Notes:   Last mtg was 6/20/05. This "mtg" started at 5:10pm, was not called to order, had no quorum & lasted until 5:43pm.


Present:   DLC,  DC,  DS,  CLM,  TW,  EM,  JW,  JKB. 


Audience:  Vivian Blackman, VP resident & biz owner. 


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DC:  Take the roll call here. (see above) (during roll call, DS talks to JW;  CLM with EM) CLM:  Kit Bond talked to us - DS:  He took it down Friday. CLM:  _ Monday - DS:  that one & a walnut but - EM:  I think everybody's pre-occupied - CLM?:   His future was - DS:  Boys were workin' on it - CLM:  & uno (we were or where?) out on the boat.  DS:  _Burst, Fowler's probably workin' on it.  CLM:  Burst is gonna have to be still in the conference room;  they need to talk to him.  EM:  Uh-huh &, & that's typic_ _.  We're concerned!  CLM:  It was difficult for him to be _ _ _ _ _ - (Pledge Allegiance) 


DC:  Uhh have any additions or deletions to the agenda?  Anybody wanna add anything?  Ok, we don't have a -  we got 5 - Is that a quorum?  EM:  NOOO, we don't have a quorum.  It's - DC:  We got 6, ok, we'll just - CLM:  Tom said he'll - DC:  Uh let's get - CLM:  Tom'll vote if u want.  EM:  He'll quorum.  CLM:  U want Tom to vote?  DC:  Huh? (JW chuckles)  CLM:  Tom said he'll vote.  DC:  Well, he can't vote;  he ain't a voting member.  CLM:  I think u got grounds to sue.  DC:  Uh we'll have some discussion here.  CLM:  _ _ (disenquentials?)


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DC:  Uh a little bit on Item 4B Update - u got a report here (9/19/05 LPR).  I got a couple little things that they're doin' now.  They're workin' on the uh - continue to work on this uh gate at the uh 141 gatewell structure.  They're startin' to put - haul dirt, put that up.  They'll probably be done by the - probably end of the wk that'll be done & then they'll start puttin' the gate & everything in. 


Uh we've had a little trouble with the uh seeding (he & JW chuckle) Every time they seed it & put mulch on it, it rains, it gulleys & washes down & everything but they're hopin' to get some grass growin' & then they'll go back & kind of uh, uh seed what they have to & try to get it straightened out;  it's gonna be kind of a rough deal.


U got mins from 6/26? (should be 6/20)  Have u - we had a mtg at June.  I didn't know whether we had a - I think we had a thing but uh I didn't know whether u had mins - EM:  Did u tell me to bring 'em back or not?  I don't know.  I, I don't know!  I, I don't have 'em with me.  DC:  That's alright. 


Um the project is goin' uno we've got a lotta things.  We're gonna start workin' on the uh, uh hookin' up the uh drainage in the back of the Simpson & down by Kirchner & that uh hook that up into that uh storm, storm sewer.  


Uh I understand that uh possibly the RR is now gonna build the crossing for the emerg road up on the RR tracks - that they're gonna do the work.  They're gonna put their crossing in I guess like the one they did at 3rd St.  & we may put some blacktop or however we're gonna do it, whatever but they're gonna do the, do the work with the crossing.  EM:  Good.  I got the signed agreemt from them last Friday, so. 


DC:  So I - ?:  _ _ _ - EM:  Be nice.  DC:  JM said that he thought that they, they were goin' ahead, the way he understood it & talked to 'em that they were gonna put the crossing in.  So that's good news.  Uh -


TW: (whispering)  Seen our antique bus  DC:  Anybody got any - TW: (whisper)  He's pretty - DC:  ques's on the levee?  TW:  (whisper)  proud of Brust - for now.   EM:  When we will.   ?:  (Tku, boss or antique bus?) -


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DC:  Ok, uh Item B uh city cost share of the project & the total cost, I guess - EM:  I have a report from JZ.  DC:  Ok.  EM:  Want me - I'll go to it. Uh he, he's not here today because he's - DC:  On vacation, right, he told me.  EM:  uh out of the ofc until 10/3. 


(EM reads) Wanna let uno today & today is Friday, um we made a paymt to ESI that includes the $58,034 of city funds for the road relocation;  $11,812 of city cash contribution funds & $159,335 made up of ALL the fed funds we could scrub out of the VP Project!  This paymt covers only part of the contractor's 10/04 earnings.  The rest of his earnings in FY 05, which is 10/04 thru 9/05, remain unpaid. 


CLM:  Did he give an amt for that?  EM:  Uhhhhh, he didn't.  I'm assuming it'ssss like 7M of so.  Does that sound - CLM:  _ _ - EM:  uno accurate?  So it's generating interest every day, but uh it remains to be seen if any funds from other COE projects will be transferred to the VP Project - JW:  (whispering)  Had your name on it, John Brust.  EM:  to make another paymt to ESI for uh FY05.  JW:  U gonna have their ballot ready?  (JKB? like chuckles)  


EM:  I understand that there's a lot of unpaid bills in the Mississippi Valley Div & beyond.  The funds we need are still in the uh Pres's FY06 budget.  Uh we'll start FY06 apparently without a signed Aprop Bill & under a Continuing Resolution Authy;  uh we, we don't know the rules yet or how this will impact an early FY06 paymt to ESI.  Um & then he gives some, some contact's while he's out of the ofc.  Um I, I checked the Thomas website today & uh there's still not even a conference cmte report uh out.  Um we're, we're along was - where there must be about 8 other aprops bills.  There's been really no action.


CLM:  I think only 2 of the 13 aprops bills have passed.  EM:  Ok, so 11 other bills uh &, & some of 'em have uh "comp-free" report & some don't.  Uh but, but this - CLM:   This - we'd be going into Oct normally but with the hurricane situation being what it is, it's gonna delay the action on the, on almost all the aprops bills.  EM:  Ok.  CLM:  But basically when - they WILL adopt a Continuing Resolution like what they always do.  What that does, that enables, as far as the COE's concerned, enables the COE to expend money at the same rate that they expended it at the previous yr.  So in effect, they, they'll be able to expend money technically at the same rate that they're expending it on 10/1 last yr to 9/30 THIS yr.  The FY06 budget DOES have $7,582K in the Pres's budget request, so I feel quite confident that we'll get all that. 


JW:  I don't know, George says he's gonna cut back spending to rebuild the New Orleans down there, so I hope that ain't one of his cutbacks.  CLM:  George hadn't got my permission to cutback  (JW laughs) our bill.   When u got the power  (JW still laughing) - No - I - DS?:  _ _ - CLM:   He isn't gonna cut that sort of stuff.  There ARE things - the things that are just getting started, even COE projects, just getting started, studies, that sort of thing, yeah, they're gonna be severely - JW:  They're gonna whack them I (take it?).  CLM:   Whacked, u bet!  It won't be George;  it'll be the Congress (but?) - JW:  Right.  CLM:  they're goin' what they can do.  He's gonna ASK 'em to do it.  But u're looking really at the Energy Bill & the uh Transportation Bill & also a lot of 'em that are due u - they're gonna defer at least for a yr on the Medicaid, uh Medicare uh Prescription Coverage Bill too. 


TW:  I thought the Transportation Bill already passed.  CLM:  It, it has but the Aprops Bill, gotta finish the Aprops Bill.  When it's got umpteen K special projects in it, like division award & last (Million more or minute award?) _ - EM:  50 people.  CLM:   _Million something like that.  Those, those sort of things there u'll see them - TW:  Don't knock - CLM:  strike out.  TW:  those special projects!  JW:  (laugh)  I think it's Weis in the end, he's -  EM:  We're workin' it now!   JW:  hurtin'.  CLM:  The ones in MO are - TW:  (Better be?).  CLM:  are good.  EM:  Could be.  TW:  & some in Illinois. 


CLM:  Well, I'll go along with that too if u say so.  (JW laughs)  CLM:  No, it - there, there are gonna be some cutbacks;  not enough to make up $200M but uh - JW:  Well, it won't come outta of the levee, right?  CLM:  But we - I think uh the one thing that, that's alluded to in Jim's remarks it's - I've not been good at handling either - is the possibility of funds being transferred at the end of THIS FY like we had several $M transferred in last yr.  EM:  Well & it's (chuckling) always been out of New Orleans basically, hadn't it?  CLM:  Yep, yeah.   JW:  Ho, oh!  EM:  & it ain't gonna happen.  CLM:  But remember - JW:  We ain't gonna get that one transferred over!


CLM:  Remember tho that u - they're - u got different types of funds & the funds - the only type of funds that can be transferred in for OUR project are Const General monies;  u can't use Const General monies that are specified for other projects - can't be used just any way u wanna use 'em. 


Most of what's really gonna take a hit are Ops & Maint categories funds.  Those funds are general enough (that u or to jew?) results from any sort of defriefing rule over disaster recovery addition.  But most of the COE - JW:  Probably dry by now, ain't it?  CLM:  Most of the COE work tho is being funded by FEMA.  The COE as of Wed of last wk, has been given $2.5B in FEMA funds for disaster recovery across the Gulf Coast including New Orleans.  A good part of that is, is in the uh New Orleans area but a good chunck of it's going to Mississippi too 'cause they actually had more structural damage down in Mississippi than they did in New Orleans.


EM:  (Weis, he'll be?) required to - by contract, the COE's already gone ahead in anticipation of FY06, um expenses, they've applied (are or our?) cost-share amt to us uh of - it's a little bit more because of r.e. - it's, it's like 6.5% rather than 5% & requested that we remit the funds - it's like 400 & some odd $K. 


& that's in your pkt - DC:  Right.  EM:  um today uh, uh for, for uh BOA approval.  Uh & that would be our final cost-share amt subject to adjustmt;  uno there's a, a day of reckoning coming.  CLM:  End of the project like a - EM:  Yeah - CLM:  Book-Balancing Act.  EM:  where, where they book-balance & they either credit back or um we have to remit more depending on what it is.


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JW:  Hey, refresh me, is the, is the COE pickin' up any of that interest or is this all the city?  EM:  It's shared!  It's a cost - JW:  So share to share - EM:  Const Ikin {sic} - CLM:  Yeah, we - remember Eric investigated the possibility of that being 100% fed & uh their attys came back & said no, that - JW:  Eh!  It wasn't that easy, was it? 


TW:  Is it 80/20 or 50/50?  CLM:  It's uh 75/25 is our, our total - TW:  Same - CLM:  costs.  TW:  as the match?  CLM:  Yeah, but remember we're, we're grandfathered on cost share & current cost sharing is 65/35. 


EM:  It, it's not an inordinate amt of interest like, like u would think.  Um uno it all generates interest from the due-date of whatever &, & so - CLM:  It's a rolling due-date really!  EM:  I mean right NOW we're actually talking thru - what Oc-Oct of 04 is, is unpaid & is generating interest & then everything else is.  But it's, it, it's calculated at the fed T rate which is uno 3% of something like that, so it's not, it's not full of wyke {sic} all the way thru.  JW:  It's not as scary as it sounds.


EM:  Well, wasn't it like $24K for all of last yr or something, something like that of which we paid.  JW:  We can cut Weis back that much.  ?:  Yeah.  EM:  We would've paid 7% or $7K, something like that.  TW:  I better call the ofc & tell her to shut her down.  (JW & CLM laugh heartily)  I'll have to cook. 


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DC:  We're really fortunate to have this ESI doin' this project.  EM:  Uh-huh.  JW:  Yeah, I don't think (chuckling) anybody else would/could do it!  DC:  Wouldn't be done - I mean uno there wouldn't have been any work done on it for 2004.  JKB?:  (Insurance?) would not be (done or down?).  CLM:  We're lucky to go - well, they're a good contractor too.  They, they're owned by a big co that has deep pockets & 3, they're smart.  TW:  Yeah & - JW:  Yeah, it was a good biz move.  TW:  &, & they're making uno, they're makin' a little bit of money - CLM:  Yeah.  TW:  as long as they got a good BANK!  EM:  Sure.  TW:  That's what the key is;  their bank is floating us & thru them - JW:  Right.  TW:  they're makin' a little bit of money on the interest they've already -


CLM:  Because if they stop, they'd have to pull people off.  They don't - they weren't planning on those people being available.  They didn't bid those people or equipmt on another job, so - JW:  Right!  CLM:  they had a dead period there where they got people & the equipmt;  they gotta pay 'em - ?: (whisper) Why doesn't he call me?  CLM:   just to come in. 


EM:  Sure.  Who knows maybe they'll get a no-bid contract to go to New Orleans & uh - CLM:  Yeah, who - EM:  raise the levee.  TW:  Oh, I bet they, I bet they DO get something out of it.  Du mah sa! {sic}  CLM:  Uno, I think in the long-run that they probablyyyy will show a bigger profit than they would have if they'd been paid the money from - JW:  Right - CLM:  _ -  JW:  I bet they do.  Somebody did some smart biz.  CLM:  U stop & think that we're finishing up this job, good time & this means they can bid on another job sooner & put the equipmt & people on another job & make good money on that job & they're getting high rent to free their money than they might've gotten on the open market if they hadn't wanted to listen to us. 


TW:  Well, plus the good uh goodwill that they created with the COE.  CLM:  I'll tell ya that's a, that's a VERY important - JW:  Yeah, I agree with that.  I bet that's a REAL good plus for 'em.  TW:  Like I said that u would THINK - JW:  They could move - TW:  they would start with - JW:  around & work ANYwhere.  TW:  people that they've done - that have treated them fairly to go to New Orleans.  CLM:  Well, they start with people that they, that they know can do the work.  Secondly, that they have to be experienced - with - if they (went to bid & won or wet the bed in one?), well obviously (they don't?) throw 'em back any more across the bd.  They finally have got that intangible human problem solved that uh uno (pause) -   


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TW:  Dave, do u wanna talk a little bit about the sewer over there at Marshall?  DC:  Yeah, I'm gonna give u some.  TW:  Oh, ok.  DC:  I'm gonna - be a little bit of update here on what's goin' on actually on the levee out of side of {sic} Item 4B.  Uh we have a, a problem - then I guess it's not really a big problem, but it is a problem with the sill plates at StL Ave & Vance Rd.  That's the plate that runs across the high uh the road & uh it's come loose;  it goes up & down.  & I've had the eng out here at Vance & StL & they've come up with a design. 


& as soon as we get some money into this project, we'll be uh working on that to um click/set, fill the voids & work on it there.  We'll be comin' up with this & how they're gonna fix it & everything;  they got it designed.  But before any, any of the project is accepted or anything, we'll have those sill plates will have to be fixed


Uh also the storm water pipe at Leonard Pk, there's some kind of um leak somewhere along the line that we're losing the fill material around the pipes & we haven't quite figured out what it is.  Of course now we have nobody in the Const Div or down there;  they'll all in New Orleans or Mississippi or Alabama, wherever they are, but they're gonna look into this & as soon as we're gonna try to find out what/where this is.  We're hopin' that it isn't something that is comin' from under the levee where the mud's comin' from & the mud's goin' or what. 


But it's a problem that - we put quite a few tons of dirt into this about 2 or 3 times now & it doesn't seem to be - it just seems to be whatever, but it comes - TW:  Dave - DC:  seepin' out.  TW:  Would it be wise to "tb" that line?  DC:  Do what?  TW:  Would it be wise to "tb" that line?  DC:  Well, we - ?:  Eh.  TW:  It's (ours line or always lime?) ('n has been or in this one?) -


DC:  The JM's been down in it & what - COE seems to think that it's comin' in around the seals of the manholes - TW:  Oh.  DC:  that are down there, the inlet thing.  Uh we were down there oh about 3 wks ago when after the rain & we tried to locate some of the uh dirt goin' into it & uh they went down & took, took some pictures of it.  Uh really it could be that but we really don't know.  There's an awful lotta dirt that's goin' down thru it & we don't -


TW:  Well, 'cause there's a way to pressure-test those joints from underground.   DC:  Right, but I don't know.  It's uh - TW:  Well I guess we'll wait till the COE gives us - DC:  Well, soon as we get some - TW:  But there's a - there's only a couple people in town that are actually capable of pulling a (packer or pack or) centering it by (2D?) camera on the pipe joint & do an air test & then u move on to each joint, pressure-testing each joint.  & if the joint fails, there's material u can pump into that joint to seal that joint.  DC:  Right, that may have - what we'll have to do, but soon as we figure - TW:  There's only - like I said, there's only a couple people in town able to do that work.  DC:  Well I guess it'll be the COE.  They'll have to do it.  I mean - TW:  Let me know when that - 'cause I can steer u to the right people.  DC:  We will.


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Uno we built the sidewalk over the levee at Vance Rd;  it's looks very good.  I went up & looked at it the other day & it looks like it's, it's really nice.  They made a concrete road up the ramp, all the way up there 8' wide, so we, we have to put a thing up there rather than a gravel road.  We've got concrete that people can walk on all the way down there.  _ - TW:  Well & - DC:  _ _ - TW:  the reason why that thing winds around the way it does is because of the ADA requiremts.  DC:  Right.  DS?: _ _ - DC:  But it looks good.  I, I think they- we went up there & looked at it & got it kinda straightened out with - TW:  Yeah, now all we're doin' is waitin' on the bridge.  DC:  Right.


JW:  Things - EM:  One (comin' ro comment?) is for requiremt _ - TW:  Oh, I know, it's (been or about?) another couple wks but it's gotta be gettin' close.  CLM&/orEM:  What's the story on requiremt?  TW:  120.  CLM:  120?  TW:  12, 1 to 12 on a ramp.  JW:  & they won't let u change it.  DC:  In my report, u see we have a - CLMorEM?:  (COE's on it?)!  DC:  We - TW?: (whisper) _ _ - DC:  had a problem - CLMorEM:  (Gotta be filed or every 5 or that'd be fine?) - DC:  up between - ?: _ - DC:  the plaza & the uh - TW?: (whisper) (We're gonna have?) - DC:  uh BN tracks.  TW?: (whisper) problems _-


DC:  We had - ?: _ - DC:  a 24" line that - EM: _ _ - DC:  ran all the way down to the river from Marshall Rd & I guess beyond that, that drained that area & it was never put into this uh, uh manhole to go into the Det Pond B.  & the city had hired the Contractor BOM & they put in 300' of 30" pipe & connect it from Marshall Rd, to the - from the drain to Marshall Rd on down to - uh hooked it into the existing manhole that would put storm water into Det Pond B. 


Uh there's, there's some other work that has to be done up there & -  EM?:  (whisper) Yeah, it's gonna be _ - DC:  whether we'll get it done uno - it'll probably be that we'll have to contract out to do it & get it done, but to drain uh put the uh 30" line underneath uh Marshall Rd & up Front St in order to keep that from flooding - uh last time when we had rain it flooded again, also Beckett Memorial Plaza had water on it.  & if we - I think if we can get that 30" line put underneath Marshall Rd, it'll have to - JW: _ _ - DC:  be approved by MSD & all this, but - EM?: Actually - ?:  It's just - DC:  we'll eliminate one of the problems of the flooding on Marshall Rd & Front St - DS?:  That's good stuff.  DC:  & also on Beckett Memorial Dr. 


Because part of that water that goes down Front St to Marshall is going underneath the RR tracks & into the area below here at Beckett Memorial.  & that's why the water floods THERE & then it goes into & floods the Main St or Front St & down to Marshall Rd.   Uh I think TW, he's workin' on some kind of design to get that & work with MSD to get this done.


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But it's another thing that should - it's infrastructure to bring the storm water to the right place now & get it into the uh det ponds.  JW:  Is that levee-related or does that got to be just strictly city? 


TW:  Nooo, it's levee-related.  EM:  We're, we're, we're doing this as a Change Order.  Hopefully - DC:  Right!  EM:  Memorial will still be out there.   DC:  I think, I think it's part of the levee.  I think it's the part of the storm water thing that should've been uno that we have to hook up & get goin' to the right place.  I mean - ?:  (big sigh) Ohhhh! - EM:  We, we may not run it all the way up Front St but -


DC:  Uh PARTIALLY up - if we can get it up there, up Front St & get the water goin' into this 30" pipe, we can also cut this water off comin' underneath the BN tracks & goin' into uh the - over here in Beckett Memorial Dr because then the water that comes down on the uh east side of the BN tracks, will go into the 3rd St uh Det Pond Drain over here & go into the river or go into det pond, but we'll have 'em goin' to the right, right areas rather than just comin' down & - JW:  Right, those 2 areas have been bad for yrs!  


DC:  Well, yeah, I mean uno it uno - back WHEN we were supposed to do the di-when we did Didian Ave up there, that was supposed to be all done but the uh the Bd at that time, they scrapped the idea & didn't put it in.  But uh NOW we, we have ADEQUATE drain pipe now, that 30", to go up there & get that hooked up & get it done & have that part of that area because uno we only had, uno we only had  maybe 1.5" of rain but we had 2 streets flooded where the city had to go up there & pump water to get it off of Marshall & then they eventually, they just leave it sit there at Beckett Memorial & it finally goes down because uno there's just too much water goin'.


TW:  Well, the, the plan is to - which we - we're gonna redesign to submit to MSD - is to extend that line that we - that Eric worked on with the RR to get permission to put that new line along there.  & then what we're plannin' on doin' is replacing those 2 inlets in front of the bar where - what's it called O'Donnell?  JW:  Donahue's?  DC:  Donahue's.  TW:  Donahue's & run a 12" over to the new 30 line & then - u have to do that - u have to reconnect those inlets.  & then to get to the other side of Marshall & put a new graded inlet there at Front St;  & that's where we were hoping to - well, we can go farther than that if uno u tell us to, but that's where we were kinda thinkin' that we would LIKE to go as a MINIMUM in order to make that area drain.


EM:  & then the 2nd Phase would be bringin' it on up, up Front St & I think we have to probably get RR permission.  I believe Front St's all RR property.  DC:  I, I really don't know.  TW:  Tech - DC:  I think - TW:  technically - DC:  (laughing) I think it is!  I agree - I mean - TW:  I think it's - EM:  Yeah, EVERY BIT - TW:  _ _ to do that - EM:  of it is! do this - TWorEM:  so it soon will be.


DC:  See the guy up there that owned the Frisco, I mean he, uno he - they - he had pkg up there one time & they told him to move it because it was on - EM:  Yeah.  DC:  He was pkg them cars on the ROW, but I don't know how far it goes up to his, his front of that bldg.  EM:  It goes right up to even 'n to the sidewalk - JW?:  _ - EM:  I think I said.  DC:  It goes right up to the - JW:  _ watchin' it go in - CLM?:  to the sidewalk.  JW:  (it went in or on one end?) & rock it all. 


EM:  'cause uno - TW:  Really? (laugh) - EM:  Frisco was part of the RR.  DC:  Right, it was - JKB:  That water was - DC: it was part of the RR.  CLM:  Oh - JBK:  comin' up -  CLM:  so well they sold the - JW:  Wasn't that was before - CLM:  the hotel properties.  DC:  Yeah, well they - CLM:  Sold the minimum amts.  ?:  Sure - JKB?:  I think he's twistin' this. 


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TW:  Well we're gonna resubmit that to MSD here very soon.  We had to make sure that Forest Ave had some changes that we had to resubmit to MODOT but we'll get back on that as soon as - DS:  5:30.  TW:  which we're done with the MODOT- JW:  Used to be a timeclock in here.  TW:  thing (I seen?).  DS:  Uno it's in the ofc. So - TW:  & then - JW?:  I wanna check - TW:  the overlays over there off 9th.  JW:  _ for hours.  DS?:  _ won't get in.  


DC:  Yeah, that's all finished.  I've got that in the report that  (JW chuckles) overlay is done over there.  I think they're finished behind the uh, uh Mer Plaza with the blacktop up there.  EM:  We've been billed for it.  DC:  & uh we got that done & everything.  & I've talked to Rick about uh the uh signage, about the fire lane up there & he's takin' care of that with Mr Maurer.  He would talk to Maurer & they're either gonna stripe it & put no pkg, fire lane or whatever & put signs up. 


TW:  Or fence it & put cedar storage?  DC:  (laughing)  I don't know!  That uno - that - TW:  One of the 2.  DC:  Whatever!  I mean whatever uno it's gonna be.  I mean it DOES have to have the fire lane around it & also for whatever he said for the delivery but what, what the other part is gonna be is where I didn't know.  I guess we're just have it then.  Ok! 


9/19/05 LEV - Sec  10 of  14


I guess we'll - I'll schedule another mtg for Oct, see if maybe JZ will be here & maybe he can - we'll have a little bit more on funding & what's goin' on;  I don't really know.  Like I say, most everybody that worked for the COE that's involved with the levee uh is either in New Orleans or somewhere workin' in - TW:  Buloxi - DC:  the Hurricane Katrina proposition. 


JW:  Hey, if for some reason that nobody can come from the COE, will we skip the next mtg then 'cause I mean if we can't get new info, it doesn't make any sense to - DC:  Jim just called me Friday - CLM:  Jim can always send a report.  No, Jim should be here because he's on vacation;  he's not down - JW:  Oh, ok.  DC:  No, he's not - JW:  He's not gonna be in New Orleans.  DC:  He's not gonna be there.  He would've been here tonight but he scheduled vacation.  He's in Calif & so - CLM:  It's the younger, it's the younger guys & gals that volunteer - DC:  All the const people are gone. 


JW:  Is that a voluntary-type thing?  CLM:  Oh yeah!  JW:  It's not, u go?  CLM:  Right, all volunteers.  MM:  JZ is still the project mgr?  DC:  Huh?  (MM repeats) CLM:  Oh yeah.  DC:  Yes, he's the project mgr.  MM:  I thought maybe Pat Conroy.  DC:  No, Pat's gone too;  he's down - I mean there, there's, well, uno - JW:  Get our (favorite?) up.  CLM:  Yeah, the StL Dist's got about 60 people in Iraq & Afganistan.  DC:  Right, I, I (JW chuckles) most everybody that's involved in this, they uh Mike uh Feldmann, he's still there because - & JZ, but uh like I say they're on other projects.  


The other fella from the COE - uh like I say, there's no funds for this project & they're tryin' to keep these guys workin' uno, give 'em - Lenn Martin, he's down on the dredge;  he's keeping track of the dredge; they're dredgin' the Mississippi to keep the barges goin' on it & he's working down there with that, so we just don't have anything really goin' on.  I mean the project is MOVIN' but we don't have anybody from the COE do uno -


CLM:  What we got goin' on is the IMPORTANT stuff that's goin' on in the (pause) - JW:  The works still  _ - CLM:  The other, other stuff that sits on - DC:  Right!  I mean they're - CLM:  _ _ exactly what the work's gettin' done.  DC:  & hopefully by - I, I don't really know - somebody said if - CLM:  By that, but - DC: if, if - CLM:  By the - DC:  if the guys are comin' back in 3 wks -


9/19/05 LEV - Sec  11 of  14


CLM:  By 17th, uh Jim oughta have a - we should know about any funds being transferred - DC:  Right.  CLM: in too.  EM:  There are some important dates coming up & one would be the Aprops BIll because I think once that's in place, that, that finishes all the Uh Requiremts Necessary for a - JW?:  John might go to Washington, DC - EM: um interim adjustmt - JW:  & he's gonna - EM:  on insurance - DS: Send me on 'em.  EM:  rates if I'm not mistaken - ?:  Send themselves - EM:  before the formal rate because u need to have all the fed funds aprop'd. 


JKB:  they'll be running against it - EM:   So that - JKB:  (gotta get it?) worked out - EM:  that would do that & (JW chuckling) uh we'll wanna make sure & push - JW:  Help me get _ - EM:  the COE's out-direction too - CLM:  Amen.  JW:  One of the things - EM:  to do whatever needs to be documented.  (TW? chuckles) CLM:  I'll document that.  DC:  How this is - JWorDS?:  Maureen can handle that - DC:  gonna - (chuckling) inspect us & FEMA gettin' cert'd with the levee & whatever, I -


EM:  Well, there, there's an interim step before cert'n that we can apply for, wa-once every - once all the fed funds have been aprop'd, we can actually qualify for a 50% reduction in premiums.  We just have to get the pkt together & uno we're just, frankly on that, WAITING for Congress - CLM:  Those - EM:  to act & the Pres.  


CLM:  those FEMA people aren't!   We were heavily engaged in this war but FEMA defacto won't cover him, but  -  ?:   I (hope not?)  (chuckle) - EM:  I would think not.  I mean that's, that's ofc staff & - ?:  (chuckling) I (hope so?) - EM:  & eng'g - ?:  He screwed up -  EM:  probably - ?: (chuckling) (Irresponsible gov't?) - EM:  & 'n Virginia.  ?:  'cause he is_ _ -


JW:  The people who's covered (by all it?), they'll NEVER completely be able to get away from flood ins, will they?   If I read what - EM:  Well, it's - JW:  I mean - EM:  up to them - JW:  it's not - it wouldn't be a lot - a smart thing to do, would it?  EM:  I, I don't know if they're lender would require it or not.  I, I, I take it the lender probably could NOT require it -  CLM:  That's right.  EM:  as a matter of law any more. 


CLM:  If u have the 100-yr cert'n then the levee comes, it boils up to 2 things.  One is, do u still WANT it?  JW:  Yes, u, u're taking your own risk there.  CLM:  In case u have a flood & that - JW:  It's just - CLM:  brings it 100 yrs?  & 2, uh if u're going to borrow money for improving the property, buying the property - JW:  Wonder how many people in Chesterfield have it when that broke.  EM:  I, I don't know.  I'm speaking from experience tho, but we, we do have it at MY ofc, but - JW:  Well, that's what I'm say, I would(n't?) THINK anybody would STILL would want that!  EM:  Yeah, but we don't HAVE to have it uh - JW:  Right.  EM:   'cause we have a, a mortgate on it too.   JW:  It's just a gamble.  EM:  Yeah.


CLM:  & when the 500-yr levee is finished out there, then that's gonna change the rates considerably too.  JW:  Right.  CLM:  We DO select, but - JW:  So most people would see a reduction but - CLM:  Oh yeah.  JW:  more than likely, most people won't do away with it completely. 


CLM:  Your ques about the 93 flood, everybody didn't have it & the - JW: Right.  CLM:  & the reason was is that there was a general feeling of, of - JW:  Yeah, they thought it wouldn't.  CLM:  It's uno - hell, we only had a 40-yr levee for yrs & we never got any flooded out & then back in 83, 84 the cnty came in & raised it to 100-yr levee.  That 'n there's not a chance for a snowball in hell uno?  JW:  Yep.  CLM:  They had a 250-yr flood. 


EM:  Uh eh, it's important too, everybody down here is grandfathered that had it back in 82 at pre-prone rates, but when u start bldg new stuff like - I'll give u an instance, for me in Chesterfield, it's HORRIBLY expensive, even with the levee, I mean that stuff ain't cheap at all! 


JKB:  Well mine goes up every yr!  EM:  Yeah, but, but U are still paying 82 rates ADJUSTED.  But if u, if u decide to build a new house tomorrow down here - CLM:  U get the new rates.  EM:  u'll get COMPLETELY new rates - JW:  So it could double.  EM:  (ALL or OH?)!  JW:  Would it double?  EM:  They're really high;  they're REALLY high!  JKB:  Yeah, I think mine were a joke (laugh).  (Some of?) - EM:  I mean - JKB:  (the other ones?) - EM:  &, & yours are high enough NOW!  I mean your aren't cheap!  JKB:  I'm payin' about 900 a yr.  JW:  Now u're startin' on a new one?  JKB:  _?  JW:  New house? Yeah.  JKB:  It'll be somewhere else.  (JW laughs heartily)  JW:  Bourbon.  JKB:  (Our?) house is pretty close(chuckle)


9/19/05 LEV - Sec  12 of  14


DC:  Well, I guess that's all we got, like I'll - 10/17 for a tentative mtg date for the next one;  that'll be the _ -  CLM:  I think, I think that'll be a good date.  JW:  Is your house next to - DC: & uh - JW:  place - DC: maybe we'll have - ?:  It's way - DC: uno more info than that & possibly - JW:  _ _ - JKB:  I think that u would be - DC:  we'll be looking at - JKB:  Howserman? DC:  uno get finished - JW:  Yeah, I (would?) think - DC: with this project _ -


CLM:  By then Jim'll have info about funds transferred in - EM?:  Yeah, but there's nobody - CLM:  by then we'll know - JW:  Not even for the (500 or fire hy_?) _ - CLM:  what the status is - the Aprops Bill is & - EM?:  _ can't tell if Clayton can do without!  


CLM:  I don't think - ?: _ - CLM:  it'll pass by then - ?: _ - CLM:  but we can get a pretty good idea of - JW: _ _ (he chuckles) - CLM:  for the type a Continuing Resolution that they pass - ?:  _ _ - CLM:  before 10/1 as to - JW:  (chuckling) U _ wind up (not?) _ - CLM:  how soon they expect it.  JWorDS:  (Got a HARLEY or Not HARDLY?)!


They generally put some language in it.  ?: _ - ?: _ - JW:  Can't get (it thru?)?   CLM:   When they, when they pass a Continuing Res, only - there's only so many good fraction # of a days.  ?:  (Knowin' or know when or no one?) to score?   ?: _ - CLM:  So we'll see - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  once they pass it - ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  we'll see how many days - ?: _ - CLM:  they - it'll go for;  get an idea - ?: _ - CLM:  about when - ?:  measures - CLM:  we can expect 'em to - ?: _ - CLM:  actually pass the bill (down?). 


9/19/05 LEV - Sec  13 of  14


TW:  But we are - DS?:  How did u want us to - TW:  protected now, correct?  DC:  Well, we are protect - ?: _ - TW:  When we're 100%, the gates are in, the (pause) - DC:  The only, yeah, we - TW:  Where is - DC: _ - TW:  are there any places that - DC:  If they get all - TW:  we get - DC:  once they get this dirt here - ?:  _ _ - DC:  piled up to this - uh oh behind the - TW:  141?  DC:  Gate 1, 141 - JKB: _ - DC?:  Yeah, we're protected. EM?: _ _ - DC:  We ARE - ?: _ _ - TW:  Then - DC:  protected.   ?:  _ _ - TW:  we're protected.  ?:  _ _ -


DC:  I mean they're -  ?:  _ _ - TW:  Even tho - ?:  city won't _ - TW:  it's not official - ?: _ _ - TW:  it's on our word -  ?: _ - TW:  there's no openings - ?:  No - TW:   there's no gates - DC:  We can - TW:  No - DC:  we can close ALL the gates & shut the uh closure structures - ?: I, I hope _ - DC:  on the road & we can - TW:  In case we get a Fall flood - JW: _ _ - DC:  Right.  TW:  We're, we're - DC:  We're, we're pretty in good shape. 


CLM:   Have we ever gotten an O&M (Ops & Maint) Manual from the COE?  EM?:  That guy that was pulling the (gate?) - DC:  Oh we have O&M Manuals, yeah - JKB?:  (It busted out the whole thing?) - DC: we have - ?: _ - CLM:  (How many's?) - DC:  O&M Manuals on every - CLM:  in it?  ?: _ - ?: _ - CLM:  Is every complete?  ?: _ - ?: _ - DC:  on everything - EMorJW?:  as he _ _ - DC:  that's completed, yes.    


JKB?:  It's like - CLM:  But do we have a - JKB:  250K - JW:  (My ass?) - CLM:  project completion on in-bound?  DC:  No, we do not.  & they, the COE said they won't do that until they get done, until we have the final inspection & they go over it & then they'll give us Op - CLM:  That's what I thought, ok.  DC:  But we can operate the levee.  CLM:  Oh, yeah, no, I'm - I was just thinkin' in terms of -


DC:  The Emerg Team is qualified to open - JW:  I started - DC:  & close the gates - JW:  votin' Republican.  DC:  & do - JWorDLC?:  I'm buyin' a house - DC:  whatever we - JWorDLC?:  (& they're just doin' it?) - DC:  have to do.  They have been doin' it for (stops abruptly) -


9/19/05 LEV - Sec  14 of  14


CLM:  Is now an aprop time to talk about a Levee Dist or something like - JWorDLC?:  I found it out - CLM:  in-lieu thereof & - JW?: _ - JKB:  _ (threw?) that in -  EM:  Talk - I, I mean we can - JW:   _ vote Republican, u can - EM:  I, I mean - JW:  (just do anything?) - EM:  in next mtg, we MAY wanna DISCUSS a Levee Dist in conjunction with Redev - DC:  Right!  - EM:  down here -


DC:  I mean there, there - EM:  um - DC:  there's the things that u don't want uno that - ?: _ _ - DC:  there, there's things that are - been goin' on with this Levee Cmsn that we're - JKB?: Yeah!   DC:  uno decisions that's gonna have to be - JW:  Did u hear - DC:  that's why I hoped we'd have - JW:  that - DC:  all the biz - JKB?:  Did u get - DC:  here.  JKB?:  word of that?  JW:  Levee Dist? 


DC:  I'm going to uh, uh probably try to get with the bizmen again maybe in Oct & go to their mtg & impress on them that uh they need to have their rep here from - so we can include them - JW:  Uno what stinks about all - DC:  in what we have ideas - JW: _ - DC:  & everything else is goin' on in this. 


CLM:  Don't we have somebody on the Levee Cmsn now rep'g any biz?  JW:  _authy on it.  DC:  No, we don't have one here tonight.  ?: _ - (someone laughing) ?: _ - CLM:  No, I mean there is a member APPOINTED, isn't there?  JW:  (If somebody asks u, u're datin' it?).   DC:  Oh,  there's 2 members.  CLM:  That's what I thought.  EM:  _ _ _ - JKB:  One usually comes (as she?) - DS:  Yeah.  2?:  Walls.  CLM:  Because he didn't - but basically - DC:  He usually comes but -


CLM:  Under the, under MO Law if u, if u establish a Levee DIST, the members of the Levee DIST Bd, a supervisor (someone coughs _) must be property owners in the area that's protected by the levee because basically, u're - they have the power to TAX the, the other property owners. 


DC:  Well, we have the owner of the Valley Material over there, he's here & Mr Walls, he's down there, Bob Walls;  he owns - CLM:  Well, u might tell 'em that it might be in their interest to come to the next mtg 'cause we're gonna talk about things like that.  Don't u think so, Eric? 


EM:  Welllll, I don't know. (chuckling)  I mean - CLM:  Was it pre-mature?  EM:  (chuckle) This gets awfully controversial with Redev because they may or may NOT be here uno.  U, u DON'T KNOW what's gonna happen.  If, if we redev that, we -JW:  U should know - EM:  may have completely new property owners.  JW:  in the next few months.  Well they - CLM:  When that due?  JW:  won't lose it _  - EM:  10/30 is when everything's due.  JW:  That's the deadline?  EM:  Or 10/26. 


CLM:  We don't wanna - we - not supposed to - JW:  Yeah.  CLM:  tell the timing of it?  ?:  _ -  EM:  So probably, yeah let's, let's defer it until - CLM:  Till after that.  EM:  Nov, Dec, or something like that.  TW?:  Right.  CLM:  I thought that was between now & - DC:  Fine!  It uno - it's uh whatever -  I mean we'll have - JW:  _ the other morning - DC:  another mtg & hopefully - JW?:   & tellin' me about an (Open Bd?) -  DC:  Jim can be here & we'll have - JW:  & changin' - DC:  more info on what we're doin.  CLM:  Oh uno I think we should have a mtg next month.  


DC:  & we'll - JW:  _ comin' out thru the gates.  DC:  probably have uno - JW:  U'll hear people screamin' about it - DC:  As far as ESI - JW:  ticked off - DC:  is here - JW:  (uno?) - DC:  except for - JW:  (Vivian or Didian?) - DC:  growin' grass - JW: _ _ - DC:  & that - JW:  wanna get (paid or thru at?) - DC:  they'll be - JW:  (far as that or for it then or Forest Ave?).   DC:  here & they'll probably - DS:  Uno & she won't need to - DC:  have somebody, a contractor - DS:  work here then.  EM?:  I wouldn't - DC:  He'll subcontract it - JW:  They'd go in here & u'd be payin' her - DC:  when they're gone.  JW:  out the ass.


(TW is leaving)  EM:  See ya later._ _ - JKB:  I think he's - JW:  _ - TW:  I'll see u later.  JKB:  my house - TW:   I gotta get back for the Bd mtg _ _ - JKB:  _ - (JW laughs)  DC:  I'll see ya, ok.  DS:  See ya later, Tom.  DC:  Ok, guys.  JW:  Hey.  TW:  I'll be down at the Bd.  JW:  U comin' tonight?  TW:  Yeah, but I gotta go pick up my kid.  JW:  Hey, go pick up your kid.  DS:  I guess we don't need to adjourn since it's not a - DC:  No, siree, no. 


DLC:  U can have the rest of your copy back, I don't need it -  EM:  Yeah!  DLC:  (If?) THAT was how u guys made up agreemt - JW:  Hey, Eric.  DLC:  that's way u're gonna get 'em.  VBlackman:  What's the time of - DS:  See ya later, Colonel.  VBlackman:  give us the thing?  CLM:  Alright, Don, good conference!  _ - JW:  Hey, Lee, I, I made up my mind;  make 'em all - EM:  _ _ - JW:  vote Republican this time just so I can get over in your neighborhood!  CLM:  Would u - VBlackman:  like wwwThomas - JW:  _ -  CLM:  Would u tell the big kahuna that I get credit for that?  JW:  (chuckle)  I will.  CLM:  So I get a red & gold star- MM:  Dave, I didn't get my copies.  (end taping 9/19/05 LEV)