Notes:  Met 5:05 to 5:33 pm. Two pages handed out by JZ:  his annotated copy of tonight's levee mtg Agenda (see notes below), & the untitled chart discussed tonight which is posted on DOCS as (2/22/05 Shortage of Funds to Pay ESI).  EM also handed out 2 pages:  Dept of the Army Preface & a COE Project Chart, both on DOCS. 


JZ's notes on tonight's Agenda which correlate to Agenda Items:  "A - Item 4B Update" & "C - Fed Sponsor Funding for 05" to which he'd added "2006":   "A1 - Contractor still expect to complete Item 4B in June.  With bad weather days added to the contract he has until Aug.   A2 - Spreadsheet with projected earnings in FY05;  projected interest thru Sept assuming no additional payments.  Interest rate changed to 4.25% in Jan.  Spreadsheet attached. 


C1 - FY05 Corps received $1,830,000 from the Appropriations Act & $2,750,000 from transfers from other projects.  Total $4,580,000.  Paid ESI $3,961,000 to complete payments for FY04 earnings & the interest.  No Fed funds available to pay FY05 earnings.  C2 - Sponsor Cash Contributions:  FY05 Initial Withdrawal $65,000 - wooded wetland contract.  FY04 add'l cash due to transfers to project at end of FY04 $120,000 - ESI FY05 add'l cash due to transfers to project in early FY05 $186,000 -

ESI FY05 Withdrawal from escrow $91,000 ESI  C3 - Cost for relocation of emergency vehicle road $61,734 ESI.  Letter to Mayor dated 18 Feb 05.  C4 - President's Budget for FY06 is $7,582,000.  This would be enough to pay ESI's cost plus interest.   Possible problems:  Law has to pass.  Reduction will be taken.  funds could arrive in January 06 so interest on entire debt could accrue for months.  C5 - May receive transfers to the project in Sept at the end of FY05."


A minor MOPR note is that both docs that EM handed out were in the 2/22/05 BOA Packet, but not the above-mentioned 2/18/05 Letter to Mayor.  Thanks after all to be being late on posting these 2/22/05 Mins, a very important note is that DC addressed the 3/7/05 BOA re Brigadier General Crear's 3/1/05 mtg in VP & tour of the levee project!  Hopefully time can be invented to extract, transcribe & post that info.


Present:   RW,  DC,  DS,  TB (couple mins late),  TW,  JZ (left about 5:15),  EM,  DM (arrived 5:15), JKB. 


Also Present:  Vivian Blackman, VP Resident & Biz Owner & Cgsm Akin's Jim Mitas. 



2/22/05 LEV - Section  1 of  10


(JZ hands-out his annotated copy of tonight's agenda & the above-mentioned chart)  DC:  Let's call it to order here;  take a little roll call. (see above)  Do I have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  Well, (there's not?) an agenda _ approve, we can't approve it. (?!)   _ _ here;  same way with the mins.  Ok, discussion items for this mtg - uh Item 4B Update - u wanna -


JZ:  Yeah, lemme, lemme just go ahead here.  Um & this is - I was gonna actually not gonna be here & I was just gonna leave copies of this here at city hall but my wife's flight got changed, so I thought I'd stop in.  Um Item 4B, goin' up, following that arrow up to the top there - uh the contractor still expects to finish his job in, in June.  Uh just FYI, by the terms of the contract, uno, he gets certain extra days in the contract for excess - EM?: _ _ _ -  JZ:  bad weather - & uh uno the contract officially goes into August now.  ?:  _ _ _ _ _  - JZ:  That certainly could happen that he takes longer than June, but he's expecting to uh finish in June. 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  2  of  10


Um I've got a spreadsheet attached that talks, that shows projected earnings in FY05 & also int thru Sept assuming we make no add'l paymts.  I just note here that the int rate has been reduced actually from 4.25% to uh down from uh 4.5%.  


So anyway, the spreadsheet, if u look at uh the left column uno it shows months of the yr, of the FY starting 10/04;  then it runs thru 9/05, so those are all the months of the yr.  & across the top is paymt est's  they expect to uh - some of 'em actually have been rcv'd & others uno are forecasted.  But um Paymt Est #11 took place in Oct - that was for Oct earnings & Paymt Est #12 is for Nov earnings & so forth.  So basically if u look at the 2nd uh 2nd row from the bottom it says amt unpaid - uno basically we haven't paid the contractor um any fed $ for FY05 & so in Oct he has amt unpaid of $1,034K.  & for the Nov earnings, he had 671K & for Dec 599K & for Jan 235 & uno this, this uh Feb figure is, is, is gonna be replaced with a lower figure but that's what was forecasted a while back;  so that, those, that amt will be shifted out But uno this is a general idea of where we stand;  um & again finishing the job in June. 


Uh the total int earned will be the 3rd line up & as u go to the right hand side where I've got it circled, it said Total Int based on this uh spreadsheet is $163K & it's a little bit lower than I think the last one I gave because, mainly because he hasn't earned the money as quickly in the FY as, as he had forecasted uno.  So there's been some slow months in the winter so there'll, there'll be less int because of that. 


TW:  So Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, those are actual invoices?  JZ:  Right.  TW:  & then u can see that it changes to a round # for Feb.  JZ:  Yeah.  TW:  & that # obviously is gonna be less than that.  JZ:  That's WAY too high.  TW:  Probably gonna be - JZ:  Uno this is, this is gonna be changed, uno next time I meet with u - TW:  So the rest of the way out, those are - uno starting in Feb, those are - JZ:  they're forecasted.  TW:  obviously projected #'s - JZ:  Yeah & I wondered why there's some detailed #'s in May & June is because he just took some #'s from earlier in the spreadsheet - TW: Right & projected - JZ:  moved 'em back to uh - TW: _ - JZ:  May & June.  TW: _ _ - JZ:  It gives u an idea! 


Uh that's uh u can have that & then goin' back to the front page (his annotated agenda) here, um going down a little bit lower, talking about the uh fed & sponsor funding for FY05 & 06, ok, & following that arrow up to C1 - in FY05, the COE rcv'd $aM830K from the Aprops Act - that's what we ended up with after they, they take out a certain %age before we get it.  & then we transferred in just recently $2,750K from other projects.  So we have a total of uh $4,580K to work with. 


Now we've already paid ESI $3,961K, uno we paid 'em that back in Oct & Nov & that's what was used uno to finish out their FY04 earnings & the int assoc'd with that.  So that paid their earnings thru Sept of - TW: _ - JZ:  of this past yr.  TW:  So we're (down or done?) payin' them for FY04?  JZ:  Right & the int that was assoc'd with that.  So at this point, we have no fed funds available to pay any FY05 earnings & I think that's similar news that I told u last month. 


Now goin' down to C2, talkin' about sponsor contributions, we um we had asked the, the city for uh $156K at the beginning of the FY for FY05, ok & we withdrew 65K at the beginning of the yr & we put that in the Wooded Wetland Contract;  that's where that sits right now.  Um later on, we asked for add'l money for FY04 because we had a major transfers into the project toward the end of FY04.  So there's $120K that we had asked for & we'd rcv'd that & that's uh that was actually already spent on, on a paymt to uh to ESI.  Uno I think the Oct # that u saw here, 1M,034, uno their actual invoice is higher than that but we paid 120K  (recorder is knocked over) _ sponsor money _ _. 


&, & goin' down the list here, we asked for another 186K for FY05 due to the fact that we had a - these transfers in that we paid the contractor back in Oct & Nov.  & we have rcv'd that check, Eric, & that's being put into our system to pay the contractor right now. 


My only uh - since we did finally get our actual uh funds for, for the FY in Jan, we've now with - have a letter written in the front ofc to withdraw the remainder of our FY05 - original 156K - I've got a letter drafted to withdraw the rest of it - 91K;  then we'll put that in the ESI contract.  So, so there will be some paymts made to ESI uno using sponsor funds here. 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  3  of  10


Um # C3 in the next item down, we're, uno we - we're relocating the emerg vehicle road as part of our uh contract with ESI.  DC:  What road is that?   JZ:  Uno the one where the fire trucks - that comes along the, the BN tracks & - ?:  (Smoke it?).  JZ:  then goes up & over the levee & then swings under -


DC:  We're relocatin' that?  JZ:  Well, yeah.  DC:  Oh, that's the relocation up from the old road to the new - JZ:  Yeah, the old road ran - DC: Ok.  JZ:  at natural ground - ?:  _ - JZ:  & we're putting it up & over the levee - DC:  Ok, alright.  JZ:  basically.  So it's - ?:  So u're bldg it up in other words? 


JZ:  Yeah, we, we're taking it up a ramp.  We're bldg a special uno long, longer & - DC?: (Ok?)  - JZ:  flatter, sloped ramp & a wider ramp &, & the gravel has to be uh thicker for these big trucks.  & so it, there's, there's costs assoc'd with it & um - EM?: (bkgd)  (Promised or Thomas?) (Tagley??) (u're not??). 


JZ:  The total cost, est of the extra embankmt involved & the extra road stone is 61,734 & a letter - this is a letter uh, Dave, if u will give this to the, to your office here for the mayor & Eric has, has a copy of it, asking for the uh 61,734.  So that's another item. 


TW:  That will be added to the COE project cost - JZ:  & that - TW: _ _ - JZ:  that - TW: _ _ - JZ:  that will - TW: _ _ - JZ:  also be - TW:  city project _ - JZ:  uno, it, it'll be like a relocation feature being done by the contractor.  ?: (bkgd) _ _ _ _ will u record it?  JZ:  be paid - ?: _ _ - JZ:  to the contractor.  ?: _ _ - DC:  _ u'll probably see him before I do. 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  4  of  10


JZ:  The uh, the next thing on the list is C4 & this is good news - that the Pres' budget for FY06, uno it starts in 10/05, includes uh $7,582K for the VP project.  & Eric is just passing out some of that uh - TB?:  We get this - JZ:  the budget.  TB?:  full amt here? 


JZ:  That's what in the - that's what's in the Pres' budget, ok, uno, it's what he is requesting of Congress - (I held out my hand as EM passed out copies) EM:  I didn't make u one.  (he then did give me extra copies)  JZ:  & so Congress - TW?: _ _ - JZ:  pardon. (no response heard) Congress has uh - EM: (bkgd) I'll give u one (apiece or of these?).   JZ:  He asked Congress for this amt of money & basically the cgsm has to go thru the process of uh Senate & the House deciding & then the Senate & House voting & - TW: Sure!  JZ:  all that biz.  Uh but it's, it's certainly good that it's in the budget (chuckle).  & uh that is enough money - that's basically the money, the amt of money we asked for. 


TB:  Would that be the amt of money that needs to complete the levee then?  I mean if - JZ:  Basically, yes.  TB: _ _ that you _ _ _  - JZ:  Basically, that's the amt that we, based on our est, enough  to complete the job.  TW:  Did u guys factor in some of the int _ - EM?:  U got one?  TW:  Umhum.  JZ:  Yeah, we did.  TW:  Good.  JZ:  In our est we factored in some int & some mod costs 'n our - TW:  So in Jan, u - if the Pres passes, passes that budget in 1/06 which is the same time - JZ:  Right.  TW:  u got your money for 04, 1/05 - JZ:  Yeah.  TW:  _ _ u would expect to pay off ESI. 


JZ:  Uno we - true, except uno when we developed the original est we didn't necessarily uhhh think we weren't gonna get any money - uh we would've hoped that we'd get the money early in the FY - I mean if it, if it drags till Jan - as I've noted down here - there may be more int than, than we can afford, possibly. 


TW:  So it's a chance we may - JZ:  It's a chance - TW:  owe ESI - JZ:  But it's a - TW:  ESI - JZ:  we asked for the money - TW:  ESI - JZ:  that we needed.  TW:  $7.7M?  JZ:  Yeah.  Typically, I guess uh money for a, from a, on a given FY comes in like say Nov, uno.  This past few yrs have been a little bit unusual, it comes so late. 


But in any case, uh & also there's always a reduction in the uno what u, which actually, what is actually approved by law.  Say it was 7M800 uh 582K, then there's always a reduction before they give the money to the COE;  it's some, some #, like 10% or seven...(exchange tapes)...JZ:...there'd be a big # in the budget for the project FY06. 


& the last item on the list is that there could, could certainly conceivably be some transfers into the project in Sept.  Uno u don't really know until the end of the current FY how nationwide the COE is doing.  But if there's extra money in other projects then there's a possibility there'd be - some money would be transferred into VP so we'd have the money in Sept rather than uno than later & we don't, we don't know that until - it's usually (chuckle) the last few days of Sept is when it happens.  But that would be, that would be help.  So that's, that's the money picture & if anybody has any ques's uno I'll try to answer. 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  5  of  10


TW:  Dave, have, have u talked to the COE about that borrow area yet?  DC:  No, I talk to 'em Thurs.  TW:  Ok, might be something we make Jim aware of, _sure his people _ - ?: _ - TW:  but we're - DC:  I would talk to (Greg) Bertoglio & (Mr Pat) Conroy (both COE) & them to see about - ?: _ - TW:  Is Greg back - DC:  Right - TW:  in the picture now? 


What, what one of the concerns is, Jim, just so uno _ a heads-up, Thurs we're gonna discuss, is the big borrow area down uh uno uh near the Johnny Mac.  What was - what would be better described that as _? -  ?: _ - TW: DAVE, What would this better be described -


JZ:  Simpson Sand & Gravel? 


TW:  What does that area - better described - by Pyramid.  DC:  By Pyramid between the Pharoah & Kena.  TW:  Right.  DC:  Uno that borrow area - TW:  The water is - DC:  where we got that borrow pit down there.  TW:  Right. 


The water's gonna constantly sit there &, & we gotta figure out some - DC:  & we're thinkin' about - TW:  kind of way to - DC:  gettin' some kind -TW:  bring that outta there.  DC:  of a drain;  put some kind of a drain from there at the, at the uh - EM: (bkgd) mosquito - TW: (bkgd)  mosquito _ _ - DC:  west - east end - west end of it by Pharoah & takin' it down to the river & - ?: (bkgd) _ _ _ - DC:  drainin' that because of the fact is that - ?: (bkgd) _ _ _ - DC:  we have those 2 homes down there on -


TW:  Well, not only, not only just those - DC: River Dr.  TW:  homes & that road, but the whole continuous - DC:  The whole thing - TW:  mosquito (history?).  DC:  it won't go - drain!  I mean it just lays there - JZ:  It's, it's on like the little borrow area to the river - DC:  Then it just (fills or goes?) up.  JZ:  river side of the levee.  TW:  On the river side of the levee.


DC:  On the west - TW:  But it's - DC:  on the west side of Pharoah in the uh Sports Complex, it drains;  it drains right to the river.  It goes right on down into their uh drains;  but there never was a drain in there & the water just laid in there yrs ago until it finally filtered into the river.  & these guys went down here & tried to pump it but when they pump it, it just finds its own drain into the river & seeps thru the side of the bank down there & u can see it runnin' out along the bank where the water's goin'.  ?:  How much?


& we're gonna try to create some kind of a perm drain to keep that water drained out of that.  If we DON'T fill that borrow pit up - which we're tryin' to get the borrow pit filled up - if we fill it up, we still need to drain the water off because the rain water & when the river comes up, it just, it'll just lay in there until - ?: (bkgd) _ _ - JZ:  Yeah.  DC:  it evaporates & -


JZ:  Well, I'll tell u what, I, rather than get into a big discussion - TW:  NO!  JZ:  I'm gonna leave.   DC:  No.  TW:  _ _ I just wanna, all I wanted to do - JZ:  I'm glad u - TW:  was just - ?:  _ a straight line _ - TW:  make u aware - JZ:  let me know about it.  TW:  of it, that's all.  JZ:  Yeah, tku. 


DC:  But we're gonna try to get some kind of a action out of whatever - JZ:  Ok.  ?: _ - DC: Either the city will take on the project or - ?: (whisper) _ _ _ _ -  JZ:  Tku.  DC:  we'll have ESI or somebody else go with the project & see what happens.  ?: (whisper) _ _ _ _ -  DC:  Ok, Jim.  JZ:  Ok, tku. (he leaves) 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  6  of  10


DC:  Um Item 4B Update uh as u could see we don't have much goin' on - we - due to the weather.  They were haulin' some dirt today out of GG but it was pretty wet.  That's about all.  I guess u - has anybody got any ques's on the Item 4B?  I think we covered pretty much the cost share here of the project & the TPC.  Uh -


EM:  Yeah, we should be paying the city cost share - uh we'll get a bill in Aug, Sept for (84 or maybe 4?) hundred 'nnnnnn $80K, something like that.  & that, hopefully, I'll have our city line-up so we were paying exactly 5%.  & if we're paying 5% & our cost credits match out, then we won't have any more paymts & maybe we can get a refund because he's been going agnn--uh hard to get a refund from the gov't but u never know. 


He's been going on 6 to 6.5% - is what he's been doing his request to us & the law is, it's 5%, but he guages that over past track record with your submitted cost credits.  So uh what I'm saying is I - I'm, I'm thinkin' that the, the 450 oughta be awfully damn close to the last of it other than we, we've got, I guess just a couple more issues coming up.


We've got this $61K uh RELOCATION cost, we've got, NOW, a relocation cost of a SWB Telephone Line that we talked about before the mtg started.  We've got the MANHOLE;  we've got um just some Simpson stuff, SIMPSON uh TEMP CONST ESMTS that we have to get & hopefully that's THE end. 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  7  of  10


DC:  Like I say, we may, we may accumulate some other costs if we work with ESI getting this drain put in down between, down there along Pharoah & - EM:  That's a good idea 'cause what a God forsaken mosquito _ - TW:  &, & it's my  - ?:  _ - EM:  goodness!!  (someone chuckles)  


TW:  feeling, the reason why we brought it up to Jim, it's my feeling & Dave's feeling, he's been asking the COE about that for quite a while.  EM:  Yeah!  TW:  & u said u even discussed it with the COE.  & I think we should push as strong as we can to make that part of the project somehow so that we don't have to pay the FULL share.  EM:  Yeah!  TW:  Just pay OUR share. 


EM:  Uno the, the only alternative that I saw in that & I, I think we've discussed it & said there's no way.  Uno we got that berm where the old RR tracks ran for the Cotton Co up & down the river or whatever that was for, uh that, that I guess has an effect of maybe trapping SOME water in.  I um I guess the problem is u gotta log it &, & clean it before u can move it & fill it;  gotta have the equipmt to do it.  We could also lower down Johnny Macs, that mound in the middle if u wanted to do that, assuming it's all (quarried?) fill. 


DC:  I don't, I don't think we're gonna - I don't think the idea of fillin' it is gonna be a problem.  I think ESI will, has got enough material to fill it up.  It's the fact is that I don't - well the COE seems to be reluctant to wanna fill it up.  I don't know why - EM:  They've ALWAYS danced with that for SOME reason.  DC:  I don't know -  


RW:  Is it part of that wetland tho?  DC:  No, it's - TW:  No.  DC:  not part of the wetland.  EM:  Huuh!  TW:  It's the ballfields.  DC:  It's not part of the wetland.  EM:  It's just a - TW:  It's not a wetland YET.  EM:  It's just a big depression.  TW:  If we let it go, It will be a wetland;  then we won't be able to do anything with it.  EM:  But they've ALWAYS - TW:  I can tell u that!  EM:  fought any fill! 


RW:  Why can't u just put a natural drain to the river?  TW:  Well, that's what - DC:  That's what we - TW:  That's what - DC:  wanna do.  TW:  Dave & myself & JM looked at about - RW:  I mean it's gonna - TW:  2 to 3 wks ago.  RW:  There's not gonna be a road there any more!  DC:  No.


TW:  We have a place potentially where we could - well, the road WILL be - EM:  But it, it would be nice - TW:  Well, the road COULD stay there.  All we have to do is put a pipe under it.  EM:  It would be a nicer play area tho or - RW:  Why would the road - EM:  a recreation area. 


DC:  Well, Pharoah, u'll be able to go - TW:  The River Rd.  DC:  into the ball, into the Sports Complex off of River Dr - DM:  It's gonna access to the ramp, right?  DC:  & come up Pharoah to the north - DM:  I mean access at uh Marshall, right?  DC:  & go into the Sports Complex.  EM?: _ _ - DC:  & then we have the other entrance - DM:  So that's probably - DC:  that u could go into over there, however they're gonna work it out. 


But the fact of the matter is, is on the east side of Kena - RW:  Yeah, I know where u're talkin' about.  DC:  the elevation is up to about 420.  On the other side of Kena all the way up to Pharoah, it's about 410 or something like that.  So what happens is, when the water gets high enough & runs across Pharoah, it falls into this hole.  Whether there's a, a borrow pit or whatever, this water has laid in that area for yrs.  RW:  For 150 yrs! 


DC: It's every, every time, it was because there's no way for it to drain out, only thru the seepage thru the ground, uh sand.  Well, the COE, when they were gonna do that they figured they were gonna get more material outta that borrow pit than they did.  But they, when they got down to it, they hit the sand right away;  so they didn't get dirt.  So they kinda expanded this borrow pit & now we got a huge hole down there & it don't drain!  It will never drain!  I mean it'll just set there.


TW:  So the reason why the Kena Rd, rock road that we put in, is uno, it's, it's gets flooded because there's nowhere for the water, up adjacent to it, to get out.  DC:  & event - TW:  So if we figure if we solve the problem of draining the big borrow pit, then we really wouldn't have to raise Kena Rd very high - DC:  Right.  TW:  cause enough water could drain out under the River Rd out to the river.  So that's why we _- DC:  I mean the water would go into it - TW:  address it one more time with the COE 'cause this might be our last chance to adddress it. 


EM:  But, but the debris - what, what are they doin' with the de - oh they're eng'g & putting it in the fill, aren't they?  TW:  Right.  DC:  They can use the - they've got extra fill.  I mean they're - I don't think there's any problem with - TW:  I mean, yeah - DC:  ESI.  TW:  well, but that's a big area too.  DC:  They already said uno that's no - they'll get the fill.  I mean if we -


EM:  Oh, well we got tons of fill over at Simpson, but it's a horrible cost uno to truck that over.  ?:  Right!  TW:  & place it.  


RW:  A lot cheaper to put the drain in than all the dirt into that _ - TW:  That's - there's NO ques in my mind of that!  DC:  I mean just so the thing will drain & uno then we won't - River Dr will be open.  I mean the way it was before, we couldn't get River Dr open because of the fact is uh get Kena even open, uh because the fact is the water lays in there.  There's nowhere for it to go!  I mean it's - TW:  So we're gonna work on that Thurs. 


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  8  of  10


JKB:  Now are u gonna put a drain under Kena too?  DC:  No, we'll just put it - JKB:  _ holds water over there.  DC:   No!  No it don't because, John, as soon as u get over there, that's - JKB:  It goes uphill.  DC:  it goes up - where the old lift sta was & everything else - TW:  Yeah because - DC:  that ground runs pretty high all the way down till it gets almost to River Dr!  ?:  Right.  DC: & it, it didn't get up - TW:  Cause that's, that's high on the east of Kena.  DC:  But I think we, we'll - TW:  I think - DC:  we can, we'll work that out.  I mean -


TW:  I agree with the chief tho;  it's gotta be cheaper to put a drain under (chuckle) River Rd - DC;  Oh Yeah!  TW:  than bring, bring, PLACE all - unless ESI uh loses their mind for -  DM: (chuckle) Yeah!   DC:  Well - TW:  for 10 mins & tells us they can bring it in there for it - but it, uno that's not gonna - RW:  (laughing) I don't think that's gonna happen!  TW:  No, they're pretty sharp,  - DM:  They've been pretty smart up _ - TW:  very sharp group of guys, so that's - DC:  I mean the whole fact of it is - DM:  I (wouldn't want or wonder what?) _  -


DC:  we have 2 homes - DM:  _ _ - DC: down there - TW:  No, _ -  DC: that didn't go in the -  TW: _ _ _ - DC:  buy-out & we have to provide some kind - DM:  Well - TW:  staff _ - DC:  of svc to 'em - DM:  we don't wanna stick it to 'em & then - DC:  as much as we can - ?:  (whisper) (Screw?) - DC:  if there's a flood. 


If the water comes up & it stays up a while, as soon as the river goes down, if we put this drain in, the water is gonna be off of Kena & we'll be able to use Kena in order to get down there to them houses & give these people some kind of a protection & they can get to their place.  The way it is now, it could be - uno if the water comes up & gets in there like it did the last time, it was, it was about 10 or 12 days before that water went off of that thing.  & them guys went down there & pumped & pumped water - uno u can only pump so much water because the ground is only taken so much water now & it uno it just - as soon as they got the thing where it was drainin', it took 'em maybe 2 or 3 days to get the water down to the point -


RW:  Well, they should've just cut a drain over to the river.  Why pump it?  I mean they could've had it drained in 2 days!  DC:  U hate to cut a road - u hate to cut the River Dr - RW:  What's it gonna hurt, Dave?!


DC:  Well, it isn't gonna hurt anything, but I mean we - RW:  I mean they could've went down there with a tractor & dug a trench to the river & had it done & NOBODY had to stay down there with a pump!  Now let's use some common sense when it comes to stuff like this!  


DC:  Well the only fact of the matter is, is the thing that we gotta clear for with puttin' this in is _ - RW:  But I mean - DC:  water - RW:  just to get the water out to all the grease when we were down there!


DM:  Let Dave tell u why!  If he's - DC:  Yet, the - u have to go & watch out when u start drainin' anything in the river now because the 1st thing that's gonna happen to u is the DNR is gonna come down & say, hey, u can't do this, boys, because uno this water - we don't know where this water is coming from & - TW:  No it wasn't on your original permit - DC:  & u're - TW:  is probably the 1st thing.   DC:  we don't wanna screw up our permit.  We'll have to go thru - (bkgd whispering) - the COE & see if they're - we can use that permit & everything.  I mean -


RW:  So where'd u pump the water to?  DC:  We just - RW:  To the river.  DC:  We just pumped it, we pumped it out of this thing - well I, I told it to Rick.  I - RW:  It went to the river, Dave!  DC:  I, I agree with u, Rick, (he & others chuckling) but the whole fact of the matter is - RW: _ _ point _ - DC:  it's not natural. 


DM:  Does more mud get carried out if u dig a ditch rather than pump - (someone bkgd laughter)  TW:  Well, the other thing - DM:  but u pump it - EM:  _ all sucking -  DM:  it's just water, right?  I mean - TW:  the other thing - DM:  that's why DNR might scream? 


DC:  We, we had this problem up here - ?: (bkgd)  They woulda not know it.  DC:  at the RR bridge & we don't wanna get it in & do it again.  TW:  Yeah, they - DC:  The guy from the - TW:  They shut 'em down actually up by the RR bridge.  DC:  Oh, yeah!  They, they, we - I mean this is -


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  9  of  10


TW:  The other thing uh Chief, is that uh ESI uses that road as a const access road.  RW:  Yeah.  TW:  So we didn't wanna put a trench across it without - DC:  U just, u just don't wanna get these, this DNR (chuckling)  & the uh Conservation Cmsn - RW:  Well, u sucked that guy on my down there at the end of River Dr!  DC:  Well.  Where?  RW:  One that lives down on the other end, when u hung the phone up on him.  He called my ofc!  DC:  I didn't hand your phone off on nobody.  RW:  Well that's what he told me!  DC:  Noo - he - (someone chuckles) RW:  I gotta - I cooled him down for ya, Dave.   ?:  He probably hung up on Dave - EM:  (Probably?) should've.  DC:  What, crazy Eddie down there?  (others laugh) 


RW:  He's callin' my ofc;  I said don't worry about - DM:  I don't think u can blame Dave for him.  DC:  Huh?  DM:  I don't think u can blame Dave for Eddie. (they chuckle)  That guy called city hall complaining 'cause - DC:  He called me a couple times - DM:  he thought we were sending the news crews down there - DC:  & I told him, I said well uno - DM:  when it flooded.   DC:  _ the guy(s?) - DM:  He says where u sendin' those new crews here.  DC:   told me that he makes - I told him him he's - something about I said they offered him $40K for his house & he said to me, he said - the exact words - I make that much in a week!  (EM laughs) & I didn't have - I couldn't say to the man, well, if u make - DS:  If he does, he's sellin' dope down there.  DC:  $40K a week, WHAT IN THE HELL are u livin' on the end of River Dr for! 


EM:  Because he wants to raise his guinea hens!  DC:  Well, I - JKB:  So u owe me every month.  DC:  Huh?  RW:  U owe me - DM:  Those hens must be pretty darn expensive if u sell 'em.  EM?:  (chuckling)  Yeah.  JKB:  Cause I got a Caller ID.  (chuckling) So I can tell when he's callin'.  DC:  Well, I have Caller ID too, I mean but - RW:  He called up there & said that Mr. Cusack just hung the phone up on me. (they laugh)  DC:  I did not hang - I talked to the man very politely. 


RW:  He said if my house catches on fire, if I have a heart attach, what are we gonna do?  I said we're gonna come & get ya.  Well, u can't, the water's there!  I said u ain't never seen a fire truck go thru water, have u?   JKB: _ drive thru it.  DC:   They come - DM:  U got a fire boat, don't u?  DC:  & get u by - They'll come & get u by boat.  They'll throw a fire extinguisher in the boat & come down there & get ya.  ?:  Get a - ?:  long - ?: _ it.


2/22/05 LEV - Sec  10  of  10


TB:  Did the fire plugs - Did Kena Rd where that fella was talkin' to that other person that lives down there, did they - was it Laclede Gas had that trenched over something like that?  They were - TW:  Yeah, that was all repaired.  TB:  Was that taken care of - TW&/orEM?:  Yeah, let's hope - JKB:  It WAS (an asset?) there.  TW:  Yeah.  DC:  Oh yeah.  RW: _ _ -


TB:  What did they do down there?  What was the ga - what WAS THAT?   DC:  The gas co put in a new line, or what did they do?  JKB:  All I seen 'em put is big L line in.  I don't know - EM:  What'd they called it?  They put in a drip?  TW:  Well, they were - EM:  I think then they had to reroute it to uh - TW:  Right, they were doin' some replacemt _ _ - EM:  It was a HUGE line. 


TW:  We went - Jim called & we went down - TB:  Probably went thru without hurtin' _ - TW:  & talked to 'em about, hey, (chuckle) u gotta get your trench out, uno back in order here - ?:  _ _ - TW: so they finally did that.  TB:  They didn't make us put this - ?: _ _ _  - EM?:  Oh really?  TB:  whole place across there or anything?   EM?: (bkgd)  'cause he didn't _ - TW:  I think they just went ahead & made the repair & - ?: _ _ - TW:  (filed a get?), no doubt - ?:  _ _ - TW:  about it, cover it up.  


DSorTB?:  _ all mended, we oughta be keeping it as a park.  JKB:  Yeah but that's (a hell hole or available?) down there.  DC:  Oh yeah.   JKB:  (Put?) thru a water line.  EM: (quickly mumbled)  (That's what we're doin'?)!  DC:  (They cut?) the water line.  JKB?:  Is that like for sure?  The lines broke.   RW:  That's like (buying?) over there, Dave, did uno that?  


DC:  Huh?  RW:  How do u find (TW or EM laughs) that water line _ _?  Nobody knows where they're at;  they just dig & then they hit it!  JKB:  There was marks out there where it was at.  RW:  Was it actually marked?  DC:  Yeah, it was marked.  It was marked but they cut it anyway. 


RW:  Damn, Don, u must've put that one in, huh?  DS:  I knew EXACTLY where it was at.  (RW laughs)  I know where your curb stops at.  RW:  I do too;  it's painted blue.  DS:  Yeah.  JKB:  (We?) have to pay to get it?  DC:  I mean there's blue, there's blue marks all the way up along that thing & uno & - DS:   A lotta - DC:  Jim told me - DS:  those crews - DC:  he said, well - DS:  it's cheaper to tear it out - DC:  they cut, they cut the water line.  DS:  & fix it - DC:  I said well I don't - DS:  than it is to pay the labor to work around it.  RW:  Right.  DS:  That's right. 


DC:  Ok, well, we got the fed sponsor funding for 05, 06.  I think that about uh covers it.  Ok, next levee mtg 3/21/05.  I don't think that's a holiday so we will have it on a Mon.  Uh don't need a motion to adjourn 'cause we didn't have a mtg.  ?:  Motion to adjourn _ _.  TB:  Is that _ _ _ by u, Don?  DS:  Yeah.  (End  LEV20050222)