MOPR'S  4/18/05  VP  BOA  MTG  MINS


Notes:  Agenda:  Approve Certification of 4/5/05 Election;  Bd Mtg Mins (3/21/05);  adjourn old bd;  Oath of Office;  adopt agenda;  election of BOA Pres;  Cmte Assignmts;  Resolution #4-18-05 - a resolution endorsing Twin Oaks Proposed Streetscape Improvemts to Big Bend & Hwy 141. >  Mtg adjourned 8:50 pm. 


Old BOA Present:    RH,  TB,  DA, JKB,  MW,  DM, JW,  EM, MP,  MMW,  KT.  

New BOA Present:   RH, DLC (Don Carroll),  DA,  JKB, MW, DM, JW,  EM, MP, MMW, SD (Steven Drake).  


4/18/05 BOA - Section  1 of  22



DM:  MW, will u take roll please?  MW:  (see above) 8 present.  DM:  Quorum being present, call this Bd mtg for 4/18/05 to order.  (Pledge Allegiance)  We have the uh voting from 4/5/05 election;  wbp?  JW:  Move approval.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor of the motion, say...(none heard opposed).  Motion carries.  We have mins from the 3/21/05 - wbp?  DA?:  Move approval.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Is there a motion to adjourn?  ?:  Move to adjourn.  MMW?:  2nd.  TB:  I'll 2nd it.  JW:  YH, I just had one cmt if I could before the bd adjourns - ?: _ _ - JW:  _ like to - MM:  Can't hear u. 


JW:  I'd like to thank the fellow aldermen & women who served on the bd & it was a honor & pleasure.  Tks a lot!   KT:  Tku.  TB:  I'd have to say that & I thank all of u fellas. It's been a pleasure to deal with the rest of the aldermen.  We got a lot accomplished in the short time I've been on the bd but I did get some streets paved & some water work done in the lower end of town as well as up in some of the subdivs on top.  U uh don't always get credit for that & u hear it plain (disadvantages?), but u don't hear the good ones.  So I'd like just uno commend all the other aldermen with the bd also.


KT:  Could I add something too, Mr Mayor?  DM:  U have 2 mins.  KT: Ok.  (chuckle, others too) I can really appreciate working with this bd.  Um it, it's been a real experience & I feel as tho we have accomplished a whole lot.  I think Ward 4 is very, very, very happy to get their fine work in & uh I think we've done a step in the right direction & I'm proud to say that it's happened during my time on the uh bd.  Uno, now I wanna look fwd to giving somebody a run for their money maybe (laugh).  I wanna tku very much.  U, u guys have really been great to work with.  Tku. 


DM:  All in favor of the motion to adjourn, say - (none heard opposed)  Mtg adjourned.  I also wanna thank everyone for _ - ?: _ - DM:  _ up;  (u got one with everyone?) _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?:  _ sidewalk - ?: _ - ...(I turned the recorder off thinking they'd be taking pictures, but they did not & I forgot to turn it back on until after MW swore-in DLC, SD, JKB, JW & took roll call.)


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...DM:...I have one Speaker Request from the aud.  Any other one from the aud care to speak tonight?  (RH, DLC, JKB, JW & SD have nothing to add at this time to tonight's agenda)  DA:  Yes, YH, just one item;  um outside storage - just uh, a ques that - out of the jibber as we like to put it.   MP:  One thing, YH, an update on the uh Code Enforcer/Bldg Inspector.  JW?: (bkgd) _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  Ok, tku.  MP:  Tku. 


MMW:  Um I'd just like to get a bid on a contract for the rest of the sidewalk on Vance Rd & then uh in honor of Karen, perhaps uh the house right there at the corner of Main & Vance.  DM:  Hear motion to approve the agenda as amended?  JW:  So moved.  JKB?&?:  2nd.  DM:  All in favor?  (none heard opposed) 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  3 of  22


Next, we'll uh take nominations for a Pres of the BOA.  RH:  I'd like to nominate JW.  MMW:  I'll 2nd.  DM:  Any other nominations?  Is there a motion to approve JW by acclimation?  DA?:  So moved.  MMW:  2nd.  DM:  All in favor?  (none heard opposed)  Congratulations _.  JW:  I don't know if that's a good thing or not.  (they chuckle)  _ _ _ _ - DM:  Thought u did a good job & _ _ - JW: (laughing) Think that'd move 'em.  DM: _ _ - MW:  So not many people _ _ - DM:  I - yeah, there should've been a few.  MW:  Ok.  DM:  Maybe not _ _ _ _ _ _ _.


DM:  Aldermanic uh Cmtes - I'll read thru 'em quickly here to - FWM - MMW is chairman, JKB, DLC, MP.  Under LEG Cmte - MP is the chairman, then DA, DLC & MMW for that cmte.  POL Cmte - JKB chair, RH, JW & SD.  PBW - RH the chairman, then DA, JW & SD.  Personnel - DA, DLC uh chairman, then MP & SD.  Union Cmte - JW is the chairman, then JKB, DLC, MMW. 


LEV Cmte which hopefully we'll wrap it up this yr - JKB, DLC, JW & SD will serve on LEV Cmte.  Then we've got Ward Redistricting - started that last yr - we didn't get too far so see if we can get that completed for the next election - DA the chair, then RH, MP, MMW.  ECG - JKB, RH, MP, MMW. 


& I tried to get hold of u, SD, so hope u can - I'll let u be the PKS Rep this yr, kind of be something of an extra duty.  Ald er uh Mrs Kettler is our PKS rep.  U can get with her after the mtg & we got a Fishing Derby coming up this Saturday so _ _ _ _ everyone - if u happen to have this Saturday open, help the kids uh bait their hooks or pulling fish out of the water is always a good time _ _ - SD:  Sounds good.  DM:  _ _ _got a bit of a cold;  I guess it's something that _ _ _ _.  Next are Bd mtg mins - I guess we covered that in the previous mtg.  We go on to Licenses & Permits.


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Oh, I'm sorry, well, we're backtrack a second.  Uh Robert Strubie (spelling guessed) asked to speak.  I'll allow him to speak at this time.  I apologize for _ _.  Come up to the podium, please & state your name for the record & speak your piece.


MrS:  My name is Jim Strubie.  I'm the Pastor of Mer Valley Baptist Church.  My facilities take place that is too small so we're CONSIDERING property to buy to build a new facility.  & the place we're looking at is where Vest ends into 9th St.  & there's some discussion about the paper street that goes thru the property.  Um there was some discussion that if we purchase the land, it was, it was, it was ques'd that we have to complete Vest in & that's my ques before the bd - answer the paper street absolutely.


DA?: (bkgd)  Is it going _ - DM:  Alright, I'm sorry, I should've asked - I was asking EM to go ahead & repeat for the, for the aud if we could vacate that street but save it for - EM:  I'll look _ - DM: save it for the - EM:  On, on a request that the city has n can('t?) entertain a street vacation.  Uh typically, uh the city would require uh a, a certain amt of road frontage in order for a, a church or residence to build on a, on the, on a lot that would BE on a public street even tho the street's not there - we would still have to have the road covered.  So I - uno I'd have to know more - ?: _  - EM:  about the project (_ someone coughing _) -


MrS:  (chuckle) Well, 9th St is still there.  EM?:  Uh-huh.  MrS:  There's a word for it & it's NINTH St!   It (just?) - EM:  _ - MrS:  _(becks?) that _ - EM:  U'd wanna front on 9th obviously.  MrS:  Right.  Uh, uh the problem is we need to talk to the landowners to see if they would sell, but if we're forced to put in a street, then the price of the project will becoming too much.  EM:  Right.  MrS:  So that's what we need to know. 


EM:  Right, I, I guess it depends on a # of things.  (someone coughing) _ maybe subdivide rather than use existing lots.  There's a whole host of ques's.  We have a subdiv that meets - & I'm not - I would assume u'd wanna do lot combinations since as u're - very small lots.  MrS:  Yes - EM:  Yeah, right thru there by low cuntrid (?) & u could build on 'em.  We haven't seen those lot lines. 


So uh why don't u give me a caulll uh about that &, & we can set up a mtg between myself maybe & the city eng &, & u can maybe pen-up your ideas for us & we can - give - DA:  YH.  EM:  your thoughts to the code.  DM:  DA.


DA:  Yeah & that's in the 1st Ward um & I'm really familiar with the location.  Um & Vest has never been dev'd thru there.  Um & I believe the - this always has been, altho it may be legally, 2 separate lots & at one time it one um resident that I think that it wouldn't make sense to um certainly um uno use Vest as the um uno the main street thru there.  & I cannot see a reason why we wouldn't want to have them develop 9th St. 


So I'd like to make a motion to have a resolution drafted um stating - MrS:  I think, I think u mean 9th St, not Vest.  DA:  I'm sorry, um 9th St - but have a resolution um drafted stating that should um this property be dev'd um as a church, that the city would NOT require um 9th St uh Vest Ave, paper street Vest Ave, avenue, be dev'd um by the church.  JKB:  I 2nd it. 


?: (whisper) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - EM:  Well, I don't know that we can vacate it without both, both sides of the property owned by them.   DM?:  U may be right _ _ (someone coughing) - DA:  _ have it surveyed?  EM:  Well, I don't know.  I - DM:  Are u planning - EM:  just don't know!  DM:  on buying both sides of the paper street?   MrS:  (Uh no or Unknown?)  DM:  Oh.  MrS:  it just used - DM:  one side?  MrS:  one side.  DM:  Oh, ok then that's - DA probably made the best approach 'cause otherwise, it'd be -


EM:  Uh I, I'm just think, I'm just thinking & I, I again, I don't - I can't imagine - I know uno a lot more about it, but if u've got - if u don't wanna develop the street & u have abutting property owners with lots, u may go landlock people by this & there's just - there's a bunch of issues I think maybe - DA:  Well I - EM:  we oughta -


DA:  I, I could answer the ques on THAT - by NOT vacating the street at this time - EM:  Yeah.  DA:  should a, uh adjoining property owner wish to um develop that, um they, they at that time could develop that street as part of the project.  There would also be access to this - the other adjoining property which would be 10th St - ?:  Ok.  DA:  off of um Benton.  So I mean there's, there's access to it. 


That uh property with no lots - EM?: _ - DA:  no less on what would be Vest - the property behind it immediately, or to the north of that property is sitting on property in the needs of the um Simpson retention pond.  So again, it's a basically one very small piece of property um bordered by city property on the back side.  Um so it, it would make good sense at that point I think.  I, I think it would be a, a good bit for what we -


DM:  Would u agree to check the map just to make sure?  I mean not that I'm doubting u, but just verify the map that nobody, like EM said, would be landlocked.  DA:  &, & we could do that but I would ask that the um resolution be drafted - EM:  Sure.  DM:  Ok. 


MP:  YH, so what DA is saying is no willing property owners uno back in there?  DM:  One north of the paper street, correct?   DM?:  There IS one besides the one at the church or they're talking - ?:  There is - ?:  _ - ?:  It's south - DA:  South of the paper street.  MrS:  There are actually 4 owners of property on the north side of what the paper backs to & there is uh I think there's 3 on, on the south side.  Uh I'm not sure uh because the plat I'm looking at is fairly old.  I know that a couple of lots have been joined together there & they're part of a - what appears to some, never end, so.


DM:  MP, u still have the floor.  MP:  Um a yr - a few yrs back, we had somebody wanted to vacate a paper street & the only way that u would let 'em, was any property owner that everybody had to get together & sign uh that they were in agreeance with that.  & nothing against the church or this young man here - why would we make THEM do it & we're not -


DM:  Well, we're not vacating here - DA:  No, my - ?:  We might - DA:  motion does - ?:  (ask?) this property owner -  DA:  not include vacating - DM:  U still have the floor.  DA:  of the street. 


MP:  Ok, well, I'd only just like to see another plat myself.  So at this time, I will not _ _ _ _.  DM:  Seein' if maybe if the bd agrees in principle with the idea, but before we move ahead, I think let's check with all the orders as u said, MP.  Maybe just hold it over & verify that nobody's going to be landlocked or whoever's just me & themself that they're not havin' problems with it.  ?:  I don't see why the bd (pause) -


RH:  YH, so are we saying we're gonna vacate the street or - DM?: _ _ - RH:  we're just not gonna make them - DM:_ _ - RH:  finish the street?  DM:  Exactly, just do not have them finish the street.  ?:  Godspeed.  DM:   _ that clarified piece in there that sits next to it. 


Ok, any other ques's on the motion?  All in favor of the motion to draw up a resolution that the church not be required to complete the street, say aye - (roll call:  Yes:  DA, JKB, RH, DLC, JW, MMW, SD.  No:  MP)  MW:  7 yes, 1 no.  DM:  Jim, draw up a resolution & take it from there.  MrS:  Ok, tku very much.  DM: Tku.  MP: (bkgd) I wanna see if the corners _ - ?: (bkgd) (oughta?) do that.  ?: (bkgd) Stock options.  ?: (bkgd) Show 'em.


4/18/05 BOA - Section  5 of  22


DM:  Do we have any licenses or permits tonight?  MW:  No.  ?: _ _ - JW: (bkgd) _ _ _, YH.  DM:  Cmte Reports - There's a Levee Cmsn in the mins here that DC could not make it tonight. _ _ _ wait till the next mtg then.  Personnel Cmte mins, wbp?   MP:  YH, I'd like to move approval  of 3/28/05 mins.  DM:  There a 2nd?  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor, say (ayes are heard).  All opposed -


MP:  YH, Could I call a uh Personnel Cmte mtg for next uh Monday?  DM:  A wk from tonight, ok.  Wanna set it at what time?  MP:  Uh 6:30.  DM:  25th at 6:30.  ?: _ _ - MW:  _ _ _ _ - MP:  & if MW could be there with the applications & the - for cmte viewers.  DM:  Make it 6 & weed out - MW gave 'em to me about a wk ago & the reason we advertised in the Journal, we got just a few;  so I asked her go ahead & advertise in the wkend edition of the Post a wk ago yesterday.  I guess we didn't get any since then.  I'm thinking part time just for them drawing in & then people -


MP:  Well, this is for the sanitation man.  DM:  Oh, sanitation, I'm sorry.  I was thinking about the best bldg inspector.  Ok, my, my mistake.  MP:  Tku, YH.  DM:  So that would be the only issue would be the sanitation worker then?  MP:  & unless we get some uh more applications - DM: Ok.  MP:  for the uh bldg inspector.  ?:  It'll be - DM:  1st person is ok. 


Union Cmte uh mins - wbp?  JW:  Move approval.  ?: _ _ - MW:  Um _ _ _ - DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Resolutions - we have Resolution 4-18-05, a Resolution endorsing Twin Oaks proposed streetscape improvemts for Big Bend & Hwy 141.  Wbp?  DA:  Move approval of Resolution 4-18-05.  MMW:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor - (none heard opposed)  Motion carries.


?: (whispers) _ _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  Next, the Dept Reports - uh under the Mayor's Report, I'd like to appoint Mrs Kettler for another yr-term as the PKS Coordr - done a good job.  She's got the Fishing Derby this wkend as I understand it, so get a motion in that direction?   DA:  Move to approve Mrs Kettler as the PKS Coordr.  ?&?:  2nd it.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (none heard opposed).


& with SD now on the bd, we have an opening on P&Z.  I talked to - I think his 1st name is Scott but I _ _ _ called Scooteroo - not to be formal here so - he's agreed to be on there & I think his input from the Fire Dept puts a good citizen in town'd be a good addition to P&Z.  So I get a motion for uh Mr Rue? 


DA:  Move to approve Scott Rue to the P&Z Cmsn.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - ?: Yeah.  ?: U need to turn - ?: _ also -  RH:  Oh, go ahead.  I guess I could - I was just gonna say go ahead & vote _ _ _  - DM: If u got a cmt - RH:  No, I was just gonna say uh I vote fine, but send, send a letter to his Mrs.  DM:  Ok.  ?: (bkgd) What a smart mover u are.  DM:  All in favor (none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  6 of  22


Also uh bring it up at this time, the levee, EM, anything u have as an update from the vote or any other direction like maybe the bd would pursue?  EM:  Um - ?: YH - DM:  That kid that (wandered thru annexation?), ok?  (barely audible) He's (the cause of?) the - EM:  Well - ?:  (mtg?). 


EM:  I'm glad you mentioned levee 'cause I did - if it's ok - DM:  Ok, if u - EM:  I - DM:  got the levee, go ahead - EM:  2 matters too, I mentioned them.  Uh the levee uh I, I put an email & I'm sorry for the small print uh on your desk.  It's just to the effect that uh the COE at this point has no funding in order to begin the certification necessary to change the floodplain maps here.  Why that's very important & critical to this lower area is, is that uh until the flood maps are changed, everybody's here, even if we have a completed levee, is still uh under our floodplain restrictions & the bldg restrictions uh which are, are pretty stringent. 


Uh the, the, the other part on the downside for the residents here is they have to pay continued flood insurance premiums uh that are, altho they're still at a grandfathered level, they're not at the rate that they would be if it was re-rated uh as, as going in a uh a flood-protected site.  Uh we continue to push the, the COE & uh the letters to the effect tu revisit the issue in July.  So I wanted to let uno that we are working on that.  Uh -


DM:  Did the COE say how much they thought it would cost or how long on the levee?  EM:  He did not;  uh just indicated that there's no funding for a floodplain hydrological study right now & uh, uh at this point none is budgeted, so.  They, they do expect some uh money to come in from other districts in July so that - I mean that's why they need June & July paymts. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  7 of  22


Um the other issue is, is that um the uh COE has left a borrow area to uh the south of uh Pyramid DRIVE uh & to the east of Pharoah.  It's a, a fairly sizeable area.  It's uh, uh a good 4-6 feet deep, uh probably a little less than uh maybe 2 acres.  & it's, it's going to be a permanent depressed area & it, it will NOT form a pool or a lake because it's got a sandy bottom.  So what's going to happen is, is that the river gets up, it'll rain & it'll be short-time ponding & until it seeps out, uh I, I'm convinced that it's gonna be a misquito problem. 


Um I have asked ESI to give us a bid on reducing what we call the knob;  & that's the area where the Sports Complex used to have their uh facilities, the restaurant & bathrooms.  Uh it turns out that that is 33K sq ft.  They haven't given me a # yet on what it would cost to move it across uh Pharoah uh to fill in that, that depressed area.  But that would only get it half full. 


Umm Friday I got a call from an excavating co who uh has somewhat of a project over at uh Bowles I believe.  It's a - & they wanted to know if we were in ozzie-a-pen (!) uh (pause) a quantity of dirt up to 50K cu yds.  & they indicated that what they were looking for is a permit of uh, of uh cartage costs, uh if we would split uh the, the cost of bringing tandems over uh & wanted to know if we were interested! 


&, & I said yes & I just - I, I wanna give this to - as, as, as of I guess a point of info & wanted to get some thoughts on what the bd wants to do as well uh with it.  Is, is, is it something that we're serious about?  Uh can, can we - do we wanna fill in that area?  Um if not, I'll just get u an est.


If, if we're talking about uh say 30K cu yds of dirt that we would get from this excavation co, uh by & large, uh, uh I, I think we've, we've always est'd it over the past, it should be $8 a cu yd to BRING it uh from Simpson Sand & Gravel, Bowles to up(date or grade?) (someone coughs) (then or them?). 


Uh &, & they were talking about splitting it, so 4 bucks a cu yd.  Uh u're talkin' about 120 Grand or so in order to uh half-fill them, that area uh outside of what their (now being or knobbing?) cost as well - to, to reconstend (!) & that should be much shorter because u won't have any haul!  U're just gonna be - I would assume & taking the scrapers uh just across the street. 


JW:  YH.  DM:  U said there was 50K cu yds?  EM:  If there's a deficit of 55K cu yds.  DM:  How much dirt would this co be bringing in?  EM:  Um whatnever we would want.   I, I would assume that we - the, the most cost efficient would be with, with the Sports Complex hill & that was 33K cu yds.  So u'd have an add'l 20, 22K cu yds we'd need.


DM:  Is this dirt we could really use?  I mean if they're just dumping it somewhere & still can't decide - something they could sell to - EM:  No, I, I would - assuming it's - DM: _ - EM:  uno just an excavated dirt for foundations & uh (pause) other union (!) but obviously impacted with levee fill for _ - DM:  See I wouldn't want to dump anything unless u're present.  EM:  Yeah, _ 


DM:  JW has the floor then JKB.  Go ahead, JW.  JW:  Uh yes, YH, I, I'm gonna abstain from any participation 'cause I believe the co that - EM:  Yeah - JW:  EM speaks - EM:  it's your employer.  JW:  here upon, I'm employed by.  So that's - I not be involved in - DM:  Very good.  MM:  Who is it?  JW:  Budrovich.  DM:  JKB, u have the floor.


JKB:  What are they gonna do with the dirt otherwise?  Are they gonna have to pay somewhere else?  They're gonna have to pay to dump it - EM:  They, they have to get it off - that the - that they dug it & they have to take it some place.  ?:  assorted brush - JKB:  & we have to pay for the haul then!  JW?: (bkgd) That is a good one.  JKB:  They gotta get RID of it.  They can get rid of it 'cause we're gonna have to pay it up.


EM:  That, that was just the, the problems that I shouldn't let out.  &, & they did not give me a un, untowing use fees out on my own.  They did not give me any, any costs at all.  They just indicated that they would want us to defer the cost of, of them uh getting dump trucks - as long as they get half. 


JKB:  Because it's gonna cost them to get RID of it.  DM:  They might have to go further is what I was thinking.  JKB:  Right.  ?:  Yeah.  DM:  So we're - long as they're paying half of it - SD:  Assuming that it's clean, why don't u just give 'em a favor & take the dirt for free?  - ?:  Right.  SD:  That sounds like a lotta dirt.  DA:  I'd 2nd that motion.  DM:  & let them pay all the costs?  SD:  Well, they gotta do something with it & if that's a cheap, viable alternative - DM:  If they'd - SD:  then it's a win-win situation. 


JM:  (from back of room) YH, we still WOULD have a cost.  That is - that is a great idea, but somebody would still have to drain that place - it's - whether we contract it with ESI, so.  DM: _ - JM: _ - DM:  They pay for the hauling - JM:  There ain't nothin' for free.  Somebody would still have to have a dozer down there for levelin' it & siphonin' it & -


DM:  This co would pay for the hauling & the city'd pay to get it leveled out.  JM:  I, I, I'm just uno throwin' that out there that they'd just be - uno they wouldn't be able to dump it.  They haven't been allowed to do.  They may choose to dump it for free but I can't make 'em - they may not wanna give u an operator & machine.   


MP:  YH.  DM:  MP.  MP:  After they fill in that hole would they have to pretty much compaction?  Or just dump it in there & level it out - whatever has to -  DM:  I guess it's (absolutely or actually?) if we're gonna build on it.  EM:  & turn it. 


DM:  Well, I don't know if it'd be soft enough - (personal important or personnel importin'?) costs in saying that as if he wanted it.  EM:  It, it'd be in the floodway so there'd be no bldg down there, so.  I mean I, I, I don't picture RR bldg.  DM:  (If?) They died & have - somebody'd probably come by just to look at it & see if - MP brings a good point up - if they do solve it & put sand around it but still - DA:  YH.  DM?:  U have (the or to?) survey.  DA. 


DA:  Um, 1st I - & I, I assume that we've got a motion & a 2nd - I, I think that cer, certainly - MW:  SD said _ _ _ _ _ _ said I 2nd that.  DM: Ok - MW:  So that's _ - DM:  Alright, go ahead. (MW chuckles) - EM: (bkgd quickly) Katy Trail.  


DA:  One thing for certain is we're going to have a large hole that's probably not gonna be the most uh attractive thing to look at.  & it's goin' to want to hold water um a good part of the yr such as water holds on the north side of StL Ave um next to the Lion Club.  That's - has been a real problem & we're gonna be basically by design, bldg another problem such as that. 


That, that entire area - & we're talkin' about 2 acres here - uh would make a nice uh Greenway um along with the trail project that, that's gonna go along the river.  So I think that if we've got an opportunity to get free fill, as long as we did it in coop with the COE, um & if we have to use the current contractor to do the blub (!) I think it'd be worth our effort along the line, um & um be worth to our cmty for yrs beyond uno this decision.  So I, I think it's a good motion.  I'd support it even more to do that at - if the fill is free. 


?: (bkgd)  I would sign it in at Pyramid & Kenya {sic}


DM:  Any other q/c?  Read back the motion, please, & make sure - MW:  I have that uh SD moved to accept free dirt from Budrovich excavating to fill sinkhole on levee located at Pyramid & Pharoah, 2nd, DA.  DM:  All in favor - (none heard opposed).  ?: (bkgd)  Write (Judy or Julie?).   DM:  Give them a proposal & see if - EM:  Sure.  Um - DM:  they agree to it.  I'll, I'll solve your problem;  bring that to me.  MW?:  Oh, ok. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  8 of  22


EM:  &, &, & lastly, uh, ah, ah, as some of u may recall on the 18th of uh & 2nd of last month, uh we had an unsuccessful submission to the Bdry Cmsn.  Um the Bdry Cmsn turned down our proposal to annex PPk together with annexation proposals of 4 other cities. 


Um right now our options are to abandon uh this proposal or we can file what's called a Pet for Review uh before the Circuit Ct.  A, a Pet for Review typically entails the circuit judge looking at the record that's been generated below & they DO prepare transcriptions, together with uh a, a record of uh, of, of crsp that came in within a 30, I believe it's a 30 or 15-day period following the PBH & determined whether or not the cmsn's actions were arbitrary & capricious. 


Um I, I tend to believe that, that I can hold down the legal fees below $5K on this.  Um &, & I would recommend that we take the next step if for no other reason uh to keep pressure on StL Cnty;  & if we're going to work this administratively maybe it's more of an incentive uh rather than less to uh  to work with.  Again I, I think it's a - it was & is a (ripoff or written-well?) proposal on behalf of the city.  The city needs to develop a comm area um &, & we just don't have the room uh &, & that's the way to get it is, is thru annexation.


DM:  Do u thinks - it seems like people who voted that night was - well, can't say all of 'em - gave reasons, not that I necessarily agreed with the reasons, but reasons that it'd be hard to say yeah they voted just because of a capricious reason I guess.  So I don't know if that's really - $5K would really get us much other than - what - counting over - 


EM:  I, I guess - DM: about half.  EM:  I, I guess my reaction to this is uh I, I remember one guy getting up there & saying well I, I don't like the way it was drawn;  it's uh, uh not uniformly compact.  I mean what's that mean?!  Uno what's, what's uniform & (someone chuckles) compact mean?!  Unless the statute says it has to be a square, a rectangle or a triangle or what - what does that mean, uno?!  &, & just because maybe it's, it's got a, a street too much, a street too little, it's on one side of the creek, the other  -


THEY don't have that kind of power!  I mean he - u, u gotta take a look at the statute & review it & when we're doing accord - I think there were 11 points to the statute &, & the, the same guy if I recall, said well uno maybe VP's bdrys oughta be - & he gave 3 bdrys.  I think one, the Mer River, 2 was uh, uh Hwy 44 & I, I don't remember what the 3rd was.  But it was just like - I think it was just - it was ridiculous reverse - I, I, I - whatever!  Let's see. 


MMW:  YH, yeah, I, I, I would, I would agree with uh EM because this guy got up there, one of 'em, & he's sayin' that uno 44 would be a natural division.  U look up at Fenton, u look over at Webster, u look at all these other cmtys, (u be breakin'?) straddle 44 & that is not a (paper moon?).  I, I think that was uno just way outta line, as well as the Mer River forming a bdry.  I mean it's - doesn't it say in, in one of the ords somewhere that they can't use a river - a river does not constitute a bdry & if that's what they're calling, then that's - I, I think that shouldn't be - that's bogus.  KT?: (bkgd)  Right.  


DA:  YH, if I can make the motion that we uh proceed with a - was it a judicial review?  EM:  Pet for Review.  DA:  Pet for, for Review.  MMW:  I'll 2nd that.  DA:  & now I've got a cmt... (exchange tapes, during which I noted re a Bdry Cmsn PBH, DA commended MMW, RH, TB...)...DA:...& the mayor for their presentation that evening & MW.  Um we were the only group there that give the type of presentation um with good facts.  We had people speaking FOR us in favor of this um at, at the mtg.  & I'm givin' ya the - ?: (bkgd) _ _ - DA:  a very, for me, a very proud moment.  Um & I was proud to be with the group I was with on our presentation. 


& it was very apparent um that there was no desire to pass ANY annexation that night including VP.  & one item that I really took issue with, &, & it made me (fear or clear or queer?) when one of the Bdry Cmsnrs said that they don't think VP should handle a TIF in regards to the Drury Dev which is a TIF. 


VP has a TIF much larger than that & we have handled it for quite a few yrs.  Wordsly, (!) every person on this bd, with the exception of the new ald um Drake, but I'm sure wouldn't have applied for this.  So their reasoning to me, um were excuses rather than reasons, um legitimate reasons.  & I think that we owe it to um uno ourselves as a bd & the fact that we'd spent um a, a good deal of um of money on this tu take it to the final step & we uh need to get a good, a defined answer for the right reasons.  But again, I would ask that we support this;  if nothing else, for that particular reason.  Tku.


JKB:  YH, This WON'T go over $5K?  EM:  Uno, I, I, I can't give u an exact amt.  It's, it's not like goin' out &, & uno buyin' a piece of furniture or whatever.  In my est, it's not gonna cost any more.  There's no more than that.  There's no discovery, there's no depositions.  It's not - all, all they're basically is is briefs &, & a ct finding.  It, it's uh gettin' the records out of this place.  It SHOULDN'T be that big of a deal.  MP:  YH.  DM:  MP.  ?:  Are u assuming they would pull - EM:  No.  ?:  the rugs out?   DM:  MP, U have the foor.


MP: How many years has this been goin' on?  EM:  Um, really, it started about 1999.  We had a proposal pending.  The LEG at the request of StL Cnty, uh disbanded the prior uh annexation cmsn because it was actually doing it's job.  They put a yr moratorium on it.  Then they made their new cmsn which then had a map review process & then um (this or dis?)engagemt process & finally, this. 


MP:  So, 6 yrs - u're talkin' 6 yrs?  Uh well, I - um DA - I understand what he's sayin' & he said we owe it to ourself but what - what do we owe the people who LIVE in this town?  Where does it have to stop?  Uno we've been spending money for presentations, re-presentations.  (Ref Docs, 9/20/04 StL Cnty Annex Fact Sheet with related info.)


Are they still goin' on?  Or are they (tapin' or taken?)?   EM?:  What's that?   DM:  Presentations - MP:  The different - the 1st presentation that was uh, it was March of last - Sept?  I don't remember the exact - but we had a presentator who cost the city 30 something K $. 


EM:  I, I, I don't know that it cost that much but I, I mean it's just that - u could be right.  Um - MP:  Then we had a, a 2nd time that - this last time we had somebody, we paid somebody else - 8 to 10K.  EM:  That's done.  We, we, we've made our case!  as it were & we lost.  & we, we've lost before - MP:  Tku.  EM:  the cmsn, so.   DM:  q/c?  SD:  I have a ques.  Can the uh judicial review - can that override the Bdry Cmsn?  EM:  (Yes or _ Yet?).  SD:  Ok.   


MMW:  YH, I, I think that we, indeed we do owe it to the taxpayers & we owe it to ourselves to try to do everything we can to see that VP can grow.  & um I, I understand there are uno fiscal limitations & fiscal rami, ramifications but um uno I see that the, the good far outweighs the uno money that we're in possession, $5K spending that we need.  If we can keep the pressure on um the Cnty Council, as well as I'm gonna try to, to work with them as well & perhaps a little bit of pressure from both angles would be a better thing than, than a worse thing.  & again I mean u, u've seen as well as I have & anyone else, there's gonna be any ec dev these days, there is almost, ALMOST no area left for redev in VP to generate a good ec base.  We need to do something & um or I think it's gonna uno be a minimal investmt for, for a maximum potential. 


DM:  It seems like they'd mention the so - I guess that's under here - the bd said u asked them to read me the law.  I, I just don't like - from the way they talked that night, I just - ?:  Set & reload (fantasy?).  ?:  Set & reload.  DM:  JKB, 1st time, then MP.  JKB:  Has there been a motion made on this?  DM:  Um motion was to pro, proceed with the uh Pet for Review, yes.  JKB:  'Cause I didn't make a motion the 1st time, right?   DM:  MP, 2nd time around. 


MP:  It's not that I'm against growth in this town.  I want that but again, I'm goin' back to when is enough enough?  Uno if u go back down it, & who's to say we're gonna get it.  MMW:  Don't know if u don't try!  MP:  At taxpayer expense, right?  MMW:  I'm a taxpayer also.  MP:  Yeah.  Tku for that. 


DM:  q/c?  DLC:  I have a ques, YH.  How much money have we got invested in this, approx?  MM: (whisper) Tku.  DM:  I think the 2 presentations are roughly 50K & then did, did we have a legal brief from the person in St Charles who said that -


EM:  I, I, I, I, I think u're throwin' out some, some (actual or accurate?) figures that - which aren't accurate.  Um - DLC:  So are u -  EM:  I, I mean in aggre - I, I gotta tell ya in the aggregate, if we go back to, to '99 or 2000, u may be right;  it may, may be 22, 40, $50K would be right.  Um -


DLC:  We even got that much in other (parking lots?) without putting another 10% into it & givin' the - some final restaurant (!) uno.   MMW:  I agree.  ?: _  - ?: _ - DM:  All in favor - (roll call:  Yes:  DA, JKB, RH, DLC, JW, MMW, SD.  No:  MP.)  MW:  7 yes, 1 No. 


DM: (barely audible) See the work permit?  MP?: (barely audible) (Not yet?).  DM: (barely audible) U want the (truth or proof?)?   ?: _ _ - DM:  Anything else under annexation then?  EM:  No.  ?: (barely audible) Simpson's place. 


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DM:  Clerk's Report.  ?: (barely audible) Simpson's - MW:  Uh the only - ?: _ - MW: thing I have is uh poll the bd (rest of sentence barely audible) & I guess that's kinda of a, it's gonna be absolved.  I have a just informational & the other thing was informational & it was stating that uh Ald RC promised to write it - (barely decipherable) affidavit.  & then uh I need a room (barely audible) to kinda sort 'em out, uh the Code Enforcemt Officer uh - DM:  Yeah, ok.  Maybe I'll figure out - MW:  Ok.  DM: _ _ _ _ - MW:  I won't say anything unless u do.


DM:  Think uh we have 6 people, they have applied so far.  So originally we had put it in the East-West Gateway uh flier, a news thing that they get out & the Cnty Journal.  Then tryin' to broaden our - this area there, we went with the Post-Dispatch ;  didn't see any result of that.  So if we (vote or want?) we can go ahead & go with the 5 & see if the cmte could review those & see if we think somebody out of there would be - serve the city or if not, we could - yet I guess we have filled out the correct # of hrs & pay or just advertise again, see what comes of it.  


DA:  YH, I'd like to see us _ _ proceed um with the applications that we have.  DM:  MP, Would u be willing to add that to the mtg - MP:  Yeah, that'd be fine.  DM:  Ok, we'll get the uh applicant (_someone coughs_) to it.  MP: YH.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -


DM:  Yeah, the Cnty has stopped svcs since we've told them we're gonna go with our own person again.  We thought they would complete the jobs they're on but then she - u're saying 2/3 of this is done & half of that.  So hopefully there's some records there so if they say it's half done, then TW could pick out & do the rest of it. 


But if he has to start over, isn't much point that the cnty gather work other than I guess they're gonna charge us for a partial uh yr or so.  So they'll maybe get somebody on bd.  With the Spring weather here, people are gonna be bldg uh big additions & fences & so forth.  So I'll go ahead & proceed with that a wk from tonight but again it's - JW:  YH.  DM:  JW.


JW:  Uh under your uh Mayor's Report, if u allow me, I'd like to nominate RH as the aldermanic rep to P&Z.  DM:  Ok.  JKB:  I'll 2nd that(they laugh)  DM:  Randy says tks, I - ?: _ _ - DM:  _ from the other one. ?: _ _ - ?:  _ good job.  JW:  I owed him _ - (someone laughs)  MW: _ _ _ _ _ _ - DM:  U're the motion-maker, right?  MW: _ -  JW: Yeah, I makin' that motion - DM:  Ok. MW: _ _ -  JW:  if I can get a 2nd.  MMW:  I'll 2nd it.  JKB:  I'll 2nd it.  MW:  Yeah, he's got a 2nd. ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ _ - ?: _ _ _ - JKB?:  It's small talk. 


?: _ _ - MMW: _ so it's been _ _ _ -  DM:  Yeah, she's got the one -  MW:  Want me to go get it real quick?  DM:  Oh, that's right, we need to sign that tonight.  I'm glad u remembered - that's why we held it over to let the bd sign it.  MW:  Want me to go get it?  DM:  Yeah, if you could get that, please.  MW: _ _ - ?: _  - DM:  I'm sorry, Mike, we did get it uh - ?: _ - DM:  night but - MP: Tks.  DM:  Ok, tku for reminding me.  ?:  _ _ _?  - ?:  _ _ - ?: _ _ - JW?:  It's your cause.  ?: _ _ - ?:  Seems like _ _ - ?: _ _ -


DM:  All in favor of uh RH as P&Z rep, say aye (ayes are heard)  Opposed besides Randy?  (they laugh)  ?: Tku.  ?: _ -  DM:  Congratulations _ -  JW:  Randy, U got a lotta new members.  RH:  Yeah, I know.  ?: _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - RH:  They don't stay long.  ?:  Long as they don't fight. (they laugh)  ?:  U're exactly right.  ?: _ _ - ?:  He voted against Randy for P&Z.  MW: Ok, so motion carried. _ -  DM?:  So from Randy _ - ?: _ _ _ _ - RH: Yes - MW: _ about _ - DM:  7, 1, 7, 0 - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ _ - ?: _ -


4/18/05 BOA - Section  10 of  22


MW:  U want me to - DM:  Read it - MW  read it to 'em?  DM:  Read it & then - MW: Ok. DM:  & then they pass at the end of it.  MW:  Ok, this letter is addressed to ABC Broadcasting & Lock-it Key Production, um To Whom It May Concern:  The Fox Family live in a small town located in the suburbs of St Louis, MO.  They live in a small outdated home located on Boyd Ave in the Third Ward of our city.  We know that the family could use help in the remodeling of their home but cannot assist or use tax dollars on private property. 


The City of VP would like to nominate the Fox family for an Extreme Makeover.  This family is very deserving of a makeover.  They have 3 children living in a 2-bedroom home, the youngest child, having many physical & health related problems.  Due to finances, the family is unable to move, repair or remodel the home to fulfill the needs of the family.  Please consider this family for your Extreme Makeover.  I am sure that they would appreciate your kindness & generosity.  Sincerely, the City of VP & we've listed each ald & the Mayor's name. 


& this was something that MP had brought fwd.  Is that ok?  MP:  Sounds great.  MW:  Ok.  DM:  Go ahead & pass that to JKB.  Each of you sign it, pass it over to 'em, send it out 1st thing tomorrow. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  11 of  22


JW:  U got a motion to approve of that cmsn thing?  DMorEM?:  Just make it official.  DM:   Just go ahead & - JW: _ _ - ?:  The motion to - JW: _ _ - DM:  approve part -  Ok.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  All in favor - (none heard opposed).  MW:  Um _ _ - ?: _ _ _ _ - ?: _ _ -


4/18/05 BOA - Section  12 of  22


DM:  I guess we'll do outside storage, DA, when uh Mr - Miss Miller comes prepared & JM's on the inside of all this.  Why don't u go ahead & bring it up now, we'll see what - DA:  Ok, u ask Jim & I, I had a request & um there's been a lot of ques about what the city deems as outside storage.  & I guess what I'm askin', if we couldn't get a clear um definition of outside storage if we can get it & I'm not sure where we would get that _ _ _.  ?: (whispering) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ storage area _ _ _ _ _ _. 


DA:  Again, & I'm not asking for - ?: _ _ - DA:  this, this mtg here.  If we could just get a written - MW: _ _ _ - DA:  uh description - DM:  Ok.  DA:  um of the outside storage & I could pass it on to that individual & then we could um uno begin to address it. 


DM:  Could u have EM check it later on & then we'll - DA:  That'd be fine, tku.  DM: _ something - word back from him, otherwise LEG - DA:  That'd be fine.  DM:  _ _  - DA:  That'd be fine, tku.  DM:  Covered Code Enforcemt Ofcr -  _ sign that, ok.  


Park Coordr's Report, Mrs. Kettler.  Pam:  (from back of room)  I'd like to uh congratulate the new bd.  & I'd like to uh thank everyone for appointing me for uh another yr as PKS Coordr.  Uh update on the Greenway, it's going pretty smooth.  I've been in touch with Gregory __wanor, Art & so uh things are pretty much on target there.  & uh Fishing Derby's this Saturday, the 23rd.  Anybody wishing to vounteer, feel free to do that.  DM:  What time should they be there?  Pam:  If u wanna volunteer, u can be there at 7:30 _ _ - DM:  U will provide donuts _?  Pam:  Absolutely & coffee!  ?:  & coffee.  ?: _ _ - Pam:  Tks again.  DM:  Very good. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  13 of  22


PBW Coordr, JM.  JW:  YH,  Did uh TW tell u he wasn't comin'?  DM:  Yes, he did, I'm sorry.  He had a few things he wanted to bring up.  I'll include 'em in one (_someone coughs_) with all of 'em.  I talked to Dave, said his daughter's due - JW:  Ok yeah, he said he was - DM: _ _ - JW:  gonna call in & - DM: Right.  JW:  tell u.  DM:  He didn't call in - shoulda known Dave did(n't?) - that's why he wasn't here to night.  JW:  'Cause I figure it might be requested, like what Jim can get done, done & he should be, should be answered. 


JM:  Well the actual - the 1st part of our report is uh the bd asked TW & myself to take a look at the uh Crescent Valley Storm Water Project about that uh open area around that culvert.  & the uh the lowest price the contractor come up within standard, installin' a standard guardrail for $4K. 


DM:  He talked to u about that today?  "cause he told me he found a guardrail for the material AND installed or get the best they have been doing for this.  JM:  Yeah, he talked to me about - DM:  Oh, ok.  JM:  well, it's been quite a while back.  We cancelled the last mtg but I had this info - DM:  Alright.  JM:  before the last mtg.  DM:  Ok, so I can make - 'cause I couldn't remember the price, but we did talk about that tho I saw somethin' - wanted to see if that price was _ _ -


JM:  So I didn't know if the bd wanted to vote on that tonight uh (pause) - DM:  Bd care to go ahead & vote thru the $4K for - JW:  I move  - DM:  the guardrail - JW:  approval - MP:  (barely audible)  Who's that cmte, YH?   JW:  elect up to $4K cap, installed & the proper safety guardrail.  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor - (none heard opposed).  MW:  Install a guardrail - DM:  Install a guardrail on Crescent, Crescent & Crescent Valley.  Is that it, JM?  JM:  Yes.  ?:  Yes, sir.  DM:  on Crescent at Crescent Valley.


4/18/05 BOA - Section  14 of  22


JM:  The, the 2nd I owe on my list is that the uh city crew has completed our portion of the Vance Rd sidewalk & unless our eng tells me that there's something else in the plans that we were supposed to do.   Um I, I think our crew did a very good job, a very professional job & I, I think the project went well.  & uh I have seen people on it.  We got one minor uh fence to install.  The city crew can do that tho.  But good job, 99.9% of it's been done.  It went very well.  ?: _ _ _ -


4/18/05 BOA - Section  15 of  22


JM:  9th St Phase 2 um Storm Water & Creek Project is completed & that was another contractor that uh uno, that project went VERY well & I was extremely impressed with it, how fast they were in general. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  16 of  22


Forest Ave is on schedule.  Um we have been getting coordination back & forth with the East-West Gateway Coordinating & with MODOT.  Um actually, one of the main (malls?) on river's end's property, passing my way, is uh we got some ROW that we got to acquire.  Tom is setting me up to uh to do that, but that project is on target & everything's on schedule. 


DM:  Well TW uh told me today they should get approval this - he expected it this afternoon.  I talked to him this morning & he's pretty sure next wk we're getting - start getting the esmts & ROW as early as we can (manage?).   RH:  YH, Where is that?  ?:  Whose land is it on?  RH:  Said we have to BUY some ROW? 


JM:  I don't think it's BUYIN'.  Uh I, I, I actually am not dual-education on it, RH.  Um I, I - it's dug - - TSCL but this is a new one for me.  So uh - DM:  The big thing, he said it was - as far as obtaining land - EM:  Sacred Heart Church.  DM:  is northwest corner of Didian & Forest;  right there just below the fence where the kids play at Sacred Heart except u wouldn't have to touch the fence at all.  We'd be rounding the corner, would help the people driving out there, drop off their children in the morning for Sacred Heart plus everybody else driving thru there. 


So I guess the city can approach the church & I guess the, they'll have to - I think (there where it ties to?) StL - as we decided this morning, who actually owns that more than Sacred Heart, _ gave a recommendation but we'll just get something from them tho it's just a few ft so I'm excited about that. 


A couple other areas where the sidewalk's going in, we won't have to BUY anything.  We'll just get the esmts in there & sidewalks & hopefully nobody'll say, well, uno like the dirt-hauling earlier, say, well, if u puttin' the sidewalk in there, I'll only want $2 a ft for, for the sidewalk when they're getting a benefit, so hopefully one'll (look?) for the best of the job _ _. 


RH:  Well I knew there was no money for - DM:  But - RH:  land acquisition.  DM:  Right, no money - RH:  _ delayin' the - DM:  for buying - RH:  whole project but that's not - DM:  Won't be the uh - RH:  it's just what made me wonder, that's all.  DM:  the acquis, the - getting the temp esmts to go thru there.  So we won't have to do the driveways like on some of the other projects we did.    RH?:  Tku.


JW:  Uh while u're on that uh subject, uh if DLC will contact me about an update in that area, uno just so he can come in & I couldn't give him all the #'s & figures & the grand totals & all that off the top of my head.  So I'd appreciate it if Jim or if TW could uh call him or Randy & share your info with Don 'cause I couldn't educate him 100% on it & -


DLC:  I'd like to get caught up to speed on that & the expenses.  RH?:  Basically - DLC:  What about my answer to your ques about my little horny answer tonight?   RH:  We're gettin' 1.3M, aM300K from Gateway;  it's costin' us 200K. That's the last - that's close  I mean that's - DM:  I think that's required as long we - RH:  It's costin' us 200K on aM & a half $ project. 


(barely audible)  ?:  Long as u sponsored the project?  ?: _ - ?:  (about or without?) the city's project?  ?:  (Absolutely?). 


JM:  The, the, the project is gonna be basically the complete reconst of Forest Ave - ?: (barely audible) So is the city payin' _ _ - JM:  somewhere near Didian right there where the MODOT stopped, all the way thru to the city limits & uh StL Cnty.  Um the design our eng has, it's designed uh, it's at MODOT & East-West Gateway now for review.  I believe the const is scheduled to start in 2006. 


(indec bkgd whispering thruout)  DA:  YH, Also from uno the city uh in their last budget we did allocate enough, separately fund, um $100K from Fund 17 from last yr's budget that's been set aside & would anticipate doin' that in this budget um this yr. 


EM?: (barely audible)  I bet u didn't cover the city's share.  JW:  If u gotta do it, get to it _ _  _ _ _ - (they laugh) - ?:  Here's a little one _ - ?: _ _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?:  U get - ?:  _ _ _ - ?:  each - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ -


DM:  Well, some people are getting info - DLC:  _ info that's possible in regards to the Fund 17 if that's in the mtg packet - & who remembers & whatever there - so I would appreciate it.  U might even find me in there.  DM:  Ok.  DLC:  Who I can talk to about it & whatever - maybe MW (& the rest of 'em ideas?) & - MW:  Yeah, why don't - DLC:  _ - MW:  u do that?   DLC:  _ that would work easier.  DM:  Ok, JM, u should have it _ _ -


4/18/05 BOA - Section  17 of  22


JM:  Umm, late last wk I got a um call from Pat Conroy from COE.  A eng'g co rep'g MO Am Water wanted to meet with him to discuss uh taking a 20 to 24" water main across the levee to feed uh Kirkwood.  & he thought that we should uh attend that mtg also.  So uh I, I contacted TW & Tom & I met with this feller & uh it's in the deez, design phase right now they're lookin' at options & uno a couple of the options they mentioned to us was comin' to order yet. 


The north side of town - it is comin' in & goin' across the levee & another option was uh down StL Ave.  & a 3rd option was Marshall but they took that option out, but after dicussing, Tom has still an option.  Everything is still in the de, design phase & uh our eng did(n't?) do a good job of it uh explaining to their eng'g firm that uno the city's approving for what we're gonna benefit out of it by the 20" water main thru our cmty - it would be a (barely audible) levee thing.


DM:  & TW explained that person can't (WARN?) that side of the fight.  We'll probably - we'll have to actually dig it up - dig up a good portion of the street so we're - been looking for some reimbursemt for the damage.  JW:  YH.  DM:  Or at least they could help us with some grass or something like that.  JW.  


JW:  Just a, a point on this when Kirkwood DOES approach us, I hope we uh all remember the cmts & what Kirkwood uh has given to us - a trash transfer site that's basically sittin' along with VP.  So I hope when it comes timing for this that uh - help 'em out as much as we can. 


JM:  Again, this is still in the design phase & uh Tom & myself um had met with them & we requested them that they keep the City VP in, informed uh thru myself or TW as to what's going on with that project;  & when they choose a route, um make a presentation.


4/18/05 BOA - Section  18 of  22


JM:  An ald requested an update on the uh contract portion of Vance Rd.  Um the city opened the bids &, & WE made a recommendation to MODOT to up the low bid which was Bom Utilities.  Uh we fwd'd that to Doug Canady of MODOT.  They have to review it & approve that &, & I rcv'd a uh letter Fri from MODOT requesting a few minor items.


& the project eng for TW who's designin' that was on vacation Fri, but I was, I was told Fri by TW's sec'y that he would uh start um responding to MODOT's request today;  he would come back from vacation.  & that project is on target.  Uh as soon as they uh approve our low bid, I'm sure Tom will get the bid. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  19 of  22


The last item on my list - unfortunately MP isn't here (stepped out) - um he called some mtgs um re the salt bin for the City VP within the flood protection area.  & uh in them mtgs, we come up with the suggestion of tryin' to lease some property from uh MOPAC that sets in between 2 pieces of RR track right there;  up behind Front St & Main Container Svc, um


The bd approved the $2500 for the survey & doing the uh property description & we have all that done.  I have been in contact with MOPAC & uh they sent me a lease application that is 99% complete.  But uh before I fwd'd that, they, they didn't foresee a problem with this lease but they said that they get $1500 a yr for a lease.  & so um I don't know what the bd's pleasure or recommendation is.  Um I could give u the up's & down's of why to put it there & why not to put it there, but um we are under mandate by MPDES {sic} & based in storm waters, uno we, we really need to comply with getting some kind of an env'l uh structure to enclose our salt.


JW:  I move approval to lease $1500 a yr from MOPAC.  DA?:  2nd it.  DM:  How far does the property MOPAC property extend up, 100' from the tracks?  JM:  I would have to get the plans out of my ofc, YHUm Poehlman & Prost (ref MOPR's PCO List) did a survey of all of it.  There, there's, there's a LARGE amt of property that I'm gonna say there's probably more than a 100' that WE were looking at;  I wanna say 50 or 60 ourselves, um at the meetin' of it there, but there's a LOT of property there. 


Uh the only thing that I might, might suggest, think maybe we consider is, um (rest of sentence barely audible) & I don't know if u wanna spend the money to do another survey but possibly an extension where there'll be some (of our own or more?) property. 


It does meet the criteria of what we're looking for.  It's not an eyesore here in the city.  It's, it's in between both tracks.  The best option that our cmte could come up with was to put it in salt mix since we don't own any property, we don't have any funds to build an actual salt bin like (one of the other cmtys eventually?).


DM:  I was wondering - I guess we'd be driving on Behnen's property to get back & get the salt from the area we're leasing from RR because Behnen's itself, our (rigs are towed in?) or - JM?:  I'm sorry - DM:  _ really, we're gonna need some room to store equipmt because the bldg next door's been sold.  So I'm tryin' to think - JM:  Umm - DM:  of different possibilities of equipmt & salt. 


JM:  As far as the road - I'm, I'm sorry, I, I didn't understand that ques - part of our, our land description & what we're requesting on the east end of this, is their access road.  So we WOULDN'T need Behnen's property to access our salt & our facility.  DM:  So we get in strictly on RR property - EM:  Yes.  DM:  so we're not interfering - ok. 


JM:  I did not put it in our permit but the permit's still in my box which is why I have not held off, held off with the movin' the funds that we need for that.  I, I didn't put anything about storage in there as far as equipmt & anything I guess because I didn't know that at the time.   I, I didn't know we intended the city to do that;  uno we might do this, that & another thing like that & so it was more expensive to do that.  But I, I'm SURE that the options are there once we get our foot in the door with the RR & um then they, as long as we don't put up an existing structure - as long as I know that - the existing esmt that a utility co has that we've seen & he agrees _ _.


RH:  YH, (If?) u get in at the wrong side of the RR tracks - there's a mtg, can go with us - is that the road into it?  JM:  Yes, sir.  RH:  Uh how long a lease?  JM:  It's at the east, each lease is a little 1-yr lease;  that's my understanding.  RH:  Just 1 yr?  JM:  Yeah.  RH:  Can't get a 20-yr or 15?   JM:  That ummm I never asked that.  Umm - RH:  I would!  I mean uno _.  ?:  Yeah.  ?: _ _ - JM:  He just - ?: _ _ - RH:  Or that'd be EM's job.  I mean it's a - ?: _ _ -


EM:  Uh, we, we can look at that.  ?: _ - ?: _ key places - EM?:  _ go - ?: _ - EM?:  with the options.  U gotta - ?: _ - RH?:  We got one for a yr or 2 on - RH:  How long is - ?: _ - RH:  this hut supposed to last?   EM:  Oh, believe me - RH:  For - EM:  they'll - RH: _ year _ - EM:  they'll jack it up uh - EM?:  Actually, the deal -


RH:  Well, I mean just feel 'em out tho.  I -  ?:  _ I agree - ?: _ - JM:  Yeah, I, I'm sure the options are there.  Uno he just told me that the lease is $1500 a yr.  RH?:  Oh, yeah, that's right.  JM:  So I mean - RH:  Well, if it's 1500 a yr for 20 yrs, I guess - JM:  Like 20 yrs - RH:  it's fine!  JM:  they can break it out _ -


DM:  But if it comes to 3K a yr - ?:  Right. (someone chuckles)  ?:  But I mean see how long it would - RH:  Normally, they'll, they will give u a long lease, the RRs will.  JM:  Yeah, we were hopin' that their lease would be - uno $1500 is a SMALL amt for a lease of ground.  Uno I, I was hoping that it would be a lot smaller than that.  I thought maybe that hopeully they would've just gave it to us for nothin'.  


DM:  See if they'll - RH:  U're payin' - DM:  allows - RH:  taxes - DM:  us to go further.  See if they'll extend it 10 yrs or even if they'd go up;  see what the #'s are & bring it back to us.  Say it goes to 2K _ _ _ _.  ?: _ _ - JM:  I, I will do that, YH.  EM?: (barely audible) Hu-uh. 


JM:  That concludes the report that I have unless there are any other aldermanic ques's.  DM:  Motion on the 1500 - does that include if we can get it for the same price for 10 yrs?  Is that - JW:  Sure.  DM:   Alright.  If it goes up, then we'll have to - RH:  Well, I'd just like to have the #'s now.  DM:  Yeah!  That's what I say, it's - ?: _ - JW:  I, I think Jim - ?: _ - ?: _ - DM:  That's what I'm - sort of think we give for 1500 a yr right now for 10 yrs.  Like I said, if the bd's - ?: _ - DM:  wish to go ahead & just lock it in right now.  ?:  (bkgd) _ if they'll, they'll do that -  


MW:  I have a motion - EM?:  I, I would say yes - MW:  Did u  - EM?:  if u poll the bd - MW:  hear me? DM:  10 yrs if they'll do it for the same price, otherwise if it goes up we'll do it for 1 yr & then the bd can decide at the next mtg if we have the bucks. 


JM:  Uh I, I, I have the lease in my mailbox on it.  Eric can review it if he'd like.  Uh I got it 99% completed but I would like (rest is barely audible) for _ _ _ _ pay us the money 'cause we wrote a check for him -  RH:  What co do - JMorEM?: (barely audible) _ pass it thru with them.  RH:  u go thru with them?  JMorEM?: (barely audible) Yeah.  RH:  Is it Staubach?  EM: (barely audible) It's enough.  JM:  Actually I, I haven't spoke with Staubach.  I spoke with somebody at MOPAC, um Jane somebody's his name, uh Barthold or something like that. 


(barely audible)  EM:  I, I didn't think that 1st co would have ANY program.  JM?:  Neither did - I didn't.  ?:  I missed a program.  DM:  Ok.  EM:  Uh u got that thing.  DM:  Can u get it?  EM:  I (guess?).   


4/18/05 BOA - Section  20 of  22


?:  I'll ask a ques.  (most is barely audible)  EM: Yeah the house on Vance - uh the (LC or Elsie?) Adams property - don't tell 'em about it today TW said it can - it is not inspected yet so he got it.  He apologized & said it's ord, um docket for 90, 95 either at the end of this wk or at the end of _ _ _-


Gave me the steps are - he did identify, problems identified;  send a letter to the landowner that it can be remediated;  um they have to be done something, certain amt of time;  the mayor OR enact a voting time (!);  he has to have a hrg on it & at the hrg, (_2 people coughing_) our evidence, & then he puts on his atty & then I believe the city makes a little one & then typically that owner moves along with remediation techniques within a certain amt of time & uh we do what we do & (then it gets?) contracted out.  So it's there but it just has to be litigated (again or ?:  Ok.?).   DM:  Tku, JM.  JM:  Tku, YH.  ?: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _  -


4/18/05 BOA - Section  21 of  22


DM:  Lt Melies.  ?:  Hi, _ _ _.  LtM:  Congratulations to all the new bd members & the ones that are being reinstated, BUT the report's in the packet.  I'll leave that up to u to read.  I have one other item that wasn't on the agenda & that's uh the StL area chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Drivers has given a load of signs to the Cnty Police for distribution & display thruout the cnty & our allotmt is 2 signs.  So we will have 2 of these signs to place where we want.  Uh because we adjoin some uninc'd areas & some other contract areas, most of our, of the roadways that lead in & out of the city will be uh covered by these signs in other areas:  on 141 to north;  on Sulphur Springs to the west;  uh on 141 to the south;  on Big Bend to the west.  So umh absent any other record engagemts or ideas, I'd recommend that we place them on Dougherty Ferry uh north of Big Bend in & out of town.  It's a cnty road so they put 'em there any way u want to. 


DM:  One on each side of the road?   LtM: Right, unless somebody has another idea.  If u wanna put 'em closer to the center of town, that'd be fine.  If u don't want 'em at all, that's fine as well.  We just uh decline 'em in, in bulk.  DM:  Does the bd care to (pause) - DA:  Yeah, I'd make a - DM:  Motion to agree?  DA:  motion to place 'em um at - LtM:  & u don't have to tell 'em today.  We could put it in cmte or whatever u want & tell 'em to hold 'em till next mtg.  DA:  I make a motion to place the signs on Dougherty Ferry north of Big Bend.  MMW:  I 2nd that. 


LtM:  & since that's a cnty road, the cnty'll take care of installin' 'em if that's where u want 'em.  ?: _ _ _ _ -  AP:  May we see the sign?  LtM:  U wanna - don't wanna wait?  (people laugh)  MMW:  U said, DA, on Dougherty Ferry?  ?:  No, but be careful _ _ _ - ?:  Who said that.  DM:  All in favor of mounting the 2 signs on Dougherty Ferry, say - (none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


LtM:  Any ques's?  I'd make note of the Smart Trailer, the uh Stealth Stat results for Vance Rd were a little high so we'll enforce that a little more.   Stealth Stat has some design flaws.  It's currently back in the factory getting a uh some more powerful batteries.  The computer has a bigger brain on it than the batteries were designed to (_bkgd noise_).  It wasn't lasting as long as _ _ _.  It's under warranty.  It's gonna be at no cost _ _ _ _ u've been doin' it thru 1st (Coverage?).


DM:  Do the speeders think that u work on Christmas?  (people laugh)  LtM:  No, not actually.  It doesn't, it doesn't matter how many cars come thru, it just has a set run time & wasn't mtg their, their specs;  sent it back.  DM?:  Any ques's for the Lt? 


MMW:  Yeah, just a quick one;  I'm sorry.  Um yeah, I've gotten a couple of calls already this season with the weather we're having, uh about the little scooters & the tiny motorcycles whipping around Glen Eagles Subdiv.  LtM:  We went thru this last yr.  (some chuckle)  JW?:  _ (bikes or Mike's?).  MP?:   Now we can open it up again.  MMW:  If u can ask the guys when they're up there, if they spot the kids even if they're not currently riding anything that may be _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ a safe place to ride it -


LtM:  Is there a safe place to ride those - however, they ARE legal for a licensed driver to op on the street.  MMW:  Yeah, I don't think that I _ _ _ - ?: _ _ -  MMW: (chuckling) instances uh, they're little guys ridin' these things around.  Um yeah, I know a license _ _ _ _ - JW: _ went & got him _ - (someone laughs)  MMW:  There are always bad guys somewhere.  But I got, I'd gotten - there's - I think it was uh probably the same - one of 'em was the same _ _ I'm sure they called 'em last yr about this time, something like that.  They called & got him.  They are, & they are zippin' thru traffic & uh u can't see those things;  they'e so low to the ground & someone's gonna come around the corner & just take 'em right out. 


4/18/05 BOA - Section  22 of  22


DM:  Tks, Lt.  What was the other thing?  We didn't vote on the motion for the $1500 - ?: (bkgd) I think it's MODOT's.   DM:  for the RR, RR lease, so all, all in favor, say - (none heard opposed)  Tku. 


Next we have the bills;  wbp?  DA?:  Move approval - JW:  Pay the bills.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  ?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  Hearing none, all in favor of paying the bills - (none heard opposed).  Motion carries. 


Any new biz?  Is there a motion to adjourn?  JKB?:  I make a motion to adjourn.  ?:  2nd.  JW:  I knew that would pass.  DM:  All in favor - (none heard opposed)  Mtg adjourned.  (end BOA 20050418)