Notes:  Levee-related info is scattered thruout this mtg.  On the agenda is:  Bill No. 1792 - An ord approving a dev plan for a Planned Commercial Dev identified as Pet RZ-2004-4 submitted by Joe Layton.  Typed at the bottom of the agenda as if an after-thought is Bill No. 1793 - An ord approving an annexation Agreemt with Drury Dev Corp & Timothy M Drury & authorizing the amendmt of the Plan of Intent to annex former Peerless Pk, MO to conform thereto.  At 8:18 pm they went into Ex Ses. 


Present:   RH,  TB,  JKB,  MW,  DM,   EM,  JW,  MP,  MMW.   Excused:  DA & KT. 



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DM:  MW,  Will u take roll please?  (see above)  Let the record show DA & KT are excused.  Quorum being present, call this BOA mtg to order for 10/4/04.  (Pledge Allegiance)  (RH, TB, JKB & JW have nothing to add to the agendaMP:  A couple things, YH;  uh #7 Guylyn Lane & ques on sub, subdiv bylaws.  I don't know _ _ _ _ _ _ & then ex ses land acq & litigation.  MMW:  Umm, only to do the land acq involving ex ses & uh I believe we've got a case on personnel, ex ses.  DM:  Is there a motion to approve the agenda as amended?  JW:  So move.  DM:  2nd?  ?: 2nd.  All in favor - (one aye, none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


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First I have a Speaker Request - I have Mr Cletis Lloyd - (he steps up onto the stage)  Step to the podium or unless u have something to present to the bd - the podium _ _ - MrL: _ _ - DM:  Yes, yes, sir.  MrL:  I have the uh property at 402 Benton.  I was havin' a problem gettin' uh uh it cleared uh on it - an inspection.  It took, it took a wk to get the county to come, come out & make an inspection & then it took another wk to get the, the list of things that need to be done from the county.  I've taken care of all the problems that uh they say that need to be taken care of.  & my problem is, is I had an inspection of one of the apartmts uh 7 mos ago & I didn't have a, a smoke alarm on the 1st floor.  These are, are 2, 2-room apartmts;  there are 4, 4 apartmts.  I have a smoke alarm on the 2nd floor & there wasn't a problem with gettin' it inspected by VP, but uh the county says I, I need one now.  I, I don't have a problem with puttin' a, puttin' a smoke alarm in, but when they, when they change things & then u, u gotta set up another appointmt &, & I mean it can take a month, a month & a half to get, get an uh apartmt rented - it's just, it's just ridiculous. 


DM:  We did vote last wk, sir, for a, a new bldg in - I guess office, housing inspector & a coding enforcemt officer.  So once we get that in place that should help the process.  MrL:  If any of the ald would like to go thru & take & take a look at it, I'd be more than happy to do it, but I believe in maintaining my, my property.  Now in all fairness to the, to the uh county inspector, he did find a GFI that was defective & I was not aware of that & I understand that uno this is a serious problem.  But I'd be more than happy to show it to anyone that wants to take a look at it. 


& another thing, uh he uh he wanted to go downstairs & I didn't have a problem with that, but I have a, a small room that I have a, a comode & a wash basin - he wasn't there to inspect that, but the feeder lines that went to the toilet did not & the uh wash basin did not meet code.  Of course I've taken care of that, but he was there to inspect the apartmt not the, the uh storage room that I have.  DM:  Is that it, sir?  (MrL nods yes)  Tku for your time.  MrL:  Tku. 


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Next, we have Betty Halker.  MsH:  I may be somewhat - oh Betty Halker - I live at 641 Mer Sta Rd.  Uh talking with regards to the McGhee property & the dev that they wish to put in up there, uh I may be somewhat of a johnny-come-lately simply because uh the PBH's were postponed & postponed & postponed & postponed;  & when I look at the Agenda, it says an ord approving a dev planned, a Planned COMMERCIAL Dev & that doesn't really specify exactly what, what y'all are gonna vote on. 


But uh I truly believe that this particular issue, which I have been informed was a different project from what was presented to the P&Z Bd, which was presented to u, I truly believe that this needs to go back to the P&Z Bd so that we can look at it further & make decisions that way.  Uh I, I just believe that that needs to be some more discussion with the P&Z Bd & I appreciate your time.  DM:  Tku, Mrs. Halker. 


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Next is MM.  MM:  Yes, my name is Maureen Morris.  My only rental property was #8 Arnold Dr - MP:  YH.  MM:  until - MP:  Is it still in litigation?  (EM & DM whisper to each other.)  DM:  EM informs me that it is.  MP:  Should it be discussed?  MM:  I haven't started on the subject.  DM:  Alright, go ahead please. 


MM:  As it's in litigation, I think it's legalized extortion.  I have to leave the money in court or else I give up my right to challenge the taking of my property!  I think that's legalized extortion but that's the way it is.  Anyway, what I wanted to talk about tonight - uh as I was saying, #8 Arnold Dr was my only rental property until I became what I believe is a victim of Eminent Domain abuse by the City of Valley Park & the COE. 


But what I wanted to talk about tonight very briefly is just that I went to the library last Sat to make some copies of public records & I was charged 20 cents.  & I know that uh there were some changes to the Sunshine Law just recently & I thought they had capped the fees at 10 cents.  ?:  _ _ _ - MM:  & notify the library of the same thing. 


& um the only other thing is in the BOA packets, the ords that are in there are not signed.  Is it possible to get a copy signed & put in there?  DM:  Before the bd mtg?  MM:  No, by the time they're put in the packets - can they possibly, instead of putting the unsigned copies in there, go back later after they're signed & put the signed one in?  DM:  Depends how much time the clerk has 'cause they're not obviously not can't be signed until they're passed by the bd.  MM: Right.  DM:  So that's for the record what's going to be voted on at that particular bd mtg is what goes into the packets.  M:  So u don't have time to go back & put 'em in?  DM:  I'll, I'll check with the clerk after the mtg to see what we can do about that.  MM:  Ok, tku.  DM:  Tku. 


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Next, we have bd mtg mins from 9/21/04, wbp?  JW:  Move approval.  JKB?  2nd it.  DM:  Any q/c? Hearing none, then all in favor say aye - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Is there any licenses or permits tonight, MW?  MW:  No.  DM:  FW&M mins from 9/27/04 - TB, do u care to acquese?  TB: Uh I'd like to move approval.  JW:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor say aye (ayes, none heard opposed).


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JW:  YH,  If you'll permit me just a, a quick cmt on the uh bldg inspector/cmsnr position.  DM:  U have the floor.  JW:  I was informed uh by a fire director today that they have an individual that has already been qualified, certified & uh does the inspections for the fire dept & this individual supposedly is willing to take a part-time-basis job doin' inspections for the city.  Just for an ideal to throw out into the next cmte-level mtg or - DM:  Alright _ - JW: just an idea that he's willing to volunteer, so if u wanna pass that on to the gentleman. 


DM:  Is he voun, volunteering the idea or he, he's not volunteering, is he?  JW:  NO, No!  I, I'm sure this individual's gonna want - DM:  Ok, yeah I like the idea but I'm sure he wants _ _ - JW:  (laugh) Yeah - DM:  obviously compensated for his time, uno.  JW:  He's city-orientated but I don't know if he's _ - DM:  Alright.  _ _ work for us, we'll have him fly along with everyone else & make it open so there's no - JW:  Right.  DM:  confusion there.  Otherwise, it sounds like a good idea.  Tku. 


TB:  YH, I believe what maybe what JW is getting at must be, I think at one time we were talkin' about somebody doin' it part-time.  DM:  I think that was discussed, yes.  TB:  It would save possibly some backload of, such as that.  He would do it on a %age _ _ _.  It reflects on the uh (someone coughs) mtgs or something like that _ _ _ _ _.  DM:  Ok, tku. 


MrL: YH,  May I say one, one other thing please?  DM:  Is this - MrL:  That concerns - DM: _ _ u  brought up tonight?  MrL:  Yes, uh I, I have a tenant here, a prospective tenant, Tenant Steve Tucker that is wanting to rent the apt & he's waiting, he's been waiting 3 wks & uno I can't expect him to wait much longer.  I would like to get this resolved ASAP.  Tku _ _ _.  DM:  Alright, tku. 


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P&Z Cmsn, wbp of the mtg mins for 9/14/04?   ?:  Move approval.  ?: Could I have the floor?  DM:  Any q/c?  MMW:  I just have one quick cmt, YH.  Um it says that uh Kathleen Apirink's name is - was - the last name was misspelled;  it's i-r-i-n-k & not - it's irink;  it's not eric;  2nd pageDM:  _ _ i-r-i-n-k?  MMW:  Yes.  DM:  Any other q/c?  All in favor of the mins as amended, say aye.  (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


PBH mins of 9/21/04, wbp?  ?:  Move approval.  JW:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?  All in favor say aye.  (ayes - none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


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Levee Cmsn, uh DC.  Also I believe u wanted to bring up something on Emerg Mgmt - DC: _ - DM:  Go ahead & do both.  DC:  Uh I just wanted to uh bring u a little bit up todate.  We've completed hauling out of the uh Simpson's Det area & they're completed, the relief wells in the det area & that.  & now they started at the GG, probably as most of u know already, they're started at GG haulin' that outta there.  & um, uh I just wanted to bring u up todate uh from a yr ago - it was in Oct of last yr that we signed the contract with ESI to start on this levee & uh u can see in a yr's time, the amt of progress that we've made. 


Uh we have uh eliminated the g/p. The g/p does not exist any more.  It's completely gone.  They are uh finished with the blending of the ma, material & all they have to do is crush the concrete up.  Uh there wasn't as much concrete & debris in it because the foundations in the g/p were not concrete.  They were treated, creosote-treated timbers & they were dug up & (torn?), taken out & put in a landfill.  Uh that isn't a strange thing at that time of const that they used that rather than go all the way to put it in on concrete.  Uh so it's - & the lock, a full lock & dam 26 at Alton, when it was built, it was built on the same type of const;  the foundations were uh creosoted timbers & on that, the concrete was poured on top of that for the vaults & that so it wouldn't stretch. 


Uh I just wanted to tell you we're going to have another Safety Luncheon.  I don't know where it's going to be but it's going to be 10/22, that's Fri.  & uh anyone who wants to attend from the BOA or whatever uh & any other interested uh (ulteriors?) in the city are invited to attend this mtg or this luncheon. 


I would like to know possibly by uh the next ald mtg or before, if you would like to attend the mtg so I have some # to give the contractor so he can provide enough meals & that for us.  Any of you that attended the last one & it was pretty nice _ _ be there or some of us. That uh Mike was there - MMW?:  Very nice.  DC: Danny was there, but any of you can attend;  it's really nice;  really did well.  But this levee uno anybody just if u'd wanna attend it, _ _ attend it.  It's usually, it (usually?) started about 1, at noon & lasts about an hr, an hr & a half & it's - ok, I'll jump right into the Emerg Mgmt -


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EM:  David, Could I, could I say one thing - DC: Go right - EM:  while you're on the, the levee, I wanted to add that um as uno we were having some financial problems on the fed side uh or the, the uh fed share of the levee & before the close of the FY which was 9/31, we got a little bit over $2M reprogrammed in from other COE projects, both in the dist & uh from the COE hdqtrs. 


So that helps considerably, catches the contractor up probably thru the end of July uh or so, uh & your (corporation's or cooperation's?) process of course continues on a bit.  So we were delighted of course to - DC: (Bet?).  EM:  bet with him.  DC:  'course he would work on his own (multi perk?).  EM?:  Right. (they chuckle)  DC:  Since he started _ - EM:  I'm sure he was delighted too to see Chuck.  DC:  Oh he was, yeah.  When he got word he was - get that Million, but then when he got another mi er uh - 


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On the Emerg Mgmt, uh we're going to uh do a uh cleaning of the uh gate structure on Vance Rd on 10/17;  that's the on a Sun.  Uh & uh we'll be in contact with the St L County to put up some uh lighted uh sign bds up there on the road to notify the people that that'll be closed on a Sun morning.  We knew that because of the fact is closin' it during the that wk or anything like that is - with the school & everything, it's just uno it's really a hardship & it works out good when we do it on a Sun.


Uh & uh we'll require probably uh my version & it became to have over-time uh approved for that thing & I'd like for - uno I think mayor, it's his responsibility to get it up out _ _ last one _  I (had or have?) to do, we're gonna do that.  Uh we'll clean it out & we're going to probably put in our new uh bird-x uh machine that we have down on the other thing up there & also put some screening & that to keep the pigeons out of it too.  So we'll be doin' that also. 


MP:  How's the bird-x machine working?  DC:  Great now;  it works.  JM:  (from back of the room) Good work _ _ _ combination of everything _ _ - DC:  Well everything we do, it helps, I mean uno.  MP:  Tku, YH.  DC:  It works.   DM:  & do uno how many hrs roughly it'll be closed on that Sun morning?  2, 4 hrs, just roughly?  JM:  I would anticipate 8 hr- day & hope to get done in 8 hrs.  DC:  8 hrs - it's, it's got quite a few pigeons in it.  It's gonna be kind of a messy job.  JM: _ _ - DC:  So it'll maybe take 8 hrs;  hopefully we'll get it done.  We'll probably start pretty early in the morning around 7 or so to get this, get it all done.  DM:  Alright.  Any other ques for DC?  Tku.


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Ords & resolutions - have Bill # 1792;  was it properly posted?  MW:  Yes.  EM:  Mr Mayor, Could I request a, a change be made in the title of that uh proposed legislation?  It should say an ord approving a dev plan for a Planned Residential Dev as opposed to Commercial. 


DM:  Please read it in caption form with the uh change.  MW:  Change - Bill # 1792, POrd 1651, an ord approving a dev plan for a Planned Residential Dev identified as Pet RZ-2004-4 submitted by Joe Layton.  DM:  Wbp?  JW:  Move approval. DM:  Do I hear a 2nd?  TB:  Yes.  DM:  Any q/c? 


TB:  YH, I have some ques on a couple things here.  This isn't my ward, but it said a maximum of 2500 sq ft floor area.  Is that, I see _ _ here, is that for a combination?  AttyMrGriesedieck?:  No, that's per side.  TB:  Per side;  so it's actually 5000 sq ft?  AttyMrG?:  Up to.  TB:  Up to 5000 sq ft.  _ _ _ _ & I don't mean to insult anyone uh P&Z _ _ _ _ here but to me, it looks like a good uh prospect to uh get some residents in here & a lot of tax revenue for the city & for the school. 


DM:  Anything else, TB?  TB:  Uh _ _ _.  DM:  Ok.  Any other q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor say aye - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Wbp for a 2nd reading tonight?   JW:  Move for 2nd reading.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  All in favor of the 2nd reading say aye - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Bill # 1792, would u please read it in caption form please, MW?  MW:  (same as above).  DM:  Wbp?  JW?:  Move approval.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?  Hearing none, roll call vote please.  MW:  (Yes:  JKB, RH, TB, JW, MP, MMW.)  6 yes, 2 absent.  DM:  Motion carries.  Congratulations.  AttyMrG:  Tku very much. 


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DM:  Bill # 1793 - was this properly posted?  MW:  Yes it was.  DM:  Please read it in caption form.  MW:  Bill # 1793, POrd 1652, an ord approving an Annexation Agreemt with Drury Dev Corp & Timothy M Drury & authorizing the amendmt of the Plans of Intent to annex former Peerless Pk, MO to conform thereto.  DM:  Wbp?  JW:  Move approval.  TB:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?  MP:  Yes, YH, could we explain this a little?  ?:  Sure.   DM:  EM.


EM:  Uh the ord is uh, uh an agreemt with Drury Dev Co who own the Hampton & uh Druco or Drury Inn uh on the southwest corner of uh Mer Sta Rd in the proposed annexation area.  & uh basically, what it does is acknowledge that there is an existing TIF Dist.  It subordinates our new tax rate uh of 57 cents per 100 & uh abstent (absent?) the sales tax & a vote for capital improvemts at half cent for stormwater & our 1% local option to the TIF to the extent permitted by law which is 50%.  We're not pledging any more of our revenues uh other than 50%. 


Uh further, it uh ack, acknowledges that uh St L County is requiring them as a condition precedent to further dev of their property, to raise Mer Sta Rd out of the floodplain.  & we, we have agreed in this agreemt to expand our proposed annexation to include all of Mer Sta Rd;  it could go, _ _ go down the centerline now & we uh _ _ _ _ _ _ _ or we (c/w?)ould go to the southern ROW side of Mer Sta Rd & because internal drives are provided in their dev, uh we are covenantly not to require them to raise Mer Sta Rd as of the condition to further dev of that property. 


Umm the, I guess the bottom line is we'll get more revenue in than we would under the county.  We won't have to raise this road which is a horrible expense to the contrary.  Uh &, & it's a good deal for them 'cause they'll be a city & I think it uh very much helps us in our uh annexation proposal for them eventually & af, after this &, & we're going to do some more things.  & we'll go to the other cmsnr & explain to them what we've been doing _ _ _ _ _ what we intend to further.  


MP:  Tku, YH.  DM:  EM, Is this for the life of the TIF that we're subordinating these taxes?  Or - EM:  Yeah, it's a 18-yr line & uh it's a 20, 23-yr TIF I believe. 


JW:  YH.  DM:  JW, You have the floor.  JW:  Yeah, I guess since Eric's probably gonna help manage this, the ques, is there any other type of uh offers we could make to other businesses in that area that - EM: Yeah, uh - JW:  could change their - EM:  I, I, I think probably wanna talk about that in, in closed session & I'll give you a rundown on - ?: _ _ _ -


DM:  Any other q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor of the motion say aye - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Wbp for a 2nd reading?   JW:  Move approval.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  All in favor say aye - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Bill # 1793, Ord 1652, please read it in caption form, MW.  MW:  (same as above)  JW:  Move approval.  MMW?:  2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?  Hearing none, roll call vote please.  MW:  (Yes:  JKB, RH, TB, JW, MP, MMW.)  6 yes & 2 absent.  DM:  Motion carries. 


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Under the Mayor's Report, _ why I reported yesterday, we had the uh I guess you call it a get-together over at the - I forget the name of the apartmts.  ?:  Eagle Rock.  DM:  Tku, Eagle Rock Condominiums over in what used to be Peerless Pk.  I think it was a pretty good turnout.  We definitely had good weather for it.  I wanna thank MW for setting it up also attending.  Also in attendance there, DA, MP, MMW, PBW Dir JM, & Ed & Glenda Sidwell showed up;  so I guess that shows some support for our part of town here. 


We didn't get a  LOT of signatures but I think we definitely got some uh good conversation started between the two & showed that we do in town - we're sincere about what we support over there if we are able to annex that part of town.  So again, I wanna thank everyone who took part in that... 


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I'll just bring up subdiv bylaws, uh MP.  MP:  Yes, I got a call from a resident.  He said in his bylaws they have no parking on both sides of the street.  Is there anything the city does about that or is that - DM:  Are the streets accepted by the city?  MP:  Yes.  DM:  I would think an ord would be required if they say no parking on the street, it's up to them to haul it on their own;  otherwise, Lt Melies, correct me if I'm wrong & then certainly - I don't believe they can site somebody for violating a, a subdiv bylaws & if it doesn't violate a city ord. 


EM:  They, they may have someone go in & complain on their subdiv bylaws;  I don't know, but we probably, we typically do run (our?) indentures & bylaws.  I guess if we get a request from one of the trustees so they, the bd would wanna consider an ord _ _ - DM:  But until we pass an ord, do the police have any powers to going out _ - EM:  Absolutely not.  DM: _ _ _ - EM:  _ unless a resident, trustee can - EM:  Unless I guess trustrees or some members of the uh subdiv came fwd & said they'd like an ord on it.  MP:  Ok, if, if they wanna write _ _ _ & send it in.  DM:  Ok, have 'em submit something & then legislat_ _ _ - MP:  Tku. 


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DM:  7 Guylyn Lane.  MP:  YH, I got a call from a resident sayin' that they've got some trash piled up in their driveway & it's been there a fair amt of time.  _talked to 'em, Lt Melies, he couldn't do nothin' about that 'cause he handles the derelict cars & grass.  & then _ talked to JM & I had talked with u yesterday & - DM:  Right.  MP:  we said somethin' about havin' the bd auth a letter to be sent there.  DM:  I'll auth JM to go ahead & direct a letter to them.  Did u have some of this would be covered by the uh er all of it?  Be big trash pick-up items or _?  MP:  I don't _ _ _ _ of this.  JM:  (from the back of the room) _ be pretty much out such as storage of bldg materials _ _ (someone coughs)


DM:  Ok, I'll go ahead like I said, I auth you to direct a letter, mail a letter to them & Mrs. Pollard can help out - like her say, write it on the sheet;  get it typed up for u;  send a letter;  let 'em know we want this cleaned up. 


JW:  Who would uh follow-up after this letter goes out & cites a guy & orders _ - he's been cited before & it seems like somehow he slips thru the, the cracks.  Who's gonna follow-up after this letter of what he doesn't do?  Do we have to then turn, go thru St L County?  DM:  _ _ - JM:  I'm, I'm, I'm hoping to work with the city atty a little bit on this & I'm hopin' that this letter to give his mother a certain amt of time & if not, the city abates that.  But I, I gotta get clear on that before I (apologize?) but I can do that, JW, on this particular item.  But that's what I'm hopin' to do with my letter is to say that if he doesn't get rid of the problem, the city will abate, but I, I need to get some pictures & go to the atty to see if he agrees. 


JW:  Jim, whenever u do compose this letter, could u make sure that all the ald including the mayor, everybody gets a copy of that?  JM:  Yes, sir, I, I try to have uh Rosemary...(exchange tapes)...RH:..._ _ I don't know where this address is, is what - JW:  Give him an address.  RH:  Do u have an address so it's not his backyard some time.  ?: (prosecutor from Don Workman?).  DM:  That's all I have. 


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Clerk's Report, MW.  MW:  Um ok, I, well, 1st of all, I wanted to thank him & he isn't here this evening, uh DA for tryin' to run the tape for me so they, they can listen so that was very helpful to me.  Um the 2nd thing I have is that uh back 2 mtgs ago, I had asked uno a motion about transferring the remaining fund balance of the Water Fund to eliminate the deficit fund balance of  Valley Days & the Sanitation Funds as of 7/1/04 with the remaining amt to go to General Revenue.  But we, I didn't have the figure for u that evening & everybody wanted it & so that figure is $498,472.19. 


?:  Ho!  MW:  So I'd like to find out if I could get a motion 'cause this is something that probably needed to be done about 6 mos ago for u to - Mr. Croghan.  DM:  Is there a motion _ _?  JW:  How much was that figure again?  MW:  498,472.19 was what the Water Fund was.  TB?:  498K?!  MW&DM:  498K.  DM:  Just under a half a M.  JW:  No way! 


EM:  That, that was proceeds from the sale of the Water Fund.  We just held those in the Water Fund acct.  We've had a running  b a l a n c e  for 20 yrs on the Sanitation Dept, let loose is 5, 10K bucks a yr & over the yrs it's accrued up to about a, a morter (quarter?) of a M dollars thing, ok.  So &, & there's another minus balance in the Valley Days of about $30K. 


So what this does is it SHIFTS the water uphill into its rightfer (rightful?) place in, into a revenue but 1st zeros out the trash historical deficit as well as the Valley Days general that's historical or I'm assuming it is;  um so you'll, you'll net out with - MW&EM:  I think we got - EM:  180 now, right?  MW:  a hundred & - yeah, I think it's gonna net out to 189. 


EM:  If we got 189 now & it, at it, at it's, at it an ending balance of June 30 & then u have another 220, so u should have an ending balance of about 400 - MW: _ _ - EM:  internal revenue - see.  ?: _ _ - EM:  This thinks it's lucrative by the way to the Boundary Cmsn & uh, uh they're, they're proposed to $189K for (votin' nanna?) & another $400K _ _ _ which is always gonna preclude a %.  But uh it, it'll just take a motion to - MW:  Yeah, just needed a motion. 


JW:  Move approval.  MMW:  I'll 2nd.  DM:  Any q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor of the motion - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  MW:  Umm, I, I think that's the only thing I have.  DM:  Ok, tku. 


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PBW Report, JM.  JM:  Yes, sir.  I'm gonna try to be brief since the mtg is going so well.  (people laugh)  JW:  Good ideal.  JM:  The 1st thing is the, the unsafe tree at Forest Ave was removed on 9/27 & uh that, that project went very well that the tree service did & that's the job of taking that down. 


Uh I have the bids in my hand for a tree in Leonard Pk that JKB has brought up & it is, if it's unsafe, if not I'm savin' it, in my opinion, the tree that we uh just took down.  Uh if the bd would approve, I would like to accept the low bid to remove that.  JW:  How much is the low bid?  JM:  The low bid would be $1400 if we have them remove the tree or to - them to drop the tree & the city to clean it up.  It would be $2700 if they took the whole tree.  JW:  So move to approve the low bid of 1400.  ?:  2nd.  MW:  That helps to take down Leonard, Jim? 


JM:  It's to remove a dead Cottonwood tree uh at Leonard Park.   DM:  Who is the winning bidder?  JM:  The low bid on this tree would be Ray's Tree Svc.  MW: _ (someone coughs)  _ 2nd on it.  JW:  _ don't beat aground.  (someone chuckles) JM:  Actually he was gonna (someone laughs) grind the stump for free if we let him do the complete job.  JW:  I guess he's not gonna grind the stump.  Bill's not gonna grind the stump _ _ for this 1400?  JM:  The city can rent a machine & grind that stump.  JW:  Ok.  JM:  Um we - DM?: (quietly)  City to _ _ - (someone chuckles) JM:  We completed - DM?: That's progress.


JM:  We completed the Morton's Grove Project uh late last wk & uh Fri in my safety mtg & uh I congratulated the employees.  I think they did an excellent job up there of getting that project done & getting it in a timely matter & it turned out very well.  Uh the ald & myself have one resident that seems to be a, an on-going problem but I, I think it's since been resolved & uh I would like to send a letter out to them residents telling them the project's completed & um there in return the project's back where we - back (over to the?) _ _. 


DM:  Real quick just back up - was that for the 1400, will the city haul off the tree?  Or the whole 2700 _ _ - JM:  JW's motion was 1400 for the city to uh do the clean up.  DM:  _ _ mind reading your vote - we could go ahead & vote on it.  All in favor of the motion for the 1400 say aye (ayes, none heard opposed).  Tku.


JM:  Sorry, YH, uh -  DM:  Continue.  JM:  We're on Big Clean Up this wk & uh things went pretty well today on that. 


10/4/04 BOA - Section  18 of  22


Um upcoming projects, that's the Big Clean Up this wk as um I, I have intents to put a temp turnaround at um Pyramid.  Right now we're havin' problems & several of the citizens rcv'd complaints from residents about the, the safety of the kids gettin' on the school buses down that.  & uh as soon as we can freed-up from the Big Clean Up I wanna put it in turnaround at the edge of the levee property.  It's only temp & we're in talks to have our engs possibly uh make a, an addition to, to the levee project to put a perm turnround in there. 


EM:  A c t u a l l y,  I don't know if this is gonna set right with the bd or not, but I, I met this afternoon with one of your cost permits for this road levee project 'cause uno obviously u have dead-end streets which don't accommodate turnarounds, but uh it looks like it would be feasible to run out the ROW that we have for the uh sewers that goes to the north from Pyramid thru Palm which is a paper street;  & then angle it out to Marshall;  um 6" uh asphalt which is, it's a truck base, uh for us to make it across & award then $100 a ft & it could be put in by Chili Broad, the fact that his men maybe for about $30K _ _ _ _ _ _. 


JM:  I, I'd like to take a look at that without - ?:  (laughing) figured you'd - JM:  TW, but -  EM:  That, that's - JM: I'm, I'm not opposed.  EM:  That, but the thought was is, is to, it, it would be cheaper - cul-de-sacs are 110 radius measured by ft - um 110 divided by diameter & uh - JM:  My ques would be if 1st before we proceeded is, are we gonna get a whole lot of static from the residents on Palm for increase, increasin' the traffic.  EM:  Nobody's on Palm there.  That, that's all - & that's just a paper street.  It goes on by the west side of Downing property. 


DM:  I guess when u say look at before _ - JM:  Yeah, I, I'm thinkin' of the little dead-end street that sits in between Marshall & Pyramid;  I thought that was Palm.  EM:  Yeah, it is, but, but it's dead-end & this goes - JM:  There are 2 residents & - EM:  Yeah, but this goes - JM:  possibly they would - EM:  this goes, this goes WAY to the east of that.  JM:  & you're tyin' into Marshall instead of Palm then?  EM:  Yep. 


DM:  We'll have to take a look at it before we decide & make sure.  Then if it increases the safety of the school buses, it'd be a good idea to put it - it's a lot of traffic - maybe a sign, school bus only or something. 


EM:  You'd actually have to take the barricades off of Marshall because its barricades - where Marshall comes in, devizsh (devise?) a right & a lift sta - alright, that, that road is closed.  DM:  & we have to open that up again?  EM:  Yeah, _ _ -  


JM:  We, we, we possibly wouldn't be able to do this till after that portion of the levee is done & still put this temp T in because that road - EM:  It'd have to be widened - JM:  has to be closed off for - EM:  with their ROW. 


JM:  Yeah, we'd have to be clear of the contractor for one & we have to keep Marshall Rd safe from him from traffic while he's bldg the levee;  but it sounds like a good idea.  EM:  I mean just a thought for a perm fix it's a lot safer than a bus backing up. 


U gotta have the same problems with your trash trucks & your dump trucks, don't we?  JM:  We would run into a little bit of a problem during snow removal with the dump trucks.  Um the trash trucks currently backin' up, but um it's not as, it's, it's still unsafe but it's not nearly as unsafe as the old one does - school buses & small children.


EM:  It's a 2-block area;  _ _ _ back-up 2 blocks?  JM:  Yes, we, we currently back-up to them houses to pick up their trash.  I believe it was just an oversight in the design of the levee.  JW?: _ _ - DM:  Say we'll take a look at it before we commit any money to it. 


10/4/04 BOA - Section  19 of  22


JM:  One of the other projects that we have coming up is we've completed all the utility abatemts of 1101 Pyramid & Purdy & Assn have done an asbestos inspection & um we're waiting on the current contractor to remove the asbestos siding off the house.  & I'm hoping that they're coordinating  that, that uh we can soon start takin' that down next wk or the following wk. 


10/4/04 BOA - Section  20 of  22


We also have been doing a little project with uh MSD, Metro...Dist, with part of the MTBS uh Phase 2 Stormwater.  They're required to stencil a certain amt of catch basins & do some educational promotion in uh in certain areas.  & uh last wk we stenciled some catch basins in some subdivs on Vance Rd & we passed out a letter that kind of tooted MSD's horn & the City of VP's for our citizens in that at any time that we have available, we'll continue to work with them as long as they supply the materials to do-do that. 


10/4/04 BOA - Section  21 of  22


& the, the last thing that I have is uh last Thurs I got a call from the COE.  Um they, they had a hazardous material in the back of one of the properties on Marshall & uh what we have determined is that they wanted that cleaned up immediately & it was the city's responsibility.


& Purdy & Assoc is - it's actually called professional Phoenix Env'l now, they changed the name - that's alright - & in order to clean this up in a timely fashion, Phoenix Env'l um initiated a, an Emerg Response Team to clean that up;  & it was at a very minimal cost.  They were able to visualize the chemical with wine &, &, & they just disposed of it in a normal fashion.  But I, I had to auth um Phoenix Env'l to get that done because the contractor from the COE was uh concerned about the end delay. 


10/4/04 BOA - Section  22 of  22


That is all that I have on my report.  MMW:  Sidewalks on Vance Rd, is that on the dock - I mean _ _ _.  JM:  I know TW & one of his engs & I have done some talking.  I haven't gotten the approval to go to St L County & get my work permit but I, I know that it, it's probably in the final phases.  I'd have to get a better report from u from uh TW.  ?: _ - DM:  Ok, tku. 


Police Commander's Report - Anything for us tonight, Lt?  LtM:  Nope. 


DM:  Ok.  ?:  _ _ - DM:  Is there a motion for ex ses?  ?:  I'll make that motion.  DM:  2nd?  JKB:  2nd it.  DM:  Roll call vote please.  MW:  (Yes:  JKB, RH, TB, JW, MP, MMW.)  6 yes, 2 absent.  (People disburse)