MOPR'S  8/1/05  VP  BOA  MTG  MINS 


NOTES:  Mtg started at 7:37pm once DM was seated - extremely rare mtg with a large audience & 3 ald not present!   Agenda:   BILL 1815,  an ord amending & approving  an amended dev plan for a PRD approved in Ord 1643 for Lauren Estates (f/k/a Villas at Misty Oak Forest).   (Resolution 8-1-05 in Sec 9 below not on agenda.)  >  9:15 pm to Exec Ses re land acquisition.


Re tax rate Sec 16 below:  Causing the news reporter to move, EM placed his 1-P easel-exh not on the usual R side of the room where all BOA & some aud members could see it, but in front of the most-crowded L-side aud, facing the BOA.  Anticipating that he wouldn't speak up, I moved the recorder closer to him & noted his exh:  2005 Tax Rate Ceiling = Res .5980, Comm .8490  >  A.V. = Res 55,632,270 - Comm 8,801,720.


New MOPR abbrevs:  CPlan = Comprehensive Plan (old info will be posted for the record & comparison);  E.D. = Eminent Domain;  fmv = fair market value;  rcmd = recommend/ation;  RFP's = Request For Proposals. 


Present:    DLC,  JKB,  MW,  DM,  EM,  MP,  MMW,  SD + city staff & such.

Not Present:   3 excused:  RH & JW working;  DA on vacation.

Audience:      Rough guess 50 + Post Stringer-Reporter, Sterling Levy.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  1  of  26


...DM:...Speaker Requests out in the hall - people would be allowed to address the Bd at the beginning of the mtg for 2 mins, otherwise we'll take (vote of adjustmt - these 2?).  MW, Will u take roll please?  (see above)  MW:  5 are present, 3 absent.  MP:  YH, JW & RH said that they were working - MM:  Can't hear u.  MP:  (only a tad louder) JW & RH said that they were working tonight so they wouldn't be able to attend.  DM:  & DA called & said he's on vacation, so the 3 ald will be excused for tonight's mtg. (Pledge Allegiance)  AP:  Amen. (aud mumblings) 


DM:  DLC, Anything to add to the agenda?  DLC:  Yes sir, the uh Brignole Ctr a/c.  ?: _ _ - DM:  Anything else?  DLC:  Nothing right now.  DM:  JKB.  JKB:  I have 2 things, uh one, I'd like to go in Exec Ses for land acq but it's NOT for down here;  it's for a different part of town.  & uh Pyramid cleaned up.  DM:  MP.  MP:  Just a couple of things, YH.  One, signs & then DLC got the one about the a/c in the senior ctr.  Couple ques's about the resolution that's on our desk & a request from TJ Wings & that's it, YH. 


DM:  MMW.  MMW:  Uh yeah, if I could uh get an update on the status of the prop at Vance.  AP:  Can't hear ya.  Another AP:  We can't hear ANYTHING.   MMW:  Update on the prop - AP:  REALLY!  MMW:  _ the status of prop at Vance & Main.  DM:  Anything else?  MMW:  Not at this time.  DM:  SD.  SD:  Not at this time, YH.  DM:  MMW did mention the resolution - just for the record, it - we'll be men- discussing it tonight, what the Bd's position is on it. 


Anyone er wbp on - uh motion for the agenda as amen, amended?  DLC?:  Move approval.  MMW?:  2nd.  DM:  All in favor - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carries.  Bd mins of 7/18/05 - wbp?  DA?:  Move approval.  2?:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor of the motion - (ayes, none heard opposed)  Motion carries. 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  2  of  26


Lt Melies just asked if he could introduce Major Roberts at this time.  I understand Major Fitch has moved to a different area of the dept so - LtM:  1st of all, uh before the major, I'd like to introduce our new uh ofc assistant/aide, Valerie Yanko. 


She started uh last wk.  She'll be down there every day during biz hrs if anybody would need anything.  She's been with the POL Dept about 3 yrs;  has an Associate's Degree in Communications;  she's really been helpful so far & I think she'll be a great addition.  & then this is uh Major Terry Roberts.  He took Major Fitch's place in the Div of Uniform Patrol. 


MajR:  Tks, Lt. Good evening (aud applauds), ladies & gentlemen.  I just wanted to come down & introduce myself this evening.  Uh as Scott said uh 6/16 I took over for Major Fitch uh Patrol Div for the Cnty PD.  It's always helpful when u can put a face with a name.  So uh I know we've uh enjoyed a good relationship with the City VP.  I look fwd to many, many more yrs in the future.  The ofcrs that are assigned here speak very highly of the city & they enjoy working here & if it wasn't a good place to work, I wouldn'tve assigned my daughter down here to (be police agency?) - (people chuckle)  Uh Scott does a great job for us.  I know between him & uh Capt George Corliss in the West Cnty Precinct that there aren't uh too many things they can't handle, but if u should ever need my assistance for anything uh please don't hesitate to give me a call.  Tku.  DM: _ tku. (aud applauds)

8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  3  of  26


Speaker Cards - 1st uh Steven Gilliam.  MrG:  Steve Grellner.  DM:  Grellner - I'm sorry.  MrG:  That's ok, uh come up to the podium _ _ - ?: No problem.  ?: _ -  DM:  Ok, yeah, go _.  ?: _ _ - MrG:  I've got a ques on the uh mtg the other nite, u said u were gonna propose a resolution to the city atty for the - u would not allow any E.D. to be passed if these devrs came into town.  My ques was, when is that gonna happen tonight? 


DM:  We have a resolution here.  EM dev'd upon it, (lead us thru here?).  We went ahead uh we didn't say necessarily prohibit ALL E.D. but if it's in the 90's I think the Bd would say 90% of the people have either sold or agreed to sell, then the Bd would consider at that time, depending on what the benefit to the town & - MrG:  Ok.  DM:  & getting back to the people potentially being bought at or thru E.D. I think.  But when I've talked to the (coremen?) around here, (if?) 60, 50% it would - &/or less, would just tell the devr, sorry, u better get a better proposal or something along those lines.  MrG?:  (90?) - DM:  But we DO have a resolution here which we will add it.  I don't know if we - a fixed # or at least uh maybe EM could probably explain it better than myself. 


EM:  This all pers-pre-supposes that there would even BE a redev!  MrG?:  Sure.  EM:  It, it's  WAY TOO premature - MrG?:  Ok.  EM:  &, & actually, tonite, the only thing on the agenda for the Bd is for the _ - AP:  Aw, use the MIC!  EM:  (totally ignores & just continues)  any resolution - AP:  _ _ _ -  EM:  would be sending out a Request For Proposals.  MrG:  Ok.  EM:  It DOESN'T MEAN anything!  It just sends a message to devrs that u can pick up a packet, there's a map in it (& we said uwanted it for?)  redev proposals, there it is.  MrG?: _ - EM:  'n the redev proposal, it says that E.D. is not favored by this city & (puts the?) language in there uh that, that we can read when we get to it. 


MrG:  But that 90% - is the # that u're looking at?  EM:  No, uh it, it, there's no - MrG: _ - EM: (new?) # - MrG:  There is no # sittin' out?  EM:  & it's WAY - MrG: That's - EM:  WAY - MrG:  it's, it's open-ended _ - EM:  TOO EARLY to do ANYTHING like that.  I, I mean again, it presupposes that there's EVEN GOING TO BE A redev &/but nobody's even GOTTEN to that (point?). (oh pleeease!)  MrG:  Ok.  ?:  Alright.  That's all?  MrG:  Tku. 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  4  of  26


Another AP:  YH, Could the Bd speak into the mic?  Most the people back here don't hear 'em.  Earlier AP:  Right there!  MM:  Tku.  EArlier AP:  Put that mic right up to your mouth!  MM:  Tku.  AP:  It'd help.  Another AP:  I can't hear 'em.  Earlier AP:  Get it over there!  (people mumble & chuckle as some stage people ck mics)  Turn it on, it helps.  AP:  There u go, put your mouth on it.  AP:  U want some help?  DM:  Brings me to Dorothy Miller.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  5  of  26


MsM:  My name is Dorothy Miller & my husband & I own a biz on StL Ave, Ave, Danny Meller's {sic} Rear Gear.  & I am an opponent of the open market & the free market & the market value of our prop.  & I am against the city council & the mayor sending out the RFP because I think most of the bizmen & the residents in this town do not UNDERSTAND the CONSEQUENCES OF THE RFP.  & everyone says they're NOT really against E.D., but once the RFP goes out, the devr can come in &, & he can develop one sec at a time & there might be 2, 3, 4 or 5 bizs that do NOT wanna sell, but he OWNS all the residences AROUND the bizs so we would be considered the HOLD-OUTS.  So WE would be used for E.D. & we wouldn't get FMV for our prop. 


& I appreciate the town mtg the other night. It was very nice of u to - &, & the mayor, the honorable mayor says that uno this - that nothing has happened, there is no plan.  But people would come down to VP now that the flood levee is in & they would buy prop & they would fix it up & we might have a BETTER town if we didn't send out the RFP.  Once we send out the RFP, u guys would chose ONE DEVR to develop, not 5 or 6 & that devr will chose the price that he wants to pay us. 


My father owned a grocery store in Des Peres, Chinzing's Market, for 30 or 40 yrs.  & Schnucks came into town & they bought prop on the OPEN market, opened 3 or 4 doors down from him & he competed with them & he stayed in biz.  He sold his prop when he WANTED to, at HIS price & no one bulldozed him.  But I honestly believe that NO ONE has honestly explained to all the people in this town the CONSEQUENCES of the RFP.   AP:  Yeah!  (aud applauds) 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  6  of  26


DM:  Next is Dan Miller.  MrM:  Tku for the opportunity to speak.  I guess we're tag-teaming u here because uh basically what I wanna say is that when, when the RFP is issued, at that point in time, all the prop in the valley has no value any more.  No one is willing to come into VP & buy a piece of prop without knowing what the value of it is & what'll happen to it & whether in the next wk or the next month or the next yr, the devr will come in & take that piece of prop for whatever price is determined to be the value of that prop based on an appraisal by the uh tax bd.  & so my prop or anyone else's prop will now be worthless until such time as that RFP is completed & the bldg afterwards is completed. 


& I think that's the important message this city _ uh & the people that live down here need to know that if they sell their prop today, they're gonna get APPROXimately what the value of it is based on the fact that there's now a levee in, which WASN'T IN when they last appraised their prop.  & if they, if they look in the tax records TODAY on the internet, at what a current prices have sold for in the last 6 months, say on Marshall Rd or wherever, & they look at what the appraised value of that prop was for TAX purposes at the last appraisal & DOUBLE it, they'll see they're getting just about what, what the market value was BEFORE the levee went in & now that the levee's in, that prop value WILL go up already anyway.  . 


So they're being misled & I think that it's gonna get worse.  I would like to request that u do NOT issue an RFP;  that u stall that request for a proposal at this time & allow the market forces to take their, take their place.  Now that the levee's in, we should at least give it an opportunity to see what it's gonna do.  Tku.  (aud applauds)


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  7  of  26


DM:  Seeing no licenses & permits, move on to aldermanic reports - Any cmte members have anything to bring up at this time or nothing?  ?: _ _ - DM:  Now to move it to ords - Bill # 1815, was this properly posted, MW?  MW:  Yes.  DM:  Please read it in caption form.  MW:  Bill # 1815, POrd 1672, an ord amending...(see top notes).  DM:  EM, Could u please _ _. 


EM:  Yes, this is a technical uh amendmt to uh Ord # 1643, which was passed several months ago.  Uh basically what happened was a, a devr uh has come in & purchased the dev plan um that was formerly known as uh Misty Oak Forest;  it's now called Lauren Estates.  & uh but the original plan was to build 14 props on 7 lots & it, it was realized that that's just not a, a marketable sort of thing.  Uh but there's still the 14 - & we call these villas - that they're elevations are unchanged _ _ the footprint, the sq footage, eh everything's unchanged.  It's just that there's zero lot lines instead of 7 lots, so that people can buy the fee for a lot;  there's actually 14 separate lots & that's what we've done.  Um, uh eh, eh, everything else is uh completely identical to the uh original ord uh approved _ _ _ _ _ _. 


DM:  EM,  What does this allow - when the owner buys - I think u said u can buy a (life?) or -  EM:  Yeah, I, I mean - DM: _ how u say - EM:  under the old ord, u couldn't - p-p-people would buy the, a bldg &, &, & those _ _ _ prop would be common ground all over & where, where this would enable them to actually buy a bldg ON A lot & they uno it's just that the setbacks, (u?) would(n't?) be (taxed or attached?), condos, because of the fact that u owe us.  Uh (we've reviewed that thought?) & _ _ _ _  - ?: _ _ -  


DM:  Did a bd fall in the lake? (?!)  MMW:  So the lot lines between that individual go into a chain.  There are certain setbacks on there that _ _ _ _ between the 2 - EM:  Ex-exactly.  MMW:  e-explaining - EM:  exactly & ac, actually, they're always - oh-originally, there were (all these or always?) zero lot lines on the - adjoining units _ _ _ the other prop lines - rather than owning (the tip or a tenth?).  Each unit will have its own prop line _ _ _ _ _. 


MP?:  YH.  DM:  Uh if I could get a motion & a 2nd before we _ _ _ _ _ budget _ _ - MP:  I'll make a motion.  MW:  Tell me -  MMW:  I'll 2nd.  DM:  Ok, MMW, u have - I mean sorry, MP, u have the floor.  MP:  Did the bldg cmsnr look in at this?  AP?: Yeah, _ _ - EM:  He, he did.  MP?:  When did u talk (to him?)?   ?:  Previous bldg inspector - ?: _ _ _ -


JB:  Uh, everything's identical except for the fact instead of showing 7 lots, it shows 14 individual lots.  MP:  Tku, YH.  DM:  MMW.  MMW:  I, I was looking thru & I noticed um these 3 um probably, one of 'em says that instead of uh - under Sec 5, letter F, it says the Dir of Cmty Dev & we need to change that to Bldg Cmsnr instead - Bldg Inspector coming -  _ _ _ _ _ -


EM:  I, I don't know what his title is -  DA?:  We're working on it.  MMW:  that's what I was wondering, if that was - ?:  Was he the Dir of Cmty Dev when he was hired or - EM:  I, I think , (thought?) - DM:  (There's?) - EM:  he was.  DM:   (the people in the subdiv?).  (There's so many names or there's cmte mtgs?) - Bldg Inspector & PBW (or I mean?) public - I know cmty _ _ _ but I think that would fall under (compliance?).   MMW:  Ok, I was just curious.  I didn't - DM:  MW,  Would u make a note, aka Bldg Inspector? ?: _ _ _ _ inspect_.  DM:  Any other q/c?  DLC:  Yes, sir.  DM:  DLC.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec   8  of  26


DLC:  Uh I understand this was once denied by the P&Z.  EM:  U're right.  DLC:  & the Bd over-rode the P&Z to approve this?  EM:  That's correct.   DLC:  Was there a big - ?: _ - DLC:  change in a program or (pause) -


EM:  None whatsoever.  Um the, the, the or, the, the ord, between now & then, I mean given the change to the lots um just, just going back in, in history, there really - there was NO REAL CHANGE.  I think there was a change in resident basically.  Um but the devr changed the PRESENTER in the middle of the stream &, & I think that's where it kind of changed everybody's mind.  Uh a little more info was given (that?) (pause) uno & I -


DLC:  I have one more ques on the - I think it's P2 of the ord - talkin' about 2 spaces uh per unit, no, no on-st pkg.  Where is everybody going to park?  (AP chuckles)  DLC:  Now u've got - in most places, u're gonna have a man & wife or - ?:  (YH or yeah?).  DLC:  2 people living there & u're gonna have - ?: _ _ - DLC: 2 cars there, so - EM:  Yeah, well - DLC:  there's no -


EM:  there, there's garages.  They all have garages.  DLC:  But they have no on-st - nothing then.  In other words - EM:  Well, one would, one would assume, I GUESS, that, that it, it, it garaged their cars & the guests would probably _ _ _ - DLC:  This only calls for 2 pkg spaces per unit!   EM:  Well 'n the drive.   I mean there's still a driveway. 


DM:  2 in the driveway, plus the garage.  EM:  Right!  DM:  So - EM: So u got a 2-car gar & then, then I guess there's room for _ -  DLC:  2 more spaces, then 2 more spaces for the same unit?  U have 4 spaces per unit?  EM:  Well, there'd be room because u got a driveway.  I mean the drive - ?:  _ _ _ - EM:  U got a setback from the house with the driveway, so u could park a car on the driveway if u're a guest.  I, I, I, I think the problem was it was a cul-de-sac _ _ pkg on both  _ _ -


DLC?:  (& go bonk?)?!  EM:  Yeah!  DLC:  U gotta either widen the road or (if u get some primary?) or have some cmty pkg as they do in some of the other devs around here.  They got cmty pkg where every so often, u can park a few other autos off the road.  But just allowing 2 pkg spaces per unit, I think is inadequate!  EM:  No!  If there's, if there's uh -


?:  U agreed - EM:  _ - ?:  for a (TIF or tenth or tent?).  EM?:  Getting the areas for uh off-st pkg - DLC:  In Sec B of uh 1st words in here, P2, it says pkg, loading, internal device & each unit shall contain 2 off-st pkg spaces with no pkg permitted on the internal drive.  ?:  Yep.  DLC:  I mean u've got 2 pkg spaces for each place & I'm sure that uh most people, most places have 2 people living there;  u're gonna have 2 cars, so where's anybody else gonna park?  Where's the del'y truck gonna park or anything?  AP:  Right.  DLC:  There's no other room!  


EM:  Well, yeah, I mean on it - if, if the people are parked in a garage, guests can park on the drive.  Uh - DLC:  The ord doesn't call for a garage & it calls for 2 pkg spaces per unit!  EM:  Well, u - that's a minimum (of or off or up?) standard fill but that's not - ords don't, don't have a maximum #.  It's all from memory.


DLC:  Is there anyone here from the devr that can - EM:  No!  DLC:  then answer my ques?  EM:  No!  I mean that, that wudn't even an issue uh at least in this (biz or visit or ?).  I, I, & honestly, I think even the 1st ord, it wudn't even, wudn't even an issue.  It's a 50-ft wide ROW.  (DM unfolds a large paper & looks it over with EM)  Well, I can see tho why u couldn't - u can't park because if u look at the zero lot lines, any time u park u're gonna be pkg in front of somebody else's.  DLC:  'cause it's zoned by no pkg on the street between there.  EM:  Well, that's what I'm saying, if u HAD street pkg. 


DLC:  Can they not MAKE pkg spaces some place?  I know back up in Highland Vlg, I was up there today;  they've got cmty pkg every so often & u can park extra autos - DM?: _ - DLC: & each place has got at least space for 2 autos in their driveway;  1 in the driveway & 1 in the garage & u got the extra pkg on the, on the (room?).  There's no extra pkg any place!


EM:  Uh uno if u, if u're, if u're THAT concerned about it, I can HAVE the devr here within the next mtg.  Have HIM address that.  DLC?:  What about (at home?)?  DM:  Recommend that we hold it over?  DLC:  I would like to hold it over till the next mtg & get some answers on this.  EM:  Sure.  MP:  YH, 2nd time around.  DM:  Anything - AP:  Is that - DM:  else, Ald - AP: as loud as those microphones - DLC:  That's - AP:  will go?  DLC:  all I can think.  Another AP:  Lemme tell u, u need to put the microphones closer to your mouth.  We can't hear u.  Earlier AP: Yeah, get it real close. (minor efforts are made)  MW?: _ _ - ?:  _ wanna hear this. 


DM:  MP, u have the floor.  MP:  I, I just have a ques.  Wasn't that gonna be a private street as far as a gated cmty & they, the city, was not gonna take it over?  DM:  I don't remember.  I'll have to check.  MW:  None of 'em's there?  DM:  It sounds like we're gonna hold this over anyway.  So I guess that's something we could ask the devr or - MW?:  Write him?  DM:  have the bldg inspector check before the next mtg.  MW: _ _ -


DM:  But we have a motion & a 2nd for approval but I guess we can either vote that down or else we can have just the 1st reading & the 2nd at the next mtg - DLC:  But I'll move - DM:  we can vote.  DLC:  to table it.  MP?:  2nd.   DM:  All in favor of the motion to table - (ayes, none heard opposed)  For the next mtg, DLC?  DLC:  Yes, sir.  DM:  Alright.  ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ _ -


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec   9 of  26


DM:  Next we have the City Resolution, 8-1-05 - MW, Read it in caption form please.  MW:  Resolution 8-1-05, a Resolution auth'g the city to solicit redev proposals for all or part of the area within a hundred-yr flood protection in City VP. 


EM:  Mr Mayor, uh &, & quote your directions, I prepared the resolution & attached to the resolution is uh on everybody's desk is a uh, a, a draft & this would be the uh the draft subject to your changes this evening, uh if, if anybody wants to, to make it uh & it's dated 8/1.  On P2 in the 4th full parag on the, the 2nd parag from the bottom, uh a change has been made & to the one that was originally dated in uh June, uh this parag is added.  It says in addition to be clearly noted that the use of E.D. is not favored by the city.  E.D. will not be used within the proposed area for large land, large res land assemblages.  It will only be made available if the selected dev entity is able to demonstrate significant land assemblages without the use of E.D. & demo'd that the objective owners are unreasonable in their demands for comp & that the selected dev entity has undertaken negotiations in good faith _ _. 


Um, really the only other sse-change of any substance was uh the return date which is the - typically uh - well here it is, it's 9/30/05.  Uh again, this, this SIMPLY, this doc DOESN"T obligate the city to do anything.  Um it, it's simply, if, if u will, casting a net out there to see if any, anybody's interested at ALL in developing ALL, or part uh of, of the uh lower part of, of VP & to submit proposals to the city on or before 9/30 without that (main issue?). 


DM:  wbp on this Resolution?  DA?:  I'll move approval.   DLC:  2nd (someone coughs) (summation or information?).  DM:  U have the floor, DLC.  DLC:  Yes, the 2nd P, there's the thing that they - it says the city would go along with - one of the 1st items listed is a, a TIF program again.  I would like that struck from the proposal.  I don't think the city wants to go along with another TIF.  I think most of the citizens I've talked to are in favor of the dev, but not another TIF.  We just got finished & is in the - ?: _ _ - DLC:  process & getting close - ?: _ _ - DLC:  to getting finished with the TIF for the levee.  So that sec should be taken OFF there!  DLC?:  Do u need a motion from me?


EM:  Well, yeah, u, it, I, I, I think the proper way, aldermen need to be makin' up a motion to amend by deleting - DLC:  I'll make a motion then to amend the resolution or put it in the proposal, amending the tax uh increment financing.  ?:  _ _ -  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  JKB:  Move to 2nd it.  DM:  EM, U have the floor.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  10  of  26


EM:  Uh this, this doc isn't saying that the city WILL utilize this.  ALL it's doing - it, it, it gives a laundry list of statutory tools available to the city & again, it, it's not - there, there is, is, is no commitmt on the city's behalf to USE these tools to act - to have a devr ask for these tools for uh, for our city to even endorse any, any of these tools uh (& act or enact?). 


DLC:  The way I feel, if we leave that IN there, they will be inclined to USE it.  I would rather we NOT have it in there if we're gonna be - do NOT plannin' on using it on their proposals.  EM:  I, I, I guess my point is it, it dud- it WOULN'T preclude the devr from, from coming in &, &, & asking, &, & THAT would be the point where (there would be enough buffered down?) (emulsion or emotion or & motion?) here - AP?:  Take it out of it.  ?:  Public - DLC?:  This is - ?:  This is not penalizing - EM?: _ _ - DLC:  It's not (fair or there?) if he wouldn't WANT it - EM?:  (to get it?) - DLC:  is what I'm sayin'.  EM:  I, I understand.  DLC: But I'd rather it OUT OF IT - ?:  _ -  DLC:  draw a line thru it or whatever!  ?:  YH.  ?:  That's fine with me.  DM:  Anything else, DLC?  DLC:  That's all I have, tku. 


DM:  MMW.  MMW:  What if we're gonna be putting in uh a structure that would, say get us over those RR tracks that's gonna cost MILLIONS of $ ta, ta put up.  I mean if u'r gonna be making a significant investmt in infrastructure such as that, it might be worth at least considering we do not wanna pay more.  & again, if the situation warranted, we're not lockin' ourselves into anything but I think that with uh the potential for us needing some SERIOUS infrastructure uh const & reconst that it might be best-off if just left on the table & SEE what other things we can do - ?: _ _ - MMW:  before using it if we HAVE to.  But at the same time, we don't wanna tie our hands behind our back - I don't think.  DM:  Ok. 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  11 of  26


MP:  YH.  DM:  MP.  MP:  Couple of things - At the mtg the other night, the majority of us was there, & listening to the people, they're NOT FOR THIS, ok.  I have  - DM:  _ (place?)?  MP:  a couple ques's.  DM:    Specifically TIF or the Resolution in general?  MP:  For the resolution in general.  DM:  Ok. 


MP:  & u told the people 98%, u wouldn't, u would do uh E.D., anything over - if 98%, u _ - if there was only 2% that didn't SELL, u would only use E.D.  NOW we're down to 90!  So I - ?:  What if (u're?) gonna go to 40?  MP:  Right!  But - AP:  Yeah, _ -  APMrM:  & only bizs.  AP: _ _ - MP:  But my - so now we're at 90 & just by leaving in there NOTHING, uno the, the people are gonna come in there & EXPECT it.  Who would go & do anything if this - if everything is not in there.  Nobody would come in (there or then?).  Nobody would, in their right mind, would come in & develop if all this was out & I think it should ALL be out.  & I think u need a, a set # like u offered the people that night, 98%.  AP:  Promised!  MP:  U promised them.  ?: _ _ (_someone coughing_) _. 


MP:  & then, then I have another thing - at our last mtg on 7/18, we talked about this in Exec Ses & I asked why & all I kept hearing was IT'S GOTTA BE IN THERE.  Now we're out in the open & (believing or bleeding?) & talkin' about it.  What was the difference between then & now? 


DM:  Well, if the Bd wants to make a motion for 98%, that's - that'd be fine to do that.  MP:  I'll make it for 100%.  (aud applauds)  AP:  U don't have to sit down here & live in a dust bowl down here either!  AP:  Blame _ _ _ _ _ (aud laughs) - AP:  Trucks goin' up & down & if anybody wants to sell their house now they've got a good chance of gettin' some good money for it!  & if THAT goes thru, the church, nothing will (bouncing gavel sounds) _ _ _ - DM:  Tku, maam.  MP:  YH, Do I still have the floor?  DM:  MP, U still have the floor.


MP:  If u read the contract that Sansone is offering, it's JUST AN OPTION TO BUY.  There's no GUARANTEE - AP:  There's no guarantee - MP:  There's no guarantee - DM: (2 bouncing gavel sounds)   Tku.  MP:  but that u are gonna get your money, ok -  AP:  _ -  MP:  & then he said _ DM?:  _ mind _ we sit here for the (whole group too?).  MP:  Ok.  I'll just - back to what I - & who's - Sansone has come in 'n here buyin' all this - puttin' OPTIONS to buy this prop.  Who says Sansone is, is the right devr? 


DM?:  Nobody's - ?:  There's NOBODY!  MP:  Well, it sure seems like it. They're in here gettin' the jump.  Uno I see the man from PGAV back there.  Is there any other company that would come in if another company's got 50, 60% locked up in this town?  2AP's:  No.  AP-Mr Gene Blandford:  Are u asking me?  AP:  Nope.  MrGB:  Would u like me to step up to the mic?  AP?:  Go right ahead.  AP: _ _ - AP:  Might as well 'cause we're hearing NOTHING!  AP:  Come on _ _ - MrB:  I wasn't plannin' on gettin' up but - (chuckling & various indec aud cmts as he goes & speaks loudly & clearly without a mic)


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  12 of  26


MrB:  Given the amt of land owners & prop owners down there, I, I, I find it hard to believe that someone would be able to tie up 60 to 40 to 60% of the land area.  As a matter of fact, this MORNING, our ofc rcv'd a ph-phone call from another int'd devr.  They're primarily an industrial-type devr inquiring about VP.


&, & at this point, I would simply say that those of u who are residents down here or biz owners or prop owners in the area that's inc'd within the levee, the idea that someone is coming here & throwing out money to buy your land should not surprise u.  We've been hearing about this stuff & those of us who worked on the levee 15 or & the TIF financing for the levee 15 yrs ago, have kind of thought it's been a long time coming.  But the fact of the matter is, is that the situation is now here upon u.  It's not gonna go away just because use wish the RFP to go away or u, u wish the dev entities would go away.  The fact is u have a completed levee! 


U as a cmty & u as a town need to sort of come together in some way - AP:  Yeah.  MrB:  & determine what u want to happen down here.  AP: _ _ - MrB:  Those - the pressure for something to happen down here is not gonna go away.  & for those of u who own prop or bizs or whatever, u should just be AWARE that u should be VERY CAREFUL in terms of accepting contracts & offers to buy out your homes or your biz.  U should be VERY CAREFUL with that because at this point in time, this body hasn't acted in any way to say which entity, IF AN ENTITY AT ALL, will exist that will redev the older parts of VP.  So u need to be aware that that pressure to redev the area is NOT gonna go away;  it's gonna be there.  Why is that? (2 gavel sounds!)


U have relatively good access to 141;  u're in SW StL Cnty;  it's been relatively undeveloped or it's land that has been underutilized because of the le-er the lack of a levee, but now 15 yrs later or from the start of it, 25 yrs later after your original study back, way back then, u now have a completed levee.  & it's not gonna change & what u - like I said, as a cmty u need to sort of get a grip on it. 


& one way to begin to take some of the CONFUSION out is to get an organized process to these dev entities that are coming down there & offering u pro er land er money for your land or a contract (1 gavel!) & get an organized process whereby u can start to see, rather than the individual - what the individual devr MIGHT wanna do with your INDIVIDUAL prop, what that devr MIGHT want his bid in for the entire area. 


The language that was put in here with respect to E.D. - the idea that it's 98% or 90% or if it's TIF or if it's 353 or SID {sic} or NID {sic} (Neighborhood Improvemt Dist?) or any other redev mechanisms that are out there, at this point in time, NO ONE KNOWS what this lower area of VP is gonna look like in 10 yrs.  Nobody's gonna know what it's gonna take to get it to whatever that vision is.  & the idea here is to bring some ORDER to it out of a lot of confusion, but begin to start a, a process that is very uh - the, the process that is undertaking when u're, when u're redev'g a large area like this, is WELL established - in terms of it has to be open to any dev entity who wants to submit.  


If u - I mean everyone concentrates on certain things in this RFP, but the, the part they all can fail to uh recognize is, is on the last page (P), P 7 & 8, ok, & it's, it's the last half of Sec 7 & it's P8 - & what it says is City VP reserves the right to amend, modify or withdraw this RFP & the proposed redev area - & I would add a redev area project bdrys there too - but revise any requiremts.  There's a whole list of - basically, it says the City VP with respect to this RFP, can do whatEVER the heck it wants to do! 


Now this body up here & there's a lot of misconceptions about what this body has done or - this body, at the last mtg it was mentioned, we went into Exec Ses.  & in that Exec Ses, I outlined to this body, the activities that have taken place & the discussions that have gone on & a lot of discussion was gone on about this Sansone Plan.  Ok?  ALL the Sansone Plan is, is the Sansone's put together an idea of what they thought the lower area of VP - it looked like.  They didn't submit anything;  they didn't ask the city for any incentives;  they didn't ask the city for ANYTHING!  They just said, what do u think of the lower portion of VP being redev'd like this.  The 1st drawing they rolled for me showed most of the lower area in VP as industrial, in kind of a biz park, 3-acre lot kind of layout.  Ok? 


I came back & discussed with the mayor & the city atty & I believe 1 or 2 other ald that they had shown me that.  We had discussions.  Some of this discussion uh related to uh info that I came & presented at the Mayor's Cmte mtg - I'm sorry I don't remember what u called that cmte, but - MM:  Economic Growth.  MrGB:  The Ec Growth Cmte (ECG) - there were at least 20 people in attendance at that mtg (he catches my expression), the 2nd one.  There were several ald at that mtg where we talked about what does City VP want to see the lower area of VP look like.  & we talked about the eastern 1/3 possibly (need?) industrial, & the middle third possibly being res & possibly trying to reserve SOME PORTION of the lower area for comm dev - big box-type dev;  something more along the lines that, that what u can see on Manchester Rd or something.  Because now that the levee is completed, there's an opportunity here for dev but what do u as a cmty want it to look like! 


There's a lot of talk about E.D.  There's a lot of talk about people comin' down here & offering people 2 times the (someone coughs_) value of the homes & all those sorts of things.  But ALL that activity is, is the one, er one dev entity with an idea & coming down here & offering u, offering u money for your land.  MM:  Why'd u have to meet in Exec Ses?  AP:  Yeah.  MM:  Why couldn't u have said whatever u said in there out in public?  MrGB:  I'm tellin u - MM:  That's what makes people leary.  MrGB:  I'm tellin' u about 90% of it right now. (2 gavels) MM:  Well!  AP?:  They'll be comin'. 


DC:  I think - MrGB:  So - DC:  the P&Z is what got it - this ec growth or whatever this special mtg u had - for them to know some- MrGB:  It was, it was a public mtg & like I said, there were several - DC:  They were  - MrGB:  ald -  DC:  invited.  MrGB:  Well, then that might've been miscommunication.  But there were several ald there & I'm - I know U were there - MM:  I was at ONE of 'em.  MrGB:  I know (pointing at another) SHE was there & I know there were several other uh people that I see around the room here that were there.  MM:  So with the public mtgs, WHY do u need to meet SECRETLY about it?   MrGB:  Because when u're - AP:  Yeah.  MrB:  dealing with these - MM:  That's what makes people leary! 


MrGB:  When u're dealing with these redev mechanisms & when u're dealing with situations whereby u, u may have uh interest in the area, there are certain confident - prior to the word getting out that Sansone was down here buying people's land for 2 times what it was worth & putting contracts down or whatever they've done - because I haven't, I have no idea what they have come down here & done - prior to that coming to public light, the, the, the name that I mentioned to this body was the Sansone.  This body knew that the Sansone Group was int'd.  Ok?  Now once that - 2 - 2 wks after that, less than 2 wks after THAT mtg, I believe is when the word sort of got out to everybody that the Sansone's were down here doing this.  Well, what happened in Exec Ses was the Bd was given that info, ok.  Now that that word is out, I don't have a problem at all standin' up here & sayin' Sansone rolled out a plan that showed something down here, but that DOESN'T mean that's what the plan is. 


& like I said, this morning we had another dev entity;  one that has done 1000's or well, 100's of 1000's of sq ft of industrial dev in the StL Metro area - called & inquired about what's going on in VP.  There MAY be r.e. agents who arent' assoc'd with Sansone or ANYBODY, coming down & talking to u as residents & bizowners.  Keep in mind that they're doing that out of just the, the interest in the market & the market-driven factors that are out there. 


No one on this BODY I assure u, has told ME - in that Exec Ses, I handed them a draft of this doc.  THIS BD told me NOT to do anything with it because they needed to consider amongst themselves how they wanted to handle this process. The only thing that changed is the word got out that Sansone's out there throwin' money around!


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  13 of  26


Now for 15 yrs now, we've been hrg about how the lower area of VP is gonna develop & devrs are - well, ALL that's happened is the time has now come & as a cmty - AP: _ - MrGB:  if u're gonna take this process fwd, u need to start considering what it means to have redev in your town. 


ALL this RFP does, ALL this does is say to - it, it, it advertises to the dev cmty & we'll probably send this to 50 different dev entities;  the notice, the map &, & a little cover letter.  We'll send it to fif- probably 50 dev entities & say the city is considering redev in the older portion of town.  AP: _ _ - MrGB:  Would u like to, would u like to submit a PROPOSAL.  It - they can submit a proposal on PART of it, HALF of it, a QTR of it, half of it;  they can propose industrial, commer-what does the dev world cmty see happen. 


I have given this Bd advice that probably the MARKET-DRIVEN factors are gonna tell the dev cmty that this land down here is primarily good for industrial dev!  But the city atty & the mayor & several ald have told me NO, if we're gonna have any kind of redev happen down here, we wanna try & see if we can get it to its highest & best use!  We wanna see if there's a way to have redev occur down here that just ISN'T an industrial park.


Now this body, a month & a half ago or whenever I presented this draft, was in the process of kind of figuring all this out & tryin' to get some idea of what direction they want it to go.  That's why we stopped the CPlan'g process.  Because if u're talk - the majority of VP, in terms of your CPlan, is in place!  It's single family res with a comm node out at Dougherty Ferry & won't uh - the ald that's probably most concerned about uh comm growth coming down old 41 {sic} isn't here (probably RH) but I'll be- his concern is that.  So we, we had that process started, but when u're talking about a major redev, which inside the levee is a major, major, major, major redev, we had to stop the CPlan'g process because this BODY & u as a cmty, need to figure out WHAT is going to happen down here. 


ALL this RFP does is say to the dev cmty, how do u guys envision our lower part...(exchange tapes, not speaker)...they don't - & the idea that it's gonna end up being one devr, I would say in an area this big, where if in fact somebody wants to come in & try & do some res redev or comm dev or industrial dev, these guys tend not to mix between the 2.  The ones that submit on industrial stuff typically know how to build industrial stuff;  the ones that submit comm stuff typically know how to build comm stuff & when I say know how to build, I mean know how to make money & do it with a PROFIT because they're - devrs are obviously PROFIT DRIVEN!  AP: _ _ -


MrGB:  So the idea that it would end up being one devr, several devrs or it would be phased or there would be several RFP or redev project areas OR if this process results in a better clarification, ok, we want an RFP on an industrial sec here, an RFP for a res sec here, this Bd can pull this & resubmit this out to the dev world & say THIS is what we wanna see happen & they can mix & match devrs &, & go from there. 


So the idea that this HIGH's anybody in or the idea that this limits anybody in terms of what they can do or what u can do as a cmty, is just INACCURATE.  This is the very, very, very START of a process that is LOOKING at redev.  It is NOT the process that is gonna IMPLEMENT redev &, & in this type of thing that is a HUGE difference that I HOPE most of u understand - that IMPLEMENTING what happens down here, it's simply asking the WORLD what they THINK they would like to see happen to VP are 2 TOTALLY DIFFRENT THINGS. 


MM:  Well, tku for telling us who the new, who the new devr is.  What's his name?  MrGB:  I didn't mention his name.  MM:  Oh!  Will u?  MrGB:  All I can tell u is that there is, there's a 2nd one that has shown up here.  MM:  Why shouldn't we know his name?!  AP: (Or where at?)- MrGB:  Because there are a lot - well, because there are a lot of - when u're dealing with - when these devrs come in here, they have to invest a - DM:  MrB (2 gavels), U don't have to answer if u don't want to. 


MrGB:  No - DM:  _ then we know there's other - MrGB:  No - DM:  people out there so _ - MrGB:  Well, then, when, when, well, it, it, there - it matters!  Because when these, these, these devr types are investing a significant amt of money, they're making an INVESTMT.  Now u don't want everybody knowin' where u're makin' your investmts!  & the same way where they're making INVESTMTS, is there are certain proprietary info & they're talking to different tenants & they're talking to different perspective BUYERS of prop who MAY or MAY NOT want it to be known that they're LOOKING at this area! 


So, so these de- now what this does is, on 9/30, they have to come up & show u, not necessarily show u who u - they're talkin' to - AP: _ _ - MrGB:  but show u who they are & what they want to do!  & that ALL this does;  it says ok, u're all out there, u're all interested, WHO are u & WHAT do u wanna do & what do u want!  MM:  Well, that's good;  we understand that they have a lot at stake & they should understand that the people have a lot at stake too.  MrGB:  I think this Bd FULLY - after the attendance at the mtg the other nite, I think this Bd FULLY understands that there are a lot of people out there with int in this area &, & that's why we included the E.D. language.  MM:  I'm leary of the highest & best use because they said my prop at the front door to the city, highest & best use was res even tho it was zoned PDC. 


MrGB:  Well, the, the, one of the things we talked about in Exec Ses with this body, was the idea that this entity is down here for comm use.  To make this area down here MARKETABLE, (do or to?) comm use, access is a VERY big issue & what - if, if, if u're gonna have access in terms of - or if u're gonna have comm dev down here, it's gonna require better access because comm TENANTS - your big box tenants & the guys that are doin' your big retail - they are not gonna wanna have to cross over 2 RR ROW's to get down in here, ok.  (ap chuckles)  So if that's gonna occur, there have - one of the things in here talks about getting BETTER ACCESS.  It talks about improving StL or Marshall or something with possibly a boulevard treatmt.  ACCESS is a key issue down here & will drive the market factors in terms of it being comm. 


So there are a lot of things that we don't know & there are a lot of things that we know but things that we don't know at this point, far outweigh the things that we know & ALL this does is try to get a handle & some consistency in terms of having the dev cmty say this is what we'd like to do;  city, what do u think about it. AP: _ _ - MrB:  & this body right here will be the one that will utlimately have (the sword or to sort?) (to the sky or of this guide?) but if they have nothing to decide on because we don't know what the cmty wants.  & I'll take one ques & then I'm done.


MrJohn Beard:  The only thing I'd like to say is (there are a few or better of 2?) we're gettin' ready to send out.  What it's doin', in case u take an oath (thru the tar & knew the verdict?), u pay 75% (of anything or to entity?), there's no way u're gonna _ _ _.  Everybody thinks u - they're gettin' a big price & people are goin' down here offerin' u this & that, (they tell or until?) u (when or want it?) to go thru, (when or while or well?) they get it together at this time (outa the place or a lotta police or without the police?) up there, (what?) these people are (wantin'?) that doesn't mean they're gonna give it.  These people gotta understand that.  MrGB: _ - MrBeard:  That don't mean they gotta u pay that. 


MrGB: That's, that's what - MrBeard:  Make it their last world market price MORE, then they'll sell it, but can't - if somebody said (moving?) - MrGB:  That's, that's why I said - I - the short -  MrBeard:  I've gone thru this a couple different times & I've learned that!  MrGB:  That's why the 1st thing I said to everyone here as a bizowner, as a prop owner, or as a resident, whatever, keep in mind, at THIS point, if someone is coming & talking to u & offering u a contract or WHATEVER, keep in mind that this body has not taken one action whatsoever to give any indication to ANY devr. 


MrBeard:  If a guy comes by to my house & wants to buy my prop, bring me some money.  ('Cause I'm not talkin' or There's enough talk?) about that.  MrGB:  Well that's his opinion - MrBeard:  I mean if they- MrB:  but I, I - MrBeard:  (ain't buyin' or find?) me _ - MrGB:  but I wouldn't necessarily disagree with it, but I won't, I won't go that far!  MrBeard:  My place, as far as I'm concerned, is NOT for sale.  I'd like to live there till I die! _ -  ?:  _ - ?:  No - ?:  Tku, John, I can - ?:  _ _ the Bd - ?: _ _ -  MM:  Tku, Gene, for answering - DM:  Tku, Mr Blandford for _ - (aud applauds) 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  14  of  26


(indec aud mumblings thruout this & next parag)  DLC: _ _ there's a motion on the floor _ - DM:  We have a motion on - to remove TIF from this uh proposal with a 2nd.  What's um, all in favor, say - (some opposed - roll call - Yes: JKB, DLC, MP.  No:  MMW, SD.)   MW:  3 yes, 2 no.  DM:  This is not like an ord.  ?: _ _  - ?:  That's, that's the (count?) of it.  EM?:  Motion carries.  DM:  The motion carries;  3 yes & 2  - EM?:  (No?) once u got the figure tallies.  MW&DM:  3 yes & 2 no - DM:  to remove TIF from the proposal.  Now we're back to the main motion.  MP, U have the floor. 


MP:  I, I'm gonna go back to the E.D. thing again.  What are u gonna put a percentage?  I mean I, I made a motion for 100%.  U promised the people 98%, now we're down to 90%.  AP:   Don't sign on the dotted line;  that's all I got to say (laughing) MP?:  I mean, it - the uh - EM:  It, it's up to u where u wanna put it in; it'd be - I, I would think in that parag.  MP:  & another thing, uno we just got this on our desk tonight.  We talked a little bit about it - DM:  We have a 2nd for the motion to make E.D. 100%.  In other words, it'd have to be everybody agree before it would be allowed to be used which essentially would be no E.D.  DM:  Motion dies for lack of a 2nd.  


MP:  Then next ques, in there on that E.D. parag, it just talks about res;  it doesn't say anything about comm prop or industrial prop.  DM:  Anything else?  MP:  I'd like to see this put into some kind of comte before we vote on this tonight because we just got it tonight.  It's changed from the original one &, & now we're supposed to run it thru tonight with no problems & I don't think that's right!  AP: _ _ - AP:  (Wait a min?).  ?: _ _ - 


?:  Is that the 21 version (in it?)?  MP:  I'd like to make the motion, put it in LEG Cmte.  ?:  I 2nd that - ?:  I'll, I'll 2nd that.  DM:  We have a motion to approve it at this time.  If the maker of the motion wants to - MW:  Uh I have MMW - (aud mumblings)  _ _ _ 2nd Carroll & then Carroll - DM:  MMW has a motion of DLC's 2nd to approve the resolution, so either we - MMW:  I'll withdraw - DM:  (draw?) that - MMW:  my motion.  DM:  Withdraw it, ok.  2nd agree?  DLC:  Agreed.  DM:  Ok, MP, what's your motion please?    


MP:  To put it in - DM:  Place - MP:  LEG Cmte.  DM:  Ok, is there a 2nd?  MMW:  2nd.  SD:  2nd.  ?: _ _ - DLC:  Ques.  DM:  DLC.  DLC:  When are we gonna have a mtg & when we gonna get results back to the full Bd?  There's been too many things put in cmtes & that's the LAST I SEE OR HEAR OF 'EM.  AP:  Right.  ?: _ _ - DLC:  I would like to have dates on this thing - when the LEG Cmte's gonna have a mtg & when it's gonna come back to the full bd before I will vote for it.  (applause)  ?: _ _  Ald Carroll.  AP:  Hey, I'd love to have (her fadings?).  JKB?:  Get this done right away.  AP:  (Right on?).  ?: _ _ - MP:  YH, May I speak on that?  DM:  Go ahead, MP.


MP:  If u wanna get it done right away, we might as well just get rid of this because it - again at the mtg & tonight, everybody's against this.  It's - (you're in?) a circle.  ?: _ -  MP:  Is against it so why, why waste our time? (aud mumbling) DLC:  Against the proposal?   I don't think the majority up here's against it.  MP:  Has any - have u seen anybody - MMW: _ stand against it.  DLC:  Withdraw your motion to put it in cmte & see if there's a - see what the Bd says.  MWorAP:  We need more money down here.  MP:  Pardon me.  MWorAP:  This is (Onyx or honest?) - DLC:  If u think everybody's - MWorAP:  This side's up here now.  DLC:  against it up here (various mumblings) so withdraw your motion to put it in cmte - ?: _ - DLC:  & see what - ?: _ -  DLC:  see what the Bd says about - ?: _ - ?: _ _ - ?: _ -


MP:  Uno I'm not gonna withdraw my motion 'cause I, I think I already know you're opinion over there.  DLC?:  That's right.  DM:  Ald Ma-Mashon (odd noises) did u plan on callin' a mtg for the next - we are - I guess DLC asked - if u don't wanna answer u don't have to but as the Chairman, u plan to - if this goes into cmte, to, to hold a mtg?   MP:  Ok & when I call my mtg, are u gonna have the city employees run around & tell all the city when we're gonna have a mtg so we can have 'em ALL there?


AP's:  Yes. Yeah!  Everyone would be!  Why not!  _ _ _ - DM:  Is this your wish?  MP:  Yes sir!  AP:  That's right!  AP: _ -  DM:  Alright.  Aldermanic (P.T. will uh?) notify u, let me know & we'll get it out.  MP:  Well, u, u notified the WHOLE city for the mtg the other night.  I'll do the whole city.  DM:  Ok, print it up & we can - MP:  & I, I'm just - I don't have my paper of who's all on my cmte but - AP?:  Some people aint _ _ - ?: _ _ - MP:  Don, u're on it.  John, are u on it?  JKB?:  What?  On _ - ?: _ - ?:  We need the list to know!  MW:  I've got it _ _ - MMW:  I'm on vacation next wk. (aud mumblings, one laughing)  DLC:  I don't have my list.  DM:  So the wk from tonight we can plan on having it u think or - MMW:  I, I'll be gone the Fri _ - MP:  MMW's on vacation next wk.  MMW:  I'll (arrive or run?) back on the 13th.  MW:  Uhhhhh _ _ - (whole room mumbling)


DM:  We're gonna have to see when the school's available since I'm sure it'll be a good size turnout.  So before we set a date, why don't we check with the school - ?:  She reserved out all the monies?  MP:  That'd be fine.  DM:  (with m.p.d.?) once  they have a date that they can - MP:  & then I'll _ _ - ?: _ _ -  DM:  we'll get the notice out to the whole city.  MP:  I'll talk to 'em when they can attend that mtg.  ?: _ -  MP:  Tku.  MW:  I'd like to know - we think that total is (sorted yet?).   DLC:  I just have one request. (someone laughs & mumblings continue)


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  15  of  26


DM:  On that - just a reminder here from - it was 2 mtgs ago, Mr Blandford met with the uh Bd here.  In the past mtg, we had started to go in Exec or we DID go in Exec Ses but I think we realized then it was - needed to be brought out to the people, so we did not have any motions;  that's why there were no mins from the last Exec Ses. 


So now we're here discussing it & lettin' the people know & hopin' that people who have a, a voice in this will be let at the school once we have this LEG mtg.  We'll get a notice sent out there so, so that MW doesn't look like she - (ap laughs loudly & mumblings continue) misrepresented since she said that there were no mins so I just wanna state why there were no mins _ - MP:  Once (again or we get 'em?)!  DM:  complete(ly or the?) Exec Ses that is.  DLC,  Did u have something?  I wanted it. 


DLC:  I just wanna make sure we bring this back to the next full Bd mtg with or without an Exec mtg er - DM:  Cmte mtg - DLC:  next LEG Cmte mtg on this.  MW?:  We have - MP:  YH.  DLC:  _ _ the mtg now.  (aud mumblings continue now louder) DM:  Right, we need to move before we - DLC:  _ _ die in cmte.  MP:  YH.  MMW:  I don't think it's gonna die in cmte.  DM:  MP.


MP:  How are we gonna make it back by next mtg if MMW is out of town next wk?  AP:  (Not or doubt?) if u're out of town when _ _ - DLC:  How many members u got on that cmte?   AP:  He ain't gonna be out of town tonight.  DM:  Got 3 members voting this.  DLC:  U have 3 members, u gonna be able to get (down to?) - MP:  I'd rather have the whole 4 members there because somebody like u, DLC, will say something about it.  AP:  Got that - ?: _ - AP: _ - MP:  So I want ALL 4 people there.  DLC:  If u don't have a quorum, I will (do?) - MP:  WHATEVER, DLC!  DLC:  something about it.  If u have 3 people there - MP:  Whatever - DLC:  that's a quorum (2 gavels) u could have a mtg. 


DM:  I'm sure MP will have a quorum if we have any motions  (AP laughs) made there.  All in favor of the motion to place this in LEG Cmte, say (ayes - none heard opposed)  MW, Can u check with the school & see when they'd have a date available & we'll get with MP & send notices out to the whole town & - AP:  Great!  (aud applauds, some laugh, mumbling continues) 


DC:  One thing I would like for u to do is make sure that u (AP laughs loudly) invite ALL the P&Z people.   DM:  DC,  Did u get the notice at last Thrus's mtg?  DC:  Huh?  DM:  Did u get the notice for last Thurs's mtg?  DC:  Yes I did.  DM:  Tku.  No, no further cmts from the aud please.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  16  of  26


Um I think we covered everything I was gonna cover tonight so uh EM, u asked for - explain something.  U wanna levy the taxes?  EM:  Tax rate, sure. 


(while EM sets up his exh)  DM:  I think that's where we have to have a bid or we can ask her if (we can get?) (free or 3?).  ?: _ _ - DM:  'cause it takes _ _ _ _ _ - AP:  _ _ - ?: _  - ?:  Take it in a van that uh (Michael or Michel?) just blended thru - DM?:  Since it says on the (script here?) _ _ - ?: _ _ - MWorAP?:  Oh, u gonna put - ?:  It says all _ - ?: _ - ?:  Oh.  ?:  _ not puttin' it up again down there.  MW:  Oh yeah because the tax rate, we're gonna, we're gonna have a court carrier-courier for the 15th.  That's all contracts.  DLC?:  We need to have this done, don't we?  DM:  Go ahead, EM.  MW:  Yeah because - 


EM:  (If I may or For May?) uh - ?:  (His atty promised to do that?) _ - EM:  we've rcv'd the um puliminary {sic} assessmts from the Cnty Assessor's ofc & when I say puliminary, uh up until last Fri there actually having uh Bd of Equalization mtgs, so we, we don't have the final assessmt to it.  These figures are, are uh subject to the Bd of Equalization action.  A couple cmts on what has happened from uh 2004, we had a uh a healthy $8M increase in res reassessmt, uh r.e. assessed value.  Uh unfortunately, for comm uh asessmt, we showed almost a M $ decrease.  Uh out of $9.7M in 04, we now have $8.8M uh assessed valuation in 05.  Uh this, this was a reassessmt yr;  uh it's every 2 yrs as uno. 


Um ah as a result of roll-back formulas, because we DECREASED in our comm assessmt, our ceiling rate went UP.  In other words, because we have LESS assessed value to produce more money, or the same amt as money as we did last yr, the formula that the LEG set up, auth's us to RAISE the rate that is that CEILING RATE that, that we NEVER used anyway, but that Ceiling Rate went up for uh comm prop last yr, 77/100;  this yr it's 88/100. 


AP:  Could u use the mic please?  (he simply continues)  EM:  Um at, at thiis point, we have a res assessed value of, Ceiling, of 59.80, almost 60 cents;  last yr it was 57 - DM:  DLC, Could u turn that mic so it could help pick up?  (he does & EM actually helps)  DM:  Thanks.  EM:  Um & again last yr, uh our, our Ceiling was uh - AP:  Turn it down towards him.  EM:   77;  this yr it's 84. 


Uh we have the ability & we've had the ability since last yr to actually have 3 separate levies;  uh agricultural is, is insignificant & so I, I don't even - gonna dismiss it.  It's only about $7100 in assessed value of the city - AP:  Open your mouth.  EM:  but for comm rates, we can vary the rate & this is new. 


I, I, I, DLC uh uh wa- is used to the old way, the, the single rate.  &, & the LEG, 2 yrs ago, auth'd cities to have uh a multiple rate structure so u can give LESS assessmt to comm, MORE assessmt to comm, whatever u wanna do.  Uh thoughts are, if u wanna REDUCE your res yet retain the same amt of money that u will have BUDGETED - u see there's a ratio.  It's almost 5 or 6 to 1 of res to comm - sorry, comm to res. 


So if u want to lower your res prop tax rate from 57 mills to 56 mills, uh 56/100, that penny decrease = about $5,500 at, at your assessed value.  Ok?  So it takes a 5 to 6 increase for the comm assessmt UP to offset that.  So I guess what I'm saying is, if u wanna go from 57 to 56 on res, u would LOWER your res assessmts assessed months to the taxpayers in the city;  if u wanna offset that, raise up your comm by 6 to make it 63/100;  & & then u'd have a, a neutral uh uh tax. 


?: One of the things he's saying - EM:  Um a couple other points, last yr we budgeted $458K in total uh revenues from personal prop, real uh comm, agricultural & uh res.   We only rcv'd $400K.  So we were WAY under budget.  That's, that's a SIGNIFICANT - that's uh close to 13% under.  Um the, the, the only answer that, that I can come up with that is - & it wasn't on collection rates - it's just what it is! uh our, our assessmts change between the final & the, the, the assessed uh what WAS assessed & the budgeting came in too high.  


Um we'll have a PBH & it'll have to be set for the 15th which is our next uh regularly scheduled mtg on setting the tax rate.  Uh hope u all think about it &, & I don't know if u can have a FWM mtg in the meantime, but, but it's something that we have to do annually & uh it's coming up!  Tks.  DM:  Tku, EM.  ?:  Tku.  MM:  Could everybody hear him?  3AP's:  No.  MM:  Typical.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  17  of  26


DM:  MW,  U have the Courts 'r Clerk's Report.  MW:  I don't have anything at this time - DM:  Alright.  MW:  related to the budget.  Mrs (Pam) Kettler, do u have anything for us tonight under your Park Coordr's Report?  Pam:  Well, uh I think DLC wanted to mention some (roll?) about the uh Brignole Ctr a/c.  I'm kinda concerned about that.  I submitted several bids & the last I've heard that somebody was gonna make a decision on it.  We're still uh into the month of Aug with no a/c functioning properly up there.  So I'd like to know uh what the Bd's plans for the a/c at the Brignole Ctr are.


DM:  JM, U called last wk.  I didn't, wasn't able to get back to u or u were on vacation.  Do u have an update on the a/c over there.  I think u talked to someone.  AP?:  Oh, the mayor's _ _ _ - JM:  Actually, YH, I, I don't have a good rcmd.  JB, myself, uh Derrick Sidwell lended a lot of his own free time, we explored every option possible.  We never found a better option where there was any cost savings.  Um basically, if u're gonna put a new unit in there by cnty codes, it has to be 7.5 ton or u'd have to decrease the occupancy of the bldg.  & uh -


DM:  I guess for everyone's benefit or knowledge, it would take 3-phased power to run that 7.5 amps.  Union Electric which would require at least 2 wks to get out of it, add 3-phase & then electrical company to hook up that 3-phase to get a (regular?) a/c & then the unit itself.  Is that it?  JM:  That is correct. (repeats) & I believe that we had 3 different bids & I don't know who was lowest & which would be the fastest, uh but there's no quick solution to it.  Pam:  We also had electrical bids too in there (mumblings) to switch it over to 3-phase.  The uh, uh heating & cooling companies wouldn't do the 3-phase with the electric company.


JKB?:  YH.  DM:  JKB.  JKB:  Is that a/c plumb out?  Does it still work a little bit?  Pam:  That depends on how u mean a little bit.  Danny Fowler & I was in there at 3:00 in the afternoon just about every day last wk, uh & I was in there at 4, 6 & 7 & uh thermostat is set on 74 & it was like 80, 82, 85 in there with the thermostat set on 74.  DM:  Last wk I talked to the gentleman & I forget his last name, Mike who works on the a/c for the city, for this bldg here at city hall, & said that the condenser unit & a few other things would have to be cleaned out & then it would work if people would stop pushing the thermostat as far down as it'll go 'cause that causes the lines to freeze up. 


I think the bldg is - AP?: _ - DM:  probably a little too big for the uh unit we've got there.  So we could I guess lock out the thermostat so only one person would have the option to set that - would allow it to give us - buy us some time unless we get more 95, 96 temperature days.  Pam:  _ - DM:  _ it's working partially is the answer - Pam:  We've had problems with that unit every yr since I've been here;  when, when u get a - when it gets HOT & u get a couple people in there.  DM:  Especially a lot of people in there _ - Pam:  Well, I mean u can get 5 or 6 people in there on a day like we had today at 4:30 in the afternoon & it's gonna be so hot in there u can't stand it.


DM:  DLC,  U have the floor.  DLC:  I'd like to make a motion to proceed with this as quickly as possible & uh give whoever, u, or whoever the power to go over there & sign these contracts & get this done.  It's gonna take 2 wks to get UE out here & then u figure another 2 to 3 days to get the electrical working & the other installed;  u're talking at least another 2.5 wks - ?: _  - DLC:  I'm even like to suggest - I'd like to make the motin to move as quickly as possible on this!  AP:  Yeah.  DM:  There a 2nd?  2?:  I'll 2nd it - MP:  with a ques.  DM:  MP. 


MP:  What about addin' a self-contained unit on the other end of it?  ?: _ - Pam:  Those options were looked at too & uh the rcmds for them being closed bids that uh that'll be opened that night was a 7.5 ton.  I mean I'm not the eng.  (I'm not or I met?) the heating & cooling guy.  One cooling guy rcmd'd we go with a 5.5 ton & cut down our occupancy people to 40 or 45 per (uh the or other?) people & it'll hold 75 now & not too many people's gonna rent it out like that.  AP's: _ _ -


MP:  Again, back to the self-contained unit on the other end - DM:  Be a 2nd unit?  MP:  Um-huh, it's all self-contained.  JKB:  Right.  MP:  'cause I, I talked to the lady that runs the seniors & she said when that a/c was workin', the seniors put their sweaters on.  I'm just tryin' to justify 21 - Pam:  U have to take in consideration, MP, that's usually in the morning time.  Older people have a tendency to be colder & we're lookin' at people that rent the facility out a lot of times on Saturdays & Sundays.  Uh the bldg has no insulation.  They get the western sun comin' in there beatin' down from about 11:30 until the sun goes down on a summer's evening & it gets pretty hot in there.  I had to give the lady the money, one lady her money back because it was so hot the day that she couldn't use it - the day I called the mayor.  AP: (F 'em?).


DM:  MP,  Would u allow me to - again, the gentleman that works on the city hall a/c said that a slave unit of 4.5 or 5 tons would work to back up the main unit that's in there.  So if we get sealed bids for that or I guess emerg bids since we're gettin' short of time here - so'd u allow me to look into that & if that doesn't work, then go with the one unit or wbp?  MP:  I'm just lookin' at $21K for 3-phase electric.  AP: _ _ - MP:  I didn't know that they had a code that u had to have an x amt of tons to put in there to have an a/c _ - Pam:  Well I think they calculate the BTU's of each person in the bldg & I believe they did.  The # was 75 because that's the fire code & they figured the BTU's of people on a 93 day. I don't know how to tell u -


MP:  So what u're sayin', the cnty has no ord that u could mandate something - people are allowed in there because u have a 2-ton a/c compared to a 3 ton?  Pam:  I think the Cnty has - I'm not for sure exactly of the cnty codes but the a/c unit that we have up there I've been told doesn't even reach cnty codes now.  AP: _ _ - Pam:  I mean that's the way I understand it.  MP?:  There is no cnty codes on the amt of a/c u need.  There's no code that we're part of a/c -


Pam:  The unit itself isn't up to cody's uh StLCnty Code Standards right now.  AP:  Oh, I'm (sorry?) - Pam:  If u would put a 3 - ?: _ - Pam: that, that same unit up there now, it (_someone coughs_) pass cnty codes.  AP: _ _ - Pam:  U couldn't get a mechanical inspection on it.  I don't make the cnty codes. ?:  _ _ - Pam:  I'm just tellin' u what the bids that we got - DM: _ cnty codes - Pam:  & what they said.  DM: (u were with that?)  _.  MP:  YH,  Do I still have the floor?  DM:  U still have the floor, yes. 

8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  18  of  26


MP:  JB is back there.  Is what Pam sayin' - AP:  _ we'll verify it.  AP?: _ (_someone coughing_) -  JB:  What Pam is referring to is the Internat'l Council Codes - um refers to design standards as far as the, the size of unit that would be required to cool that size bldg with that occupant load.  I don't have the design standards so - but they are correct.  StLCnty's gonna require a 7.5 ton unit to give a permit for a mechanical contractor to put it in. 


DLC:  U might add that u're also - they have to have a 3-phase to put the 7.5 ton in!  MP?&JB:  Right.   MP:  & if, if u go with a 3.5 ton self-contained unit, it'd be undersized.  Would that equal out?  JB:  I would assume - DM:  Can u get a permit for that?  JB:  I would assume somebody - it's, it's a cnty - DLC?:  I don't think it's - JB:  cnty issue.  A mechanical contractor's gonna have to pull the permit from StLCnty so it's whatever StLCnty will approve.  AP: I don't like it. AP: _ _ - PriorAP: (chuckle) I believe it.  AP: _ _ -


AP Have, have u looked into a spot cooler?  MP?:  A what?  ?:  It's a spot cooler.  JB:  Yes, we have.  ?:  Oh, u've looked, ok.  JKB:  YH.  DM:  JKB.  JKB:  Is MP talkin' about something like a window unit?   AP:  Bring the senior citizens (down here?) - ?: _ _ - DM:  _ talkin' about a 2nd unit or a window unit?  MP:  A 2nd unit that's all self-contained like they have on some mobil homes;  they set outside & heats & cools.  JKB?:  Oh, ok.   


AP:  Bring the senior citizens down that basemt;  cool their little butts off - with (Dave's or today's?) money, right?  Save on that!  Why not?  - JM?:  It isn't a/c'd.   Pam:  No a/c'g down there.  AP:  U've got a/c'g up here!  MP:  Did they check - AP:  Bring 'em up here _ (3 gavels) big walkway.  DM:  Ok, tku, maam.  AnotherAP:  Why don't u insulate the place.  AnotherAP:  Yeah.  AP:  U STILL have to get air conditioning, right?   ?:  Yes, but it takes a lot _ _ - MP:  YH,  Can I ask JB _ - ?:  That was _ _ - ?: _ _  - AP:  Bring 'em up HERE! 


DM:  Who u gonna ask?  MP:  JB about a self-contained unit.  JB:  They, they do make self-contained units um just like u would see in a hotel, in a hotel room.  DM:  _ tons for single phase?  JB:   U can get 'em - they only come in ton of 4, so we would need - AP:  _ taxpayers' money.  JB:  2 or 3 of 'em.  Um they're - AP: _ _ - JB:  they're right about a thousand $ apiece.  AP:  WOOH!  JB:  Um there's also a new type of unit.  I'm not familiar with it, but um it's basically like a heat pump that hangs outside;  it's outside;  the fan's inside;  it mounts up on the ceiling.  Um they come up to 2.5 ton & they're runnin' 14, 1600 uninstalled, so


DM:  If we added a cell-unit, would we have to run add'l duct work or is it just _ - JB:  The - DM: _ _ - JB:  the, both, the thru-wall unit um comm in a, a hotel room um & the uh they call it uh splitless-duct, they're a ductless system, they are just THAT.  They're not - there's no duct work involved.  Uh we'd have to run it - we'd have to upgrade the electrical svc in the bldg to 200 amp, um & run circuits over for these units.  MP:  YH.  DM:  What's in there now, 100 amp?  JB:  It's 100 amp.  DM:  Still have the floor, MP. 


MP:  Would the maker of the motion agree to have JB take care of this & report to the mayor & get it done asap at the best feasible price?  DLC:  U're talkin' about 7.5 ton unit?  MP:  No!  ?:  _ _ _ - ?:  No.  MP:  _ I withdraw my 2nd.  AP:  Bring 'em down here.  A few other AP's:  _ _ - DM:  Is there a 2nd to DLC's motion to (if I proceed?) I guess in conjunction with JB & JM to get a 7.5 ton unit in there as soon as the city's - can get the people together?  AP's: _ _ - ?:  YH.  DM:  Are u 2nd'g it?  MMW:  2nd with discussion.  DM:  Ok, u have the floor. 


?: _ - ?: _ - MMW:  (chuckle) Um there, there's -1st of all, where's the money gonna come from ta, ta fund this I guess since I'm the FWM Chairman & I don't think we budgeted for, for this sort of thing.  I mean - (_someone coughing_)  DM:  _ didn't anticipate the a/c (billing?) - MMW?:  (now the lease or not in the least?) - MMW:  & so can we just go out & pull $21K off the money tree &, & um (chuckle) get the a/c in there?  We need to do SOMETHING & we need to do it as quickly as possible.  We also need to be as fiscally responsible as possible.  ?: _ -


DM:  So u want me to - MMW:  I mean I've gotten - DM:  call off the Union mtg - MMW:  I've gotten calls from the seniors as well so I know it's important to them to get this reopened back up.  I'm more concerned about that than renting it out for - DLC:  I believe _ - MMW:  _ take care of the seniors.  (someone chuckling)  DLC:  As far as the financing's concerned (chuckle), the yrs I spent on the Bd, we (barely owe?) _ _ (paymt here or premature?) to the, the kitty & make her reshuffle some things around so (we can tell the folks?) (chuckle) (frankly mind?) - MMW?:  (chuckling) _ _ - DLC:  'Cause there are - ?: _ toast. 


DLC:  There are some things that we could've - ?: _ - DLC:  we, we've got into the budget we may not necessarily HAVE to do this yr, so u would have money to - MMW:  I'm not sure we have _ _ - DLC:  There, there's got to be money in the budget that u do NOT absolutely have to do.  We may not buy a truck;  we may not do something else, but - AP?:  (Half of 'em?) - DLC:  I'm sure we can come up with $20K someplace if necessary. 


MMW:  If not (based opposed?).  I'm gonna withdraw my 2nd.  DM:  Ok.  Having the 2nd withdrawn, are there any other motions re the a/c?   MP:  Yeah & YH, I'd like to make a motion to have JB check into a self-contained unit or what he was talkin' about, the best - AP?:  Why don't u - DM:  Will the cnty  give us - MP:  (feasible?) price.  DM:  a permit for that or I, I wasn't clear (if?) that - we even (applied for that code?).  JB:  I don't know if they would or not. 


DM:  There somebody there u can call or I guess do we have a 2nd before we get - ?&MMW:  I'll 2nd - DM:  auth'y _ - (bkgd mumblings) - there's somebody there u could call without havin' us do uh hrs & hrs of research?  JB:  Uh I can certainly try.  DM:  If u can't get it in a hr, then we'll just (pause) - ?:  _ _ - ?:  I think - ?: _ - JB:  I can certainly try.  MW:  Do uno they already purchased (it?) _ - DM:  (Greg or Great?).  MW: _ _ - DM:  Yes.  EM?:  That's correct.  MMW:  YH.  ?: _ in my _ - DM:  MMW. 


MMW:  Did we have a, a motion on the floor to the previously uh - AP?:  _ _ - MMW:  accept the most feasible bid?  DM:  Yes.  MMW:  So why don't we - is it possible then that we look into JB & MP's solutions being the most feasible & if that is NOT a feasible solution, then move directly fwd & _ _?   DM:  Since u pointed out we didn't put $21K aside for the a/c, do u wanna proceed with that & then try to come up with the money for the next cmte mtg?  MMW:  Do we wanna have (it)?  AP:  Uh!   ?:  (Do a follow-up?).  ?: _ _ - 


MMW:  I won't be able to have a FWM Cmte mtg.  DM:  I realize u'll be out of town next wk.  MMW:  (laughing thruout)  I'm gonna be out of town next wk & (AP laughs loudly)  I've got a LEG mtg right after that.  Um I'd be happy to look into it after that tho.  But that's not - DM:  But even if - MMW:  _ _ _ - DM:  the 2nd - MMW:  Let's, let's go - DM:  unit is just 5K, do - MMW:  I'll go with MP's motion;  I'll 2nd that.  DM:  Let's hope that the 2nd - what'd u call self-contained unit - the self-contained unit will work, then - any other q/c on this self-contained unit?  All in favor of the motion for JB lookin' at us, say - (ayes) - JB:  I'll look into that. 


DM:  All opposed?  DLC:  I was gonna ask for the entire motion to be read.  U said if that was not acceptable, then it goes to the other?  & we have to wait till the next Bd mtg.  MMW:  I can make that (motion?) - MW:  Yeah, I will mail it _ _ _ - ?: _ - ?: _ - ?: _ - DM:  MP,  Would u restate it please for - MP:  To have JB check into the possibility of the self-contained unit or the other unit he was talkin' about at the most feasible price & then gettin' back with u. 


DM:  So for right now, we're just talking the self-contained unit to $21K is - MP:  Well, I - DM:  _ _ not bein' _ - MP:  I don't feel - DM:  _ _  - MP:  I don't feel - DM: _ _ - MP:  3-phase electric to that bldg for $21K & a 7.5 ton unit is (pause) - DM:  Well, just so we know - MP:  (fair?) - DM:  what the motion is at this point.  ?: _  - DM:  So did we - did we get a vote on that (motion?)?  MW:  I think, I think we did.  I (take care of or think here at?) - DM:  Ok.  MW:  city hall -


DM:  Alright, we have to vote for JB to look at a self-contained unit & then we'll go from there depending on what the results are.  (bkgd mumblings)  MP:  YH.  DM:  MP. MP:  While JB is up here, can I ask him about signs?  I know (it's past our nerve?) or is it gonna be a - DM:  Uh let, let's let Pam finish up & then - MP:  I'm sorry.  DM:  PBW Dir, then we'll - Pam:  That's all.  That was the major concern is the a/c problem.  DM:  Ok, tku.  Pam:  Tku.  AP:  Look into a temp fix for a little while till u guys know _ -


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  19  of  26


DM:  JM out in the hall or - go ahead, JB, long as u're up here why don't u - we'll pull a plug.  (many mumblings) Ok, ask your ques about signs _ _ - MP:  YH, I got a ques on signs.  If u're coming south down 141 & u go under Crescent Rd overpass there & u look to the left & u see that big gaudy, yellow sign - JB:  I just seen that today.  MP:  Is that allowed?  JB:  Nno! _ MP:  _ _ need to have that - JB:  I _ - EM?:  _ const area - MP:  Somewise Const or something like that - it's a 2-sided 4x8 - JB:  I will - MP:  east of the hwy.  JB:  I will address it immed.  EM:  _ talked about it - MP:  It, it's terrible!  Tku. EM?: _ _ -  DM:  Any other ques's for JB?  ?: _ _ - ?:  _ _  - DM:  Ok, tku, sir.  There u are!  JM.  (a few chuckle)


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  20  of  26


DM: _ _ _  stayed back there _ _ - JM:  I uh just have a few items & they all regarded salt storage.  Uh after our previous Bd mtg, uh we looked into other places & uh we came up with a solution of usin' 3rd St where it dead-ends.  Uh we tried to - DM:  That's south of Marshall, when u say 3rd St, ok.  JM:  We contacted all the resident (or or our?) neighbors are all comm industries that we can contact & we didn't get any uh disharmony out of them.  We've actually addressed it with the RR. They fixed the crossing along with the city for doin' some asphalt work out in their driveway & we're prepared to move fwd with bldg & const'g the salt storage shed there if the Bd would approve & we're ready to asphalt tomorrow. 


& um they're, they're called a temp portable structure that u can move around & um I'm, I, I'm only aware of 2 companies that make 'em.  & we're lookin' at a storage of 40x60.  & I was hoping that if we did this, the Bd would approve me of whichever of the 2 companies that's the lowest bid - approving of the purchase - the, the bldg & get it on order asap.  & uh with that, we would - we should have the capacity of somewhere between 700 & 800 ton of salt, where right now, we currently have 253-ton capacity & it's in the - it's in the Sportsplex which is not protected by the levee. 


JKB:  I'll make the motion to go ahead & - AP?: _ _ _ - JKB:  let him proceed with it.  MMW&?:  2nd.  ?: _ _ - DM:  DLC,  Did u have a cmt _ - DLC:  I just said 2nd.  DM:  Ok, all in favor of the motion, say  (ayes - none heard opposed)  Sounds like it's a go.  MMW?:  RH (won't find it?).  ?: (Oh no?)? -


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  21  of  26


DM:  Pyramid - Did u want that under the - ?: _ - DM:  (POL?) report, JKB?  JKB:  Yeah, the vacant lot between 911 & 917, the weeds are about 3' high & I think they've had, what, a month to get that old house cleaned up where they still got a big pile layin' there like?  JM:  Um far as the high weeds, we can have the POL to post 'em again.  We did notify them & they notified us in writing by a certain date that they were gonna have that prop cleared & finished demolishin' it & the, the uh ground excavated & seeded & strawed.  & uh I can bring John up to-date & give him the file on that.   & uh they SEEMED eager to comply & I'm surprised that they're not, but it, it's gonna take a little more prodin' by the city I guess to get 'em to comply. 


JKB:  Jim, If I get a hold of u later & get the, the date when they're supposed to have that done?  JM:  I, I - u, u can (if?) JKB but I uh I think that they're probably past the date that they - I gave 'em.  I gave 'em 15 days the 1st time u brought it up to me so I believe they're past their time to comply.  


?: _ _ - JM:  But I think - I'm looking for my notes to see if any other ald had any q/c but I believe that - DM:  That's all I see written down here.  There's a couple things I forgot to ask, so I'll wait till u finish.  JM:  That's, that's all I have, YH.


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  22  of  26


DM:  Um Vance & Main, MMW again, I guess that's that old blue house - MMW?:  Yeah, I _ - DM:  (I heard?) - MMW:  I just wondered if there was any - EM:  I, I - MMW: _ _ - EM:  I can respond. 


Uh that, that was when we didn't have a bldg cmsnr & the city eng was working on that.  Um I'm NOT sure what he did but about uh 10 days ago I got a call from (Elsie or LC?) Adams or her daughter & she indicated that uh they wanna - they DID want to get a bldg permit & uh renovate the prop &/or raze it.  ?: (Wish I could?) _ _ - EM:  They're not sure. 


Uh I, I - sh-she was concerned over the state of the, the title to the prop & I know she was contacted with a very good offer (by?) the Cnty Recorder Deeds ofc.  So hopefully that'll be straightened out &, & I also need it repraised or (we have or rehabbed?) (to or the?) (trade or trim?).  MMW:  Tku. 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  23  of  26


DM:  MP, U asked about TJ Wings.  MP:  Yes, YH, uno when TG Wings sent me a letter & I fwd'd it to u about wantin' to have what they call a tailgate party when they have away-games for the Rams?  DM:  I guess we discussed it briefly before the mtg.  My only concern was as long as the beer stays within the premises, doesn't get carried out in the middle of the street or _ - MP:  According to the letter I mean - I don't have it with me, u have it - she said she talked to the cnty & (mumblings) they said it was ok as long as the city ok'd it.  AP:  (laughing)  Oh Lord!  (indec aud - & ald? -  mumblings)  ?:  _ drinking on the premises -


EM:  I think it's the apartmts that's - we have to check with uh rent control _ _ - MMW?:  (No problem?) - MW:  I can('t?)  - EM:  Whatever the - MW: _ _ - EM:  premises that's licensed - MW: Remember how many u had with them people in where Shooters is?  They rent a patio down along _ because they couldn't come outside  _ _ - EM:  Yeah, &, &, & u got a point because - MW:  That's the only thing - EM:  it depends on what's licensed;  what, what area is licensed in the pkg lot but -


MMW?:  They have a little liquor - DM: _ u check the liquor ords & see if - MW:  I can't, I can't even refer the Lieutenant - DM:  Well, if U were the Lieutenant - I think we'll have MW & LtM check into her liquor license control to see what premises or what the liquor license allows _ - (exchange tapes on one recorder while my other one picked up 2 sentences missed by the 1st) - DM:  With that we'll have Lt come up for the rest of his report - report - his report I should say. ?: _- ?: _ -


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  24  of  26


DM:  Ok.  EM has something here on mental health for us.  EM:  In, in, in your pkt toward the end u'll see a ltr from uh Joyce Kelley who's the uh Assistant Cnty Counselor that's administering a, a new, fairly new program.  It's _ _ - it's uh a mental health ct.  It's, it's a diversion program that um would, would allow uh, I, I think they call these CIT events, Crisis Intervention events to - rather, rather than go automatically to either Circuit Ct thru the warrant process or to Muni Ct thru uh a warrant process, it, it gives a 3rd alternative.  & it's for people that, that are in need of, of crisis intervention! uh svcs, counseling svcs basically uh - JW?:  U naming (Morris?)?  (someone obviously fakes a cough) -


EM:  I, I, I - over the, the last couple yrs we've had some, some problems in the city that would be better dealt with uh a referral to this sort of agency.  Um as I understand it, uh counseling is available from uh the Social Svcs (someone coughs) Dept &, & StL Cnty uh, uh family svcs.  Um there is a cost to it. 


I believe it's $3K annually, however um it, it may be money well spent.  It, it's, it's not a LOT of money as far as the munic ct budget goes, but it would GET people that were simply not handled or equipped to handle here in, in, in the city, particularly when there's - where there's actions that need to be done. 


& I'm, & I'm referring specifically to prop issues where, where people are compulsive, uh, uh pack-rat sort of people in that they pack their house full of goods &, & uh, uh they bring things to their prop.  Uh this isn't, this isn't a, a way where the, the ct (_someone coughs_(an?) ability to fine &/or imprison here in the city of VP, but it's an alternative where mental health pros or counselors uh are brought to bear on, on the situation as well &, & StL Cnty uh would actually end up with the prosecution of, of these matters.  If, if u have any ques's, I, I think Lt Melies is, is uh - may have some, some more knowledge or experience with this uh situation, but I, I'd certainly like to see the city entertain uh it in, in uh in our relationship with this, so. 


LtM:  If I can _ _ _ of it;  that's pretty much it.  It would, would be misdemeanors & they would just go thru the cnty - ?: (YH?) - LtM:  ct system where they would have this (kill?)-diversion counseling, uh monitoring sytem set up for these people. 


So people that are continually difficult to deal with thru the ct system because punishmt doesn't work with them, would get monitoring &, & counseling, all kinds of other - AP: _ _ - LtM:  EXPENSIVE avenues to deal with their problem & if they weren't in compliance, then uh then uh the cnty ct would bring the punishmt to them.    


MMW:  Need a motion or anything ta - EM:  Yeah, I guess it would, it would be a motion to entertain - there's, there's actually a canned ord.  We have to tailor it, together with a contract.  Uh & I'll go ahead & we hopefully can bring it by the next mtg up uh for your review &, & - MMW:  I'll move in that direction.  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  SD?:  I'll 2nd it.   DM:  Ok, q/c?  (noise of MW op'g tape rec'r)  MW:  I had the wrong tape in.  DM:   All in favor of the motion for EM to prepare the ord for the next mtg - (ayes - none heard opposed)  Carries. 


LtM:  Just so uno, we have uh - this CIT is kind of new wave.  We have 2 of our ofcrs that are already chained - trained in CIT.  We had 20 CIT cases in the last um 12 months.  DM?:  Is that right?  ?:  Really?  ?:  We have to get some - LtM:  In 12 mos & ONE of those people IS in the cnty system because they got a DWI outside of this city.  AP?:  Hmmm.  LtM:  Uh they're habitual uh alcoholic & so forth.  If they don't meet their SIS {sic} then they, they get intervention & have 'em transferred (to city?) & we have other people in town who, who covers that. 


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  25  of  26


If u don't have any ques's on that, the other thing - item in the pkt that is for the POL Dept & actually it's for the BLDG, is the uh, the improvemts to the POL sta.  There is a lease area of the bldg, the uh front door on the - I don't know if any - how many of u have been down there & seen it - JKB came by & took a look at it.  & uh it gots - I got bids on the, the items as they're listed there & I would recommend that uh we take the lowest bid on the door repair & we take the 2nd lowest bid on the window replacemt because the lowest bid on the window replacemt wasn't going to take out the existing frame.  They were gonna put the blocks inside of the window frame, rather than take that frame all the way down to the brick - which is the way the other windows down there are done. 


Uh & then the other costs are for the lock sets & the misc parts, supplies & paint.  The Cnty POL locksmith - we have a locksmith on staff - will come out & do the actual locksmith work & provide - & bring the (Coors or cores?) & things like that, our keepables & provide uno the bids.   If anyone has any ques's (pause) -  DM:  Did Monique (preprove?) the 2 bids?  JKB:  UH, make a motion to approve the 2 bids.  MMW:  2nd.  DM:  q/c?  All in favor of the motion - (ayes - none heard opposed)  Carries.  (May we please know who/how broke & bid amts?)


8/1/05 BOA  -  Sec  26  of  26


LtM:  Just a reminder that tomorrow is Nat'l Night Out.  DM:  Is there a spot where the POL Dept's gonna be - LtM:  The POL Dept has - DM:  on - LtM:  had uh 2 coop _ (_ room noise_)  uh Cape Albeon wanted to have an event as well as the Park Commons Apts.  It seems like most of the people in the neighborhoods are pretty busy running kids & things like that & those were the 2 places that showed an int & came fwd with a plan, so that's where we'll be providing.  We'll be out in the neighborhoods riding round-up, talking, visiting with people that are out anyway tho they don't have an org'd event. 


DM:  So in the past there's been something like Brignole's field or something so that it'll be (a little better at?) Cape Albeon 'n Forest Woods.  LtM:  They put together - DM:  The one'll sendt a little - LtM:  6:30 at Cape Albeon & 7:30, 7:30 at uh Park Commons.  DM:  Park Commons, I'm sorry.  AP: _ _ _ - LtM:  & then the rest of that, we'll have ofcr's riding in the neighborhoods too.  AP: _ _ -  DM:  Alright, tku.  LtM:  Ok.  MW?:  _ _ _ - 


DM:  Is there a motion for Exec Ses?  DA?:  I'll move.  MMW:  Exec Ses?  DM:  Is there a 2nd?  2:  2nd.  MW?:  There's a 2nd.  _ 2nd it?  U 2nd it?  JKB:  2nd it for _ _ - MW: _ _ - ?:  Can we have a 5-min recess?  DM:  There's a suggestion that we meet in the library since there's not that many of us & the people here that wait if they care to or just do whatever.  ?:  So that means - DM:  Roll call vote please.  ?:  _ we get a recess?  DM:  So if u wanna slip out real quick _ _ - ?:  I'll vote for this.  MW:  5 yes.  (End taping)