Notes:  At 5pm with 5 table people, I asked Don Purdy if he was a Levee Cmsn member now.  EM answered for him, saying "Ad-hoc".  DC didn't think anyone else was coming;  no one had called to tell him they wouldn't be here.  During cmts re traffic problems, DS said that the hwy was the best thing in the world ever happened to VP.  When DC guessed we could all just go home, EM asked if anybody wanted to talk about it at all;  DC said he could if he had anything. 


So at 5:10pm, I placed the recorder on the table until about 5:20 when I left, thinking that levee discussions had ended & obviously angry;  not only about their self-centeredness & lack of respect for taxpayers' dollars but other people's private property, their exploitation of Eminent Domain, floodplain people, even DC's hearing problem.  If I could've been assured at the time that the recorder was actually picking up the various cmts & I'd be able to eventually decipher them, I'dve kept quiet.  Days later, finding that they'd continued talking about the levee & other topics for about 20 mins after I left, I regretted having left when I did even tho I was on a tight schedule & later spoke-out against Condemnation at Sunset Hills' 3/21/05 TIF Cmsn PBH. 


An excerpt from a COE Newsletter states that "Brigadier General Robert Crear visited the Valley Park flood damage reduction project on 1 March 2005.  He fist attended a meeting at city hall attended by Mayor Dan Michel, city aldermen, other city officials, Kacky Garner & Jim Mitas of Senator Talent & Congressman Akin's staffs, Alan Wolfe of Environmental Specials {sic} Inc. (the construction company building the last flood control segment), District Commander Colonel Kevin Williams, & other Corps & contractor staff.  City officials thanked BG Crear for visiting the city & for his support of the project.  The group discussed the disastrous floods endured by Valley Park & the progress made on the flood control project.  A main focus was the contractor's description of the work remaining for completion of flood protection & his indication that with normal weather conditions he will have the embankments & other items in place by mid to late June 2005.  The shortage of federal funds to pay the contractor for his FY05 work was discussed.  After the meeting, BG Crear, the mayor, the congressional staffs, the contractor, & Corps staffs toured the construction project.  At the conclusion of the tour BG Crear said he looked forward to participating in the ribbon cutting ceremony when the project is completed."


Present:  Don Purdy,  EM,  DS,  JKB,  DC,  JW (arrived about 5:15),  DM (arrived about 5:18)


Also Present:  Vivian Blackman, VP Resident & Biz Owner. 



3/21/05 LEV - Section  1 of  10 


EM:  Let's tell John at least that uh, uh, we, we had a mtg Thursday.  We, we usually have a, a mtg Thurs if there's some const goin' on;  annnnnd uh the, the Lay-Road Permits were kinda holding things up.  The weather has been the REAL thing that's held everything up.  We've got all our RR permits pretty well lined out.  Now we just have to get the money & uh flip it over to the RR & they'll give us our permits & we can get started with the, the work that we need to do along the RR. 


3/21/05 LEV - Section  2 of  10 


Uhmm, weeee have talked to ESI about that knob - we call it the knob - I don't know what better term to say - uno where the, the bldgs were for Johnny Macs.  JKBorPurdy:  Yeah, yeah.  EM:  Ok.  Um we got a knob on one side of the road & a depression on the other side of the road.  So it just made sense to everybody to say, well, let's see about leveling that thing out! & see how high we can get that DEPRESSION!


& I think - David, didn't it come out a LITTLE bit more than 50%?  DC:  Yeah, it, it takes about 55K cu yds & we got somewhere in the neighborhood of about 35 or somewhere between - Purdy: (bkgd)  _ _ _  -  DC:  35 is {sic} 38 - Purdy:  then we start fillin' it? - DC:  cu yds -  EM:  Um - DC:  DIRT. 


EM:  they said there's no problems with rcv'g - the COE! - said there's no problems with rcv'g fill - uh, I, I guess it - DC:  In the flood - EM:  they just sculpted it.


DC:  plain. That's in the floodplain.  Purdy:  OH YEAH!  No, there's no problems.  I'm just kind of curious - ?:  Yeah.  Purdy:  if, if it's - I mean I don't wanna cause any - EM:  They said hydrologically, it's ok & uh (cue Purdy) - Purdy:  Well, if they said it's ok - EM:  Yeah.  Purdy:  then it's ok. 


EM:  Uh, &, & we're just waiting for a bid to see how much it is.  I mean it could be just an outrageous amt of money.  We kind of thought as long as they have these earth movers down there - JKB:  Yeah!  ?:  Just go down the _ _ - DC:  We wouldn't have to mob (long "o" - DC's abbrev for mobilize) again.  We could get ES, ESI to move it. 


3/21/05 LEV - Section  3 of  10 

(DC main speaker as others talk quietly in bkgd)


The problem being is we're gonna have a big hole of water on the outside of the levee between Pharoah & Kena.  There's what they call a (pause) which, Item A, it's an extra base & that's - they took dirt out of it & it's gonna be about 10 ft deep & uh so - & it'll - to go almost from Pharoah all the way down to Kena;  & the problem is it doesn't drain.


Yrs ago, we did have a drain that went under Kena er went under Pharoah from the Sportsplex but the water drained - Purdy:  (Rideout or right out?) _ _ - DC:  back from that area into - EM:  This is so we can cut off - DC:  the Sportplex from - EM:  the whole area _ _ _ - DC:  between Kena & Pharoah - EM:  Yeah, all we're trying _ - DC:  & didn't hold - EM:  _ _ not put so much in at a time - DC:  a lotta water.  It was kinda - EM:  (side or site?) drain hopeful - DC:  drained out. 


JKBorPurdy:  Oh, ok, yeah I know where u mean now.  DS:  (Still need 'bout?) - DC:  Well, we - DS:  (4 of 'em?).  DC:  Well, we, we don't have that any more.  That, that drain - JKB:  Yeah.  DC:  underneath Pharoah - EM?: _ _ _ - DC:  doesn't exist any more back to - Purdy:  Do they wanna turn them 2 over - DC:  between Kena.  So we've got - Purdy:  & each side can possibly get some credits _ - DC:  this big body of water -


EM:  We talked about that - DC:  & we CANNOT - EM:  _ evidently there's - DC:  drain it.  EM:   some pressure & - DC:  But when the river - EM:  don't know if we're - DC: comes up - EM:  gonna do that.  DC:  we have 2 - EM:  We're just _ - DC:  homes down there - EM:  _ make it a lake - DC:  that are still occupied - JKB:  Right.  EM:  because of the mosquitoes!  Purdy: (whisper)  Oh! (Yeah?)!  Over the yrs -   


DC:  & we can't - ?: _ _ - DC:  they can't get in - EM:  'cause, yeah, if u -  DC:  see 'cause - EM:  already have the other - DC:  the water does not drain.  EM:  uh, 2 wetland sites - DC:  & we had to go - EM:  that are - DC:  down there - EM:  DONE - DC:  & we had about - EM:  according to the mod - DC:  5, 6 - EM:  tho it is - DC:  ft of water on that road -


EM:  Walk around (other?) - DC:  down there - EM:  (re?)tention basins _ - DC:  & we had to -EM:  & get to the other (side or site?).  (Afraid that the recorder wasn't picking up whatever EM & Purdy were saying, I moved it by them & hoped it would.)  DC:  drain it.  Purdy:  To me, I'm not - I'm just speaking out loud,  I guess u _ - DC:  flood don't get those people - Purdy:  those (tape is garbled for a sec) (charter horse stars?) - DC:  so they could use their - get that road in there. 


3/21/05 LEV - Section  4 of  10 

(DC still main speaker as others talk quietly in bkgd)


EM:  Now, they'd be - DC:  So NOW - EM:  the city credits I would think -  DC:  what we're tryin' to do - Purdy:  Yeaaah!  EM:  & we can spin 'em off - I suppose.  DC:  what to do that could drain it. 


Purdy:  U could do that but see, to me - DC:  Either fill it up - Purdy:  if u could take advantage of something like that - DC:  & make some - Purdy:  put it in place - DC:  kind of a drain - Purdy:  & then when the city needs it, u - DC:  to the river - Purdy:  got it there -


DC:  fill it up so it doesn't have the water in it - EM:  We'd be comin' out with - DC: where the water will drain off - EM:  it was like threeee - DC:  & drain in - EM:  3-1/2 acres, something like that.  DC:  River Drive & then into the river -


Purdy:  3 & a half acres!  DC:  or else - Purdy:  if u're gonna do it, it's so  E A S Y  to DO that - DC:  uh one alternative is - Purdy:  u just put in some damn plates & - DC:  to dig a ditch - Purdy:  I mean that's  N O T H I N G !  DC:  & put a pipe in & - EM:  They're - DC: go under River Dr.  EM:  they're makin' it.  They may have some pressure - DC:  Another alternative - EM:  to do that anyway.


DC:  that we're gonna look at is instead of puttin' a drain under River Dr, we put the drain back across Pharoah - JKB?:  Ok.  DC:  back into the Sports Complex - JKB?  _ _ - DC:  & drain the water back the way it did before & let it drain out of it - 'cause it drains outta the Sports Complex.  It goes right on down.  I mean it, it doesn't stay up at all.  We can drain the water back in there.  & the idea would be, if we don't fill it up, that's if we don't fill it up, we put the drain back in &, & put some kind of a, uh the drain under Pharoah & leave it. 


But what's gonna happen if we, if we DON'T fill it in, we're gonna have another uh - ?:  (loud whisper)  That's right!  DC:  mosquito haven.   JKB:  Yeah. 


3/21/05 LEV - Section  5 of  10 

(bkgd talking subsides)


& another place where we'll probably wind up with tires & whatever people can dump off at Kena into that area.  So uh this is something that we're, we're, we're tryin' to work out & see what we can do with that. 


It would be nice if we could move the knob as they call it & open up more area at the Sportsplex for our parks IF we wanna develop because uno, we've lost the WHOLE AREA uh - from uh (recorder back to table center) the road that goes into the entrance to uh the Sportsplex all the way north of that area - is all gone with the levee. 


& the other part of it is a pkg lot & possibly we could make a few more ballfields in there once we get the knob all knocked down & everything else like that would open it up.  & even if we could FILL that area between Pharoah & Kena & get IT leveled out, & uh we could use it as a Parks area because that's, it's city property & we uno it could be part of the Parks or do whatever they want with it.  Purdy?: (bkgd) U could make a ballpark too of it.  


3/21/05 LEV - Section  6 of  10 


DC:  Uh they, they're gonna look into some uhh other thing about mit (mitigation).  Maybe we would leave it, leave it - have water in it or leave some water in it & everything & maybe instead of uh, uh us havin' to pay money for another mit if we need it or anything, we could go out & a work it & the COE is gonna look in to see if there's ANY other jobs that they have or in their works, that we could SELL this piece of property & let somebody else use it for mitigation;  & let them do, pay like we had to pay for other properties that we needed on mit when we removed this area down here.  When we took this area out, we had to buy property because we didn't have enough uh mit property to compensate for that area _ -


Purdy:  Well, I've got one for ya, right now!  DC:  Huh?  Purdy:  I've got one for ya right now!  DC:  Well - Purdy:  I CAN'T TALK ABOUT IT OPENLY right now (strange bkgd breathing sounds) but I know a sight's lookin' per(stopped short as if maybe someone poked him;  same strange sounds continue a couple secs!)  mit - if u can & they're gonna pay thru the nose right now & if it, if it can work - DC:  Oh yeah!  Purdy:  & can help u guys out & make some extra cash!  & they SAVE some money - 'cause right now - I guarantee u right now they're gonna pay $20K an acre. 


EM:  That's, that's what we paid at uh Fox Creek.  Purdy:  Alright, but the point is, if u can maybe sell it for less money but do something to benefit U - DC:  Right.  Purdy:  save them some money;  everybody's win, win & I know they need it right now!


DC:  So we could - uno if we DO, if we do just use (someone coughs)  (8?)3K or whatever we've got & fill it up to it isn't uh 10 ft deep or something & - EM:  & (then not?) (adjusting his chair, he kicks the table & knocks recorder over) (doing?) & then sell the, sell the balance uh maybe, maybe it'll pay for itself.  DC:  Oh, yeah!  That's what I'm sayin' - ?: _ _ _ _ - (JW arrives)  


Purdy:  Well, uno u can actually & I don't mean to be jumpin' around here, but u can ACTUALLY HAVE deep water habitat that the COE will accept - because uno why?  DS:  Do u need a cup, Jethro?  EM?:  (loud whisper)  ESI -  JW?: _ -  Purdy:  US Fish & Wildlife Svc is wanting MORE - JW:  Wants a _ - Purdy:  than just shallow wetlands.  ?:  Uh - DC:  Right.  ?:  (Yeah?).


Purdy:  & so they're pressuring - JW:  Let 'em!  Purdy:  the COE - when I say pressuring, I mean explaining to the COE that there really IS a  V A L U E   to something that's deeper than 6 FEET !  DC:  Right.  Purdy:  Maybe a constructive (bkgd noise) lagan;  put bank shelves & banks in there.  U can actually create some really nice habitat for various reptiles & things like that & then - they're as important as DUCKS ! 


DC:  Right, oh yeah!  Well, we - uno we had to do this down here at Simpson.  We had to build some shelves in there so they can plant trees & we got one of them, a wetlands in there for u, so. 


3/21/05 LEV - Section  7 of  10 


JKB:  But if u leave it like that we're still gonna have to put a (JW's cell rings) drain in there somewhere.  DC:  Uh, yeah, it, u (JW's cell rings again) - whatever u're gonna have to do I mean it's, it's gonna have to be somethin' that'll have to be in there.  PurdyorJKB:  Yeah.  DC:  U'll have to do some kinda - so we can drain enough water ofer {sic} it that - to uh get Kena - UNLESS, unlessss, the uh Green Trails, the Greenway Trails, whatever - JKB:  Buys that out.  DC:  If they actually come & buy those 2 houses out, I mean they're still - I understand they're still tryin' to work out some -


EM:  Jeffery, we're talkin' about the det basin that's a 10' depression that the COE's basically gonna walk away from -


on the other side of the ballfields where Johnny Mac's is - on the other side of uh Pharoah.  DC:  Pharoah & Kena where that borrow area is down there. 


EM:  So we were, we were talkin' to the COE about - well not really the COE - the ESI, the contractor, about takin' that Johnny Mac's hill down & put it over there & they calculated it out & it filled it about half full.  So instead of 10' u got 5' deep.  JW:  Better than nothin';  that sh_t goes for -   


Purdy:  There's no - DC:  Well yeah it - there's - Purdy:  (barely audible)  _ no tellin' WHAT u paid - DC:  there's some different - I was explainin' there're different things that we can do.  EM:  Easier to maintain!  if u do it like this.  DC:  But uh _ - Purdy:  I thought -


3/21/05 LEV - Section  8 of  10 

(DC main speaker again as others talk quietly in bkgd)


JKB:  What are u gonna tell Johnny Beard down there?  DC: It's still - EM:  I've done a proposal - DC:  it's still in the - Purdy:  'cause there's - DC:  planning stages.  Purdy:  no captives - ?:  For what?  


DC:  I don't think we - JKB:  That water's - Purdy:  don't actually - JKB:  deep in there.  EM:  Ok.   DC&Purdy:  want to keep - DC:  the whole thing down there - Purdy:  But u're not captive.  ?:  (whisper)  Quiet.  DC:  because of the fact is - DS:  _ stood there forever.  DC:  it's - if they don't sell those - JKB:  It would be more popular.  DC:  property - if they don't sell -


Purdy:  Do u have to use - DC:  those 2 - JKB:  (won't?) survive - DC:  homes down there - Purdy:  ESI - DC:  we have to give - Purdy:  for a gravy contract -  DC:  those people access - PurdyorEM?:  What would they be due on it?   


DS:  _ (leads?) to the lake - ?: _ - DS:  that would keep -  ?: _ - DC:  to their homes - DS:  THEIR homes - ?: _ _ -  JKB:  presented them that - MM: (unable to tell what they're saying at the time)  U guys - ?: _ _ - JKB: at the last mtgs.  MM:  I'm sorry - (most ignore or don't hear me yet) - DS?:  S-sh -  EM:  Really?  Purdy:  Oh yeah!  & HE's GOOD! 


MM:  we can't listen - EM:  We, we just figured - MM:  to everybody at once -  EM:  it would be good - MM:  when there's a mtg - EM:  because they were wrong.   


3/21/05 LEV - Section  9 of  10


JKB:  We're not even havin' a mtg!  EM:  Obviously - DC:  Well, (I?) don't need it!  


MM:  Well - Purdy?:  Once - MM:  fine.  Purdy?:  they're used to this - DC:  This isn't even a mtg.   MM:  U don't call this a mtg?!  EM:  Oh it's (uh or on?) - MM:  U're talkin' ALL about the levee.


Purdy:  (from?) the hill & borow someone to fill it.  JKB:  I'm talkin' about somethin' else besides the levee!  MM:  But WE'RE here to talk at a mtg - I mean u may not call it a mtg - DC:  I have never called this mtg to order because we don't even have -


EM:  It, it might have yards involved.  MM:  But we're sitting here talking about the levee.  ?:  It was like uh -  less _ _ - ?: _ _ - Purdy:  _ a mile haul tho _ - (DM arrives)  DS:  Wouldn't that be the simple thing to do?  DC:  So - Purdy:  They charge u more than if - MM:  Mayor Michel - Purdy:  they're already ordered & u'd be gettin' 'em cheap. 


MM:  They're sayin' we're not havin' - EM:  Really!  MM:  a mtg but they're all talkin' about the levee in - Purdy:  Did u just scrape it?  MM:  different groups.  I asked 'em could one person - PurdyorEM?:  May get a decent plow!  MM:  please speak at a time.  Purdy:  It should maybe - MM:  They say we're - Purdy:  be $2.00 a yard.  MM:  not having a mtg.  Now this is gettin' a little bit ridiculous, uno. 


DC:  Well listen, Maureen, _ - DS:  Well the thing to do is adjourn the mtg!!  DC:  Huh?  MM:  Well that's fine!  DS:  That's the thing to do!  MM:  That's fine;  don't have a mtg then.  DC:  We won't have a mtg.  DS:  See ya later! 


MM:  U don't want the public - DC:  Take it easy.  MM:  to know  what the hell's goin' on!  JW:   (bkgd)  Who's got the (camcam)?   DC:  I don't think this - JW: (bkgd)  I told him to stop.  DC:  really concerns - JW: (bkgd)  This is about the levee const -


MM:  Who - concerns who?  DC: This is something - this is const - EMorPurdy?: (bkgd & chuckling) I can see u out there.  DC:  this isn't a - Purdy?:  smilin' - MM:  YEAH & this concerns all the people that are payin' for this!  The Taxpayers!  The Public!  So don't tell me it doesn't CONCERN US!  TKU!  Is the mtg adjourned officially?  DC:  Yes it is. 


3/21/05 LEV - Section  10 of  10


JW:  Not really - never had a mtg.  DC:  We never had a mtg.  ?:  No!  JW:  quorum.  MM:  We never had a mtg!  (sounds like a big book slammed shut)  JW:  Never had a quorum.  Purdy?:  (bkgd)  They're worth gold.  EM?:  (bkgd) _ _ -


MM:  Well I'm glad to see everybody's leaving since we're not doin' anything here!  U people have no respect for the public - taxpayers money or the public interest.  I'm sorry.  U try containing YOUR ANGER FOR FIVE YRS, GENTLEMEN! 


DM:  Ladies from the tearoom called & they, I guess what's his name - uh Brian Luthhouser gets this - sayin' he wants - he recommended I guess...(I took recorder & left)