Notes:   At 5pm standard mtg time, most everyone was seated, engaged in irrelevant chit-chat & discussion of the levee in the Pharoah Valley Subdiv & River Rd/Dr areas.  DS mentioned that no one lives on Nile, the early '80's flood took care of them, etc.  DC mentioned a little jog being made in part of the levee, etc, etc.  This wasn't by any means the first time that the levee was discussed before officially calling the mtg to order.  At about 5:08 pm, I started recording Section 1 below & when DC finally called the mtg to order at about 5:12 pm, I placed the recorder on the table.  


Around 5:30 pm after changing to a new tape & leaving the recorder on the table, I went to the VP Library, copied public records, cleared copier jams as rather usual & paid $9.80.   Returning to the mtg around 5:45 where Valley Materials was still the topic, I took a few sketchy notes & around 6pm discovered that despite the functioning light still on, the tape had jammed shortly after I'd exchanged it.  A new tape recorded the rest of the mtg thru 6:15 adjournmt.  Fortunately, at the 5/16/05 BOA mtg, DC & EM commented at length on the same topics as in this levee meeting except for the 500-yr levee;  unless that was discussed during my short recess there.  At the least, levee-related discussions of that BOA mtg will soon be transcribed & posted. 


Present:  DLC,  DS,  DC,  CLM,  TW,  BW,  EM, JKB,  JW,  DM (arrived about 5:14). 

Also Present:  Vivian Blackman.


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  1 of  11

Prior to mtg being ofc'ly called to order


...DS?:  I see a lot of him - EM:  & this is a third of an acre & once u put the levee in, it might be a (start?) to the whole process & then this 3 acres would go down to 2 acres maybe.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - EM:  2.5 acres u got there, _ _ _ (up in here?) or not.   JKB?:  Yeah, that's close to what was the old borrow was right there.  ?:  That'll be parking lot.  EM:  I mean what do u got now!  ?: _ - DS?:  _ we stayed there - ?: _ _ - DS?:  & then we got we got pizza.  ?: _ -


?:  _ really not far enough - ?&?:  _ got enough pizza/people involved there might - JKB:  All this part we got (all the way or hauled away?) - DS?:  _ the street poured - ?:  & then we got the Parks Dept - ?: _ - ?: _ - ?:  _ parking is back here.  ?:  Maybe it's hot enough. 


JKB:  But that's just the way to reverse the way - EM?:  Yeah, but -  JKB:  this is bowed.  DS:  95 (%?) -  JKB:  We need to get MUCH more than that - ?:  U need to get - did u get with him? - EM:  I didn't THINK u did!  JKB:  IF we got that much!  CLM:  Maybe they don't know how much (it is?).  ?: _ - ?:  Maybe, maybe u could help with the (bizs?) - JKB:  Help for - ?:  We'll just have to make it up & over - JKB:  if we go to a Levee District -


DS?:  or, or (sump it out or somethin' now?) - JKB:  bring it on around the base of it.   EM:  Mmmm, see I don't _ - DS?:  of waters _ -  EM:  & this is definitely not a scale drawing by any means.  DS?:  _ the river.  I just go along - EM:  We're, we're figuring the levee's gonna go - ?: _ - ?: _ - EM:  over here further _ - DC:  _ they were really hopin' it would - (Y or wide?) that base - ?: _ - DC: levee center - ?:  Even on the (mayor's?)?   EM:  I don't know that - there're lotsa functions.  CLM:  Who's that guy sittin' on your right down there?  DS:  I don't know who he is.  JKB:  We were right there - DS:  Ald Carroll, Don Carroll - EM:  It shows here _ - DS:  Do uno him?  EM:  _ go ahead & see what we got _ -


CLM:  Oh yeah, welcome back!  We were talkin' outside a little bit.  DLC:  I talked to, I talked to the colonel outside.  DLC?:  It's been a while.  CLM:  If u don't like the coffee, it's his fault.  TW:  Dave, I thought maybe with those colors u had a Harley hat on.  I thought maybe u bought a Harley or something.  DC:  No, that'll be the day that I buy a Harley.  ?:  (P or B?) & - (P or B?) & Z - ?:  He needs that to Kawasaki's.  (BW & others laugh)  TW:  There u go, buy u a (rice bucket?).   CLM:  U may see me on a lot of 'em - DC:  If u see me ridin' a Harley - CLM: _ it won't be a motorcycle.  TW:  Maybe - DC:  There'll probably - TW:  the world's got a - DC: _ guys in that wagon with their wife's hose on & a straight jacket lookin' for me _ - (BW & others laugh)  EM?:  Sounded cleared up - TW:  But I don't look back at last month.  EM?:  Don, I think that - TW?:  & then the world _ _ - EM?:  Get, get the (hearts?) - ?:  maybe down the road u're not (all good?).  ?:  (Git her dad?).


EM?:  They're just goin' around, behind on the outfall - ?:  Oh.  EM:  (Dave or They've?) said u were a 2nd priority.  He says once we get these (done or down?) on the (RR or river?) - ?:  What kind of license plate is that?  Y9TC is a license - ?:  It might hurt ya.  ?:  Scootin' along at  40, 50 mph_ _ - TW?:  Uno, like a wrestler or whatever?   ?:  Yeah, whatever _ - CLM:  50 cc's _- JKB:  That's with February, my part of it was - ?:  50 cc, u got - CLM:  Said he made 'em just for the different view _ -  ?:  Yeah, (go 'round) - EM:  There's just no way u could move it over here & then u gotta (build or bill?) a road - ?: _ - ?: _ - JKB:  There's no way!   ?:  It's all part of one _ - ?:  Now (Harley's?) _ - ?: _ - ?:  _ u all retired to the entrance for turbine-built. 


DS?:  I'll tell u how u can('t?) _ - ?: _ _ - DS?: _ all the time _ - JKB:  It looks like u have to have at least these 4 & go over there & meet with 'em.  He said yeah, but I said - ?:  Probably never would've told u the truth about - JKB:  I've controlled the people & this Monday, Dave did the dirt - ?:  was on a ladies night.  DS?:  They had to steal 9 pitchers, so every Monday it was at _ _ - ?:  & every day since they opened because _ _ - ?: _ - TW:  Yeah, I wouldn't wanna be on the _ - CLM:  I wouldn't have exposure to the job as a bookie - ?:  Call (Ron or Rod?) _ - CLM:  (Cheap or Chief?) kind of a job if u can get it _ - ?: _ _ -


?:  If they can't handle it, then what're u gonna do?   ?:  Don't be shy _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ - CLM:  _ German couple _ - EM?:  But did they (actually meet him?)?  ?:  That backhoe will be ready to go?  ?:  (Told 'em?) -  JKB:  (They're never big enough or Then have 'er dig it up?) & THEY (WUDN'T big enough or WOULDN'T dig it up?).  EM?:  For that boss?  JKB:  NO! 


DS:  What's goin' on Jethro?  JKB:  International.  JW:  Same ol' bull - ?:  go 30 mph - EM?:  (Now should undoubtedly be an issue?) -  JW:  When's this mtg - JKB?:  No motive (this yr?) - JW:  Did uno that?  DC:  Yeah, let's get - JW:  That recording is on - DC:  Call this - JW:  _ just recorded that?   ?:  _ _ -  DC:  mtg to order.  CLM:  Never ever _ -  ?:  _ _ _ - CLM:  the recorder's back _ - JW:  I don't know if I could take _.   JKB:  I didn't know that.   I was - DC:  U got yours with u?  JKB:   I was talkin' low_ - DC:  U got one of these?  (It seems that JW whispered into the recorder:  Turn the volume up.)  BW?:  U sent a form - ?:  I hope - ?: There's a _ - JW:  Carroll's here, huh?  Towed a lotta stuff down _ - 


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  2 of  11


DC:  Let's call the mtg to order.  ?:  _ _ - BW:  When u're getting ready to go down here, will u follow me?   ?:  (loud whisper)  Oh, I know what he said about it now.  (He might not?) - DC:  Ok, (roll call, see above)  (others talk & whisper during DC's roll call & note-taking)  BW:  Right here at 21, right down 21 _ _ has to be built. ?: _ - JW:  He told me that.  Uno, I told Charlie the same thing.  _  - BW?:  & I said like where we go _ - JW:  I don't want it.   BW?:  I think _ - DC:  We have enough members that - BW: _ _ - DC:  some of these people never - so we can't - we got enough - BW?: _ _ - DC:  to have a mtg most times.  ?: _ _ - JW?: _ _ - DS?:  Oh yeah.  JKB?:  Be better 'n goin' out 'n git u some _ _ -

DC: As u probably all know that - CLM:  He misses it. 


DC:  JZ has taken, accepted a job at a different thing for about 90 days & uh Pat Conroy will be taking over his duties as the uh new COE uh Project Mgr for this position.  (JZ had answered me on 3/28/05, that he had been assigned to a hazardous waste clean-up job at the airport for 3 months.)  So uh he, uh he may not have got his thing. (agenda)  We were kind of runnin' behind gettin' these things out & he may have not got one today.  BW:  I got mine today.  DC:  U got yours?  I, I was hoping that maybe he would but uno, it's kind of hard if he doesn't get it earlier in the week that he makes plans.  So he may've had something else goin'. 


CLM:  Jim Mitas called in this morning & told me that he had a mtg late this afternoon & didn't know whether he'd be able to get here for the 1st part of the mtg or not.  I told him I would pass this on to the cmsn members & if anything that he, he would need to know that I'll, I'll give hm a call in the morning & pass it on.  DC:  Ok.  CLM:  He said to please extend his regrets but he WILL be here if he can. 


DC:  Ok. (continue roll call & Pledge)  Uh any additions or deletions u want to the agenda here tonight - anybody wants to add anything?  DM:  Dave - JKB: Yeah, I'd like to do that.  DM:  Go ahead.  JKB:  See what we gotta do to get this levee certified.  DC:  Ok.  JKB:  What it costs & all that - see if we can't get a rush on this thing.  DC:  Ok, I'll put - JKB:  Get that levee - DC: that on the uh - JKB:  church dropped down. 


DC:  I'll put that on item uh 7A along with the uh _ & make it _ _ _ - I got some things on there too I wanna add.  Ok, that'll be uh - I'll put that under Item 7A uh _ - JW?:  On 8/10?  - DM:  Dave, I was gonna talk just briefly about the dedication ceremony - (we had it 6/8?).  DC:  Ok.   DM?:- ?:  Turn that up.  DM?:  to John - this insurance.  DC:  I'll put that on uh 7 uh D - DM:  Ok.  DC:  the dedication.  DM:  Alright, tku. 


DC:   Ok, anybody have anything else?  Ok, I need a motion to approve the agenda as amended here.  DS:  So moved!  JKB:  2nd it.  DC:  I have a motion to approve & a 2nd to approve the agenda;  all in favor?  (ayes)  I don't know - I've been carrying this February mtg - uh I don't really know whether u've had one or not.  I, I was, I wasn't here I don't think.  So I'm just going to uh make it - this'll be the - on the next one - our mtg tonight I guess.  Ok, discussion items for uh Item 7 - uh Item 4B update - I'll start it off here.  Um I wanted to bring, bring the attention of the Levee Cmsn - uh


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  3 of  11


Valley Material - as uno we had problems with them before, dumping their concrete off of the - into the - on the levee property.  & last wk or a couple wks ago, uh they were workin' up there & uh he has been trying to keep the concrete from the trucks dumpin' the concrete in the water & everything, but we now have all the relief wells along the river uh the land side of the levee completed & last wk he started dumpin' concrete out of his trucks & it's flooding down INTO the uh det area. 


Uh short term, it's, right now, they have got it kind of controlled BUT long term, after the levee is done we can't allow this.  We can't - because those relief wells have to work.  They have a, a thing that goes in the relief well like a check valve & whenever the river comes up, they start lettin' the water out from underneath the levee in order to relieve the pressure underneath the levee itself.  & if the concrete gets into the det pond & starts fillin' up & gets deep enough, & runs into the relief wells, then the relief wells will be sealed off;  they won't work. 


JW:  Dave, I thought he built one of those reclaim things that - DC:  He does have a reclaimer but this, this is something - I don't know - uh the short term, the contractor has been able to control it somewhat.  But if u, if u go up there & look u'll see this uh cloudy, milky water layin' in the bottom of the det pool, all around the relief wells.  The relief wells are right there. 


CLM:  Is this city property he's dumping it on?  (EM nodded yes)  DC:  Uh this is levee property.  I mean - CLM:  City property?  DC:  They, they went over & they were workin' to grade this thing down & the water was runnin' off & they went over & talked to him & he dumped a pile of gravel  - CLM?:  (This month?) - DC:  in order to keep the water from runnin' into there.  But it's still, it's still runnin' down there.  There's going to have to be something - either he's going to have to build something, a wall or whatever, to keep this water & this slog - this slag goin' down into the relief wells & down into the det pond. 


Uh short term, we can keep pumpin' it out, they can keep it outta there but I don't think that's uh really a thing from the contractor to have to keep goin' over & do this.  But & eventually when they seed it & whatever, the water's gonna run down & wash all this grass, seed & everything & erode it right into the det pond & we're gonna have - right now we DO have quite a bit of sludge & that milky water in there.  When it rains, hopefully it'll go down & run out & go into uh the river & everything.  & then again, we may have uh problems with the discharge of all this goin' into the river right now.  


But in the long term, something has to be done.  I mean - JW:  Dave, I move - DC:  we either - JW:  I move that the city atty draft a letter of - EM:  Well, wait, wait, wait, wait, let's, let's  discuss a little more.  DC:  Right, we, we're - there's some other - there's.  EM:  There's more issues!  DC:  There's some more - another issue that we have to get into before we do this 'cause - EM?: _ _ - DC:  This is something that I wanted to bring up in the very, the very beginning of this - JW:  Can't go straight to lawsuit, huh?  DC:  but we'll get to the other part of it.  CLM:  Nothin' is simple.  JW:  Oh.


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  4 of  11


DC: It's - well, ok.  The next part of this is, dealing with this, we have a road, emerg road on the RR tracks & had it for any # of yrs;  I guess since back when Kenard Curtis was probably the mayor or whenever.  EM:  72 !  DC:  72, ok.  BW:  That's the one right along the tracks right here - DC:  They're east of the RR tracks.  BW:  Ok.  DC:  Anyway, about 3 to 4 wks ago they came down with some cars, I guess they were goin' to the Reichhold, & the engine jumped the track & they had a derailmt. 


Of course nobody uh at the RR is going to claim that that was the fault of the train or whatever.  It was - they say it was the tra - the road that we put in there, the gravel & everything & the trucks goin' over it, hurt the rail, track or whatever it was & it's our fault, it was the contractor's fault.  & they have said that - no more emerg road!  That's it!  They put a load of dirt in front of it & blocked it off.  So there's no more emerg road. 


Well, there was supposed to be an agreemt but we can't find it.  I don't know whether the fire dept can find it, uh whether - uh I've been told that they have a thing where it was published in the paper of an agreemt was signed by - with the RR for this. Somebody told me - this is all hearsay.  I didn't hear anything.  This is all hearsay what I've been hearin' & the RR said well that was - but somebody different was with the Frisco & it wasn't with BN & that's it, no, svc road, so! 


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  5 of  11


Another alternative we're looking at is to, uno say, ok, we won't use it, that thing.  We'll go & use Valley Material where we have the entrance to the const site - to the const trailers there - that we'll use if it's ok with them.  They've talked to them & we haven't got any agreemt or anything with them.  They're just kinda layin' the groundwork here.  But that, with a little adjustmt to some of the things that he has up there, we could connect & use HIS entrance & go & hook the svc road up to that point & have the svc road. 


DM:  So is that an agreemt between Valley Material & the RR to drive thru?  We won't have to worry about Valley Material getting told _ - EM:  Can - DM: _ - EM:  can I - let, lemme bring that up.  DC:  U TELL him his attitude (laughing) - EM:  _ talk to - I haven't talked to u in a long _ -  DM:  Ok, go ahead.  DC:  Bring it up - bring me up - well, bring us -


EM:  OK.  Um &, & it was 4/5, the train jumped the tracks & they came out & they dug everything up &, & yeah, they're real - they were very upset!  & I, I was upset.  & I went down & I met with the lawyers & the claims agent & everybody else.  So FINALLY what we've agreed to - they said we can use Valley Material ingress & egress, 200 ft to the east of the, the, where the spur curves, where we've been using.  & they said that that's MUCH better because the crossing that we HAD been using is on a curve!  & once u build up the curve, obviously something happened to make the train jump off the tracks. 


& we've approached Halamicek, I think Jim Solari, Friday talked to Jim Halamicek & he indicated that he thought we could work something out - wasn't talkin' about money & that's good too!  uh just basically by routing some stuff around &, & we can kinda go thru the side &, & then access the emerg road that way.


BW:  It's not a public road - it'll be an access road?  EM:  Well, nobody's, nobody's bitchin' about the road.  I mean the RR says u guys can use the road;  the, the, the, the issue is, is the RR crossing.  BW:  Where to cross it at.  EM:  Yeah, & uh so, so we've got 2 issues.  One's the temp crossing & I think we're re, we have resolved that at least with the RR.  &, & again, we'll have to put this is writing - it'll be sort of a gentlemen's agreemt now where we can at least use the Halamicek access as our access point - DC:  Right.  EM:  for these big BELLY dumpers. 


& the reason we wanna do it is, is because if we don't access THAT side of the levee, & these big - like semi-tractor trailer trucks - we have to go ALL the way down & the, the, there's public crossings at 3rd St & 7th St that we CAN'T use, so we have to go ALL the way down to Kena, go arrrround & then come out & we can't get to the SIDE where we need to build a ramp up & over, which is right kind of behind Halamicek, in that area.  So I, I think we'll get that part resolved. 


So that'll be temp &, & we'll have a 90-day or 6 - I think I talked to 'em about 6 months - uh just in case.  BW:  Is this just a const access?  EM:  Yeah, temp const access, right.  BW:  After the levee's done, we will not be using that thru Halamicek's property at all?  EM:  Right - WELL, I THINK.  ?:  Yeah. 


DM:  What about the fire dept?  EM:  Ok, well - DM:  Is that a (lake?)?   Ok, _ that's next.  EM:  Now the next thing I did was uh I applied for a uh, a Crossing License & uh I still need $250.  I had - I asked Patti to cut me a check & she hasn't yet but - DM:  We're good.  EM:  we'll do that.  That's their application fee. 


& I, I found the old RR plats of 1946 & I've attached those as eng'd plats & I'm sure they'll, they'll reject those but that's in the hopper too.  & so we're - basically, in 1946 it shows a crossing there, so we're asking to re-establish that crossing & the guy's out of town until 5/17 which - BW:  At  - EM:  is Tuesday.  BW:  Halamicek's place.  EM:  NO!  DC:  At the other - DM?:  Back at the one we came - BW?:  At the curve?  DM?:  in from?  EM:  Yeah!  ?:  Curve - ?: _ -


EM:  & see it's, it's a different issue because these belly-dumpers have to have sort of a smooth at-grade crossing.  These fire engines don't need that!  I mean these fire engines are HIGH up off the ground with big ol' wheels & they should be able to cross the tracks anyway.  &, & frankly, even if - I don't know that we care if we HAVE a damn agreemt with 'em.  We can move - & I don't even know that we need to move the dirt. 


Those, those fire engines, if they have to, can cross the tracks any place there & access that emerg road.  DC:  Well, I, I don't know anything about that.  That'll be - DM: _ something done that's - JKB:  They won't cross it unless there's a crossing there.  They won't jump them tracks.  EM:  Is that right?  Even if, even if - well, see there never was a REAL crossing tho - JKB:  Yeah, but - DM:  There was - DC:  We had - they kept a - maint'd an area - worked it along the tracks there.  EM:  Well, (& eat crow?) we're, we're workin' on that.


&, & RW said he's gonna send a flunkie upstairs in the attic that - I guess they have an attic like we have an attic - nobody wants to go up there.  (CLM laughs)  But uh I mean I, I've searched - DC: (laughing) (eases the thumb?)  EM:  I searched our attic top to bottom!  &, & all the records that date back - really I, I guess from I think the last packet I saw was '82 up there.  & it, & I tracked down crsp from the RR to the city!  uh in I think it was '78, 78 or 79 &, & there had to be other crsp in the packet but it's just not up there!  It's NOT there any more, so hopefully, uh the fire dept will have um any agreemts that was done back in 72 &, & anything else.  But the RR's kind of - not bein' real nice. 


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  6 of  11


But it's gets back to - we're talking about the concrete now with Halamiceks.  Well, u gotta - u can't just slap the guy up the head with the bd &, & say uno stop that concrete, but by the way, we need to use your property.  So we're - BW?  I don't - EM:  we're gonna - BW:  u got no choice.  EM:  Well, u gotta - BW:  What are they gonna ruin the levee by dumpin' all their concrete in there!  EM:  Well - BW: They've been dumpin' it for YRS there. 


EM:  It, this, this is a short-term deal with our, our road access & what they're doing - he had a berm where he was sorta pooling this stuff what would run off - DC:  & he cut a hole in it.  EM:  Yeah, & he cut a whole in it - DC:  Right.  EM:  & uh it's - BW:  Unintentionally.  EM:  NO, it was intentional (BW cracks up)  DC:  Yeah because of the - BW:  _ - ?:  Yeah.  DC:  water was floodin' all over the parking lot - ?: _ - ?: _ - ?: _ - DC:  & it had to be blowin' the whole thing out. 


EM:  Yeah & I guess it filled up too.  It seems like he's not even using that stupid uh reclaiming pit.  I - DC:  Well - ?: _ - DC:  they say he uses it sometimes - BW: _ _ - EM:  Sporadically - DC:  & one guy knocked one of the - JW: _ close to the pipe _ - DC:  backed in there & knocked part of it down or somethin' - BW:  _ _ - DC:  & that's what they said.  ?:  Well, we'll  - ?: _ _- ?: _ -


DC:  But I think the only - ?: _ - DC:  thing that we can do is - ?: _ _ - DC: either uh we ask hm if we get _ - I'd like to have a mtg with him over the const area & see if we can't get him move some of them big concrete things that he's got back there on the property line & set them up there & put some kind of a thing where it'll keep - the water is not gonna run - just run off...(exchange tapes, during which I noted, DC:  We're gonna be gettin' concrete in those relief wells.)


...DC:...if we don't stop the (crises?).  EM:  & there's definitely a re-education process that needs to be taken.  DC:  & I think that's what we're gonna have to do but I just wanna make u aware that uno we may have to go after this 6-mo thing is over with or the uh 90 days or whatever...(tape becomes garbled)


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  7 of  11



Notes taken while unbeknownst to me at the time, the tape was jammed:   EM - Valley Material gave the city an esmt &/or some land yrs ago in order to get a bldg permit.  JW - We'll clean that dumped concrete up again, Dave.  DC - DLC was right, lev completion date is 9/05 due to weather & other delays. 


Greenway is checking on acquiring the 2 River Rd properties.  EM - No they're not.  DM - The city may or will step in, but it seems will not get reimbursed.  Cgsm Akin will attend the Dedication Ceremony & possibly Sen Talent;  Col Wms is retiring, will attend, wants media publicity.  JW - Would u have a REAL ceremony then when the levee is actually done?! 


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  8 of  11


(Dedication Ceremony)...DM:..the citizens should be there to be, to be part of it.  So that's why I said Saturday would be - CLM?: _ _, don't u?  DM:  Um  I guess - JW: _ _ _ gonna come.  DM:  or somebody - EM:  General, General Crear was gonna come in.  DM:  I guess if Gen Crear was gonna come in, Tuesday - CLM:  Only because he was raised in a Jewish world - he could _ _ - DM:  so I thought uno we're the sponsor - ?:  Fortified - DM:  we should - CLM:  U bet!  DM:  have a say in this thing.  CLM:  Oh, u have every courtesy.  ?: _ closest to him - DC:  I think it's good to have it at - on the Valley Days - CLM:  Oh that's perfect - ?: _ _ - DM:  parade goin' down there & just kind of a big celebration _ - CLM:  Oh I think that's great.  ?: _ _ - CLM:  I'll call a mtg - ?: _ - CLM:  with (Julie Ann or Julien?).  Isn't that where the check is goin'?  ?:  _ _ -


DM:  I don't know if u recall, it says 6/13 for the next - JW?:  _ _ - TW?:  that'd be the 20th - would be the next uh - DC:  Right.  DM: _ make sure - CLM:  Also, will u make sure that the (Bonswell?) Brothers _ _ - DM:  Ok.  JW?:  Is that a zig-zag for the _ - DC:  The VP bizmen are very - gonna be very involved in this.  BW:  Yeah, I - DC:  we, the mayor & I- ?: _ _ - DC:   were at the mtg last wk & I - ?: _ _ - DC:  I think they're really -


BW:  I think we may be able to come up with a stage.  ?: _ _ - DM:  Yeah, I talked to Tory on Friday & - ?: _ _ - DM:  he said he might wanna - Reichhold - somebody to have a nice stage there & put some fun thing on each side of the - hopefully dress it up - BW?:  _ _ - ?: _ -  DM:  & give it - 'cause we're hopin' to get this - JW?: _ _ - DM:  on a local news channel.  So we want to have it be a really good picture of - BW:  Yeah, yeah, really make it - DM:  not just a - BW:  very, very nice _ - CLM:  The COE may have some funds for a stage - DM:  Ok - CLM:  too.  DM:  Great, yeah, if they wanna pay for part of it - Yeah, I'm happy to work with them.  BW: _ talk to - ?: _ _ - ?: _ - EM:  Would be nice to have a stage that doesn't say St L Cnty on it too.  ?:  Yeah.  ?: _ -


DC:  I think uh probably - ?: _ - DC:  Pat Conroy or - DM:  ESI Const - DC:  somebody like that where we can uh work with, get u some idea.  I, I'll have him uh - JW:  _ _ we were just as soon put a tractor trailer _ - DC:  get a hold of u _ - JW:  couldn't make it in time.  CLM: _ _ - DM:  _ _ _ down - Lookout - ?:  Lookout -


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  9 of  11


BW:  Is - what's the property - is there any chance - DM:  _ big fire truck could make the turn on Didian, so - BW:  that between now & this dedication - DM:  _ than  anything.  BW:  uno at that or near that structure to get the dirt up to the right height?  (he laughs)  DM:  Gotta go to the last part of (the mtg?).   BW:  Uno even the driver at a 20 ft haul - ?: _ _ - BW:  & it drops off uno just - JW: _ down or - DM:  Right.  BW:  right there is what u see.  DM: _ _ - ?:  Maybe.  DC:  I'll uh, I'll -


TW:  Talk to Jim - DC:  I'll talk to Jim Thrusday, Solari - TW:  & see if - DC:  about that & see if - TW: _ _ - DC:  he can get that dirt - DM: _ _ - ?: _ - DC:  all the way up - ?: _ _ - DC:  probably all the way - DM:  _ _ - DC:  I, I mean - TW:  Yours is a _ - DM:  make some phone calls - JW?:  I know this GUY!  DC:  I don't know if - JW:  'cause he gets - DM:  Yeah - JW:  paid to do what we want.  ?:  No, he didn't - TW:  Tell him u could let him park a couple of his trucks - ?: _ - TW: _ his crew in the bkgd in the news telecast if he gets this up.  DM:  Yeah. 


DS?:  I've always been surprised the state - I mean pulls the hwy down anyway.  DC:  Oh yeah, we coulda - DM:  'cause this is the only place u can cross the river - DC:  That would be nice.  DM:  _ 270.  U get that - TW:  I would!  DM:  the rehab - TW:  if I were him, I'd want - BW:  _ retail _  - DS:  Better use it - BW?:  on top of the levee - CLM?:  It doesn't have to be the (grade or greatest?) - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - DC:  I think if we get this (wall tho, Dan?) - DM:  _ so I was kinda sorry to give that up -


DC:  if we get this new haul road - JW:  leaves out on Vance - DC:  this uh thing with Halamicek up there - JW?:  do we deserve _ - DC:  Valley Material - DM:  As long as _ _ - DC:  I think & go in with - DM:  _ down Old Meramec - DC:  their trucks & that.  They're goin' down that direction in order - ?: Lookout - ?: _ _ - DM: _ - JW: _ _ - ?:  _ - DC:  bringin' the dirt up - ?: _ - ?: _  - DC:  to go down Marshall - ?: _ _ - ?: _ - DC:  & get on - DM:  I think they go down by - DC:  the _ - ?:  (Dan's?) house.  DC:  go all the way around - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ - DC:  & then comin' out on these- (JW laughs) - ?: _ - DC:  uh RR track, comin' up - JW:  Yeah, 'cause he's gonna talk, then - DC: _ & road & get back to 141 - JW:  they're gonna find out how the (RR or river?) _ - ?: _  - ?: _ _ - DC:  but if we get this new, new thing - JW:  Oh!  I'll find 'em -


DC:  they may be doin' something else - ?: _ - JW:  One more - DS: I was always wantin' to do that - DC:  & they may be able to dump more dirt down there - JKB:  Yeah, it would - ?: _ - ?: _ - DC:  & they won't - ?:  it started to snow - ?:  a lotta people didn't like it.  ?:  I was - ?: _ -  ?: _ - ?: _ - DC:  have to dump on the levee down there.  ?: They like it now.  ?: _ - ?: _ - ?:  They have to build a ramp over to Marshall Rd but - ?: _ -


BW:  The other day, I saw one of their - ?: _ - ?: _ - BW:  trucks - ?:  It was wider than - ?: _ - BW:  running on their side of the hwy from the outer road - DC:  They're goin' to Simpson.  ?:  _ - ?: _ - BW:  On the other side of the _?  -  DS:  _ & I was always thinkin' like where's that _ - ?: _ - BW:  Back behind Drury Inn I saw that - DM:  Need a motion to adjourn?  ?:  Oh, ESI?


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  10 of  11


EM:  UH!  Just ONE more thing I said I would share - (someone chuckles)  JKB:  Aw, u said that a while ago.  ?: _ _ - TW?:  Yeah, this is how I - ?: _ _ - EM:  Uh - ?: _ _ - EM:  (cromatree?) I met with Jim Mitas with Cgsm Akin's ofc - last wk?  CLM:  Last wk.  EM:  Yeah, uh &, & uh we, we discussed uuhhh ENHANCEMT &, & uh, uh worked toward the resolution they passed in Congress to enhance our levee.  Uh what we've done, uh -


DM:  Enhance is - EM: _ - DM:  this 500-yr levee thing?  EM:  Yeah, well, or whatever!  DM:  Ok.  EM:  At the time our levee was done, uh the state of the art maybe was 100 yrs - JW: _ _ - EM:  but that was in 88 when the design was done.  Now u don't see levees being done - ?: _ _ - EM:  any less than 500 yrs by & large.


So we asked the cgsm's ofc - JKB?: (barely audible) I bet he didn't ask - EM:  to sponsor - JW?: _ _ - EM:  a resolution.  One WAS passed to have the COE STUDY the, the VP levee to see if economics would justify an enhanced levee project.  JW?: _ _ -  CLM:  We need it.   EM:  So  - CLM:  Bottom line is, is there a federal interest which - JW?: _ _ - CLM:  did not exist for - JKB: (barely audible) _ Maureen - CLM:  flood protection to the City of VP.  Jim's already drafted a letter from Jim to, to Todd to sign & for Kit Bond to sign & Jim Talent to sign, goin' to the ASA copy to Chief Engineers asking that they uh push for early approval of funding - JW: _ _ - CLM:  to give the StL Dist the money to initiate the Recon Report.


The Recon Study & the Report is 100% fed funding that will take probably 18 months - JW?:  (whisper) (Close it down?) - CLM:  (since suspended?).  Chief of Engs gets a pot of money every yr approp'd by Congress & he divies it up based upon the priorities.  So what we're doin' is we're, we're bldg the case to make VP at the top of the list for the next funding go-round. 


We didn't wanna push it before now because we wanted to wait until dev began to take place & get started so that there WILL BE sufficient ec justification to justify.  Because we can only take ec benefits for flood damages prevented by a flood GREATER than the 100-yr flood 'cause we're already gonna be protected from the 100-yr flood.  Very similar to what we did in CV back in the resolution of October of '93. 


BW:  Well, the, the comm real estate people in the area or in the St Louis area are well aware of what happened in Chesterfield & - ?: _ _ - BW:  that was a 100-yr levee & now it's a 500-yr levee, & it, it EXPLODED out there as everybody knows.  CLM:  Well, property - BW:  We're sittin' here with a 100-yr levee & people in real estate &, & devrs are gonna be VERY reluctant whether there's - uno come into VP with a 100-yr levee. 


CLM:  Well, u, u're gonna find there WILL BE bizs that - BW:  Oh, I'm - CLM:  won't be willing to come in.  BW:  not sayin' there won't be - there WILL BE.  CLM:  Yeah, it - BW:  But a 500-yr would make a BIG difference.  CLM:  Oh, yeah. 


DM:  Is it a different case because this is the Meramec River - floods differently than the Missouri does?  'Cause this goes up & down where the Missouri will stay once it - stay up high.  DC:  Well, it's a lot more water.  I mean there's no doubt about it.  More water comes down - BW:  It, yeah, it'll still be - DC:  the MO River than - CLM:  U're -


DM:  But I don't wanna wait another - BW:  statisticals.  DM:  _ be in my biz - ?: _ _ - DM:  comes to a halt - ?: _ - ?: _ _ - DM:  500-yr levee - ?: _ - JKB: _ _ - DM:  that's 18 months before u even START - ?: _ - ?: _ - DM:  & who knows how long it - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - DM:  to finish 500 - ?: _ _ - DM:  we might be another 4 or 5 yrs before - ?: _ - ?: _ - BW:  Oh it will be! -  DM:  _ 500.  BW:  to, to, to get a 500-yr levee completed, probably TEN more yrs before it'll be done.  DC:  Oh yeah, 10 _ - ?: _ - ?: _ -


CLM:  But u're gonna find, u're going to find that - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  once the COE has the authy & they start The Study that people are gonna - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  start coming in.  THF, i.e., made the decision - ?:  I was on the bd - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  to build Chesterfield, the uh Chester Valley's mall - ?: _ _ - ?: _ - CLM:  the Commons out there, before the COE - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  had even finished the Recon Study.  At the fact at the time, the COE's position was they didn't think it was ec'ly justified. 


TW:  But STILL I don't think it's actually complete YET.  BW?:  NO it isn't.  CLM:  No, the earth work IS completed.  ?:  The earth work - BW:  Oh it is?! 


5/16/05 LEV - Sec  11 of  11

CLM is main speaker, others bkgd


CLM:  Right now the, the Levee Dist has an Emerg Closure Plan - JKB: _ _ - CLM:  We had, in fact if we had the 758 (or yr?) flood in CV, right now - DS: _ always get a motion again, Dan.  CLM:  the valley would be protected. 


?:  Well, I don't think there's _ - CLM:  U're only lookin' - DM:  John said he'll 2nd it.  CLM:  at maybe to im - ?:  Yeah, (chuckle) it's already 2nd'd.  CLM:  improve the fore-base of 2 existing re- fabrications - JW:  Tom's afraid - CLM:  & do - JW:  to the next mtg.  CLM:  a 3rd prostitation (?) - JKB:   He's got this down!  CLM:  & so u wanna see - JW:  Wasn't there a time-warp back here?  CLM:  which way to work it - JW:  time-lock back here or somethin'?  CLM:  the west end of the valley & the closure structures.  DM:  _watchin' people complain - CLM:  Closure structures is the only things - DM:  about  people walkin' in & out - CLM:   that are exposed now & - DM:  _ u watch, the city moved it for - CLM:  then u can close it (down?).  DM:  one day & decided it was for - Now we know why u voted (in one other bd or & went overboard?).


CLM:  Today, the valley's protected.  All this stuff came in - ?:  That's where we gotta be careful - DM:  'cause if it would - CLM:  404, we got that _ - DM:  but after we move this - ?: _ _ - CLM:  funding for - ?:  that was before we ever had the election - CLM:  the fed levee.  DM:  _ too hot - TW?:  Right.  DM:  I remember that one -


CLM:  I was heavily involved in mtg with people like THF _ _ - JKB: _ _ - CLM:  developing.  Basically - ?: _ _ - DS:  _ we adjourn?   CLM:  _ _ _ did u _ out?   ?:  _ _ _ - JKB?:  They haven't made - DC?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - JKB:  I'll 2nd it.  CLM:  Gotta believe!  BW:  Yeah! 


DC:  Next levee mtg 6/13/05 - TW:  6/20.  DC:  same place.  TW:  6/20.  DC:  I need a motion to adjourn.  TW:  6/20.  ?: _ - ?: _ - JKB:  I 2nd it.  DC:  He's not a full  - ?: _ - TW:  Dave, DAVE.  DC:  Oh, Don.  JW: _ _ - TW:  6/20.  ?:  _ - DM:  Alright, tks, Eric.  DC:  6/20?  TW:  It's the 3rd Monday.  CLM:  That's right.  JW:  U might have to sit OUT!  DC:  Ok.  ?:  _ _ - TW:  'Cause 5/30 is Monday.  DLC?:  _ just might go home & eat in that time.  TW:  Memorial Day.  ?:  We don't wanna meet then.  ?: _ -  DS: _ mtg on Memorial Day.  DC:  June - ?: _ _ - ?:  I hope - ?: _ _ - TW:  No, I know, I hope I'm gonna be wrong.  CLM:  U know me, I'm already - I can't work without Jim.  We oughta meet on Memorial _ _ - ?: _ - CLM:  I always meet with Jim on Memorial Day.  Gotta put things in perspective _ _ - ?: _ _ -  (end 5/16/05 LEV)