Notes:  Met 5:17 - 5:40 pm.  Some VERY intriguing cmts have been deciphered from this no-quorum, chaotic mtg.  New Abbrev & one reminder:  REJIS  = REgional Justice Information Service;  bkgd = background.  Re cmts in Section # 1, 13 & 14 below, reference via the Mtgs List,  Bdry Cmsn PBH 20040920-16. 


Present:   TB,  DC,  JW,  TW,  CLM,  EM,  JKB. 


Also Present:  Vivian Blackman, VP Resident & Biz Owner;  & Don Purdy of Phoenix Env'l, alias DGPurdy & Associates, arrived at 5:35 pm.  (Andy McCord is no longer with DGPurdy/Phoenix.)



1/18/05 LEV - Section  1 of  17


DC:  Call the mtg to order.  We'll have the roll call (see above).  Probert, he's never here.  DS, I saw him.  He didn't say anything about not being here just this morning when I saw him.  


EM:  (bkgd during roll call, quietly to CLM, TW & JW at their end of the table)  I've got some drawings _ _ _ a real bitch _ _ _ _ _ got a gold mine _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.   ?: _ _ _ _ -


(Pledge)  EM:  (bkgd) I think MODOT & I think the region employees had an open mtg & - JW?:  John must have missed a big part of it.  ?: (bkgd) _ during the mtgs _  - DC:  Uhhh - JKB:  Huh?  JW:  Need a drink coffee _ - ?: (bkgd) _ _ - DC:  Did they - did u have a mtg last - EMorTW?:  (bkgd) _ _ Colonel (Widgedier?) _ - DC:  Did u have a quorum last month?   EM: (bkgd)  _ see if we came up with a _ _ - DC:  Eric.  EM: (bkgd) only with the judge.  


DC:  Did u have a quorum last month?  EM:  Uh, yes, yes. JW: Yeah.  DC:  Ok, I'll leave these Dec - uh approve the mins for Dec 20th uh & also the ones for Sept that we got tonight until the next mtg. 


1/18/05 LEV - Section  2 of  17


Uh discussion item - I mean we don't, I don't think we have anything here.  U saw my report;  we haven't done anything on the levee for oh, weeks.  We did do some haulin' on - early in Dec but since then, it's been very - the month of Dec we did a little hauling but -


CLM:  Dave, Just out of curiosity, how, what level on the guage did the river crest at Sunday?  DC:  When?  TW:  Less than what was predicted I think.  DC:  About - I had - the last reading I had was highest, was 18-8 which is about 19' & they predicted 20 - ?:  (4?) - DC:  (tho?) & the - CLM:  They predicted 25.  DC:  The last one - JW:  Man, they were way off  - DC:  they had - JW:  isn't it?  DC:  uh they predicted it at 25.  Then they brought it down to 23 & it uh did about 22. 


JW:  Is that automatic guage working down there?  ?:  Right.  JKB:  It was off.  CLM:  It was off a ft & a half.  DC:  They had to readjust it - JW:  Ohhh!  DC:  I don't know the reason whether it was to the tsunami. There's been a rumor goin' around that the tsunami uh changed the elevation in the City of StL by half a foot.  So I don't know whether that changed the zero mark - CLM:  No way.  DC:  or in the river or what but they went down -


EM:  I, I heard it threw the earth off its axis by a foot or something like that & - DC:  Well - EM:  &, &  it's (past us?).  (others laugh as DC talks)  DC:  I haven't been able to talk to the fellas in the COE but somebody was out here from the COE on - TW:  It'd be wobbling.  EM:   Yeah.  DC:  Saturday & they readjusted the guage - JKB:  Here I thought I was drinkin'.  DC:  They said there was something, it was - & there was a jump in the river but that wasn't - I don't really know so - CLM:  Use your pump sump.  DC:  I haven't talked to -


CLM:  That's a Weather Svc guage.  DC:  Yeah, they, that's their guage but it's a US Geological people that run it & a fella from the COE came out & adjusted it, but they work - JW:  So it's - DC:  closely with - JW:  right now? 


DC:  Geological Society to do that.  But uh it crested the other day I fragged (?) about 19'.  They predicted about 20, so it was - they were off about a foot, maybe a foot or 2 on it there. 


1/18/05 LEV - Section  3 of  17


CLM:  Well, for everybody's info, the uh (starts talking very quietly) newspapers talked to 'em & the reason the uh (Connie or county?) offered me - (Assistant General or just in general?), see, because (Prostention?) 35 about the story about how screwed up everything was - (released with some other?) noise about it.  We wanted to write a story saying that the levee, once finished, would provide protection that that goes against the flood of record because he, he said there were sections a hundred feet. 


& the answer to that was well yes, it will;  that includes the 3' of freeboard.  He says the 100-yr elevation up here is about a half a foot BELOW the flood of record.  But with the 3' of freeboard on top of the 100-yr levee, the idea about the levee is true & - JKB: _ uno the - ?:  when they take 19 -


JKB:  levee, it was over Marshall Rd down there?  CLM:  I thought it was interesting - DC:  Um - CLM:  that was the approach that they were taking, he was given - coming from his right, didn't u?  DC:  I think it does, John.  I, it's -


TB:  What do u mean, freeboard?  That study - TW:  We determined that - TB:  that u said - TW:  it was 27 on the guage.  CLM:  Yeah, they - all, all COE projects are built for 100-yr levee, 100-yr - TW:  To come up to Marshall.  CLM:  100-yr flood elevation - DC:  Well, that's uh - CLM: _ u (should've or shouldn'tve?) paid the elevation for 100-yr - TW:  which - guage - CLM:  levee.  TW:  is different - CLM:  Then they add 3' on top of that.  TW: by - CLM: They call it freeboard still - TW:  is it 7'?  So your  -


DC:  393 - TW:  4th one.  DC:  & u put 27 - CLM:  It's a hangover from the days - DC:  on that, that's 20 - CLM:  when they had boats movin' up & down the rivers all the time - DC:  that's 420.  CLM:  & they create wave washes.  DC:  When it gets to 420 - CLM:  U wanna build a project that protects against the - an elevation of 3(2?) feet - DC:  Lotta - CLM:  certain level - DC:  most of the - CLM:  & u add 3', that'll take - DC:  there's water on the ground - CLM:  care of the wave washin' in the boat.  DC:  in the, within the city limits of VP.  CLM:  Even tho we don't have waves washing aboard, u still -


TW:  The guage is - DC:   Still be 420 or twenty _ - TW:  slightly - it's different than uh the flood guage the city (bought?).  JKB:  No, I'm just talkin' about, it had to be more than 19 because it don't start over down there at Marshall TILL 19.  DC:  Well, 19 - JKB:  & it was up - DC:  three, we add 19 - JKB:  at the edge of the road there at the bridge just about.  CLM:  At Marshall Rd?  DC:  12.  JKB:  _ the bridge right down here - JW:  (Lab?) better reach it.  DC:  That's - JKB:  It's close(d?) tho. 


DC:  That's at 412.  If the river is at 19, it's 412.  EM?: (bkgd) confirming - DC:  If u look up on Vance Rd, u can kinda judge when the river is - uh I can kinda judge up there where it is uh without looking at, at the thing.  When it gets to be about 23 up there - ?: (bkgd) _ _ - DC:  uh u - we'll have the gate closed because 420, that'd be 23', it'd be 426 & that'll put it on the pkg lot of the school. 


That's the elevation up in that area on Beckett's Plaza uh on down to the um in Beckett's Plaza.  Some of the property in AL (Arnold's Landing) was at 425, 424;  that's a pretty high spot.  At that point up there, it was underneath the RR bridge & a little ways on the east side of the RR bridge.  But it was up to oh, maybe about that 1st telephone pole on River Dr, between the RR & the hwy bridge. 


But at 422, that's the sill elevation at Vance Rd.  So at about 419 or 420 - TW:  Coming off of - DC:  we'll close - TW:  Fishpot Creek?  DC:  we'll close the gate but the road will be closed at about oh, right at - when u go across on Vance Rd before u cross the east side of the bridge, that fills up full - we fill with water.  So u will have to close the road off before u close the sill, uh close the sluice gate.  


1/18/05 LEV - Section  4 of  17


Down here, it's about 419 that we'll close it down here on St L Ave.  That's just sayin' that the river is gonna go, say go to 27, 28 or 29 feet, we're gonna get in VP, then we'll close it once the levee is done. 


Right now, that doesn't make any difference because we don't have any levee built on the south side of Marshall on uh St L Ave there enough to get it. 


CLM:  Did they end up lopping much of the material off the levee for designation?  DC:  Uh yeah, we - ?:  Did we do what?  CLM:  (Lop or knock?) much material off the levee for the - DC:  Yeah, we took le - well, material off the levee to close Pharoah.  We still had Pharoah open, so we closed that up & put about, I guess about 10 foot of soil in there in that area - 10, 12 foot of soil in it.


EM:  Did Kena get under water?  DC:  Oh, yeah!  Yeah.  EM:  'cause I got a call from one of John's constituents, Davis.  DC:  Oh yeah.  EM:  Did u talk to him too?  DC:  Yeah.  JW:  Tell 'em they can get that fish.  (EM laughs)  JKB:  I told him, I told him I was tryin'.  (EM chuckles)  


DC:  Well, the only thing with down there that we have to worry about is, u have to realize, the man is not in the floodplain anymore.  He's in the floodway & as soon as that is the floodway, the levee is done.  It's floodway now, but to build the road up or do anything with it is, we may run into a FEMA factor that we're increasing the uh elevation or anything in that lower end where he is down there in that with puttin' rocks on that road.  & before anything is done, we'll have to investigate what we, what we can do down there - CLM:  What u'll have to - DC: as far as  - CLM:  What u - DC: raisin' that up. 


CLM:  What u'll have to do is give him - DC:  I mean it's, uno - CLM:  uno, that's an Eng's Certificate of No Rise.  DC:  It's uno that, that's - JW:  How can that guy stay down there?  DC:  This man has been, so many times has been offered money to buy-out & he doesn't wanna take it. 


EM:  There's 2 people down there.  JKB:  Yep, there's 2 down there.  DC: Well, he, he's the one - I mean & he called me on the phone & I told him I couldn't do anything about it because I don't have nothin' - that's, that's a road.  I mean I don't have anything to do with the road.  I just do with the levee. 


JW:  We won't have to worry about it _ - DC:  & that's - JW: change his mind.  DC:  But I don't know - EM:  He wanted the road raised?  JW:  Belongs to the - EM:  Is that it?  JW: County now.  DC:  He - EM:  I know he wanted the guage.  DC:  Well he wanted - JKB?:  He wanted - DC:  the road raised - JKB?:  a guage - DC:  but I mean it's - TB?:  outside the  - DC: uno - JKB:  Both of 'em does.  They both called me.  They both want it paved.  I said -


EM:  What good does that do to pave it tho?  It's still - JKB:  Well, they're gettin' their cars all dirty & the one guys got a couple new cars & they're gettin' dirty comin' outta there & I said, I said I can tell u right now they're not gonna pave that until the levee's done!  DC:  & it may not be - JKB:  Because there's big trucks runnin' over it there. 


TW:  Yeah, but serves a couple of purposes.  JKB:  Right.  TW: Originally, that was just to be - once we determined thru the Park Grant Program that they were supposed to - those people were supposed to get bought out, that road was just supposed to be for a park access road for that ramp.


EM:  Right.  TW:  Well, yeah.  I'm glad u uh uno, I'm glad u concur cause that's kind of the way it was.  We never intended that road to be - DC:  No.  TW: out of the flood - DC: No, it - TW: situation because u'd have to raise that thing.  JW:  U tells 'em that? 


TW:  Why build the levee?  JKB:  U'd have to raise it high as the levee just about.  TW:  To be completely sure, & then how are u gonna get back down to the access?  I mean now under the storm that we had there recently, it looks like that road would have to be raised about 3 feet, roughly.  Jim didn't know, but I've looked at it pretty closely. 


JW:  Just from like havin' a freezing road or something.  TW:  Yeah, I've got some photos in here.  (TW shows CLM photos on his cell phone, PDA or whatever.) 


1/18/05 LEV - Section  5 of  17


DC:  But the whole fact of the matter is, is once the river comes up to a certain point, it gets over River Dr & he can't get to his house anyway.   EM:  I know, right.   DC:  I mean that, it's - TW:  So it, it seems like a uno, kind of a waste of $ for the city but I'll do whatever the city directs me to do.  CLM:  Maybe u could offer to buy him a boat. 


DC:  Well - CLM: _ _ _ - DC:  he could get to his house. He told me, I can get in but I don't have any way uno to get my car in or anything like that.  & uno I, I don't really know - CLM:  _ kind of road was not (linked?) - DC: what, what - (EM cracks up) CLM:  but he could  - JW:  Can't get his - EM:  Ha, how - JW:  car there.  EM:  how could u possibly get a - JKB?:  He's - EM:  car in there?!  JKB?:  (below peenifer??) -  DC:  He can walk in.  EM:  For goodness sakes!  JKB?:  He can walk in from the park.  TW?:  (that's south?) - 


DC:  He can walk in from that park but uno I mean that - EM:  His house is to the left, isn't it?  TW:  Yeah right, I _ - JW:  How high does it have to get before it gets over that section of that trail over there - TW:  He's raisin some hell - JW:  He's walkin' IN the boat.  Is that that high?  DC:  Uh I really don't, I really don't know, Jeff - TW:  High condition will - DC:  I have no idea what - TW:  put him at risk -


JW:  I thought that house down there - DC:  This was never intended - JW:  went under - TW:  in a floodway - CLM:  Lost cause.  JW:  As soon as it went across River Dr, I figured his house was under too.  CLM:  Waiver.  ?:  Waiver.  JW:  I guess it's not!  DC:  Well, River Dr - CLM:  _ have a waiver so u got him now.  


DC:  was gulf-covered down there.  I mean there's no doubt about it but - CLM: (bkgd - recorder is right in front of CLM)  How u doin', Maureen?    JW:  How in the hell'd he - CLM:   They said they didn't do it - JW:  does his house - CLM: (bkgd) but they'd already done it. (?)


JW:  stay out of the water in that?  JKB:  He's got about 8 or 9 foot of basemt.  EM:  Well, it's - JW:  WELL!  JKB:  Blocks around it, but the house sits up high.  JW:  That's what I meant - JKB:  Both of 'em _ - JW:  the basemt _ -


EM?:  (bkgd)  _ the soil right from 'em.  JW:  gets water tho, right?  JKB:  Yo, it'll get water, yeah!  DC:  Least there's water underneath 'em & 'course there's water all around it.  I mean it's -JW:  I betcha when it floods those houses are gone!  EM: (bkgd) I'm not gonna worry about 'em.  CLM:  What kind of future _ -


DC: but I mean it's but - EM:  Well they're pretty sound!  TW:  It's just involvin' a lot of - EM:  I mean they've been - TW: _ - EM:  withstood a lotta floods, yeah.  TB:  Yeah, but will the levee pour kinda water over onto 'em tho?  TW?:  What wouldn't.   


JW: (bkgd)  What's the levee's buy-out price?  -  EM:  Fair market - DC:  But I mean - ?: _ - DC:  the only thing it is - ?:_ _ - TW?:  For their buildings?   ?: _ _ - DC:  it's not floodplain.  It'll be floodway  - EM?:  _ - DC:  & flood - ?: _  - CLM:  Take & move him.


JW:  I wouldn't wanna stay out in that house - TW: Curious about the animals.  DC:  Well I don't know.  JW: when that water gets - DC:  I mean floodway - EM:  It's just that he's payin' floodway!  That'll do it!  


JW:  goin' around that thing, would u?  CLM: (bkgd) Probably move him - JKB:  No!  I wouldn't even wanna stay in one of these.  If that takes -


1/18/05 LEV - Section  6 of  17


CLM: (bkgd)  How many - JKB: & breaks loose over there & - CLM: (bkgd)  how many - JKB:  start floatin' down, hit at your house - TW: (bkgd)  ALL the time u told me - JKB:  what do u do then?   EM: (bkgd)  U GOT mine!  CLM?: (bkgd)  No.  DC:  I mean there's no - TW: (bkgd)  Think I'm gonna let u go put the thanks out there on the fence?  CLM: (bkgd) Yeah.


JW:  Uno there was like that big flood.  Well it about curved - CLM: (bkgd)  I didn't know u - JW:  runnin' right down here, wasn't there?  DC:  Oh yeah.  EM: (bkgd)  U can betcha they was, comps.  TB:  Oh, it was - JW:  When they hit Kirkwood - TB:  goin' down Marshall about 90 miles an hr.  EM: (bkgd)  Study comes in.


CLM: (bkgd)  What's it, what's it go to back in there?  EM:  Uh - DC:  But see yrs ago, we didn't have Kena.  EM: (bkgd)  _ yr, it was about a hundred (of 'em?) - CLM: (bkgd)  Oh it goes _ - DC:  We didn't have to worry about it & the water just laid in that -


EM:  (bkgd)  I punched in (its flow or as Flo?) - DC:  in that - ?:  that swamp - CLM:  (bkgd) That's like puttin' in groceries in there for  -  DC:  low spot between where Kena is now & Pharoah - EM:  (bkgd)  I mean it was tight in there!   DC:  & just laid there & dried up eventually -


EM: (bkgd)  I've often dressed there & Marguerite - DC:  but then those people - CLM: (bkgd) Marguerite did?  DC:  on Pyramid had to - TW?: (bkgd) _ at the house - DC: put up with that & - ?: _ - DC:  all the way down thru there.  There was -


TW?: (bkgd)  Eric went thru the (kitchen?) _ - DC:  water laid in that area but now - JKB:  (bkgd)  That's why I said - DC: Kena is there.  JKB: (bkgd) if u was goin' to his house, u'd go in the alley?  DC:  So, I don't know. I mean -


1/18/05 LEV - Section  7 of  17

(Answering JW, EM is prominent speaker)


JW:  Well I thought the parks - JKB: (bkgd)  nobody'd go in that way _ - JWSt L County Parks - JKB: (bkgd)  pussy cat _ - JW:  was condemning that for - TW: (bkgd)  That's one of the problems in our area - JW:  the Green - JKB?:  That fellow in Kirkwood -  


CLM: (bkgd)   I told Jefferson - JW:  Way Trail.  CLMorTW?:  (bkgd)  Pete Sternum - CLM: (bkgd)   was one of the old - EM:  I talked to 'em uh it was last yr - CLM: (bkgd)  not long before Eric -  TW?: (bkgd)  but as a forest was the highest & best use -


EM:  &, & they - CLM: (bkgd)   I saw it too - EM:  they were real hot to trot about it - ?:_ - EM:  & then Pam said - CLM: (bkgd)  they just wanted to do it just something like this - EM:  she, she wanted to make another offer.  CLM: (bkgd)   (all excited?) - EM:  She didn't wanna condemn 'em.  So I don't know.  CLM: (bkgd)  how do I use the forests so they don't -


EM:   I mean nobody - 'cause I, I said uno well - CLM: (bkgd)  That, that was in the golf part of town - EM:  the city'll do it as long as u pay us back for it.  CLM: (bkgd)   right outside the forests (chuckle) - TW?: (bkgd)  _ much they give for all the rights _ - EM:  'cause they don't have the right to condemn it -


TWorJKB?:(bkgd)  _ 31 - EM: 'cause the, the parks - TWorJKB?: (bkgd)  31 _ - EM:  does not have that right.  TWorJKB?: (bkgd)  _ now.  EM:  This uh trail met or _ - ?: (bkgd)  What about that sign?  ?: (bkgd)  What the hell, what - EM:  But the city would!  ?:  _ _ -


CLM: (bkgd)  They want - DC:  They're different areas - CLM: (bkgd)  the revenue (for us or forest?) - DC: _ - TW: (bkgd)  I know how important it is.  JKB: (bkgd)  I don't know what dates was mine. This was - EM:  & for a while they were up for it & then - JKB: (bkgd)  somethin' from last wk over there.   EM:  I don't know - CLM: (bkgd)  That's what I _  - EM:  if it was Pam that - TW: (bkgd)  No, you're right - TB?:  Well is it - EM:  wanted it back - TB?:  problems?  EM:  or what the story was. 


1/18/05 LEV - Section  8 of  17



JW:  'cause its been open for us -  CLM:  Did they take pictures -  JW:  It's ours.  CLM:  of real estate?   EMorTW?:   Park ONLY.  JKB:  Then again u got about 4' in there - JW:  U turned us down.  JKBorTW?:  & they need, may be pullin' some out of it for the levee -  CLM:  I didn't turn u down.  JW:  I think that forest is gonna - DC: I've got - ?:  donated -  DC: elevations.  JW?:  for a park.  TW?: Once the levee _ -


DC:  I got different elevations at Leonard & 5th St - ?: (a whisper seems into recorder)  da, da, da.  DC:  & 6th & all that where they went - JW:  They just wanna cut their - DC:  during the, after the 83 flood - JW:  expenses down.  I think everybody's just floatin' some time.  ?: _ - DC: got all the fences (up?) - EM:  Well, well they're cuttin' back on - ?:  Right.  DC:  I got all them -


TW:  Let's go spend some of ours - JW:  YEAH! - ?: _ - TW:  Maybe a study - ?: _ -  TW:  that might get my - CLM?:  That's a shame - TW:  bank account there.  CLM:  the other one - ?: _ -  EM:  It was really a good move - ?: _ - TW:  muster up - EM:  good for a jury.  ?: _  - TW:  a pilot.


?: _ -  ?:  pretty little (else?) ?: _ - EM:  Oh, I could have a sump pump - DC:  Well, it shouldn't, it shouldn't come thru your sewer. 


1/18/05 LEV - Section  9  of  17


TW:  Dave, I have a ques. ?:  No.  TW:  Um what is the status - I heard thru the grapevine that the Manhole A has been signed & approved.  


DC:  Uh I have no idea.  They didn't have a - EM:  It, it was.  There was a contract approved with ESI.  Didn't go thru the Bd.  Uh it, just, the mayor signed it.   Uh  &  evi, we -  I, I just read it.  JW:  Long as it works!  EM:  Did ESI sub it out to a - JW:  If it don't work - EM:  3rd party I guess? 


TW:  Well it was - DC:  They were supposed to sub it out to uh - TW:  either to Loana or to uh Kelp.  DC:  Kelp.  EM:  It was Kelp.  DC:  At Kelp.  EM:  It was Kelp.  TW:  We had a price from - EM:  It was - TW:  Loana, but (pause) - EM:   like 27K or 20(someone coughs), 19, something like that.  The mayor went ahead & signed it!  So I - & I fwd'd it on to the mayor. 


TW:  Ok.  Just, just wanted to know - EM:  & he knows.  TW:  the status of it.  EM:  Yeah, so I'm still waitin' - DC:  They talked about it - EM:  to hear from - DC:  at the - EM:  Small - DC:  last meet - EM:  (Claims Court?). 


DC:  at the last levee mtg about that & were talkin' about havin' Kelp - EM:  Right.  DC:  give 'em a price or somethin'.   So I guess they did & ESI, they're goin' with it.  That's the one up by the Meramec Plaza, right?  TWorEM:  Correct. 


DC:  Fine. That, that was my understanding.  We didn't have a mtg last wk or anything.  TW:  Oh, I know.  Well, I thought I was gonna be discussed last wk but - CLM:  Did u really?  TW:  already been signed so I guess - DC:  I guess they'll start on it whenever -


EM:  I'm sorry.  I, I've got it.  Uh why don't, why don't u take a (leave?)?   ?:  I don't worry like u do.  EM:  I'll send it over -  DC:  That'll be - CLM?:  _ common courtesy - CLM:  to a Fish & Wildlife person - ?:  (chuckling) office down there.  ?:  Yes it is important.   CLM: (bkgd) See if Maureen - JW:  I'm - CLM:  follows that.  JW:  not sure it was 100% what u just said!  So -


CLM: (bkgd)  I need Betty Bows in here.  JW: (bkgd)  U do?!  DC:  I, I guess - JW: (bkgd)  I must've (widened the bars?) -  DC:  that's one of the - JW: (bkgd)  'cause talkin' to them, quick work & find some - DC:  final things - JW: (bkgd)  really good ones too.  DC:  to gettin' it done.   JW: (bkgd)  Son of a gun!  DC:  Gettin' that thing in & gettin' done with at - CLM:  Didn't really know we had that big _  - JW: (bkgd)  & then u said - DC:  Meramec Plaza up there, they'll be - ?: _ - JW: (bkgd)  u said nobody even thinks to. 


DC:  doin' that then I guess.  CLM: (bkgd)  Don't wanna go back there?  JW: (bkgd)  Go back there with u?  DC:  once that sewer line & that storm line's in - JW: (bkgd)  there was people went down there - DC:  that'll be - CLM: (bkgd)  Just even - lighten up _ - DC:  just about everything around - CLM:  _ _ - DC:  Meramec Plaza'll be done.  CLM: (bkgd)  No, I'll work _ - I'm not ques'g _ - JW: (bkgd)  U (cause or calls?) those bills to Jesus or somethin'!  (CLM & JW laugh).   CLM:  _ George _ _ -


DC:  I don't think there's  any other - maybe some grouting in some of them lines when they get 'em done with that. 


CLM: (bkgd)  & then George Washington - TW:  WGR?   CLM: (bkgd)  I, I was probably (JW starts laughing) I was excited about it just like  - DC:  What is the - CLM: (bkgd)  & I don't know - DC:  What's - CLM:  where I caught it from - ?: _ -


1/18/05 LEV - Section  10 of  17


DC:  Maybe - do uno what the deal is down on - ?: _ - ?: _ - TW?:  I just deal with home.  DC:  Pyramid & Kena & Marshall & Kena where they're puttin' a new gas line in down - ?: _ _ - DC:  by the Lions Club?   What - EM: (bkgd)  & that's for u -  TW:  I, I, I just know that - ?: _ _ - TW:  they have relocation to DO down there! 


DC:  But, what is the relocation?!   I thought the relocation was gonna be over the levee - TW:  Well then I think - DC:  after the levee is done - TW:  Well I think that they ARE gettin' that ready.  I think - DC:  & that's what they're gonna do, come up Kena & then go down Marshall Rd by the Lions Club - EM: (bkgd) _ - DC:  with the gas line.   


TW:  I believe - DC:  Oh, ok.  TW:  they're doing that in stages - CLM: (bkgd)  How many _ _ - ?: _ - CLM: (bkgd)  so much for well bits!  TW:  for when the levee is (Off or On?).  DC:  Ok.


?: (bkgd)  How much are they gonna get of it?  ?: (bkgd)  Not very much.  (CLM chuckles)  JW: (bkgd)  Did u mean that?  TW:  That's my understanding.  CLM: (bkgd)  Me & Marguerite -


1/18/05 LEV - Section  11 of  17

(Don Purdy arrives)


DC:  Hello, Don!  Come in & sit down.   DPurdy:  Sorry I'm late - DC:  We don't have - that's alright.  We don't have a quorum for a mtg & we're just discuss - I need to get your name & address & everything so we can get u on the list.  DPurdy:  Not a problem.  DC:  Andy is not with the company any more.  DPurdy:  Right.   EM?: (bkgd)  I'll talk to u -


So uno Mr Purdy?  Don.  Eric. EM:  Hi, Don.  DPurdy:  Hi, Eric, How u doin', buddy?  TW:  Good to see u, Don!  DC:  Tom Weis.  TW:  How are ya?  DPurdy:  Tom - know Tom!  DC:  JW - he's - DPurdy:  Yeah!  EM:  Nice waivers by (Don?)! 


DC:  I'm Dave, uno me.  DPurdy:  Sure, yeah. Nice knowin' u. CLM?:  I used to know Don _ - EM:  Oh, he did!  DC:  This is one of the ald on the Levee Cmte. JKB is another ald. ?:  Gentlemen, gentlemen!   DC:  Another ald, TB.  ?:  I'm not quotin' (s-u?)  ?:   Put him in a warm spot.


DPurdy:  I know that guy.  CLM:  Hello, Don.  How u doin'?  DC:  Uno him?  DPurdy:  Yeah, I know him - for a long time I know him. 


DC:  I need to get a biz card or somethin' so I can get you on the mailing list & - DPurdy:  Ok.  EM:  Don, u moved out?  U, you're not by TW any more.  DPurdy:  I'm in O'Fallon.  EM:  O'Fallon, ok.  DC:  Your co is now Phoenix?  DPurdy:  Phoenix, yes.  CLM:  U gotta keep an eye on that golf course from over there.  EM: Yeah!  DPurdy: Yeah! (chuckle)


(Preparing to lock & leave the office, City Bookkeeper Patricia Laufer asks EM if he wants his coat that he left there.)  EM:  Oh, my coat!  Nooo, leave it in there;  that's fine.  Bye, bye. 


1/18/05 LEV - Section  12 of  17


DPurdy:  Know what I did last night?  I wrote an email to Prichert.  CLM:  Oh, yeah, I got that today.  DPurdy:  Did ya?  TB:  I hope it's not a noose.  CLM:   Me too.


DC:  So I guess that's what they're doin' down there on (Pyramid, Kena, Marshall) - I couldn't under - TW:  I saw 'em - DC:  I can't understand what all they're sayin'.  TW:  They've been down there for a little while. 


CLM: (bkgd)  Oh, Bill?  EM: (bkgd)  enough money - TW:  'course the weather _ - ?: _ - DC:  They've been down there - they was down there last - CLM: (bkgd)  That's really gone up & I'm not sure how much.  DC:  wkend or last wk a lot of people were out there.  ?: _ -


TW:  Right, the weather - CLM: (bkgd)  She uses Joan's computer & it - TW:  that means everybody's aware.  ?: (bkgd)   _ - DC:  Movin' around & everything else down there.   ?: _ -   CLM:  Christ, about - JW: (bkgd)  pardon me, Lancaster -  (TW & others laugh heartily while CLM talks) -


CLM:  2 wks before Christmas.  They just got back & - watch your TV & - DC:  I guess - CLM:  we'll be workin' on it.  CLM&TW?:   Don, I know u got your - TW: (bkgd) _ adjustmts REAL SOON.  DC:  that's all we got, guys, to uh


?: (bkgd)  I was willing if u were.  CLM: ((bkgd whispering) Match up all your invoices _ -  TWorEM?: (bkgd)  Oh u would, huh?  JW: (bkgd)  I know it.   CLM: (bkgd whispering)  It should work.  ?: (bkgd)  If u wanna go (buy/by us or bust?).


1/18/05 LEV - Section  13 of  17

(CLM is prominent speaker)


DC:  I don't know of really of anything else - ?: (bkgd)  U can get those reports.  DC: about the funding or anything.  I guess - ?: (bkgd)  It's done all the time. 


CLM:  Uh just one cmt.  The COE of course cannot as uno, Dave - DPurdy?:  No, I mean  - CLM:  they can't release their - DPurdy:  we cannot - CLM:  capability figure to a President -  EM:  That might be - CLM:  sets his budget - EM:  Might owe 'em - CLM:  budget by the 1st of December.  EM:  owe 'em some money for - JW:  What we need's for a call put to 'em.  ?: Um - DPurdy?:  We're up to the (uh or our?) balance project -  


CLM:  I clearly understand that - EM:  (flipping thru papers)  Don't whine, but the Hampton & _ _ - CLM:  this, the budget yr is gonna be - EM:  Well, I'm tellin' ya - CLM:  very, very tight - EM:  (Rita Kestry?) - CLM:  not only on COE projects - JW:  I wanna know when Eric used this.  PurdyorEM?:  The temporary use list.  Purdy:  That's what I want. 


CLM:  across _ -  DC:  Yeah, that's - CLM:  That's what's the whole scenario's about.  EM:  _ comfortable with change -  CLM:  Like a lotta programs that are - EM: & so that may be the answer _ the 1st _ - CLM: going - ?: _ - CLM: to get - ?: _ - CLM: automatically - ?: _ - increased - EMorTWorPurdy?:  would never be read! 


CLM:  are gonna - ?: _ - CLM:  be cut.  ?: _ _ - JKB?:  Well I didn't know anything about that key.  CLM:  This is - ?:  Is there more than one?  EM?:  There's more than one of 'em!  CLM: not just the COE -


EM?:  Storm! Water! Study!  CLM:  but the COE comes out it - TB?:  What does that thing look like, Eric?  CLM:  We got our work - TWorEM?:  It was, it was about clay.  CLM:  cut out for us to - Purdy:  How old were those studies?  ?: _ _ - 


CLM:  to get as much money as we can.  JW:  This manhole?  DC:  Yeah, Jim was sayin' - CLM?:  Are u talkin' (to me?)?  DC: somethin' at the last - ?:  Right one.  DC:  Progress Mtg that funding -


EM:  He had Morris!  (!?)  DC:  was gonna be kind of a - CLM:  When?  EM:  His ex-wife.   DC: They're tryin' to - ?:  U'll normally adjust the keys.  EM?:  Jesus!  ?:  He really likes to bide his time (laughs heartily).  ?: _ _ -  


CLM:  He's - the President's serious about - EM:  & she!  CLM:  reducing the budget.  EM: didn't give him his money for it - CLM:  Lotta people talk about that all the time - EM:  & she won't answer a thing about it - CLM:  but this guy, whenever he says somethin' u look at it.  EM:  uh it's in both their names!  TW:  That's down in Chicago?  EM:  Yeah.   (Ref:  Bdry Cmsn PBH 20040920-16) 


CLM:  & what u actually, u're probably gonna get it.  EM: & her name is uh - CLM:  The ques is how much of it.  But you're - TB?: _ _ _?  CLM:  gonna see programs like for - EM:  She's a doctor too (I'm sure or isn't she?)


CLM:  education & welfare & - JW:  One of these days Eric's gonna move (to Chicago?).  ?:  So much for the city.  CLM:  student loans & that type - JW:  (out of this or lot of it is?) -  CLM:  are gonna be cut.  ?:  U cannot.  JW: u can (eat?) - CLM:  Something new -  JW:  Around here - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  they're gonna start puttin' the money where - ?: _ _ - CLM:  the effect - it's doin' something -


1/18/05 LEV - Sec  14 of  17

(CLM still prominent speaker!)


Purdy?:  U could, right - CLM:  just tryin' to cut back on - DPurdy?:  but I wouldn't wanna go - ?:  programs - JW:  Can(n't?) (he or eat?) - JKB:  is down there?  EM:  If u take it -


?:  That Andy just did?  ?:  I don't think that Andy would.  EM?:  on those - Purdy:  I can get the others out - CLM: I could hear a lotta screamin' - Purdy:  & give 'em back - TW:  in a little while - (JW? chuckling) -  PurdyorTW?:  without (givin' him?) -


EM:  Let's pull 'em & take a look.  Purdy?:  If u can get 'em to cross here - EM:  If there's any way we can do it - ?: _ - PurdyorTW?:  If we know - EM:  & protect what we need - CLM:  Almost all your, what they call discretionary programs  are under it.  EM:  out of Section 5 'cause Bill owns that. 


?:  Yeah, I - TB:  At your house?  EM:  That's right, I buy out there!  JW:  Buy 'em! 


CLM:  But that's alright.  We've been thru that - Purdy:  _ be a wanting - CLM:  for so many yrs - DPurdy:  his house - DC:  That's what I told Jim.  Purdy:  his (side or hide?).   ?: _ - ?: _ - DC:  I said we'll get thru that.  ?: _ - ?: _  - DC:  We got a good contractor.  They work - CLM:  We coulda not done that. 


?: _ -  EM?:  thru the outside?  ?: _ - ?: _ - DC:  They work uno - CLM:  We got, we got -PurdyorTW?:  Well if u guys wanna GET SCREWED ON IT!   CLM:  We got a good Congressional delegation.  ?:  _ _ we oughta sell 'em?  EM:  Let's just deal with it_!  ?:  Is part of it screwin' with the (board?)?  ?:  Well we -  EM:  Not yet.  ?:  U swear?   ?: _ this board at this time - DC:  They - CLM?:  I've had it.   


DC: They stuck around & - Purdy?:  We need to do the stock market.  DC: worked thru all that - ?:  help get into a boat.  DC:  mud & slop - CLM:  Well, we - DC: & gettin' that levee - ?:  I'm gonna _ - DC:  closed up that day - JW:  Yeah?  CLM:  We got a pretty good chunk of money for 'em & -


?:  Hey, Eric, is Lancaster in?   DC: Oh yeah!  I mean - EM:  (quickly mumbled)  (Not yet or oh yeah?!).  DC:  uno that's - ?: _ _ - CLM:  1st part of Oct - TB:  They try to not be found but they - CLM:  & right at the end of the FY.  EM?:  I'm optin' in.  DC:  They uh - DPurdy?:   We should do fine! 


DC:  they got people - ?: _ _ - DC: out there workin' in that slop & mud & - ?: _ _ - DC:  gettin' 'em, that levee closed up & gettin' the - stop _ _ - ?: _ _ - CLM:  He's a, he's a good - EM?:  I got it here.  CLM:  He's a good - ?: _ - EM:  _ (Jim?) (Bogley's or Bogsley's?) clearance (don't it?) - CLM: contractor.


(Ref:  Bdry Cmsn PBH 20040920-16) 



1/18/05 LEV - Sec  15 of  17



DC:  Our boys went up & - ?: _ _ - DC:  did the one on Meramec Sta Rd - ?: _ - DC: so we could get 'em all - CLM:  Oh, did they really?  


EMorJWor?: (bkgd)  U, U can call & see on that (side or site?).  DC:  Yeah, so we could go on & get 'em all done at once because - JKB?: (bkgd)  I can't do that now.


 EM:  Did u need - CLM:  Who came out from the COE?  EM:  something from MSD that we never got?  DC:  Oh, man!  ?:  Is it, is it clear?  (DC like whistles)  CLM?:  Worked like McGee when the wind is cleared off -


DC:  There's STILL A  LOTTA PEOPLE out here from the COE! 


?: (bkgd)  Don't take the board over there.  CLM:  Really!  DC:  Oh yeah!  CLM:  Well good. 


JKB:  Just gotta keep the water out it.  CLM:  That's good.  JKB:  Those kids got water wings - ?:  we have on - TB:  They call it a microsauna.  DC:  We had, we have our trailer - EM: Lemme - DC:  pulled up there (chuckle) - CLM:  No kiddin'! 


EM:  Lemme look it out.  She pulled the file on it & we - JW:  When is - EM:  I think that we - JW:  that guy gonna have his uh - JKB:  _ have the least water?  JW:  open house again?  He cancelled that - DC:  I DON'T KNOW!  JW:  LAST ONE on us.  CLM:  YEAH, I missed it. 


?:  _ we saw 'em thru the - ?: I said - JW: YEAH!  LET'S GET ON THAT GUY!  CLM:  I missed - EM?:  _ _ - CLM:  I missed the City Christmas Party.  I don't wanna miss that one too. (JW laughs)  EM?:  _ _ -


1/18/05 LEV - Sec  16 of  17

(While CLM talks/whispers with JW, DC talks to Purdy, EM in bkgd to whoever) 


DPurdy: I was in such a rush, Dave - EM?:  _ _ - DPurdy:  I didn't bring my biz card.  DC:  Ok.  CLM:  U make sure I get invited - JW:  I wanna get in on that.  DPurdy:  add a 7th _ - CLM:  get a chance to visit with folks - ?:  _ _ -  JW:  Yeah!  Yeah - DC:  Ok.  PDurdy:  _ need to know about me - CLM:  I'm not bettin' on any more people - JW:  Yeah I'm sorry uh they didn't in - DPurdy:  got a biz card & I can - CLM:  I used to make excuses - DPurdy:  throw some in the mail to u.  JW:  It wasn't uh - CLM:  Lemme just cut out - DC:  if any of u wanna run - JW:  It wasn't - CLM:  I didn't know about it.  JW:  Nobody planned anything I know that.  DC: This is just for the (city?) - Purdy?:  That'll work.


EM:  TO DO THAT - DC: _ _ - JW:  I just think it's - DC:  If u don't reach me at - the other one's got caller ID.  EM:  chart _ - JW:  (short?) communications here.  DPurdy:  Ok.  CLM:  (that means?) - DC:  I could be at the other one - JW:  Yeah, no mayor's - DC:  I'm not into her_ - JW:  secretary.  DC:  but we could add per denim {sic} - DPurdy:  Ok.  


CLM:  How's that turning out?  EM:  I'm tellin' ya - DC: Yeah, I'll give this -  EM:  the difference is 30.  JW: Well - DC:  to the uh - CLM:  I heard she was gone.  EM:  Maybe 10%'s _ - JW:  Yeah, we're just ridin' - EM?:  Never!  


JW:  sh_t pile now.   DC: secretary in there to put on the uh new card - CLM:  Who's gonna take her place?  DC:  & get rid of the old one.  JW:  I don't know what's gonna happen there.  I think they're just spreadin' the duties out right now.  CLM:  Is Marguerite tryin' to cover all - JW:  Yeah, & just sell drug there.  


Purdy:  Were there no - EM:  Here's the issue.  Purdy: hand-outs?  Not enough - EM:  Alright.  The issue is - Purdy?:  to delete your (risks?)  (someone seems to breathe into the recorder) - EM?:  on those things except -  DC:  Here, I'll give u one of these.  EM:  it's valid (in?) one yr from the date of acceptance by the city.  


DC:  This is a uh sort of an agenda - DPurdy:  Ok.  DC: & a little Progress Report that I put together for the uh Levee Cmte.  EM:  Now I'm like Andy Williams - CLM:  Seemed like it was - EM: sell u those - DC: Levee Cmte - CLM: (Whispering to JW)  Seemed like maybe -  EM:  & I  (think?) the city.  


CLM:  it was written by Maureen. (JW laughs )  DC: send out.  CLM:  I can always look at her damn mins.  (As observed at the mtg, JW laughs as CLM continues indecipherably re whatever & also transcribing this circus.) 


DPurdy: Are the mtgs - TWorTB?:  Is that Allison or -  EM:  Ellison.   


DC: The mtgs are the 3rd Monday - CLM:  That'd be interesting, wouldn't it?  JW: (stops laughing) Oh!  That's all.   DPurdy:  I heard Mon & that's all.  DC:  of every month - JW:  I wanna see the MINUTES.  DC: unless we have some -


EM:  _ fire(d?) _ - DC: type of a holiday - CLM:  'cause u got it (the recorder right in front of them) right next to u.


DC: & uh - EM:  Even tho she didn't really - JW: Yeah!  EM:  (accept or except?) it.  DC: & this bein' Martin Luther King -  EM?:   & I can always get (Arthur or Author?)  Don - JW:  This is true.   ?:  (Too old?) _  Purdy?:  Hey!  DC:  had it  the 18th. I usually - ?: _ a Bud Lite?  DC:  uh put on there one night, one night, Tues or whatever - EM:  We should've gone _ -


1/18/05 LEV - Sec  17 of  17


CLM:  U wouldn't have, u wouldn't have a - DC:  We usually have it the 3rd Monday - CLM:  I wouldn't mind havin' a detail of where the city's well is over (goes to a whisper) this fort right now.   TW?:  (whisper) U gonna have to buy it _.  Purdy:  Ok.  CLM:  (whisper) Not opposed - EM:  Or against it, guys!  CLM:  Yeah.      


DC:  Guys, if we don't have anything else - EM:  I mean we'd love to have those -  ?:  (fugets?) - DC: I guess - TW:  We just - DC: we might as well - TW:  we just (whisper) got 'em in.  JW:  Move to - TW?: _ _ _ - adjourn - TW?: _ _ - JW:  but we never - ?:  Moved it - TW?: _ _ -  JW?:  opened it so - TW?: U need it bigger, don't u?   


EM:  Lemme look, go thru the file -  CLM:  U gonna make the - TW&/orEM&/orPurdy:  Make sure to find out why they were - find that 1st letter - CLM:  announcemt for Jim?   DC:  What's that?   EM:   I bet I did.  I think I did. 


CLM:  He said everybody's goin' got ta - EM:  Let's just go in & - CLM:  join him at Donahue's he said. EM:  & let them _ - (JW starts laughing) - CLM:  He's  TWorPurdy?:  & what if - CLM:  gonna have a - TWorPurdy?:  that one isn't right?  CLM: election - TW?:  _ have to report - CLM:  history party - TW?  another comp? (JW laughs heartily) 


EM:  Those people lot like it done.  CLM:  He's unopposed.  EM:  I mean they don't _ -  DC:  He better watch out - JW:   HEY, LEE'S GOT HIS CREDIT CARD.  DC: better watch out;  there might be - JW: Come on up!  DC: some fight him.  CLM: The filing closed -


Purdy?:  & when it comes to about FEMA coming in - CLM: at 5:00. Purdy?:  nobody - DC:  Uno what, Jeff?  Purdy?:  knows the distance (chuckle) - DC:  U better watch out - ?: _ _ - DC:  there might be write-ins.  ?: _ - (CLM laughs heartily)  TW?:   He needs to stop.  JW:  U did that once before I think.  ?:  Yeah, Moen. 


EM:  I'll hit it tomo_ -  ?:  Fabergee - (Purdy chuckles)  EM?:  I'll keep it tomorrow.  ?:  DC:  Well - ?:  Any time - ?:  Not this time.  ?: _ _ -  ?:  Well, ok.  ?:  Sq (feet?)?  ?: _ -


DC:  I guess we - the next mtg'll be - JW:  Yep.  DC:  2/21 -


EM:  Now there's, now there's one deleted on _.  DC:  same time - EM:  Even if we don't - DC:  same place.  EM:  I, I MIGHT be able to go back to that woman - JW:  Well, we're done now. EM:  that's with, with REJIS but I don't know.  


CLM:  U make sure Don gets the word so - DC:  Yeah, I - CLM:  _ - DC:  I've got this.  I'll give it to Marguerite to - CLM: Tell him that Marguerite - JW:  Scared of us, huh?  (end taping)