Notes:  Mtg time about 5:10 to 6pm.   

Present:  DM,  DS,  DC,  CLM,  JW,  EM,  JKB,  KT,  RW.  

Also Present: Vivian Blackman, VP Resident & Business Owner; Jim Mitas of Cgsm Akin's office;  Andy McCord of DG Purdy.

8/16/04 LEV - Section  1  of  20

DC:...(roll call - see above, plus TB is working & asked to be excused)   Uh uno, Mayor, maybe we ought to uh maybe get a hold of Laura Kinder & ask - DM:  Yeah, I've been meanin' - DC:  to talk to her.  Maybe - DM:  Probert hasn't shown up in ages.  DC:  Probert hasn't been here for quite a while - DM: _ _ yeah.  DC:  again.  So maybe his job is changed;  maybe we need to get some other body.  DM: Ok.  _ _ - DC: I see Jim - he's on fire duty tonight _ - ?:  Yeah, he said he had to _ - DM: Tom - DC: Zerega, he's - DM:  say, TW called;  he's tied up in traffic downtown so he asked to be excused, but he is workin' on some levee's access, down I guess down at the east end of town, down by Kena.  DC:   Ok, yeah.  DM:  So just to let uno he (someone coughs) _.   (Pledge)

CLM: _ _ _ - EM:  Yeah.   CLM: _ _ _ - DC:  Any additions or deletions to the - EM: _ _ _ _ _ - DC: agenda tonight?  EM: I'm sorry.  JW?: _ _ - DC:  Ok um - JW: _ _ _ - DC: I need a motion to approve the agenda.   JW:  So moved.  DC:  Do I have a 2nd?  DS:  2nd.  DC:  I have a motion to move & a 2nd to approve the agenda;  all in favor (ayes are heard).  

Ok, approve the uh mins of 6/21 & 7/19.  Have ya's all had a chance to read 'em over?  If not, if you don't wanna approve 'em, we can hold 'em over to the next mtg.  RW:  I'll make a motion to approve 'em.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section   2 of  20

DM:  Dave, Is there something I could sneak in on the agenda?  JW:  2nd.  DM:  Is there a definition of what 50% complete is?  I know it says 25% of this phase;  some people asked about 50% which would allow 'em apparently to reduce a little bit of their insurance.  EM:  There is a definition;  it's a FEMA definition _ _ _. You wanna put that in the agenda?  DM:  If there's a contact, just go ahead & let me know that now.  I'll call 'em or if somebody could contact _ - EM:  Well, there's nothin' to call.  DM: Oh, I thought -

EM:  All, all the essential structures have to be in place;  all the 50% of um - CLM:  50% of the contract const work for - EM:  Right.  CLM:  funds, total funds required to build the project, but it's average about 50%.  DM:  So if we reach 50% of this last phase, would that qualify or _ - EM: Well, &, & all the structures have to be in place. CLM:  Yeah.  EM:  In other words, all the storm water structures have to be in place & uh - DM:  Ok. Sounds like - EM:  det basins - DM:  we're not quite _ - EM:  No, & the COE's, the COE knows about it.  We talked to JZ, uh jeez, recently as what Thurs? CLM:  Well, yeah, last wk we were tourin' it with Katie Swainy.  We discussed that - ?:  Ok.  CLM: with JZ to make sure that it's fresh in their mind.  DM:  Alright.

EM:  & they actually - they have to - I, I suppose they start the certification process in conjunction with us, but - CLM: Yeah, we, we would actually initiate the request for certification with 'em, but the COE initiates the request for FEMA approval on standards required in order to refuse the entry.   

EM:  Right, &, & we're, we're proba - we were kinda thinkin' 60 days from - ?:  So (much?) - EM: being able to be there.  I mean we still got a prob, big problem on the funds;  uno, we have to have 50% of the funding, but - DM: Ok, maybe some money'll get transferred in at the end of the month & that - EM:  Well, that's  guessing - DM: give us some hope - EM:  Yeah.  DM: Alright, alright, tku. DC:  Ok.  

JW:  Is that 50% of fed funds or just our funds?  EM?:  2 of 'em.  CLM:  Total fed _ -

DC:  I have a motion;  do I have a 2nd on approve those mins?  JW: (bkgd) _ _ _ - JKB:  I'll 2nd it.
I've got a motion & a 2nd to approve the mins of 6/21 & 7/19;  all in favor - (ayes are heard)  

8/16/04 LEV - Section   3 of  20

Ok, discussion items for this mtg - Item 4B - I've got a little correction to make.  If you'll look at my report, we kinda got the correlation between me & the secretary - if you read the 1st this wk of 7/26 & we went to 8/2 & then it should be 7/12 & 7/19 should before the 26 which brings us up-to-date.  It's nothin' really, but I just wanted you to make sure that when you read those things, you kinda transfer 'em around.  

JW:  Who's your sec'y?  DC: Huh?  JW:  Who is your sec'y?  DC:  (chuckle)  I won't go into that.  (JW chuckles)  It wasn't, it wasn't the secretary's fault;  it was my fault because I had to pay for the store later on. CLM:  Do you think it'd be appropriate for a motion to have him go stand in the corner - DC:  Right, I _ _ - (people chuckle) - ok.  JW:  _ _ I just wanna make sure I didn't get the same sec'y;  that's _ - (CLM chuckles).  

DC: JZ, he's not here tonight.  He's excused;  he's gettin' ready for his daughter to get married & I guess that's trying enough.  JW:  Poor guy.  DC:  Item 4B, um there's - according to the report that I gave you here is - that levee is goin' along every day.  I mean it seems like more uh things are goin' on.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section   4 of  20

We're workin' possibly now on 3rd St, the uh gravity drain at 3rd St.  We've completed the uh, the drainage ditch from 3rd St; divertin' the water from 3rd St uh, uh gravity drain to the 5th St in order to build the 3rd St. They're probably uh this wk I think they were going to start on the uh, uh outlet structure at one, oh uh Meramec Sta Rd or 141 into the river;  building the outlet structure there.  

Uh they've completed Beckett's Plaza with the report except for putting in the new gate structure there & they, they probably won't do that until after they get the outlet structure at uh, uh 141 built & put the new pipe in & get the uh connection in to the AL uh det pool.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section   5 of  20

JW: Dave, I got a ques while you're at that - Beckett's Plaza.  I notice it says that Vivian presented photos of damage to her parking lot.  Is the contractor responsible for repairin' her damages? Or - DC:  Well, there is a - the contractor & Vivian had a mtg & they discussed it over & there's things goin' on there that we won't discuss here.  I mean this is goin' on between Vivian, the contractor & VP.  & once, once this project is all completed, I think everything will be to the everybody's satisfaction.  I don't think - we won't go, won't go into it.  Ok, Eric?  Is that - EM:  Yeah, that's fine. DC:  I think everyb - everything will be worked out at, at the end of this when we get done.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section   6 of  20

Uh we have worked out an agreemt with the uh, uh DL Rideout to move the cars back so we can move their wall & uh so the contractor can get in & work down at Kena or at uh Pyramid & Pharoah & complete that uh storm water project there.  

Uh according the way it was worked out in the very beginning, we - when Rideout had to move his cars, we were going to have to supply him with a location, a secure location to park all these wrecked cars.  & after we went down & looked at it & talked with Phil Rideout who leases the property from Kirchner Block & the fellas that own DL Rideout now, uh we decided that we didn't need as much property to get in there & that & after the COE had worked some more drawings, worked some more elevations & stuff out.  

& we reached an agreemt with Phil & what we've done now is to put a new gate on his property & an entrance-way to secure all of it.  Now all he has to do is move his cars from one side of the uh rock wall to another side of it.  & then uh when we get done, we'll - the contractor will move the wall & then he'll move the wall back. Uh the thing we gotta be sure of & TW I think is workin' on it - to find out where actually the, the property lines are - Kitchner's uh property & VP property is - so when we move 'em back, we either move 'em back to the uh city property line & that's it - that we don't, we don't go over it which uh we now, they now are encroaching on the City of VP's property but they'll only be moved back so to the exact place where they go which is under all agreemt.  

So uh in the next - I would say in the next month, uh & maybe sooner, Pyramid will be closed uh for thru traffic.  Uh probably Marshall Rd within the next,
by the time we meet next month or not too soon after that, Marshall Rd will be closed at 10th St.

8/16/04 LEV - Section   7 of  20

RW: What are you talkin' about Pyramid, Dave? DC:  Hum?  RW:  What do you mean about Pyramid? EM:  Pyramid &  Kena.  DC: Pyramid & Kena, that'll be closed; uh the levee will be across there.

They're not, they're been held off - the contractor's been held off to dig the expension, the trench, uh inspection trench thru there & but um they're startin' to move around the corner uh as soon as the uh old lift sta is removed - the new one is installed, that old lift sta will be torn down & uh Kena will be kind of moved over a little bit in order to - into that area to go down there because it, the levee uh toe of the levee will infringe into Kena.  But it's gonna be moved over somewhat & this, this was in all -  we all knew that in the very beginning, it was gonna have to be moved.  

But at Pyramid, & we'll be ending it probably, I don't know how far back, probably whatever the depth of that lot is where that's for sale there on the corner.  Uh I would imagine it'll probably be a couple hundred feet from where Kena & Pyramid come together where the road will be blocked off.  

I've already talked to the school & they're makin' some arrangemts to right now, to uh run their school bus, get their school bus rerouted however they're gonna do it.  Walt Bader is workin' that out.  & uh but rather than wait till the contractor dug the uh, uh Pyramid up, which it's probably going to be done by the contractor for the new lift sta, that uh road will have to be cut down there.  So we're going to close it off.  Um -

8/16/04 LEV - Section  8  of  20

RW:  Have they moved the utilities down there yet?  DC: Uh I think most of the utilities have been moved.  I think we're workin' with the American Water Co to uh, uh cut that line down there & put it over the levee or under the levee until it's done & then they're gonna put it over, over the top.  

RW:  Do you need - make sure we put that fire plug back on the west side of that to hose it.  EM: They're supposed to be out there in uh 2 wks from Thurs is how they have it scheduled & I'll be, give you - I'll pass on the name of the, the uh it's Bob Sssomebody with const, but I don't know who the crew leader is.  We'll find out when it comes & pass it on to you.  DC:  We did know most everybody - RW:  'cause there's only one other plug down there & that's at Pyramid &, & uh Pharoah.  DC:  Yeah.  

KT:  Is that info sign out on 141 got anything to do with the levee?  Or is that just DOT info?  DC:  The sign? I thought that was put up there by uh - wasn't that for Donahue's grand opening?  ?:  Yes, it's grand opening.  DM:  Yesterday, it said Donahue's grand opening.  DC:  It's just a Donahue's grand opening; that's all it is.  KT:  Serious? (chuckle)  EM?:  Yeah, that's what it said.  DM:  grand opening. DC:  Right. KT: Well I didn't see it - DS:  Got an arrow pointing.  DC:  It's - yeah, I - it's got nothin' to do with the levee. KT: _ _ - DC:  Donahue's put that in there. JW: _ _ - DC:  I bet it's been there - Donahue's has been there for yrs.  KT:  I know - DC:  I come across there the other evening & I thought, well - KT:  But I thought it was an info sign - DC:  I was just there - KT: 141 - DC:  (chuckling) I was just there last Wed evening & - KT:  for closing the road - DC: I didn't know it was - KT:  or something.  DC:  had been closed - KT: I was always goin' the wrong way - CLM:  Mr Magic over there - DC:  No law - maybe I'd keep it;  (chuckling) I don't know.  ?:  You go right past Donahue's _ -

DC: But & Marshall Rd - the same thing at Marshall Rd - they're gonna be probably closin' it uh very shortly. Uh so - RW: You mean right down there by Kena?  DC: No, Mar, yeah, at Kena, where it comes across there at Kena.  DM:  Where the levee's gonna be eventually across there, right? DC:  Huh?  RW:  I don't have any worries there.  DM:  Where the levee's gonna go across - DC: Where the levee'll go across, yeah;  they'll probably dig a det ditch all the way across up thru there & cut that all off. Like I say, once all the, once that new uh lift sta is probably hooked up & everything - EM?:  One won't be.  

DC:  Uh Marshall Rd will - EM: _ _ - DC: continue from the - EM: _ (asbestos?) _ _ - DC:  comin' west on Marshall Rd at St L where it Y's (indec bkgd EM & JW), we'll keep that open all the way to Kena because that'll be the only way that you'll be able to get to River Dr & get to the boat ramp or the Meramec Landing or whatever it is & for the resident to use to go down;  uh uh the uh the other resident that's east of Kena on River Dr.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section   9 of  20

RW:  Well, I'm sure the Lion's Club will probably rent you their entry up there for temp for - DC: Well, I'm, I'm sure - no, we, we don't want that.  (indec bkgd mumblings) I mean - JKB:  You can't - how are you gonna get down there any other way?  DC:  Where's that? JKB:  Comin' down uh StL - ?: _ _ _ - RW:  We're not gonna be able to turn.  JKB:  to Marshall you can't turn that.  DC: Well, they'll uh, they'll have to go down - I mean uno it, it's, uno it's gonna have to - they're gonna have to do something & go down to get StL - make the turn down there at Marshall & where they come together, StL Ave; at the Y uno, they'll have to turn in & go that way.  

RW:  That truck's 40' long, Dave, you can't (laughing) turn that truck.  DC:  Well, I, the, the only other way I, I (they all laugh), the only other way I know you're gonna go down there is - JKB: Sneak cross Lion's Club.  RW:  I'll sneak across the Lion's Club & tell 'em to bill the city.  How about that? 

DC:  Well, the only - there's uh there's only I think one or 2 houses that are down there;  one house that's gonna be down on River Dr but you will have to have access to it.  RW?:  _ _ - DC: I don't know how often that's gonna be.  I don't know if there's anything else on the east side of the levee on Kena, on Pyramid.  RW:  There's more than that one house that's still there.  DC: On Kena? On Pyramid on the other side?  Is there one?  I -

EM: There's 2 houses & one, we've, we, we're gonna tear down, but there was asbestos.  The city bought that just recently at - DC: Right.  EM:  at Pyramid & Kena there. JKB:  Yeah, there's - head one head down - EM:  Ok.  Then there's the other one;  it's uh - RW:  That one's down, on the corner.  EM:  Well, it'd be - oh, is it down already? RW?:  You bet!  JKB: Yeah, it's been down for about a month, month & a half.  DC:  Well, 2, one of 'em is down on the - EM:  There's 2.  DC:  on the north side - EM:  There's 2 on, on the corner. ?:  Right.  EM:  Are they both down?  ?:  No.  ?: No.  DC: North side one's down;  the south side isn't.  EM:  Ok, yeah, that's what I thought & we own both; the city owns both of those & - RW:  Are they occupied or vacant?  EM:  No, no, they're vacant.  

JKB:  But the other one's east of - RW:  Well, that one's got a tent in the front yard.  JKB:  No, it's, that's - (someone laughing)  DS: Yeah, somebody lives there.  JKB:  that one's not comin' down.  ?: _ _ - JKB:  it's not comin' down. ?: _ - RW:  Tent's not?  DM:  Tent's comin' down tomorrow.  JKB:  No, that - the city didn't buy that house.  ?:  That - yeah - EM:  You're talkin' about 1100 Pyramid?  ?: Yeah.  DS:  Right.  EM:  Yeah, no the city did not buy that.  Some, some guy moved in there; George somebody;  Gilly, George Gilly (spells it).  JW: Rick can go practice fire trainin' on it.  (he or someone chuckles)

RW:  So now we're gonna have to keep that fire plug on that side too.  EM:  We have to because that's a line that runs all the way to uh - RW:  There should be a fire plug there.  EM: county parks from there.  DC: County parks, yeah.  There's a fire plug - EM: Does he have one?  DC:  I thought's one - I thought you were talkin' about - RW:  But if you close, if you close that entrance up, you won't be able to access it.  

DC:  Well, see that water line will - that - RW: & you're gonna have to put one on this side of it.  EM: Oh, I didn't think about that! You're right.  DC:  The water line will be goin' over the top of the levee.  RW:  But I mean temp closin' it, we won't access, we won't access that plug so they're gonna have to back up this way & put another plug in.  DS?:  Yeah.  DC:  No, that water line will be in there all the time.  

EM:  Yeah, but see, how's he gonna - DM?:  It'll be behind it tho.  DM:  Is there a hydrant for the fire dept to access?  RW: You just said they're gonna close that street.  DC:  What street?  ?: Marshall.  DC:  Not, not Pyramid.  RW:  Pyramid & Kena.  KT: Pyramid & Kena. DC:  Yeah, but you'll still be able to get down Kena, down to Pyramid & turn left.  They're not gonna close it at - you can go all the way - you can go from Marshall Rd all the way down Kena if you want to;   go down Kena all the way to the River Dr if you want to.  

EM:  But isn't the hydrant on the other side _ _ - DC:  Isn't there 2 hydrants;  one on one side & one on the other?  RW:  No, there's one at Pyramid & - DC:  & Pharoah, ok. RW:  & the other one's at  Kena.  DC:  & - RW: Well, it WAS there;  I don't know if it's still there or not! I _ - DC: Yeah, there's a fire plug down there.  DS:  Well, there's one down at the end of Pyramid too.  DC: I thought there - DS: all the way at the end of Pyramid.  

RW:  Yeah, but he said we're gonna close that.  EM:  _ _ have some_ 2 - DC:  Yeah, but the water line'll still be there, Rick.  EM: Do you have to be 200' - RW:  500.  EM:  Oh, 500.  

JMitas:  How are you gonna keep that water line from freezing in the winter as it goes over the top of the levee?  RW:  The one down at the end of Pyramid, all the way down _ - DC:  I would imagine there'll be some kind of a - RW:  _ we're gonna pay for them houses still there.  

DS:  It'll be 4' deep like they did out on Rocks Rd. ?:  _ -  DC: They'll put a - ?: They'll bury - DC:  It'll be buried. ?: _ - DC:  It'll be buried but it'll - ?: _ - DC: go up over the top of the levee.  ?: east side - DC:  It won't be - ?: _ - DC: It won't be outside - RW?:  (holdin'?) the line.  DC:  It'll be buried.  RW: _ _ -  DS: The one on Vance Rd is 4' deep.  RW: _ _ - DC:  They bury it - RW: _ _ - DC: about 4' into the, into the levee.  ?: _ _ -  DM:  There's one door over the one at Vance Rd that's _ - ?:  Right. DC: Yeah, it's buried.  DM:  That was a good ques tho, Jim, I'm glad that - DC: Right.  Yeah, the lev, the, the pipe won't be exposed - I mean the water line won't be exposed;  it'll be buried.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section  10  of  20

JW:  Dave, Did you get a - DC:  But until the levee is - JW: _ _ - DC:  after the levee is built - JW: _ _ - DC: what the water co is gonna do, they're gonna put a new, a 6" line under the levee, down Pyramid & hook it onto the water line.  After the levee is built, they'll take that & cut that line off, put the one over the top, over the top & then they'll grout from on the north side, on the west side of uh Pyramid to the east side of Pyramid;  they'll grout it.  They, they had to put in a larger pipe because of the fact is they can't grout 4" pipe;  they gotta grout the 6" pipe. So that's why they gotta put a new pipe in & then there'll be a new pipe that'll go over the levee & be connected;  & that's the one that runs all the way down to the county park, Simpson's Park. We gotta keep that uno that -

KT:  How do they - RW:  Yeah, but it's just a - KT: those from freezing?  RW:  main they hooked onto underground.  DC: What's that?  They're underground. RW:  _ under where - KT: Oh - RW: the main that runs in the - KT:   they'll be - RW:  county park?  KT: under, un, over but under. ?:  to - RW:  to _ -  EM:  To it.  DC:  under, right. They just -KT:  Ok.  DC:  they bury 'em all older, yeah, tht's right. KT:  Ok.  CLM:  They go THRU the levee as opposed to under it.  KT:  Over, but under, ok. CLM:  Actually thru.  

DC: Um so in the, within the next month, I would say that we're going to have Marshall Rd closed off & Pyramid will be closed off. It's, that's, that's the way it's gonna be;  that's the way it'll end it. Eventually you'll, you'll uh have to - we'll close uh uh Marshall uh probably with some kind of barrier or something with some kind of a gate.  There'll be a gate.  We can go down Marshall probably all the way to the toe of the levee or wherever that is uh because we have to give the Lion's Club access off of Marshall to their property rather than just off of uh 10th St & everything will have to exit off of Marshall at 10th St & go onto StL Ave down there until -

EM: We are moving rapidly in that direction.  JM called me today & he's ordering bids for uh barriers - DC:  Right.  EM:  & uh signage & everything else to close both of them. DC:  Because we're gonna put up some info on, on Marshall Rd & uh on Pyramid that - EM: _ _ _ _  - DC:  that'll be closed to this - we'll be closing it. Uh so it's one of those things that'll be -

DS:  They got 2 water services right at the corner of Kena & Marshall;  the Lion's Club & the Legion Hall.  DC:  They, they probably won't be affected because they come off of this line that goes down the uh, will be hooked, will be on hooked onto the one that comes down & goes over down Pyramid.  That's the way I understand that Lion's Club & all them will work, feed off of that, that thing right here.  DS:  They gonna run 'em that far;  gonna have to I guess.  DC:  Yeah, whatever;  they'll have to hook 'em up. The water co has already been debriefed to whatever they're going to do down there.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section  11 of  20

Um that's all I have right now on, on the update of 4B.  If anybody has any ques - I mean we're waiting on, up here at the uh plaza, Meramec Plaza, to get the uh - once they start up there, they're gonna have to hook the new line up from uh into the det pool under the ser, under the uh emerg exit road, entrance road underneath there & connect it into the uh a det pond uh by some means.  

That - that drain line was never hooked into a manhole that was up there & uh now we, we have to hook it into the manhole uh & put that water down there because they won't, it won't drown to River Dr.  It drained to River Dr.  It never did go into the manhole;  it never did go into a pipe that supposedly went under the uh the old service road up there.  It never went there;  it was, whenever they put it in (chuckling), it was put in beyond, around the - or under the manhole that was supposed to be connected & never was.  That's why we never could find -  

EM:  On, on my end, we, we, they've just recently shot some new grades on uh Simpson & uh the area that Simpson's renting out to uh Metro Paving & they need some more ROW.  & it looks like it's just gonna be temp const esmts;  nothing hopefully that they - that we're getting 'em eng'd up now &, & getting that done.  

& um yeah, David's already brought you up to date with D&L & hopefully he, he's about done.  Uh I talked to him Thurs & he was going to go ahead & start Fri & work all wkend.  DC:  Who's that? EM:  Uh Joel at D&L Rideout.  DC:  I went down there Sat evening & they looked like they had moved some cars.  

EM:  Good, good.  & uh I, I mean it's, it's just awfully impressive if you go down there & travel along the levee, my God, it's a lot of dirt that's moving & uh it's, it's uh very much of an impressive sight. Everybody's busy as bees.  CLM:  They're doin' a great job & he's a really good contractor; particularly as in the fact he's undertaking something in that fill material yet knowing that it hasn't been done before.  DC:  & he's undertaking no money.  (some chuckle) ?:  Yeah.  

8/16/04 LEV - Section  12  of  20

KT:  Dave, can you - CLM:  IF he ever gets paid - KT: tell me how far from - CLM:  one of these days.  KT:  141 bridge uno that goes over the Meramec & the levee, what is the distance between the levee & the pavemt?  Is that gonna cause any problem with DOT wantin' to change this, make some changes that I (someone coughs)? DC:  I, I, I don't think so.  I really, I really can't tell you what the elevation - uh I don't know whether the levee's gonna be higher where they're tyin' into it. I don't, I really don't think it is.  
Andy:  Dave, I think they const'd the - DC:  Huh?  Andy:  I think they const'd 141 to the right - we, we have - ?: _ _  - Andy: height specs from them.  ?:  _ _ - DC:  I think it, I think it'll all be just - KT: You don't think it'll be - DC:  it'll be a - KT:  available?  DC:  be a level. ?: _ - KT: Ok.  DC:  be right there - EM: It'll go up to the _ - we have an attachmt agreemt. CLM:  Yeah.  EM:  We've worked all that out with DOT. KT: Ok. Well, that, that's what I was wanting - DC:  Yeah - EM:  Generally speaking - KT:  I've never heard you speak of that.

EM:  Generally speaking, their pavemt is just a little bit above the 100-yr floodplain - KT:  Ok.  EM: or 100-yr - CLM:  Elevation. EM:  Yeah, flood elevation & our, our height is gonna be 3' - CLM:  3' above it - EM:  there, but we're gonna tie in & it's all - DC: It'll kind of tie in & slope in, into it.  KT: Ok.  CLM:  They, whatever it was that they required, they would have put into that agreemt to tie in. KT: Ok.  CLM:  They're very sticky about agreeing to tie-ins. DC:  Right.

KT:  Well (someone coughs), I, I know the DOT is the  worst;  well, out, outside of the - CLM: Good question.  KT:  RR companies, the DOT - DC:  Right.  KT: is next to uh work with. & uh it - how, how is, how is the RR that goes undergrout - Burlington is up on top, right? DC:  No, no, maam. BN is the low track. KT:  That's the low track.  DC: & UP is the high track.  KT: Ok, so Burlington, how is this going to effect Burlington?  Do they have to build a bridge?  DC:  Oh no.  We have a closure structure on the RR tracks that was built some, about 2 yrs ago, actually a year, probably a year & a half ago;  it was built & there's a closure structure. & behind the - KT:  I thought we could get 'em - DC:  behind the uh - KT: to put a new bridge in (chuckle).

DC:  Behind Meramec Plaza will be a, will be a wall;  there'll be a levee points up - KT:  Ok.  DC:  & then they're gonna put a concrete wall from all the way in back of the plaza;  that'll be no levee, no levee really;  it'll just be a wall.  KT: Ok. Tie-wall.  EM: We, we bought esmts from both UP & BN & they're, they're very complex, long, lengthy docs & they're all - KT:  Yeah, I, I - EM: they're happy.  

KT:  I was just hoping Burlington had to maybe make a new - DC:  I don't think you'll get a new bridge. JW:  You don't like that bridge?  DM:  _ I don't think they - DC:  I don't think - CLM: Unfortunately if they had to - if they were required to do that, it would become a part of the project cost & the fed gov't would have to pay for it - KT:  I buy all - CLM: with us payin' 45% - KT:  Yeah - CLM: so we - JW: That's a historical bridge.  JKB:  Just stay off of it.  (someone chuckles)

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Andy:  Dave, quick ques is - KT:  Well, tku.  You don't want me tabled, huh?   Andy:  Every time I drive by AL, what's that big old pile of concrete blocks, broken up concrete?  It seems like it's gettin' - obviously it's on the wrong side of the levee.  What are they gonna do with that?  DC: What's that?  That pile of rock?  Andy:  Big ol' pile of concrete back there.  

DC:   That's, that'll be goin' into the uh - it's not really concrete. Andy:  Oh, isn't it?  DC:  No, that's uh that's gonna be the, for the uh - put in there - the rock part of the uh where they build the outlet structure into the Meramec - ?:  _ _ - DC:  River. That's gonna be the - we'll put that in there.  Andy:  I thougt it was concrete.  DC:  Rip-rap, that's the - Andy: I thought it was gettin' land-locked.   DC:  That's rip-rap.  CLM: Aren't you glad I was here?  DC:  Yeah, I'm glad you are (they laugh).  JW: You heard - DC:  I forget all these technical terms (they laugh).  A lot of people say, well, what's rip-rap.  CLM:  Tell 'em if they ask that ques, I gotta refer that to somebody else.  I just remember the term;  I don't know what the hell it means.  

DC:  But uno the contractor is workin' from both ends of this thing & in the middle of it was the g/p & they've used that more as the point where they've used - they got their uh - usin' it uh for to make the fill, the eng'd fill;  the pressures & all that are in there.  

But probably within a month, once the 3rd St uh, uh drain is in, uh gravity drain is in, uh you're gonna see a lot of work go on in the g/p.  Right now it's not bein' worked there because they've got it - but once they start in the grass uh g/p, it's, it's gonna be - this end of it up here at the RR tracks, on the east end of the RR, is just about to elevation;  just about to elevation where the - a little bit more, but not, not at too much.  KT: It's really gettin' -

DC:  We're, we're probably about finished; probably by the end of this wk uh we'll be done at Simpson Lake.  9th St will be cleaned up & it'll be done & they'll be haulin' out of - & then they'll start haulin' out of 3rd St.

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JW:  Hey, Dave, do you think when this levee's completed, that VP will need a levee dist?  DC: Well, it's gonna need somethin'! Who's gonna take care of it?  JW:  That's what I'm sayin'.  When should the cmte make the recommendation or start somethin'? Because we talked about it a long time ago & I know you just can't make one overnight if you was gonna even think about it.

EM:  Right, the, the city cannot form a levee dist;  um it, it, it takes a petition by um the PROPERTY owners as opposed to the residents.  JW:  Which - any property owner in VP?  Or the ones affected by the levee?  EM:  Only the ones in the dist.  CLM: Ones that are protected by the levee.  

EM:  Yeah & uh what, what happens is - JW:  Well, they would never want it.  EM:  No!  I wouldn't think so.  JW:  (laughing) I mean they would never want one. EM:  Well, I mean typically a levee - JW: That's not fair to the rest of the citizens in VP.  EM:  Typically, how a levee dist is, is done to build the levee & uh &, & that's why uno they, they start it & then they tax themselves & build the levee & then they tax themselves for the maint.  

Here, it would take this petition process - ?:  That's tax bullsh_t.  EM:  & then they would have to vote-in  - ?: _ _ pass the tax to do it!  EM:  whether or not they'd want it.  ?:  & it would be (from everybody?) - EM:  Oh, yeah, _ obviously. (someone chuckles heartily) JW:  Right.  KT:  _ _ - EM:  & everybody would be assessed down here which would be in a uno separate than what the city collects.

JW:  Yeah, because uno I, I think the city -  EM?:  Proposition L.  JW:  & the school & the fire's all been stressed out over this & once it's complete - EM:  Well, the city - JW:  I don't think it's fair to - EM:  Well, the city, school & fire will also be assessed & this is one of those deals where the City of VP would pay money  to the taxing dist;  so would the fire dist & so would the school dist. CLM:  & the highway dept.  EM:  & the highway dept.  ?: _ _ -  

JW:  That would probably still be less than the city maintaining the levee.  ?: _ _ - EM:  Probably, probably.  I mean the school would be hit-up really hard 'cause they probably are the biggest beneficiary.  & I'm not sure how it would work.  I guess the city would have to end up & transfer ownership of all the land.

JW:  Because it's like Chesterfield;  I'm sure they've got a levee dist.  EM: Oh, oh, yeah!  It's, it - they've had a levee diftsrict for 60 yrs probably.  DC: Right, they - JW:  I mean why wouldn't VP want to follow some of the richer, mother cities & follow their steps rather than do something on our own?  

EM:  Well, I mean just - like I say, the reason is, most dists start to build a levee & that's why everybody wants to vote for it & say yeah, yeah, we want a levee.  JW:  Here - but here's what comes with it.  EM:  Yeah, I mean here, the City of VP is the sponsoring entity because there was not a levee dist when a local sponsor was needed & uh (pause) -

CLM:  Uno one thing I hadn't thought about till just now because - EM:  Umhum.  CLM:  I wonder if there's something that might be involved that allows a city, VP, to assess taxes ONLY on those people that - EM:  Yeah.  CLM:  are protected by the levee. EM:  Now we can, we have, we can form what's called a Special Benefit Tax Dist - CLM:  That's what I was gettin' at.  That's what I was thinking.  

EM:  Yeah, & uh the (stopped abruptly) - JW:  Who would vote on that or would there even be a vote?  EM:  Uummm - DM:  Since it's a tax - EM:  It, it - DM:  does it have to be voted on?  EM:  I think it, it would be a city-wide vote.  I'd have to take a hard look at it. JW:  Well, then that would pass.  DM:  (laughs heartily) Really!  ?: Yeah.  DM:  (Remember?) me, you paid _ - JW:  & fast. DM: _ _ -

EM:  Yeah, um I - DM: _ _ - EM:  I would think it would be & - ?: _ _ - EM: then it may - ?: _ _ - EM: it may be just that special - it may just be that Special Benefit tho uh - ?: _ - EM:  Dist that would vote on it.  I'm, I'm not sure.  JKB:  Uno it benefits the people on the hill too.  JW:  Not as much! DM:  I don't know;  that's what - JKB:  You don't know how.  (someone coughs) If they put factories down here that's not - EM: It's kind of - JKB: your (wages?) are drawn - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ -

EM:  uno, Jeff, what it - KT: _ _ - EM:  would be close to would be um - ?: _ -  DS:  50 yrs from today - EM:  like a Neighborhood Improvemt Dist. (NID) ?: _ -  DS:  just like - EM:  I mean it's almost the same thing.  ?:  Yeah.  CLM:  Like the Needy ID.  JKB:  Yeah. ?: _ _ - JKB?:  _ retire it on that levee you got here.  EM:  Almost the same concept. JKB:  I been in _ -

JW:  Well, I mean wouldn't that be the fair way is to let all the citizens in VP decide?  DM:  Jim might be - CLM: Well, the other alternatives - JW:  how they wanted to pay for - EM: Well, yeah, but I, I don't know if a NID - ?: _ _ - EM:  I mean I don't know what the scope of the vote is - what does the city or the -

CLM:  Well, another alternative'd just be simply that would be quit (& or in?)corporated entity, ops & maint budget of the city & as the city need any more funds, the BOA!  EM: Well, yeah, I mean that's, that's, how, how it works now or how it WILL work.  CLM:  If you treated it as just another - JW: Our - CLM: just another - JW:  Our - CLM: expense - JW:  Our cash flow is uh
- CLM:  property owners.

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RW:  What is the est'd cost of maint?  Does anybody even know that yet?  EM:  We, we always kind of rule-of-thumbed it at 50 uh, a yr.  RW:  50,000?  EM:  Yeah.  Now that's been yrs ago.  I don't know that we - RW:  Yeah, it was $14M to build it!  (someone chuckles)  JW:  I bet - ?: _ - ?: Oh, really?  JW:  I bet one tractor is $100,000 - ?:  14?  ?: 14 it started out! JW:  to use to cut that.  EM: Oh, they're more than that I think.  I mean they're, they're all very expensive.  JW: That's what I mean.  I mean - KT: _ -

EM: I, I'm supposed to get in touch with uh - KT:  That's what they're supposed to cost.  EM: Monarch & who's the other one, Howard Bend, to see if - JW:  _ if our little zero-turnin' mowers isn't gonna cut this thing _ - EM:  They, they, they may be willing to, to enter into an agreemt with us because uno you can't MOW all day long, all yr long.  So they've got some downtime too & maybe we can work somethin' out with 'em.  But I, I mean you're right;  it's big bucks.  JW:  Oh yeah, I mean - EM:  Big Bucks!  

CLM:  Biggest expenses are going to be just mowing the levee & then - DC:  maint.  CLM: somebody keeping an eye on it  - DM?:  Keepin' up gates.  CLM:  & then you have a problem with uh the optimum weeds.  ?: I hope - JW:  Just tryin' to think a - JKB: _ _ - JW: little further down the road so you ain't - JKB:  be a good job for the sodder farmers - JW:  gettin' somethin'  CLM: Yeah, ideally - ?: _ - ?: _ - JW:  _ now's the time to start thinkin' about somethin' because it's, it's not that season.

DC:  Yeah, we, we have to start thinkin' about this because the fact is by next yr at this time - DS: _ long as we don't have - DC: we may have a levee - DS:  East StL - CLM:  You will.  DC:  & it will be finished - DS:  East St L got - DC:  & maybe turned over to the City of VP to accept uh after all the punch-list things are done & - ?: _ _ - ?: _ - CLM:  With that will come an ops course -  DC: whether we contract out, I think - CLM:  est of it can go up _ -

DC: the most - the real thing to do is to, for us to look into how much it costs to mow the levee; rather for the City of VP to buy this equipmt & you only use it uh in the summertime.  ?: _ - JKB: _ mow the levee.  DC:  Because we can contract-out with somebody.  We, we contracted out before - ?: Yeah.  DC:  the COE did, to cut the levee up on - CLM:  Cost enough to bid.  DC: the uh Fishpot area there. ?: _ _ -  

EM:  & these other dists have miles & miles & miles of - DC:  Oh, yes, I mean - EM: _ - DC: & it's uh the equipmt - DM:  What's the total mileage from one end to the other?  _ _ - EM: Uh it's 3.1.  ?:  It is 3.1 miles?  ?:  _ - CLM:  You're looking at about 12.5, 13 miles just in Monarch Chesterfield.  ?: Yeah, you got (screwtin?) - KT:  I can do that. DC:  Huh?  But you have to have - KT:  Of course _ _ - DC: special equipmt.  I mean we cut the thing now - KT: _ - DC: with some little mowers that we have, but - KT: _ _ - DC:  once we get - KT: _ - DC:  this levee finished over here in this 3 miles - I mean we do a job on it, but it isn't uno it takes our people uno 3 to 4 days to cut -

JW:  Well, that's all we do is cut grass & pick up trash in VP - DC:  Well - JW:  right now.  I think the citizens - DC:  Well, when we've got - JW: need a little more than that goin' on.  DC:  But if you have a contractor, he can come in here & he'll start mowin'.  Uh uno it isn't one straight mow. He can, he has to move from one spot to another to cut it but it probably'd take him maybe 2 days to cut the whole levee, if, if that long but uh they cut an awful lot of grass with them big mowers;  them big tandem mowers that they have & everything & that equipmt, so.  

EM:  Which it may happen in 6 wks.  ?: _ _ - DC: Uh if you would like - JW:  _ _ _ - DC: maybe by next mtg I can come up with some idea.  I'll get, uh talk to uh JZ & uh by the next mtg I'll try to get something for mowing - what they pay. They, they do have contractors that they contract to mow their levees & to do it.   

CLM:  I'll give you the name of the guy that does it for Monarch Chesterfield;  he's in charge of havin' it cut.  DC:  Ok & I can get a couple prices.  I'll get to the fellow they used - It may be the same fella that Monarch uses.  ?: _ - DC:  I don't really know.  ?: _ -

EM:  Oh, do they not own the levee?  RW: (bkgd) _ paid $1000 _ -  EM:  the Monarch Levee?  ?: _ _ - CLM:  By halves, we uh contracted it out. JKB: (bkgd) _ talk to somebody.  ?: (bkgd) Yeah, correct (chuckle). EM:  I've seen him up there, but I know those tractors, my God, they look expensive _ - JW:  Dave, would you remind uh Eric to check out - CLM:  Bill Quick's office is the guy that does it;  he'll know. JKB: _ _ - JW:  Special Benefits Tax or other options out available too?  Just bring all that back?

DC: Well, yeah if, uno, he wants to, Eric wants to get - I'll get some info.  We'll sit down & find out what the info is.  & uh I had info; I don't know whether I still have it - how much one of those mowers cost, but it costs in the upwards of almost $300,000.  & you have to have equipmt. ?: _ _ - ?: _  - KT:  You oughta be able - DC: Uno you just can't - KT:  You oughta be able to go - JKB:  for 'em to tear up & - KT:  thru the state - JKB:  have nothin' to mow with.  KT:  shouldn't they?  DC: Huh?  

CLM:  That doesn't include the DVD.  JW:  (laughing)  Like you said, is that with a/c?  JKB:  It'd be alright if they just use it for the levee ONLY.  CLM:  Oh yeah!  They all come with a/c;  that's standard equipmt - JKB: anywhere else around here. CLM:  with a CD player, but not a DVD.  KT: Those gang mowers - DM?:  up one night & you go - KT: they oughta be able to get a special price - CLM:  Show the wide-screen TV & their HDTV too.  KT:  from DOT.  DC:  Well, you're, you're talkin' about - JKB:  _ thousand $ for that, you don't wanna take it in one of these - JW:  You talkin' about -

DC:  This equipmt that he has - KT: _ _ - DC: is only used for cuttin' levees. JW: _ - DC:  I mean there's nothin' in the City of VP that - ?: _ _ - DC:  we'd ever use this thing on. KT:  Huh?  JW: _ tires on it.  DC: I mean he cuts a swath - DM:  That's somebody else's _ (somebody coughs) _ _ - DC:  & pay 'em - KT:  Right.  DC: to come in. You - DM: _ _ _ - DC:  only need to cut that levee - DM: _ _ _ - DC: probably 2 or 3 times a yr.  That's just about what we do right now, uh cut it maybe 2 to 3 times a yr & that's it.

& if uno, I don't really know;  we'll, like I say, I can figure out, I'll get some idea of what the costs are; get a couple of prices here.  & then uh they, the fella that cut it before told me how much the equipmt costs & where he got it & everything like that.  It was a Ford-type of unit so we can contact Ford & we kind of know while work with Jim & Jr out there & we'll try to get some kind of an est on how much a piece of equipmt will fix - CLM: _ - JW:  They'll have that thing up there cuttin' Leonard Park.  CLM:  The main reason -  DC:  No, they wouldn't get it on Leonard Park.  (JW laughs)  

CLM:  The main reason you mow the levee is so you can inspect it for varmint a lots.  DC:  Right. CLM: & erosion.  DC: & of course then when you have it mowed, if you do find uh any type of uh uh varmint-type, you're going to have to repair it & usually, those guys are, are, you contract with them to do it.  They have the equipmt to repair it & everything like that or else we send some - CLM: Maybe (ask?) the _ - DC:  we send some people up there.

& the COE - as soon as that - actually, when this levee is done & we accept it, it's our levee, but the COE will inspect it twice a yr. They'll come out & they & check the gates;  they'll come out & look at the levee & make (someone coughs) things,  recommendations that we have to fix it & - JW: _ we're gonna have to put a sign on the levee - DC:  everything else; & it'll be our cost.  Op & maint of the levee is - (CLM & JW laughing)  CLM:  It's gonna get thin.  JW:  It might say ESI levee.   DC: high because - CLM:  Dave, It's gonna get - DC:  
you don't use all this equipmt every yr.

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I mean we've had the levee & we do exercise the sluice gates up here, but in time, the seals & everything'll have to be checked & possibly uh redone.  Maybe before we even accept the levee from the COE, we'll have the seals on the uh closure structures uh inspected real good to make sure that they're not - they're in, in good condition so that when we do close 'em & seal 'em, that the water's not gonna come around 'em or go thru 'em.  So we may have to have those inspected really by the COE & by somebody that -

JW:  Well, they'll have to inspect 'em this Spring -  DC:  Uh well, we're in the - we - JW:  with the real thing.  DC:  We inspect 'em when we go down.  We're gonna, in fact next wk, we're gonna clean the one at StL Ave.  

CLM:  The reason the COE inspects the levee after it's turned over to the city is that in order for the levee to remain in the COE's Emerg Maint Program.  They have to inspect 'em at least once a yr & usually we do twice a yr to insure that it's being properly maintained.  If it's not, then after each inspection they give the city a punch-list of things they found wrong & they indicate 'em there as the things that you must correct in order to stay in the maint program.  

& the reason you wanna stay in the maint program is you could have a flood where you have major damage to the levee.  & the COE under Public Law has the authy, if it's in the program, to come in & restore the levee & the city will have to pay 20% of the cost (after specific  lieners?).

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KT:  Can you tell me why the flood gates were (someone coughs) built or why they didn't leave the flood gates till last _ _ - CLM:  There's no, no rule of thumb or regular rule as to which you build 1st.  It depends upon acq of real estate, uh planning, eng'g, funds available.   

EM:  I think the main reason was is exactly that, it was funds available.  They were looking for - CLM:  Yeah.  EM:  const-start contracts - CLM:  That's right.  EM:  & that was the amount of funding that was coming down the pipeline & -

CLM:  Yeah, just, it was, it was - fitted our case better.  In CV for example, the levee dist - KT:  No, no, I know that, but - CLM:  the levee dist asked the COE - KT:  _ they're too small - CLM:  to do the - KT:  now.  CLM:  do the closure structures last 'cause the levee dist was bldg the earthen levee itself & they got more protection, linear-ft  protection per $ by raisin' the levee than they would - for example the closure structure at uh Baxter Rd is gonna be about $7M, but it's only 1800 ft.  & it depends, it depends on the situation.  Sometimes certain structures 1st;  sometimes one structure, a section of the levee, another structure;  just uh -

KT:  But it just, it, it, to me, it doesn't, it didn't - I mean it doesn't seem  wise _ _, but I haven't been to the levee (someone coughs) - EM:  There's a big deal - KT:  & at - EM: just to get that - KT: & at the time that they - EM:  const start.  KT:  were built, they were sufficient, but now, the, the structures over StL & Vance Rd are nowhere near the size they should be.  They should at least be 3 or 4 lanes.  

DC:  Well, I mean uno that's - CLM:  That's, that's - the COE has nothing to say or do about that. DC:  Right, right.  Uno they wouldn't have - (chuckle) unless StL County was, had plans to make that a circular 4-lane, the road & change - DM?:  Nobody _ _ _ - DC: all the bridges.   I mean it would've - KT:  So it was the city itself that wanted it done?

DC:  Well, of course;  I mean that's where the structure had to be. I mean it was - KT:  _ (someone coughs) Ok, well, that _ - DC:   That was the most logical place for it to go & the same way at StL Ave;  that was where they had to go.  KT:  That, that's what I - I'm not - CLM:  The COE can only - KT: I'm not tryin' to read an opinion on it - CLM:  The COE can only build - KT:  I'm just tryin' - CLM:  a closure structure - KT:  to find out why - CLM:  wide enough to protect the structure as, uno that is planned & the road that's there, unless the county or whoever owns the road (tempting?) has a rule to widen it;  then the COE can consider having a wider opening, but uh - KT:  (Yet or yes?).  CLM:  there's no basis for that in the design eng'g (stuff or is tough?). KT: Ok.  I, I -

8/16/04 LEV - Section  18 of  20

JW:  Dave, Is the top of that thing a 100-yr levee or is that not high enough, when the top of those structures were built?  CLM:  Oh yeah.  DC:  Oh, they're high enough, yeah; they're - JW: _ high enough _ - DC: they're the same height as this levee.  CLM:  There's 3 ft of freeboard.  DC: They're the same height as - JW:  What was the next stage that you can go to a - EM:  Uh 2, 250 - CLM:  Anything - you can go to 175, 150, 200 - JW:  What's Monarch?  CLM:  Now Monarch's 500, but uh - JW:  Would - that's not high enough to do a 500 then?  CLM:  Well, you have to justify it ec'ly.  That's the ques, as to whether you can justify - what, what are the flood parameters for the levee that's good for the cost.

The problem here is gonna be REALLY tough because you're gonna be buying-up some more land as LERRDS, which is property clear out in the boonies.  DC:  You have to buy more property _ - CLM:  It'd be a little more - EM:  Lee, Did - CLM: (slow to find it?) - EM:  you get those profiles that Zerkoff fax'd?  CLM:  Yeah.

EM:  Maybe (indec bkgd mumblings), maybe explain - I didn't understand those, but I thought it was - our levee's kind of a 250-yrs on our code file. CLM:  That's right.  Our, our levee - ?: 250. CLM:  The elevation of the top of our levee, (not at or none of?) the control structures, the gates, is at about the 250-yr flood elevation.  So in effect, we could withstand the 250-yr flood for some period of time.

EM:  As long as a riverboat doesn't come along & make waves that, that didn't hurt your freeboard - (chuckling) (as Melvin did it?).  CLM:  Yeah, keep, keep the tow boats off the Meramec. EM:  Yeah.  JW:  Our new gamblin' boat, would that affect it?  (someone chuckles)  CLM:  Long as it doesn't move!  EM:  & it won't move, believe me.  (JW chuckling)  CLM:  That'll be another project.  Are you - DC: Ok.  CLM: You could talk to more - DM?: _ _ _ - CLM: more
than a 100-yr flood.

8/16/04 LEV - Section  19 of  20

DC:  Let's move to - if nobody else has any cmts, we'll just go to (B?) city cost share of the project.  I think we all, we all know what they are (chuckle).  RW:  I think with next _ _ _ the same as - DC: Fed sponsor funding - RW: _ _ - KT: _ _ - DC: for 2004 & 2005, we're, they're still workin' on that.  We had a mtg uh gave a tour to a lady from uh Talent's uh, one of his assistants, & - CLM: Katie Swainy. DC:  & uh last uh, was it Wed?  CLM:  Yeah.  DC:  last Wed, & uh she's going back to Washington I guess with an idea of uh what went on...(exchange tapes)...

DC:...I mean probably not for 2004.  I don't know whether we get any more for 2004, but for 2005 - CLM:  We met with uh Senator Bond's staffers the wk before last & discussed uh several things to include funding for VP.  We also met that same day 2 wks ago with Katie Swainy from Senator Talent's office & Loren Ellis from Cgsm Akin's office & uh went over the VP Project;  the funding situation & status of the contractor, what the contractor's intentions are.  & uh we discussed with both offices, er all 3 offices, the possibility, & we haven't given up yet, on the possibility of getting some FY 2004 funds reprogrammed into the project so that the COE could pay the contractor part of what they owe him for 2004.  

As far as the 2005 aprops in the FY beginning 10/1, everything that we found in Washington 2 wks ago & I _ _ (heard?) since, points very strongly to the fact that the Congress uh would not finish action on the FY '05 aprops bills until some time in Jan or Fed.  & I say the bills, there's - every yr Congress has to pass 13 aprops bills & of those 13, the Congress  has & will only pass in the presence under the law 2.  & this yr looked - is shaping up much like uh calendar-yr '02 did where there's so much backed-up that the Congress couldn't deal with, because of disagreemts between the parties & what-have-you & not taking action on other things, they just wrapped the 11 aprops bills;  & I think that's what they're gonna do this yr before they go home before the election.

It's a big omnibus aprops bill with a continuing resolution authy - pass that & put it off in effect until Jan or Feb of '05.  & what that means is, for our project as well as other fed agencies, is the StL Dist would be allowed to, to spend monies uh in, in '05 at the same rate, at the same purposes that they had monies to spend in '04.  So they WILL be getting funds to spend, but nothing like what they need.  

The funding situation overall is the StL Dist estimates right now they need about $5.5M in order to pay the contractor for what he has done & will do & bill them for by 9/30.  & then (if  up?) for FY '05 until he completes the contract, they think that they would need about another $8.1M in '05.  So they have expressed a capability '05 of $13.6M.  

We've met with Cgsm Akin's office & discussed it at length with Jim Mitas here & it's his office in DC, & Senator Bond's office (someone coughs) Sentaor Talent's office in DC.  They're well aware of the details of where we are in the project, how much funding the contractor has earned now & will earn by 9/30;  how much we need to pay him off for all of '04;  how much we need total to finish paying the contractor for the work he'll do '05 till he completes the project.  & they're very supportive.  

Funding is extremely tough right now & the fact that  it does not look like we will be getting to '05 aprops bill till next calendar yr.  We've got uh extremely strong support by delegation & if anything can be done as far as reprogramming in '04, I think uh VP _ _ _ _ be looked upon as something that they fund.  

But that was a VERY successful mtg this last Wed with Katie Swagalese from Senator Talent's office in DC.  & as I said, Loren Ellis from Cgsm Akin's office, with her at that mtg 2 wks ago, & Loren is coming to town to visit uh the personal projects in Cgsm Akin's Dist about the wk of 8/30.  & we're tentatively planning on having her come out here at about 10:00 on a Tues morning, 8/31, to meet here in,
in city hall;  have a little get together;  talk about the project;  look at some photographs;  & then take a tour of the project;  & wrap up about 1, 12:00, Tues, 8/31.

8/16/04 LEV - Section  20 of  20

EM:  Uh I, I made it to - uh CLM, as we have every yr for a long time, we'll, we'll uh be appearing in front of the Mississippi River Valley Cmsn with this Fri (someone coughs) _ - CLM:  8/20.  EM: Uhm & last yr they picked up uh uh what we said on KMOX. Um so that was covered.  &, & this guy's - it's a presidential cmsn that makes recommendations to the Congress - CLM:  Right.  EM:  um & it's composed of the general of uh the Vicksburg Div & - 3 other appointees?  

CLM:  2, 2 other uh eng generals & total of 7 members;  one of whom by law must be a civil eng & a civilian, & uh the other, there's an admiral on there who's head of the uh US uh Council (General?) Assembly  & ola, overall (ease a thing?) & uh then civilians who are formed from the _ _ of the Valley _ - EM:  4 civilians.  CLM:  Yeah, but they're all appointed uh by the President, subject to confirmation by the Senate & they serve 7-yr terms.  & as I said, as Eric said, last yr he did uh present a statemt to 'em over the radio I rcv'd & I think uh it'd be good to do it again this yr & Eric's going to.  

The other thing is we do have a new Div Eng in Vicksburg who's also a President of this board or cmsn.  Uh it's Brigadier Gen Crear uh who we know quite well & that he was the Dist Eng of Vicksburg a few yrs ago _ was most recently formed under (his?) self the Div Eng in uh Dallas, TX;  & that's where his job sta was that he spent the last 13 months in Iraq.  He was in charge of the org that was responsible for restoring the Iraqi war & production facilities.  He did a very, very good job at that & he's back in the states now & now his assignmt's Div Eng in Vicksburg.

& for further info, uh Brigadier Gen Don Riley, who was the Dist Eng, Div Eng in Vicksburg who was up here several times, has been promoted to Major Gen, is now the Dir of Civil Works in Washington.  The Dir of Civil Works in Washington is the guy that is overall in charge of all civil works projects & ours IS a civil works project as far as major construction.  So it's good to have somebody in that job that's very familiar with _ _ (someone coughs) - EM:  &, & he knows both you & I of course & uh - CLM:  Every little bit helps.  EM:  _ _ the COE.

DC: When is that? Is that the 30th or the 31st?  Tues, the 31st?  CLM:  Tues the 31st, 10:00 - DC:  10:00?  CLM:  (if?) Jim gets it approved with uh Loren.  Loren Ellis is the lady's name & she handles COE water projects for Cgsm Akin in DC. DC:  Ok.  CLM:  & Jim will be out of course.  & I understand that uh Julie Zeno, the Dist Eng's Exec Assistant, will be here as well as the uh project mgr, JZ.  

KT:  Is this available to _ _ - CLM:  I'm sorry.  KT:  When she comes on the 31st - CLM:  31st.  KT:  are the ald welcome?  CLM:  Oh, absolutely!  Absolutely.  DC:  Oh, yeah, sure.  CLM:  Everyone on the Levee Cmsn & uh the BOA, absolutely.  

RW: Yeah, I'll make a motion we adjourn.  JKB:  2nd it.  DC:  Next mtg, 9/23/04, same place, same time.  JW:  That's a Tues, right? DM:  That's a Tues, right?  JW:  That's a Tues.  You check that 21st; that's a Tues, so don't want anybody to come on Mon.  DC:  Ok, that's Tues, right.  JW: Yeah. (miscellaneous chat)  DC:  OK, see you next time.  (end 8/16/04 mtg)

City's 8/16/04 Levee Mtg Mins

The mtg was called to order at 5pm. In attendance were JW, CLM, DC, DS, DM, RW, KT, JKB, EM. Also present were James Midas{sic} & Andy McCord. Mins of June & July '04 approved unan.

DM brought up the fifty percent (50%) completion requiremt for FEMA insurance reduction. CLM & EM recited that funding must be in place together with all essential structures. The matter was discussed with the COE on Wed, 8/4/04.

DC related an agreemt was reached with Kirchner, Rideout & D&L regarding storage of vehicles. Pyramid & Marshall will be closed by next mtg. EM agreed to check out revenue alternatives for the Levee Dist - Special Benefit Dist; Neighborhood Improvemt Dist; Levee Dist. DC was going to work on maint projections, annually.

Katie Swaney with Sen Talent's office met City reps & took a levee tour on Wed, 8/4/04. A rep of Cgsm Akin's Washington office will be coming Tu, 8/31. CLM informed the cmsn that EM would attend the Mississippi River Cmsn hearing in Alton, IL on 8/20/04. Mtg adjourned at 6pm.