Notes:   Around 5:05pm, since all others were engaged in chit-chat, Mr Mitas & I did the same.  After a min or 2, I overheard DM mention not having any more Levee Cmsn mtgs, so I turned the recorder on. This "mtg" was not called to order, had no quorum & lasted until 5:50pm.


Present:   RW,  JKB,  DS,  DC,  EM,  SD,  DM,  JW arrived 5:30.  (+ ↓)


Also Present/Audience:  Seated in the audience as always was Mr Jim Mitas of Cgsm Akin's office.  Seated at the table between EM & SD was COE Geotech Mr Pat Conroy. 


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...DC:...we don't have anything goin'.  DM:  Especially not that many people here it seems that wanna go.  DC:  Right.  JKB:  I think long as _ _ (next?) _ we oughta (be God-da_ sure?) _ - DM:  YEAH!  That's - (suppose again?) we got kind of a - some up in August, & (either or these are?) Sept or Oct.  DS:  But that's not - DC: _ I - DS:  gonna cut back on our pay, is it?  ?:  Ohhho, yeah!  DS:  meetin' -


DC:  We can see uh - thought - what I had - ?:  (His mom'll?) - DC:  in mind - ?: _ _ - DC:  was probably -  DS?: (chuckling) Yeah.  DC: just to give a - DM:  Yours'll be cut in half, right?  ?:  Oh  (chuckling) _ - DC: maybe not have the mtg but just give a report - DM?:  Yeah, that's -  a report would be good.  DC:  & uh send out a uh like I do every time - not an agenda or anything, just send out a report - DM:  Exactly.  DC:  for the Levee Cmsn & put it in the packet for all the ald & then everybody will get one.  & then if there was anything that really had to be brought up, we could have, we could have a mtg & send out an agenda. 


DM?:  (Hope forever?) - DC:  because we're pretty well - uno, the cost share & everything is pretty much uh what everybody knows it's gonna be & the fed sponsoring, whenever we get something on that, we can probably have a mtg & discuss that if we have to do it.


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EM:  & announce THAT!!  uh both the Senate & the House Rules uh are out now & they won't contain the same amt & that's $7M,582K & the bills - since there's difference in other pieces of LEG within the bills have to go to a Conference Cmte but uh, uh boy!  it sounds like they're ahead of schedule with the Aprops Bill!  uh for, for it - JMitas:  Well, it was - EM:  might change!  JMitas:  ON schedule this yr.  EM:  Yeah, ON, yeah (chuckling), u're right.  (MrC starts chuckling)  DM?:  Trust, & u - EM:  ON schedule - DM?:  mighta had that.  EM:  this yr. 


Uh so THAT'S GOOD NEWS!  That, that's uh I think full capability.  Um there's always uh what's called Savings & Slippage that, that is withheld & um I BELIEVE,  I know the Col talked to Joe Kellett (Ref LEV 20020617 notes & Sec 1)  & we talked to JZ & also uh Project Mgr Conroy uh about trying to get IN some money for reprogramming maybe, uh orrrrrr loooook for the NEXT FY! 


But there's things like uh ops uh & maint manuals that have to be provided for & see, the Savings & Slippage stays there;  it dudnt come back;  um so we'll, we'll need more money to finish up the levee ah, as far as some technical matters & that'll be -


MrC:  There's also the, the FEMA work.  EM:  &, & the certification work.  & so we'll, we'll trust that the, the COE will work with the, the gov't &, & get that uh at the start of NEXT FY!  06, 0, 0,  07 !  I'm sorry, yeah, 07 uh which is Oct - DM:  Eric, Can I get that - EM:  06 - DM:  # again, please, 7M - EM:  Uh $7M,582K. 


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DM:  & do uno roughly what we need to finish that - EM:  Uuuu - DM:  drainage?  EM:  uuhhh well!  Is, is, is it - DM:  Close enough - EM:  is it - DM:  in whole #'s.  EM:  10% Savings & Slippage or 15 - JMitas:  It varies - EM:  % - JMitas:  from yr to yr.  EM:  Ok.  JMitas:  Now what yr was it, 2 yrs ago, they took what 22% out? 


MrC:  This yr for const - uno it could've been, Jim.  I know for this yr, const's down a little;  it was 10 or 11%, quite - oh! no, no, no, that's, that's for the upcoming FY, it's 10 or 11%. 


JMitas:  No, they'll usually announce it before - ahead of time.  U don't KNOW until after - MrCorEM?:  Oh, ok.  JMitas:  it's percolating thru the - MrC:  Well - JMitas: _ _ - MrC:  that's the - JMitas:  _ _ _ - MrC:   geotechnical eng speaking.  Then that must be for the CURRENT FY.  MrCorEM?:  Ok.  ?: _ - JMitas:  Right, which is, anywhere from 8 to 10 is NORMAL.  That one yr, I think they had (18?) or 18 or 22% which just took everybody's by surprise. 


Now, next ques, if there's add'l funding that's required for, if I understood u correctly - what's that gonna do to the cap?  U're gettin' real close to your fed cap of 50M. 


EM:  Yeah, I, I think the, the - if, if it's at just at 10% - I think the 7 point 5, 8, 2 represented full capability (MrC like coughs).  JMitas:  That's correct.  EM:  Ok.  JMitas:  That was (a or the?) Pres's (core or Corps?).  EM:  Alright, so, so if there's 10% off, then we need another three-quarters of a $M.  &, & u're right, we're bumping up against the cap, but I, I, I, I would think we've got three-quarters of a $M there. 


JMitas:  Does anybody have a projection on what the, the final - JKB?: _ _ - JMitas:  requiremts are gonna cost?  JKB?:  that way, (he won't get the full rejection?).  JMitas:  In other words, the manuals, the - whatever Reichhold claims.  JKB?:  (Now u just started somethin'?) - MrC:  I will check with JZ. 


?:  (U do it?) - DM?:  (Sound?) _ - ?: _ _ - EM?:  _ I got to u - ?: _ _ - EM?:  & u have it for the next mtg.  DM?:  Sounds like u threw away that -  MrC:  Next mtg.  JMitas:  Well - DMorRW?:  We promise(d?) not to use fire _ - JMitas:  Next mtg's fine.  ?:  We (don't?) need to go with a pipe _ _ _.  ?:  Which (corner?)?    


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DC:  Well, we don't have a quorum here to have a mtg but we'll have - can have a little discussion here I guess now on the mtg, on the mins of the last mtg, we can't approve 'em or anything, but uh we did uh, uh, we - part about Valley Material - we have - we are working on that to solve that problem & I think that'll probably be worked out before long.  Uh & we do have the temp use of the access road over at Valley Material & got a uh verbal thing from the BN.  Have we ever heard any more on a - anything from our - EM:  Yeah - DC:  perm crossing or whatever?


EM:  We actually got a notice that our Request for Perm Crossing was approved for a 90-day period.  & I said, what, (chuckle) what is that?  & they said, we have to s - give us $1200 uh &, & we'll give u a 90-day uh permit.  &, & I, I, I talked to the guy & wrote back & I said uno, 90 days is not a perm crossing um (someone chuckles) &, & pointed out that (chuckling) we have all the ROW for a road & spent close to what 7, $800K to go up & over the levee & we've got a lot of money invested in it.  & he said, oh, I understand;  I guess I screwed up - not me screwed up.  I - MrC?: (Maybe he was?) -


EM:  don't think he was talking about me;  he was talkin' about him.  McC?:  Oh.  EM:  & uh, uh then he said, I, I see on your application what u are looking for.  He said, he'll, he'll talk to the powers that be & get back to me.  So these things take a while because they go thru a bureaucracy - that we we, actually have to go thru a managemt agency called the Staubach Realty who manages all the lands for uh the BN RR System. 


Uh but we have everything in place.  We have our insurance in place & uh have our APPLICATION fees;  we just don't have our (permit or permanent?) fees because they haven't been given the permit yet! 


But we did get our OTHER permit uh for the - DC:  90 days.  EM:  Well, for the manhole!  DC:  ManHOLE, yeah!  EM:  &, & then we have a - MrC:  90-day manhole?  EM:  90-day - DC:  Yeah.  EM:  ACCESS permit that we DONT need now because we have the different access - DC:  Right.  EM:  point.   DC:  & we are usin' IT - EM:  Yeah.  DC:  workin' out with Valley Material over there.  ?:  (Ok it?)? -


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MrC:  Can I, I'd like to ask u - u said u're working with or u've spoken with Valley Material - u're workin' with them to solve the problem I think. ?: _ - MrC:  Oh, u're talkin' about how their - DC:  The concrete runoff uno - MrC:  Yeah.  DC:  the concrete runoff.  MrC:  Yeah. 


DC:  Uh the last that we talked about, TW & Jim Solari were comin', were going to try to come up with some kind of a solution to this.  They were gonna - uh ESI was gonna test the soil to see if they COULD plant grass on there & get it to grow - whether we put the cap on it or not. 


& then TW was gonna look into the point of putting up some kind of barriers along that stretch of that, where the concrete was gonna be - was - & the runoff was dumped onto the, onto the site, in the det pond.  Uh we didn't have a uh mtg last mo, last wk, so possibly we'll have one this wk & maybe TW & Jim will have a little more info on what their findings are & how, how we're going to handle this.  MrC?:  Uh-huh, Uh-huh.  DC:  Uhh -


EM:  What he was kinda looking at was uh it was, it would be uh a non-per - well it'd be water-permeable but, but yet - DC:  A wall or some, some kind of - EM:  Yeah, kind of a (mesh or mulch?) - DC:  barrier that uno that TW was supposed to come up with & see how much it cost - EM:  Right.  DC:  & all this & how to put it in & everything & then - DS?: (Watch it be?)- DC:  then - ?: _ _ - DC: put a cap - RW?:  Well u said a 3-ft _ - DC:  put uh a cap on the ground IF we could get grass to grow on it or whatever.  But I, I really, I really don't know any more about that but they're workin' on it.


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EM:  If u guys can imagine what the problem is, I'll try to - RW:  Sounds like to me, they're still dumpin' CONCRETE on it!  EM:  Well, I'll try to explain to u what's, what's goin' on.  JKB:  Well, we can imagine it.  We KNOW what's goin' on!  But who's payin' the bill for this? 


EM:  Well, hold on, hold on, hold on!  Alright, this guy has a RECLAMATION facility where he backs up his trucks, fills 'em up with water;  then he dumps the, the sludge in these, these BINS.  & he reclaims the, the, the runoff uh &, & recycles it & makes - I think BLOCKS, isn't it, David?  DC:  I, I THINK - EM:  Supposedly!  DC:  that's what he does with 'em.  I, I really don't know.  I mean it's - EM:  &, & then recaptures the gravel some way. 


Um at some points evidently, the system gets clogged.  DC:  Right.  EM:  & when that happens, what he'd been doing is, JUST DUMPING it down uh, uh sort of in a holding area, uh that, that HAD a berm on it.  Um one day I guess it got full & he just - DC:  Lot of it, yeah.  EM:  he, he took a bobcat & just made uh a hole & so this runoff ran down the hill. 


Um & this was what 2 Bd mtgs ago uh that this happened - DC: Right.  EM:  2 or 3 Bd mtgs ago.  The mayor told the, the Chief of Police to go down there & look at it showing charges.  Um Scott Melies went down there & found NO - DC:  They weren't dumpin' at that time.  EM:  Yeah, no activity.  &, we, we've told the fella that u're doing this uh basically at civil risk of civil liability to yourself as well as criminal liability.  Uh &, & he says that it won't happen again, that uh there was some sort of miscommunication between an employee & what he wanted done.  But, &, &, &, & uh they're taking steps to, to figure out how to, to SCREEN this reclamation facility.  Evidently it would get clogged up because of what, the mesh in the concrete I think it was?


DC:  No, when they use a, they use a certain type of concrete with - they have a fiber, conit - EM?:  Ok.  DC:  in there & they can't use a reclamation thing when he uses this fiber because - RW:  It's FIBERGLASS.  DC:  It's fiberglass - MrC?:  Is that what it is?  DC:  It blocks up his screens & everything so he has to dump this material.  When he dumps it, he just dumps it on the ground & it piles up.  Well, it piles up to a point where this water & everything when it rains, a heavy rain & everything & his reclamation thing overflows & runs out there.  He takes the back - a front-end loader & knocks a hole in this dike that he has there & the water. 


But the dike he has doesn't hold ALL the water.  It seeps underneath thru this gravel or whatever he puts in there & leaks down & runs down into the side of the det pond where these uh relief wells are.  But it, it's, uno, it, it, it's VERY obvious that he is gonna do this until uh something actually happens. 


Uh I have JM uh goin' over & uh takin' some pictures of this thing uh & on a repetitive uh basis, he goes up & gets on the levee & drives down.  Also uh, uh Len Martin is keepin' an eye on it too, whatever, & Jim Solari - of how much - if it's happenin'.  Then I haven't had any reports of it.  He is STILL tryin' to move the stockpile of this fiberglass stuff off of the property.  The last time I was down there, he had a dump truck & they were loadin' it up uh in there & removin' it.  But uno I guess he has SO much of this material that he uses that - (MrC like coughs) it, it uno it just keeps bldg up & he doesn't get it outta there. 


Now it's, it's gonna be an on-goin' problem & I mean I hope that TW can come up with some idea where we can actually get this worked out & get some uh grass growin' on this thing.  Because of the concrete content in the side of the det pond, it's uh - we don't really know if we could grow grass on it or put it any -


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RW:  Why can't u make him remove it with Onyx?  EM:  Well, right now, we're using his property.  Um - DC:  Right.  RW:  U're usin' it for NOTHIN' or u're LEASIN'?  I mean u're - EM:  We're - RW: _ _ - EM:  we're - RW: _ _ - EM:  using it for nothing.  ?: _ - EM:  We're using egratas, right now to, to -


RW:  Which part of their property?  EM:  to use as a haul road.  DC:  Right where _ - EM:  The entire, the entire property.  We're, we're running our trucks at his crossing, straight back thru for the haul road.  RW:  U talkin' about over the tracks?  DC&EM:  Yeah. 


JKB:  There's a, there's a Fort Knox over there.  MrCorDM?:  Yeah.  The, the concrete blocks?  JKB:  I seen 'em deliver those in (6th St or 6-feet?) _ - DC:  Uno where the const trailers are, that road that goes back in there & that, but we got that all hooked up to that uh road that, that goes back over the - & the levee hooks up there.


RW:  U can't let somebody hold u HOSTAGE!  _ _ - EM:  Well we're - RW:  _ (we're not around?)!  EM:  not we're not, we're NOT lettin' ANYBODY hold us hostage!  & we don't need to uno - DC:  I think that - RW:  We've been TOLD THIS - EM:  We KNOW about it & - RW:  & it's always an EXPENSE!


EM:  We KNOW about it & we're watching it.  There's no expense needed right now - DC:  No.  EM:  There's, there's NO REMEDIATION necessary.  Um uno, what, what's DONE IS DONE &, & hopefully we'll be able du, to CAP this area &, & uh get it, get it, a STABLE bank out there & - RW:  WELL, I UNDERSTAND - EM:  we'll watch it.  RW:   it's gotta be RIGHT, but I also understand, if HE dumped it over there, HE oughta be over there cleanin' it up! 


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DC&MrC:  Well - MrC:  we'll, we're - capping it for grass is a separate issue from the runoff coming from the - DC:  Right, this is - MrC:  reclamation - DC:  this is - MrC:  two's different issues.  EM:  Right.  DC:  Right.   I mean we HAVE to get the wall, get whatever the wall is to see, to get the - whatever that's gonna do - how we're gonna keep the runoff that's - off of there. 


Then the other thing will be is, are we gonna put the grass on there - if it would grow without puttin' the cap on there with all that concrete?  We don't really know & supposedly, maybe by the next weekly mtg we'll have, we'll have some info from Jim Solari & TW on how, how we're gonna handle this thing here. 

I mean we may have to go - this may not be the only place that this is gonna happen.  We may have other problems with other people along the uh that south uh side of that det pond uh all the way down, down thru to the thing.  I mean uh because there are other plants down there, Simpson's got the gravel & uh also the concrete plant uh down at Simpson's uh that will have to be checked on because we're - in the long run, we're gonna have to have these people down there that say uno u can't put this stuff & run all this stuff into this, into the stormwater pipe & put it in the det pond.


EM:  Yeah, we, we, we've had problems.  I mean since we acquired uh land from Simpson for instance, that, that's, that's an evolving grade in there & we, we actually had to re-shoot grades & reconfigure drainage because he's moving around DIRT &/or - DC:  gravel & - EM:  Quik, Quik-Crete powder, whatever it is, & that area's GROWING & unfortunately encroaching as well;  & that's what we're talking about.  We need, we need some sort of perm barriers in there, uh a - DC:  So - EM:  a demarcation basically, uh rather than imaginary lines uno showing where, where our ROW is. 


JKB:  Well, um I thought that was already - whenever u bought the property, uno where the ROW is.  This - ?:  _ - JKB:  IS costin' us.  If TW is doin' it, it's costin' the city.  EM:  (No?), it, it'll - DC:  Yeah, it - EM:  we'll have to work with it with the COE, but -


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RW:  Boy, that's gonna be a nightmare if u just gotta go up & down - EM:  Di, di, di - RW:  that levee, watching people for dumpin' - EM:  Well sure - RW:  things on it.  EM:  it is.  Sure it is!  The stakes are long gone, John, uh on _ - DC:  Yeah - EM:  _ - DC:  I mean they - EM:  _ - DC:  uno it's - EM:  they, they probably ran over those stakes the day after they were put in.  ?: _ _ -


DC:  About the only place that we don't have a problem with any more is over at the old Absorbent Cotton Co.  They're, they're pretty well uh blocked off for - & they don't have any uh storm drainage or anything goin' thru that area there.  (why) 


But we're - I, I can see we're gonna have problems maybe at the uh the block plant, the brick, Kirchner, because they keep, they keep pushin' their stuff, I mean over the side, uno they keep movin'. 


3rd St over here, we're gonna have a problem with 3rd St because we're gonna have to put up some kind of barriers there to keep the people from goin' back there &, & dumpin'.  That's all there is to it.  I mean - EM:  All, all, Kirchner for instance, all his (worings?), what, Roman Stone or whatever he - DC:  Yeah.  EM:  does there, he keeps in a big pile & that pile, it, it, it moves around. 


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  10 of  17


MrC:  Dumping on city property is illegal, right?  EM:  Uh it - absolutely!  DC:  Oh, yes it is;  yes it is.  RW:  That's what I'm sayin', I -  MrC:  annnnd it seems that - DC:  Well, we'll - MrC:  if he's  - DC:  the - MrC:  dumping it, would be _ - do, do u think it's easier - ?: _ _ - MrC:  to identify - ?: _ _ - MrC:  who's placing - ?: _ - MrC:  the material there? 


DS:  Make the - EM:  Well - DS:  1st-time example - EM:  I think - DS: & the rest of 'em - RW:  That's - EM:  I think - RW:  Exactly right!  EM:  the 1st thing - DC:  Yes, I mean it's - ?: _ - EM:  the 1st thing that has to occur - ?: _ _ - EM:  is we - ?:  if the ald won't (file?) - EM:  we need a barrier.  ?:  won't take 'em long - EM:  We need - ?:  We'll just tell ya - EM:  to figure out where the lines are & THESE people need to know where the lines are.  MrC:  Would uh - EM:  & that's what we're talking about.  DM?:  _ solve it?  DS:  It will be solved - MrC:  U've established - DS: with penalties - MrC:  your property lines -


DMorEM?:  Signs.  EM:  Uh - ?:  Yeah.  EM:  We - MrC:  (Mrs?) - EM:  we - MrC: (Morris?) - EM:  intended to - MrC:  she just (went?) - EM:  to sign it - MrC:  & dumped there?  DS:  Absolutely!  EM:  We, we intend to - DM:  pay $10 & haul it somewhere _ - EM:  either fence it - DS:  That's right.  EM:  orrr  - DS?:  Uno _ - ?: _ _ -  EM:  we were talkin' about a - JKB: stop up - EM: vinyl - JKB:  this thing - EM:  log-like - JKB?: _ - EM:  barrier with a fencing.  Uh something - DC:  It's gonna - EM:  like that.  DC:  have to be something that they won't be able to push around & move at their own prerogative.  I mean uno it - EM:  These are (chuckling) areas of pretty intense industrial activity goin' on. 


JKB:  But WE SHOULDN'T HAVE TO PAY to put the barriers UP there!  EM:  Well, I - DC:  That, that's, that's, that's gonna be up to the City VP to decide WHO'S gonna pay for this.  RW:  Well, they're gonna have to pay for SOME of it. 


DC:  Pay for, pay for it - if we're - RW?: _ _ - DC:  gonna put it on our property, if we'll put it on our property, then I would say, yes we're gonna have to do it, unless they're gonna put it on THEIR side of the property line & pay to put it up to keep in there & that's gonna be somebody's uh decision uh rather than the COE or the contractor, WHERE they're gonna put this.  I mean uh they uh & who's gonna pay for it.  I mean _ -


EM:  Except that we're studyin' now & we'll report back the next, the next mtg on, on - DC:  If we - EM:  costs & - DC:  can work somethin' out uno & get a perm thing & it's uh not too expensive, I would suggest that we uh look into either goin' to the contra - goin' to the uh bizs other there & say, listen, uno u're gonna have a problem here & if u don't uh solve - help solve this, then U'RE gonna be payin' FINES when u dump it in there;  & U'RE gonna take it back up yourself;  we're not gonna remove it for ya;  u're gonna pay to get it hauled outta there. 


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  11 of  17


So I mean that's a decision that uno uh either the Levee Cmsn will present that to the BOA & have that done or else to uh the BOA will have to make uh some kind of a agreemt with these people I feel to do this because uno we bought places down there. 


We bought the Sports Complex & we paid to remove a lot of product that was pushed on our property for YRS & YRS;  pushed on the ballfield property - really nobody, nobody was down there to control it or look over - see oversee it or anything, so they just kept movin' this stuff OVER & OVER further & further.  & luckily, we were able to use a lot of it & grind it up & put it in the levee fill. 


But uno when the COE & ESI leave here, this is gonna be our project.  This is gonna be - we're gonna have to maintain that, that area on the det ponds & everything else & if they start pushin' over on the limits, then something - u're gonna have to put u some kind of a, some kind of a barrier ON the, on the line wherever - RW:  We - DC:  it goes. 


RW:  ain't gonna keep that liquid concrete - DS:  Well if the - RW:  from runnin' - DS:  PENALTY'S - RW:  we're on our way - DS:  SEVERE ENOUGH - RW:  to put it up!  ?:  Yeah.  DS:  for the 1st one - DC:  Well - DS:  the rest'll fall in line.  DC:  I mean uno that's, uno once -  DS:  If they're dumping on city property, THE PROSECUTOR SHOULD NAIL 'EM! 


EM:  Well, prosecutor doesn't NAIL people.  There, (chuckling) there has to be a law enforcemt OFCR 1st - DS:  Well, I know.  I - EM:  1st _ - DS:  I understand -  EM:  before the prosecutor gets involved. 


MrC:  Mu, must it be - must that law enforcemt ofc, ofcr OBSERVE the violation when it occurs?   EM:  Uh uno I don't know.  It's at, that's at HIS discretion but how, if - JKB:  Then let's go across there _ - EM:  if he has enough evidence - JKB?:  so 2 of 'em got out of it - EM:  to make him believe the trespasses - JKB:  Maybe find me - EM:  occurred & - JKB:  a swamp pooch (over there?) - EM:  go out - JKB: _ _ - EM:  & do something - DM?:  _ _ -


EM:  But uno - we haven't a - RW?:  _ (follow that issue around?) - EM:  WE HAVEN'T HAD a code enforcemt ofc'l (around year?) - DM?: _ - JKB:  I've heard it before;  stop it.  ?: _ - EM:  for a long time & - ?: _ - DC:  I guess he's still dumpin - DM?:  He's dumpin down there.  _ (take off?) - ?: _ - EM: &, & David - DM?:  (& listen to?) - EM:  & I aren't - DM?:  (a C/D?) -  EM:  are not policemen - ?:  _ SURE _ _ - EM:  here &, & - (noticing back-grounders, I moved the recorder a bit from them) 


DC:  I mean the only thing u can do is like I'm havin' Jim to go up there at different times to - not at one time every day or somethin' like that to set a pattern where they do it - but hopefully, ONE of these days we're gonna catch this where this water is runnin' DOWN uno on this thing & THEN we'll have a thing to say, ok, on such & such a date, THIS HAPPENED!


DM:  Does he say he's not doin' it?  I mean if it's THERE, is it a smoking gun where he's got the, the equipmt here, the stuff' there - it didn't fall out of the sky, so - EM:  He says he's not doing that any more.  DC:  He says he's not gonna do it any more, that he, he, he's gonna do this, that he's gonna - JKB?:  Clean it out.  DC:  take this stuff & haul the dirt. 


But uno, we haven't had uh we haven't had any rain.  We did have some rain & I guess Jim - I'm gonna have to talk to maybe Jim to see if he went over & saw after the rain, if they did release any of this stuff down in there.  But I was down there last uh Thrusday uh & was over there lookin' at it & it doesn't seem that there has been any more runnin' down, down on the thing since we had all the rain before.  So, but I, I really can't really can't tell ya if it, it's - JKB:  Well, when it rains, that's a good time for him to dump it there (chuckle).  DC:  Uh that's right, John, definitely right. 


MrC:  I'll stress to, to this bd, gentlemen, um uh it's MORE than just um someone trespa- at least the concrete, the concrete by-product flowin' into det area B, um there's relief wells down there that we've paid $32K each & if enough of that gets down there & fills it up, then we're gonna - (if?) - DM?:  (Up at the creek?) - MrC:  (we?) could possibly FOUL some of those relief wells so there's a, a - EM:  & - MrC: tangible cause. 


EM:  & I think probably, I mean IF this continues, I, I don't know that we're gonna have a GREAT deal of luck with, with criminal prosecutions.  What we'll probably have to do is get an injunction against the guy.  DC?:  Doh yeah!  EM:  I, I mean that's, that's, that's - RW:  U GOTTA stop it!  EM:  Yeah, that's the, the bottom-line answer here. 


But at this point, uno it - there hasn't been anything that've - has occurred within the last 60 days.  RW:  That anybody's aware of!  EM:  So we're watchin'.  DC:  Right.  EM:  We're watchin'.   JMitas:  & no-dumping signs & have a city ord;  then having the signs up & let anybody else - EM:  Absolutely.  JMitas:  uh makes a difference.  EM:  Absolutely. 


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  12 of  17


JMitas:  By the way, that concrete residue - my experience - it's pretty highly (a pile upon?) & after some pretty hefty uh soil treatmt to get anything of any (consequence to?) GROW in there.  (someone like yawns)  DC:  Yeah, I, I uno, if, if like - ?:  _ _ - DC:  I say, I don't know whether we're gonna have - ?: _ _ - DC:  any luck with - JKB?:  _ (slow motion?) - DC:  the soil - JW: _ _ (veggie?) _ - DC:  uh samples -


DS:  I wonder if them env'lists have - ?: _ _ - DS:  ever - ?: _ - DS:  been down there - RW?:  Sure - DS:  DNR or any of those people. (someone exhales like directly into recorder!)  MrC?:  (Yes, they?) _ - EM:  (Yeah?), everybody kinda wanted to keep them away right now.  DC:  Yes, it's -


EM:  They, they have a Discharge Permit but - DS:  Oh!  Ok.  EM:  & that, I, I don't think that they're allowed to discharge concrete.  DS:  No!  EM?:  (Wudn't?) sure, that's (the thing?).  DC:  I mean I DON'T think that they have a, a Discharge Permit to - for the concrete.  They may have said some kind of water to somethin' but I mean we got in trouble down on River Dr when we - when w-they were dumpin' some uh concrete - RWorJKB?: _ _ - DC:  that wash-out concrete, in, right there at River Dr, right the RR track. 


& uh so that's - I mean uno, I don't know what his permit says or what, anything - DS?: _ _ - DC:  like that.  It's gonna be - RW?: _ _ _ _ - DC:  it's gonna be an on-going problem that we'll keep, we'll keep an eye on & I'm sure we'll come up with some solution in, in the near future.


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  13 of  17


JW:  Dave, was u - just to back-up a minute - was u talkin' about Valley Material?  DC:  Yes I am.  JW:  The owner stopped me from flaggin' him down over there & drug me back there.  I really didn't wanna slop thru that but I did 'cause he asked me to & showed me & gave me his uh explanation & what's goin' on. 


&, & supposedly the COE has designed & built uh for the other concrete companies' drainage, SPECIAL DRAINAGE AREAS - at Simpson's -  I (had to or hadn't?) go down & look at 'em, I'm just sayin' what he's tellin' me.  & he's sayin' that he has NOTHIN' built to - the water's always went there ever since he's owned the, the uh, the ground, & the COE designed it specifically to drain the other concrete companies, they don't have that problem because theirs has DRAINS built right there;  uno manholes that accept all their runoff water off their property.  & I said I don't know ANYTHING about it.  I said all I can do is - ?:  Is it - JW:  to check into it. 


?:  Is it (thru?)?  DM:  Does that sound - EM:  I, what, it's, it's - MrC:  Can I address this?  DM:  Are u finished?  EM:  No, I mean  some of it's true but it's not (laughing) concrete water that - MrC:  Yeah, yeah - EM:  drains in there.


MrC:  What drains off of SIMPSON'S land is RAIN WATER!  & yes, we have accommodated that drainage with a series of manholes over there to - that's, it's part of our job when we DESIGNED a flood-protection system is to design the interior drainiage!  That was part of our INTERIOR drainage work!  & we're DRAINING RAIN WATER - JW:  Well that's what he says - MrC:  off of his property.  This is not RAIN WATER - JW:  Oh, I know.  MrC:  what we're- JW:  I understand.  - MrC:  concerned - JW:  I seen it.  MrC:  about.


JW:  He says the concrete got down there because he damned it off because the police came up - & I understand that.  But he says he had to UN-DAM that because he had 2-ft of water in his parking lot because there was nowhere else for water to go & that's when the surge took down this - I seen the white lime or whatever it is, cement, down IN there.  He's sayin' that the normal run off his lot ISN'T contaminated with his product.  He says his - he has (an ol' or no?) drain water - where's his water gonna go.  & I said -


DC:  Well, I mean we uno if, if it would be clean water goin' down - JW?: (Yeah, that's?) - DC:  thru there - JW?:  (what I told him?).   DC:  but it never is!  I mean he doesn't drain clear water off of there.  MrC:  Well if the rain water that falls on his property will drain back, will drain to the south, towards our Det Area B & that's fine! 


But it's the CONCRETE product - JW?: _ _ _ - MrC:  that he's supposed to be - I presume supposedly - JW:  Yeah, he's got - MrC:  putting the -  JW: his own recyler - MrC:  rec-reclamation - JW:  & stuff there.  MrC:  system into the recycler!


JW:  Yeah, he's got one;  I've seen it - it does(n't?) EXIST now, but HOW it works & I think - DC:  Well, one part of it - JW:  I think he - DC:  doesn't work.  JW:  _ stores too much - DC:  The one  section - JW?: _ _ - DC:  of it doesn't work because they ran - one of the guys ran into it with the cement truck & busted them pipes off of it.  (some chuckle)  So they only have one side that works.  JKB:   (that's all?).  


DC:  Now - JKB:  (Who or How?) (u?) - DC:  that's - JKB:  gonna pay for the bill?  ?:  Yeah.  DC:  That's, that was the explanation that he gave Jim Solari that one of the truck drivers backed into the one side of & broke the piping off so they're unable to use the one side of it;  he can only use the one.  & when he used a fiberglass material, he can't put it in there because it blocks up the screens, so he dumps that on the ground. 


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  14 of  17


Well, uno if he was dumping that in an area that was not gonna drain into the det pond, it'd be fine.  There's a little bit different drainage down in back of Simpson & the - & those plants down there.  They don't directly drain INTO a det pond;  they drain into a pipe. 


JW:  Where does THEIR runoff go?  I mean how do they keep their runoff from goin' either THAT way or out - DC:  Well it runs - JW:  into the street?  DC:  back towards where 5th St is.  JW:  'cause I know they gotta have concrete material in THEIR RAIN WATER too!  I mean -


DC:  Well not - EM:  That's we - DC:  not - EM:  we've never seen wash-out - MrC:  NO!  EM:  from them.  DC:  NO!   MrC:  No, sir!  EM:  Never! 


DC:  Simpson doesn't have concrete.  The only place that he has it possibly - JW:  Well - DC:  any concrete - JW:  Metro does.  DC:  is up at the uh - RW:  What do they do with theirs?  JW:  I 'member him - DC:  Uh - JW:  sayin' what does Metro - EM:  We, we - JW: _ is what (I'm?) _ _ -


EM:  we've never seen a problem with Metro's wash-out - DC:  No - DM:  So Valley - DC:  I mean - DM:  Material's the only one?  DC: It - EM:  Yeah!  DC:  Me-Metro, the problem (chuckling) we had with Metro is they run it out to the street! 


RW:  No, I said where do they - where they dump their - JW:  Well maybe he should run it - RW:  uh unused concrete - JW:  his out to the street then.  RW:  when they bring it back to the plant?  JKB:  Started callin' about them!  RW:  Do they?  JKB?: _ _ - EM:  Probably - RW:  Did they - EM:  on their site - RW:  get rid of it - EM:  some place? - RW:  & haul if off?  JKB:  Yeah, that's what they used to - EM:  Um - JKB:  do but I don't know what - DC: I -


EM:  That, that's a - DC:  they did - EM:  There's a batch plant - DC:  have a big pile of concrete - EM:  that uh - DC: back there that was dumped - EM:  used to be - DC:  but they got it all - EM:  in front of - DC:  piled up - EM:  (Kirksner forage?) - DC: down there & busted up & - ?:  (Kirkwood forich?) - DC: uh uno - MrC:  (Uno the amt?) - DC:  he's uh -


EM:  Simpson - DC:  been in contact - EM:  (bought it all out?) - DC:  with me - EM:  _ _ _ _ - DC:  about - MrC?:  (to control some of the?) - DC: dumpin' it in the uh - MrC:  Down off  - DC:  hole down there - MrC:  _ MarshallEM:  Uh-huh - DC:  & that borrow area below the - MrC:  So they screwed u?  EM?:  (Yeah?). 


DC:  uh down there between uh Kena & uh Pharoah to fill that thing up - ?: _ _ _ - DC:  along with what we're workin' on, try to get the - JW:  _ he called ME & yet DAN'S gettin' all the blame anyway, so.  (JW laughs)  He's been blamin' - ?:  _ _ _ - JW:  the mayor 'cause the - Scott came down & - DC:  Um well - JW:  didn't give him a ticket -


DC:  I, I, uno, the, uh it, he, it was a CALL that we had to make & make him aware that WE ARE uh watchin' this thing & what's goin' on!   Because he took & the fella, Jim Solari, actually SAW him take that front-end loader & push that gravel away, push it outta the way because like u say, he had water in there.  JW:  He said he had 2-ft of water in it - DC:  Well uno - JW: _ _ _  - DC:  uno if uno - he's DAMMIN' it up!  DM:  (Maybe?) we could (sink a - like a?) _ _ _ - ?: _ -


DC:  He's - ?: _ - DC:  dammin' it up!  I mean uno it, it's uno & HOW he's gonna get this concrete - I mean HE HAS to figure out some way to TAKE this concrete & dump it some place OTHER THAN ON the site!  That's what he's gonna have to do because u - if he comes in there & dumps - JW: _ _ - DC:  the fiber concrete - JW:  _ some place I guess & just dump his - DC:  I mean if he dumps the fiber concrete - JW:  unless he gets  - DC:  on the plant - JW:  unless he gets his - DC:  down there - JW:  recycler workin'. 


DC:  the way it's gonna drain is it's gonna drain everything out to the det pond;  whether he dumps it - wherever he dumps it;  that's it!  He's NOT dumpin' it in his recycling & THAT'S where the concrete material is COMIN' FROM this pile!  I mean he had a pile out there half as big as this, as this room or maybe AS BIG as this room that - JW:  That's why - DC:  he was haulin' - JW:  I was askin' Jim - DC:  outta there with - JW:  _ _ _ - DC:  them tandem dump trucks. 


JW:  There,  it looked like it was just the (_someone coughs_) concrete part - uno, the ROCK, he's, he's reclaimed all the gravel & (sand; or sayin'?) it's just - DC:  But he can't reclaim - JW: _ _ -  DC:  it outta the fiber stuff.  JW:  Yeah, this just looks like - DC:  & u go back there - JW:  I don't know - DC:  & look at his - JW: _ piles of 'em.


DC:  U go back & - JW:  It's the only reason.  DC:  look at these pools & supposedly he was supposed to pump this - ALL these things settle to the bottom, the gravel settles to the bottom & the one thing & then he was gonna pump the water off of this & then - but it's still got this concrete material;  it's got this wash-out concrete in there.  I mean u, uno it's -


JW:  I told him the mayor could probably call him or somethin'.  DC:  Well, he knows what's goin' - JW:  He said OH I KNOW MORRIS, no, no, no I said I don't mean u need a lawyer;  I said maybe he can help u with the situation I said - 'cause I don't, I don't know what to tell him.  I said I didn't DESIGN anything & don't know anything (chuckle) about your storm water.  He said well that's my problem.  I said VP has an old storm water system in that area that's, that catches waters.  (DC? chuckles)  What do u do?  I mean he probably DOESN'T!  EM:  Well, we - JW:  He said everybody else's - DC:  Well, we, we - JW:  runs out to the front. 


EM:  I mean we do have a - we have a - like everybody's saying here, he's got a SHEET-flow & it flows - he's sloped (a or to?) drain, but he just can't discharge concrete;  that's - & HE KNOWS THAT.  DC:  He knows. 


EM:  Explain it - he dudn't like the city & he's blaming the city for everything & it's (RW? chuckles)  NOT our problem!  Um, uh I mean it is, it IS our problem if he's dumpin' - DM:  It shouldn't be, but - EM:  &, & we'll remedy that, but _ -


DC:  I mean we went thru this when we had the concrete dumped on our property - when he was dumpin' the concrete.  I mean this - whether he had a re-reclaimin' it or whatever, he was STILL dumpin' the concrete wash-off - JW:  He's - DC:  over on - JW:  (dumped it ALL or dumpin' OIL?) - DC:  our property - JW:  _ _ in there.   DC:  & we still cleaned it up so - JW:  I don't think (they wanted or there wasn't) - DC:  uno it's - JW: anything reclaimed there!  JKB:  Hu-uh.  JW: _ _  - DC:  Ok - JW:  (all or oil?) (captured?) _ -  DC:  Ok!  But we're workin' on this problem!  & hopefully we'll come to a successful solution uno whether whatever happens there;  I don't know


JW:  Said he keeps his binoculars up there in that little house (someone chuckles) & when everybody pulls up, he's got binoculars & if that big (saroupe?) sees ya down there - he's WATCHIN' U, Dave.  Said he seen u down there.  (someone chuckles)   DM:  We'll borrow the cnty helicopter & we'll - DC:  Well - DM?:  (see?) _ - DC:  whatever!  Ok!  I guess that's about all we have here tonight.  We don't have an aquorum for the mtg but uh - JW:  It's not us;  it's the mayor's MADE me come over here (chuckle) DM:  He's goin' after Dave Brown.  (someone chuckles) 


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  15 of  17


JMitas:  One more thing here before we (settle this to bed, it could?) be the funding situation - we MAY run into a problem in requesting add'l fed funds in the future from the standpoint that the um - DM:  I mean if u're gonna blame me - JMitas:  the paperwork - ?: _ _ - JMitas:  at least the Cgsm - DM?:  step-mother - JMitas:  (sent in or said &?) I believe we stated that that was for a CLOSE-OUT of the PROJECT. 


So, close-out of the project means we're DONE.  So - DM: _ _ _  - JMitas:  didn't have any - DM: _ _ - JMitas:  visibility that there were add'l requiremts that uh we're gonna have crop up.  So I don't know how that's gonna play-out.  I just thought I'd WAVE A FLAG right now that that -


EM:  Yeah, it, it MAY BE that they'll be able ta, to work it thru SHIFTING internally.  But because it's NOT uno uh at, at least at first blush, it's, it's not a huge increment in comparison with the $50M uh that, that we're working on. 


JMitas:  Um where the - like up at Mel Price Lock & Dam - the COE's still attempting to come up with funds to do the, the working manuals & some other things there;  & I don't know HOW long or yrs it's been - EM?:  I know that.   JMitas:  So - EM?:  It's been a long time.  JMitas:  um I just thought - MrC?:  It's been 12 yrs ago. 


JMitas:  That's why that - OH my word!  If I had KNOWN, we could've, at least from our side - JKB?:  He's talkin' about the (President here?).  JMitas:  phrased it - JKB:  (Don't believe it?).  EM:  Yeah.  JMitas:  better, but as it was, I was - but we ARE gonna - ?:  _ _ - JMitas: close-out the project - ?: _ - JMitas: (with?) what we - ?:  looks - ?:  'cause _ -  ?: _ ?:  I didn't - ?:  think - ?:  (take his home?) - MrC: is, is close-out - ?: _ -


MrC:  when the COE uses the term "close-out", that implies, I BELIEVE that implies, a # of things; a um a financial close-out - JW?: (Tell it to the wall?) - MrC:  um may possibly an audit;  the costs & creation of the O&M (op & maint) manuals that - it may have a different implication.  JMitas:  Ok!  So I just thought I'd wave a flag that - MrC:  Ok.  JMitas:  there could be - MrC:  Ok.  JMitas:  this could be problematic.  JW?: _ _ -


DC:  But I dont, do u think the ops & maint manuals are going to be THAT extensive on -  MrC:  No!  DC:  on the levee?  MrC:  No, the (ONA?) Manuals - it WON'T be, BUT ano - uh, Jim, another thing to be part of the close-out, is to CHANGE the FEMA MAPS. 


Uno we started that, we've started that process but uh we est {sic} - based on um Ste Genevieve & St Peters, the close-out there took a yr - JKB?:  That's absurd.   ?:  Well that's - ?:  Of course - MrC:  To get, to get the FEMA maps changed.  JMitas:   Well, that's mostly FEMA but u have to provide the correct - ?:  (Furnish it?) - JMitas:  eng'g DRAWINGS - MrC:  Yes, sir!


JMitas:  I don't know if U'RE doing that or if that's part of a contract deal OUT.  So u still have to have the instructions about how to cycle the - JW?:  _ _ _ _ - JMitas:  uh - MrC:  The gates, when to - JMitas?:  the gates - MrC:  close the gates - JMitas:  & inspecting the gates - MrC:  & when to open the gates.  Yeah.  JMitas:  & making sure - MrC:  It's all _ - JMitas:  the inspection - MrC:  (common eagle?) ops & maint manual.  


JMitas:  Yeah, making sure that u're grass things are done & - ?:  Yeah.  JMitas:  whatever so -  DC:  Oh yeah.  JMitas:  some of that - I don't know what that's gonna be but - DC:  But I don't think that's, that's - agree with ya - we have some ops & maint manuals RIGHT NOW as far as the equipmt that we have already that's ON THE JOB.  Uno we are op'g, we ARE op'g equipmt.  So uno & the maint part of it is uno kind of a -


JMitas:  I don't know where u put all the - EM:  & we'll have as-builts out of everybody - DC:  Oh yeah!  We'll have the big ah, as-builts.  I mean sure, we'd have the as-builts & I imagine THAT's (we'll or will?) BE movin' - we'll work with when they certify this or give us a close-out that they're uno -


JMitas:  & I guess FEMA - I mean - JKB?:  (Ask Joe?).  JMitas: uh the COE probably keeps the copies of all the - JKB?:  Get 'em now!  JMitas:  other leases, agreemts & all that kind of thing so that - RW:  Long as they're new!   JMitas:  Do uno who's - JKBorRW?:  I'm tired of 'em putting - JMitas:  has what & - JKBorRW?:  this levee's just goin' on & -


EM:  They've got uh copies of all the uh - DS?:  (They knew it was?) _ - EM:  I mean the SURROUNDING LOMR's (believe = Letter Of Map Revision) have been done, but as far as leases & - DS?:  _ _ _ _ - EM:  being prut (?) - who owns - ?:  (park?) - EM:  property (at?) here & there - NO!  JMitas:  That too. 


EM:  Uh we're, WE'RE GONNA have to eventually resubdivide this area.  JKB: _ _ _ - EM:  We'll do that - JKB:  _ _ - EM:  probably when u - contemporaneously when it's closed - ?: _ - EM:  out & maybe we'll have one subdiv where the levee ROW is called the - levee ROW - ?: _ - EM:  plat it out (when u need it?) - ?: _ - EM:  but that, & that'll, that'll be a good notice to (FEMA?).


MrC:  But u're initial concern was that we use the term close-out - JMitas:  I'm pretty sure we used that in OUR language - MrC:  In a, in a funding request, er, er - JMitas:  RIGHT, in the last uh -  MrC:  & that may give the wrong implications. 


JMitas:  Well, we've run - to the person, it was the right indication. (he or someone chuckles).  So uh but I don't know which language 'cause u have the House side & u have the Senate side & whose is gonna show up in the Conference Report - that could make a difference.  & of course just going to the Cmte uh next yr & saying, we KNOW we said close-out, but that's - that could be problematic.


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  16 of  17


DC:  Ok, well, bein' we didn't have a mtg here or anything tonight, & it was discussed that we probably will not have any of these mtgs unless something really comes up, uh maybe more on this uh concrete or whatever we're gonna do down there, we may have, call a mtg.  But I plan to just send out uh a report uh just like I do before, the Progress & Coordination Report to everybody as we do the Bd.  & uh if we do have to have a mtg or somethin' it may be uh uno - every month, I'll send one of these out at the same time we were gonna have the mtg like we usually do & u'll get that in, into - how he gets the mail & whatever - & uh just to keep u up todate & then uh have a report at the uh ald mtg on that night if - I (will?) if anybody got any ques's. 


So if that's agreeable to everybody, that's the way I'll handle that because I don't think there's REALLY that much goin' on right, right at the present time & maybe more in uh maybe towards in Sept.  We may be getting to more things that're goin' on & whatever it is - u get down to the _ _-


6/20/05 LEV - Sec  17 of  17


EM:  Did u decide - could u see if Lion's Club was - remember I talked to u guys ummmmmm about The Laclede Situation, how we'd like to vacate the road there?  Any more thoughts on that?  Remember me talkin' to u about that - got the wedge in there, that, that maybe the road could be a compliment to A New Place inside the levee?  Did u guys look at that at all? 


?:  Guess not.  EM:  Yeah, where, where, where the levee dedication ceremony was at - DM:  Right, the Marshall - right there between 10th &, & the levee, u're talkin' about.  EM:  &, & on the other side too as well. 


RW?:  (Where or Were or Why are?) u wantin' to vacate that?  EM:  Uhhhhh so it, it'd be that portion of I guess Marshall.  RW:  Oh, from 10th St & down to the levee?:   It's a dead-end now.   RW?:  Don't make that (a ground wreck?) - Lion's Club -


EM:   See - RW?:  _ .  EM:  we own both sides in it.  JKB?:  Pass the zoning - RW:  But u're not gonna vacate 10th St.  DC:  No. ?:  No.  DC?:  No.  RW?:  Just BEYOND 10th St.  DM:  See 10th St - (the guy?) really needs at 10th St.  ?:  But I, I just wanna (builder or build there?) - EM:  No, we, we really don't have an excuse - DM?:  Bd's - EM:   to do it (chuckling) if uh if u guys - (remember?), I, I talked _ _ _ they need something _ _ - ?:  Yeah. 


DC:  The, the only thing we'd have to do down there, u'll have to have access uh some kind of access, either - ?:  Right.  DC:  across their property - esmt to go to that lift sta to maintain it - (at least or or lease?) that to MSD to maintain that & then to uh because we've got a uh access road that'll be goin' off the end of Marshall up onto this, up onto the levee right there.  But uno that would be -


RW:  Well, if u got an access road goin' thru there, why vacate to them DC:  Well - DM:  No, it'll be thru the parking lot u're sayin'.  DC:  It'd be uh thru - MrC?:  Access _ - DC:  a (park or part?) - if they put a parking lot - ?: _ _ - DC:  over there - JKB: _ - DC:  we just have - JKB: _ _ - DC:  we'd have access (to?) the parking lot rather than uno have a - MrC?:  A road captured. 


DC:  I mean if u're, whatever u're gonna do because it'll be a gravel road like on the other side, just off of there with a, with a gate on it to get up on the levee & then - JW?: _ _ _ - DC:  however they get to - JW?: _ _ - DC:  the access to the uh - (he stops)


MrC?:  & yet u want it broke up -  EM:  with some stuff with the other - DMorMrC?:  Ok, yeah.  JW:  (I hope they vote the other?) _ - MrC:  I guess it would be part - JKB:  Uh - ?:  of the other (end?) _ - ?:  _ - JKB:  I'll tell - ?:  _ _ - JKB:  the Bd u're version - if it hurts.   DMorMrC?:  See if (they may or maybe?) - JKB:  Get hold of them - MrC?:  (want or once?) u - JKB:  see what they -


EM:  Did, did I not talk to u about it, John?  I'm sorry!  JKB:  Yeah, u - ?: _ - JKB: said somethin' about it.  EM:  Oh, oh ok.  DM:  Yeah, I wasn't - JKB:  But uh - ?:  _ - DM:  (in terms or it turns?) right there (what u're talkin' ?)_ - JKB:  everybody's - JW:  _ go home - JKB:  been goin' on vacation down there & - EM:  I, I know.  ?: _ _ - JKB:  nots {sic} been there - RW&JW?:  _ _ _ - JKB:  but I'll get a hold - JW?: _ _ - JKB:  of the bd's members & - EM?:  Ok.  JKB:  see what they - JW:  School!  JKB:  if they wanna _ - MrC?:  Yeah, see what - ?: _ - ?: _  - MrC?:  we can work out something.


DM:  There's a chance that Great Way Rivers - ?: _ _ - DM:  whatever they call themselves - ?: _ _  - DM:  will buy out the outside - ?: _ _ - DM:  so with that money 'n vacate some land, it'll be a - EM:  Betcha!  DM:  could be a good deal.  


DS:  _ _ - DC:  Yeah, u get - DS:  gentlemen - DC: uh that - DS:  go down, take these - DC:  u can get - DS:  _ _ - DC: quite a bit of outfield (someone coughing) on the - ?: _ - DC:  other side of this.  U'd get all the way down prob - we own all the way to Pyramid, don't we? 


EM:  Wellllll, no we don't!  DC:  U don't - EM:  We own SOME - RW?:  U own a strip in there - EM:  some snips in there that's owned by uh a real estate speculator.  DC:  Along Pyramid?   EM:  No.  DC:  Ok.  Well -


EM:  But we own a - DC:  U could - EM:  (chunk of it?) - DC:  u get a - wa, wa, we own 101, don't we?  EM:  Uh-huh.  DC:  There at the corner, the - that property there.  EM:  That wedge.  DC:  It could add a little bit of property to u on the other side of the levee there. 


OK!  Well, u'll be gettin' u're uh update in July so - ?:  Alrighty!  DC:  The dedication was very nice, guys.  Anybody that wasn't there, it was very nice;  went well.  MrC:  Mr Mayor, got a - had a - had our - ?: _ _ - MrC:  Public Affairs Ofcr - DS: _ on women's rights - MrC:  print off a couple of photos - his choice - (of DM & others at the Levee Dedication Ceremony, & whatever) ...(end taping 6/20/05 LEV)