MOPR'S  1/16/06   VP  LEVEE   MTG  MINS


Notes:   Having discovered that despite today being MLKing Day, the LEV mtg would be held, I arrived at about 5:20 pm & do not know if the mtg had started on time at 5pm or not, but it ended about 5:35 pm.  JW & JKB whispered to each other thruout the mtg.


Present:   JKB,  BW,  DS,  Don Purdy of Phoenix Env'l alias DG Purdy Env'l Svcs,  CLM,  DC,  EM,  DLC,  JW. 


Audience:  Vivian Blackman.


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...CLM:..usually if there's prosecution, it's about the levee.  In other words the levee's - means lost really - BW:  Yeah.  CLM:   because it's 100-yr protection.  & u saw what happened out there simply because they KNEW that we had the COE looking to see if there was any uh justification for add'l protection.  & I was tellin' people that we're gonna get a 500-yr levee!   So u, u, u'd be surprised at the, the way devrs WILL come in.  THF for example, when they made the decision to build that BIG MALL out there & then all that prop started const, the COE had not even finished the Recon Study yet to see if there was - even on a quick LOOK, it looked like there might be justification for SOME add'l protection.  BW:  Well, usu - CLM:  It was obsolete.


BW:  usually - JW?:  Hu-hum.  BW:  uno the bankers will wanna see everything cut & dried & everything written & if that ain't there, why - uno that could be a problem.  But even only - if we're just a few months off, why that looks pretty good.  CLM:  Yeah, I think that - I think we're now where the timing of these various confluence - that have to come together, WILL come together as soon as it comes in & moves fwd & we can get, get funding for the Recon Study & get it started & show that there's enough stuff out there to be protected to increase the benefits.


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EM:  The last thing I have is, is um in front of u um that I provided was a um, a cost est for uh annual maint together with an amortization on replacemt costs.  Um I've asked the COE to do this some time ago & I just rcv'd it um Thurs or Fri.  Bear in mind that this is uh from a 1993 est (DC? chuckling), so it's, it's WAY, WAY outdated um &, & as u can see, he's got a $31,700 figure that, that I, I, I'm not quite sure how u would adjust it.  I, I, I would think we'd have to go back in &, & cost-out (DC? chuckling)  replacemt costs for one thing um on these structures based upon actual costs today & somehow bring 'em fwd on their, their LIFE. 


& then I guess we can price-out, without too much problems, the, the grass-cutting est, erosion control - we, we don't have a lift sta so - some, some of these other figures might be valid;  they just need to be uh adjusted for inflatiion but uh I, I, I guess I gotta think it's, it's gonna be more like 40 to 45K a yr than, than this $31,700 annually.


Um I, I, I frankly see NO way to establish a Levee Dist unless u have um some combination or unity of ownership down here.  & it's simply because there's 2 ways to establish a Levee Dist.  One is by petition of the prop owners & the other is by VOTE of uh the residents.  & I'm, I don't think anybody's gonna vote to tax themselves where they're getting a free ride now.  I'm, I'm just thinkin' - ?: _ - EM:  man, that'd be awfully a - BW:  Ain't gonna happen.  EM:  hard sell - BW:  That ain't gonna happen _ -


EM:  Uh &, & at the same thing, I'm not gonna be signin' a piece of paper to tax myself until this levee is going to be there.  Um so again, if we're gonna have redev, I think THAT's the time to do it & make the, the devr have to do a Levee Dist THEMSELF & integrate that in with the total costs uh that he's going to have & in turn, pass on to uh the, the persons who buy the land. 


Um it, it's not a huge amt of money, but by the same token, um if, if u look at a resident's um real prop tax from the city in the aggregate, I think we're talking about something like $90K.  I, I can't really recall top of my head, but just saying uno a figure like this may go a long way in eliminating residential prop taxes in City VP, um if, if, if the, the BOA would so desire, OR uno lower personal prop - a WHOLE host of things.  But uh, uh again, currently it's a tax of course that's borne by the - er an expense that's borne by the whole city.    


BW:  So the whole city would be affected by it?  EM:  NO, well the 'ol city would BENEFIT if a Levee Dist is formed up here because it would be the people who get the benefits of the dist & then pay the tax.  BW:  Oh, ok.  CLM:  Just - BW: _ _ - CLM:  Just the prop owners that are protected by the levee itself.  DC:  In that dev - BW:  Ok - DC:  like here - BW:  in the dev'd - DC:  Yeah.  BW:  area, yeah.


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CLM:  Yeah, I think Eric is, is absolutely right on the mark on this because uh - DC:  Right.  CLM:  the devr that comes in that has THAT much more at stake is gonna be much more willing to agree to forming a Levee Dist as part of the deal because he wants to protect his investmt. 


EM:  Sure.  &, &, & the other part is to this, to the puzzle, um uno I, I think we, we had a, a discussion some time ago, a 100-yr levee is NOT a state-of-the-art levee!  It WAS back in 1988 when this thing was initially auth'd, but TODAY, it's uno 250 or, or more & uh, uh I, I think a devr will factor that in before he, he puts his $ to risk - JW?:  Hu-hum.  EM:  (on the things?) - $ to risk or uno WHOever is financing it - BW?:  Right, yeah.  EM:  put all that to, to, to, to uh thought & that, that's the time & place to do it.


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CLM:  & one thing u should be aware of is when u, when u - the COE calculates the benefits from the add'l protection, they, they can't take credit for anything existing or planned  that - it's (in their or under?) dev that will be protected from the 100-YR flood 'cause we only have that.  The only thing that they can take the benefits - 'cause if the benefits (were or for?) just the damages - BWorJKB?:  What would be the difference?  CLM:  from the flood GREATER than the 100-yr flood. 


& the 1st thing that pops in MY mind that, that could be a real big chuck of benefits is Hwy 141.  It's just built to the 100-yr flood protection & that's protected by the levee, but it's NOT protected from a flood GREATER than that & uh - BW:  Right & that's the main arterial road. 


CLM:  & we had I-64 closed down & that, that (jury or ju- rate?), u would be amazed at the, at the COST generated by having a hwy closed because of rerouting the traffic - extra gasoline, time people could spend - all that - BW:  The school - CLM:  adds up to - BW:  would have to shut down - CLM:  bucoo bucks.  BW:  & that's - EM:  Sure.  BW:  a touchy, touchy subject. 


EM:  &, & oddly enough, uh EVERYBODY pays in a Levee Dist INCLUDING the State Hwy Cmsn - CLM:  Oh yeah!  EM:  The VP School Dist, the CITY of VP, the VP Fire Protection Dist.  EVERY prop owner is assessed on the VALUE that his prop is enhanced as a result of the levee, the costs er the benefits that are attributed to that prop & they pay!  gov't or not.  Uh -


CLM:  What u do, u appoint a cmsn to appraise the prop thru the re-protected area.  They report back to the Levee Dist Bd.  The Dist Bd then takes a look at what the prop's appraised at, they look at what their annual cost was to be & to be {sic} & then they dev a TAX based upon what it would cost - %age tax is, is dev'd by saying how much money do we NEED?  Well, we got this much prop value & it would take 6/10 of 1% (or or of?) whatever it is, for to generate a little bit more than the amt of money we figured it'll cost us.  That's the way they, they (limit 'n such arrive?) at what the tax rate will be & then they vote (it should be?).


BW:  For this, this maint here or we're talkin' about the - EM:  Maint, new levee, WHATEVER, yeah.  BW:  Oh, for your NEW levee u mean for - EM:  Sure!  Sure!  Absolutely!  That's it.


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DC:  Ok.  Anybody got any other ques's or anything?  Ok, next levee mtg will possibly be 2/20 if we have any important things to bring up;  if not, I'll notify u that we're havin' a mtg or not.  So we'll - maybe by then we'll have more of this work done on the uh Punch List here & uh we'll be able to uh - DPurdy?:  This is yours.  DC:  get a uh - more idea on maybe when we're gonna be cert'd or when all - maybe we'll have some - Eric'll get some more info on this will be on so he'll let me know & we'll see if u have anything & let uno.  Ok, gentlemen we don't have a mtg but - so, let's go home.  (they begin to disburse)