Notes:  Mtg time about 5:10 - 5:35 pm.  Mtg hand-out - see Docs Page - 10/18/04 Shortage Of Funds To Pay ESI.    S&S = Savings & Slippage.


Present:   RW,  DM,  DS,  JW,  CLM,  EM,  JZ,  DC,  JKB.   


Also Present:  Jim Mitas of Cgsm Akin's office;  Vivian Blackman, VP Resident & Business Owner;  & Andy McCord of Phoenix Env'l, alias DG Purdy & Assoc (per BOA20041004-21).



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DC: Well, let's call the mtg to order here. (roll call - see above +) JW: (TB) He's still working;  he wanted me to pass that on to u.  _ _ _ _ - (roll call continues) CLM: _ _ _ - (JW laughs)  DC:  Any report on KT?  JW: (still laughing) _ _ _ - DM:  She's gettin' around a little bit.  She was at the Lion's Breakfast a little bit yesterday am.  JW: _ _ _ _ before _ came in here _ _ - ?:  Yeah.  DS:  (bkgd)  That's why I forgot that window - to roll that window up - RW:  (JLB) He's working -  DS: _ to deliver a packet to KT but I got it figured, completed.  I leave the _ _ _ sittin' right, right in the line of the road;  oh I can't stay here;  I don't wanna get a ticket.  ?:  Right.  DM?:  _ remember that. (Pledge) 


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CLM?:  _ _ - DC:  Any additions or deletions to the agenda?  I have one here;  we'll have uh MM - we'll do that - CLM: (whispering)  Not in this _ - DC: under Item D. (JW chuckles)  CLM: (whispering)  Might encourage her & then she'll come to _ _ _ _ pissed off.  JW: (chuckling with CLM) I would say both probably had the same - CLM: I said was he talkin' about the mayor or himself, uno. 


DC:  Well, we don't have enough here to - but we can approve the agenda.   Do I have a motion to approve the agenda?  JKB?:  Yeah.  DC:  2nd?   DS:  2nd.  DC:  I have a motion to approve & 2nd the agenda;  all in favor say aye.  JW: (as his phone rings)  Aye.  DC:  Agenda approved. 


Uh approve the mins of 9/21 - we got 'em?  EM:  Um, I, I didn't bring 'em.  We, we don't have a quorum here tonight.  DC:  No, we don't;  we really don't, so we'll wait till next time.  EM:  Shouldn't be takin' motions. 


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DC:  Ok - discussion items for this mtg - Item 4B.  JZ, u got anything to - JZ:  Yeah, I've got an update on the funding situation.  DC:  Good.  JW:  It's a good one I hope.  DC: Maybe that'll take care of - JZ:  Well, _ _ - DC:  Will that take care of B & C here?  Or - JZ:  _ fairly good one - just pass that down _ _.  I believe there's some extras there.  (I reach for a copy & RW hands me one - see Docs - 10/18/04 Shortage of Funds...)  ?: _ _ - JZ:  Let me look on - (JW's phone rings again.) with u, Dave. JW:  Oh no.  DC:  U take it;  go ahead _ - JZ:  Just uh (JZ knocks over the recorder & stands it back up) oops - discussion about uh the end of FY 04 which ended on 9/30. 


Uh during the month of Sept, we had 2M - it's the 1st line on this uh sheet indicates - $2,093,500 (Billion said on recorder) in fed funds were reprogrammed in, into the VP Project which was a, a great help to the project.  Uh uno it's a lot more money than we had had during the regular part of the FY.  So uh we were able to expend these funds on the ESI Contract.  Of course there's plenty of earnings that we could pay on that contract & we were able to use all the funds & get them expended uh even tho some money came in at the very last day of the FY. 


JW: Which poor guy lost that much money?  JZ:  Huh?  JW:  Which poor guy lost that - JZ: Well, there was about 6 or 7 projects that gave up money.  JW:  Oh, ok.  JZ:  I think the largest transfer we had was 845K uh - CLM:  Came from outside - JZ:  from outside the uh - CLM: _ _ - JZ: from outside the Mississippi Valley Div actually, that one did. 


CLM:  I heard they all came from Massachusetts _ _ back _ _ - JW:  (chuckling) We'll take it.  JZ:  So - CLM:  I thought u'd be tickled about that.  JZ:  the _ - CLM: Go ahead. 


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JZ:  Summarizing where we stood at the end of the FY, um ESI earned during the FY about $8M including their est'd Sept earnings which were 1.4M.  We don't actually have an invoice from them, from them for Sept yet, but that's what we expect it to be, in that, that range;  & that, that's what they told us it was gonna be. 


Um the paymts we made in FY 04 not counting interest, u see the M 3 - the figure $3,500K there.  Um there's, there's an asterisk, the sponsor gave us 178K of the cash contributions & 22,800 of uh sewer relocation money that was expended & then the fed funds - u see the figure $3,300K were expended in fed funds.  Then again, almost uh over 2M of that came in the last month, uh m, mostly in just in the last few days of the FY. 


We - when we make a paymt, automatically it, it computes the int assoc'd with the paymt.  So we paid $22,809 of int in FY 04 & the unpaid int um thru the Oct billing was $5,974.  Uno we only pay int when we have a, when we have a bill.  So like the money, the earnings he made in Sept, we didn't have a bill yet, so there hasn't been any int earned on that amt of money but uno soon as we get the bill, that int will start accruing. 


JMitas:  So for the 1st 30 days - I mean 1st u said u sent them the bill, Aug, Sept earnings & it was paid - for that 30 days there would be no int accrued;  is that correct?   JZ:  Yeah, I think that's right.  I, I don't know the exact rules but I know we have a certain amt of time to pay him before int starts accruing, right -


JMitas:  But if u don't pay, then the int accrues from the time that the uh, the end of the prior month?  DM:  When it was submitted?  Or when it was - JZ:  Ummm I, I don't know - DM: _ first of the month?  JZ:  the details of that.  JMitas:  Ok, _ -


JZ:  I really don't know.  I have a feeling it's the same date;  uno u have up until a certain period of time to - CLM:  Yeah, I think it is - JZ:  to pay the bill & not accrue int.  CLM:  Yeah, but u, (if?) u don't pay _ - JZ:  If u don't pay it - CLM:  u got to pay - JZ:  u - CLM: _ - JZ: start paying int on it.  If u do, if u do pay it, well then there's no problem (chuckle).  CLM:  But that's, that's the way it all - that's the way _ _ - JZ:  Yeah, yeah, I think that's the way it is. 


MM:  That int is compounded.  JZ:  Well, yeah, I mean if, if some, some bills weren't paid from April, so int was compounding every month unoCLM:  That's all in the program.  JZ:  Right, it's all built into a, a spreadsheet program that computes the int earned.  MM:  Compounded monthly?  JZ:  Uh uno again, I don't know exactly whether it's daily compounding or monthly compounding.  I just know that there is compounding when uno when u don't pay the, the int. CLM: (quietly) It used to be _ _ _ - JW:  No free rides out there;  is there. 


JZ:  It follows the rules that are laid out in the contract.  CLM:  Yeah, the contract actually generates the whole program.  JZ:  It has the standard rules for all, all fed contracts.   MM:  That'd make a big difference wouldn't it, monthly or annually?  JZ:  I, I just don't know the answer.  RW:  No different than takin' out a loan!  JZ:  Yeah, _ - RW:  That's what it is! 


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JZ:  Yeah, umm so again looking back up at the top of this chart - uno if the paymts were 3,500K & underneath that line we owed the contractor, we the COE & the city, owed the contractor about $4,507K at the end of the FY - uh so looking into fiscal 05, this is a projection of what the contract might end up costing.  It's not - it's just a, an est of what we will pay in int & future mods. 


The contract right now I think is in the neighborhood of 14,500K total cost with the mods that have been uh already uh agreed to & uno there are other mods in the mill, so I mean there's int that's gonna be occurring.  So that's an est & I think it's a good est, a reasonable est at this point in time of what the contract COULD end up costing by the time we finish it up in June.


CLM:  14-3 is what the current cost is with mods? 


JZ:  Um there's, there's really 2 different part to it.  Uh there's, there's money in there to repair roads & if u count that, I think it's 14-5.  CLM:  Oh, so that's ok - JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:  But you're est'g the time that is gonna be necessary to _ _ the mods?  JZ:  Right, it just, it's an est, it's the same est we've been using since last Spring. 


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CLM:  So we should go - when we determine those other (good Houston adds?), I think everybody should realize that uh we owe a big, large, a big thanks to JMitas & his boss Todd Akin & Lauren Ellis in DC in the office at uh Kit, Jim Talent & Kit Bond's staff, Senators in Washington. 


They really did a great job relaying to the Chief Eng's office specifics about this project & how much money was needed in this project.  As a result of him continuing to, to inform the Chief's office of the importance of getting these extensions, he kept finding more money.  He didn't get it all at one time.  The chief of political _ _ _ _ transfer_.


JZ:  Yeah, there's money - there was transfers from within the Div & then there was 2 transfers from outside of the Div.  CLM:  We're very luck to have those folks.  Of course we've been going to them now with these numbers, saying this is what we, we really need in F, FY 05 'cause if anything transfers from the Pres out of his 2M60 budget of course - 


JZ:  Right, um just goin' down the, the sheet here um again it was 14.8 is the title, total cost that's est'd;  then we paid 3M500.  If we get the - JW?: _ - JZ:  If we get the Pres' budget, we est - CLM?: _ _ - JZ:  we're gonna spend $aM on the contract, ok.  & it's a couple of asterisks there & I wanted to point this out;  I think it's fairly important.  


Uh we _, we were trying to pay ESI as early as possible in FY 05 to reduce the int paymts.  So the very 1st month, we requested uno enough money to pay the contractor aM bucks even in Oct;  & we certainly have back-bills, bills to pay.  Um we paid 'em 950K & we're holding 50K just in, in-hand. 


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CLM:  Did u actually - did they actually allocate that money to u?  JZ:  Mhmm.  CLM:  Wow!  JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:  That's impressive 'cause you're under Continuing Resolution - JZ:  Right.  CLM:  for FY05.  JZ:  Right.  CLM:  That's great!  JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:  The COE hadn't got aprops for 05 'cause they haven't passed the bill yet in Congress, but the senators reported aloud.  So then the COE's op'g as all the others under the Cont'g Res Authy which means it's a violation to spend the money on the same purpose this yr at the same level as u spent it last yr let's say.  I know -


JZ:  Well, we know last yr we had about, the way I remember it, it was a little bit less $2M total budget, ok.  CLM:  Yeah, that's right.  JZ:  & so they asked us to say, what, what can u spend.  Well, we said we can expend $aM on the contract so - CLM:  I - JZ:  they gave us the M dollars (chuckle)! 


CLM:  I think that's great!  JZ:  Yeah.  CLM:  Uh that's probably the result of - there's probably of a carrier in the cmte - the fact that the delegation was in contact with the Chief's office to divert any problems.  Any good project is worthy now.  The important thing is to get the #'s to managemt staff.  That's very unusual to him - to allocate those, that much money based on what u had last yr before we got the money. 


JZ:  So we've paid 950.  I'm holding back 50 in case of things that we might need, things like surveys or whatever in Oct but then uh - planned this when I, when things uh, sift out, I'll, I'll probably spend most of the rest of that 50K on the contract. 


CLM:  Are u goin' on the 2-wk basis now?  JZ:  No, this - we have funds thru 11/20.  The CRA (presume Cont'g Res Authy) is thru the 20th.  CLM:  That's when the CRA ends, yeah.  JZ:  The 1st.  CLM:  But they're not puttin' u on a 2-wk leash, are they?  JZ:  No.  CLM:  Word I get is that - JZ:  They put us on a leash - I mean they, they, I think they distributed to the Dist I think - the money we need thru this, the 20th, but our Dist has only distributed the money we need for Oct.  So anyway -


(whispered)  CLM:  The latest word is that they will come back after the election with it set & then pass an omnibus aprops bill which was of course planted in Washington to break it up - JZ:  Be helpful.  CLM:  sometime in the yr book. 


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JZ:  The other thing, the other thing we've done is to request money from the city - EM: _ _ _ - JZ:  Eric, uh uno when we got this $2M transferred-in late in Sept, we were able to say, well, we got this much more fed money so we can uh ask for add'l sponsor cash contributions.  So u have that letter asking for 120K. 


Um & then we also are withdrawing 65K from our escrow acct which u put for FY05 because we have this M dollars that uno that came in right in the end of Oct.  So we're tryin' to get all the sponsor money that we can & then when, as soon as we have that, we will apply THAT to the contract because it'll cut down on the int paymts a little bit. 


CLM:  Which is in the city's int also.  JZ:  Um - CLM:  Since u guys are being such hoosiers.  JW:  TW says he's caught in traffic & - DC: Is he?  JW:  & probably won't make this mtg but he'll be at - JZ:  Anyway, that's - JW: the regular bd mtg. 


JZ:  That's the, the picture for, of the money situation.  We, we have um uno a projected need down this fiscal 05 column uno if uh when we get the sponsor funds of 250K that really would be forecasted we'll get some more uh CRA money.  Uh we still have $10M that, that we're gonna owe the contractor which is a BIG piece of money - uno $10M.  So we'll, we can use uno whatever add'l money is provided to us obviously.


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CLM:  Well, Jim, wouldn't u say that if u throw away the Savings & Slippage that the whimpies allow, were surely going to take out on the 25th %, that in order to get that amt that - JZ:  Well, we need more than this.  This is just for the contract paymts.  CLM:  Yeah, ok.  JZ:  We need, we need the money for um, uh const mgmt & eng'g during const & we have another small contract that we're uno, we're working on uh to put, build a wooded wetland up in uh Simpson Lake Det area that we owe the MDNR & we have to use - CLM:  Well - JZ:  uno so there's more money than this required.


CLM:  No, what I was gettin' at is, is the # that we agreed to tell the delegation that we need total in 05 to cover everything that u anticipate in 05 - there's 2M60 in the budget request.  JZ:  Right, & there's, there's been a figure that's been talked about several times;  uno prior to Sept, we bet we need 13.6M, the, the total, total amt.  CLM:  Total aprops, yeah, that's the last one we'll have other than maintenance. 


JZ:  & that's, that # can be modified by just subtracting off uh this 2M9hun - JW: _sake that - JZ:  93,500 that - CLM:  Is that the only # we need to take out of 13.6?  JZ:  Yeah, I think the rest of the est is still a good est.  CLM:  That'd already factored in the local compulations.  JZ:  Yes, yes, assumes that we get the local contribution to go with the fed dollars.


JMitas:  So 13-6 is the final?  JZ:  13-6 is the # we had, Jim, up - EM: _ _ - JZ:  uno up until we started getting all this money - EM: _ _ - JZ:  transferred in Sept.  So the money that - take the 13.6 & tran - CLM:  I don't think _ - JZ:  & subtract off this 2,093K - CLM:  that sounds like _ - JZ:  that we actually had transferred in in Sept.  That would be the uh basically, our est'd total amt of money we need - CLM: (quietly) Send the carrots in.  JZ:  in FY05, fed dollars. 


& normally when an aprop is made - CLM:  _ he shorted us 65K (he laughs) - JZ:  there's a subtraction for, for Savings & Slippage & I'm just saying that we will need the total amt uh -


EM:  Jim, like about aM - JZ:  if the S&S is - CLM:  half aM -  JZ:  subtracted - CLM: 5065 - JZ:  we'll, we'll be short by a M bucks or more.  CLM:  So what we need really is we need a, we need a total 11M5 - 11,506,500 bucks.  JZ:  See in your - some fax's.  Right.   


Do u want my calculator?  CLM:  I got it.  (JW laughs) - CLM:  I use my, I use my metal slide - JW:  Are u insulting West Pointe (he laughs)?  CLM:  Uno I - he knows I - JZ:  I just, I wondered if u wanted to check it (laugh).  (JW cracks up)  CLM:  He knows I use a slide rules for this instead of a calculator.  JZ:  Yeah.  JW:  It was slidin' pretty good there _ - CLM:  _ the 3rd decimal point _ (JW chuckles). 


JZ:  So that's, that's the picture.  I think the uno the contractor made really good progress in the month of Sept.  It was a great month for weather & u can see by looking (chuckle), by seeing uno driving by out there, how much fill was built up.


CLM:  Make sure now, 13.6M assumes u got no money transferred from 04.  JZ:  That's what it DID assume, yes.  CLM:  So the only thing that affects that 13.6M IS the money that was transferred in at the last _, the last (quarter?) - JZ:  Right.  CLM:  before they were calculated?  JZ?: Well -


JW:  Jim, thanks for preparing this;  this is always a helpful tool when people start asking u ques - CLM:  Yeah, that is really good.  JW:  uno - JZ:  Well, I know.  JW:  (aw?) u did it for us & these little (dates?) - JZ:  Yeah, I, I think, I - it's just necessary because of - uno it's fairly complicated so to put it on paper is - JW: Yeah, u can't keep all them - JZ:  fine. JW: #'s in your head.


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CLM:  This 13 - that 11,506,500, that assumes zero Slippage too, doesn't it?  S&S.  JZ:  No, that's just the amt of money we need.  Uno that's - JW:  Dave, let's give a copy of that - JZ:  the amt of money we need (chuckle).  JW:  to the full bd.  Or -  DC:  Huh? 


EM: _ _ - JW:  Are u gonna - EM: _ _ - JW:  give 'em a copy - EM: _ _ S&S _ _ - JW: of that to the - CLM:  That didn't take _ _- JW:  full bd tonight?  JZ:  Well, I mean uno - EM: _ 22 or _ - DC:  _ _ - JZ:  there's estimates - last yr it was over 20%.  DC: They got the one the - JZ:  U never know what it's gonna be until it happens. 


EM:  So you're back up to 13M then;  that's what needs to be asked.  CLM:  What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna _ _ - JW:  Can't get ahead of that damn Cusack - DS:  Oh, no he's - (I move the recorder a bit away from JW)  EM: (barely audible)  _ 1 or 2 moreI don't know whether u'd get by with it.  CLM:  But this is good because this, this helps explain how we got to that # so that - ?: Yeah.  CLM:  even anonymously - JZ: Yeah, it - CLM: _ back of _ - JZ:  It - CLM: could come _ -


JZ:  uno there, there's uh there are - ?: _ - JZ:  fact sheets - DS: _  - JZ:  & things like that that - DS:  looks like all u guys - JZ:  that explain - DS:  won't let me go over there - JZ:  capability in more detail - DS:  at Maurer's - JZ:  what, what's involved.  CLM:  Don't know why these takeovers change things.  EM:  Depressing note! 


DS: her son called me. He served 2 mtgs. (bkgd - others continue talking indec)  EM: Um I, I guess there's, there is a possibility that maybe only half (JW chuckles) funding would come in this FY & then carry it over would be indebtedness to the, the next FY then. 


JW:  (chuckling) Why didn't he call the ol' man?  DS: Yeah, I _ - JZ:  I, I mean we don't know what's gonna come in _ _ - JW:  I've always - JZ: _ _ - JW:  been leaning with ya.  I've been there.  DS: I'd rather watch a - CLM:   I would think we'll get - DS: good movie - CLM:  we'll get a - DS:  & sit there.  CLM:  we'll get a good chunck of it.  RW: _ _ -


CLM:  He says more than half of what we needed which is gonna weigh-in.  It's gonna increase the pressure on the Chief's office to transfer funds, any funds.  He said the contract's been completed.  JW:  Careful! 


CLM:  So far, we're one of - EM:  (barely audible) Don't worry.  CLM:  we're one of one of many contracts thruout the COE where the contractor's working - ?: _ - CLM:  but not being pay.  & this FY, we're gonna become one of the smaller # of contracts where he's finished the job!  ?: _ _ _ _ - CLM:  So I mean Chapman just - logic tells me - ?: _  - CLM:  that in the Chief's Office, they're gonna prioritize most of the project & particularly when they get it to the Red-Line Express &, & the commercial interest makes that point also.


EM:  It'd be simply hell no.  CLM:  &, no, & would also, it saves the, it saves local interests' money, saves 'em (interest?) - chief's office's in.  I think this radically increases our chances of getting this contractor money 1st. 


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DC:  Ok, Item - anything else on Item 4B?  JZ:  No.  DC:  I just have one here - we - the contractor is having another Safety Lunch at Simpson Park on Fri, at 12 o'clock.  Uh I'd like to know who - maybe give me idea how many of u would like to attend;  just so I - (someone coughs) _ _ - DS:  This Fri?  DM:  This Fri.  DS:  I'll be there.  (some chuckle)  DM:  I won't be able to make it.  DS:  I'll rep the mayor.  ?: _ _ _ _.  (they chuckle & talk sim, indec)  RW?:  Oh, I'll probably be there.  DM: Ok, that's - JW:  I'm gonna try to be there.  CLM:  Don, if you're gonna rep him for the food, I'll rep him for the beer.  DS:  Ok!  Good deal;  u can have the beer. 


MM: (10/4 BOA mtg DC also called it a mtg)  Dave, Can I come?  DC: Uh, no, I don't think - this is, this is just, this is just for people who are participating in the levee.  I don't think the general public is invited.  That's 2;  how 'bout u, Col?  CLM:  Yeah, please & that's at Simpson Park?  DC:  Simpson Park.  Eric?  MM:  I'm sorry, Dave, u say u THINK?  DC:  I, I don't think that this is not open to the public.  MM:  U don't THINK it is.  CLM:  I wouldn't think - MM:  _ a definite answer? 


CLM:  I wouldn't think it would be appropriate.  If I were the contractor, I wouldn't want somebody comin' down there eatin' my lunch that was against the project 'cause that's - DC:  Right, I mean this is just for the safety people that - his, this contractor & we're the - he more or less just invites us to, to the thing & because we're participating to the levee & so I don't think it's open to the public & I won't - no, I don't think it -


CLM:  Well, U, U, U'VE BEEN INVITED AS A GUEST & consultant!  DC:  Right.  CLM:  Put u on the spot to ask u if somebody else could come!  MM:  Ok, so in other words, I'm not invited;  I can't come?  DC:  Right. (JW chuckles)  MM:  Right?  CLM:  Seems like it to me.  DC:  Yes, ma'am.  MM:  Is that because I'm uh general public or because I'm uh speaking out on the levee project? 


CLM:  It's not because of who u are, it's because of who u aren't. (JW chuckling) MM:  Pardon me?  DC: U can't - CLM:  It's not because of who u are, it's because of who u are NOT!  


DC: Jim, you're gonna be there?  MM:  Who I'm NOT (chuckle)!  JZ:  Yeah, no.  CLM: (he laughs, MM chuckles)  Now see you're, you're in a big group now, see?  JW:  It sounded good tho, Lee.  DC: I'll ask at the ald - JW:  Do u ever think about bein' a doctor?  (CLM cracks up & JW laughs)  DC:  We got about 5 here.  CLM:  No, I'm actually, I'm practicing a miracle.  JW:  Oh!  EM:  Just, just the way u put it to 'em I think, Col. 


DS: _ we need is another act.  JW:  I tell u what, if I ever (laughing) - DS: _ -  CLM:  You're lookin' at a man that - who assisted the surgeon (JW cracks up) twice - EM:  She really had it - that - DS: Yeah.  CLM:  say twice & I've only got one!  DC: Uh just to add that - CLM:  Yeah, but we didn't do a good job & it got infected & (JW laughs) _ -


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DC:  we have made very - CLM: (laughing) clean out the infection.  DC: much progress in this uh thing over the past month, a month & a half I guess but it - CLM: _ _ _ _ - DS?:  No! I didn't.  CLM:  I'm _ - DC:  slowed down last wk due to the rain & it'll probably be slowed down if um the houses on - I will say -


CLM: (whispering to JW)  There was so much in 63 - DC:  the houses on River Dr - CLM:  (but or that?) I can(n't?) really talk about (it?).  DC:  the 2 homes that the - CLM: used to hook up - DC:  uh the park people bought, Greenway - CLM: _ _ - DC:  are tore down - CLM:  _2 or 3 _ _ - DC:  Um - EM?:  Torn down, one _ _?  DC:  Hmm?  EM?:  Were they torn down?  RW: Good, _ _ part of 'em down. 


JKB: (barely heard) That one's still standin'.  DC:  Uh - CLM: (still whispering) was just (in the mtg?)  (Didn't more notice?) -  DM?: The one there at the RR tracks?   (I move the recorder a tad again away from CLM & JW)  DC: We are now the process of - DM:  There's 2 way down that way still - JKB:  No, I mean up this way _ - CLM: _ _ -


DC:  We're now in the process of - JW:  _ tell him tku?  DC:  having the Sportsplex uh complex on the upper part tore down.  Uh every - all the, what we call sal, some salvagable material or other than uh the bricks & whatever;  the uh city fellas went down & took 'em out of the bldgs & within the near future, uh they'll be torn down, put on the - 


JW:  Dave, did u negotiate that with 'em?  DC:  I negotiated, yes.  JW:  Tks!  DC:  So it's uh, that'll be, that'll be finished.  It'll be up to us after it's on the ground to get rid of the rubble or whatever & the materials, but that'll all work _ -


JW:  Did u talk 'em into a helping hand on that?  DC:  Well, I just - we'll say there was a down-burst of heavy wind that's probably gonna happen down there within the next few days. (JW chuckles)  JW:  Those tornados are happenin' right now out there, out west, so - DC:  So, ok.  JW:  I thought maybe they had a bad operator on that piece of equipmt down there.  RW:  It was Dave!  JW:  He went NUTS down there or somethin'.  RW:  It was Dave.  CLM:  His name's (the tavaroo?) _.  DC:  So ok.  JW: (laughing)  Could  u see _ -


DC:  Uh I think Item B & C were covered, the cost share;  & TPC & fed sponsor funding;  I think that's covered.  JW: (laughing) _ _ _  - DC: We'll jump here to D, MM on the levee.   CLM:  _ _ _ -


10/18/04 LEV - Section  13 of 14  


MM:  Um I know, Dave, u say that the eng'd fill at AL is 436 - how many feet high is that?  I mean would u say it's like 10, 15, 20 ft high?  DC:  Well, I really - how high 436 - I mean that's uno (chuckle) that's 3 ft higher than the last flood we had.  So that's higher than what?  MM:  I mean how many, how many ft high is the eng'd fill?  RW:  From what point, Maureen?  MM:  From where they started.  RW:  Standing on the ground?  MM:  Yeah. 


JZ:  I mean it's in the drawings.  I just can't tell ya the - DC  Well - JZ:  There's drawings that show - MM:  What would u guess, Dave?  JZ:  natural ground plus what was built.  DC:  I'd say probably in the neighborhood of say 20, uh the area there, somewhere in the neighborhood of about 20 ft.  MM:  About 20 ft tall?  DC:  Right. 


MM:  & how wide do u think the base is?  DC:  All I can tell u is the top of it's probably 65 ft wide & what the base of it is, I don't know.  It's probably uno - JW:  I'd direct them questions to the mayor;  he's the one with the eng'g bkgd.  DC:  Maybe 2 - (JW chuckles) 


DC:  Somewhere between 175 & maybe 200' at the base.  Other portions of it are not as wide because we had the eng'd fill in at the start of it at AL & that continues on, on the other side of uh the BN tracks & down to somewhere in the area of where the old g/p & then it narrows down to either uh 10 or 12-ft crest;  & then it's, I don't know, maybe 100' wide at the base.  I really don't - I, I, without lookin' at the drawing, I can't tell ya how, how wide it is, but so. 


MM:  Um what size would u say that det pond is at Fishpot?  DC:  At Fishpot?  MM:  Yes.  DC:  I think I have no idea.  (he or someone chuckles)  MM:  I mean don't u measure by acre-ft or something?  DC:  Well, I don't know how many - I can't tell ya how many acres of det there is.  Just off my head, I really don't know;  u'd probably have to ask one of the hydrologists or something at the COE how many, how many big it is, how many gallons of water, or how many -


MM:  JZ, - CLM: _ _ - MM:  Do uno?  CLM:  _ actually be, it'd be big enough.  JZ:  I mean there's drawings that show the dimensions of it, so.  MM:  U don't know how many acres it is?  DC:  I have no idea what - MM:  Or the size, how wide & deep it is?  DC:  Well, it's deeper - JZ?: (a regular or irregular?) - DC: than the levee.  JZ: shape - DC:  I mean it's the - JZ:  is (a regular or irregular?) _ - DC: same depth as the levee with somewhat but uno -


JW:  Dave, Just a suggestion - maybe for the next agenda or the cmte might consider - they might put a sec on here for audience ques's & whatever because, nothin' personal against her, but when she's interrupting this mtg, it extends our mtg;  & not that I'm got that valuable time, but I think there should be a time in these uh agendas where a person in the audience can ask ques's & NOT ask during in the middle of the mtg! 


CLM:  Maybe have - DC: Yeah, well - CLM: official business spection, then open it up - JW:  YEAH!  I mean - CLM:  so those members of the bd have to leave - JW:  Yeah, 'cause the stuff she's askin' - MM:  Yeah, that'll be good.  DC:  I really don't know how many - JW:  This is - MM:  Of course - DC: how much - MM:  it would help if we'd start on time too.  JW:  too many ques's.  DC:  to uh get the uh exact #.  I don't know what, what that's, that's got anything to do with the, with the levee or far as how much (CLM & others bkgd mumblings), how many acres it is.  I mean - 


MM:  U said they're hauling uh (bkgd mumblings continue) material from Simpson's - Is that material that we've already bought & paid for?  DC:  Oh yeah, that's, that was material, that was material that was stockpiled from Item 3B uh that was material they stockpiled, didn't need at 3B - ?: _ - DC: & material at GG was stockpiled.  That was all material that we had paid for;  it was in the contract to use but we just didn't have the - MM:  & what kind of material is it? 


JW:  Hey, Maureen, is there any reason why u askin' these ques?  MM:  I just have a real sense of curiosity.   CLM:  Why don't u save -  DC:  What is it - MM:  What kind of material is it?  CLM:  after the mtg?  (JW & DC chuckle)  CLM:  Is the next - DC:  Its' - CLM:  Is the next mtg - MM:  I mean is - DC:  It's dirt!  CLM: on the agenda here - DC:  I mean that's all it is.  I mean - MM:  Ok, it's dirt - DC:  it's levee fill dirt it's - MM:  Ok, it's just dirt.  DC:  I mean uno it's - MM:  Ok. 


CLM:  It's the right type of material.  JW:  Right.  DC:  Imper - let's say I will say it's impervious fill.  MM:  Impervious fill dirt - DC:  Right, that's levee fill.  MM:  It's not clay?  DM:  There is clay in that. JW:  I bet there's clay in it.  DC:  There may be some clay in it, but - DM:  Impervious dirt includes clay.  DC:  it could be clay, but it's uno it's impervious fill;  it's what we use.  It's not blended material or anything like that.  It's impervious fill.  MM: Uhuh  CLM: 11/15/04? DC: Yeah.  MM:  Tku. 


10/18/04 LEV - Section  14 of 14


DC:  Ok.  Next mtg is 11/15/04, 5 o'clock, same place.  JW:  Move to adjourn.  DC:  U all that won't be at that Safety Luncheon will miss a good meal.  RW:  Yeah, I'll be there.  JW:  If I don't go I'll let Maureen take my spot.  MM:  Okaaay!  CLM:  That'd be right next to the contractor.  (DC & JW laugh)  JW:  Oh yeah!  CM:  They may put a contract out on u.  (JW cracks up & others laugh)  He's a contractor, right?!  JZ: _ I wanna talk to u about - JW:  We could, we could hire - (end recording as people disburse)