  some over time.  DC:  Right.  JZ:  & then so that's the design. 


RW:  I see where Jim's comin';  the water runs from the top of the gate (versus?) _ - JZ:  Well - RW: _ _ - JZ:  we, I'm just saying, we, we design levees so they will settle over - there's assumption about some settlemt over, over the decades.  Even if you look at the top of the gate, that's what our design-height WAS that would correspond to the 100-yr flood plus the freeboard that we have designed into it, ok.


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DC:  But they uno those gates are, are designed that they'll leak.  You're not gonna have a positive seal on those gates;  you'll have to sandbag.  But we have interior drainage & any water that comes thru those, if you notice, we have storm drains that run into det pools.  So any water that would come thru the gates would actually be collected in the det pond if you would have leakage while the river's comin' up. 


I mean uno it's not - the gates are not gonna seal perfectly;  I mean none of 'em do.  They have to put sandbags around 'em & everything else like that.  & uno u shot water up against 'em, high pressure, & they DO leak;  there's no - so but, but to have this, to have this happen a 100-yr level or a 250, things have to be just come into the right plan.  When the Mississippi is high & you have all the water on the Upper Meramec, then you're gonna have a really a flood or everything like that.  But uno it takes all kinds of things to say well we're gonna protect you to this or not;  I mean uno you could be - nobody says that it won't go over 436. 


JZ:  _ _ go back to Tom's question, we'll, I'll get Dennis Stevens & we'll give you a call & we'll talk about your ques about uh - TW:  & we briefly discussed it at the mtg that he came to at the trailer about a month or so ago.  But I think that the questions I've been getting from the city folks is that uh it would just be nice to know what that COULD protect to.  JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:  Increases, increases their Comprehensive.


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BW:  In, in that same frame um, I think JW brought it up from last month about uh some kind of a press release or that effect.  Is there - can we get somethin' or would it be I'm askin' for everybody's opinion of coming up with a, some kind of a press release relative to the current progress & expected completion & uno the, this is a final contract & we've let & that effect that it uno really do have a real, real date to be completed. 


CLM:  Uno one, one vehicle which you might consider doing that is for the mayor to write a letter to the Dist Eng, requesting - TW:  I think the mayor - JZ:  I think I think - TW:  recently already had a walk-thru or a uh - BW:  Uno basically what I was looking for was - TW: with a SITE review - BW:  uh a Progress Report -


JZ:  Why don't you give 'em a Progress Report?  But let me just say, I think our answer to the basic ques is we have, the contractor has a projected completion date as of this moment but we really don't know about funding so you can't, uno you can't really - CLM:  Well, that's why - JZ:  count on - CLM:  that's why I was - JZ:  You can't really count on it.  CLM: suggesting a letter from the mayor to the Dist Eng so that a letter could come back that covered all those areas so that no one was misled. 


JZ:  Uno, if you wanna go to the trouble of writing letters, I guess we could do that (chuckle).  CLM:  Well, I was thinkin' he could use that letter as a news release, after coordinating with your public scenario office of course.   If it works, then maybe YOU guys would like to issue a news release. 


JZ:  Um I just think we'll probably come back & say uno it's uncertain because of funding of FY uno - RW:  Yeah, that would be - JZ:  Flood projects are funded - RW:  your own people seein' - JZ:  every FY & - RW:  what's goin' on & they don't ques that. 


CLM:  Well, you always have the - DC:  Well - CLM:  __ding on the (3rd?) of any project that goes over a yr considering the project's schedule calls for completion such as today, subject to Congress'l funding if it's at the appropriate level.  DC:  At the last Progress Mtg we had at the uh contractor felt that we were about 25% complete on the levee at the present time.  RW:  Well that's fact then;  you can print that & the work's on-goin'.  That's all you need to print (chuckle)DC:  & uno that - RW: That keeps everybody out of politics.  DC:  that increase - if all the more dry weather we have, the more, the more they move & everything else?:  no (wonder?) ever (fire truckter?).   DC:  Right. 


CLM:  But you gotta remember tho, Dave, that's only 25% of HIS contract;  not the whole project.  DM?:  Right.  JZ:  Well, he knows that.  DC:  That's what I'm sayin', this present contract - JZ:  The last - DC: is 25% - JZ:  the last _ - DC:  complete.  CLM:  I think if you put out the word that the project's 25% complete - JZ:  No.  DC:  I've got the uh - CLM:  that's gonna be misleading.  Need to include - DC:  The Item, Item 4B or Item 4B on the levee is, I'd say 25% complete.  CLM:  That, when completed, will complete the flood protection, will provide the flood protection.  DC:  Right. 


BW:  Would that would complete the project?  CLM: Well, it provides the flood protection.  BW:  Yeah.  CLM:  But we ought to move on from here because it'd have to be placed up before we even have to provide the flood protection & be finished with this contract. 


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DC:  But there's a lot of on-going things inside the const site that you don't really see that takes, takes time.  They get to a certain point, then there's things that take time;  like formin' the gates up, uh the sluice gates & uh all this work on the pipe, uh storm water lines & everything that take uno time to uh uh work on where they're not movin' any earth or anything.  They can go to a certain point & then they have to wait till the contractor gets the concrete & everything poured so things - uno right now it's movin' pretty rapid good - CLM:  You wouldn't know it now.


BW:  Looks like they're movin' a whole lotta dirt east of 9th St.  They're - DC:  Right. Well, we have to - BW:  last wk & today;  boy, they - DC:  We'll - BW: _ - DC:  have to move that dirt.  That'll probably take another, another month, maybe 3 to 4 wks yet on that & then they'll probably start over here at 3rd St & take all of that outta GG.  We have to dig that deeper down there at Simpson's because of that's a replacemt for a wetlands - BW:  Right, yeah, _ _ - DC: in between Pharoah & Kena down there.  So that's, we're workin' on that to get that completed. 


Then they can go in & start workin' on that area over in between Kena & Pharoah.  That can't be worked on until we have this wetlands & everything established.  So these are things that are just on-going & then they'll probably start at 3rd St. 


We're also haulin' from the Simpson uh Material area over in Peerless Park.    


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& uh so, well, we're gettin' a little ahead of 'em.  Let's uh approve the mins here for the uh 6/21 uh mtg.  Motion to approve?  RW:  I think we oughta make mention before we approve 'em, about that 500-yr protection that's supposed to have been but _ - DC:  Ok.  RW: _ Eric's started on 'em.  Hold 'em off till next month.  DC:  You wanna hold 'em off till, next month include it?  Ok, we'll hold it off, ok.  Ok!  Discussion Items, Item 4B, Jim, you wanna get it? 


JZ:  Yeah, very briefly, uh well, I think you had a tour on 7/9, mayor?  Um - DC:  Yes.  DM:  Yes, once.  JZ:  Uh so, so you've been there & as well as the State Senator & State Rep & uh the Superintendent of Schools, right?  DM:  Yeah.  DC:  Yep.  JZ:  I was not in town that evening, that day but uh so I did not make that tour.  But how - DM:  saw - JZ:  How did it go? DM:  the engs, they did a very good job;  appreciate it;  Patti, Conroy & all the others (that were there?).  JZ:  Yeah, that's good.  DM:  I really appreciate them _ - JZ:  People liked what they saw?  DM:  Yes, tku, uh all the guests there (ran equipmt?).  JZ:  I mean that's, that's our - DM:  that's their way of a press release.  JZ:  my message mainly is the contractor's makin' good progress;  you all know that.  In June, he earned about $750,000 that wasn't paid (chuckle), ok but that's what he, what he earned.  CLM:  You're good for it, Jim.  (a few laugh) 


JZ:  Uh due to lack of fed funds & the COE met with the contractor uh 7/15 & talked about the funding & he's basically - Eric was there - he basically said he plans to continue to work;  said he's gonna build the job.  He's got all his equipmt here on-site & uh that's what he said at this, this moment.  He's, he's, he said there's, there's a vice pres that's coming in from his, the parent company in about a month that uh I guess is fairly important uh to them.  Um but all indications are that they plan to keep moving.  Uh he's, he's still said he'd certainly like to be paid, like to be caught up at the end of the FY if possible or just uno whatever could be done to uh provide funds to make payments.


EM:  He said it, it had always been his personal experience & the company experience that they're always paid by the end of the FY.  JZ:  Right, uno to catch up.  EM:  The COE worries.  It's -  JZ: Right, for like some transfers or whatever, next yr's funds, but kind of caught up.  So - TW:  Well, Jim, could, could you share, would you & Eric share with the rest about the financial kick-belly that's comin' in.  This isn't just - JZ:  Well, that's what, that's why they're, that's why they ARE working because they CAN workUh the uno the parent co is a huge operation -


TW:  It's a (very balderspot?) - JZ: called Republic, it's Republic Svcs.  I mean I was on the web looking in it.  It looked to me like they make about, their earnings are about $52Billion a yr!  (a few like chuckle)  ?:  _ city's - JZ:  Earnings - I mean not their, not their profit but their actual - TW: Their revenue. JZ:  Yeah, their revenue. 


EM:  They're actually in the hole for a greater amt in another project in -  EM&JZ:  in Kansas City.  JZ:  as of this moment, but they think that in KC they're gonna, if they'd have good (pause) indications that they'll be caught up by the end of the FY as far as being paid, so. 


ANYWAY, uh the bottom line is we're still fortunate to have a good company that's doing good work & working w/o being paid & uh they're fortified with a co that has a parent co that can, can can pay the bills that pay the subcontractors & so forth. Umm another (someone laughs) uno just another, another piece of info - ?: _ _ - JZ:  uh related, is that Col Williams our Dist Commander is back from Iraq.  I think today was his 1st day - ?: _ _ - JZ:  back in the office - ?:  We could work him.  JZ:  & he & the deputy - we have - ?:  might dig a hole & _ - JZ:  a new deputy um named, named uh Lt Col Raimondo, they're gonna be going out & take a look at the job this Fri.  CLM:  How do you spell that?  JZ: (he does)  CLM:  I thought that's what it was.  JZ:  So I mean I think that's - ?: _ office at the COE downtown.  JZ:  that's a good thing.  


Col Wms - EM:  It's the 22nd.  JZ:  uno he's been gone for 6 months I think it is now, but uh - CLM:  Thanksgiving might be June.  JZ:  he, he is uh, he was, has always been extremely interested in this project & that's one of the 1st things he wants to do is to go out & see for himself what's happening on the ground.  I think having him, having him enthused &, & back in the project can only help (chuckle).  CLM:  Absolutely.  When's he gonna come out & see the levee?  JZ:  He's gonna come up Fri.  CLM:  Fri. What time?  JZ:  9:00.  DM:  That's the Col you said would be out there?  JZ:  Yeah, he's the man.  He's gonna come out & take a look at the project.  CLM:  Col Raimondo's coming out.  JZ:  Right.  Uh that's really all I have.


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I mean there's a lot of details & I just uno about all the wood, all the issues & problems that we've been dealing with, but uh I think basically we're just making headway on all those & working out on the project.  I mean I guess we can talk about, maybe we could talk about the 5th St & 3rd St drain situation.  We brought that up again last time, but uh - DC:  Solved. 


JZ: MDNR  is uh ok with the idea of putting a ditch from - DC:  Right.  JZ:  a temp const ditch from - DC:  from 3rd St - JZ:  from 3rd St over to 5th St.  DC:  street & drain the water that sent it there -

JZ:  That's the plan that the contractor's bldg the ditch right now & that's the way they're - DC:  It's in at their bldg.  JZ:  gonna divert flow from, that comes down 3rd St thru uno from the uh R & W constant flow or continuing flow, & get that out of the way while he's bldg the 3rd St drain.   _ _ - TW:  Which will be a perm structure but this is just a temp bypass fix -  DC: Right.  TW:  till THAT's complete.  JZ:  Right.  TW:  I think that's been mentioned in some other mtgs, but that is _ -


JZ:  That's the final plan.  I don't remember if - DC: Yeah, that's - JZ:  we had talked about that last mtg or not, whether we briefed that final plan, but that, that is the final plan. 


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DC:  Well, I have a Progress Report here that you can see that uh up to this time, we are uh I would imagine by the end of the wk, the Beckett Plaza Project will probably be, be complete uh thru Beckett's Plaza.  I imagine they'll be hookin' onto bldg something up there to connect it onto the new 54" line that's comin' down Phar uh Old Meramec Sta Rd down to the uh river.  & that'll probably be - he was supposed to start that this wk;  I don't really know if he has or not.  I uh wasn't down there today uh to see if uh the contractor is gonna build that, start up at the river puttin' that uh pop that structure into the river. 


Uh I would imagine as soon as uh Leona is done in uh Beckett's Plaza, they'll probably start at 5th St OR 3RD ST & start completing that thingUh they're movin' dirt out of this uh Simpson Lake area down there off of 9th St.  That'll probably continue for another month. 


As soon as that project is uh completed, they'll start the uh det area between Kena & uh Pharoah & uh I could imagine as soon as the new uh lift sta at Kena is completed, they'll start doing trench work, uh inspection trenches uh between uh Marshall & uh Pyramid & uh determine & once that's all done & then they'll start tyin' in the levee, start workin' in that area too.  Uh they just, they have so many crews, they just work one end to the other.


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Uh we did change the haul road.  I uh told 'em uh rather than to have to uh keep Marshall Rd clean with all these trucks comin' down & goin' into 3rd St or goin' all the way down to 9th St, haulin' this dirt from the Simpson area, they're going to use 141;  turn on left at Marshall & use the Old Meramec Sta Rd to get into the project, uh & haul dirt down River Dr & go into the auxilliary exit off of River Dr, just below uh 5th St there into the uh Sports Complex.  Uh we'll eliminate a lot of dust & everything on Marshall Rd & do all the haulin' & goin' on.  They have to keep the streets clean, but I think it would - it'll be less traffic on Marshall Rd...(exchange tapes)... doubt about it.  5th St, uh 9th St looks pretty good in front of except from uh Vest Ave to Leonard & it uh we just looked at that last wk & we've got a way to keep it uh uno from really bein' all gravel or anything.  We're gonna keep patchin' it & no trucks but until that project's done uh then in the future, Leonard, uh that 9th St'll be completed from Vest to Leonard Ave &, & under a grant of money that we're uh - uh then they'll probably start 3rd St & we'll have the same problem at 3rd St, uh Vest Ave, Beckett Memorial Dr. 


& they'll probably instead of goin' to 3rd St on Marshall, they'll probably just go across & use the uh old uh emerg road along the RR tracks & get up on the uh levee, crown of the levee, & go thru there & use it uh to haul any dirt out of the uh 3rd St or GG uh base there.  There's not as much dirt in GG as there is in the Simpson thing because we'd have to dig it deeper.  So it may not take us long to get all the dirt outta there & the way these fellas uh they, Adam & Eve, were haulin' uh dirt from Simpson like I said & haulin' that over thru 141 onto Marshall Rd. 


So in the next - I'd say in the next 2 months or any, you're gonna see a lotta action in the city as far as equipmt bein' moved & stuff like that on the city streets.  & they've been taught, been told about the safety in their safety meetings about the speed.  & to uh I talked to the uh Lt here & uh to keep uh those fellas aware & if they're, if they're speedin' on the streets or whatever not & reckless & we'll give 'em a ticket.  & they understand it;  they've been told that by the contractor, not, they (don't?) have to pay an (insulation or installation?). Um, if the weather stays dry, guys, uno, these, these fellas are, they're movin'. 


They bring, (laughing) they bring 2 or 3 pieces of equipmt in every wk!  I mean it's, they just - & the thing of it is, it's really, what's really good I guess for our area is all these, all this is uh, they hire these fellas outta the hall in the, in St Louis.  They're, none of these people are brought from KC or anywhere else;  they're all from the StL, outta the uh dist, the dists here in StL so it's uno it's created a quite a few jobs here in the const industry.  Anybody got any ques about it?


Ok.  Let's move to Item (D?) is city cost-share or project & TPC.  I think that's kind of - RW:  I think that's been addressed already.  DC:  (chuckles) Fed/Sponsor Funding - I mean that's I guess still a ques mark however _ - JZ:  Basically it's still uncertain as to _ (chuckle) - DC:  Right, or just - ok. 


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Uh Item 7D uh MM on the levee.MM:  Yeah, I have a few cmts & questions;  it shouldn't take long.  Um what's a good average for how long the mtgs last on Thurs mornings, the trailer mtgs?   DC:  (chuckling)  An hour, an hour & a half.  I mean it just depends on what uh, uh what decisions we have to make or the progress.  We go over the Progress Report & uno it's whatever the contractor - I really don't know how long to tell you.  Maybe - CLM:  I think the answer to that ques is the old dots.  (some chuckle)  Depends on the situation.  ?:  However long it takes.  DC:  Right, I mean -


MM:  But I mean average in the past, it lasts, would you say, an hour, hour & a half?  EM:  They're usually 2 - DC:  An hour, an hour & a half.  EM:  They're usually 2 hours.  DC:  Yeah, I'd say maybe somewhere between an hour & 2.  I mean it depends - MM:  Ok.  DC:  on what, what we have to discuss & - MM:  That's fine;  tku.  DC:  & all that.  


MM:  Tku.  & uh how many more months do you expect they'll last?  DC:  What?  MM:  The mtgs on Thurs mornings.  DC:  They'll last until the job's finished.  MM:  So probably till next June.  DC:  Next yr, I mean it'll be here - MM:  Ok.  DC: as long as uno as the project's goin', until it'll be done.  CLM:  & the weather is good.  MM: Ok.  DC:  Right, I mean we uno - CLM:  The good Lord's willing & - MM:  So thru the end of the project.  ?:  River don't rise.  CLM:  River don't rise. (they chuckle) MM:  Ok.  DC:  Well, we've had that all along.  MM:  Ok, um - CLM:  No tornados.


MM:  Now um a ques I have is like when there's a cmsn or somethin' set up for a municipal project that uses uno State & Federal dollars, shouldn't there be at least one independent, non-municipal cmsn member?  DC:  There are.  On this cmsn?  MM:  I mean non-municipal;  uno somebody that's NOT from this area.  EM:  NO.  DC:  NO. MM:  No?  DC:  Why would anybody from this area - uh we want anybody on the cmsn from outta this area?  It don't concern 'em! 


MM:  Well, because it's fed tax dollars & there's state, there's state uh agencies.  CLM:  Well, that's a point now.  There's an Indian tribe in North Dakoto (MM chuckles) might have an interest in this uno.  DC:  Right!  CLM:  Oh, come on, Maureen!  (DC laughs) 


MM:  Well, I mean seriously.  Ok.  CLM:  Yeah, we're serious too.  MM:  Ok. 


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Um now at last month's levee mtg re uh re the current AL relocations, Tom said just to let everybody know, what we decided to do as the city - now this is no offense to you, Tom,  just business - um so I wanted to know who exactly was we?  Uno talking about the AL relocations & we decided uno to go ahead & do Bom - was that you & (pause) - TW:  It was the city, the Bd.  MM:  The Bd of Aldermen?  (he nodded yes)  Because um I thought that uno like the Levee Cmsn was supposed to make decisions & take it to the Bd, um uno especially when you change something that's uh, uno been planned, like they were gonna grout-in AL. 


EM:  Well, it was a field change that was done;  so it didn't have time to come back to the Bd.  DC:  That's a, that's sort of a const-type thing that we decide what we're going to do with uh certain things & it's - MM:  Ok, you don't have to check with the Levee Cmsn & - DC:  No.  MM:  Ok.  DC:  No.  MM:  Um - DC:  I usually, I usually put the concensus of the fellow-members of the cmsn that we've met at this mtg, uh we usually uh come up with some idea how we're gonna handle it & that & the uh I think the cmsn has already given me the uh power or the auth to say ok, let's look into this & then we, they present it to the Bd - Tom will present it to the Bd & the BOA'll say ok, go ahead with this const uh or we're gonna do it this or we're gonna do it that way.  I mean it doesn't have to go to the -


MM:  'cause I know there's voting & non-voting members, so uno I just thought they were supposed to vote on stuff like that - EM?:  _ actually you're seein' - TW:  Yeah, I typically will not make those financial decisions by myself.  I - DC:  Nooo.  TW:  I talk to the mayor on a weekly basis.  I talked to several key members of the Bd & when you're doing field changes it's always nice to make sure you have some buy-in on that.  But as far as an official vote & decision in the best interest of the city & the project, we have to keep it movin', so.


MM:  Ok, & then also um you had contacted ESI you said to give us some price, um he's the local contractor.  Now is ESI really the local contractor?  JZ:  He's the bom_ - DC&TW:  He's the general contractor.  DC:  He's the general contractor.  MM:  For the COE?  JZ:  Right.  DC:  Yes.  MM:  For the COE, ok.  DC:  Or for the City of VP. 


JZ:  No, he's not;  _ parks.  MM:  But I mean  - DC:  We're the customer; we're the, uno we're the customer.  JZ:  That's true.  DC:  They're the contract, the COE's the contracting officer & ESI is the construction.  MM:  Ok, I thought like Bom would be the - TW:  Bom - MM:  the local contractor.  TW:  IS a local contractor.  We have in at times gotten prices from Bom & ESI to make a decision in the best interest of the city.  So there are times when we have used ESI because it is in the betrest intr of the city to use ESI.  There are times we have used Bom because it is in the best interest ze zity to use Bom. 


MM:  Ok & um you said that - JZ:  Lemme, lemme just say that the city is responsible for, for doing the relocations work, ok.  & so this is relocations work - DC:  Right.  JZ:  so they, they lop at, at their options.  DC:  Right.  JZ:  _ _ they look at cun, should we hire the - as a mod, has our COE contract take this on or should we have someone else take it on & - TW:  & - JZ:  they make the decisi - TW:  in the best interest of the city, where whoever's giving the, the not only the cheapest price, but the best progress & the best value, that's who you pick usually & it hasn't been one or the other;  it's been both. 


MM:  Well & for example, you said that ESI gave you a price to do the utility relocatons at AL - TW:  & we rejected that.  MM:  & you got an alternate price from Bom - TW:  Umhum.  MM:  & we're - TW:  & we - MM:  pretty sure about savin' $15,000 from pullin' out some old sewer lines in lieu of ESI.  TW:  Correct & that was in the best interest of the City of VP.


MM:  Now are sewer relocations the only things you're talkin' about at AL?  DC:  No.  MM:  There's also what?  DC:  There was all - not relocations;  these are not relocations.  MM:  Oh, well that's what they called 'em.  DC:  Well, it was - JZ:  A general term, but -


DC:  They abandoned it - everything is abandoned.  MM:  I mean I transcribed it verbatim & I make, I try to make real sure every single word, but the word was used, AL relocations.  DC:  See we have to take out - we have to do one of two things with any kind of utilities under the ground like sewer, water line, gas lines.  They either have to be abandoned - TW:  Or relocated.  DC:  or relocated, but some of these - MM:  Well, that's what I was - DC: _ - ?: _ _ - TW:  _ oughta go to a services mtg.


MM:  You're kinda gettin' ahead of me.  Right now, I just want to know what other utilities at AL.  You were talkin' about sewers - TW:  Water lines - MM:  Are there also - there's also water lines.  TW:  Water lines - MM:  Ok, let's just - TW:  Electric - MM:  wait there.  TW:  Ameren -


MM:  & um so the prices on - you got a price from ESI a long time ago on grouting-in AL, right?  TW:  Nno.  DC:  I don't know what you mean.  Is it - EM:  NO.  DC:  NO.  JZ:  It wasn't a long time ago.  MM:  No?  DC:  No, no.  MM:  Or whenever ago it was - that you got a price for grouting-in AL?  CLM:  It was whenever ago.  MM:  'cause that's how the specs were - what the specs called for.  DC: Yes, but in the best interest of the levee. 


MM:  So did you get a price from ESI on grouting-in AL or not?  DC:  Well, we may have got one, but then after we, we uh discussed this, that it would be better for the levee if we did not abandon uh did not abandonmt & grout 'em in, that while we were digging all this tren, the inspection trenches & moving stuff that we would take the pipes completely out & eliminate 'em.  There'd be no pipes underneath the levee.  SO -


MM:  I'm sorry;  did you ever get a price from ESI on grouting-in AL?  DC:  I do not think so - EM:  I think we're getting ahead of ourselves.  DC:  I don't, I don't, I don't think this is even pertinent to what - EM:  Di, di - DC:  what we're doin' here because - MM:  I'm just asking a simple ques - did you get a price from ESI - EM:  ESI was gonna - MM:  to grout-in AL?  EM:  I think part of the contract, ESI was gonna either take out ordinine's laterals & the mains were the city's responsibility.  DC:  Yeah, _ -


CLM:  Couldn't she better - EM?:  It's - CLM: handled by uno mtg after the mtg?  EM:  Yeah.  DC:  Well, I, I really - CLM:  instead of - DC:  don't know what - CLM: taking up time at the mtg?  DC:  I mean this is all, this is all water under the bridge.  CLM:  Yeah.  DC:  It's all gone (chuckling) & it's not really - CLM:  Sounds like it'd be a good thing for her to put in writing.  MM:  I'm just trying to get it straight because there were an awful lot of things that were very questionable;  & uh uno if I could just get some simple answers we could move on. 


DC:  Well, the city, if the city would do this, we had to - all this work was something that cost the city.  This was not paid for by the fed $.  This was a cost to the City of VPall utilities, all utilities, abandonmt, relocation & everything was done by the City of VP.  That's part of their share of the contract.  That doesn't have anything to do with ESI.  If the city went to ESI & asked them to grout it in, that's uh I really don't - we could have. 


MM:  Right, but if we're gonna save uh $15,000 on pullin' out the pipes instead of grouting 'em in, uno, I'd like to know if we got a price on the exact same scope of work & uh documented from each contractor;  & - CLM:  Dave - MM:  & then - CLM:  If I could suggest - MM:  & then later in the mtg, Tom - CLM:  I think these type questions are leading up to -  MM:  LATER IN THE MTG - CLM:  make the citizens - MM:  TOM HAD SAID - CLM:  all day go (wider?).  MM:  THAT THEY - CLM:  I'd, I'd recommend you - FOUND SOME EXTRA PIPES - CLM:  ask her to - MM:  & THAT IT - CLM:  put it in a letter form.  MM:  would probably be a little bit more than $15,000.  So I just wanted to ask, did you find out what the price will actually be from, from Bom for the extra sewer lines that were discovered? 


CLM:  Why don't you put all these questions in a letter, Maureen?   MM:  I, can I please just get an answer?  I just (like chuckle) - Please!  CLM:  I think they take - DC:  I, I don't _ - CLM:  _ _.  DC:  I don't really, (chuckling) I don't really  know what the - MM:  Tom, Did you?  You were - TW:  Do what?  MM:  handling all of it.  Did you get a price from um ESI for the price of pullin' out all the sewer pipes including the ones that you found? 


TW:  Do you want me to answer?  EM:  No, don't _ _ _.  MM:  EM doesn't want you to answer that.  Ok.  Um, (checking notes) already asked you that one, ok, moving on here um - CLM:  Dave, these don't seem to apply to, at our Levee Cmsn except these gentlemen have many - MM:  Now the only other - CLM: better to do. 


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MM:  so that's the other ques I was gonna ask, Dave, you touched on it when you said they're not all relocations, because it was said in the last mtg that these were relocations & that the COE even got a check for part of it.  & so that's what I wanted to ask next was, where are you going to RELOCATE all these old sewer lines & water lines?  DC:  We're not.  MM:  You're not gonna relocate 'em.  You just said that word?  You meant - DC:  It's the relocations - MM:  Ok, you meant - DC:  It's - MM:  you mean that - DC: It's either a - MM:  you pitched 'em?  DC:  relocation or abandonmt under the same thing as relocation because the city has to, has to do this. 


MM:  Ok, & when you abandon something & you write a check for it, is the check labeled relocation or is it labeled uh abandonmt?  CLM:  It's not labeled anything;  it's made out to the person that does the work.  DC:  I mean, they, uno they, they - CLM:  It's signed by anybody that can sign the check. 


MM:  OK, & my very last ques here is that um EM said, I think the only other utility stuff we're waiting on would be gas co who's not, who's pretty good to work for & then the water co who hasn't been so good to work for, were messing around in on Pharoah, he thinks.  So was the gas co & the water co messing on Pharoah or just one of 'em & if so, what were they doing there?  CLM:  (barely audible) Better be vague.  EM:  Yeah, all of the above.  MM:  All of the above!  Ok, tku, tku. 


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DC:  Ok, the next one is E, Vivian Blackman.  MsB: I uh, I have a video tape, but I don't want to scare you 'cause this'll scare you.  If you like, if you can handle my little pictures with my throw-away camera, but this is here.  If you want to, I'll, I'll show it to anybody that wants it, but it's long 'cause it, it, what we did was we turned our uh cameras off of the carwash, onto the const site.  & so it just shows a parade of traffic goin' thru.  But I think that I can just show you my little cards & the reason I want to tell you this is that I know that everybody here uh & Karen's sitting there & you all are so interested in the city looking good & this is kind of destroying that image a little bit. 


& the 1st set of pictures with my little - are these pictures of the trucks going thru the carwash.  Now it's not just const trucks either.  I'll pass 'em around.  It's also some of the utilities.  They can go all the way around, hopefully.  & you can see some of 'em are the trucks for the const, but there's also other people.  One lady you probably all know, Marge from the Senior Center, was almost in tears because her car was stuck back there being worked on & um she couldn't get thru.  So anyway, that comes up later when they put the barracades. 


But you will see - & then this picture here, just to show you the size & the wt of these trucks - uh they'll come back to you, Jim, too - & I mean this is what is really tearing up.  The other trucks that were const - there's actually a const co back there called Jacobs-Mayer or something like that.  Well, they've got trucks that need to go thru.  Um all those people on the strip have vehicles & - ?:  goin' across _ _ - MsB: so there's not just & then the poor little Metropolitan - ?: (it's illegal or is it legal?) - MsB:  Sewer man he saw me doing that (chuckle) - ?: that's (a legal or illegal?) (my Corps?) - MsB:  &, & he said that uh, he said, he said, please, he said, I'm so sorry;  & I said well, uno, how else was he going to do it.  I mean I'm, I'm not angry with any of the workers because they had no choice. 


EM?:  I don't know what you'd say.  CLM:  Vivian, You said they're going thru the carwash?  MsB:  Yeah.  CLM:  They're going thru your property.  MsB:  Yeah, tearing it all up.  & see, here, these are pictures - you have to look at these real close 'cause they show the car tracks & if you're not familiar with the property, um uno & you don't go down there, you won't know.  But the blacktop that's a little better is the carwash & then it goes into the brown which is the other one.  & this again, you have to look real close;  you can see how there's a little house like that has uh Hallmark in it & they are coming around on both sides of that house & this shows the track marks on that. 


CLM:  Make sure we understand what you're telling us.  There, these, these are contractors' equipmt - MsB:  Everybody.  CLM:  for the levee project or - MsB:  Yeah, everybody tho, including the people that have businesses back there;  just everybody!  CLM:  I guess what I was getting at is this is a matter not just for the Levee Cmsn but probably for a myriad of other concerns. 


MsB:  Well, it's, it's uno, that's - we need to do - solve the problem.  So that's why I'm here because I, we need to do something about it. & uno we don't want that to all be wrecked up when it _ - MP?: Why don't we spike something that'll solves it?  EM:  Well, the, the problem will be solved in, in sounds like a wk at least as far as traffic goes.  MsB:  Well - EM:  but the contractor's - MsB:  look what's left behind tho.  EM: gonna be outta there.  MsB:  We have all this - EM:  Well, that's, that's what (sench wanted?), so.  DC?:  _ -  MsB:  I mean this, this is how - now this one here, this is a - this comes up to our property - this is where you got the esmt.  Remember you got a $53,000 esmt - TWorEM:  Right.  MsB:  & then you also promised them to restore their blacktop.  EM:  Sure.  MsB:  & I wasn't at that mtg in fact, but you did give me when I was here that day, you gave me a this, oops, this hand-out -


KT:  I think, I think what she's getting at, is she gonna be reimbursed for the amt of, oh, uh - MsB: Well, this is - KT: damage that is - MsB:  the hand-out - KT: being done to her property?  MsB:  This is the hand-out that you - CLM:  It seems like a stoop of what is apparently - somebody's equipmt is trespassing on your property.  Now again you're saying that they're not just staying on the esmt that was required for the trucks - MsB:  No, not at all!  The esmt - CLM:  & it's not just the contractor for the levee project, it's other verhicles too?  MsB:  It's everybody!  & I'll show you why.  Now this was a mtg that you -


CLM:  Well, why, why did this start all of a sudden?  That's what I don't understand.  MsB:  Oh, it didn't!  I, I just came to your mtg - DM:  I think the sewers made it worse;  the storm sewer they're bldg.  CLM:  Oh, ok!  KT: Yeah - DM:  Blocked off a lot of the - KT: the storm sewer they're bldg's - CLM:  Oh, they're using - KT:  made it worse.  CLM:  your property.


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DC:  To put a little picture on this, we're going thru Beckett's Plaza from the Gra, er from the Fishpot Det area with a 54" pipe & it runs from one, the Old Meramec Sta Rd to the det pond;  & they're putting pipe in.  & there's an alley supposedly or this is a private street or it isn't.  Uh I don't think we can ever find out what this uh was, this road behind The Pantry that connects the parkin' lot to Beckett's Plaza.  & in order to cut down on the traffic going thru this area, they closed the street off, that alley;  I'll call it an alley.  KT:  Ok. 


DC:  So while they're working here, they either come off of Meramec Sta Rd which they're not supposed to cut thru this alley.  They're, they're, they're not supposed to do it but they do it anyway.  They're supposed to go down to Marshall Rd, make a right into Marshall Rd & come up Old Mer Sta Rd & get to the plaza.  That's the way it is.  They're not - that's the way it's supposed to do it, but they don't do it.  The people that live, were, have, go to the plaza, they don't wanna do it that way.  They wanna drive thru Mrs. Blackburn's property with their cars.  I don't know actually where the esmt is. 


I talked to her & after this project is all done & after the blacktop is all done, I told her that the city will go up & take a look at it & see the damage & have her explain it;  & we'll take care of any damage that the contractor has done & work with the contractor & then order to get this full.  I've talked to the ESI & they said after this project is done, we'll go up & look at it;  we'll go talk to Leona or Jacobs-Meyer & decide how we're going to handle the blacktop &, & get this repaired.


So give us another, I'd say another 2 to 3 wks when this project is all done, then this'll all be cleared up.  & what you're gonna do with that traffic, I have no idea other than for Mrs. Blackburn, Blackman to go out & at the edge of her property & put up tape &/or barricades & keep the cars from goin' that way & park.  I've talked to all the people since this has been goin' in. 


I was up there a wk ago & talked to everybody up there & they said yes, it was uh bothering him, but they were glad to get it done & glad to have it.  I talked to the man at the body shop;  I talked at the uh Mr. Palmer;  the tatoo man is never there.  I talked to the people at Cheers.  They were concerned about their business but they were tryin' to tell their people to park in other areas & it wasn't uh like Mr. Hedrick's said, uno that he understood what the problem was & it would, it would be probably once it's over with, it'll be done.  The street will not be fixed!   That street will not be fixed because that is not a city street.  It was in horrible shape before;  it was like a tank-trap goin' thru it & the city is not gonna fix that street because it - I don't think we tore it up that much.  But along the esmt & some of this other things, we probably did. 


CLM:  Vivian's parkin' lot, I mean Vivian's area, will be taken care of, won't it?  DC:  Right, & it, it -?: _ _ - MsB:  It's really bad.  DC:  just give us a little bit of time.  We, we uno we have to wait till the project's done, till the trucks are all done - CLM:  Yeah, we'll wait till it gets, till all done -


MsB:  do in the back;  go the other way.  DC:  We'll just, we'll just have to wait & see how - ?: _ _ - DC:  how it comes out & we'll work - CLM:  Seems like - DC:  we'll work this out.  CLM: Seems like this is not gonna be like our only thing.  DC: It's gonna be the same - CLM: _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - DC:  in other areas that - when we do this.  I mean it - EM:  I, I - KT:  (Carol?) - I mean her - ?: _ _ - (MsB chuckles) KT:  her property wasn't in bad shape.  RW: (bkgd) It should be like that a yrs ago when I was - MsB:  Right, right.  DC:  No, her property - KT: No.  DC:  No - KT:  Right. - DC:  it wasn't in bad shape - KT:  No.  DC:  & we'll know immediately.  KT: Right.  ?: (bkgd) _ _ - DC:  I mean we, we took pictures of all this - BW: (bkgd) which way -


DC: uh we didn't realize that this - ?:  (bkgd) go around the other way - DC:  they would use this - KT:  Right.  BW: (bkgd) _ _ - DC:  as an entrance to this thing - KT:  Right.  BW?:  but -  DC:  & they were instructed, but - KT: & I realize that.  DC:  they did.  So I mean we've got no reports - KT:  Right, yeah.  DC:  but to, after the project's done & everything, we'll get, we'll get it all straightened out, but - EM:  But those aren't - KT:  But, but, but I do know that there were - ?: _ _ - DC:  just give us some time.  MsB: Just have to wait now, Eric, ok.  KT:  HUGE holes. 


MP:  Isn't it barricaded now?  DC:  It could very well be barricaded.  MsB:  Uh well, I can tell you what - KT:  Can you - MsB:  is happening - KT: barricade it now?  MsB:  Can, can I - I'll go real quick if you'll let me finish.  (someone chuckles)  ok?  Promise.  Ok, here's one;  this shows you - the subcontractor by the way, was a man by the name of Taylor.  & I mean everybody is this one reason why I didn't call the police & stop - I want the levee finished.  I mean everybody was really nice.  The people that I talked to before at that mtg & since then I've been at that mtg, they have said no, it's not gonna impact on your property.  These were people that believed that.  I mean they were honest & told me that it wouldn't impact because they believed it. 


So uno, but anyway, this subcontractor put up this orange fence & I'll tell you what happened.  RW: Yeah, they run over it. (MsB & many laugh heartily)  MsB: That's right;  here's a picture showing it.  How did you know?   ?:  _ show me;  I already know.  MsB:  Great, yeah, that's what happened to that.  ?:  Yes.  RW:  They aint' gonna stop for a plastic fence.  MsB: (they chuckle)  I know & then -


MP:  My next ques, why'd they wait so long to barricade it?  DC: Well - MsB:  I don't know because when I mentioned it to him, he was very sweet about it;  he did it right away.  MP:  I mean but after the fact that the trucks - MsB:  Yeah, after the - MP:  stopped _ - MsB: damage was done, yeah.  MP: stopped pickin' on you, why'd they wait until after the so-called damage was done?


MsB:  Uno I, I really think that it - that's why I'm not angry because I don't think it was intentional.  MP:  Right.  DC:  It wasn't.  KT:  Uhuh.  No.  DC:  It was not intentional.  KT:  No.  DC:  I - if they, they went in there & it was the only way the trucks could get into the site & haul this rock - KT:  Right.  DC: & haul the dirt out - we had to take a lot of dirt out - MP:  Right.  DC:  We had to haul a lot of rock in.  They had - & most of the pipe was brought in off of, off of uh Old Mer Sta Rd, actually thru the plaza. 


I mean we're not - we're no - it's - we - the blacktop - there's gonna be blacktop put back on the parkin' lot.  It'll all be straightened out, but you, you gotta wait till the guy gets finished.  Uno he can't just - ?: _ _ - DC:  you're just gonna have to wait a while until this, it's all compacted & everything else & they're gonna blacktop it.  But you've got to give these guys a little time.  They just can't - MM:  Is she gonna get that in writing?  DC:  go in there & compact it - MsB:  Well, tku, Maureen, that's a good idea. 

7/19/04 LEV - Section   17 of  17


MP:  So, so what you're sayin' is they needed a part of her property to charge back there?  DC:  They did;  they, they did.  ?: charge - DC:  That's right & they, they shouldn't have.  I mean uno - KT:  Yeah, yeah, they should've asked.  DC:  The guys, these guys that drive the trucks, they just uno, you can tell 'em & they're gonna take the most - RW:  I don't believe the truck drivers are with the company.  I think they're individuals that they - DC:  Well, they hire out.  They're a subcontractor.  MsB:  They, they didn't - DC: they're a subcontractor.  I mean uno - MsB:  They didn't;  they really didn't mean to.  I mean they didn't mean to tear us up. 


DC:  & they're not, they're not gettin' paid to stit there with their truck - RW:  Right.  DC:  runnin', waitin' for somebody that'll open up a gate or somethin' like that.  You have to uno - & they pull up there & they drive in & they dump a load & they're gone.  Uno that's, but give us a little time, Vivian.  MsB: Ok.  DC:  & we'll - MsB:  Right, right.  I liked - DC:  I talked to you on the phone - MsB:  I liked Maureen's suggestion, tho;  that sounds good (for the night).  DC:  I talked to - I er you talked to me on the phone & I brought it up to the mayor & the mayor says when we get done & everything is is, we'll - MsB:  Can I get something in writing like she said?  DC:  That's right.  MsB:  Ok. 


Now this is last 2 & then I'm outta here. This shows the one way how they blocked it all off & this is that road that you were mentioning.  DC:  Right.  MsB:  They put road closed;  so uno they had no choice but to go thru the carwash.  So those are my last 2.  CLM: Vivian, look at that photograph.  I think you'll probably end up with a better area than you had to start with.  That asphalt's pretty thin (someone coughs) _ _ _ _. 


MsB:  Well, I mentioned that to my son-in-law because I was trying to ask him a ballpark figure & he said uno, he said that uno he, he wanted to know - he goes thru all these figures that I don't like;  uno like it's 29,000 plus somethin' & then he had to just subtract the bldg & all this stuff unoAnyway, the long & short of it is he said, well, you might get back by, uh with an overlay because he said the blacktop on my property is not as bad as the other part there.  So I don't know. 


CLM:  You'll probably, like I said, as I said, you'll probably end up better - ?:  got a goose.  MsB:  Well, I hope so!  That would be good because then it'll be beautiful for your, the cmty, Karen.  KT:  Tku.  MsB:  Ok, thanks so much for listening.  DC:  Ok.  MsB:  Are these the finished?  DM:  _ go run your trees down there _ - ?: Yeah, I missed it tho.  KT:  (chuckling) Yeah, you want one of my trees?  ?: I know it.


MsB:  Did you look at - DC: I looked at that last wk, Vivian, & it looks terrible.  RW: _ _  - KT: _ big amt of money if they run over IT.  I mean (chuckle) - ?: _ _ _ _ _ - MsB:  I don't think you're all the way - MP:  You got popcorn to go with it _ _ - MsB: Oh!  CLM:  I like a lotta butter on mine.   DC:  Ok!  Next Levee Cmsn mtg 8/16, same time, same place.  Anybody else got any ques?  RW:  Motion to adjourn.  2?:  2nd.  DC:  Ok, mtg's adjourned.






The mtg was called to order at 5 pm.  In attendance were TW, DC, DS, JKB, BW, RW, DM, JKB{sic}, MP, KT, JLB, JZ, CLM.  Also present were Andy McCord & Vivian Blackmun{sic}. 


The possibility of add'l flood protection was discussed & the Cmsn was informed that this was a multi-yr process with 50/50 cost sharing.  The COE indicated it would provide profiles with corresponding levels of protection.  A press release describing the work progress was also suggested.  CLM suggested a letter from the Mayor to the D.E. be sent.


Funding uncertainties were discussed.  CLM informed the Cmsn of the possibility that legislation may not be completed until 05.  DC indicated the contractor est'd his contract was 25% complete.  JZ indicated that he had met with the contractor re funding.  The contractor, despite non-paymt, indicated he would continue to work.


DC presented a progress report.  Vivian Blackmun{sic} presented photos of damage to her parking lot at "Splash".  Mtg was adjourned at 6 pm.